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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PirateNipple

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    The Ultimate
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    FAQ Version 0.5 (PC)
    By Aardvark (Kazooie074@aol.com)
    -finished Doom Episode 1 walkthrough
    -added the first two Doom II levels to the walkthrough
    -made some well-needed changes
    0.2 *not released* 
    -First one
    -Added Intro, some Stories, Items, Enemies, Weapons, and some Doom 
    * CONTENTS *
    1. Introduction
    2. Stories
    3. Items
    4. Enemies
    5. Weapons
    6. Doom
    7. Doom II: Hell on Earth
    8. Final Doom
    9. Next time...
    10. Credits/Closing
    In terms of shoot-em-ups, Doom is the ultimate classic. It has 
    evolved into other, more advanced, better-looking games, such as Quake 
    and Duke Nukem 3D, but among many gamers, Doom is still the best. With 
    it's pointless, endless, twisting mazes and corridors, and big, small, 
    and just gross monsters, it has filled our minds with a gaming 
    experience we'll never forget. So, let's take a step into the world of 
    	In this FAQ, I hope to cover at least the original 3 episodes and 
    that extra forth episode of the original Doom. If I don't get too tired, 
    I might dive into Doom II: Hell on Earth as well. And, if all else 
    fails, I'll cover Final Doom as well, which has 2 new episodes, each 
    with 32 levels. I'll hopefully provide the story for each game, as well 
    as a step-by-step walkthrough for each and every level (If I don't get 
    too tired) for each game that I cover. Wow, eh?
    	Now, please! Don't expect the walkthroughs to tell you everything 
    you need to know to get every single item in the level. A lot of this is 
    written from memory, so please, be patient. But each walkthrough WILL 
    tell you how to reach the end of a level. Thankyou!
    * 2. STORIES * 
    	Here, I hopefully will tell the stories for all three Doom games. 
    I'm copying this straight from the manuals, so expect nothing different. 
    (At least these are the original stories, eh?)
    ---FINAL DOOM---
    ***TNT: Evilution***
    Though all the top management of the UAC were dead, and so were 
    most of their personnel down to the janitors, the corporation survived, 
    now under strict government supervision. The UAC still sought the secret 
    to matter apportation, and continued its experiments under vastly 
    increased safety measures. 
    The UAC's base was set up on one of the moons of Jupiter, hoping 
    that the increased distance would enhance Earth's safety if something 
    went wrong. Marines were stationed at the base, ready for anything. 
    The Invasion
    Soon after the UAC opened its first Gate, the minions of Hell made 
    their first attack. Suddenly, through the Gate flowed spiked, fanged, 
    dripping techno-terrors. Meat machines flailed their armored limbs and 
    slavered with bloodlust, seeking soft bleeding manflesh to rend. But in 
    their seeking, they found only death. The United States Space Marine 
    Corps was prepared for such an event, and they poured molten death into 
    the hordes of Hell. More demons massed, hoping to overwhelm the 
    defenders by their endless numbers. But mass alone was no match for the 
    marines. Set up in defensive positions around the gate, the marines were 
    able to slaughter the monsters by the hundreds, taking few losses. 
    As suddenly as it had begun, the invasion ended. The last flaming 
    skull screamed through, was hit by twenty simultaneous shotgun blasts, 
    and the chamber was silent once more, except for the dripping of blood. 
    Hell had failed. 
    The research went on, more boldly, and less cautiously. All the 
    marines received the Silver Star from a grateful government, and the UAC 
    made an enormous contribution to the Veteran's Fund.  The defensive 
    positions were strengthened, and the marines watched closely for another 
    attempt, all their attention drawn inward towards the Gates. They were 
    looking in the wrong direction. 
    The Rain of Monsters
    Hell knew more than one trick. Months after the Gate incident, the 
    yearly supply ship came ahead of time. On radar, the ship looked far 
    larger than usual. And it was coming from the wrong direction. Strange, 
    but not inexplicable. The lax radar operators reported the ship's 
    approach, and personnel went out to the landing field to meet it. But it 
    never landed. Instead, it hovered over the base, miles in the air. The 
    men and women looked up at it, and saw that something was terribly 
    The ship could not have come from Earth. It was huge, kilometers 
    long, and was built of bone, steel, flesh, corruption, and death. It was 
    a bio-mechano-magical construct from the depths of Hell and It had come 
    through space for its vengeance. Enormous doors, large as football 
    fields, irised open and hideous demons poured out, plunging to the 
    ground and blanketing the entire base with their throbbing, pulsing 
    bodies. They were everywhere at once. The marines' defenses, set up to 
    prevent an attack from the direction of the Gate, were worthless. The 
    monsters poured through the sewers, the air vents, the hallways, 
    everywhere, rampaging, corrupting, and feasting. 
