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    Walkthrough by AMC

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 03/11/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    	      Doom Solution by AMC (alexmcgregor20@hotmail.com)
    Version 2.5 Written on 11/3/02 
    This is the full solution to both the Original and Ultimate Doom(TM).
    The secrets aren't listed and neither are the monsters. This is just
    a step-by-step walkthrough to help you finish each level. I decided
    to do this after reading George Foot's great Doom 2 solution. If you wish
    to put this walkthrough on your website, please contact me first.
    Version Changes
    Version 1 3/3/02= Original version, only contained the original doom 
    Version 2 8/3/02= Added solution for episode 4 and weapons and 
    fighting advice sections.
    Version 2.5 11/3/02= Fixed some typos and added the beginning
    of the rating system.
    This FAQ can be found at:
    Weapon Advice
    1. Fist
    Your marines fist is the weakest weapon in the game and should only be
    used in conjunction with a berserk pack, when you have no-ammo or when 
    ammo conservation is important. The fist works best against weak enemies 
    such as former humans and enemies that have to get close to attack
    (excluding Lost souls as they are too fast).
    Best Vs: Former humans, Demons, Specters
    Weak Vs: All other monsters
    2. Chainsaw
    The chainsaw is a decent close range weapon but like the fist, it's only
    useful in low ammo situations. When using on demons, try to back up
    while doing it or you may get bitten.
    Best Vs: Former human, Former Human Sergeants, Demons, Specters,
    Cacodemons, Lost souls
    Bad Vs: The rest.
    3. Pistol
    The pistol is a rather weak weapon but due to its range, it's more useful
    then the fist. Still, you should use it only when your last resort is the 
    Once you have the chaingun this weapon becomes totally useless.
    Best Vs: Human enemies
    Weak Vs: Everything else
    4. Shotgun
    The shotgun is the best all around weapon as it is rather powerful, and
    ammo for it is plentiful. The one problem is that it has a slow reload
    rate so it's not good verses whole hoards of demons that are attacking
    from every direction.
    Best Vs: Human enemies, imps, lost souls
    Worst Vs: Cyberdemons, Spider Mastermind
    5. Chaingun
    The chaingun basically is a rapid firing machine gun that uses the same
    ammo as the pistol. However, the chaingun is MUCH better than the
    pistol and is useful for killing large amounts of enemies, although it takes
    a while to kill the enemies.
    Best Vs: Human enemies, imps, cacodemons
    Worst Vs: Cyberdemon, Spider Mastermind
    6. Rocket launcher
    The rocket launcher is the second most powerful weapon in the game.
    But you must be careful with it as the splash damage it causes as it can
    easily kill your marine. However this splash damage does lots of damage
    to the enemies so it evens out.
    Best Vs: All enemies
    Worst Vs: None
    7. Plasma Rifle
    The plasma rifle is a rapid firing weapon that does more damage then
    the chaingun. Be warned that some enemies seem to be able to resist
    the damage from this gun, and at times the projectiles can clog up the
    Best Vs: All enemies except Cyberdemons and Spider Masterminds.
    Worst Vs: Cyberdemons & Spider Masterminds
    8. BFG9000
    The best weapon in both this game and probably any game I've ever played!
    Although it takes a while to charge and takes a lot of ammo, the damage
    dealt is massive. Best used against tough enemies.
    Best Vs: All enemies
    Worst Vs: Nothing, BWHAHAHAHA!
    Fighting advice
    Learn to strafe. I cannot stress this enough. Strafing is the most useful
    ability in not only Doom but many other first person shooter games.
    Know when to fight and when to run, if you have 2 bullets and are being
    attacked by a Baron of Hell, you should try to escape and gather some
    ammo. Then you can return to finish him off (heh, heh, heh)
    Try to sneak around and avoid fights. Monsters usually hear you when you
    fire off shots, so only shoot if necessary and keep as far away from monsters
    as possible. Avoiding conflicts is probably the only way to survive on
    Nightmare mode.
    Former Humans: Use either the pistol or a close range weapon to take them
    out. No need to waste ammo.
    Former Human Sergeants: The sergeants are VERY annoying as they do a
    fair bit of damage with their shots. Try to take them out quickly with a
    shotgun, or a pistol if that's all you have.
    Imps: Are the most common enemy in Doom, so get used to them. You
    can tell if there are any imps by listening to what I call the clicking sound.
    Anyway, the shotgun is the best weapon to kill them with. Usually you will
    have a shotgun by the time you first meet them, so fill 'em with lead and
    keep moving.
    Demons: Pig like creatures that do a reasonable amount of damage, have
    a fair amount of health but must get close to attack. Best weapons to use
    are the chainsaw and probably the shotgun (if they are in small groups).
    The demons usually travel in small groups of 3 to 6, so weaken them
    with the shotgun then finish them off with the chainsaw, or even your
    bare fists.
    Specters: Exactly like the demons except they are invisible. Be
    especially careful in dark areas, where the Doom designers seem to
    like putting them.
    Lost souls: Flaming skulls that try to ram you. They usually travel alone
    or in large groups of 10 or more (on Ultra-Violence). Try to take them
    out quickly with either the shotgun or chaingun.
    Cacodemon: Huge flying 'balls' that shoot lightning balls, they are fairly
    common and can be easily killed by a chaingun, plasma rifle or chainsaw,
    although it does take a while.
