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"A massive moodpiece lacking in gameplay"

For some reason the concept of Evil Twin always appealed to me. Screenshots and backgrounds revealed a concept similar to the awesome french film The City of Lost Children, with its striking visuals and sci-fi/horror/fairytale atmosphere, and Evil Twin looked like it could become the weird platformer Alice never quite managed to be.

So is it? Not really =(

Evil Twin is a strange fantasy/horror themed 3d platformer of the Mario64/Rayman 2 school. Developed in france by newcomer In Utero, the game bears a striking resemblance to the cinema of Jean Pierre Jeunet, with massive attention to detail and colorful fantasy landscapes seemingly crashing hardcore with the industrial horror of games like Silent Hill. You play the part of Cyprien, a young boy at an orphanage. Having lost his parents on his birthday, Cyp's birthdays arent exactly filled with joy. He has a rather heavy set of imagination, bringing his toy bear to life, posing as his only true friend. However, when Cyprien declares the death of his imagination, the world crumbles around him. His friends are swept away by a tentacled monster and he wakes up in the nightmare landscapes of Undabed, where his quest to free his friends and save the world begins.

Cyprien has a good few tricks up his sleeve. He can fire a number of different shells from his slingshot and use several different items to help him out. His strongest power however is the power to change into his superhero alter-ego, SyperCyp, a dragonball z influenced ''evil'' cyprien with the power to shoot lighting, gigantic fireballs (awesome!) and jump far longer than usual.

The many various enemies are typically dispatched by repeated slingshot fire, a process that tends to get dull because your slingshot is terribly weak and the enemies arent very difficult to fight. The biggest problem youll face is the horrible collission detection and traversing the landscape itself due to the utterly apalling camera. This is beyond a doubt the worst camera i have ever seen. To play Evil Twin you need at least 12 keys, 4 of which are camera control keys. Without them youll simply not make it. When i sat down with my 8 button joypad i thought i was going to be able to pull things off alright, but apparently not. Everything becomes a chore.
Couple this with a Cyprien that slides through walls for no reason, a slingshot thats impossible to aim properly and a supercyp that times out waaayy too quickly, and youll have a game that loses its charm quite quickly. Its *such* a shame, because the presentation is truly wicked. I must recommend that you play with the french voiceovers tho, the english voice acting is terrible. The music is wonderful, like Alice meets Danny Elfman meets something else odd.
The atmosphere of the game is what kept me playing it for as long as i did. When i reached a level that was simply disgustingly difficult simply because of the camera and the controls, i quit and uninstalled. 5 hours after i bought the game.

This is a damn good example of style over content, and the french should be ashamed of themselves. First they ruin alone in the dark, then this. They should start making games and not mood pieces.

But as a mood piece this is exquisite.

graphics: 9
Audio: 8
gameplay: 5

Total: 7

Worth a rent for your playstation, but dont get it for the pc.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/23/01, Updated 11/23/01

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