    Once more, the surviving humans were left as zombified brain-dead 
    monstrosities. existing only to kill and kill and kill. 
    It's Up To You
    Only one man escaped death or zombification. The marine commander. 
    You. You weren't at the base when the skies opened and devastation 
    poured from the stars. You were miles away, enjoying a walk across the 
    moon's rough-hewn landscape. Then you heard a snortling gurgle behind 
    you, whirled, to face one of Them. The beings that still haunted your 
    nightmares. Your reflexes weren't dulled by your experiences, and you 
    pulled out your pistol and blew the imp to gory shreds. 
    Hot-footing it back to the base, you saw it all and realized what 
    had happened in a flash. The demon ship still floated above the infested 
    base. Your boys -- the men you'd trained to fight and kill and die as no 
    fighting man had ever been trained before -- were dead. You were not 
    there when it happened, to die with them. 
    Unlike the ancient Samurai, who chose to die with their men, you 
    cocked your pistol. You were going to kill for your men. And if you died 
    trying, well, you were going to die anyway, some day. Death at the fangs 
    of demons might be the very worst way to die, but if they did manage to 
    get you, Hell would know it had been in a fight. 
    ***The Plutonia Experiment***
    After Hell's catastrophic invasion of Earth, the United States 
    took steps to prevent such an invasion from recurring. The old UAC 
    corporation was refounded, under completely new management (since the 
    old trustees and stockholders were all dead, this wasn't much of a 
    problem), and sent to research tools and technologies to prevent such an 
    incursion from happening ever again. 
    Though the invasion had been stopped, and the remaining demons 
    were gradually being exterminated by mopping-up squads, it was clear 
    that the powers of Hell remained strong. While the Spider Mastermind and 
    Baphomet seemed to no longer threaten, who knew what else lay Outside? 
    Waiting. Watching. Preparing.
    The new UAC began working on quantum Accelerator devices, intended 
    to close interdimensional gates at a distance and so prevent future 
    incursions forever. The project began innocently enough. Naturally the 
    scientists, in order to learn how to close Gates, had to relearn Gate 
    technology first. This ability was rapidly regained. Perhaps too 
    The Terror
    Soon, beings from Outside had their dire attention drawn to the 
    new experiments, and then, one day, a Gate opened in the heart of the 
    research complex. Unnatural horrors from the pit poured in, ravening for 
    destruction. But the UAC scientists had learned their trade. The Quantum 
    Accelerator Device performed perfectly in its maiden test -- the 
    invasion Gate was closed instantly and permanently when the Accelerator 
    flicked on. A cyberdemon, halfway through, was snipped in two when the 
    Gate closed. Earth would now be safe from literal invasion by Hell. At 
    least, once the technology could be set up around the globe. 
    The next day, a ring of seven Gates opened, throughout the base, 
    and a monstrous legion rampaged through. The Quantum Accelerator began 
    putting out the Gates at once, and within an hour, six were closed. But 
    the hellish army was now too strong, too numerous. The marines fought 
    like mad dogs, but were finally pulled down by the enemies' claws. The 
    scientists, marines, and bureaucrats were all slain or transformed into 
    undead mankillers. 
    The Task
    The Quantum Accelerator and its prototypes are deep inside the 
    ravaged complex. A demon Gatekeeper guards them and mans the last Gate 
    of Hell. The government, frantic that the Quantum Accelerator will be 
    destroyed or used in some alien fashion upon us, has ordered all marines 
    to the site at once, regardless of their location. 
    You were on leave at the beach, only a few minutes from the 
    complex, when you got the word. You suited up, grabbed a pistol, and 
    raced your pickup truck to the complex. When you arrived, flashes of 
    light, howls, and chanting could be heard from the interior. Corpses 
    were scattered everywhere. Obviously the Gatekeeper was doing something 
    inside -- something that would soon reach some kind of awful climax. 
