"An Under-rated Treasure."

First off, I have NO clue why people don't like this Big Biz Tycoon game. This is probably one of my most favorite tycoon games. Now lets get down to business!

Graphics 10/10: great, almost as good as ''the sims''. But the characters have a different kind of design, tis' made by Koreans but you should look at the game spot screenshots. You can zoom in and out from a generally 3D perspective, like ''roller coaster tycoon'' only a closer 'closest' view.

Game play: 10/10: I think this is the only actual ''virtual business'' game non theme related. amusement parks, zoos, ski resorts, gold resorts, fast food restaurants, all very good but this game just gets right down to the office. Not many like this type of game play and are into action, well not me. Me and few of the others out there love managing and running custom business'. At the start of the game you need to make office space for your employees. a simple desk, chair and computer set with other various items. You have to run coffee machines, snack machines ect. to keep your employee's happy. You also need to set breaks and sleep times for them, and improve your personal health in the process!!! You can also overlook your ''valley'' (town) and decide if you want to move to bigger office or a smaller office with less rent. Make your employees work on projects, charities, advertising or even developing technology! All of these things are required to make money!

Music/Sound 8/10: the sounds are simple, the music is really childish, but other then that - there's nothing really wrong about this section.

Replay value 10/10: Like most tycoon games - the ability to run a custom business will keep you coming back, inventing new and more exciting things, making tons of money of course. There's a few scenarios to beat but when your done that you will probably just do custom scenarios - where you can choose your own valley, CEO, and business type.

Difficulty - Hard: It will take you awhile to learn how to make money well but hey some people like challenge.

Rent Or Buy: BUY!!! There is no place to rent computer games around here but if you can rent it at least!

Overall/Conclusion: well that's what I think about Big Biz Tycoon, give this game a chance, please, and if you don't like it then don't even bother with the other tycoon games.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/30/02, Updated 12/30/02

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