    Barons of hell: Big goat-like demons, they deal lots of damage and can take
    lots of damage too. Try not to get too close to them as their scratch 
    (punch?) attack is much more powerful then their slimeball attack. Use a
    powerful weapon such as the rocket launcher or plasma rifle to take these
    guys out quickly.
    Spider Masterminds: The final boss in Doom isn't really the hardest monster
    in the game. To take out these b#$%@!& use the BFG9000 3 times to finish
    Cyberdemon: The boss at the end of the second episode, to kill the
    Cyberdemon, use the rocket launcher or BFG9000 while dodging his
    Abbreviations and definitions
    N,S,E,W,NW,NE,SW,SE = North, South, etc. North is up on the map, east is 
    right, etc.
    Jump = Run off the edge of a platform.
    Activate = Press the use (default is spacebar) button. If I say something 
    be activated it generally looks different then its surrounding walls.
    Episode 1: Knee-Deep in the dead
    The only episode in the shareware version, this episode is really easy, 
    both combat and puzzle-wise. I really don't know why I'm even 
    writing a solution for this episode...
    E1M1- Hanger
    i. Head N and open the door.
    ii. Head E then S.
    iii. Keep heading S until you can touch the exit switch
    E1M2- Nuclear plant
    i. Head E to either of the 2 doors.
    ii. Go up the stairs then get the red key.
    iii. Retrace your steps to the starting room then head through the red 
    iv. Walk forwards and up the stairs.
    v. Walk around the pathway to the elevator
    vi. Flip the switch at the other end of the room
    vii. Head through either of the opened passages.
    viii. Go down the stairs, and enter the pit in the room (watch out for 
    the imp that will appear on harder difficulty settings)
    ix. Press the switch.
    E1M3- Toxin Refinery
    Blue key
    i. Exit room and head through the left-hand door.
    ii. Head north to the slime pit.
    iii. Walk around the pit to the other side.
    iv. Follow the corridor around to the blue key.
    v. Get the blue key and kill all monsters.
    i. Retrace your steps back to the slime pit at the beginning.
    ii. Go through the blue door.
    iii. Go through either passage.
    iv. Go up the stairs to the exit room
    E1M4- Command Center
    Note: Apparently there is a very fast, easy way to finish this stage. 
    If you know or can find out what it is could you please e-mail me?
    Blue key
    i. Open the door and go through any of the three passages you can see.
    ii. Enter the central room and get the blue key.
    iii. Exit the room by standing in the patch of light.
    Traverse the maze
    i. Head to the W end of the room.
    ii. Go to the left and enter the blue room.
    iii. Head through the SW passage.
    iv. Follow it round, then go through the NE passage at the next 
    v. Head E then immediately N again to exit the maze.
    Leave level
    i. Grab the yellow key and keep following the corridor around.
    ii. Press the switch and open the door.
    iii. Go up the stairs, cross the bridge and exit the level.
    E1M5- Phobos Lab
    Yellow key
    i. Go north across slime pit then head E as far as you can go.
    ii. Go north and watch bridge rise.
    iii. Go back and head up stairs.
    iv. Cross the bridge and enter dark(ish) passage.
    v. Get key at passage end and retrace your steps back to the first
    Enter central complex
    i. Open door and head left through yellow door.
    ii. Go down and left or right.
    iii. Cross slime pit and press switch.
    iv. Go back through yellow door.
    v. Enter newly opened door across slime pit.
    Blue key and exit
    i. Go to blue room.
    ii. Hit switch in alcove at end of room.
    iii. Follow twisting dark passage around to blue key room.
    iv. Get key and go down stairs and through blue door.
    v. Keep to right hand wall in maze to find exit room.
    vi. Enter room and flick switch.   
    E1M6- Central Processing
    Red key
    i. Exit entrance room and head right into large room.
    ii. Get red key from the end of the room.
    iii. Exit room. If entrance is closed wait until it opens.
    Blue key
    i. Follow path to red doors.
    ii. Enter either one and follow corridor around to blue key.
    iii. Go back to start room.
    iv. Enter room across from starting position. (I'll call this room 
    the 'hub')
    v. Head through E opening to blue door.
    Yellow key
    i. Go south at every junction in the maze.
    ii. Flick switch when you find it.
    iii. Go back to room with off-coloured wall (from switch go N to 
    intersection, then go W at intersection, then head N until you see 
    the open door)
    iv. Go to end of room and grab the key.
    v. RUN back to intersection then go N to blue door.
    i. At 'hub' room go NE through yellow door.
    ii. Head upstairs then go N downstairs.
    iii. Go N up either staircase and continue until you hit the switch.
    iv. Go back down 2 flights or stairs then W through newly opened door.
    v. Go down either flight of stairs (again).
    vi. Find and hit switch in this room.
    vii. Go N to exit room and hit the switch.
    E1M7- Computer Station
    Yellow key
    i. Exit start room.
    ii. Head SE to blue area with elevator.
    iii. Ride elevator up and follow ledge around to alcove with the 
    yellow key.
    Red Key
    i. Drop down and go S then W through yellow door.
    ii. Follow right wall around without entering any doors until you 
    reach the room with lowering pillar.
    iii. Kill monster in pillar then head right until you reach a door.
    iv. Open door and go through elevator in far side of room.
    v. Follow corridor and grab red key.
