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    Walkthrough by JHsiao

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     Sanitarium Walkthru
    By Jaime Hsiao
    This is a bare bones walkthru. There may be avenues other than the ones I have 
    listed here; this is simply the path I took to finish the game.
    Table of Contents 
    The Tower Cells 
    The Innocent Abandoned 
    The Courtyard and Chapel 
    The Circus of Fools 
    The Cave 
    The Mansion 
    The Laboratory 
    The Hive 
    The Morgue and Cemetary 
    The Lost Village 
    The Maze 
    The Gauntlet 
    Morgan's Last Game 
    The Tower Cells
    You wake up here with nothing in your inventory. Walk to the lower left hand of 
    your screen to the switch and turn off the siren if you wish. Take some time to 
    chat with your fellow inmates. You gain a bit of background information on Dr. 
    Morgan. Walk into the second room and pick up the towel.
    Go upstairs and look at the large angel statue and the lock in the base. Stay on 
    this level. Walk to the far right side of the screen. Use the towel on the high 
    voltage wire to slide into the control tower. Open the door and step inside. 
    Look at the TV and VCR. Hook up the wires in order from left to right: red, 
    yellow, black. Press the power button and then play. The short circuit will open 
    the safe. Read the file and take the key above the cabinet.
    Walk outside and use the control panel to extend the bridge. Use the key on the 
    lock in the base of the angel statue.
    The Innocent Abandoned
    On this level, try to speak with all of the children in depth. Talk to the two 
    of the little kids playing on the sidewalk next to you. They won't talk until 
    you tell them your name. Walk over to the little girl jumping rope on your left. 
    A 3rd flashback will make you remember that your name is Max. The rest of the 
    kids will talk to you now. Go into the church and read the files next to the 
    door. (Make note of the sign in front of the church) Go into city hall and read 
    the files there. Go across the bridge and into the house next to the barn. Read 
    the diary and newspaper you find there. Return to the main part of town. In the 
    cemetery, the kid with the third arm will challenge you to a game of hide and 
    seek if you ask him why he is in the cemetery and about his secret weapon. Take 
    this challenge. Go into the shed here and take the crowbar. One kid is in the 
    barrel next to the red herring building. Another is in the locked schoolhouse. 
    Use the crowbar on the door. Ewww. Check the church behind the front pew. 
    Another is in the tree between city hall and the church. The last one is under 
    the bed in the Driscoll house. When you find all of them, talk to Dennis. He 
    will tell you to look for his secret weapon, Carol. Take the shovel next to the 
    girl sitting by the statue. Return to the cemetery and dig up C. Driscoll's 
    grave. Lumpy will take Carol from you.
    Talk with Dennis again and he will give you a key to the general store.
    Unlock the door on the right. Read the files here. Take the empty gas can.
    Outside, ride the middle "spring pig". Take it. Drop the pig in the gap in the 
    bridge. Talk to Maria. Open the gate to the pumpkin patch. The combination is 
    451 (remember the sign?) Pick up the scythe. This begins an action sequence. The 
    faster your heart beats, the closer you are to being dead. Walk down the path 
    and click on the birds as they try to attack you.
    When you get to the scarecrow, you must smash all the pulsating pumpkins before 
    you can kill it. If you get killed, you start from the beginning, but everything 
    you have killed is still dead. Look at the comet and generator. Open up the 
    tractor and take the jumper cables. Open the barn door and have a nice chat with 
    Mother. Afterwards, take the wrench that is on the floor of the barn. Walk over 
    to the area between the barn and the pumpkin patch. Knock over the wooden plank 
    and cross over. Go to the water fountain by city hall. Use the wrench on the 
    hose. Take the hose and walk all the way down to the edge of town. Walk to the 
    left of the barrier and talk to the boy who is fishing. Then open the gas tank 
    of the crashed car, use the hose and then the gas can on it to siphon out some 
    fuel. Walk back to the church and pick up one of the loose stones from the 
    garden. Throw the stone at the bell. The fishing boy will come in to pray. You 
    may now take his fishing pole. Use it to fish out the lightning rod cross that 
    has fallen into the stream by the intact bridge. Go back to the barn. Use the 
    lightning rod on the comet. Use the jump cable on the generator and then connect 
    it to the rod. Fuel up the generator and power it up! After you have toasted 
    Mother, walk over to the intact bridge and speak with Maria. She will lead you 
    through the portal.
