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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Evrain

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    (C) 2005 - Evrain
    Version 1.1
    Table of Contents
    - Part II: THE STORY
    Hello everybody! It's been a long time since I published my ESP Ra.De. 
    game guide, for whose success I thank you (although I know there's 
    someone who is not quite happy that I didn't give him permission for 
    publishing... well, I don't give a damn), and I could not resist the 
    call of guide making any longer. This time, I bring you the solution to 
    one of the best old-school adventure games: Sanitarium. Throughout an 
    hallucinating trip inside your own mind, solving puzzles and battling 
    fierce enemies, you'll have to regain your lost mmory, as well as 
    testing your own skills. Forget about fighting games: without a good 
    amount of brain you'll be quickly stuck in an old, decaying town or a 
    deranged circus. Warm up your mouse and get ready! As usual, don't use 
    this text unless you desperately need to, in order to fully enjoy such 
    a great title.
    Have fun!
    Evrain - evrain@hotmail.com
    || PART 2: THE STORY ||
    This is 1998: a man dressed in green clothes and slippers is walking 
    towards a car. He starts the engine and sets off at high speed, 
    reaching for his mobile and dialing in a number. We can't hear the 
    voice at the other end, but the man says something about having found 
    something vital, and we  presume he's talking to his wife. The stereo 
    is turned on, as he steps on the pedal.
    A dangerous curve. A slippery road.
    Tires screeching.
    A crash. And no more.
    Sanitarium, although successfully blending action and adventure 
    elements, is not Tomb Raider by any extent: you'll control your 
    character by just using your mouse. This section will explain 
    everything you need to know.
    MOVEMENT: it is achieved by holding the right mouse button. Move the 
    arrow to change the character's direction.
    INTERACTION: click on any key item with the left mouse button. 
    According to the situation you can  examine it, pick it up, activate it 
    or even attack it with your weapon. Certain items will trigger a mini-
    INVENTORY: this is where all your items are stored. Click on yourself 
    with the left mouse button to open it, click on a item to pick it up 
    and on yourself again to put it back.
    DIALOGUE: left click on any willing character and choose the 
    appropriate option from the box.
    Pretty simple, isn't it? Now, let's see what the gameplay is about.
    There are three different moments in this game: exploration, 
    interaction, combat. Of course the first two will take the lead, but in 
    two occasions you will be required to fight an enemy.
    Pay attention to the cursor's shape:
    MAGNIFIER: if it's still, no interaction can take place; on the other 
    hand it will roll back and forth if it's over a hot spot.
    HAND: it means you can activate or take the item (duh).
    MOUTH: talks to the selected NPC (Non Playable Character).
    ITEM: the cursor takes the shape of any item you select from your 
    inventory. If it begins shining, it means you can use it on that 
    interaction point, but you're not guaranteed a result.
    Now comes fighting: whenever you enter one of these phases, your 
    character will embrace his/her/its weapon and you will hear an 
    heartbeat in the background. This is your "health meter", the faster 
    your heart beats, the closer you are to dying. To attack, simply click 
    on the enemy, but beware of its attacks!
    There's nothing else you need to know, now on to the game!
    NOTICE: this section of the guide contains major spoilers, in order to 
    avoid confusion and better understand the plot behind the game. I 
    wouldn't advice spoiling such a great adventure, so use at your risk! 
    In the text, essential items are marked IN CAPITALS, while locations 
    and points of interests are just Capitalized. For gameplay references, 
    read the previous sections.
    Relax, it's just not time to begin yet. Watch the FMV closely. And 
    remember to check the brakes, next time you need to use your car... or 
    someone else's? What are those mysterious voices saying? They said 
    something about a fire spreading and an exploding generator!
    We'll find out, don't worry. 
    Wrapped in bandages and with just a green hospital coat on: this is 
    where your adventure begins. Looks like we ended up in some strange 
    castle, with an irritating alarm ringing loudly. First thing first, 
    let's turn this off: familiarise yourself with the control interface 
    (previously described) and head for the lower left corner of the 
    screen, clicking on the switch to deactivate the alarm. Now it's time 
    to gather some information on this place and, of course, who the heck 
    are we.
    Enter the cell to the right of the one you were originally locked in, 
    and pick up the dirty TOWEL, then take a tour of the entire structure, 
    talking to everyone and taking note of the glass windows - pumpkins? -  
    and the Angel Statue, which will light up once you pass next to it. On 
    the right staircase, enter the cell and speak to Lenny: what he says 
    seems pretty pointless, but it will actually make sense once you reach 
    the next chapter. Proceed downward and talk to Martin, discovering that 
    this is not a prison, but an Asylum, which explains all the crazy 
    people you've seen 'till now. After paying a visit to the unstable 
    generator on the lower right corner, take a look at the power cable 
    above your head: it connects the cells to the control tower! Time to 
    use your TOWEL, so reach the upper balcony and use it to slide down 
    Batman-like. Click on the control panel on the small column to extend 
    the connection bridge, then enter the control station. In front of you 
    there are an electronically locked cabinet and safe and an unplugged 
    VCR. Click on the latter.