    Blue key
    i. Retrace steps to yellow door.
    ii. Stick to left-hand wall and go through red door.
    iii. Grab blue key then go back to yellow door and enter it.
    i. After going through yellow door, head S until you see blue door to 
    your left.
    ii. Enter door and go through right opening.
    iii. Follow corridor around to switch.
    iv. Press switch and go back to room.
    v. Go through the now open door and keep going until you reach the exit. 
    E1M8- Phobos Anomaly
    Defeat Barons
    i. Press switch at start, then shoot barrels to kill demons.
    ii. Head left then go down to the end of the long corridor.
    iii. Press the switch then ride the elevator up.
    iv. Walk forwards to engage barons in fight....
    Easy skill levels [Too young to die, not too rough]
    Get out a powerful weapon and circle the barons, shooting.
    Harder skill levels [hurt me plenty, ultra-violence, nightmare]
    Try to get the barons to hurt the specters and grab the powerups around
    the levels edge. When the barons have finished off the specters, 
    circle the barons and fire. If the specters are becoming a problem, 
    take some of them out so you can move around easier.
    Enter gateway to Deimos
    i. Wait for walls to lower
    ii. Go to structure and press switch on side.
    iii. Head up stairs and step onto evil symbol.
    iv. Kill as many demons as possible before you die!!!
    E1M9- Military base
    Yellow key
    i. Head out to the courtyard then go through W passage.
    ii. Go around barrier to get key.
    Red key
    i. Go back to courtyard.
    ii. Head through E passage.
    iii. Go S through yellow door.
    iv. Grab key and kill monsters.
    Blue key
    i. Head W through yellow door, then W again through red door.
    ii. Hit switch in SW of room.
    iii. Go E or through newly opened door.
    iv. Get blue key.
    Get the hell out
    i. Head N to courtyard.
    ii. Head N through blue door.
    iii. Drop into trench and follow it around to button.
    iv. Press button and go through newly opened door.
    v. Go to end of new passage to elevator.
    vi. Open door at top of elevator then cross bridge to flick exit switch.
    Episode 2: Shores of Hell
    This episode is much harder than the first episode, yet still isn't all 
    that hard, except maybe on Ultra-Violence if you're not that good a
    Doom player.
    E2M1- Deimos Anomaly
    i. At the start, turn right at the first chance you get. Then
    go through the red gateway and shortly after you'll find the
    blue key.
    ii. Go back then go through the teleporter
    iii. Continue forwards, but be careful at the 'bridge', it
    will collapse when you go over it.
    iv. Go through the next teleporter, and press the switch
    on the S side of the wall in the indent.
    v. Kill the demons and go around the wall through the blue door.
    (If you got the red key you may want to search that room...)
    vi. After going through the teleporter, press the switch on the
    southern side of the part of the wall that's sticking out.
    vii. Go up the new stairs and press the switch there.
    viii. Go back downstairs and through the new teleporter.
    ix. Head forwards, then go into the exit.
    E2M2- Containment Area
    Yellow Key
    i. Stick to the left hand wall until you can see an
    opening into a larger corridor.
    ii. In the large chamber go S, and press the switch to raise
    the stairs
    iii. Go left around the wall, then step underneath
    the blue lights to safely get the yellow key.
    Blue key
    i. Cross the pathway again then go through the SW passage
    in the room.
    ii. Go forwards and left around to some crushing walls.
    iii. Time your run under the walls, then continue on,
    over a slime pit, to the blue key.
    Red key and exit
    i. Go downstairs and through the blue door.
    ii. Go right through another blue door and grab the key.
    iii. Retrace your steps to the red door (OR) Go back
    to the room immediately before the yellow key room and
    go through the SW passage to the red door.
    iv. Head around the narrow corridor and flick the switch.
    v. Go back through the red door, then through to the exit.
    i. Go to the big room as in the normal solution.
    ii. This time go W to the slime tunnel (grab the radiation
    iii. When you reach the area below the exit, you can aim
    yourself so you can press the switch that you would 
    normally need the red key to access. After you manage to
    active it, quickly run onto the bridge so you won't
    get trapped.
    E2M3- Refinery
    Blue key
    i. Head S then go right around the 'structure' to
    go through the SW passage.
    ii. Cross the slime pit and go W.
    iii. Go N and just before you enter the barrel room
    turn W then enter the room to get the blue key.
    i. Return to the room with the shotgun and go W into
    the room with the slime pool in the centre.
    ii. There is a wall on the E side that will open up
    when you activate it. Go through.
    iii. Go E as far as you can then go N. When you
    reach the blue door go through.
    iv. Follow the corridor around until you reach a dark
    room with a flickering light.
    v. Go against the right-hand wall (keep to the northern
    end of the maze).
    vi. You should end up at a slime pit. Cross it, then
    follow the passage to the exit room.
    E2M4- Deimos Lab
    Blue Key
    i. Head through the teleporter at the start.
    ii. Go through the large opening to the left.
    iii. Keep going W until you reach a wall in a blue area.
    iv. Follow the corridor around to the S and go through
    a door.
    v. Press the switch near the elevator to lower it, then
    ride it up to the blue key.
    Yellow key
    i. Return to the evil symbol in the blue room.
    ii. Go N then through the blue door.
    iii. In the red area, keep going until you see the
    yellow key under an odd looking ceiling.
    iv. RUN underneath the ceiling and grab the yellow key.