    You know that within an hour or two, an entire division of marines 
    will arrive to assault the base with full artillery and air support. You 
    also know that they will be too late. Far too late. The airplanes will 
    be plucked from the sky by floating terrors, the cannons melted by 
    diabolic rockets and fireballs, the soldiers blasted to shreds as they 
    charge into the armored shell of the UAC buildings. In an hour or two, 
    the monstrosities inside will have finished their awful task, and will 
    be prepared, once more, to take on the world. 
    It's up to you. You have to enter the complex and stop the 
    Gatekeeper. Alone.
    * 3. ITEMS *
    	There are dozens of items and powerups in the Doom games. Here, 
    you'll read about each one.
    Radiation Suits provide protection against radioactivity, heat and 
    other low-intensity forms of energy. Basically, these suits enable you 
    to wade through the radioactive ooze without taking damage. While a suit 
    holds out, your screen will have a greenish tint.
    Duration: Time Based
    Berserk Packs heal you, plus act as a super-adrenaline rush, 
    enormously boosting your muscle power. Since you're already a pretty 
    meaty guy, this enhanced strength lets you tear ordinary dolts limb from 
    limb, and you can even splatter those demons without too much trouble. 
    However, you've got to use your Fist attack to get the benefit of the 
    Berserk attack bonus. When you become Berserk, your screen will briefly 
    turn red.
    Duration: One Level
    Backpacks increase the amount of ammo you can carry. In addition, 
    whenever you find a backpack, you receive extra ammunition.
    Duration: Until You Die
    Computer Maps are a handy find, updating your Automap with a 
    complete map to the entire area, including all secret or hidden areas. 
    Areas you haven't been to are mapped in grey.
    Duration: One Level
    Light Amplification Visors allow you to see clearly even in pitch 
    Duration: Time Based
    Health Potions provide a small boost to your health even past your 
    normal 100%!
    Spiritual Armor provides a little extra protection above and 
    beyond your normal armor.
    Soul Spheres are rarely encountered objects that provide a large 
    boost to your health. A close encounter with one of these and you'll 
    feel healthier than ever!
    Mega Spheres combine the power of combat armor with the benefits 
    of a Soul Sphere.
    Blur Artifacts are strange orbs that make it difficult for others 
    to spot you. The enemy can still see you, but most of their attacks will 
    be less than accurate.
    Duration: Time Based
    Invulnerability Artifacts render you immune to all damage. Pretty 
    cool, until the effect wears off. When you're invulnerable your screen 
    will be whiteyour punishment for being tough.
    Duration: Time Based
    * 4. ENEMIES *
    	Enemies are what you'll see most in the many Doom levels. Some can 
    be taken down in one shot, while others require many, many, many shots 
    before they give up the fight. And, one can even revive dead monsters. 
    Here, read about the many enemies:
    Former Human: Just a few days ago, you were probably swapping war 
    stories with one of these guys. Now it's time to swap some lead upside 
    their head.
    Former Human Sergeant: Same as the Former Humans, but much meaner, 
    and tougher. These walking shotguns provide you with a few extra holes 
    if you're not careful!
    Former Commando: Geeze, weren't shotgun zombies bad enough?  At 
    least when you fade these jerks you get a cool chaingun.
    Imp: You thought an imp was a cute little dude in a red suit with 
    a pitchfork. Where did these brown bastards come from?  They heave balls 
    o' fire down your throat and take several bullets to die. It's time to 
    find a weapon better than that pistol if you're going to face more than 
    one of these S.O.B.s.
    Demon: Sorta like a shaved gorilla, except with horns, a big head, 
    lots of teeth, and harder to kill. Don't get too close or they'll rip 
    your fraggin' head off.
    Spectre: Great. Just what you needed. An invisible (nearly) 
    Lost Soul: Dumb. Tough. Flies. On fire. 'Nuff said.
    Cacodemon: They float in the air, belch ball-lightning, and boast 
    one Hell of a big mouth. You're toast if you get too close to these 
    Hell Knight: Tough as a dump truck and nearly as big, these 
    goliaths are the worst things on two legs since Tyrannosaurus Rex.
    Baron of Hell: The Hell Knight was bad news, but this is Big 
    Daddy. These bruisers are a lot like Hell Knights, but look a little 
    different and are twice as tough to kill.
    Arachnotron: Maybe cybernetics wasn't such a great idea after all. 