    The objective of this mini game is to plug the three cables in the 
    lower left corner into the corresponding holes. Pretty easy, huh? In 
    case you can't spot the black jack, it's roughly under the power 
    button: once this is done, watch the cinematic. What we see is the tape 
    of an encounter with Dr. Morgan, the Asylum's director, which reveals 
    that we always were an inmate and our face was badly damaged after the 
    failed escape attempt shown in the intro cinematic, after we stole a 
    nurse's car. suddenly, the equipment short-circuits with a spray of 
    sparkles, frying the tape and... breaking the electronic locks! Read 
    carefully through the files in the cabinet to learn that the Asylum was 
    built over an unknown ancient structure, and that during some surveys a 
    strange AZTEC KEY was found. The one you have to pick up from the now 
    open safe.
    To finish this chapter, return to the Angel Statue and insert the AZTEC 
    KEY into its basement. Suddenly, the statue starts speaking, blabbers 
    something about being the inhabitant of the building under the Asylum, 
    some abandoned children and ultimately wraps its wings around you.
    Let's go.
    After the Angel unwraps its stony wings, you will find yourself in a 
    nice, decayed ghost town in the States. Let's make friends, talk to the 
    children in front of you and notice that ALL of them (the ones you'll 
    meet also) are horribly mutated. They'll refuse to talk to you until 
    you remember your name, but after each talk a small cinematic will 
    occur, a small fragment of your memory returning it seems.  After 
    talking to a third children, you will finally remember that your name 
    is Max: now the children will agree to have a talk with you. After 
    you've looked at all the topics, you will be informed that only 
    children remain in this forsaken town, as someone named "Mother" 
    brought them to a secret place, as well as disfiguring the kids to 
    "make them more beautiful". 
    What the heck is happening? Challenge the second child near the statue 
    to a Tic-Tac-Toe game (my advice is: lose once, then copy his strategy) 
    and then head for the cemetery - lower right corner of the screen. 
    Before entering though, head for the spring animals and ride the SPRING 
    PIG in the middle: it will break after a split second, so you can pick 
    it up. Joy.
    Entering the cemetery, you will remember a couple seconds from a 
    newscast, about a strange meat disease decimating children throughout 
    the world. Proceed inside and head for the shack, open the door and 
    pick up the CROWBAR. Take your time to read the tombstone. Don't ask 
    yourself why, just do it and read carefully, names are so important. 
    Let's play another game now. Talk to everyone and accept Dennis' 
    challenge for Hide-and-Seek: your objective is to find the five kids, 
    who scattered around town. Oh well, let's start.
    First, approach the left side of the screen and take note of the 
    crashed car, as well as its full gas tank, which we'll need later, and 
    talk to the kid to get more clues on the story; get back to the 
    Schoolhouse and break the boarded up door using the CROWBAR... oh jeez! 
    Look at all those bodies! Seems that we finally found the adults, and 
    one of the kids. Leave the place and head straight right until you see 
    Lumpy's head sneak out of a barrel, then click on it. Two out of five.
    Now let's pay a visit to the Church. Stop by the entrance and pick up 
    the stone to your left, tossing it at the bell: remember what the kid 
    on the shore said? He was awaiting eagerly the call for mass, so now 
    he's hurrying here. Get inside the building. A cutscene will play where 
    a blinded priest is marrying you to... a skull headed woman? WTF? 
    Examine the stand on your left for some more plot informations 
    (something about a comet being God's punishment) and catch the child 
    trying to hide behind the front row, then go out. Read carefully the 
    sign ("Psalm 4, verse 51") and take your time to relax on the shore - 
    and collect the abandoned FISHING LINE. 
    Return to the town centre and head to the building next to the Church - 
    the Town Hall. Before entering, take a look at the trees in the 
    alley... gotcha! That's the fourth kid. NOW we can enter the building 
    and read through the newspaper articles on the shelves on the left. 
    What we read at the Church was true: a comet crashed at the outskirts 
    of the town, and the preacher forbid its removal, stating that it was a 
    message from God. Nothing more to do here, apart from getting out and 
    noticing the hose connecting the small fountain to the Nozzle.
    Proceed to the bridge and use the FISHING LINE to obtain the METALLIC 
    CROSS: a closer look reveals that it's prone to attracting thunders. 
    Good to know. Enter the shed next to the barn, noticing that the vines 
    invading the town originate from it, and catch the eldest Driscoll to 
    complete your quest. Read the diary in there VERY carefully, as you 
    need the informations contained in it, then head back to the town 
    Talk to Dennis, only to know that you forgot about the "secret weapon" 
    he mentioned when you accepted the challenge. You need to catch a young 
    girl named Carol, who has been hiding "for a loooong time!" and whose 
    whereabouts no one knows. Stop and think for a while: where did we hear 
    that name before? Of course, Lumpy's diary in the hut! She is Lumpy's 
    sister! But where is she? All we know is that her maiden name is 
    Driscoll... and a tombstone entitled to C. Driscoll happens to be in 
    the graveyard. Yup, you got it, she's dead and buried.