    Get out alive
    i. Go through the yellow door then travel around to
    the northern end of the room.
    ii. Go onto the red platform, which will lower.
    iii. Go to the S side of the large central 'pillar'
    to find a switch.
    iv. Press the switch, and climb the stairs. Keep
    repeating switch pressing and stair climbing until
    you reach a lit stand.
    v. Stand on the stand, then go downstairs and onto
    the new teleporter.
    vi. Drop into the blood pit then go to the NE
    side of the room and press the switch.
    vii. Enter the nearby teleporter.
    viii. Step forwards a bit then go back to re-teleport.
    ix. Cross the bridge to the exit, although you may
    want to get that soulsphere which becomes accessible 
    just before you enter the exit room.
    E2M5- Command center
    Please note: This level is very mazey, yet features
    no keys so please follow the solution CAREFULLY.
    Unless of course, you want to go to the secret level
    or have fun wandering the maze.
    i. Head S outside, then go to the NW of this room
    and go upstairs.
    ii. Go through the W door and follow the passage
    around to the next door.
    iii. Head S through the next room to an area with
    lots of doors and three pillars. Go through the
    NE door [From the symbol's view it would be the one
    to the FAR LEFT, just out of its line of sight].
    iv. Go through the very next door you see. Go
    upstairs then through the door at the very top
    of the stairs.
    v. Go down the left-hand set of stairs, at
    the bottom you should be in a room with a radiation
    suit, grab it.
    vi. Open the door in this room and cross the slime
    floor and go upstairs.
    vii. Open the door at the top, then go through the
    very first door you can see.
    viii. Travel in a NW direction until you can see the
    E2M6- Halls of the Damned
    Blue key
    i. Go into the open room, then open the SE door.
    ii. Press the switch then return to the first room
    and go through the new opening.
    iii. Head N to an area with some mini-pillars and
    a switch. Press the switch and grab the berserk pack.
    iv. A new passage has opened in the SE corner of this
    level, follow it to the end and press the switch.
    v. Go back through the passage and turn left to an
    area with a blue door and a normal door.
    vi. Go through the normal door and head SE to find the
    blue key. (Watch out for the monsters!)
    You can get either key next but I'll list them in the
    order I get them.
    Red key
    i. Head in a westerly direction until you see a dark
    area [I hate this place:(]
    ii. The door to the next part of the maze is on the
    southern wall.
    iii. The red key is in the western area of this
    maze. (Go NW from the door then S to be in an area
    VERY close to the red key)
    iv. Retrace your steps to the area where you
    Yellow key
    i. Go N past the first 'candle door' to the second
    'candle door.' Enter.
    ii. Go to the next door and head through to a very
    tiny room with a switch. Press it then go through
    the recently opened door.
    iii. Follow the long corridor then go through the
    S door.
    iv. Go round the wall and grab the yellow key.
    v. Go back through the door, and head through the
    SW door.
    vi. Retrace your steps to the entrance, being wary
    of some newly released monsters.
    i. Make your way back to the blue door and go
    through it, and the following red and yellow doors,
    to the exit.
    E2M7- Spawning Vats
    Blue key
    i. Go through the small SE corridor and follow it
    around to a large box room.
    ii. Go to the SW corner of the room and press the
    switch. Follow the hallway around.
    iii. Go to the S end of this room to get the blue
    Yellow key
    i. Press the switch in the SE corner of this room,
    then retrace your steps back to the beginning room.
    ii. Go through the other hallway and go through the
    blue door as soon as you see it.
    iii. Head downstairs and through the opening on the
    iv. Go around the wall to some stairs, head up them
    then grab the yellow key at the top.
    Red key
    i. Drop off the platform then head through the opposite
    ii. Head E then go through the yellow door.
    iii. Go through the SW door, then head around the
    machine in the centre to go through a corridor to
    a switch.
    iv. Press the switch then go back to the machine and
    grab the key that's now there.
    Blow this hellhole
    i. Go back through the yellow door and head W to
    the area with the long stretch of lighted blue floor.
    ii. Go through the SW door.
    iii. Head through the red door and press the switch,
    then press the switch behind that.
    iv. Cross the bridge to the finish.
    E2M8- Tower of Babel
    Defeat the Cyberdemon Lord
    i. Press any of the switches and head through any of the
    opened doors.
    ii. Go outside and kill the Cyberdemon.
    There are 3 ways you can defeat him, they are listed as
    1. Get the rocket launcher and shoot volleys of rockets
    at him, strafing to avoid the Cyberdemon's rockets. As
    you may have heard before this is a good level to
    practice strafing.
    2. Get out the chaingun or pistol and fire at the
    Cyberdemon through the small gaps between the pillars
    at the corners of the central building. Your shots should
    pass through but the Cyberdemon's won't. This takes a
    while though.
    3. Try to get the Cyberdemon stuck in one of those supply
    rooms, and go into the opposite room and fire at him so
    your shots fire over the pillar with the door opening 
    switches. I have seen this in a demo and have managed to
    do it, however, occasionally the demon may manage to
    fire over it.
    Be careful on Ultra-Violence as the Lost Souls can
    distract your marines shots.
