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    FAQ/Walkthrough by VertigOne

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 07/20/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ==            N E X U S   T H E   J U P I T E R   I N C I D E N T            ==
          Game: Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
      Platform: PC
        Region: European Release (English)
    Guide Type: Complete FAQ & Walkthrough
    Written by: Darrin Ackerman (VertigOne) <email: onevertigo1(at)gmail(dot)com>
       Version: v1.4 -- July 19, 2006
    This document was written with the font Courier New, Size 10, 79 characters per
    line. Best viewed with Courier New, Size 10. Notepad, WordPad, Word, UltraEdit
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    *                                                                             *
    * This guide contains minor spoilers. I have tried my absolute hardest to     *
    * minimize the amount of spoilers.  However, in my efforts to be as complete  *
    * and detailed as possible, I have had to include some very minor spoilers.   *
    * There are no major spoilers at all. You have been warned.                   *
    *                                                                             *
    ==> i.  L E G A L   I N F O R M A T I O N                                 SLI01
    First and foremost let's get the legal stuff out of the way.
    This document is a copyrighted work and is intended solely for your PERSONAL
    USE. You may print a copy for yourself and you may give copies to your family
    and friends so long as you do NOT change a single thing.
    ==> ii.  D I S T R I B U T I O N   A N D   H O S T I N G                 SDAH01
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    Developers and/or publishers of the game are permitted to host this guide and
    do not need my permission to do so. No other sources are allowed!
    -> GameFAQs.com (and its affiliates)
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    If you would like to host this FAQ on your website, drop me an e-mail at the
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    ==> iii.  L A T E S T   U P D A T E S                                     SLU01
    Last Updated: July 19, 2006
    It's been over a year since I've updated this guide. I simply have not had any
    spare time to devote to FAQ writing lately. I do have some spare time now, so
    this guide along with the others I've written will slowly be updated over the
    next month or so.
    *** IMPORTANT ***
    I have a new e-mail address, again. Yahoo is uncooperative and simply won't let
    me into my account. Any e-mails that were sent were not intentionally ignored
    by me. I apologize for not answering you. If you still need some guidance, drop
    a line to my new address at: onevertigo1<at>gmail<dot>com
    - Added Mission Objectives to mission strategies.
       - I have started adding objectives to the mission strategies. Some missions
         already had objectives listed while others did not, or they were not
         clearly defined for you. This will be completed over time.
    - Added Glossary of Terms to the guide.
       - I realize there are a lot of acronyms or terms used throughout the game
         and this guide that you may not be familiar with. I have added a small
         Glossary to the guide which gives definitions for these.
    - Rewrote Alpha Gate mission strategy.
       - I have completely rewritten the Alpha Gate mission strategy again. I
         figured out some new tricks this time around. This should eliminate any
         confusion about what can cause crashes in the following mission as well as
         just how much you can do without causing any glitches in the next mission.
         Hopefully, this will be the last rewrite, but ya never know.
    - Revised ALL mission strategies throughout the walkthrough.
       - Each mission has had new information added and almost all strategies
         were revised in some way.
    ==> iv.  T H I N G S   L E F T   T O   D O                              STLTD01
    Here's a list of what I have in the works for this guide. There's not a whole
    lot left and this guide will be finalized within the next couple of releases.
    - Just need to add a couple more Ships to the ships section.
    - Updates are sure to follow as I get submissions and revise, add, fix, etc.
    ==> v.  T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                                STOC01
    Welcome to the Table of Contents! Here you can see a quick outline of all the
    sections in this FAQ. Each section has a Search Code, as does any of its sub-
    sections. To use the Search Codes, press CTRL+F and enter the code into the
    Find box that pops up. That will then take you right to the section! If CTRL+F
    doesn't work for you, use the Edit or Search menu, then Find.
    Sec#   Section Title                                                Search Code
       i   Legal Information                                                  SLI01
      ii   Distribution and Hosting                                          SDAH01
     iii   Latest Updates                                                     SLU01
      iv   Things Left To Do                                                STLTD01
       v   Table of Contents                                                 STOC01
       I   Introduction                                                        SI01
      II   The Interface                                                      STI01
             a. Solar System and Galaxy Screen                               STI01A
             b. Fleet Screen                                                 STI01B
                  1. Devices                                                STI01B1
                  2. Squadrons                                              STI01B2
                  3. Repairing Your Ships                                   STI01B3
             c. In-Game Screen                                               STI01C
             d. Game Controls                                                STI01D
     III   Walkthrough                                                        SWT01
             a. Arrival to Jupiter                                           SWT01A
             b. The Ronin                                                    SWT01B
             c. OSEC Encounter                                               SWT01C
             d. The Chance                                                   SWT01D
             e. Kissaki Raid                                                 SWT01E
             f. Shukenja Beta                                                SWT01F
             g. Raptor Raid                                                  SWT01G
             h. The Chase                                                    SWT01H
             i. Back To Earth                                                SWT01I
             j. Raptor Genocide                                              SWT01J
             k. First Blood                                                  SWT01K
             l. Saving The Scout                                             SWT01L
             m. Sneaking                                                     SWT01M
             n. Titan                                                        SWT01N
             o. The Mechanoid                                                SWT01O
             p. The Locust                                                   SWT01P
             q. The Siege of Avalon                                          SWT01Q
             r. Peace Negotiations                                           SWT01R
             s. Locust Queen                                                 SWT01S
             t. Alpha Gate                                                   SWT01T
             u. Mechanoid Invasion                                           SWT01U
             v. The Fall of the Vardrags                                     SWT01V
             w. Bridgehead                                                   SWT01W
             x. Blockade Breakers                                            SWT01X
             y. The Fight for Earth                                          SWT01Y
             z. The Nexus                                                    SWT01Z
      IV   Equipment                                                          SEQ01
             a. Normal Weapons                                               SEQ01A
             b. Heavy Weapons                                                SEQ01B
             c. Special Weapons                                              SEQ01C
             d. Shields                                                      SEQ01D
             e. Weapon Generators                                            SEQ01E
             f. Other Generators                                             SEQ01F
             g. Energy Cells                                                 SEQ01G
             h. Supports                                                     SEQ01H
             i. Data Scanners                                                SEQ01I
             j. Main Engines                                                 SEQ01J
             k. Secondary Engines                                            SEQ01K
             l. Special Engines                                              SEQ01L
             m. Squadrons                                                    SEQ01M
       V   Alternate Strategies                                               SAS01
             a. Shukenja Beta                                                SAS01A
             b. The Mechanoid                                                SAS01B
             c. Alpha Gate                                                   SAS01C
             d. The Fight For Earth                                          SAS01D
      VI   Ships                                                             SSHP01
     VII   Glossary of Terms                                                 SGLS01
    VIII   E-Mail and Submissions                                            SSUB01
      IX   Version History                                                    SVH01
       X   Credits and Special Thanks                                        SCST01
    ==> I.  I N T R O D U C T I O N                                            SI01
    Welcome to my Nexus: The Jupiter Incident FAQ! Thanks for taking the time to
    check this FAQ out. Hopefully you find it useful!
    I decided to write this FAQ for several reasons. This game isn't a complex game
    really, but because of the lack of a decent tutorial (I hate manuals!) and a
    simplified interface, there's actually a pretty steep learning curve. Also, you
    get pretty much total control over the load out of your fleet, and there's NO
    HELP whatsoever in the Fleet Screen of the game.
    This guide is an attempt to make the game easy to understand by offering more
    detailed information, and of course, a walkthrough for all the missions in the
    game. I will attempt to describe all aspects of the game, while keeping the
    lecturing to a minimum, and hopefully making it easier to understand.
    Keep in mind this guide was written with the UK (European, English) version of
    Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. It should apply to all versions of the game
    though, as I'm not aware of any region-specific changes at this point.
    ==> II.  T H E   I N T E R F A C E                                        STI01
    The first thing we need to go over is the interface of the game. For those of
    you that don't know, this is the part of the game that YOU interact with. The
    buttons you click and so forth. Since this game relies entirely on this
    interface for you to play, this is by far the most important (and usually least
    understood) aspect of the game.
    This section is split up into a few subsections. First up is the Solar System
    and Galaxy Screen. This screen is where you receive your mission objectives and
    are then allowed to explore the solar system and galaxy. From here you may
    review the briefings, access the Fleet Screen or Start the mission. Next up is
    the Fleet Screen (much detail here) and finally, I'll tell you about the
    interface while you're playing a mission.
    None of what I tell you about is copied from the manual. In fact, I haven't
    even looked at the manual. I hate manuals. Everything I tell you is from my
    experiences playing the game. What is written here might match up with what's
    in the manual, and that's fine. Just remember I didn't take the cheap way out
    and copy the manual :)
    --> II-a.  Solar System and Galaxy                                       STI01A
    This is the screen you are greeted with while you are receiving your mission
    objectives from your commanding officer. While the briefing is playing out, you
    usually see the view shift from object to object as important events are
    highlighted and such. From a gameplay standpoint, there isn't a whole lot to
    do on this screen. You can, however, check out all of the currently explored
    parts of space. As you explore more of the Nexus universe, more information
    will be available here. I didn't spend much time here apart from getting my
    briefings, but there is plenty to do.
    Let's first talk about the layout of this screen. Along the top is buttons for
    the solar systems you've been to. Clicking one will bring up a display of that
    solar system. On the right is a list of important objects such as fleets, bases
    and other things to note. Along the bottom are buttons for reading the Captains
    Log (diary), replaying the briefing, accessing the Fleet Screen and Starting
    the mission. The rest of the screen is the display of the current solar system.
    Double-clicking any object will zoom in on that object.
    -> Captain's Personal Log (Diary)
         - If you want some more depth to the story, you should check this out
           before each mission. It has Captain Marcus' personal log entries and his
           thoughts, opinions and views on certain aspects of the previous and
           upcoming missions. They're entertaining to read, at times, but generally
           they hold no real valuable information.
    -> Briefing (Replay All, Replay Part 1 and Replay Part 2)
         - These three buttons let you replay the briefing in its entirety, just
           the first part or just the second part.
    -> Fleet Screen
         - This is probably the most complex part of the interface. There's a lot
           to do in the Fleet Screen. There is an entire section devoted to the
           intricacies of the Fleet Screen. Briefly, this is where you configure
           the load out for your ships. You can also review information about the
           crews of the ships. This is (as far as I know) the only place you can
           see your Medals and what you got them for. This is where you go to
           configure your devices (weapons, shields, generators, etc.) and
           squadrons (fighters, bombers, commandos, gunboats). Check out the Fleet
           Screen section below for more detailed information.
    -> Start Mission
         - You click this button to start the mission. You should ALWAYS check the
           Fleet Screen before any mission to configure your fleet! You will also
           want to check for updated weapons and such. Once you're ready to start
           your mission, just click the Start button!
    -> Galaxy View / Solar System View
         - This is the last button all the way on the right. This lets you switch
           between the galaxy view or the solar system view.
    --> II-b.  Fleet Screen                                                  STI01B
    Now we get to the fun part, the Fleet Screen. Once you figure out what's going
    on here, and realize that it's not too confusing to use, you can have a bit of
    fun configuring your ships how you like. Experiementing is half the fun!
    Okay so first up is the layout of the screen:
    On the left you'll see a list of all the ships you have in your fleet. These
    ships are directly under your command, so treat them good! Each ship will have
    its own button, which will list the ship name, show it's hull strength and how
    many Resource Points (RP) are available. RPs are the currency of this game. If
    you have none, you can't upgrade that ship. Each ship gets RPs after each
    mission (usually). Clicking on a ship changes the main view on the right.
    On the right side of the screen is the main view window, where you do all your
    work. It's split up into different sections of its own which are:
    -> Characters
         - Here you can review all the characters you've met and the ones in
           command of your fleet ships. Just some general info about them.
    -> Configuration
         - This is the real meat of this screen. Here you can configure each ships
           devices and squadrons. Click the Devices or Squadrons button to view and
           modify those items.
    -> Back, Confirm and Undo
         - This is at the bottom of the screen. Back takes you back to the Galaxy
           screen. Confirm will confirm (and save) the changes you made to
           whichever ship you're working on. Undo will undo (cancel) the changes
           you've made to the current ship as long as you haven't already hit
    With the basics out of the way, let's get into more detail about the sections
    of this screen. First up, Devices.
    ~~> II-b.1.  Devices                                                    STI01B1
    Devices are the vital components to your ship, such as weapons, shields,
    generators, engines, sensors, etc. Without them, your ship is pretty useless.
    After missions, there is usually new stuff for you to get a hold of. You should
    always check and see if better stuff is available for you to mount on your
    ship. There's all sorts of weapons and everything else and there's always new
    stuff being added, so check often!
    Now, the Devices section is split up into two sections. On the left is a list
    of all available devices. This is your "stockpile" and it sometimes changes
    from ship to ship (but generally very little changes). On the right is what is
    already mounted on the ship you're working on. All Devices cost RP to mount.
    You don't get any RP for unmounting a device (unless you JUST mounted it and
    haven't Confirmed yet). The device would simply be added to your stockpile.
    When you click a Device (or Squadron), the information display in the top-right
    of the screen changes to reflect the information of whatever you just selected.
    This part of the screen shows you the type of damage (or speed, for engines, as
    an example) and some other info about it. See the Equipment section for more
    detailed information about each type of device and the associated information.
    The stockpile section is also split up into several sections, one for each type
    of device. They are: Normal Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Special Weapons, Engines,
    Secondary Engines, Special Engines, Shields, Generators, Other Generators, etc.
    When you click on an item in your stockpile, the right side (the stuff already
    on your ship) will switch focus to where you can mount whatever it is you
    clicked on. The appropriate mounting spots will be highlighted. Also, if you
    click on a mounting spot on the ship, it will move the stockpile list to the
    first item you can mount on that spot. Please note, most mounting spots can
    hold a variety of devices.
    Viewing the stockpile, you will see the following information (from left to
    right) for each device: Quantity in stock, Device Name, RP Cost. To mount a
    device you must have a free mounting slot on your ship, and enough free RPs to
    cover the cost of the device. You can then double-click the device or drag and
    drop it onto the appropriate slot. To remove (unmount) a device, simply double-
    click it or drag it from the mounting slot to the stockpile.
    The devices are split up into the following categories:
    -> Normal Weapons
         - These are your general class of weapons. At first, there's a pretty weak
           assortment, but later on you'll get some good stuff. All Weapons have
           different uses, such as: Shield Busters, Hull Destroyers, Device
           Destroyers and Special Use.
    -> Heavy Weapons
         - These are (usually) more powerful weapons than the standard Weapons.
