"A bad attempt at a remake of the RCT series"

Introduction: Golf Resort Tycoon...where do I start! First off, let me just say that, like my Monopoly Tycoon Review, this is nothing like the RCT(Roller Coaster Tycoon) series. All you do is watch the guests complain about how you make the holes to hard, so you change them so that they're just a little bit easier, and they complain that they're to easy. Sounds like fun, so let's get started. Shall we?

Gameplay(2/10) As I said earlier, the people just complain, complain, and...complain! They'll just sit at the tee box and say that they are waiting on someone, but there isn't anyone for miles ahead of them. It usually sounds something like...''These tee times take forever!'' There's no one in front of you buddy, lets hit the ball now! Also, the regular golf rules don't apply here. If a person hits a ball into the water, he/she will go into the water and act like the water isn't there. Also, it's impossible to build the more advanced buildings due to a big circle of problems. First you have to build a whole bunch of lower quality buildings, but to do that you have to buy other even lower quality buildings. Here's an example let's say you wanted to build(this is based upon the game, but doesn't necessarily base exactly to it.) the biggest lodge in the game. First, you have to build the smallest lodge, then build the second smallest lodge, then the third, but before you build the third one you have to build I think it's a beer garden or something, but to build the beer garden you have to make a full service restroom which requires the two lower quality restrooms, and a resort security building. So right now you have finally gotten the third lodging building, you have one more left. All you have to do is build a health spa and you can build the biggest one, but to do that you have to buy a huge list of things that require other things, so the cost just to be able to build the lodging building is a whole lot more than the cost of the building itself.

Story(n/a)-there is no story really.

Graphics and Sound(4/10) The people look funny in this game. They don't look bad from a distance, but if you zoom in far enough, they all have the same face and it looks extremely hilarious. Also there are about 5 different costumes for the people. Wow! The sound is the only thing that keeps this score about 1, and it's not that great either. Every time they do something bad on a hole they either say ''This course sucks!'' or something like ''Mannn!''

Playtime/Replay ability(6/10)-The playtime is an okay. Although, the replay ability is great, but usually nobody will want to play by the time that they're done. It's that bad, unless you like to hear people complain to you about everything.

Conclusion: Should you buy this game? Probably not. The only reason you should buy this game, is if you find it at a garage sale or something for like 6 bucks or something, but otherwise I wouldn't waste valuable money on something that I'll be trying to give away for less than half the price the next day.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/29/03

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