    E2M9- Fortress of Mystery
    i. Go through the door to the E
    ii. Before going through the next door to the E,
    you may want to kill most of the monsters, or
    get the monsters to attack each other.
    iii. Press the skull switch, get the key, then
    I think you can finish this stage without too much
    Episode 3: Inferno
    This last episode can get very messy, especially on Ultra-Violence
    where the first levels will be real pains with just a pistol. Not
    only this, but some of the levels are difficult in puzzles too.
    However, I guess it is set in Hell, so...
    E3M1- Hell keep (Keep?! The only time it's well protected is
    on Ultra-Violence!)
    i. Press the switch in front of you.
    ii. Head N and press the left-hand switch to open the door
    iii. Head NE through a door to another courtyard.
    iv. Head through the E door and follow the long hallway
    to an area with some red pillars.
    v. Head N through two doors then enter the teleporter to finish
    the level.
    E3M2- Slough of Despair
    i. Keep to the left-hand wall at the start and just keep running 
    along it until you find the blue key.
    ii. Go SE then N into another opening to find what looks like a
    dead end.
    iii. Approach the wall and then avoid or kill the lost souls to
    reach the blue door.
    iv. Enter the door, press the switch then go into the soul room
    and head N into the exit.
    E3M3- Pandemonium
    Blue key
    i. Head N then go up the stairs.
    ii. Go to the NE corner of this largish room and go up
    the stairs.
    iii. Head S at the top, then follow the passage around
    to another junction, go S again.
    iv. Drop down and go SW to find a metal room that houses
    the blue key.
    i. Go upstairs from the blue key room.
    ii. Go straight ahead and press the switch.
    iii. Run through the next corridor to return to the largish
    room. (If you fell of the platform, retrace your steps to
    the start room)
    iv. Go back to the start room. (unless you're already there,
    in which case go to step v)
    v. Go W (you could also go E but it's a little harder)
    vi. Keep going N until you reach a room with a skewered
    vii. Go E through the 'archway' then immediately N upstairs.
    viii. Go E through the blue door then N through to the exit.
    E3M4- House of Pain
    Blue key
    i. Go S upstairs and follow the twisty corridor around
    to a door.
    ii. Go S and press the W most switch or the switch on the
    far right.
    iii. Go through the SW passage then continue W into the
    stone room.
    iv. Go S as far as you can, then go E to get the blue key.
    Yellow key
    i. Go W then N to the door with the barrels.
    ii. Go E through the door that looks like a computer
    circuit board.
    iii. To open the N door, step in the water pit, then quickly
    run through the open door.
    iv. Go through the tunnel until your reach two red pillars
    with switches, I'll call them the left-hand and right-hand
    pillar from how you can see it now.
    v. Press the W switch on the left-hand pillar, then go
    through into the NW room and grab the yellow key.
    Red key and beyond
    i. Press the E switch on the right-hand pillar then go
    through the NE room and open the yellow door to get the
    red key.
    ii. Press the S switch side on the right-hand pillar,
    then go through the E room and into the red door.
    iii. Follow the passage around, through a red health draining
    passage to a switch.
    iv. Drop down off the platform and go through the SE door.
    v. Follow the corridor round and go through the exit door.
    E3M5- Unholy Cathedral
    Blue key
    i. Go N slightly, then go W as far as you can.
    ii. Go N through 3 set of doors.
    iii. In the room with 3 pillars, go through the NE most
    door (not the one with the teleporters), then go through 
    the E door.
    iv. Go NE and walk through the red 'box' to open the door.
    v. Go N through the door, carefully press the NE switch and
    then go into the NW corner to get the blue key.
    i. Dodge the SW crusher and enter the teleporter.
    ii. Kill or avoid the demons and go through the S door.
    iii. Go SE then E through the blue door.
    iv. Head W into the exit.
    E3M6- Mt Erebus
    Finishing the level
    Easy skill levels (1, 2 & 3)
    i. Head E then go NE over the lava.
    ii. Head N to get the blue key.
    iii. Go slightly NE to find a radiation suit.
    iv. Grab the suit and go to the NW area of
    the map to find a building with a small entrance
    that will take you to a blue key barrier.
    v. Go through the barrier to the exit.
    Hard skill levels (4 & 5)
    i. Go to where the blue key is on easier skill
    levels (near the caged imps).
    ii. Go into the building and open the secret door
    near the SW candle.
    iii. Jump into the red box and go into the teleporter.
    iv. Turn around then go to the SE corner of this building 
    to get the blue key.
    v. Go to the western area of this building and press the
    switch, then go to the NE area to escape the building.
    vi. Go NW to find a radiation suit.
    vii. Go S around the grey stone building into the small
    entrance, and around through the blue barrier to the
    E3M7- Gate to Limbo
    Blue and Red keys
    i. Go N into the large chamber, then through the W 
    ii. Head S then SE into the larger room. Cross either
    mini-bridge to get the blue key.
    iii. Retrace your steps back to the large blood filled 
    chamber, but go through the E opening this time.
    iv. Go through the N blue door and go up the stairs to
    the W.
    v. Go N and drop through the hole.
    vi. Grab a rad suit and go W through the door.
    vii. Continue W through to the next 'safe' room and go
    through the W opening in that room.
    viii. When you can see the teleporter in the blood maze,
    go S then W to get the red key.