           These are the biggest of the weapons and these are the only type of
           weapons where you'll find the "mass destruction" type of weapons.
    -> Special Weapons
         - These are your special use weapons. At first the only thing you're going
           to see here is Flak systems. Flaks are anti-fighter weapons and every
           ship should have at least one Flak system. Later on, you'll get other
           special weapons you can use.
    -> Shields
         - You won't see this section at first, only after a certain mission. These
           are your energy shields. They help protect your ship from damage. There
           are several different types of shields, but generally speaking, the
           bigger, the better.
    -> Weapon Generators
         - These generators power your weapons. Without them, you can't fire your
           weapons. That's bad! There are several types of weapons generators from
           your standard Weapons Generator, to Combat and Tactical generators and
           the biggest, Battle Generators. Battle, Combat and Tactical generators
           come in two flavors, Firecloud and Firestorm. Basically, bigger is
           better here, too.
    -> Other Generators
         - These are... well, "other" generators. Mostly just Support generators.
           They power the other devices on your ship (shields, engines, etc.) So
           yes, you definitely want these. There are three different types: Support
           Generators (your most basic), Fusion Support Generators (better) and
           Quark Support Generators (even better). They're split up into different
           types designated by a "L#" where # is 1-3. L1 is for small ships, L2 is
           for medium ships, and L3 is for big ships. You do not need Support
           Generators for your ship to operate, but they are strongly recommended.
    -> Energy Cells
         - These are basically huge batteries. They store up reserve power that can
           be used to boost power to shields, weapons or engines. They are charged
           by Support Generators.
    -> Supports
         - This is where the general stuff gets put that really doesn't fit under
           any other category. This section consists of Sensors, ECM (electronic
           counter measures), ECCM (electronic counter-counter measures) and more.
           Sensors are either Standard (passive) or Active. Active sensors are
           better, but it's easier to detect a ship using Active sensors because of
           the increased emission. ECMs have various levels, obviously the bigger
           the better here. ECMs help prevent enemies from getting a fix on you,
           mess with enemy fighters sensors and weapons, and also help to jam the
           targeting of incoming missiles. ECCMs are counter-counter measures,
           meaning they "attack" the enemies ECM systems. Once again, bigger is
    -> Data Scanners
         - More advanced versions of a regular sensor array, these can provide
           detailed information about any object. This scanner requires the ships
           shields to drop while scanning, so caution is advised when using it.
    -> Main Engines
         - Should be self-explanatory, no? These are all your main engines for your
           ships. This is what makes them go. Going is good! Generally you want
           Engines with high speed and low emission.
    -> Secondary Engines
         - These are the little brothers and sisters of the main engines. If your
           main engines are damaged, disabled or destroyed, your secondary engines
           will help out. Keep in mind these are no where near as powerful as your
           main engines, so mobility will be reduced. These also help manoeuvering
           the ship.
    -> Special Engines
         - These are, well, Special. They're good to have on any ship, and as far
           as I know, there's only two types: Combat Drives and Deflection
           Engines. Both can be used in place of your Main Engine, though they're
           slower. They're also both pretty much identical, however Deflection
           Engines are for smaller class ships, while Combat Drives are for the
           bigger ones (cruisers and up). These engines allow your ship to rotate
           on its axis and generally manoeuver much easier.
    ~~> II-b.2.  Squadrons                                                  STI01B2
    With Devices out of the way, we now move on to Squadrons. These are your
    fighters, bombers, gunboats and commandos. Generally, if a ship can hold
    Squadrons, you should have them. They are useful for many things, so don't
    neglect them. In fact, certain missions can only be beat using Squadrons, so
    load 'em up!
    When viewing the stockpile of your squadrons, you'll see the following
    information (from left to right) for each squadron: Quantity in stock, Squadron
    name, RP Cost and Docking Slots cost. To mount a squadron you must have enough
    RP and enough free docking slots. Then, simply double-click the squadron to
    mount or drag and drop it. Do the reverse to unmount a squadron.
    On the right, where you see what squadrons are on your ship, just above that is
    the display for Docking Slots. You'll see the ships Total Docking Slots and the
    Free Docking Slots. Remember, you must have free docking slots to mount
    There are four types of Squadrons, as follows:
    -> Fighters
         - These are space-superiority fighters. They're good at attacking other
           Squadrons (fighters, bombers, etc). They can also attack devices on
           ships if the ships shield is down. Fast and deadly, but weakly armored.
           Always good to have a wing or two anyway.
    -> Bombers
         - These are the big brothers and sisters of the fighters. They're somewhat
           slower, but are far more powerful. These are only good at attacking
           larger fleet ships (not other squadrons). Their bombs can penetrate
           shields. They're also more heavily armored.
    -> Gunboats
         - These guys are your device destroyers. They're a bit slower than
           fighters, but faster than bombers. They have anti-device weapons mounted
           which allows them to attack larger ships devices. They can attack
           through shields. They are more heavily armored than fighters. You can
           also use them to take out other squadrons, but they aren't as effective
           as fighters are.
    -> Commandos (Marines, Cyborgs)
         - These guys are your "Special Forces." They are the rescue team, on site
           information gatherers and saboteurs. If you need a force of men on a
           ship, these are the guys to use! The ship they travel in is unarmed
           and very weak, so make sure you have taken out any enemy flak systems or
           fighters/etc. before deploying them! There are several missions where
           you need commandos, so you should always have at least one squadron of
    Now that you know what these squadrons are, you can use them effectively. Each
    ship has docking slots, bigger ships obviously have more. Squadrons cost RP and
    Docking Slots. If you have enough RP and Docking Slots, you can add the
    Squadron, otherwise you cannot! Same as with devices, unmounting a Squadron
    won't give you RP back (it will give you Docking Slots back though) unless you
    just mounted them and haven't confirmed yet. Once you confirm, RP = gone!
    ~~> II-b.3.  Repairing Your Ships                                       STI01B3
    Sometimes after a battle, your ships will have taken damage which will need to
    be repaired. In the middle of the screen, you'll see two icons. Below each icon
    is a number. This number is the cost in RP to repair. The left button is Hull
    Repair and the right button is Device Repair. If the number is 0, no repairs
    are needed.
    Look in the devices section, and you'll see damaged devices highlighted in
    yellow, with a wrench icon on the right. If you have enough RP, click the
    wrench to fix the device.
    If you cannot afford to repair a device, you can still use the ship, but the
    said device will be unavailable in the mission. So if your main engines are
    damaged and in need of repairs, and you do not repair them, your ship will be
    unable to use its main engines.
    --> II-c.  In-Game Interface Screen                                      STI01C
    For lack of better words, this is the interface you see while playing a
    mission. It's far different from any of the other screens, but it has a very
    simplistic design. At first it might seem confusing, but trust me, it's very
    simple. You will need some getting used to it, I'm sure. It took me a while to
    get comfortable with the interface myself.
    Many people compare this game to others like Homeworld. It's not, so throw that
    notion right out. Unless, of course, by "it's like" or "the same as" you mean
    that you have ships in space... then sure. The differences are too many to
    list, but let's just take, for one... STRATEGY. You absolutely need a good
    strategy to win in Nexus. Homeworld is akin to ... swarm with tons of ships and
    pray. Now I'm not bashing Homeworld at all, it's also a good game in its own
    right, but I just want you to take any preconceived notions you may have about
    this game and forget about them! There's no other game quite like Nexus out
    You'll be using mostly your mouse in this game. Left-Click selects something,
    Double-Left Click switches the view to that something. Right-Click is to
    perform an action.
    Alright so now we have to talk firstly about the layout of this screen. It's
    split up into three main parts: Your fleet list, the NPC fleets list and the
    commands and actions.
    >> Your Fleet list <<
    First, your fleet list. On the top left of the screen is a list of all the
    ships (and their squadrons) under your direct control. Left-Click selects a
    ship. Ctrl + Left-Click allows you to select multiple ships. CTRL + 1-4 (not
    the numpad numbers) allows you to set a group of ships (you must have more than
    one ship selected). Then you can press 1-4 to select that group.
    The default action for all ships is Go To (F2) for enemy/NPC ships and Guard
    (F11) for your fleet ships. So, if you select one of your ships and then Right-
    Click on an enemy ship, the selected ship will perform a Go To. Alternatively,
    if you right-click one of your own fleet ships (yours, not NPCs) the selected
    ship will guard the ship you right-clicked. I'll explain the actions and
    commands more later.
    >> NPC Fleet List <<
    Next up is the NPC Fleet List. This is located on the top-right of the screen.
    This lists ALL ships NOT under your control. Enemy and Friendly ships will be
    listed here, as well as bases, NAV points, etc. Left-Click selects an object.
    Each object has a picture, it's distance listed (to the left of the picture),
    a hull strength bar (if applicable) and a shield health bar (if applicable).
    If you left-click an object, more information will be displayed to the left of
    the NPC Fleet List. This information will show a picture of the selected
    object, as well as its hull and shield strength (if applicable), and list any
    devices it may have. Also, it will display the health of each device. Green
    health bar means the device is active, red means the device is disabled and if
    the button for the device is grayed out, that means the device has been
    destroyed. You can click any device you wish, and that device will flash. That
    means that device now has priority to be destroyed, so if you order any ships
    to attack that ships devices, they will target the flashing devices first.
    Clicking them again removes priority.
    Sometimes this list will have nothing or only partial data in it. How much
    information you see depends on several things. Sensors, for one, affect how
    much you see. Better sensor systems let you see more, from farther away. That
    being said, distance also plays a part. The closer you are to the ship, the
    more you'll see.
    Finally, if you have a Data Scanner, you can sometimes scan ships to learn more
    about them. If nothing else, you'll get a complete list of all the devices. In
    cases where you can learn more, a small bar will appear below the portrait of
    the selected object. As you scan, this bar will fill up. Besides the Scanned
    bar, there sometimes is also a "Secret" bar. This will fill up as you scan the
    ship as well.
    >> Actions and Commands Buttons <<
    Now on to the commands and actions. This is the buttons along the bottom of the
    screen. You have several options and commands to play with here. Starting from
    the left you'll see four buttons which allow you to control the behavior of
    your ship, ranging from: Aggressive (attack everything and move freely),
    Defensive (keep shields up, only attack when attacked), Stealth (engage cloak
    if possible and use lowest emission devices) and finally Manual (you control
    exactly what the ship does).
    Just above the Behaviour buttons is the power management window. This is a
    small window that displays a picture of the ship and its captain, as well as
    the hull strength and shield power of that ship. It also lets you control the
    power to each of the four main device groups: Support, Shields, Weapons,
    Engines. You can maximize or minimize this little window with the arrow in the
    top left of it.
    Setting device power is easy. You have 3 choices for each of the four groups:
    Normal, +50%, +100%. Just above the groups is your main support power bar.
    Setting devices to +50% or +100% will make them more efficient (more durable
    shields, stronger weapons or faster engines), however doing so will drain your
    reserved support energy. To set the power, just click the appropriate boxes.
    Your reserve support energy is provided by Support Generators. The more
    Generators you have, the more reserve energy you get. Also, you can store more
    reserve energy by adding Energy Cells (or better Electron Cells or Plasma
    Cells). If you have no Cells, you can't store reserve power and the only
    available power will come from Support Generators. Also, no support generators
    means no extra support power.
    The reserve energy will recharge depending on the number of devices in use and
    how many Support Generators you have installed on your ship.
    To the right of the Behaviour buttons, is a small group of three buttons (sorta
    triangle shaped). The top button is the Information window. Here you can view
    your mission objectives, review any mission dialog, or review the tutorials.
    The left-most button is the Repair window. In here, you can assign priority to
    which device you want to be repaired. This is automated for the most part, and
    generally you can ignore the Repair window. To the right of the Repair button
    is the Manual Control Panel. In here, you can control every last device on the
    ship: individual weapons, shields, engines and other systems. Click on
    something to enable it (with weapons follow up with a right-click on a target)
    or right-click to turn off or stop a weapon from firing (or anything else).
    Finally, we have the actual command buttons. You use these to tell your ships
    what they should be doing. There are 13 buttons, each is assigned to the
    function (F) keys, F1-F12 (except for the last one). You can either click the
    button or use the F keys. Left-click (or use the F keys) a button, then right-
    click on the ship or object you wish to perform that action on. The last button
    (use wormhole) doesn't have a hotkey associated with it, so you have to click
    Depending on what you have selected in Your Fleet list (a single ship, a group
    of ships or a Squadron) you'll have different actions.
    The actions are as follows (from left to right). This is the list of actions if
    you have a single ship or multiple ships (not ships that you have assigned
    to a group or squadrons) selected:
    -> Automatic (F1)
         - This puts the ship into Automatic mode. It will (depending on behavior)
           automatically attack, defend itself, maneuver, etc. Not recommended
           because ships on Auto are generally pretty stupid. But it's better than
           them doing nothing, I suppose.
    -> Go To (F2)
         - Tells a ship to move to another object or ship. Depending on the
           behavior, the ship may attack or defend itself along the way. The ship
           will take the most direct (straight as possible) course to the target.
    -> Hold Position (F3)
         - Orders the ship to stop where it is and hold that position. It will stay
           there and react to enemies according to the set behavior.
    -> Run Away! (F4)
         - This will have the ship move away from the selected object or ship.
           Comes in handy at times. However, it may just run away from danger into
           even more danger, so use it with caution. You know, out of the frying
           pan and into the fire...
    -> Attack Shields (F5)
         - This will have your ship attack the shields of the targeted object,
           with all of its shield damaging weapons. If your ship is not equipped
           with any anti-shield weaponry, this button will not be available.
    -> Attack Devices (F6)
         - Your ship will attack the devices of the targeted object with all of
           its anti-device weaponry. This can be extremely handy for taking out an
           enemies weapons or engines. All anti-device weapons can penetrate
           shields, so if for some reason you can't beat down their shields, take
           out their weapons and engines! And everything else!!! This button will
           be unavailable if your ship has no anti-device weaponry.
    -> Attack Hull (F7)
         - Tells your ship to attack the hull of the targeted object. The ship
           will use all of its anti-hull weaponry on the targeted object.
           Basically, this is the "make that thing go boom" command. This is only
           useful if the enemy shields are already down! Also, if your ship has no
           anti-hull weapons, this button will be unavailable.
    -> Artillery Attack (F8)
         - This has your ship move into artillery range and use all of its
           artillery weapons on the targeted object. Missiles and Torpedoes fall
           into this category. Your ship will only fire as long as it has
           ammunition. Also, if you run out of ammo or do not have any missiles or
           torpedoes, this option will be unavailable. You should also be very
           careful with artillery! It can damage near by friendly ships as well, as
           most artillery has a large blast radius. Finally, while the ship is in
           Artillery mode, it will keep its distance from the target (so as not to
           hurt itself).