    Talk to the girl laying next to the Angel Statue, then click on the 
    shovel next to her to borrow it, head for the graveyard and dig up the 
    poor girl: Lumpy will pick her up with a cart. What a lovely - and sick 
    - scene! Return to Dennis, and claim your well-earned prize: the 
    GENERAL STORE KEY. Head to the Store (the building with the spring 
    animals in front of) and unlock the right door: enter and pick up the 
    EMPTY GAS CAN, then read the newspaper article about the preacher 
    becoming mayor "ad interim". Oh great, a father that beats his family 
    and a priest gone mad. All of this will make sense, in the end.
    Reach the broken bridge on the far right of the map and toss the SPRING 
    PIG in the water, jumping on it to reach the dreaded Pumpkins Patch. 
    Talk to the little girl, named Maria to reveal a good chunk of this 
    chapter's mysteries: Mother is nothing more than an alien (who'd have 
    guessed, d'oh...) who crashlanded along with the comet, killed the 
    adults and deformed the children. Also, you'll have noticed for sure 
    that we are living Lenny's madness - remember that inmate from the 
    Asylum? - as well as the locked gate to the patch. Take a closer look 
    to reveal a 3-digit padlock attached to a strong iron chain: since the 
    lock was put on by the priest, he must have left some clue about the 
    code... Let's think of a number 3-digits long and related to the priest 
    and his Church...
    I knew you would've guessed it. Psalm 4, chapter 51, so the code is 
    451. Cross the gate and pick up the SCYTHE next to the tractor. Slice 
    and dice baby, here comes the first action sequence of the game! For 
    reference about the controls, read again through the previous part of 
    this guide. Proceed along the path, killing the crows and trying to 
    keep your health intact: once you reach the clearing, the boss fight 
    will begin.
    The first battle is a piece of cake: the Scarecrow's powers derive from 
    the glowing pumpkins in the middle - as long as there is one left, it 
    is immortal. Swing your weapon at it to make it step back and shut up 
    for a couple seconds, then hack away at the pumpkins. Rinse, repeat. 
    Once they're all gone, two more slashes aimed directly at the monster 
    will make short work of it.
    Max will throw the SCYTHE to the ground and you will be facing the 
    glowing, greenish cause of this mess: the comet. Open the gate and 
    approach the tractor, picking up the JUMPER CABLE from under its hood. 
    Brace yourself and meet Mother herself. The gross plant-shaped alien 
    will let you know that she plans on transforming the children into 
    exact copies of her, in order to "redeem" them: after some chit chat, 
    she will slap you out of the barn, pull yourself up and take the WRENCH 
    she kindly left behind.
    Ok, now examine the contraption next to the building: a gas powered 
    Generator. Since Mother is some twisted overgrown tree, a good fire 
    will dispose of her, but since we don't have a flamethrower we'll have 
    to electrocute her. Place the METALLIC CROSS into the comet and plug 
    the JUMPER CABLE into the Generator, then attach its loose end to the 
    We need some gas: walk back to the Town Hall and use the WRENCH on the 
    Nozzle to obtain the PLASTIC HOSE. Head for the wrecked car, open its 
    tank and use the newly acquired PLASTIC HOSE and then the EMPTY GAS CAN 
    on it to obtain a FULL GAS CAN. I don't think I need to tell you what 
    happens next: refill the Generator's tank, pull the lever, fry Mother 
    and walk to the vines next to Lumpy's hut.
    Maria is there next to a glowing portal: clock on her to cross it and 
    successfully complete this chapter.
    Maria brought us back to the Asylum before disappearing. Talk to 
    everyone - the usual Elvis clone, an old bum pretending to be a 
    primadonna, captain Achab's secret brother and your average Hannibal 
    Lecter's daughter, who slain her husband to have a snack. And a 
    mysterious woman waiting in front of the Chapel's doors: talk to her to 
    learn that there's a preacher into the locked church and the empty 
    gargoyle fountain is making her depressed and lonely. Seems that your 
    next objective is to reactivate the fountain, but first let's meet 
    Father Bob. Also notice that this time the stained windows depict some 
    clowns: clue, anyone?
    A holy symbol has been stolen, a cross made out of pure gold. Guess 
    what? We need to find it! Examine the control panel on the shack's 
    wall: it's a Water Control System, but we need to force the encasing 
    open. Enter the building and meet Dr. Morgan Himself. After some chit 
    chat (restraining Max? Ha, guess we'll have to kick his sorry ass 
    around a few times before finishing the game), take the BELLADONNA IN A 
    FLAT RECORDING and use it on the Phonograph: the man in a tutu will 
    begin dancing, revealing the GOLD CROSS we were looking for. Deliver it 
    to Father Bob to obtain the BROOM, then use it on the Control Panel to 
    break the lock. Puzzle time!
    Inspect closely the diagram of the area next to the control panel: it's 
    a map, and the Gargoyle Fountain is marked by a square. Our objective 
    is to arrange the nodes of the water system so the fluid is canalized 
    to the pipe marked by a crossed through square. Fiddle around with the 
    nodes and remember: the water from the four top outlets must converge 
    into the central pipe, which is connected to the pool inlet. Once the 
    meter is filled, pull the chain on the right side and stare in awe at 
    the result of your skill. All you have to do now is reaching the 
    Fountain and talking to the reflection in the water.
