Review by Dreamwalker

"A real RTS game"

Gameplay 10/10
For those that like to think, this is the game for you. For those of you who think Warcraft is still the best RTS game, turn away now if you don't want your little bubble popped. Seriously though, I've not seen many RTS games that involve terrain, formations, or actually military tactics for that matter, not ever AoE pulled that off this well. The simple wrong placement of units, or using the wrong formations at the wrong time can affect the outcome of a battle. Units are produced from villages which slowly regenerate populaton..that's it no micromanaging peasants and resourses. Simply the best in terms of gameplay that any RTS game has to offer. I honestly wish the game spanned into the Barbarian and Egyptian campaigns, but one can only hope for so much.

Controls 6/10
The only thing that let me down about this game is the pathfinding for the units...often times units will stray and get killed cause they broke off from the group, this has happened more than once and lost me the mission a few times...other than that little annoyance, the controls are actually very easy to learn especially if you are a RTS veteran. Customizable hotkeys too.

<B?Visual Stimulation 10/10
For a RTS game, you simply can't get any better graphics wise...not only is the game pretty right down to the water, birds fly out of trees when you enter a forest, dust shifts around the feet of your moving soiders, it's simplay amazing to look at hundred and hundereds of soldiers lined up perfectly in unison, spectacular.

Audio Stimulation 9/10
Sounds are kinda redundant, the music is great however. It really adds to the atmosphere of the game, I enjoyed it..others might say otherwise it's kinda relaxing though

Replay Value 9/10
After you play the game so much you can only get better, not to mention there are 3 different difficulties.

The little things
There are certain little things that make a game more enjoyable, In this game you can hide in tress and surprise pressing Shift a little screen pops up and shows you how many Honor points you have (explained in game), how may kills you have and how many losses you sustained.

Worth the money
Definitly, no doubt about it...solid gameplay, lots of fun. If a sequel came out I'd defintly drop the 40 or 50 dollars on it to buy it, I think you should too.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/18/03, Updated 04/18/03

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