    -> Use Special Weapons (F9)
         - This option tells your ship to attack the targeted object with its
           special weapons. Please note, this is not for Flak systems. Flaks are
           automatic! This is for weapons like the Energy Skeeter and Disrupter. If
           your ship has no Special Weapons (remember: NOT Flaks!) this button will
           not be available.
    -> Data Scanner (F10)
         - Use this option when you want to use your Data Scanner on the targeted
           object. Often times you can learn valuable information about an object
           from your Data Scanner. Your ship will have to drop its shields to use
           it, so be careful. If your ship is not equipped with a Data Scanner,
           this button will be unavailable.
    -> Guard (F11)
         - Tells your ship to Guard the targeted object. Pretty much exactly as it
    -> Use IP Drive (F12)
         - Has the ship engage it's IP Drive and flee the battle. Once you do this,
           you will lose the ship until the next mission, as it... well, left! Not
           all ships are equipped with IP Drives. If a ship doesn't have one, this
           button will be unavailable! IP Drive = Interplanetary Drive.
    -> Use Wormhole (no hotkey)
         - This tells the ship to use the targeted wormhole and flee the battle.
           You will lose control of this ship until the next mission. Sometimes
           it's a mission objective to use the wormhole, other times you can just
           use it to make a weak (or badly damaged ship) flee the battle. If there
           are no wormholes in the area, this option will be unavailable. Also,
           there are some dangerous wormholes in the game which will suck your
           ships in if they get too close, so be careful!
    Now, when you have a group of ships selected (not multiple ships, ships that
    you have assigned into a group), the actions and commands buttons will change
    to the following:
    -> Approach (F2)
         - Same as Go to. Group will move to the targeted object.
    -> Hold Position (F3)
         - All ships stop and hold their current position. They will react to
           threats depending on how their behavior is set.
    -> Run Away! (F4)
         - All ships will run away from the targeted object.
    -> Attack Shields (F5)
         - All ships will attack the targeted objects shields.
    -> Attack Devices (F6)
         - All ships will attack the targeted objects devices.
    -> Attack Hull (F7)
         - All ships will attack the targeted objects hull.
    -> Siege Formation (F8)
         - All ships will form into Siege Formation, move into range of the
           targeted object and attack with the Siege Laser. For this to work you
           need a battleship equipped with a Siege Laser and at least 2 other ships
           in the group. If you do not meet the requirements, this button will be
    -> Guard (F11)
         - Exactly as it sounds. All ships will Guard the targeted object.
    If you have a squadron (or multiple squadrons) selected, the actions will
    change to the following:
    -> Go Home (F1)
         - The selected squadron(s) will return to their home ships and will be
    -> Approach (F2)
         - Same as Goto. Squadron(s) will approach the targeted object.
    -> Transfer (F3)
         - Transfers squadron(s) to a different ship.
    -> Evade (F4)
         - Squadron(s) evade the attacks of the targeted squadron.
    -> Primary Attack (F5)
         - Squadron(s) attack with their primary weapons. This is the default
           action if you simply right-click a hostile target without pressing any
           of the action buttons.
    -> Secondary Attack (F6)
         - Squadron(s) attack with their secondary weapons.
    -> Guard (F7)
         - Squadron(s) guard selected object, protecting from other squadrons and
           missiles. This is the default action if you simply right-click a
           friendly target without pressing any of the action buttons.
    -> Patrol Fleet (F8)
         - The squadron(s) will Patrol the area around your fleet and protect the
           fleet from enemy missiles and fighters. This is really only useful if
           your fleet is relatively close together. If they're far apart, the
           squadrons are going to spend more time getting from ship to ship instead
           of actually protecting them. If your fleet is far apart, use the Guard
           command instead.
    --> II-d.  Game Controls                                                 STI01D
    We've already gone over the hotkeys for ship actions and such, but there are
    more shortcuts we can use, so I decided to include them all in this section.
    I've tried to include all useful controls and some obscure ones, too. I'm aware
    there are more -- I actually consulted the manual for this one.
    Mouse Controls:
    Left-Click  -- selects or deselects something.
    Right-Click -- perform action
    Both-Click  -- click and hold both buttons then drag the mouse to zoom in/out
    Mouse Wheel -- roll to zoom in or out, or scroll lists
    Keyboard Controls:
    CTRL + # -- assigns selected ships to a group. Must have more than one ship
           # -- selects previously assigned group
                (note: # = 1-4, not the actual # sign)
    SPACEBAR -- pause or unpause the game
      F1-F12 -- Action hotkeys. See previous section.
           A -- selects all large ships
           S -- selects all squadrons
    CTRL + S -- selects all squadrons on the selected large ship (mothership)
       SHIFT -- free movement. hold and left-click (hold that too). drag mouse to
                set the distance of the move (smaller = farther)
           N -- same as free movement, except it sets a nav point in space you
                can use for relative (good ol' right-click / goto) movement
           M -- open/close Manual Control console
           R -- open/close Repair console
           O -- open/close Information console
    CTRL + H -- screenshot. Takes... a screenshot!
    Once again, I know there are more commands. To me, they're too obscure (as in,
    I don't use them!). Check the manual (yuck, manuals). Actually the Nexus manual
    is fairly good, so do check it out if you want to see all the keys or need any
    other information.
    ==> III.  W A L K T H R O U G H                                           SWT01
    Welcome to the walkthrough section! Nexus isn't exactly a walkthrough-friendly
    game. I've tried my best to be as detailed and helpful as possible while
    writing this, but because the game is more about strategy than just run-and-
    gun, this won't be a super-detailed walkthrough (or at least as detailed as a
    walkthrough would be for say, an RPG type game).
    Please READ all of this before continuing on to the actual walkthrough. Here I
    explain how I structure each section, and list some important information. This
    information will NOT be repeated!
    I will give you directions on exactly what you need to do to complete a mission
    in its entirety (including all objectives) and provide you with a good strategy
    for the mission. On the more complicated missions, I've included strategies
    that other people have submitted to me. If my method doesn't work for you, do
    try theirs!
    At the beginning of each mission, I list a recommended load out for each ship.
    This is the equipment you should add (or replace, I tell you which) to each of
    your ships. Remember, this is a RECOMMENDED LOADOUT. Meaning, it's my
    suggestion to you. Feel free to change it as you see fit. I do tell you if you
    absolutely have to have something to complete the mission, so at the very least
    you do need to include that. Also, it seems that equipment and the amount you
    get can change from game to game, so you may not have some of the items I
    listed. Try to pick something equal to it. For example, if I tell you to pick a
    LaserGlobe Flak System, and you have none, choose a Laser Ring or SpaceTech
    This walkthrough was made while playing on the Experienced skill level. I do
    not know the differences between the three skills (Beginner, Experienced and
    Professional). Nor do I know what modifiers there are (your ships are weaker,
    weapons do more damage or whatever). If you have any of this information, feel
    free to submit it.
    I have fully played the game through on each of the three skill levels, and
    I've noticed absolutely no difference between them. The easier ones tend to
    give more RP, but other than that, actual terms of difficulty, I see no
    difference. Maybe I'm special or maybe my loadouts are just that good, I don't
    know. I'm trying to confirm the exact differences with the skills.
    Everything here should hold true for any of the skill levels. Obviously on
    Beginner you might have it easier, while on Professional, you may have it
    harder. Most of the time you can still pass a mission while failing certain
    objectives (or losing ships) it's really up to you to decide if you need to
    replay the mission.
    You can lose any ship (except for the Stilleto and Angelwing) and usually still
    successfully complete a mission. If the crew manages to get evacuated (any of
    them) you usually get a new ship to replace the lost one on the next mission.
    However, these replacements start out with no RPs and with the default (and
    generally crappy) loadout. You should try your hardest not to lose any ships.
    In the long run, you'll be happier as you have good ships with good loadouts,
    as opposed to crappy new ships every mission.
    Finally, be prepared to reload and restart a mission often. Early on you
    shouldn't have much troubles, but later on the missions to get harder and it's
    quite easy to lose ships, fail objectives or just get distracted and lose
    perspective. Save often, you'll be thankful you did. If you don't like your
    load out (as in, it's not working for you), restart the mission.
    With all that in mind, let's get on with the walkthrough!
    --> III-a.  Arrival to Jupiter                                           SWT01A
    This mission is basically just to get you used to some of the controls for the
    game. It's pretty simple. Just follow the directions you are given. At first,
    none of the action/command buttons are available, but they will slowly become
    You're told to approach the Sunflower base. There's Nav Point Michelangelo.
    Right-click it to go to it, or use the Goto button (F2). When you get there,
    the Sunflower base will show up in the NPC Fleet List (on the right of the
    screen) and you're told to approach. Right-click the base (or goto, F2) to go
    to it.
    Next, you will be told to stop so that they can deactivate the mine field.
    Simply hit the Hold Position button (or press the hotkey F3).
    After the mines are deactivated, you'll be told to once again approach the
    Sunflower base. Either right-click the base, or press the Goto (F2) button then
    right-click the base.
    On the way, you'll be told a mine didn't deactivate and you need to get away
    from it. Press the Run Away! button (F4) and right-click the red mine. Your
    ship will turn around and run.
    Finally, we're told to approach the Sunflower base yet again. Goto (F2) the
    base and once you get there, it's...
    --> III-b.  The Ronin                                                    SWT01B
    We must intercept the Kissaki cargo freighter, The Ronin. When you have
    control, Goto (F2) Nav Point 1. As soon as an Unknown Object appears, Goto (F2)
    that. Once the Ronin shows up, Goto (F2) it.
    Now we've got to "give them a warning." So, use the Attack Hull (F7) action,
    then right-click the Ronin to attack it. After a while, they'll surrender. Hit
    the Hold Position (F3) button.
    You're then informed the Ronin has a Flak system (anti-fighter weapons) which
    we need to destroy. Click the Ronin, then up at the top of the screen in the
    Devices list, click the Weapons tab, then click the Flak PL button so it's
    flashing. Now use the Attack Devices (F6) command on the Ronin to destroy the
    Flak cannon.
    After you destroy the Flak guns, the Ronin will launch its fighter wing at you.
    Select your fighters, then right-click the Ronin's fighter squadron. Your boys
    will take down the enemy fighters, then it's safe for you to launch your
    Select your Commandos, then right-click the Ronin to deploy them. After some
    chat, it's...
    --> III-c.  OSEC Encounter                                               SWT01C
    -[ OBJECTIVES ]-
     - The Stiletto must survive
     - The Command Ship must survive
     - Save the Hawking
    When we arrive, we're informed that there's a battle going on and that our
    friend is here and needs some help. There are three ships in this area, two
    enemy ships: both Longsword-class cruisers, the Dangerous and the Invulnerable,
    and our friend, the FSF Hawking.
    You can use missiles to attack the enemy ships here, but I STRONGLY suggest you
    do not. The shockwave will seriously damage the Hawking. Just getting caught in
    two missile blasts will nearly destroy the ship. So, unless you have no other
    choice, do not use missiles! Also, I suggest you save them for the next mission
    where they'll be more useful.
    Once you get close enough to the battle, you'll be told the Dangerous has
    turned towards you. Watch the Hawking and see which ship it is firing at.
    Usually, it's engaged with the Invulnerable. Attack whichever ship the Hawking
    is firing on. Use the Attack Hull (F7) command, then right-click the ship. Once
    you've done enough damage to a ship you should be told the ship is being
    evacuated and its icon in the NPC Fleet List will be greyed out. Do not waste
    your time trying to totally destroy a ship. It's considered dead once it's
    evacuated. Focus on the remaining enemy ship and you'll win the mission.
    Kill both ships and it's...
    --> III-d.  The Chance                                                   SWT01D
    -[ OBJECTIVES ]-
     - Deploy a Commando unit to the Shukenja
    We must now infiltrate the Shukenja base. Our sensors aren't working so good
    right now, so all we have to go by is some Search Points.
    Goto (F2) Search Point 1. After you get some chat and the Search Point
    vanishes, head to Search Point 2. On your way, two things will happen. You'll
    detect a platform, and a frigate the Ashigaru. Use missiles on the platform
    (F8) to blow it up, then head to the Ashigaru and deploy your commandos to it.
     - Destroy all platforms
     - Send a Commando unit to the Ashigaru
    Once you've rescued the survivor, he'll give you the coordinates for all the
    platforms. There are two types, Outer and Inner. The Inner platforms attack
    fighters, while the Outer ones attack us. Stay away from them for now, cause
    they hurt.
     - Obtain the platform deactivation codes
    You'll also be informed about a weak point in the defense grid. We should go to
    it. The Weak Point is a Nav listed in the NPC Fleet list. Goto (F2) it, and on
    the way we'll detect the cruiser Bushi. Goto (F2) the Bushi and when you get
    close, deploy your commandos to it.
    Now you'll deactivate the platforms for a short time, and your commandos
    automatically head for the Shukenja base. Start attacking the Outer platforms.
    Use your missiles until they're gone, then just use your regular weapons. When
    you get close to the base, kill off all the Inner platforms. Don't let your
    Commandos leave the station until we've killed all the platforms, otherwise
    you'll fail one of the secondary objectives.
    Also, don't destroy all the Outer platforms until you've taken care of all the
    Inner ones. Destroy the remaining Outer platforms and...
    --> III-e.  Kissaki Raid                                                 SWT01E
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ All Ships ]-
    Not much to choose from, yet again, so basically add whatever you want. Add
    some Energy Cells, and anything else.
    When this mission starts you're greeted with 3 enemy ships. This includes the
    Yamamoto, a battleship along with two corvettes, the Ming and Tenbatsu. Your
    main objective is to protect the Angelwing.
    This mission is fairly easy no matter what you do, unless you do nothing! Start
    out by taking out the Ming. Use the Attack Hull (F7) command. Make sure all of
    your ships are selected first (use CTRL+Click to select them all). After the
    Ming is dead, go after the Tenbatsu. Once it's down, take out the Yamamoto.
    Be careful with the Yamamoto. It's a battleship and it's strong. It will take a
    fair bit of pounding to make it die. Watch out for the Lightning and Madeline
    as they can't take the same amount of punishment the Stiletto can. Make them
    run away (F4) if they're getting pounded too hard.
    Kill all the ships and the mission is complete!
    --> III-f.  Shukenja Beta                                                SWT01F
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    2x SpaceTech Laser Guns, 2x Uranium Gatling Guns, anything else you can fit.