    Oh, and before I forget, if you talked to everyone, including the 
    caretakers, and listened to Morgan's radio, you will be rewarded by 
    some more informations about Max's past: his full name is Max Laughton, 
    a former researcher of the MERCy Institute, involved in the development 
    of a new drug called HOPE.
    This chapter opens with another fragment of Max's memories: we meet his 
    beloved sister, Sarah, who is on the verge of death by some strange 
    disease. She asks him to retrieve a clown doll from her toy chest: Max 
    complains that he can't find it, but while he is runmaging through her 
    toys chest, Sarah's arm falls limp. Kiss your sister goodbye.
    Before you can take control again, Max will transform into... Sarah? 
    Surprisingly, we'll play this section of the game with a 8 years old 
    brat. Talk to Antonio Baldini, who is asleep on the ground: after 
    telling him you're broke, he'll give you a free SQUID SQUASHER TICKET. 
    Yay! Now let's head down the bridge to the Squid Squasher game. Here, 
    give the owner your SQUID SQUASHER TICKET and play to receive four 
    TICKETS. Remember, you can play as many times as you want to get as 
    many tickets as you want - I suggest 18 of them. Before you leave, play 
    the Pin Knockdown Game in the booth to your left to gain a BOWLING PIN.
    Head back to the Circus Tent and talk to Baldini and the two clowns on 
    each side, then have a chat with MuscleMan about his infatuation with 
    the fire eater, Jennifer. Persuade him to get her name tattoed on his 
    arm, then follow (?) him to the Tattooer Vagon, halfway to the second 
    level of the island: talk to both and then ask the owner to give you 
    his spare ALCOHOL BOTTLE, then take a NEEDLE from the table. Leave and 
    re-enter the Circus Tent, then talk to Jennifer.
    Your previous wedding vision is now complete, and we learn that Max's 
    beloved wife is called Jennifer, as well as being quite a babe. Anyway, 
    click on all the options and learn how to breathe fire: this will be 
    your weapon for the forthcoming action sequence. After Jennifer has 
    given you the FLAME EATER'S BATON, talk to the juggler and give him the 
    BOWLING PIN: in return you will get a RUBBER BALL.
    Exit the tent and head for the rightmost part of the island: talk to 
    the "happy" family here to get some more plot infos, then grab the OIL 
    CAN and head to the beach. What a scary carousel! Use the OIL CAN on 
    the control lever to reach the Fun House. Put the RUBBER BALL on the 
    clown figure and give the owner 5 TICKETS to get a scary cinematic, a 
    PIECE OF MIRROR and access to the  final part of the island. Talk to 
    the funny clown if you want, then head upwards to the Fortune Teller's 
    Tent. Yep, she really can read your palm, as she'll immediately 
    recognise Max under the appearance of Sarah, and give you precious 
    hints about what you need to fight the Squid Man.
    You will be teleported to the second level again: head down to the 
    beach and pay 5 TICKETS to enter the freak show: talk to EVERYONE, then 
    use the NEEDLE on the Wolf Man's cage to pick the lock and free him. 
    Climb the stairs and reach the house on the right part of the screen to 
    find a hole. Click on it and watch Wolf Man get killed after landing on 
    a neat collection of human bones. yes, you have to drop down that hole.
    This is just an action intermission before the next chapter. Let's 
    ready your weapon: place the PIECE OF MIRROR under the sun rays to 
    ignite a small fire, then use the FLAME EATER's BATON on it . Your 
    heartbeat will begin pounding from the speakers and your cursor will 
    change into your sight. Walk into the water.
    Rocks will begin falling from the ceiling, so keep moving: from time to 
    time a tentacle will raise from the water, strike it with your BATON 
    before he swipes at you! Follow the top route to the entrance of 
    another cave, but before you can put your feel out of the water Iggy 
    himself will emerge to confront you.
    Iggy is a bit tougher than the Scarecrow, since his weak point is 
    located on his chest. He will spit acid every three seconds: time his 
    attacks then run and hit him with your flames. Retreat as quickly as 
    you can and repeat the operation: after three hits he will fall again 
    in the muddy water - dead, this time. Remember, Sarah is definitely 
    weaker than Max, so don't even think about charging head on.
    We're done here, proceed through the stone arch.
    This is not your ordinary mansion, I think you've already guessed. You 
    will have your answers about this new location, but first we have to 
    take a look around. Ignore the furnace and climb the stairs, watching 
    the ghostly memory, then enter the door.
    This is the mansion first floor: nothing interesting here, apart from 
    the study and the old Clock against the wall. Climb to the second floor 
    and enter the living room, wait for the ghosts to disappear then enter 
    the master bedroom, picking up the BRASS KEY on the chest of drawers.
    Return to the Clock on the first floor and open it: insert the BRASS 
    KEY and set it to 6 o'clock. The ghost will unlock the study's door and 
    allow you to enter and pick up the SILVER KEY and the VIDEOTAPE. Shall 
    we have a look at what's recorded on it? Return to the living room and 
    slap it into the VCR. Sit back and enjoy some popcorn: uh oh, looks 
    like this is Max's memory of HIS OWN HOUSE! The video shows Sarah being 
    caught by her dad entering her secret hideout in the attic: upon giving 
    him a hug, the Dad calls her "little pumpkin". Ewww...