    Look what the demons have done with it. It seems unfair somehow you're 
    not the only guy in Hell with a plasma gun.
    Pain Elemental: What a name. And what a guy. Killing him is almost 
    as bad as letting him live.
    Revenant: Apparently when a demon dies, they pick him up, dust him 
    off, wire him some combat gear, and send him back into battle. No rest 
    for the wicked, eh? You wish your missiles did what his can do.
    Mancubus: The only good thing about fatso is that he's a nice wide 
    target. Good thing, because it takes a lot of hits to puncture him. He 
    pumps out fireballs like there was no tomorrow.
    Arch-Vile: One of the worst of a bad lot. You can't think of 
    enough rotten things to say about him. He's fast, hard to kill, casts 
    spells, and resurrects dead monsters!  At least these suckers are rare.
    The Spider Mastermind: You guess the Arachnotrons had to come from 
    somewhere. Hi, Mom. She doesn't have a plasma gun, so thank heaven for 
    small favors. Instead, she has a super-chaingun. Crap.
    The Cyberdemon: A missile-launching skyscraper with goat legs. 
    'Nuff said.
    * 5. WEAPONS *
    	What better way to take down all those rediculously-rotten 
    monsters than with your own personal arsenal of terror?
    Your iron-clad knuckles are a little better than nothing.
    Note: When you walk across the chainsaw it replaces your fist as the 
    current weapon.
    The Pistol is the only weapon you start out with. But you'll use 
    anything in a pinch, no matter how pathetic it may feel.
    Shotguns can deliver a heavy punch at close range and a generous pelting 
    from a distance.
    Combat Shotgun     
    Combat Shotguns are double-barrelled, sawed-off killing sticks. These 
    gats are the ultimate in pellet warfare. Beware, two barrels not only 
    deliver more fire power, but take more time to reload.
    Chainguns direct heavy firepower into your opponent, making him do the 
    chaingun cha-cha.
    Rocket Launcher     
    Rocket Launchers deliver an explosive rocket that can turn several 
    baddies inside-out.
    Plasma Rifle     
    Plasma Rifles shoot multiple rounds of plasma energyfrying some demon 
    BFG 9000     
    BFG 9000s are the prize of the military's arsenal. Great for clearing 
    the room of those unwelcome guests. Shoot it and see for yourself.
    * 6. DOOM *
    	The original Doom had three episodes, and an official fourth one 
    was released later on. It was considered the granddaddy of shoot-em-ups 
    (even over Wolfenstein 3D). So step back in time to enter the realm of 
    Level 1: Hanger
    	You start out the game in a room. Start off by heading left, then 
    up the stairs. If on a higher difficulty level, kill the guys and pick 
    up any items. At the top, get the armor. Head back down the stairs. Go 
    left down the hall, and open up the door. Kill the two guys there, get 
    ammo, get other items in the room, then head down the next hall. 
    	In this room, kill the guys, then, if there's a little opening on 
    the left-end, head in. If not, then head through the door ahead. This is 
    the "exit" room. Kill the Imp and other guys, then return to the bigger 
    room. If that opening is there now, then head back up the stairs, toward 
    the beginning, then run into that opening and onto the ledge that 
    dropped. When it rises, get the bonuses in the winding hallway. When 
    you've had your fill, return to the "exit" room, and enter the exit 
    door. Hit the switch after getting the items, if you need them. 
    Level 2: Nuclear Plant
    	You start off looking at some zombiemen. Kill them off. If youre 
    in need of some armor, run straight ahead and grab the green armor 
    there. Watch out for monsters. Now, kill off any remaining enemies in 
    this area, then search 'round for a door requiring no key. Enter it, 
    then rush up the stairs, killing along the way. At the top, collect the 
    red key. If you want, go back down, but this time, the other way. You'll 
    end up back in the start room.
    	You'll have an urge to enter the red door now, so go right ahead. 
    Inside, kill the Imps (if you're lucky enough to find any) and other 
    baddies. You'll probably want to rush right to the end rather then waste 
    time finding some powerups you probably wont even need, so go up the 
    staircase you find. Run along the winded twisted path (or just run right 
    over the toxic waste, either way you'll be fine.)
    	At the end of this hall, you'll travel down the lift and into a 
    darkened room with some baddies. Your instinct tells ya to take 'em out, 
    do so. Hit the wall switch, then enter the newly-opened hallway. Run to 
    the end and open the door. Take out the guys in here. There will 
    possibly be an Imp in the pit, so try to kill it before venturing down 
    there and hitting the exit switch. 