    In this mission, we're greeted with a chance to play with our newly... uh,
    appropriated ship. Right now, we don't know a whole lot about it, so it's only
    working at half capacity. Some nice things to note about the Angelwing is: it
    regenerates its hull, has shields, has an IP drive and more goodies which we'll
    find out about later!
    So our mission now is to scan the 3 objects in this area: a wormhole, an
    artificial object and the Shukenja base. To scan, use the Data Scanner (F10)
    button. Your ship will approach the object and scan it. It's also handy to
    click the object you're scanning so you can see the progress.
    Scan the wormhole first, then the artificial object, then the base. While
    scanning the artificial object, you'll be told the object appears to be
    absorbing your scans, and asked if you wish to continue. Say Yes to continue.
    You must wait until each object has been completely scanned before scanning the
    You'll get a cutscene. Now attack the few (I think 3) platforms in this area,
    with the Attack Hull (F7) command and destroy them. Once that's done, click the
    Use Wormhole button and then right-click the wormhole to leave the system.
    For winning, you get a nice cutscene!
    (There is an alternate strategy available for this mission)
    --> III-g.  Raptor Raid                                                  SWT01G
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    2x Energy Shell, 2x Sliver Gatling Gun, 1x Uranium Gatling Gun, 2x Laser Ring
    Flak System, 2x Electron Cells, 2x Spark Fighters and add an additional L2
    Fusion Support Generator
    Finally we get some new weapons to play with. Because we now have shields, we
    have access to the Energy Shell anti-shield weapons. Good stuff. You're going
    to need them for this mission. Also, adding the extra L2 Fusion Support
    Generator will give us some extra power we can divert to the weapons (you
    should have a total of 2 L2's mounted now). We're going to need that energy,
    We start off escorting a convoy before we're ripped out of deep space. It seems
    an attack is imminent!
    The main objective here is to survive for 10 minutes, while the secondary
    objective is to protect all of the transports (if one dies, you fail the
    secondary). You should try to save all the transports, however you can still
    complete the mission if some die.
    At first, this mission may seem overwhelming. Here's a hint, just ignore the
    cries for help. Half the time they aren't even getting hit, but they're whining
    to you for help.
    The only real strategy here is kill everything you see. Great strategy, eh?
    Actually, you'll make your life easier if you team up with the Chrome and fire
    at whatever it is firing at. You can't control the Chrome, but pay attention to
    what it's doing.
    I strongly recommend you set your weapon power to 200% (use the power
    management panel above the behavior buttons). This will allow you to fire all
    of your weapons at once. Leave the behavior set to Aggressive, too. After you
    knock shields down and then attack hulls, the ship will automatically target
    the closest ship and attack with the Energy Shells. This way you end up
    attacking two ships simultaneously.
    First, if the enemy has shields, you're going to need to use the Attack Shields
    (F5) command. This will have your ship fire its Energy Shells and pound the
    enemies shields. After the shields drop, you can then use Attack Hull (F7) to
    finish the ship off.
    At this point, getting the shields down is going to be slow going, but with 2
    Sliver GGs and a Uranium GG, the hulls will go down quicker. Also, if you fire
    at whatever the Chrome is firing at, the shields will go down much quicker.
    So get attacking. Focus on one ship at a time and take them down. Don't attack
    the carrier, the Annihilator, until every other ship has been destroyed. The
    Annihilator has several squadrons, so be prepared to send yours out to counter
    You know when you're doing things right when you notice that you're getting
    attacked by lots of ships. Don't worry too much unless your shields are
    dropping quick, if so, return Weapons to normal power and boost the shields to
    Kill all the small ships and beat up on the Annihilator and...
    --> III-h.  The Chase                                                    SWT01H
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Add 1 Sliver Gatling Gun (replace the Uranium GG), a Sensor Array and a
    Commando Squad.
    We must first disable the engines of the Fat Lady. Select the Fat Lady, and
    click the Fusion and Secondary Fusion Engines device button (in the device view
    at the top of the screen) so they're flashing. Then select your Praetorian
    Gunboats and right-click the Fat Lady so they attack the engines. Then, have
    the Angelwing goto the Fat Lady (F2).
    On the way 3 Raptor ships will appear on sensors. Set your shield power to 200%
    (use the power management window above the behavior buttons), and attack the
    closest ship. Remember, shields first (F5) then hull (F7). Once one of the
    Raptors are down, you can set the shields to normal power, and pump your
    weapons to 200% to kill quicker.
    Make sure the Angelwing doesn't attack the Fat Lady! If it is, click the Manual
    Mode behavior button (not the hand icon).
    After all the Raptors are down, you'll get a cutscene when Norbank jumps in.
    He'll tear up the remaining Raptors, then...
    --> III-i.  Back To Earth                                                SWT01I
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Just add another wing of Spark Fighters if you need to, anything else you want.
    You need a Commando Squad for this mission, so make sure you have one.
    You should have a skill point to spend by now. In the fleet screen, select the
    Angelwing, then Characters. It should say "Skill point available." I recommend
    you spend it on Engineering, as this will give all your ships more RPs to
    After a bunch of dialog, Angel beams herself to Earth. Nearby is a Relay
    Station. Have your Spark fighters guard the relay. Set the Angelwing to guard
    the Relay Station, too.
    Three ships will then show up on sensors. DO NOT ATTACK THE RAZOR. Hopefully,
    your fighters and the Angelwings Flak systems will take out the missiles. If
    the Relay Station does get destroyed, don't worry. It's not mission critical
    (though you will fail a secondary objective... I never managed to save it,
    though, so that's up to you).
    Attack the ships (remember, not the Razor!) until you get some talk about a
    survivor on the Razor. Send in your Commando squad to rescue the survivors.
    Once your commandos have returned, blow up all the ships (including the Razor).
    You'll then get a distress signal from the Northstar. Have the Angelwing go
    to the Northstar for some more talking. A shuttle will leave the Northstar and
    dock with the Angelwing. Now all you have to do is wait for Angel to return.
    While you're waiting, some Mechanoids will show up. DO NOT ATTACK. Angel will
    eventually beam herself back to the Angelwing, and the mission will be
    Provided you rescued the survivor on the Razor, and the guys from the
    Northstar, you'll get a medal for this mission.
    --> III-j.  Raptor Genocide                                              SWT01J
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Swap out your Hidron Shield for a Layer Shield. Make sure you have two
    squadrons of fighters and a commando squadron.
    Norbank, in his infinite wisdom, is going to show us "how the big boys do
    battle." All we're supposed to do is keep the ships and fighters in this
    area busy. Easy enough? Yep.
    Start off by attacking the closest ship. Go after the smaller ships first. You
    have help in this mission so you should be able to take them down fairly
    quickly. For now, ignore the Unknown Object and the base.
    After a bit, Norbank gets his ass handed to him and you get control of the
    entire fleet. Select all your ships (use CTRL+Click) and finish off any
    remaining ships. Then go to the base. As you approach the base, the Unknown
    Object should show up as the Den. Have all ships but the Angelwing attack the
    Den. It helps greatly if you set everyone to Manual behavior, this way they
    only do exactly as you tell them, and you won't blow up the base before killing
    the Den (the Den is a secondary objective).
    You'll also be informed you need to scan the Raptor base. While your other
    ships are attacking the Den, have the Angelwing use its Data Scanner (F10) on
    the base to scan it. Then, go help finish off the Den. Have all ships use the
    Run Away (F4) command to flee from the base (so as not to get caught in the
    shockwave from its explosion). On their way, they should take out the Leaking
    Reactor. If not, send in all your fighter wings to attack the reactor. Make
    sure you select it first (so it's flashing).
    After the station goes boom...
    --> III-k.  First Blood                                                  SWT01K
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    2x Bubble Energy Shell, 3x Particle Gatling Gun, 1x Combat Drive, swap one
    Laser Ring Flak System for a LaserGlobe Flak System, swap one squadron of Spark
    Fighters for a squadron of Sickle Gunboats
    -[ Brutus ]-
    1x Deflection Engine, 1x Electron Cell, 1x Bubble Energy Shell, 1x Energy
    Shell, 1x Sliver Gatling Gun, swap the main Ionstream Engine for a Fusion
    -[ Sparta ]-
    1x Deflection Engine, 1x Electron Cell, 2x Energy Shell 1x Sliver Gatling Gun,
    swap Laser Ring Flak System for a LaserGlobe Flak System, swap Ionstream Engine
    for a Fusion Engine
    Finally we have some new ships in our fleet. The Brutus and the Sparta will be
    with us for the rest of the game (provided you don't get them dead) so take
    good care of them!
    This mission is all about speed. We must act quickly and take down the enemy
    ships as fast as possible. The main objective here is to protect the support
    ship, the Colossus.
    First, pause the game (spacebar). Now, you'll notice we also have some extra
    ships under our command. We have the Avalanche (a corvette), and the
    Quicksilver and Thunder (both frigates). While we're paused take this time to
    form two groups. Make the Angelwing and Avalanche into one group (use
    CTRL+Click to select them, then CTRL+1 (or 2,3,4) to assign them a group. I
    will refer to them as Group 1. Then take your remaining ships (Brutus, Sparta,
    Quicksilver and Thunder) and assign them to another group. I will refer to them
    as Group 2. Now you can simply press the number keys (not the numpad) to switch
    to that group. Also a good idea to put every ships shield power to 200%
    You're greeted with several enemy ships here. The Valiant is a battleship, then
    there are two mid-sized ships (corvettes, I guess) and 4 or so smaller ships
    Now, have Group 2 attack the smallest ships first, until they're destroyed.
    Have Group 1 attack the mid-size Corvettes (or the Battleship if you're feeling
    ballsy). Once Group 2 has destroyed all the small ships, have them help out
    Group 1.
    After a few moments, the Colossus will bring up the Fortress Shield. This is a
    massive shield that protects everything within its radius. If ANY enemy ships
    are INSIDE the Fortress Shield, attack them immediately!
    Unfortunately the Gorg have a weapon that can penetrate the Fortress Shield
    called a Siege Laser. In order to use this, they need a battleship (the
    Valiant) and two other ships. When the ships enter Siege Formation, you'll be
    able to tell as the smaller ships will have bluish-white beams connected to
    the battleship. If there's no battleship or only 2 ships left alive, they can't
    do the Siege Formation. If they do form into Siege Formation, attack any of the
    ships in the formation to get it to break apart.
    The secondary objective for this mission is to destroy all the Gorg ships. But
    good luck with that one. I can never seem to kill them fast enough. After a
    good amount of pounding, the remaining ships use their IP Drives and flee. If
    you prefer lasers and a more tactical approach, I'm sure you could run around
    disabling all their IP Drives... either way, don't worry if you can't destroy
    them all.
    As long as you protect the Colossus (and it doesn't die) the mission is
    complete. Try not to lose any ships!
    --> III-l.  Saving the Scout                                            SWT01L
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Swap remaining Laser Ring Flak System for a LaserGlobe Flak System
    -[ Brutus & Sparta ]-
    Swap Sliver Gatling Gun for a Particle Gatling Gun and add a squadron or two of
    Spark Fighters, if you can.
    This is another mission about speed. We have to be very quick about what we do
    and hopefully distract the enemies enough to complete our objectives.
    First, our main objective is to save the scout ship. This ship is having some
    sort of problem, and can't cloak itself properly. So from time to time, it
    appears (and can be shot at, which is bad!) then disappears again.
    Once again, pause the game first. Set all ships engines to 200%. We need the
    speed right now. Make the Sparta and Brutus into a group (CTRL+Click then
    CTRL+1 or 2/3/4). Have them attack the shields of the nearest ship. By the time
    you get there, their shields will be up.
    Now, we also have to find the ship with the IP Blocker. This is the Angelwings
    job. Make sure her engines are set to 200%, and use the Data Scanner on the
    closest ship. You absolutely have to pay attention while scanning (click the
    ship being scanned so you can see the progress). You know you found the right
    ship when it has a Secret bar in its portrait up top. If the ship doesn't have
    a Secret bar, you can just pick another ship to scan instead.
    The Archer usually has the IP Blocker. I say usually, because it can be on
    different ships. To be quick, you should always scan the Archer first.
    Once you've found the ship with the IP Blocker (it'll appear under the Support
    tab in the Device list up top), click the IP Blocker so that it's flashing,
    then have the Sparta Attack Devices (F6) on that ship. You should also have a
    wing of Sickle Gunboats, have them attack the ship as well.
    *** NOTE: The IP Blocker can change ships if you restart the mission! If it was
    on say, the Archer one time, it might not be on the next restart, so you still
    have to scan all the ships (until you find the right one, of course)!
    Destroy the remaining ships, but DO NOT destroy the ship with the IP Blocker
    until you have disabled the IP Blocker. If the Sparta and the Gunboats can't
    disable the IP Blocker, have all ships attack its shields, then send in ALL
    your Spark Fighter squadrons. With the shields down, they'll have no trouble
    blasting the IP Blocker to bits.
    After the IP Blocker is down, you'll get thanked from the Scout ship, and it
    will flee the scene. You'll then be asked if you want to stay and mop up the
    remaining Gorg (if you haven't killed them all already). Say Yes to stay, and
    blow up the remaining Gorgs.
    --> III-m.  Sneaking                                                     SWT01M
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Swap your Layer Shield for a Jamming Shield, swap 1x Electron Cell for 1x
    Plasma Cell
    For this mission, we only have the Angelwing. We also have the ability to cloak
    now for short periods of time (5 minutes). There is one drawback, and that is
    after every 5 minutes of cloak, we must de-cloak for 30 seconds for the cloak
    to recharge. We have a total of 30 minutes to complete this mission.
    This mission is all about stealth. Don't worry, if you hate stealth, it's not
    that bad at all, trust me. If you like stealth, well then, have fun!
    Some things to note while we're cloaked. We're not totally undetectable. If we
    get too close to an enemy ship, they'll detect us and it's mission failed. If
    we de-cloak within the line of sight of one of the sensors, the base or an
    enemy ship, they'll spot us and it's mission failed. While cloaked, we use our
    newly installed Stealth Drive. This drive is virtually undetectable, however
    it's very slow. Finally, while cloaked, we have no shields.
    With all that out of the way, we can start. If you really like stealth
    missions, this one is somewhat simplistic, but you can have fun with it. I'm
    going to tell you the one route I know that works perfectly. There are several
    routes you can take to the base, feel free to experiment, if you wish.
    As soon as you have control, have the Angelwing go to Nav 0. When you get close
    to Nav 0, Miss... ahem, Commander Sweetwater will inform us she has some
    detailed information on this area, and a bunch of Nav points and other crap
    will show up. Now quickly head directly to Nav Point 3.
