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"One Word For This Game... TIGHT!"

Ok, if you havent heard about this game... You soon will. This game hasn't been out long, but you will soon be hearing its name.. All though it is sorta hard to say. Praetorians is a one of a kind real life strategy game. It will keep you in your computer seat for hours.

GAME PLAY 10/10:
Are you ready? The gameplay featured in this game will blow you away. The levels are challenging and keep on challenging you instead of just keeping about the same level diffuculty. If you want a comparison to the ''Age Of'' Series... It cant be done. Praetorians blows the ''Age Of'' series out of the water. To master this game, you must use real time strategy. Time and your enemy is against you.

MUSIC 10/10:
The music featured fits the gameplay. It sounds a little like ''Age Of Empires'' music. After a few minutes of gameplay you totally forget about the music.

Controls 9/10:
The controls are fairly simple. But with so many options you can only have so many simple controls. If you like me, you will learn the controls very fast. They become very simple after a little time of playing. If you a hot keys person, your in luck. There are some hot keys that you get to create yourself. Such as if your wanting to create a certain group. You simply make the key by learning the keys turtial inside the game. So all you do is press a button or two instead of searching for it and wasting valuable time that your enemy could be using against you!

Options 9/10:
The options of this game a pretty good. Something that disapointed me a little bit was that there wasnt an option where you could build your own level. The game offers the most common options of a PC game. Campaign and Multiplayer.

The graphics are amazing. You can tell that the creators spent a lot of time creating this game. The geographical features are 3d hills, mountains, high weeds, thick forest. The characters graphics are very well designed also.
If you looking for a good game to buy. This is the one. The game is ACTION/STRATEGY. The game uses real time strategy. Everything about this game is amazing!

If your wondering about the price of this game... Its not cheap! I found the game for $40.00 at a local media play. But, this game is extremely worth the money I found out myself!

A BIG YES!!! You wont regret it!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/31/03, Updated 03/31/03

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