    Ok, now use the SLIVER KEY on the door at the end of the corridor and 
    climb the stairs to the attic: next to the huge stuffed bear there's a 
    GOLD KEY we need to retrieve. Move the Trampoline next to the pile of 
    junk by clicking on it, then click again to cross to the other side. 
    Here, approach the Chest directly on your left and unlock it with your 
    newly acquired GOLD KEY, grabbing the CLOWN DOLL inside. Now, go 
    downstairs to your room: Max's ghost will kindly open the door for you. 
    Deliver the doll to your own ghost (???) to switch back to Max and 
    successfully complete this chapter.
    You'll be back to the Asylum, looking over the rotting corpse of a 
    child - who's disturbingly holding Sarah's CLOWN DOLL. Head outside and 
    climb the stairs: note the locked gate and proceed to the right, into 
    Morgan's Office. Take a look at the painting to trigger another 
    flashback, where someone named jacob - probably a friend of yours at 
    school - is being scolded by the usual egocentric, wealthy daddy who 
    wants him to score an A+ on his finals (according to the Cinematics 
    List, you've just met Jacob Morgan's father). And I thought you come to 
    hating school just because of your ex-girlfriend... Anyway, after the 
    cutscene the painting will fall, revealing a water pipe. Click on it to 
    get the VALVE. Before you leave, turn the radio on: some more plot 
    development, as you learn that the HOPE drug isn't effective at all 
    against the disease, since those who've been treated with it are dying 
    one after another.
    Now head up the other set of stairs to a strange mechanical device: 
    there's an half-hidden slot at the far end of this balcony, insert the 
    VALVE and turn it to power up the contraption, then click on the 
    control panel to begin a new puzzle.
    In this one your aim is to release the eight locks holding the boulder 
    in place. Take a look at the panel: it shows a display with a diagram 
    of the locks and a cross with a tiny sphere on three ends, a chain and 
    a switch. Every time you pull the switch, the locks corresponding to 
    the hot spots touching the spheres will release, but since you can open 
    only three at a time, you'll need some thinking. If you really can't 
    make it, here's the solution.
    -Pull the lever to the right
    -Turn the wheel to the right four times
    -Pull the lever to the right
    -Turn the wheel to the right once
    -Pull the lever
    -Continue this pattern until the boulder is released
    Finally, the huge boulder will be released and, tumbling down, will 
    power up again the gate: climb down the stairs and head into the main 
    building. Oh my God... Max will agree that this is more of a 
    slaughterhouase rather than an asylum, and another flashback will 
    occur: shockingly enough, we learn that Max was one of Morgan's 
    colleagues, right here at the Asylum. Then why is he pretending to 
    never have seen un before? Why were we running away from the Asylum and 
    what is the incredible thing we discovered and were discussing about 
    with our wife Jennifer?
    To proceed, we have to solve another puzzle, split into three parts: 
    examine the cassette player on the desk to discover that the voice code 
    for the electronic door at the far end of the room is hidden in the 
    three chalkboards in the room. First, examine each one of them and 
    click on every capital word you find, then anagram the letters until 
    Max is satisfied. Here are the solutions:
    -Chaklboard #1: SALVATION
    -Chalkboard #2: THE YOUTH
    -Chalkboard #3: KEY HIDES TO
    After you've done this, "speak" to the lock and enter the sentence 
    "YOUTH HIDES THE KEY TO SALVATION". Walk through the door. Another 
    cutscene will take place: looks like Morgan is clonining or racking up 
    newborns to permorm his twisted experiments - sounds familiar? Before 
    you can react, you'll be knocked down and drugged by Morgan, who 
    reveals that you had already been there, and was the reason you were 
    previously attempting to leave the Asylum. After the drug makes effect, 
    you will enter the next chapter.
    Another transformation: this time you will take the role of Max's 
    favourite comic hero, some Duke Nukem-looking guy with four arms.
    Collect the #ID (the yellow orb) of the insect you've just killed to 
    pass the security scanner up ahead, head down and turn left as soon as 
    you can: talk to Garvin and the robot in there (Chik-Tok), then pick up 
    the ALIEN PINCHERS. Head down and turn right at the crossroad, then 
    enter Garvin's Hut, the southern one.
    Once inside, collect the TOOLS on the desk, then click on the TV (?) 
    set to get a fragment of this strange world's history, something 
    involving an invasion of biomechanical insects, sourcing from an 
    equally cybernetic Mother. Before you go out, collect the SLEDGEHAMMER.
    Return to the Furnace (second building from the top) and talk to the  
    bug operating the glowing control panel in the lower part of the 
    machine, then use the SLLEDGEHAMMER on the right pipe to break it: this 
    will distract the bugs operating the cooling system, so you can click 
    on the levers undisturbed. Woohooo! Grilled bug! Pick up the 
    BIOMECHANICAL LIMB. Now click on the Control Panel. Puzzle time!
    Take a closer look: you will see a trapped insectoid with three green 
    buttons on its back, another button below its head, a lever on the left 
    side of the machinery and four buttons on the lower left corner. Each 
    green insectoid button will spread one out of three pairs of wings, 
    which will produce a particular drawing into each lens: this drawing 
    will change if you change the lens' colour, by rotating the 
    corresponding switch in the lower left corner. Your aim is pulling the 
    lever down and then upward to the top, reproducing into the lenses the 
    two signs shown by the lever and pushing the two buttons in the lower 
    left corner. Don't worry, it's easier to do rather than tell about it. 