    The Courtyard and Chapel
    Chat with everyone around here. Take note of the music and how each of the 
    patients is reacting to it. Talk to the hooded woman in front of the large 
    double doors. Once you have finished talking, she will get up and move to a 
    different spot. Open the door and talk to a worshipping Norm. Then speak with 
    Preacher Bob, who will tell you that someone has stolen a holy cross. Walk over 
    to the doctor's office all the way to the left. Speak with the doc. Turn on the 
    radio and listen to the news. Then take all the record off the table. Play 
    "Belladonna in A Flat." The old man in the tutu will begin to dance.
    Walk over to the man and pick up the cross from the bench. Return it to Bob, who 
    will give you a broom as a reward. Use this broom on the control panel outside 
    the doc's office. The purpose of this puzzle is to get all the water pressure to 
    the square fountain in front of the church. There will be a gauge at the bottom 
    showing your progress. They are tagged by the shapes of the prospective 
    fountains they control. Once you have the water pressure in the 2nd to last 
    gauge to its highest level, pull the chain and go to the big fountain. Look at 
    the shape at the bottom and talk to it.
    The Circus of Fools
    Talk to the man laying at your feet. He will give you a pass to the Squid 
    Squash. Then look through the binoculars and note the house across the way.
    Walk down the wooden path and into the hut on your left. Talk to the tattoo man 
    and look at the needles and rubbing alcohol on the table. Leave the hut and 
    continue down the path. Give the Squid Squish man your pass. Play the game. 
    (This game pretty much just takes 3 tickets and gives you more. You will need 
    about 13 tickets.) Take the tickets you have won and play the knock down game 
    until you win. Pick up the pin that has fallen out of the booth. 
    Continue to your left and talk to the little boy. Be sure to ask him about his 
    mother. Pick up the oil can. Talk to his parents. Go into the circus tent. Talk 
    to the juggling man and ask him how he likes the circus. He will mention that no 
    one challenges him. You will give him the pin and get a ball in return. Talk to 
    the strong man. Tell him about the poems. Suggest that he get a tattoo of 
    Inferno's name to prove his love. Talk to Inferno until she mentions 
    firebreathing. You will need fuel, so return to the tattoo hut. Ask for the 
    rubbing alcohol. Take the needle when no one is looking. Go back to Inferno and 
    learn the art of firebreathing. Just for kicks, talk to the 3 clowns sitting in 
    the stands. Play Squid Squash until you have enough tickets to get into the fun 
    house (5). Walk down to the beach. Try to pull the lever. Use the oil can on it 
    and try again. Ride the carousel. Cross over to the fun house. Look at the clown 
    sign. Use the ball on the sign. Give the man 5 tickets and enter the fun house. 
    Okay. Walk up the stairs and into the fortune teller's hut. Ask her to tell you 
    your fortune. After doing so, you find yourself in front of the games again. 
    Play Squid Squash for another 5 tickets. Walk down to the freak show on the 
    beach. Give the man 5 tickets. Walk up the wagon and talk to the bendy man. Then 
    talk to the dog man in front of him. Ask him about the bones he smells. He will 
    ask you to free him. Use the needle on the bars. Watch him run away. Return to 
    the spot where you spoke to the little boy. Look into the hole. Jump in!
    The Cave
    Another action sequence. Use the mirror on the pile of twigs to start a nice 
    fire. Use the baton on the fire. Walk into the water. Watch for falling rocks. 
