Review by ashjenbff

"Someone should call the manager, this game needs to be fired"

This game is a mess. A total mess. You would think it would be fun for those of us who get into office management and hate action games. It wasn't. You build an office, which is pretty much the only fun part of the game, you hire people, you give them jobs, and you sit back and watch. How fun, to watch little people run to the bathroom, sleep, and type on a computer, only to find that every five or so minutes, salaries have been paid out and you've completed a project. The game comes with no instructions, so you've got to figure it out by yourself. Terrible, I tell you, terrible.

The graphics? They're actually quite nice. The employees are all fairly varied, and even though you usually wind up with two or three of the same character in your office, most of them have different names and are easy to tell apart. I still swear that my one employee has a joint in his mouth. The offices you can build can look very realistic, and you can even have beds in your offices. Why do you need beds in an office? Don't ask me, just go watch a few episodes of House M.D. with Cameron and Chase in them.

Realistically speaking... This game is not realistic at all. Having an angel visit your office? A company with only one employee making a fortune? Having to have only three people working on a project and still getting it done in a matter of minutes? And what's up with some of the technology? The computers break after a matter of only days, and most employees still complain about it being to cold when there are four or five heaters in their office. This game is... just plain strange.

What replay value? There is none. You make an office, assign departments, start a project or two, and take a nap. Unless you want to spend your life sleeping, don't play this game again after you've decided to take a break. Please don't. The scenarios are very challenging, and sometimes near impossible to complete, so why bother trying them? This is just a bad game all around.

Overall, I had to give this game a three. Why? Well, the graphics and music are fairly sound, but I'd like to run an office that actually involves some effort, not one that requires you to sleep through half of the game. I highly suggest not wasting your money renting it or buying it, unless you want to catch up on your sleep.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 04/12/07

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