    Angel should tell you that Asteroid #3 has lots of radiation and it's perfect
    cover. Well she's right, and that's why we're going there. Once you get in
    range you will be informed that you've entered the radiation field and your
    cloak will automatically drop. This is okay, we're in the radiation field and
    we can't be spotted. The cloak timer will now count down from 30 seconds, this
    is the recharge time. When time timer has 15 seconds left, move to Nav Point 7.
    Once you clear the radiation, you will re-cloak automatically.
    Once you're close enough to Nav Point 7, your cloak will drop again. Wait until
    the timer has 15 seconds left, then move to the Theta Base. As soon as the
    cloak comes back up, set your engine power to 200%.
    Now pay attention to the dialog! When you are told you're close enough to the
    base hit the Hold Position button (F3)! If you get too close, the base will
    detect you and it's mission failed!! Once you hold position, select your
    commandos and send them at the base. You should have about 1:50 left on the
    cloak timer. When the commandos get to the base, the timer disappears and you
    get a cutscene.
    Heh heh. Ships go BOOM! Heh. Er.. right okay but there's some left. Great. Oh
    wait, what's that? Some Ghost ships were here?! Damn that Sweetwater...
    Now, set engines back to normal power and set your shields to 200%. The Ghost
    ships only have anti-device weapons, but their weapons will also do some hull
    damage. Start with the smaller or weakest ships and pound them to oblivion.
    Once they're all dead...
    --> III-n.  Titan                                                        SWT01N
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Add 1x Sickle Gunboat (replace a squadron if you have to), swap out 2x Electron
    Cell with 2x Plasma Cell and swap out your Sensor Array for an Advanced Sensor
    -[ Brutus ]-
    Swap 1x Energy Shell for 1x Bubble Energy Shell
    -[ Sparta ]-
    Swap 2x Energy Shell for 2x Bubble Energy Shell
    I'm going to be honest with you, this mission can be absolutely horrible. It's
    not exactly the hardest mission, in terms of firepower, but so much can go
    wrong so quick. From restart to restart, things will change. The strategy I'm
    going to give you I have tried repeatedly, with success each and every time. It
    took me several (on the order of 15 or more) play-throughs of this mission to
    figure out the best strategy.
    We start out all alone with a bunch of enemy ships running around. Where is
    everybody?!! Anyway, first thing to do is PAUSE. Then, hit the Stealth
    behavior button so your ship cloaks.
    Now, examine the ships around you. Some are patrolling while others are just
    sitting there. Right next to you is a destroyed ship, the Plague. Besides that,
    there are only two other ships you need to worry about. The Bleeder (some 47k
    away) and the Barbarian (battleship next to the Titan). Neither of these ships
    move (two are dead already), but we're going to use all three for navigation.
    First and foremost, you absolutely must pay attention to your distance to other
    ships for the time being. Do not get closer than 7k to another ship, or you
    will be detected and fired on, and without shields, their weapons HURT. When
    you mouse over a ship you'll see the distance (i.e.: 47000, 7000. 7k = 7000).
    Okay, so we're paused and cloaked, right? Select the Titan base, then the
    Support tab (in the device view) and click the IP Blocker so it's flashing.
    Find the Bleeder and have the Angelwing go to it. Watch your distance to the
    battleship Barbarian. When you get within 12k of the Barbarian, have the
    Angelwing go to the Titan base. STOP (hold position) when you are 10k away from
    the Titan base. Launch your Sickle Gunboats at the Titan base, then have the
    Angelwing go to the Plague (back where we started). Your gunboats should
    disable the IP Blocker and your fleet will jump in. But don't jump for joy yet,
    it's far from over and things will get worse.
    Immediately have the Sparta and Brutus start attacking the closest ship to
    them. Move the Angelwing in, drop cloak (set behavior to aggressive) and help
    out the Sparta and Brutus. Now with these three ships, start mopping up all the
    ships outside of the Titan's Fortress Shield.
    At this point, several things can happen. If you're lucky, you'll draw the
    enemy ships that are inside the Fortress Shield to the outside of it where you
    can proceed to blow them to bits. Otherwise you're going to have to wait for
    the Fortress Shield to drop.
    Now... you're gonna get some talk that the Balthasar was seriously hit and
    you'll get control of the entire fleet. Hopefully at this point the Fortress
    Shield is down. If not, stop whatever you're doing and have ALL ships use the
    Attack Shields command on the Titan base until the shield drops. Once it does,
    Alright. Two things have to happen now. If you managed to destroy all the Gorg
    ships running around, your job is easier. Otherwise, here's what you do. Make
    sure the Fort Shield device is flashing in the Titans device view and nothing
    else is. Send out all of your fighters to attack the Titan. With your fleet,
    kill off all the Gorg ships.
    If the Fort Shield comes back up, since your fighters are already inside, they
    should be able to knock it down, otherwise use Attack Shields and take it down.
    If any ships of yours get stuck inside the Fort Shield, have them attack the
    hull of the Titan.
    Once all enemy ships are dead, start attacking the hull of the Titan with
    everything you have. Keep your badly damaged and smaller ships away from it as
    the Titan packs quite a punch. Also, you don't want them caught in the
    shockwave from the explosion.
    If all goes well, you'll complete the mission and get a cutscene.
    --> III-o.  The Mechanoid                                                SWT01O
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Swap 1x Particle Gatling Gun for 1x Volcano Plasma Gun, swap Weapon Energy
    Generator for a Combat FireStorm Generator, swap one L2 Fusion Support
    Generator for a L2 Quark Support Generator, add 1x Flash Fighters (remove a
    squadron if you have to).
    -[ Brutus ]-
    Swap Laser Ring Flak System for LaserGlobe Flak System, swap Layer Shield for a
    Jamming Shield, swap 1x Electron Cell for a Plasma Cell
    -[ Sparta ]-
    Swap Layer Shield for a Jamming Shield, add a L1 Quark Support Generator, swap
    1x Electron Cell for a Plasma Cell
    -[ Avalanche ]-
    Swap both Eliminator Torpedos for 2x Particle Gatling Gun, add 1x Flash
    Fighter, 1x Spark Fighter, 1x L2 Fusion Support Generator, 1x Electron Cell
    We have a new addition to our fleet, the heavy cruiser Avalanche. She'll be
    with us for the remainder of the game (provided you don't make it dead!) so
    treat her good!
    Once you have control, have all your ships move towards the Mechanoid. Have the
    Angelwing use the Data Scanner on the Mechanoid. After a bit of talk, Angel
    beams herself over to the Mechanoid and proceeds to go mental on you. Don't
    worry, just wait it out.
    Or... maybe you should worry, 'cause a whole buttload of Gorg ships just jumped
    in! Just as your about to poop yourself, Angel comes back to her normal self
    and tells you she'll help. So start attacking. I recommend you go after the
    Battleship first.
    While you're battling, Angel will do various things to the enemy ships, which
    are: disable engines or shields, make it engage its IP Drive, or turn control
    of the ship over to you for a very short time. Use this to your advantage. If
    she drops shields, attack that ships hull. If she turns it over to your
    control, use it to attack!
    After a while, Angel will lose control of the Mechanoid and it will help you
    blow up the remaining Gorg ships, then it leaves.
    After everything is destroyed...
    (There is an Alternate Strategy available for this mission)
    --> III-p.  The Locust                                                   SWT01P
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Swap 1x Particle Gatling Gun for 1x Volcano Plasma Gun, Swap 1x L2 Fusion
    Support Generator for 1x L2 Quark Support Generator, Swap your Commandos out
    for Cyborg Commandos, add 1x Flash Fighter
    -[ Brutus ]-
    Swap your Sec. Ionstream Engine for a Sec. Fusion Engine, swap Sensor Array for
    an Advanced Sensor Array, add Standard ECM System
    -[ Sparta ]-
    Swap Sensor Array for an Advanced Sensor Array, swap your Sec. Ionstream Engine
    for a Sec. Fusion Engine
    -[ Avalanche ]-
    Swap your Layer Shield for a Jamming Shiekd, add a L2 Quark Support Generator
    and a LaserGlobe Flak System
    -[ ALL SHIPS ]-
    You need fighters in this mission, so make sure you have them! Take fighters
    over some (or all) of my load out suggestions! Flak Systems are important, too.
    Make sure all ships have Flak systems, try to have LaserGlobe Flaks on every
    ship! Fighters and Flaks are more important than anything else I listed!!!
    This mission is pretty simple, but it can be rough as the enemy has some very
    nasty fighters of its own. First thing to do is select all your fighters and
    gunboats (CTRL+Click) then press the Patrol Fleet (F8) button. Now all your
    fighters will patrol around all your ships and protect them as best they can.
    Take your fleet ships and move them towards the Mechanoid. Have the Angelwing
    use its Data Scanner (F10) on the Mechanoid for some talk.
    Two things you must be aware of: the enemy fighters can drain shields and their
    weapons do massive damage to devices. So, to make things easier, boost every
    ships shields to 200%. This will hopefully keep your shields from dropping and
    allowing your ship to get pounded with nasty weapons.
    Basically, all you have to do here is survive. With 4 ships (all should have
    LaserGlobe Flaks by now) and a bunch of fighters (I had 8 wings of fighters and
    1 wing of gunboats at this point), you should have absolutely no troubles. If
    a ship is getting pounded, make sure you check the Repair panel and if the flak
    systems are getting damaged, assign priority (just click it) to fix them.
    After that, you'll get a short but cool cutscene showcasing one of the
    Angelwings, uh... features. Then it's...
    --> III-q.  The Siege of Avalon                                          SWT01Q
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Swap the remaining Particle Gatling Gun for a Bubble Energy Shell, swap
    SpaceTech ECM System for a Standard ECM System, add 1x Sickle Gunboats (replace
    a squadron if you have to)
    -[ Brutus ]-
    Swap Main Fusion Engine for Lightrider engine
    -[ Sparta ]-
    Swap Main Fusion Engine for Lightrider engine, swap 1x Electron Cell for 1x
    Plasma Cell
    -[ Avalanche ]-
    Add 1x Electron Cell, swap 1x L2 Fusion Support Generator for 1x L2 Quark
    Support Generator, swap Combat FireCloud Generator for a Combat FireStorm
    One cool thing to note that I didn't even notice until this play through (which
    is #6 btw)... after the Angelwing absorbed the Mechanoid, it now can transfer
    the power from weapons fired on it into Support energy. I never knew that...
    it's not as efficient as the Mechanoid, but definitely a nice feature when
    shields drop!
    In this mission, we're tasked with the protection of a large space fortress,
    the Avalon. We have only these four ships, and a whole mess of Gorg jump in.
    The main objective is, obviously, for the Avalon to survive. The secondary
    objective is to destroy all Gorg ships.
    There are two Gorg battleships, the Power and the Domination. We need to take
    these guys out first. Otherwise, they're going to form up into two Siege Lasers
    and... that's bad. Angel now has the ability to transform into a Mechanoid at
    will, and she cannot be killed while she's a Mechanoid. This is good, however,
    to "launch" her, we need at least 80% support power. So, for the Angelwing,
    don't overpower any systems.
    Split your ships into two groups. Angelwing and Avalanche into one group, while
    the Sparta and Brutus make up the other. Set the Angelwing group to attack the
    closest battleship, and have Sparta and Brutus guard them for the time being.
    Once you're pretty close (13k or so away) launch Mechanoid Angel at the battle
    ship you're attacking. Once she starts attacking, have all ships attack the
    hull of that battleship. You should take one down fairly quickly.
    After one battleship goes down, target the next one with your shield busters
    and beat it down. If your support power recharges enough to launch Angel again,
    use her!! If you can't launch her, her little pink mechanoid body will be
    slightly darker (i.e.: grayed out). When the shields go down, bust its hull to
    You can also not worry about the battleships, and go after the Destroyers
    first. If there aren't enough ships, they can't use their Siege Laser. There
    has to be a battleship plus at least two other ships to make a Siege Laser
    Formation. You can disrupt the formation, too, by attacking any of the ships in
    the formation. If you need to buy some time, just start throwing shots at any
    of the ships in the formation.
    I'd definitely recommend you at least kill one battleship. Between Mechanoid
    Angel and the Angelwing and Avalanche, you should be able to destroy one rather
    Start taking out the rest of the ships going from biggest to smallest. After a
    while, the Gorgs will retreat. If you're speedy enough, you'll kill them all
    before they can retreat. Good luck with that, the bastards always run away from
    Once you destroy them or they flee:
    --> III-r.  Peace Negotiations                                           SWT01R
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Swap out the Standard ECM System for a Torsion ECM System
    This mission starts off pretty boring. Blah blah peace talks. And then, as you
    probably guessed, a whole mess of Gorg ships jump in, and they aren't very
    The main objective here is just to live. Secondary objectives are to protect
    the Warcry, and destroy all ships. You might end up tearing some hair out over
    this one. It can be really annoying and the Warcry gets pounded hard.
    Sweetwater informs you that 4 Ghost ships escorted us... yay. They can only
    attack devices, but their lasers do a bit of hull damage. Immediately set all
    Ghost Ship shields to 200%! Do the same with the Angelwing.
    Start with the biggest ships, have all the Ghosts attack the devices on one
    ship (prioritize weapons only) while the Angelwing pounds on its shields, then
    hull. Don't forget about Mechanoid Angel either. Use her on a ship with full
    shields, she'll tear them down and do some decent hull damage, then all you
    have to do is finish it off.
    Rinse and repeat until you either kill them all, or they flee. You can ignore
    the smallest ships for the most part, even all of them together don't hurt
    much. Get rid of the biggest ships first, try to deal with the ones pounding
    the WarCry first.
    You can still technically pass this mission even if the Warcry dies, but it
    helps in a later mission if it's not dead.
    Kill all enemies or make them flee and it's...
    --> III-s.  Locust Queen                                                 SWT01S
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Whatever you want to add, nothing new really...
    -[ Brutus ]-
    Add 2x L1 Fusion Support Generators, swap the Tactical FireCloud Generator for
    a Tactical FireStorm Generator
    -[ Sparta ]-
    Add 1x L1 Fusion Support Generator, 1x Torsion ECM System
    -[ Avalanche ]-
    Whatever you want, not much can be added at this point.
    -[ Guardian ]-
    Add 3x Electron Cell
    We have a new addition to our Fleet, the Battleship Guardian! Now we're really
    badass! As with the others, she'll be with us for the remainder of the game, so
    treat her well!
    This mission is actually really easy, for a change. All we have to do is scan
    the Queen and kill it. Simple, simple, simple!!