    Yellow key
    i. Go back to the large blood-filled chamber and go N
    through the opening. Grab a rad suit to the right 
    ii. Go through the western red teleporter in this room.
    iii. Press the switch then go back through the teleporter.
    iv. Go through the other teleporter in this room and grab
    the yellow key.
    i. Go back through the teleporter and then go to the blue
    key area. Go W to find another teleporter.
    ii. Go forward and press the switch then go back through the
    iii. Go to the large chamber and go through the teleporter
    in the center of the room.
    iv. Cross the bridge and open the yellow door, then press
    the switch.
    v. Go back through the teleporter then go to the room W of
    the large chamber.
    vi. Head through the NE passage in this room and enter the
    teleporter here.
    vii. Open the yellow door, then cross the bridge to the exit.
    E3M8- Dis
    Finish the Original doom!
    i. Open the door and walk or run down the hallway.
    ii. Turn right to fight the final boss...
    1. Take out the BFG9000 and you should kill it in 3 shots.
    2. On harder difficulty levels, get the monsters to fight
    the spider to weaken it.
    3. Hide behind the central pillar, taking potshots every
    now and then.
    I find this level on Ultra-Violence easier then the 
    other skill levels, but that may just be me.
    E3M9- Warrens
    i. Press the switch to raise your platform.
    ii. Go to the door ahead and press the left-hand button.
    iii. Go through the door then through the NE door.
    iv. Go to the small door and make your way through the
    narrow passage.
    v. In the room with the red pillars, go N through 2 sets
    of doors.
    vi. Step on the teleporter then go N to get the blue key
    (you may want to kill the cyberdemon)
    vii. Retrace your steps to the start (kill demons if
    viii. Go E through a newly opened passage.
    ix. Go E to get the red key, then go back to the area
    you teleported to and go S.
    x. Go W back into the start area and go open the red door.
    xi. Step onto the teleporter.
    Episode 4- Thy Flesh Consumed
    The hardest (and last) episode, unless you play it on easy this episode
    will really annoy you. It's also the only episode where the level
    names aren't the names of places like the other episodes. If you
    think this episode is easy on Ultra-Violence, try The Plutona
    Experiment on Final Doom...
    E4M1- Hell Beneath
    Red Key
    i. Head S into the switch room
    ii. Press the W switch and head back N.
    iii. Go W through the new passage.
    iv. Head to the N side of this room and go S into the central
    building (watch out for the Baron!)
    v. Keep heading S then look E and grab the red key.
    Blue key and exit
    i. Go N from the red key hall and activate the platform to the E.
    ii. As soon as the platform has risen, run off it onto the other
    iii. Keep going E then go through the red door.
    iv. Head E around the wall and go into the E alcove to get the
    blue key.
    v. Head back to the blue door (Go W as far as you can)
    and enter it.
    vi. Enter the exit teleporter.
    E4M2- Perfect Hatred
    Yellow key
    i. Get the imps to kill the enemies directly in front of you
    at the start.
    ii. Jump to the W platform and press the switch.
    iii. Turn around and jump into the new opening.
    iv. Drop down, get the rad suit, press the switch then quickly 
    run to the rising part of the floor.
    v. Follow it round to the plasma rifle
    vi. Grab the rifle, then killing/avoiding the Baron, grab the
    yellow key.
    Blue key
    i. Drop down then go N up the stairs.
    ii. Keep going N and go through the teleporter.
    iii. Jump to the E platform this time and press the yellow switch.
    iv. Jump to the N platform then NE into a chamber.
    v. Head S through the cavern and go up the stairs.
    vi. Just before you enter the teleporter head S to get the blue key
    i. Go through the teleporter.
    ii. Jump to the W platform then continue onto the blue barrier.
    iii. Open the barrier then CAREFULLY continue upstairs.
    iv. _RUN_ N through the door to the exit.
    E4M3- Sever the Wicked
    Red key
    i. Drop down then head W down some stairs.
    ii. Head upstairs and follow the corridor around to the red key
    iii. Drop through the hole around the red key to the S end.
    iv. Quickly run out of the lava and press the switch that is just out
    of the lava to lower the red key platform.
    v. Grab the red key.
    Blue key
    i. Head to the S end of this room and enter the teleporter (take care
    of the monsters first or they may telefrag you).
    ii. Activate the platform and step onto it.
    iii. Head S through any of the 3 passages then go E and up the stairs.
    iv.  Go E until you can see an elevator platform then ride it up.
    v. Head NW and lower the red barricade.
    vi. Go N and search around the pillar directly in front of you to get
    the blue key.
    i. Head E to a pit then drop down and run to the SE corner.
    ii. Go through the red door.
    iii. Head upstairs and go through a blue door. (if you teleport
    on your way upstairs you can make your way back by following
    point (v) from the blue key section.
    iv. Follow the terrace around to the exit.
    E4M4- Unruly Evil
    Red key
    i. Head E through the door, then go onto the E platform.
    ii. Head E through another door into a courtyard.
    iii. Drop into the SW pit and follow it around to an 'elevator'
    iv. Go through the new opening in the NW to get the red key
    off the pedestal (Just like in Indiana Jones though, a trap has
    been set so be careful).
    Get out
    i. Go through the red door and hit the switch to your right.
    ii. Run onto the lowered platform to the N.
    iii. Go through the W teleporter and press the switch to
    the N.
    iv. Drop down and go through the E teleporter (after repeating
    steps i to ii in this section)
    v. Hit the switch to the N then get back up that platform and head
    into the exit pit.