    Level 3: Toxin Refinery
    	The secret level is found by hitting the secret exit switch, which 
    happens to be located in this level. Although I don't remember how to 
    arrive there, I will point you towards the main exit. At the start, 
    you're in a room. Open the door and kill the Hell-spawn found here. Run 
    around collecting ammo dropped from them, then head left. Open the door 
    here, and kill more guys.
    	Continue up the stairs, picking off any more guys, and open the 
    next door there. Inside here, kill off the Imps and such, then at the 
    end of this hall, go right and into a large open room, with a "O" in the 
    middle. Jump in the pit made by the O and hit the switch. There, more 
    maneuvering space. Make sure you kill all the guys in here, and watch 
    out for the "sniper" Imps on the right wall. After you've had your fair 
    share of Demons and Imps, continue into the darkened room around the 
    	Grabbing the Blue Key will make the lights darken and a wall will 
    lower releasing Imps into the room. Get a good sense of the room before 
    you grab the blue key. After taking out the guys in here, you may return 
    to the starting room of this level. 
    	When you return to the blue door and open it, you'll be greeted by 
    some slime and some monsters. Be careful, as there is a looped hallway, 
    which can hide some monsters. Once you find the darkened room at the end 
    of these, you'll see some light. Walk into it to raise the stairs. Kill 
    the Imps, open the exit door, and wave goodbye to this horrid level.
    Level 4: Command Control
    	Would you like a backpack? You are welcome to take the one in the 
    secret room just to the left of your starting position. After you grab 
    it, open the door into the outside room. Kill the guys in here, and 
    watch for the snipers in the windows to the right. When you're ready, go 
    down the leftmost hallway. In this room here, shoot a barrel to make the 
    others explode, and take out the remaining baddies that weren't caught 
    in the blast. Hop in the slime pit, and quickly go left.
    	In this room, you must hit the switch and get on the lift before 
    it rises too high. If you can accomplish that, you'll be awarded with a 
    Supercharge, which will raise your health by 100%. If you don't make it, 
    don't worry; just return down the slime hallway and get on the lift in 
    the room at the end.
    	At any occasion, you'll want to go up the stairs that leaded out 
    from that barrel room. If you had to retreat back up the lift, you'll 
    see the stairs right in front of you. You may hop down to them. At the 
    top, you'll see a round room with 4 entrances. Go ahead and enter, and 
    kill off the friends you'll meet in here. Since you cant seem to open 
    the doors, your only move is to grab the blue key. Ta-da! Leave the 
    round room. 
    	Out in the bigger room, you'll want to take the door to the left 
    of your entrance into this large room. At the T junction, take a left, 
    and open the blue door. There's a maze in here, so just be careful of 
    the Imps and such. A demon is also on the loose, so watch it. At the 
    end, you'll find the yellow key, and up those stairs right by it, the 
    yellow door. Hit the switch, then open up the door.
    	Inside the dark room, you'll see a platform on the left. Killing 
    the remaining guys in this level, make your way around to the right, 
    then up the stairs. Ahead of you is our exit door, and inside there, the 
    exit. Why not leave this level?
    Level 5: Phobos Lab
    	At The start of this level, run across the acid there. Take a 
    right and kill the baddies in here. Continue straight to the balcony, 
    and watch the platform rise. Return, and go up the stairs on the right. 
    Kill more guys, go right across the platform you saw rise. The yellow 
    key is at the end of this hallway. Return to the room with the stairs, 
    and go right through the door.
    	Outside here, kill some more guys and then go into the yellow 
    door. There's a loop type thingie, you'll see what I mean. Kill all the 
    guys you see, and then return to the yellow door. Go through it, and up 
    the stairs in front of you. Kill the demon, then continue up some more 
    stairs. Kill all the other monsters you see here. 
    	In the dark room up here, you'll see a switch if you look at the 
    right. Hit it, it's really a door that leads to a hallway. At the end, 
    you'll receive the blue key. Hit the switch there, and make a U-turn, 
    and head down the stairs. Blue door ahead, what should you do?
    	In here is a dark maze. It's not that hard, but be careful of 
    baddies hidden in the dark. Either run straight through to the back of 
    the room, or carefully go along, killing everything you see. When you 
    resch the exit door, open it up. Whoa! Kill that Demon, then exit.
