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"No resource management, Yay!!!"

This game is all about strategy with no focus on building cities, digging up gold or even finding food for your army. The action in this game is fast and furious with enemy AI that is top notch. With great graphics and okay sound to round of the game.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics for this game are very well done with units that are extremely detailed. Also the units show all of the guys in them so when you have 500 more or less guys on your side attack your enemies 500 maybe more or less guys all 1000 more or less guys are on screen. So basically when a unit consists of 30 guys there aren't ten guys on screen representing 3 guys each. The environments range from the fiery deserts to the frigid alps. The environments which help add even more strategy are very detailed for a RTS. The tall grass looks like grass and hides the enemy from your sight. The trees have the same effect and when your army marches through them birds fly out signaling you or your enemies movement through them. The machines that you can create also look very detailed and are nicely detailed.

Sound 8/10

This is the only thing wrong with the game. The sounds when the armies are fighting are just okay and are looping. The music is also less than memorable but doesn't hinder the game and is better than no music at all. The environment sounds are very well done with rain pounding the ground to a fire burning a wooding structure.

Controls 9/10

The controls are very easy to get used to and i found them very well laid out. There are some problems with getting units to go where you want them to. Also i would have like to been able to control my guys in battle more.

Story 0/0

No story to be had. Just a pretty accurate recreation of Julies Caesars conquest of Europe and North Africa. No cliff hanger story elements nor does it follow the same character throughout the game.

Game play 10/10

This game is nothing but pure strategic game play. No resource management except your army. The missions are pretty varied you get to lay siege on castles and bases and defend your own. You also have your straight forward attack the other guys village and take it. The game really makes you think thanks too. Its great AI and huge variety of units for all sides make the game surprisingly deep. Each unit has its pro's and con's and each is not any more powerful than another. So with so many units you must use strategy before you get to the battlefield, in picking and recruiting your army. Then most units have their own formations that make them less vulnerable(or not) and less mobile but increase their attack, defense or both. Then there are the handful of war machines you can build and employee in battle to your advantage. The environment will help you set up ambushes on attacking units and help you attack your enemy. You also cannot just rush your enemy with 500 of you main troops you will more than likely get killed because your enemies will have archers backing them.

What's not so good with the game

1. You cannot pull guys out of battle
2. Troops take a long time to recruit (up to about 80 seconds)
3. Some levels insanely difficult but still beatable.
4. Not that big of an online community.

Buy or Not

I say this game is a strong buy for anyone who like RTS games or any gamer looking for a good challenge.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/02/03, Updated 04/02/03

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