    The first thing you should do is select all of your ships (CTRL+Left Click).
    Assign them to a group (CTRL+1). Hit F7 to form them into the Siege Laser
    Formation and right-click the Locust Queen. Now, select all of your fighter
    squadrons and tell them to Patrol the Fleet (F8). Your main group of ships
    should start moving towards the Queen whilst all your fighters start buzzing
    around the fleet. It helps if you set all your ships shields to 200%, as those
    damned Locusts can drain shields. Without shields, they'll tear up all your
    devices, which is bad.
    Once your Siege ships get in range, they'll start firing at the Queen. You're
    going to constantly be attacked by annoying little fighters, but your squadrons
    and flaks should handle them. PAY ATTENTION TO THE QUEENS HEALTH. Once the
    Queen goes into the red, have the siege group HOLD POSITION (F3). This will
    stop them from firing. You know you've done enough damage when Angel says
    something about you needing the information from the Queen. DO NOT BLOW THE
    QUEEN UP. Once she goes into the red, all the little ships go away and you stop
    getting attacked.
    Now all you have to do is send the Angelwing in to use its Data Scanner (F10)
    on the Queen. Once the scan is complete...
    You'll get a nice cutscene for your troubles.
    --> III-t.  Alpha Gate                                                   SWT01T
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Swap 2x Bubble Energy Shell for 2x Delektron Shell, swap 1x Sickle Gunboat for
    1x Scythe Gunboat
    -[ Brutus ]-
    Swap 1x Bubble Energy Shell with 1x Delektron Shell, 1x Partical Gatling Gun
    for a Volcano Plasma Gun, 2x L2 Fusion Support Generator for 2x L2 Quark
    Support Generator, 1x Electron Cell for 1x Plasma Cell
    -[ Sparta ]-
    Swap 1x Bubble Energy Shell for 1x Delektron Shell, 1x Particle Gatling Gun for
    1x Volcano Plasma Gun, add 2x Flash Fighter (replace squadrons if you have to)
    -[ Avalanche ]-
    Swap 2x Particle Gatling Gun and 2x Magma Plasma Gun for 4x Anti-G Railgun,
    swap 1x L2 Fusion Support Generator for 1x L2 Quark Support Generator, 2x
    Electron Cell for 2x Plasma Cell, 1x Standard ECM System for 1x Torsion ECM
    If you wish to make the next mission much easier, load all of your ships with
    as many Burningfist Heavy Lasers as you have. Make sure you have some hull
    destroying weapons if you plan on taking out any of the enemy ships, but it
    isn't necessary if you're just going to go after subsystems (which is by far
    the most recommended approach -- destroying ships can make the next mission
    crash to desktop). I wouldn't recommend using Crystalpin Light Lasers as they
    cannot penetrate the enemy's shields. They will work once shields have dropped,
    but they're not really worth the slot.
    You should have a skill point to spend, I suggest bumping up the Military stat.
    I have split this mission into two sections. The first section just deals with
    completing your mission objectives and nothing more. If you want to make the
    next mission easier, check out part two of this mission strategy.
    Mission Strategy #1
    This mission is pretty simple and straight-forward. Just scan all the ships and
    survive, and that's it.
    Start off by scanning the Pathfinder, then the Starblazer, then finally the
    Serenity. You can use your Energy Skeeter (use special weapons, F9) on the
    Mechanoid if it's getting on your nerves, but it just recharges anyway. You
    must wait until each ship is fully scanned.
    After that, you can leave the system by engaging your IP Drive (F12).
    Mission Strategy #2
    *** IMPORTANT ***
    Destroying entire ships has been known to cause the next mission to fail. The 3
    main enemy ships, the Pathfinder, Starblazer and Serenity are part of the next
    mission. Due to some obvious scripting errors by the developers, destroying any
    or all of these ships WILL cause the next mission to crash. I strongly suggest
    you do NOT destroy any of the ships, just focus on subsystems and the
    Mechanoids, then depart the sector via your IP Drives (F12).
    There are some things to note before we begin. I have ran through this mission
    several times. And I do mean several. On the order of 20, at least, trying to
    figure out how much you can destroy without causing the next mission to crash.
    So far it seems just the destruction of the ships causes the crash but I've
    heard rumors that destroying shields and/or engines can have the same effect.
    I have NOT confirmed that, though. The game has only crashed for me if I have
    destroyed any of the ships.
    Furthermore, destroying any of the ships IP Drives can, at times, cause the
    remaning ships to warp out of the sector. That means, under no circumstances,
    should you destroy ANY IP Drive device until you've taken out subsystems on all
    the ships.
    Now let's get into it. I've figured out the precise order to do things in this
    mission so that you can scan all the ships, kill all the Mechanoids and destroy
    every single subsystem on every ship (and blow up all the ships without any
    leaving, if you really wanted to -- but don't!).
    First, use only the Angelwing for now. Leave your other ships just where they
    are. If they get too close to any enemy ship or structure, you will be detected
    prematurely and there's a good chance one or more of the Mechanoids will blast
    your fleet to bits.
    Before you even move, set all of your ships to Focused behaviour mode. Then,
    take the Angelwing and use the Datascanner (F10) on the closest ship to you,
    which is the Pathfinder. Once you've scanned it, check the Devices list, under
    the Support tab and click the "Armageddon" device. This is the ships weapons
    energy generator. It should be flashing. Now scan the Starblazer. Ignore any
    Mechanoids or ships at this point. Make sure you select the Armageddon device
    for the Starblazer, too. Sometimes it won't show up until the scan has been
    Once the Pathfinder and Starblazer have been scanned, move onto the Serenity.
    The Serenity is a big ship and will take much longer to scan than the other
    two. Just wait it out, the Mechanoid shouldn't really be all that damaging at
    this point. When the Serenity is scanned, don't forget to select it's
    Armageddon device from the Devices list as well.
    Now comes the fun part. We're going to blow stuff up now. You should have one
    annoying Mechanoid following the Angelwing around. Have your remaining ships
    target devices on the Pathfinder (which is closest to them, and the farthest
    from the other enemy ships -- this is important!). Then send in the Angelwing
    to target devices (F6) on the Pathfinder as well. Let the Mechanoid follow you
    Once all of your ships are attacking the Pathfinder (they should be focusing
    their attacks on the Armageddon device only), wait for the Armageddon to become
    disabled (it's healthbar turns red). Send your Gunboats in after it's disabled
    and they'll take it out the rest of the way. Now you can use your Energy
    Skeeter on the Mechanoid. Since the Pathfinder has no weapons anymore, it
    cannot recharge the Mechanoid and you can kill it. Several other Mechanoids may
    activate at this time, and they will recharge each other, but if you kill them
    fast enough you can wipe them all out. DO NOT move away from the Pathfinder
    until you've dealt with all the Mechanoids.
    You can continue destroying devices without interruption at this point. Now
    select the Shields device and destroy that. Once the shields are down, send any
    fighters you have against the Pathfinder. The only subsystems you really need
    to take out at this point are Shields and Engines. You can destroy the rest,
    but it really makes no difference. Weapons are useless without the Armageddon.
    The other support systems make no real difference. But you can blow up
    everything if you want.
    After the Pathfinder is out of commission, move on to the Starblazer and
    finally the Serenity. Repeat the strategy you used on the Pathfinder and you'll
    be fine. Just remember, you should dock all of your fighters and gunboats
    before moving on to a ship that has weapons (ie. Armageddon device wasn't
    destroyed yet). This way they don't die to the flak systems.
    One thing to note here is how you can pretty much adjust the difficulty of the
    next mission on your own. Depending on what you destroy (or don't) can make the
    next mission easier or harder. Don't want it too easy? Just take out the
    Armageddon. Want to have all the time in the world on the next mission? Just
    take out engines. The Vardrag ships have some really strong hulls and shields,
    so you may want to consider taking out at least the Shields device, but really,
    it's all up to you.
    Once you're done blowing the ships apart from the inside out, use your IP
    Drives to leave the sector and complete the mission.
    (Much thanks to MouseNo4, NightStalker and Pierce for helping me develop this
    strategy. They all had many different, good ideas, and I've combined their
    thoughts and ideas into one nice, do-everything strategy!)
    --> III-u.  Mechanoid Invasion                                           SWT01U
    Recommended Loadout
    NOTE: If you added Laser weapons in the previous mission, leave them alone, add
    anything else listed below that you can, but don't remove the lasers.
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Whatever you want. Strong weapons needed. Fighters, too.
    -[ Brutus ]-
    Add 2x Flash Fighters.
    -[ Sparta ]-
    Swap 1x Bubble Energy Shell for 1x Delektron Shell, 1x L1 Fusion Support
    Generator for 1x L1 Quark Support Generator
    -[ Avalanche ]-
    Add 1x Flash Fighter
    -[ Guardian ]-
    Add 1x Flash Fighter, 1x Volcano Plasma Gun, swap Pulsar Missile for Magma
    Plasma Gun
    -[ All Ships ]-
    Fighters are a help in this mission... but don't sacrifice getting better
    weapons for fighters. If you have the RPs, add fighters. Otherwise, we'll deal
    with it.
    If you destroyed the Serenity on the previous mission, as well as all of the
    subsystems of the other two ships, this mission will be extremely easy. When
    the mission starts, pause the game (spacebar). Select all your ships and have
    them Attack Devices (F6) on the nearest ship. Click that ship and make sure any
    engine subsystems are highlighted and flashing. Then, select ALL of your
    squadrons (minus commandos of course) and have them attack the same ship you
    just attacked. Once one ships engines are down, do the same to the other ship.
    Now that they're dead in space, you can take your time. Take out their shield
    systems and any remaining systems. Not that it matters, but it's fun. After
    that, just blow them up as quickly as possible. They launch escape pods and if
    you don't blow the ships up quick, they can get to and infect the stargate. If
    you trash the ships quick, they never get close.
    Also, the explosion shockwave from one of the ships is massive. It will wipe
    out a majority of your squadrons, so pull them back before it blows.
    OTHERWISE, if you did not destroy any devices -- read on.
    This is another one of those annoying missions. Lots can go wrong, and speed is
    a major determining factor. We have to blow up the three Vardrag ships in this
    area, the Starblazer, Pathfinder and Serenity. What's most annoying, in my
    opinion, is the damned Vardrags voice. I can't stand it! It makes me want to
    break things! Oh, you can skip dialog, just click the dialog box! But still,
    it's annoying!
    Anyway, two things can happen here. You can try to save the Stargate and
    Starportal, or you can let them get infected. If you manage to save them, your
    job is easier as the Fortress Shield prevents the infected Vardrags from using
    the Wormhole, thus allowing you all the time you need to destroy the ships. If
    you can't save it, you have to be very quick about taking the ships down.
    One other thing to note is that the Vardrag ships have a huge shockwave when
    they explode. If either the Sparta or Brutus are too close, they'll die
    instantly... which is extremely aggravating.
    You do not need to save the Starportal here, you won't fail any objectives, but
    like I said, it would make your job easier.
    If you plan to try to save the star portal, send half of your fighters to guard
    the Starportal, while the other half guard the Stargate. Send the Angelwing at
    200% Engine power to guard the portal, too. Then take the Sparta and Brutus and
    guard the Avalanche. Set the Avalanche to 200% engine power and engage the
    closest ship (usually the Starblazer).
    If all goes well, your fighters and the Angelwing will manage to save the
    starportal. If not, pull all your fighters back (F1 them home) and have all
    your ships start pounding all the Vardrag ships. Watch out for the shockwaves!
    Also... there's a survivor on one of the ships. I'm not sure if its the
    Serenity or the Starblazer... I've never managed to save him. You don't fail an
    objective for that either.
    Once all the ships are destroyed, and if you saved the starportal, you're done.
    Otherwise have all ships go back to the Guardian (we didn't move it remember?)
    and assign them a group and use the Siege formation to take out the Starportal.
    Why didn't we use the Guardian? Well... the Vardrag ships have Cataclysm
    missiles. These will take out a battleship in one hit. If you're lucky and have
    fighters and flaks to guard the Guardian (heh...) it won't die. But every time
    I've ever moved it, it's died. So just leave it alone. Better to keep it alive.
    Destroy all the ships, save or destroy the Starportal and it's...
    --> III-v.  The Fall of the Vardrags                                     SWT01V
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Swap 2x LaserGlobe Flak System for 2x LaserNet Flak System, swap your Jamming
    Shield for an Integrity Shield
    -[ Brutus ]-
    Swap Jamming Shield for Integrity Shield, LaserGlobe Flak System for a LaserNet
    Flak System
    -[ Sparta ]-
    Swap LaserGlobe Flak System for a LaserNet Flak System
    -[ Avalanche ]-
    Swap Jamming Shield for an Integrity Shield, Advanced Sensors for Palantir
    -[ Guardian ]-
    Swap the Overload Energy Bomb for a Bubble Energy Shell, Crisis Energy Torpedo
    for a Volcano Plasma Gun, add 1x L3 Quark Support Generator
    Despite the chaos in this mission, this is actually a pretty easy mission. All
    we have to do is scan the Entity and the Unknown Entry, and survive. It's
    actually easy.
    First, Angelwing to 200% shield power, then she scans the Entity first,
    followed by the Unknown Entry. Usually one stray Mechanoid follows you around
    and harasses you. Just use the Energy Skeeter (F9) on it to make it die.
    On your way or during your scans, you'll be told the Sunrider has admiral
    what's-his-face on it, and you need to save him. Take all your ships, minus the
    Angelwing of course, and have them Guard (F11) the Sunrider. Easy as that.
    After you're done scanning, you'll be informed you can leave. Just use your IP
    Drives (F12) and bail.
    --> III-w.  Bridgehead                                                   SWT01W
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ ALL SHIPS ]-
    All ships MUST have an Energy Skeeter weapon!
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Swap out Fusion Engine for an Antimatter Engine, swap 2x Volcano Plasma Gun for
    2x Nova Plasma Gun
    -[ Brutus ]-
    Swap out whatever is in the Energy Skeeter slot... for an Energy Skeeter! Swap
    1x Bubble Energy Shell for Delektron Shell, swap Standard ECM System for
    Torsion ECM System, swap Advanced Sensor Array for Palantir Sensors
    -[ Sparta ]-
    Energy Skeeter! Swap Advanced Sensor Array for Palantir Sensors, and add
    whatever else you want.