    Once you've completed this puzzle, the furnace will shut down.
    Before you head to Garvin's hut, talk to Chik-Tok for more plot 
    twists... oh man, not another mad scientist! Speak to Garvin and inform 
    him of Gonma's plan, then ask him about your #ID's upgrade. Okay, let's 
    talk again to that stupid robot: he will still refuse to upgrade out 
    #ID, so time to get angry. Notice the yellow jack in port behind him: 
    insert the BIOMECHANICAL LIMB to finally authorize your upgrade. 
    Another cutscene will occur: seems that Max and Jennifer's child was 
    ill with the mysterious disease, which we now discover being called 
    DNAV, and consequently treated with the HOPE drug. In response to his 
    wife's pleas, he says that it's time for them to go back home (as shown 
    in one of the previous cinematics, remember?). We can guess what 
    happened next, poor Max...
    Now return to the very first building and click on the lock: you will 
    be granted entrance. Speak to the man on the left to piece together 
    some more details of the plot: Gromna is a complete betrayer and he is 
    attempting to reach immortality by crossing Cyclops' DNA with 
    insectoids'. In the containers are the Queen's puppies: clock on them 
    to trigger yet another cutscene, where Dr. Morgan in injecting monkeys 
    with pain stimulants, to test their... threshold. Max thinks that's 
    just cruelty, but Morgan seems unfazed by that. We REALLY need to kick 
    him in the ass.
    Use the ALIEN PINCHERS on the containers to get an ALIEN LARVAE, then 
    return it to Garvin to finally convince him of the truth. Now he will 
    unlock Gromna's Hut for you. Get inside and you will examine the Great 
    Machine's Schematics: looks like a power source of some kind, but two 
    components are missing. Once Garvin has left, check the pillow on the 
    bed to reveal a KEY, then read what's written on the chalkboard to 
    learn something about a "SOUND GENERATOR" required to open a tube in 
    the Larvae Room. The very same item you will find locked in the locker 
    next to the bed, opened by the key you've just found.
    Return to the Larvae Room and use the SOUND GENERATOR on the tube to 
    unlock it - or better, to be sucked into it: gross. Another cutscene 
    shoving Gromna being addressed as the "father" of the larvae: a quick 
    chat with the team member on your right will reveal that those freaks 
    are clones for the Queen to feast upon. Talk to one of them and listen 
    closely to their song: to unlock the elevator, you need to press the 
    buttons in the correct order as to reproduce that very same melody. 
    Giving the number one to the top sphere and counting counter-clockwise, 
    the order is: 2-5-3-1-4. Climb up and talk to the last team member to 
    finally get the full story, then use GARVIN'S TOOLS to stop the 
    machinery and get the MECHANICAL DEVICE 1. Deliver it to Garvin - the 
    bridge will break, but you can toss it to him anyway to trigger a 
    cutscene of one of Max's experiments. Return to the Queen's Chamber.
    Time to finish this chapter: ride the elevator and headu up, click on 
    the pipes to climb and pull the giant plug out of the Queen's back. The 
    other end of the wormhole will open and you can deliver the MECHANICAL 
    DEVICE 2 directly to Garvin. More than that senseless Grimwall crap, 
    another of Max's flashbacks will catch your attention: he looks at a 
    photo of Jennifer and shouts that the solution was in front of his 
    Just like in the movie "The Jacket" (awful one, anyway), we awaken into 
    one of the Morgue's drawers. We need to get out, before we freeze to 
    death! Click on the door and the corpse or the trolley will sit up: 
    after a little chit chat - all you'll learn is that if we escape Morgan 
    is fired - click again on the door to solve another puzzle.
    The wheel in the middle is the door's main handle, but before you can 
    get it to work, you need to connect the handles on the left to their 
    respective gear. This is done by rotating the wheel in the upper corner 
    of the screen four times, then pulling the lever under it either left 
    or right. Repeat until both gears are touching the handles, then turn 
    the wheel to escape this trap.
    Turn right and enter the study. Flashback: Morgan is trying to make as 
    much money as he can out of the - utterly useless - HOPE drug, cutting 
    back on Max's researches to avoid him finding a cure and ruining his 
    image of world-famous researcher. Figures. Collect the BRASS URN on the 
    cabinet on the left, the MATCHES and the BUST on the desk, then throw 
    the latter twice against the cracked wall behind the fallen bookshelf 
    (which has some interesting notes about Aztec traditions laid on it - 
    you'd better read carefully!). Close the valve and grab the U-JOINT 
    PIPE, then exit and turn right to enter the Oven Room. Runmage through 
    the tools on the right of the machinery to get a MONKEY WRENCH.
    Exit and use the MONKEY WRENCH on the tube to remove a portion, then 
    insert the U-JOINT PIPE. Re-enter the room and use the control panel on 
    the right side of the Oven to turn it on: open the door and drag the 
    second body from the left to it. Open the tray again to collect the 
    GLASS EYE, then use your BRASS URN on the ashes to gather some. Exit 
    and return into the Morgue.