    Level 6: Central Processing
    	If you want some powerups, go ahead and grab them, cuz there's 
    some at the start. Go forward and then right, into the barrel-filled 
    room. Blow them up, then run to the red key. After collecting it, more 
    monsters are released into this room. Kill the rest, get their ammo, and 
    leave the room.
    	Follow the path straight across to the red doors. Either one will 
    do. Enter, turn the bend, and kill the shotgun zombies. You'll see the 
    blue key. Grab it, then run forward. See that lift falling in the 
    hallway? Run onto it and get the supercharge. From here, go back into 
    the acid room and go right. Up the stairs, there's some more 
    collectibles and a switch. Hit it. Back in the starting room...
    	...you'll want to run forward and open the door. Kill these guys 
    in here, then make a right, kill some more guys, then open the blue 
    	The maze in this area isn't that hard. From the start, go forward, 
    then left. Hit the switch you'll come to, as well as all the baddies you 
    see. Continue out, then left, left again, and to the yellow key. Make a 
    180 degree turn, then go left, and finally left once more to exit this 
    	At the top of the lift in the darker room, you'll see a yellow 
    door. Open it up and then go down the stairs. Kill the guys here, then 
    go up the other stairs. Hit the switch, then go back downstairs. Go 
    right into the hole in the wall. In here, kill the guys, then go down 
    either staircase. Kill the monsters in this room down below, then hit 
    the switch. Make sure you take out the remaining guys, then go right and 
    into the newly-opened area. You see the exit door, don't you? Enter it 
    and exit.
    Level 7: Computer Station
    	Open the door in front of you. You'll see an invisible Demon 
    (irony at play). Kill him before he becomes to much of a problem. Making 
    sure to be careful of monsters about, follow the left wall to the lift. 
    Up it is an Imp or two, not to mention the yellow key.
    	You may go in either yellow door. Make sure you end up going down 
    the hallway (after taking out some unwanted Imps). Pass the blue door, 
    go up the stairs, and then right. Kill some, then go down the right 
    hallway. Open the door, and run down either path. Up the lift is our red 
    key. Grab it, then return to the main starting room.
    	Finding the red doorway, you'll want to enter it. No problem, 
    since you recently picked up the red key. Inside, you'll see the blue 
    key on the rail. Grab it, then return to the blue door inside the yellow 
    door area. 
    	After opening our blue door, go up the stairs and go straight. 
    Follow the hallway, kill some baddies, hit the switch, return to the 
    door you recently saw. Wow, it's opened now. Why not enter it? If you 
    do, you'll go down a relatively short hallway until reaching an exit 
    door. Opening it will reveal the exit switch. Hit it, please :)
    Level 8: Phobos Anomaly
    	This is it; the last level of Episode 1. You should see a red 
    switch in-front of you; hit it. The wall lowers to reveal some demons 
    inside some barrels. Shoot the barrels to kill all the Demons. If one or 
    two get loose, keep your cool and take 'em out. Run across the room and 
    onto the lift. Collect the Computer Area Map and return down. 
    	Go down the stairs. Why not power up for the short-but-easy battle 
    ahead? On the wall to your right, you'll notice some green texture. 
    Hitting it will open it revealing the episode's final supercharge. Nab 
    it, then open the door.
    	If on higher diffuculty levels, you'll notice some enemies in 
    here. If not, you may simply run down this hallway and hit the switch to 
    lower the lift. When it rises, you'll see two cubicles. Moving towards 
    them will open them up revealing some Barons of Hell. 
    Use some strafing (ALT + left/right) to move out of the way of 
    that green crap they throw at you. Rockets work wonders here, but they 
    can be taken down with any type of gun (although its not as easy). When 
    they're dead, you'll see the walls of this star lower. After running 
    straight ahead, you'll come to a grey cubicle. Hit the switch, then go 
    up those stairs. Step into the teleporter, then wonder what the Hell is 
    happening as your screen flashes red. 
    	What really happened was you beat the episode. Yes, you died, but 
    you took out the demons in the process. Congratulations!
    	Doom II brought about changes in the world of Doom. Most of all, 
    no episodes were found. Second a new weapon was introduced: the combat 
    shotgun. And, new, harder enemies were born, like the ever popular Arch-
    Vile. So, enjoy!