    -[ Avalanche ]-
    Energy Skeeter!! Swap out 2x Anti-G Railgun for 2x Nova Plasma Gun, swap 1x
    Bubble Energy Shell for Delektron Shell
    -[ Guardian ]-
    ENERGY SKEETER! Swap 2x Bubble Energy Shell for 2x Delektron Shell
    -[ Colossus ]-
    Add 1x L3 Quark Support Generator, and as many Plasma Cells as you can fit
    We have a new addition to the fleet, the massive Support Ship: Colossus! This
    ship will, like the others before it, be with us for the remainder of the game.
    The Colossus has a massive Anti-Mechanoid shield, and several weapons, but it
    is still weak, so you must always keep an eye on it!!
    We're tasked with two objectives in this mission: test the Anti-Mechanoid
    shield that the Colossus has, and kill any Mechanoids here to clear the way for
    our fleets. Oh, and we have to obviously keep the Colossus alive. Simple
    enough, eh? Heh...
    As soon as we jump in there's a whole mess of Mechanoids floating around. The
    ones that are bright pink spheres are active, while the rest are not... yet.
    Select all your ships (except the Colossus) and start blasting the closest
    Mechanoids with your Energy Skeeters (F9). You've got to be quick about it, as
    soon as one dies, target the next. Set your shield power to 200% on all ships
    for a bit of extra help. Make sure your ships do not fire ANY OTHER WEAPONS.
    Normal weapons fire recharges Mechanoids!!!
    After a while, the Colossus will finally bring up the Anti-Mechanoid shield and
    kill off the rest of the little buggers. At this point, you have a choice to
    make. You can send the Sparta and Brutus back through the wormhole, as they're
    the weakest ships and are usually the first to die at the next part. Or you can
    let them stay and chance it. It's up to you, but I'd have them bail...
    Now, the platforms activate. Take them out. Have the Angelwing approach the
    base here, and Angel will transfer herself over to it. An alien ship leaves the
    base. There are actually three of these ships here now. THEY HURT. Their
    weapons ignore shields. They'll randomly pick one of your ships and hammer on
    it constantly, so keep that ship guarded. The alien ships have no shields, so
    just pound them. Also, once one goes into the red and becomes inactive, scan it
    with your data scanner. Just kill off the aliens and...
    --> III-x.  Blockade Breakers                                            SWT01X
    Recommended Loadout
    -[ ALL SHIPS ]-
    You still need Energy Skeeters, so don't remove them!!
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    Swap 3x Plasma Cell for 3x Crystal Cell, and anything else you want. You need
    Commandos, so make sure you have them ON the Angelwing!
    -[ Brutus ]-
    Swap 1x Volcano Plasma Gun for 1x Nova Plasma Gun, 2x Plasma Cells for 2x
    Crystal Cells
    -[ Sparta ]-
    Swap 1x Volcano Plasma Gun for 1x Nova Plasma Gun. Add anything else you want.
    -[ Avalanche ]-
    Swap Fusion Engine for Antimatter Engine, 1x Bubble Energy Shell for 1x
    Delektron Shell, and whatever else you want.
    -[ Guardian ]-
    Swap Fusion Engine for Antimatter Engine, add L2 Quark Support Generator, add
    1x Plasma Cell
    -[ Colossus ]-
    Add Torsion ECM System, 2x Delektron Shell
    We have a few things to do here. We must deploy four Blocker Generators so we
    can kill the Entity Sphere. Plus, there are some infected ships floating around
    that we need to deal with, and, a friend of ours is out there, too. And we need
    to save him.
    First, decloak. Being cloaked is worthless. Set all ships to defensive. Set the
    Ghost Ships shields to 200% and the Angelwings weapons to 200%. Now head to
    Deploy Point 2. Have the Ghost Ships guard the Angelwing for now.
    There are 5 ships in this area, three cruiser-class ships: Sentinal, Hacker and
    Keeper. These guys are more annoying than anything. There are also two
    battleships, the Balthasar and the Rampart. These ships are all infected and
    are hostile! Do not hesitate to destroy them!!
    On your way, the Sentinel will show up and start harassing you. Kill it. Deploy
    the Generator (just get to the deploy point, it's automatic from there). Once
    you're informed that it has been deployed, head for the next closest one.
    The Hacker and Keeper are still left, both are Cruisers. If you encounter them,
    kill them. You'll also find out that the Balthasar is here (Admiral Norbank)
    and there's one other battleship, the Rampart. Try to destroy all the other
    ships before messing with the Balthasar.
    Thankfully, the Balthasar has no Flak guns, so all we need to do is drop its
    shields and send in our Commandos. Use the Ghosts to attack the shield device
    while the Angelwing hammers with the Delektron Shells. Once the shields drop,
    send in the Commandos and rescue the Admiral. Once they return, destroy the
    Balthasar and any remaining infected ships.
    Once that's done, head to the rest of the Deploy Points and deploy the
    generators. When you've deployed them all, your fleet will warp in, along with
    the Exterminator, a battleship.
    Now, select EVERY ship and have them use their Energy Skeeters on the Entity
    Sphere. Make sure they're not firing any other weapons as they'll recharge the
    Entity. Once you destroy the Entity...
    --> III-y.  The Fight for Earth                                          SWT01Y
    -[ Angelwing ]-
    You need some hull damaging weapons. If you've followed my suggestions, you
    have them, otherwise add some Nova Plasma Guns or Anti-G Railguns. You should
    also have two wings of Flash Fighters, or a wing of Flash Fighters and a wing
    of Sycthe Gunboats. (Note: Do NOT use the squadrons in this mission, we need
    them for the next mission!). Swap Advanced Sensors for Palantir Sensors.
    -[ Brutus ]-
    Swap Energy Skeeter for Delektron Shell.
    -[ Sparta ]-
    Swap Jamming Shield for Integrity Shield, Energy Skeeter for Delektron Shell.
    -[ Avalanche ]-
    Swap 2x LaserGlobe Flak System for 2x LaserNet Flak System.
    -[ Guardian ]-
    Swap 2x Magma Plasma Gun for 2x Nova Plasma Gun.
    -[ Colossus ]-
    Swap Crisis Energy Torpedo for 1x Volcano Plasma Gun, Pulsar Missile for 1x
    Volcano Plasma Gun, Eliminator Torpedo for Anti-G Railgun, Battle FireCloud
    Generator for Battle FireStorm Generator.
    -[ Sceptre ]-
    Make the weapons loadout the following: 2x Anti-G Railgun, 2x Bubble Energy
    Shell, 2x Volcano Plasma Gun. Swap Layer Shield for Integrity Shield.
    -[ Crystal ]-
    Make the weapons loadout the following: 4x Volcano Plasma Gun, 4x Bubble Energy
    -[ ALL SHIPS ]-
    If you have extra RPs on any ships, add Fighter Squadrons or Gunboats. The
    weapons take priority here, so make sure you have all my above loadouts first.
    Just spend extras RPs Fighters, it'll help. They're not necessary, just
    helpful, so don't freak if you can't add any.
    We've got two new ships to our fleet, the missile cruiser Scepter and the light
    battleship Crystal!
    First, let me talk about the loadout. Why did I switch out missiles and bombs
    for shield busters and plasma guns? Simple. We're going to face a somewhat
    overwhelming force here. We need brute firepower. Missiles, torpedoes and bombs
    are nice, but friendly ships can be caught in the blast. We're going to have
    our ships relatively close together (and in close proximity of the enemy) so
    collateral damage has to be minimized. Second, when new enemy reinforcements
    arrive, their shields will be down. You notice we have a ton of plasma guns,
    yes? They do immense hull damage, and with 10 or so firing at once, any ship
    without shields is killed very quickly. Plus, we have 10 or so shield busters,
    so any ship with shields won't have them for very long!
    The time has come for us to take our home back from these vile invaders! This
    is going to be a tough battle, but we either succeed, or die trying!!
    Okay, I tried... pep talk over. This mission is absolutely insane. There's
    going to be a ton of stuff blowing a ton of other stuff up. It's chaos beyond
    what we're used to. What I'd really like to know is... where the hell is
    everyone else? Did you see the massive fleet that was leaving to come here?
    WHERE ARE THEY? Why is it just us?!?!! Ah well, it's more fun that way I guess.
    Alright let's cut to the chase. Our objectives are:
    -> Get Angel to a Relay Station so she can transmit herself to Earth
    -> The Angelwing MUST survive
    -> The Colossus MUST survive
    This is definitely another one of those multiple-restart-and-curse-everything
    missions. There is no easy way to beat this mission. The only thing I can tell
    you is for one, you must protect the Colossus or it's mission failed. Also, the
    only strategy here is to DESTROY EVERYTHING. As quickly as possible. All enemy
    reinforcements come through the Entity Wormhole (more on that later) and when
    they arrive, their shields are down. This is important. We're going to move our
    ships close to the wormhole and set up a blockade. Whenever new ships jump in,
    you must absolutely try to kill the biggest off first and as quickly as
    possible. Since their shields are down, this should be somewhat easier.
    Let's talk about the enemy forces you're going to encounter. There's a total of
    five fleets you're going to have to deal with, one consisting of 8 Earth ships
    is already here (they have no shields). Then, the following arrive:
    -> Gorg Fleet (1 Battleship and some other ships)
    -> Noah Fleet (6 Battleships)
    -> Gorg Fleet (2 Battleships and more)
    -> Vardrag Fleet (3 ships)
    You get reinforcements in this mission. The Warcry jumps in right after the
    first Gorg fleet does. Bring it up to the front lines and make use of it. It's
    extremely slow though, so it probably won't make it until the Noah fleet
    arrives. Also, depending on how badly you're getting beat up, you'll get a
    Vardrag ship under your control and other reinforcements.
    First things first, we need to get Angel to Earth. Relay Station Delta is our
    best bet, but it's pretty far away. Set the Angelwings engines to 200% and have
    it head for Delta. Once Angel has been transmitted to Earth, the relay stations
    are no longer needed. It does not matter if they get destroyed.
    Take your remaining ships (leave the Colossus where it is) and move them
    towards the Entity Wormhole. DO NOT LET THEM GET TOO CLOSE. If they get too
    close to it, (like 3k or less I think) they'll get sucked in, and you can't use
    them anymore. That's bad. Stop them about 8k away from it, and leave them there
    on aggressive. Keep an eye on them and power up shields or weapons as needed.
    All enemy ships come through the wormhole.
    Once the Angelwing gets Angel to Earth, have the Angelwing start mopping up the
    infected Earth ships around here. There's 8 of them, remember, but they have no
    shields and the Angelwing should have no problems taking them out. Once you've
    blown them all to bits, have the Angelwing rejoin your main fleet, but remember
    not to let it get sucked into the wormhole.
    Now, with your main group of ships, it helps to set weapons to 200%, because
    you seriously need all the firepower you can muster. You must ALWAYS take out
    the biggest ships first, from the earliest wave. So that means, battleships
    first. Then cruisers, and really...screw the gunboats. They're just annoying.
    Now once Angel gets to Earth, a Gorg fleet will jump in, try to take out the
    battleships before shields come up. Pound them down, ignoring the smaller ships
    for now.
    Soon, 6 Noah battleships will jump in. You have to take these guys down quick,
    they have energy torpedoes (knock shields down, bad) and they also have a huge
    flash and blast radius, which gets annoying quickly. If you have any squadrons,
    pause the game first. Select each squadron from each ship and have it guard its
    mothership. They'll help you shoot down the energy torpedoes, which is always a
    plus. The Colossus has several squadrons, assign them to guard your ships that
    are in battle.
    After half of the Noah fleet is dead, another Gorg fleet jumps in with two
    battleships and some other ships. Finish off the Noah ships before turning on
    the Gorg battleships. Pound them down. Once that fleet is half dead, a Vardrag
    fleet will warp in consisting of 3 ships. Once the Gorg battleships are dead,
    screw everything else and focus on the Vardrag ships. They are powerful and
    they hurt a bunch, so prioritize them.
    Survive all the ships, and the Entity will flee... and it's...
    NOTES (and spoilers!): It's okay if you lose ships on this mission. Well, aside
    from the Angelwing and Colossus. Lose too many and you'll die, but one or two
    is no big deal. Why? You don't get to use your fleet anymore after this...
    --> III-z.  The Nexus                                                    SWT01Z
    We have just the Angelwing in this mission, and no RPs to spend, so we can't
    add any new equipment. We aren't going to need anything else anyway.
    In this area, we're now inside the "Nexus" -- within subspace itself. There's a
    massive black hole here which we must stay away from. The graphics are
    absolutely stunning in this mission... pure eyecandy!
    Angel will inform us she's going to do battle with the Entity, but she needs
    our help. The Entity is gathering strength from the 5 wormholes in this area.
    We must close them so that Angel can defeat the Entity. With that, Angel has
    outfitted our ship with a Disruptor, which closes wormholes.
    We're constantly being sucked into the black hole, so your ship is going to be
    bouncing around a lot as it tries to keep itself in position. Don't worry too
    much about this, as long as you follow the exact path I tell you, you will not
    get sucked in. That is, as long as your engines don't die on ya...
    Alright, now, we've got to get on closing these wormholes. You'll see five
    wormholes (Earth, Chakris, White, Noah, Herlas) and a bunch of Nav Points
    in between. If you go from Nav to Nav to Gate, you'll be okay and won't get
    sucked in. I'll give you exact directions.
    To use our Disruptor weapon, we need to open up the manual panel (click the
    hand icon in between the behavior and action buttons to bring it up). If you're
    familiar with this, bear with me. In here, you see a list of all the stuff on
    your ship. We're only concerned with the button that says "Disruptor." Left-
    click it so it flashes, then right-click a wormhole. That's all there is to it.
    If you have any fighters/gunboats (you should, I told you to bring some!)
    select them all and have them guard the Angelwing. Now use the Disruptor on
    Entity Gate Earth so it closes. Once you are notified that it's closed, right-
    click the Disruptor button so it stops firing. At this point, one Vardrag ship
    jumps in with a buttload of squadrons. They're going to go after your engines,
    but between your Flaks and fighters, you should be okay. Ignore the ship for
    the moment.
    Head to Nav Sol-Chakris, then to Nav Chakris-Sol, then finally to Entity Gate
    Chakris. On the way, you should get close enough to the Vardrag ship to fire on
    it. Blow the damn thing to bits. Close Entity Gate Chakris.
    Now head to Nav Chakris-White, then Nav White-Chakris and finally to Entity
    Gate White. Close gate White with the Disruptor.
    On to the next. Head to Nav White-Noah, then Nav Noah-White and finally to
    Entity Gate Noah, and close it.
    Finally, the last gate. Head on over to Nav Noah-Herlas, then Nav Herlas-Noah
    and then finally to the Herlas gate. Close it and...