    Open the upper rightmost drawer to save an old man from freezing to 
    death: talk to him  and he will confirm that you, him and that dead 
    woman over there aren't zombies, but experiments of Dr. Morgan... who 
    was talking with a head? Open the second lower drawer from the left and 
    use the MATCHES on it, then the GLASS EYE: read thoroughly the text. 
    Head outside and look for a worn-off headstone: pour the ashes from 
    your BRASS URN on it. Head for the rightmost part of the cemetery and 
    talk to the tree: after you click all the options, it will move out of 
    the way and you can collect the GREEN PRISM, which you need to put 
    under the sunbeam next to the Aztec Temple to unlock its door. Enter 
    the building.
    Dr. Morgan will greet you, babble something and... disappear? Guess he 
    did find some ancient artifact, but since we are not Lara Croft, read 
    the last two passages and click on the Aztec Calendar.
    Your objective is to enter a code made of five pictures:
    #1: Twin Mountains
    #2: Sunrise
    #3: Sun in the Valley
    #4: Eye
    #5: Symbol of the Trinity
    Each symbol is made of two halves: fiddle with the buttons until you 
    get all of them matching this scheme. You will become an Aztec warrior, 
    complete with armor, and teleported back in time.
    This time you will become a god-like stone warrior named Olmec, 
    summoned by some Aztec villagers to counter the power of Quetzacoatl. 
    No, not the Guardian Force. Talk to the witch then walk up the stairs 
    to get to the village itself, in ruins after the god's attacks. Talk to 
    the five shades here, taking note of their names and age order, then 
    walk past the sacrifical altar and up the stairs to have a chat with 
    Quetzacoatl. Push the statue on the right to create a path to the Water 
    Temple. Cross the new bridge and talk to the last shade. Now head to 
    the half-destroyed hut, pick up the BRASS BOWL and enter, then talk to 
    everyone, the mason in particular: make him promise to deliver the 
    necklave to the fisherman's wife, then report back to his ghost (next 
    to the tall totem). After he gives way, push the totem to cross the gap 
    to the Wind Temple: enter 
    and rescue the mason's daughter. Go back to the temple and click on the 
    gongs from the largest to the smallest in order to shatter the crystal 
    shield and pick up the WIND TOTEM.
    Return to the Sacrifical Altar and turn left: talk to the shaman about 
    the POD OF MIGHT to learn that you need to undergo a certain ritual, 
    whose knowledge is belonged by the mason. Okay, let's have a talk with 
    him: when you're asked to, enter the warriors' names from the younger 
    to the eldest. This is the solution: 
    Xilonen Ometoch Tepictoc Centeotl Huitzilop Mixcoatl
    Your armor will be powered up so you can cross the lava lake and pick 
    up the POD OF MIGHT. Deliver it to the shaman: he will charge head on 
    in a suicidal attack to weaken Quetzacoatl. After his death, gather his 
    blood into the BRASS BOWL, then head into his hut and pick up the 
    HEART. Head back to the Water Temple.
    The solution to this puzzle should be obtained from the fisherman's 
    wraith, but his clue is so cryptic that it's unlikely you'll solve it. 
    So head back into the hut and ask his wife: she will explain the Creed 
    to you. Return to the Water Temple.
    "When God's Eye is high, spear the water quickly to catch the unaware 
    fish and fill your basket with the warrior's bounty" this is what it 
    approximatively says. Meaning we have to press the images in this very 
    order. The God's Eye is obviously the sun, then we have to spear the 
    water in order to catch the fishes to put in our basket, which we will 
    then bring back home. I think you have already figured it out by now, 
    else press the buttons in this order:
    #1: Sun
    #2: Spear
    #3: Waves
    #4: Fishes
    #5: Basket
    #6: Fisherman
    Now hurry, for the door will stay open for just a couple of seconds! 
    Enter and pick up the WATER TOTEM, then backtrack to the Jaguar Temple. 
    If you wandered a bit and talked to the mason's daughter and then to 
    him, you'll have learned that we have to rip the MASK OF DEATH from 
    Quetzacoatl's ugly face in order to beat him. Guess what? We have to 
    enter his tomb, under the statue. Place the BLOODY BRASS BOWL into the 
    left canister and the HEART on the right one: before you enter, look 
    closely at the pictures next to the stairs: they'll be a clue for later 
    Enter them in the lock on the far wall to unlock the JAGUAR TOTEM and 
    destroy the statue. In case you were a bit distracted, here's the 
    #1: Taurus
    #2: Moon
    #3: Infinite
    #4: Death Mask
    #5: Sparkle
    #6: Fish
    #7: Crosshair
    Return to the village centre and insert the three TOTEMS into the 
    statue basement to unlock the accesso to the Maze. Olmec-Max will jump 
    Before you regain control, a final flashback will occur: we finally put 
    all the pieces together as we see Max finding a cure for DNAV, trying 
    to leave the Asylum with a DVD (they already knew about DVDs in 1998?) 
    containing the results of his research and... pretty clumsily crashing 
    with the car. We definitely need to kick Morgan's ass.