    You can see debris falling from the ceiling right before they fall. Click on the 
    tentacles before the smack you. Be sure to stay on the top path; the other is a 
    dead end. As you come to the end, the squid monster will emerge. Ugly, ain't he? 
    He shoots out about every three seconds. Wait until just after he shoots, run up 
    to him and attack, then run away. When he's dead, climb out of the water.
    The Mansion
    Walk up the stairs and watch the ghostly exchange. Go through the door way. 
    Another ghostly exchange. Walk out of the kitchen and look at the clock. Walk 
    upstairs. Go into the living room. Wait until the ghosts clear out and go into 
    the room above. Take the key. Go back downstairs and unlock the clock. Set the 
    hands to 6 o'clock. Dad will emerge from his study.  Go into the study and take 
    the key and the video tape. You can watch the tape in the upstairs living room.  
    After this, walk down the hallway on the left and unlock the attic door. Look at 
    the teddy bear and find another key. Take the trampoline and set it up next to 
    the boxes. Use it to jump over. Use the key on the chest directly to your left. 
    Take the clown doll. Follow the ghost boy out of the attic. Go into the little 
    girl's room and give her the doll.
    The Laboratory
    Walk down the path to your right, past the locked doors, and down. Enter the 
    study. Look at the painting. Take the pipe key. Play the radio. Leave the study 
    and walk up to the strange contraption. To power it up, use the pipe key on the 
    pipes on the upper right. The object of this puzzle is to open up all the clasps 
    so the stone will drop into the hole. Good luck. :) Once done, the door to the 
    lab will open. Take in the carnage, then play the tape machine on the desk. Look 
    at each of the chalkboards. Click the first letter of each sentence. Unscramble 
    the letters so they read
    Go over the voice lock and say: "YOUTH HIDES THE KEY TO SALVATION" Walk into the 
    lab. Be shocked and amazed.
    The Hive
    This game is getting really weird. Take the ID harness off the dead drone.
    Walk down to the hut down on your left. Touch the yellow orb and walk through 
    door. Try to operate the control panel to your right. Looks like you'll need 
    more clearance. Talk to the handsome young cyclops Gravin. Get the password for 
    his hut. Take the pincher off the wall. Talk to the bug technician, and be sure 
    to ask about the upgrade for your harness. Leave the building and go down to the 
    last hut. Enter with your new password. Take the tools and the sledgehammer. 
    Watch a little TV for background info. Walk up to the furnace room. Look at the 
    patch on the pipe. Use the sledgehammer on it. Pump the bellows. Take the arm 
    from the incinerated drone. Look at the strange bug machine. The object of this 
    puzzle to match the shapes on the buttons with the shapes generated by the 
    combination red, green, or blue light and the various levels of the bug's wing. 
    Once you have matched all of them, the furnace will close. Go back to the 
    Gravin's hut. Speak with him about the furnace. Ask him about upgrading your ID 
    harness. Go back and speak with Chik-Tok. Ask him to upgrade your ID again. When 
    he asks you to verify your age, insert the incinerated bug's mechanical arm into 
    the scanner. Voila!
    Go into the Queens chamber. Chat with the cyclops-bug. Use the pincher on the 
    bottles to take proof to the Gravin. Return to his hut. He will take you into 
    Gromna's hut. Wait until he leaves, and then look at the chalkboard. Then search 
    his pillow to find a key. Use this on the safe above his bed. Take the sound 
    generator. Return to the Queen's chamber. Use the sound generator on the oozing 
    bug butt looking thing on the right. Talk to another cyclops-bug. Talk to the 
    baby cyclops and listen to their song. Go to the console on the left and try to 
    recreate that sound. Once you find yourself on the second level, talk to the 
    female cyclops-bug. Use the tools on the machine piece and go to the Great 
    Machine. Throw this part to the cyclops. Return to the female cyclops-bug. On 
    the far left, there is a rope. Climb this to the third level. Watch the long 
    winded public announcement and pry the second machine part off the queen. Jump 
    through the portal behind her. Give the part to the cyclops.