    E4M5- They Will Repent
    Red key
    i. Head S downstairs and go through the door.
    ii. Head around the wall to the N then go through the door.
    iii. Head N, onto the elevator then grab the red key.
    Blue key
    i. Drop down and head through the red door to the SW.
    ii. Walk forwards to activate the platform.
    iii. Drop off the end of the balcony into the blood
    iv. RUN W onto the mini stone floor.
    v. Grab the rad suit.
    vi. Go upstairs then through the door to your left.
    vii. Head around to find a raising and lowering platform with
    the blue key.
    Yellow key
    i. Go back through the door to the top of the stairs.
    ii. Head E and go through the blue door.
    iii. Jump from platform to platform, then go down the
    iv. Head through the door in the trench to the NW.
    v. Enter the teleporter then carefully get the yellow key.
    Get out
    i. Enter the teleporter to the SW of this room.
    ii. Go through the door in front of you then go through
    the yellow door.
    iii. Go to the exit switch.
    E4M6- Against Thee Wickedly
    Blue key
    i. Head W then head in a SE direction through the mini-maze.
    ii. Drop into the W most part of the moat to get a rad suit.
    iii. Head through either passage to enter the castle.
    iv. See the pillar with the teleporter in the large pit.
    v. Head through the teleporter down the W.
    vi. Jump W then go upstairs to grab the blue key.
    Red and yellow key
    i. Enter the teleporter from the N and press the blue
    switch to the E.
    ii. Head W and press the switch there.
    iii. Head N and get the yellow key.
    iv. Get a rad suit from the large pit and enter the teleporter
    from the E.
    v. Go through the SE passage then through the teleporter to
    the S.
    vi. Just to the S is a yellow door, go through and press the
    vii. Go through the teleporter to the S then jump to the
    teleporter that was previously blocked by the yellow
    viii. Head E then follow the hallway to the red key.
    Exit (alive!)
    i. Go back to the balcony and go across the new bridge to
    go back to the platform you were at previously.
    ii. Go to the area where the yellow barricades were and
    drop down.
    iii. Get a rad suit, then go the S most room and enter it.
    iv. Press the switch and enter the teleporter to the N.
    v. From where the red barricades once were, jump to the
    platform with the BFG9000.
    vi. Go through the teleporter then kill the Cyberdemon
    with the BFG.
    vii. Go through the now lowered barricade to exit the
    E4M7- And Hell Followed
    Red key
    i. Head W up the stairs.
    ii. Go S through a fast opening door, then go E to an
    iii. When the altar rises you can jump SW to get the
    red key.
    Finish the level
    i. Go back to the beginning room and go N through the
    ii. Drop into the W end of the trench and try to get a rad
    suit quickly.
    iii. Follow the trench to the W and open the red barriers.
    iv. After riding the elevator up, press the switch at the top.
    v. After the main pillar lowers, press the next switch.
    vi. Drop out of the window and cross the bridge to the
    central platform.
    vii. Walk around it for a while then press the switch that
    pops up.
    E4M8- Unto the Cruel
    Yellow and red key
    i. Go downstairs and press the switch. 
    ii. Head through the evil symbol door to the SW.
    iii. Go up the stairs to the SE.
    iv. Go N along the suspended walkway and follow it
    around to a small room.
    v. Press the switch in the room and drop down the
    vi. Head E to get the yellow key then go back and up
    the stairs.
    vii. Head W then down the stairs and through the
    viii. Go through the NW evil symbol to get the red
    Finish off the Spider Mastermind
    i. Go to the central structure, and open the yellow and
    red doors, pressing the switches inside.
    ii. Go through the now accessible door to the W.
    iii. Kill the Spider Mastermind.
    1. Use the BFG or failing that, the rocket launcher.
    2. Try to get the other monsters to fight it.
    3. Go to the rooms to the N and S as you can get
    some ammo and weapons.
    4. If the fight is going badly, you can get the soulsphere
    and armor down by activating the pillars they are on.
    iv. After killing the Spider, go through the pit that you
    should see shortly. 
    E4M9- Fear
    Yellow key
    i. At the start, go S through 2 doors and press the switches 
    to the W and E. (you may want to go S and kill the enemies
    in the cage, it will make the next part easier)
    ii. Go back to those barricades from before (the N).
    iii. Go to the corner to the E. See the narrow platform
    with the yellow key?
    iv. Jump onto the yellow key platform from the N then
    go S to get it.
    Get to the evac point.
    i. Go through the teleporter to the N then press the switch
    to the S.
    ii. Go W or E past the lowered barricades, then go to the
    S most part of the level and a teleporter should open up.
    iii. Enter the teleporter, turn around, go through either
    of the yellow doors, and flick the exit switch.
    Level 'ratings'
    These are my level 'ratings' which should be self-explanitory.
    These are just my personal fellings however, and if you think
    something really different you can e-mail me and i'll put your
    suggestion up.
    E1M1: For the first level, this is rather decent and lets
    you get used to the controls without too much difficulty.
    The layout is decent too, although i really wouldn't call
    it a hanger...
    Layout: 8/10 (10 is best). Difficulty: 1/10 (both puzzle
    and enemy difficulty, averaged out of all skill levels)
    E1M2: This level is a little small but it isn't too bad, although,
    as with nearly all doom levels, it doesn't represent what
    the name says.