    This place is extremely annoying, since it's chock full of crumbling 
    walkways and those purple bolts, which will bring you back at the 
    beginning of the maze. Try to time your movements. Walk forward and 
    turn right, walking down the two sets of stairs: once to the bottom 
    level, turn right and  head for the control panel nearby (giving 
    directions in here is difficult, but I'm sure you won't have any 
    problems in finding the right places). There are only three puttons, 
    each one can be switched on and off. It won't take long to try out all 
    the possible codes, anyway press the first and third one, push the now 
    activated button to raise a weight and a bridge and walk into the 
    purple bolts to get back to the start. Walk down the new bridge and 
    pull down the idol's arms to lift another weight nearby, the one the 
    right of your starting point, to be exact. Take this new path, paying 
    attention to the electricity, until you get next to the large pillar 
    holding the large stone hand: there's a lever on it. Pull it and rush 
    to the second one right before the open gate, activate this one and 
    finally enter Quetzacoatl's lair. Rip the MASK OF DEATH off his face 
    (hey, we look cool with it on...) to end the chapter.
    New plot development: waking up from a nightmare about his family, Max 
    awakens just enough to see Morgan inject poison in his IV. Just as we 
    thought, he doesn't want to lose an insanely huge business such as his 
    HOPE "cure", so his only hope is to kill us and destroy the proofs. We 
    need to fight the poison and get out the Asylum. Now.
    You'll regain control of... everyone: Max understands everything is an 
    illusion caused by Morgan's drugs. We have to solve this poisoning-
    induced madness as fast as we can. For this last level, you will be 
    able to switch between your three "personalities" (Sarah-innocence, 
    Grimwall-strenght, Olmec-resistance) to perform certain actions by just 
    selecting the correct item in your inventory - SARAH'S DOLL, OLMEC'S 
    STATUE or GRIMWALL COMIC BOOK. Walk down the path and switch to Olmec: 
    walk in front of the pumpkin wall and some of them will light up in a 
    sequence. Press them in the order you've seen them light up to destroy 
    them, as well as the illusion of children playing. The correct order is 
    the following (remember, you only need to take into account the two 
    central poles! The directions are from left to right, from top to 
    #1: second pole, second one
    #2: first pole, third one
    #3: second pole, first one
    #4: first pole, first one
    #5: first pole, second one
    #6: second pole, third one
    Pick up the SKULL. Now switch to Grimwall and head to the small 
    cemetery, clicking on Jeedah Driscoll's grave: give him his SKULL and a 
    stone coffin will appear; lift its lid using Grimwall's superhuman 
    strenght and pick up the ANGEL HEAD. Switch again to Olmec, climb down 
    the stairs and head to the strenght game in the clown's hand. Switch 
    again to Grim and click on it to open the clown's (flaming) mouth.
     You'll notice its teeth are glowing with different colours: your 
    objective is to press them in the order given by the giant head's 
    hairdo. Therefore, press the RED, YELLOW, GREEN and BLUE TOOTH in this 
    very order. Switch to Sarah and climb into the hole to reach the other 
    side and pick up the ANGEL LEFT WING. Backtrack to the Tower on the 
    right of the screen.
    Looks familiar? Yeah, this is the area of the Tower Cells where the 
    statue is. As you might have guessed, we are collecting the ANGEL 
    STATUE's pieces in order to get back to reality: we still miss the 
    ANGEL RIGHT WING and the ANGEL TORSO. Climb the stairs and switch to 
    Sarah to walk past the spider web. We need to destroy that Quetzacoatl 
    giant statue: switch to Olmec and, by trial and error, find the correct 
    sequence in which the panels on the floor must be pressed. To make 
    things easier, press (from left to right) the second, fifth, third, 
    first and fourth panel: the rage from the impaled warriors will be 
    piped to the statue, which will shatter into pieces. Now, have Grimwall 
    push the stone head to raise a crystal. Impale the six bodies on their 
    pole to shatter it and conquer the ANGEL RIGHT WING. Backtrack to the 
    This will be easy: fiddle with the control panel on the right wall to 
    reveal a small path to the outside, then break open the honeycells on 
    the wall to get an INSECT MANDIBLE. Switch to Sarah and crawl into the 
    opening to get outside. Switch to Olmec, climb the thorn root and cut 
    the rope with the ALIEN MANDIBLE. All you have to do is return inside 
    and collect the ANGEL TORSO. Time to get out.
    Return to the tower and rebuild the statue, starting from its torso: a 
    portal will open. Enter it and prepare for the last fight.
    We are still in nightmare world: Morgan has taken away your 
    transformation items and is blocking the way to reality. Beware, you 
    are being timed! The poison is spreading into your body, and taking too 
    much to complete this last riddle will result in a flat ECG. To defeat 
    him, you have to calculate your movements through the shapeshifting 
    chessboard to reach the glowing orbs: once you've grabbed one, you will 
    shatter it, damaging Morgan, but if you fall down you will be taken 
    back to the beginning. A doppelganger of yourself will stop you from 
    reaching the exit too soon, so get ready and save at the very 
    There's really no help here: just watch the pattern closely and act 
    quickly. Once you shatter three orbs, play your favourite Dance of 
    Happyness: you've completed one of the best adventure games ever!

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