    The Morgue and Cemetery
    Look at the dead woman and have a pleasant conversation. Then look at the locked 
    door. I really couldn't tell you the point of this puzzle. You apparently turn 
    the wheel on the top right until the gear reaches the top. Then you either pull 
    the lever under that left or right. Pulling it left will bring the top left gear 
    closer to the turning hinge thingy. You will need to repeat this several times, 
    for both top and bottom. Just fiddle with it until you get out. :) Once out, 
    walk past the boiler room and down into Dr. Morgan's office. Read the papers on 
    the fallen bookshelf. Take the bust, urn and matches. Look at the wall behind 
    the fallen bookshelf. Throw the bust at it. Again. Take the U pipe and turn on 
    the gas. Walk to the exit of the building, next to the two parallel pipes. Feel 
    them. Go into the boiler room and take the tools. Remove sections from them both 
    and replace them with the U pipe. Return to the boiler room, work the control 
    panel and fire up the furnace! Open the furnace door. Put body #7 onto the slab. 
    Bake for 1 minute.
    Open the door and collect the ashes with the urn. Don't forget the glass eye.
    The morgue door is now defrosted. Open it up. Do you hear something? Open up the 
    top rightmost drawer. Talk to the old man. Ask about the scratching.
    Open all the other drawers and look at them by laying on the slabs. In #7 you 
    will notice some scratches. Use the matches to see them better.  Ask the old man 
    about the scratches. Use the glass eye to decipher them. Walk out into the 
    garden. Search for the old fallen, unreadable tombstone. Use the ashes on it to 
    read it. Look for the moving tree. Talk to it. He will move aside and reveal a 
    statue. Take the prism from it. Put it into the warm beam of light. The door to 
    the little round building will open. Another chat with Dr. Morgan. Once he is 
    gone, look at the statue, the globe, and the papers on the desk. The papers here 
    and the ones in his office reveal the pattern to input into the Aztec Calendar. 
    The first is the sun over twin peaks. 
    The second in the rising sun. 
    The third is the sun over a semi circle curving up. 
    The fourth is an eye. 
    The fifth is a triangle. 
    The Lost Village
    Talk to the old woman who summoned you. Then leave the cave. Make sure you talk 
    to all the ghosts in the village. Ask their name and station. Walk past the 
    water temple and up to the volcano. Speak with Quetzalcoatl. Knock over the 
    statue to your right. Lava will flow down and make a bridge to the water temple. 
    Cross this bridge and look at the figures on the side of the temple and fiddle 
    with them. Walk to the hut. On the way, stop and speak with the ghost Tepictoc 
    guarding the totem in front of the wind temple. Ask him about water temple. Keep 
    talking to him until he mentions proving your intentions by delivering a 
    necklace to his wife. Walk into the village and speak with the old woman. Pick 
    up the copper bowel. Then find the cheiftan/mason. Ask him about the necklace 
    and his missing daughter. Speak with his wife in the adjacent room. In the room 
    next to that, ask the weeping woman about her husband. Have her explain the 
    fisherman's creed. Return to the Tepictoc and tell him about the necklace. He 
    will let you through. Knock over the totem and cross over to the wind temple. 
    Push aside the boulders to find the missing daughter. After returning her, go 
    into the first room and ask her about the rock and the music. Go back to the 
    wind temple. Look at the crystal and the gongs. You need to ring the gongs in 
    order from largest to smallest. The other gongs will keep ringing unless you 
    enter in the wrong sequence. The vibration of the gongs ringing all at once will 
    shatter the crystal. Pick up the wind totem. Go to the water temple. Look at the 
    figures on the side. They symbolize the fisherman's creed. From left to right, 
    press 5, 3, 1, 2, 6, 4.