    Level 1: Entryway
    	Start off Doom II on the right foot. Do so by heading left at the 
    start, then picking up the chainsaw. Now you can mow down them baddies 
    at the start and conserve some ammo. Grab their ammo, then enter the 
    hallway. Run straight across the hall and grab the 12 health potions. 
    Exit this small cranny and return to the door you passed on the left, 
    now on the right.
    	After entering it, you'll see four platforms. Shoot the guys on 
    them, then you'll see two switches. If you want some armor, hit the one 
    that is closest to the door. This wall will open up, revealing the 
    armor. Grab it, then hit the other switch. The four platforms lower for 
    your convenience. After grabbing the ammo found there, return to the 
    	Don't be surprised if you see some baddies in here, they might 
    have strayed from the other hall. Anyway, head down the hall you haven't 
    yet and kill the monsters. Inside this new room, you''l see a switch on 
    the left. Hit it, then run onto the lowered platform. When it rises, hit 
    the second switch to open the door there, and finally hit the final 
    switch. Make an about-face, then run off the platforms, making sure you 
    run over the black box on the ground. Now head back to the room with the 
    health potions. Rocket Launchers, anyone?
    	Return to our big room, and kill the Imp in the enclosure to the 
    left. Then look right: you'll see an opening in the wall. Run outside to 
    kill the Imps, and grab the shotgun. Rush back inside and open the exit 
    door. Kill the final Imp and then exit.
    Level 2: Underhalls
    	Level 2 is pretty easy, too. At the start, kill off the first 
    three guards you see. Rush across and open the door there. Inside, make 
    sure that guys coming from the left and right don't get you. After 
    making sure it's okay, run to the left and hit the switch there. Run 
    back out to the starting room. The door on your right is now open, why 
    not rush in?
    	Inside, some shotgun guys will greet you with their superior 
    firepower. After taking them out, go to the door on the left. Inside, 
    kill the baddies, and collect the double-barrelled shotgun 
    	Returning to the hallway, you'll eventually reach an open room. 
    Following the path to the left (and taking out the monsters you find), 
    you'll see an opening in the brown building. Run across the pit, then 
    take out the guys and collect the red key. Some walls will open up, 
    revealing some nasties along with them. You can choose to take 'em out 
    from your perch, or jump down and do it. At any rate, you'll want to 
    make your way back to the starting room, watching for some newly 
    released baddies along the way.
    	In the room with the red bars, "open" them up and kill the shotgun 
    guy. Hit the switch, then return to the starting room one last time. 
    Now, the barricade on the left. Enter it.
    	At the end of here, you'll see two holes. After carefully removing 
    the barrels from this room (by shooting them, of course!), jump in the 
    left-most one. After landing, run left and kill the Imps, as well as 
    picking up that required blue key. Flip around and run to the end of 
    this room. Open up the door you see here and say hello to some more 
    	You're almost there. Take out this room, then open up the door at 
    the right at the end. Bound up the stairs, then open the last door, 
    which happens to be the blue door. Wipe out the last enemies in here, 
    and flip that exit switch to leave this level.
    Level 3: The Gantlet
    	This will be done soon!
    * 8. FINAL DOOM *
    	Final Doom was basically two more episodes for Doom II. Each one 
    has features like new music and textures, plus some of the most ingenios 
    level designs to grace the game thus far. This is my favorite game so 
    far, featuring two, 32 level episodes: TNT: Evilution, and The Plutonia 
    Experiment. TNT is definitely easier, but that doesn't mean it's a 
    	These walkthroughs will be started soon!
    * 9. NEXT TIME... *
    	In the next version, I will add more walkthroughs. Don't expect 
    anything special, just some walkthroughs.
    I'd like to thank the following:
    -Me, for writing this junk
    -You, for reading it
    -ID Games, for the games
    -GameFAQs, for the best gaming info source ever to reside on the 'net
    This FAQ copyright 2000 Aardvark (Dan Weingardt).
    If you wish to use this FAQ/Walkthrough on your site, please ask 
    me. If you are allowed to do so, you must still keep this original file 
    intact and do NOT tamper with it in any way, shape, or form. Thankyou.	
    In closing, I'd just like to remind you that playing these games 
    does not necessarially resemble a bad person. It just helps bring out 
    the anger in all of us.
    Thanks, and remember, buckle up!

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