    Layout: 8/10. Difficulty: 2/10
    E1M3: A level that is close to what its title describes, but
    not exactly. This level isn't bad in both difficulty or layout
    but i really think something is lacking...
    Layout: 7.5. Difficulty: 4/10
    E1M4: A large(ish) level that is non-linear and contains
    many secrets, this level can keep you occupied if you play
    it properly.
    Layout: 7. Difficulty: 4/10
    E1M5: A reasonable level but it really lacks something
    that I'm not really sure of. The level is rather linear and
    can get boring after you've played it a few times.
    Layout: 6. Difficulty: 5/10
    E1M6: This level is really not one of my favourites.
    This level requires you to run all over the place just to
    press switches and get keys (although I suppose all
    the doom levels are like that, but still...). It's not the
    worst doom level, but it's not too far from it.
    Layout: 3. Difficulty: 4.5
    E1M7: This level gets a bit boring as you can get lost
    rather easily, and just like the last level, it just doesn't
    appeal to me.
    Layout: 5. Difficulty: 5
    E1M8: I don't mind this level, and it is a pretty good
    level for the last one. Short and sweet, that's what all
    final levels should be.
    Layout: 9. Difficulty: 4
    E1M9: This level is not too bad but it can get annoying
    at times, unless you have some good weaponry. The
    layout is pretty good but the trench ending isn't something
    I liked.
    Layout 7. Difficulty: 5.5
    E2M1: Not a bad level but is a little hard at times (on 
    Ultra-Violence), unless you're a good Doom player.
    Layout: 8. Difficulty: 4
    E2M2: This level is a little strange in layout terms
    but in difficulty it's not too bad, especially because
    of all the ammo lying around.
    Layout: 6. Difficulty: 4
    E2M3: The layout for this level is terrible in my
    Opinion, and there is NO way this could be considered
    a refinery. The level is of average difficulty, mainly
    because of that baron of hell.
    Layout: 3. Difficulty: 5
    E2M4: I don't like this level very much at all. It's 
    absolutely terrible. I only play it so I can say I finished
    Doom without cheating and not be lying.
    Layout: 3.5. Difficulty: 6
    E2M5: This level, as I said before, is very mazey, but
    I don't hate it as much as some of the other maze levels.
    In fact, this level isn't half bad, but if you don't know what
    you're doing, be careful.
    Layout: 5.5. Difficulty: 6.5
    E2M6: I HATE THIS LEVEL! It's a pathetic maze-like level
    which although is 'atmospheric' I just don't like it at all.
    Really. The level is great for deathmatch though, which
    saves it somewhat.
    Layout: 4. Difficulty: 7.5
    E2M7: This level is a bit big but isn't too bad too explore
    due to the fact it's non-linear. It can be a bit hard though,
    especially if you get surrounded in the 'demon room.'
    Layout: 6. Difficulty: 7
    E2M8: A great layout for a boss level, but on Ultra-
    Violence, those lost souls can really get in your way,
    but at least they block the Cyberdemon's shots.
    Layout: 9. Difficulty: 6
    E2M9: A great level for practicing battling against
    a large amount of enemies, and I find it a fun, reasonably
    easy level to play.
    Layout: 9. Difficulty: 2
    E3M1: A little difficult for the first level, but there is enough
    room to move about, except in the twisty demon passages.
    Health can be a problem here, and so can ammo so that's why
    I consider it quite a difficult level.
    Layout: 8. Difficulty: 8
    E3M2: Due to the amount of room there is on this level, and the
    fact that you can easily run around the enemies, this level is
    hard, but not quite as hard as the previous level.
    Layout: 7. Difficulty: 6.5
    E3M3: This level is like some sort of castle that is populated with
    some tough demons such as barons of hell. You can get lost in
    this place sometimes, so you must be careful.
    Layout: 6.5. Difficulty: 8.5
    E3M4: This is a pretty big house, and contains quite a few 
    enemies. There is enough ammo and health to keep you going
    however, unless you try to fully clear the level out on Ultra-
    Layout: 5. Difficulty: 6.5 
    E3M5: Hmmm, I don't like this level. The courtyard idea wasn't
    too bad, but the fact that you can't really finish the level by going
    around the edge can be annoying.
    Layout: 4. Difficulty: 7
    E3M6: This level is very open and avoiding the enemies is easy
    enough, but on Ultra-Violence the blue key is VERY hard to find,
    unless you are very thorough.
    Layout: 6. Difficulty: 3-5
    E3M7: This level is not very good as it involves a lot of running
    around, and getting rad suits. I don't really like this level very
    much and cannot give it any good comments.
    Layout: 4.5. Difficulty: 6
    E3M8: This is another good boss level, but there isn't much cover,
    and when you're being shot at by a super-chaingun, you really
    want to hide somewhere.
    Layout: 7. Difficulty: 5
    E3M9: This level is pretty hard, and the layout is just like
    E3M1 but has a few extra rooms. Beware of the Cyberdemon!
    Layout: 8. Difficulty: 9
    I don't plan to do an Episode 4 'rating' as I don't like that episode
    much. If anyone out there does want to do one, feel free.
    That's all for now. I may fix this FAQ up a bit, but I'll
    probably be concentrating on my Final Doom or
    Icarus walkthrough.

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