    Enter the temple (if you go out accidentally, you will have to reenter the 
    code.) Pick up the water totem. Follow the path behind the jaguar temple to find 
    the old witch doctor. Speak with him and get information about the Pod of Might 
    and the Rite of the Warrior. He will send you back to the mason.
    Ask the mason about the warrior ritual. In turn, he will ask you to name the 6 
    warriors before you, in order from youngest to eldest. They are:
    Xilonen, Ometoch, Tepictoc, Centeotl, Huitzilop, and Mixcoatl.
    You will undergo the ritual to make you impervious to the elements. Wade through 
    the lava and retrieve the pod from the tree. Give this to the witch doctor. 
    After his sacrifice, talk to him once more about a mask. After he is dead, 
    collect his blood with the bowel. Walk back to his hut. Pick up the heart and go 
    to the jaguar temple. Make note of the carvings along staircase.
    Put the blood into the statue on the left and the heart into the one on the 
    right. Enter the temple. Turn the dials along the back of the temple until they 
    are in order of the carvings by the stair, from the bottom up. They are the 
    bull's head, the crescent moon, the infinity sign, the face, the star, the fish, 
    and the circle with the plus sign in it. Remove the jaguar totem.
    Go to the place where the statue of Quetzalcoatl once stood. Put the totems on 
    the pedestal so that they correspond to the locations of the temples in the 
    village. Go down into the hole.
    The Maze
    Another puzzle. If you step into the pink electricity, you will be transported 
    back to the beginning. Watch for the patterns and time your crossings. Make your 
    way down to the control panel. Light up the first and third circles. Pull the 
    lever. A bridge will rise into place and a block will get lifted out of your 
    way. Look for the statue that is holding its arms in the touchdown position. 
    Push its arms down. Cross the newly unblock path and make your way down to a 
    lever. Pull it and walk to the gate. Before going through the gate, lock it open 
    by pulling the lever right next to it. Get the mask.
    The Gauntlet
    Read all of the tombstones until Jeddah's headless ghost appears. Go to the 
    pumpkins and listen to the melody. (Ring around the Rosy) Try to recreate it. 
    The pumpkins disappear and let you through. Get the skull and give it to the 
    ghost. Go into your inventory and choose the comic book to become the cyclops. 
    Open the coffin. Get the angel head. Choose the Aztec statue and cross the 
    thorny path. Change back into the cyclops and click on the carnival game. Note 
    the color sequence. Change into the Aztec warrior and click on the teeth 
    flashing red, yellow, green, and blue (in that order). Change into Sarah and 
    climb up the clown's nose. Collect the wing and climb down the nose again. 
    Continue down the path into the tower. Climb up the stairs and cross the 
    spiderweb. Choose the warrior character look at the panels on the floor. From 
    top to bottom, step on in this order: the 2nd, 5th, 3rd, 1st, and 4th panel. 
    Look at the rock that comes into view. Look at the impaled corpses and the 
    wailing spirits above them. Click on each corpse, further impaling them until 
    the collective screams shatter the crystal. Take the other wing. Cross back over 
    as Sarah and enter the hive chamber. Look at the honeycombs and punch through 
    them until you find an insect pincher. Turn into the cyclops character and work 
    the control panel. Take the sound generator and use it on the maggots. Open the 
    grate and, as Sarah, climb into the hole. As the warrior, climb the thorny path 
    and cut the cord with the pincher. Go back and collect the torso. Go into the 
    tower and assemble the angel. Enter the portal that appears.
    Morgan's Last Game
    Last puzzle. The object is to navigate around the moving black goo to get to the 
    statue holding the lighted orb. You have to accomplish this 3 times before the 
    green fluid enters your veins. Again, look for the patterns. Finish this puzzle 
    and you're done! Sit back and enjoy the closing movie.
    ---THE END---

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