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"Watch the golfers get frustrated on your course"

You have been hired to build and manage a new golf course in town. The goal is to develop a course that is beautiful, economical and most of all profitable. As the course designer you will oversee all the construction projects, and have the ability to adjust costs organise events that will attract more golfers. Your job will be to make guests happy and keep the resort in good working order while maximising profits. The rating of your course depends upon the difficulty of the course you design and quality of the facilities that you provide. Make sure that there are plenty of food and shelter locations for patrons visiting your resort.

It all looks very plesant and soft on the eyes, but it looks like every other three-dimensional game around these days but this time its golf.
6 / 10

If this game was out five years ago it would have been called revolutionary, but it now looks like just another bland three-dimensional strategies.
4 / 10

The sound is quite appalling from the repetitive background music to the sound of the golfers, with one club sounds, 3 different golfer shouts including my golf course favourite ''FORE'' and one sound for a water hit and one for hitting the bunker, it all get extremely similar and repetitive.
4 / 10

Once you have completed the first few challenges there is nothing more to unlock, you have seen all the buildings and seen all the vegetation you are likely to see and quite frankly even want to see.
6 / 10

If you like golf this will always be one of your favourers and will last some time attempting to get the quality 18 you aspire to play on, but if you were not a fan I would advise avoiding this title.
7 / 10

Best Bits
+ Watch the golfers get frustrated on your course
+ Its every golfers dream to design his own course.
+ It's challenging to design 18 quality holes
+ The manual is well written.

Worst Bits
- The challenge mode isn't to challenging
- All the challenges are strangely familiar
- No ability to play your own course
- The screen can get quickly cluttered with menus
- The menu system is overly complicated

There are a few other golf course designers around they are my pick if not why not a golf game to curve your golfing fix.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/09/02, Updated 02/09/02

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