                         * * *   G A M E   O V E R !   * * *
    Yep, that's it. Game over, man, game over! Well, it was awesome, and I hope you
    enjoyed it as much as I have the past 6 times I played! The ending cutscene
    sets us up for a sequel, and I really hope Mithis does make one. Nexus is an
    excellent game! Now, check out the rest of the FAQ!
    ==> IV.  E Q U I P M E N T                                                SEQ01
    Within this section you'll find detailed information about every piece of
    equipment in the game, including (but not limited to): Weapons, Shields,
    Engines, Squadrons and more. This section is split up into different sub-
    sections for each of the equipment types.
    The information window you see on the upper-right of the Fleet Screen has
    various bits of information about each piece of equipment. Most of the
    information is displayed as a number of blocks (6 total, so the range is from
    0-6). So 3 filled in blocks is 3. I list everything as numbers.
    All equipment has several piece of information listed with it. From Resource
    Points, to Damage, Rate of Fire (refire), Precision and more. Generally,
    "bigger is better" holds true, but you do need to consider other factors such
    as stealth and such. Below is a rundown of all the information.
    Resource Points (RP) - Each ship has a certain amount of RP. Think of it like
    money. As you add equipment, the RP goes down because it costs RP to mount
    equipment. When you unmount equipment you DO NOT get RP back for it, the item
    simply goes into your stockpile. However, if you add an item then unmount it
    (before hitting Confirm) you will get the RP back. Confirm = RP GONE!
    Docking Slots (DS) - Most ships have Docking Slots. With them, you can house
    Squadrons in the ship. Each Squadron needs a certain amount of Docking Slots
    and if you don't have enough, you can't mount that Squadron.
    Damage (DMG) - Used for Weapons and Squadrons. Scale is 0-6, 6 being the best.
    In this case, higher is better. However, you also have to look at a weapons
    Rate of Fire (RoF). A very powerful weapon with a very low refire is actually
    not as good as a weapon with decent damage and an extremely high refire.
    Rate of Fire (RoF) - How fast (or how often) a weapon fires. Higher is better.
    Remember, a weapon with an extremely high refire rate, but decent damage, is
    usually better than a weapon with insane damage and a low refire rate.
    Precision (Prec) - How accurate the weapon (or Squadron) is. The more the
    better. Low precision means the weapon or squadron is going to miss its target
    often. High precision means less missing. With a precision of 6, the weapon
    never misses.
    Efficiency (EFF) - How efficient (good) a device is. Used for generators,
    engines and the likes. Higher is always better.
    Emission (EM) - How "visible" a device is. When considering stealth, you want
    devices with low emissions (generally lower is better in this case). This also
    makes the ship harder to "see" on sensors, meaning from great distances the
    enemy would be unable to tell what you were, if it could detect you at all.
    Speed (SPD) - Used for engines. Higher is always better. More speed is a faster
    Size - The size of a device. Generally 'Small (S)' devices can only be mounted
    on small ships (Destroyers and smaller). Medium (M) devices can only be mounted
    on medium-size ships (Cruisers, Corvettes, Frigates) while Large (L) devices
    can only be mounted on large-size ships (Battleships, Support Ships). However,
    if there is only two sizes (Small and Large) then the Small size is for
    Destroyers and smaller, while the Large size is for Cruisers and larger. Size
    basically only determines which size ship a device can be mounted on.
    Category (or Type) - What is the device. Sensors, Combat, Tactical,
    Destructive, Area. All "Categories." Tells you some more information about what
    the device is used for. Tactical, Anti-Shield, Destructive and Area are for
    weapons. Sensor and Combat is for Supports.
      - Weapons will be listed under the following Categories:
          - Destructive; hull damaging weapon
          - Tactical; anti-device weapon, used for destroying devices
          - Anti-Shield; shield busting weapon, used for attacking shields
          - Area; for missiles, torpedoes and bombs. Means its "area of effect" or
            that it has a blast radius (usually quite large, too)
      - Supports will be listed under the following categories:
          - Sensor; means the device is some sort of sensor
          - Combat; means the device has a use in combat, i.e.: ECM/ECCM systems
    *** REAL DAMAGE ***
    I have listed the Real Damage of every weapon. This number gives you an
    indication of exactly how much damage any weapon will do in a predetermined
    time period. Each weapon's Rate of Fire determines just how much damage it will
    really do. A weapon with a high damage output but a low Rate of Fire may not be
    as effective as a weapon with a lower damage and a higher Rate of Fire. So
    basically, this Real Damage number I listed is exactly how much damage each
    weapon will do in a set time period. This time period is determined considering
    the maxmimum rate of fire as a constant.
    There are only two numbers you need to look at to figure out a weapon's Real
    Damage. First, obviously, is the listed Weapon Damage. This number is the
    damage a weapon does per shot. The second number is the Rate of Fire percentage
    (RoF%) which is simply a percentage based off the weapons Rate of Fire. A
    weapon with a RoF of 6 would have a RoF% of 100%, while a weapon with a RoF of
    3 would have a RoF% of 50%. With a little bit of simple math, we can come up
    with exactly how much damage each weapon will do in the same, constant, time
    The equation works out to be: (Weapon Damage * RoF%). RoF% is the Rate of Fire
    percentage, 0% being the slowest and 100% being the fastest. If something has a
    Rate of Fire listed as 4, the RoF% is 66% (6 is the maximum Rate of Fire and 4
    out of 6 is 66%).
    I'll give you a couple of examples to hopefully make it clear.
      - Weapon Damage is 5, Rate of Fire is 3
      - Equation: 5 * .5 (RoF% is 50%)
      - Real Damage: 2.5
    Now compare to this weapon:
      - Weapon Damage is 3, Rate of Fire is 6
      - Equation: 3 * 1.0 (RoF% = 100%)
      - Real Damage: 3
    So you can see, the second weapon listed is the wiser choice, as it does more
    damage than the first weapon in the same time period.
    The precision of the weapon also plays a part in this equation, and that number
    is listed in parenthesis () next to the real damage number. It is listed as a
    percentage, and this is the chance it has to do the damage listed in real
    damage. Basically, this represents the accuracy of the weapon. What this means
    is, a weapon with a precision of 2 is inaccurate and will only deal the real
    damage number to a target 33.3% of the time.
    What good is this information, you ask? Well, it helps you determine exactly
    the best weapon to use at any given time. You want to balance it out so you
    have a high Real Damage number along with a high precision modifier (the number
    in parenthesis next to the Real Damage number). A weapon with a high Real
    Damage number, but with a relatively low (50% or less) precision modifier isn't
    as good as a weapon with a slightly lower Real Damage number, and a good
    precision modifier (50% or more).
    --> IV-a.  Normal Weapons                                                SEQ01A
    First up, is our Normal Weapons. These are the basic weapons of the game, but
    don't let that fool you, there are some really powerful weapons in here.
    Normal Weapons include the tactical lasers (anti-device), the anti-shield
    cannons (energy shells) and hull destroying weapons.
    Tactical Lasers (anti-device) are only useful against destroying a ships
    devices. They must have line of sight to the device to attack it. Most do NO
    hull damage whatsoever, but there are two that will do minor hull damage.
    Anti-Shield weapons such as the Energy Shells are just that. They are only
    useful against shields and drain them quickly.
    Hull destroying weapons are only good against hulls. As an exception, most
    Plasma Guns will also damage shields (very minor). Gatling Guns, Plasma Guns
    and Rail Guns are among the best.
    Remember, missile and torpedo launchers require ammunition. Which means you'll
    most likely run out of ammo during the course of a mission. Choose wisely when
    adding missiles or torpedoes.
    -[ Anti-G Railgun ]-
         RP Cost: 3
          Damage: 3
    Rate of Fire: 6
       Precision: 6
     Real Damage: 3 (100%)
        Category: Destructive
     Description: Decent damage, excellent refire and precision. Better than the
                  Particle Gatling Gun.
    -[ Astronomical Laser ]-
         RP Cost: 1
          Damage: 1
    Rate of Fire: 6
       Precision: 2
     Real Damage: 1 (33%)
        Category: Tactical
     Description: Basic Anti-Device weapon. Low damage, excellent refire, low
    -[ Bubble Energy Shell ]-
         RP Cost: 4
          Damage: 2
    Rate of Fire: 4
       Precision: 3
     Real Damage: 1.33 (50%)
        Category: Anti-Shield
     Description: Decent damage, good refire, good precision. This is the mid-range
                  model for Anti-Shield. Better than Energy Shells.
    -[ Burningfist Heavy Laser ]-
         RP Cost: 4
          Damage: 5
    Rate of Fire: 5
       Precision: 5
     Real Damage: 4.16 (83%)
        Category: Tactical
     Description: Very good damage, refire and precision. One of the best Anti-
                  Device weapons.
    -[ Crystalpin Light Laser ]-
         RP Cost: 2
          Damage: 3
    Rate of Fire: 6
       Precision: 6
     Real Damage: 3 (100%)
        Category: Tactical
     Description: Decent damage, excellent refire and precision.
    -[ Delektron Shell ]-
         RP Cost: 6
          Damage: 3
    Rate of Fire: 4
       Precision: 4
     Real Damage: 2 (66%)
        Category: Anti-Shield
     Description: The best of the "Shell" weapons.
    -[ Eliminator Torpedo ]-
         RP Cost: 4
          Damage: 5
    Rate of Fire: 4
       Precision: 3
     Real Damage: 3.33 (50%)
        Category: Destructive
     Description: Very good damage, good refire and decent precision. All very good
                  for a torpedo. Immune to Flak.
    -[ Energy Shell ]-
         RP Cost: 2
          Damage: 1
    Rate of Fire: 4
       Precision: 2
     Real Damage: 0.66 (33%)
        Category: Anti-Shield
     Description: Basic Anti-Shield weapon.
    -[ MirrorEye Laser ]-
         RP Cost: 3
          Damage: 4
    Rate of Fire: 6
       Precision: 6
     Real Damage: 4 (100%)
        Category: Tactical
     Description: Good damage, excellent refire and precision, second-best anti-
                  device weapon in the game.
    -[ Neutron Torpedo ]-
         RP Cost: 2
          Damage: 4
    Rate of Fire: 4
       Precision: 2
     Real Damage: 2.66 (33%)
        Category: Destructive
     Description: Good damage and refire despite the low precision make this a nice
                  weapon. It is immune to enemy Flak cannons.
    -[ Particle Gatling Gun ]-
         RP Cost: 2
          Damage: 3
    Rate of Fire: 6
       Precision: 5
     Real Damage: 3 (83%)
        Category: Destructive
     Description: Decent damage, excellent refire and very good precision make this
                  the best Gatling Gun available.
    -[ SilverLance Laser ]-
         RP Cost: 6
          Damage: 6
    Rate of Fire: 5
       Precision: 5
     Real Damage: 5 (83%)
        Category: Tactical
     Description: Excellent damage, very good refire and precision. The absolute
                  best anti-device weapon. Capable of inflicting minor hull damage
                  on a ship without shields.
    -[ Sliver Gatling Gun ]-
         RP Cost: 1
          Damage: 2
    Rate of Fire: 6
       Precision: 5
     Real Damage: 2 (83%)
        Category: Destructive
     Description: Excellent refire and precision coupled with decent damage make
                  this one of the better Gatling Guns.
    -[ SpaceTech Laser Gun ]-
         RP Cost: 2
          Damage: 1
    Rate of Fire: 6
       Precision: 4
     Real Damage: 1 (66%)
        Category: Tactical
     Description: Anti-Device weapon. Better than an Astronomical Laser.
    -[ Thornbird Light Laser ]-
         RP Cost: 1
          Damage: 2
    Rate of Fire: 6
       Precision: 6
     Real Damage: 2 (100%)
        Category: Tactical
     Description: Anti-Device weapon. Excellent refire and precision.
    -[ Whitelight Heavy Laser ]-
         RP Cost: 2
          Damage: 4
    Rate of Fire: 5
       Precision: 5
     Real Damage: 3.33 (83%)
        Category: Tactical
     Description: Anti-Device weapon. Good damage, very good refire and precision.
                  One of the best Anti-Device weapons.
    --> IV-b.  Heavy Weapons                                                 SEQ01B
    These are the big boys in the world of weapons. The most powerful and
    destructive weapons will be listed here.
    Remember, missiles and torpedoes require ammo. Without it, they'll be useless.
    Think of that when choosing them.
    -[ Big Bang Missile ]-
         RP Cost: 8
          Damage: 6
    Rate of Fire: 2
       Precision: 6
     Real Damage: 2 (100%)
        Category: Area
     Description: The ultimate missile. Awesome damage, 100% accuracy. Decent
                  refire. Massive blast radius capable of destroying multiple
                  ships, if caught in the blast.
    -[ Crisis Energy Torpedo ]-
         RP Cost: 6
          Damage: 6
    Rate of Fire: 2
       Precision: 1
     Real Damage: 2 (16%)
        Category: Anti-Shield
     Description: Excellent damage. Poor precision so it should only be used
                  against large or stationary targets.
    -[ Diffuse Missile ]-
         RP Cost: 3
          Damage: 4
    Rate of Fire: 2
       Precision: 6
     Real Damage: 1.33 (100%)
        Category: Area
     Description: Very powerful anti-hull missile. Good refire for a missile, 100%
                  accurate. Massive blast radius.
    -[ Ion Scream Bomb ]-
         RP Cost: 8
          Damage: 6
    Rate of Fire: 1
       Precision: 6
     Real Damage: 1 (100%)
        Category: Area (Anti-Shield)
     Description: The most powerful of the energy bombs. Excellent damage with an
                  absolutely massive blast radius. Very slow refire.
    -[ Linear Gatling Gun ]-
         RP Cost: 2
          Damage: 1
    Rate of Fire: 5
       Precision: 3
     Real Damage: 0.83 (50%)
        Category: Destructive
     Description: The weakest of the Gatling Guns. Good refire, extremely low
                  damage and mediocre accuracy. Don't use if possible.
    -[ Magma Plasma Gun ]-
         RP Cost: 2
          Damage: 4
    Rate of Fire: 3
       Precision: 1
     Real Damage: 2 (16%)
        Category: Destructive
     Description: This is the most basic Plasma Gun. Good damage, but with only
                  decent refire and horrible precision.
    -[ Nova Plasma Gun ]-
         RP Cost: 6
          Damage: 6
    Rate of Fire: 3
       Precision: 2
     Real Damage: 3 (33%)
        Category: Destructive
     Description: Excellent damage, decent refire and precision. The best Plasma
                  Gun there is.
    -[ Overload Energy Bomb ]-
         RP Cost: 4
          Damage: 4
    Rate of Fire: 1
       Precision: 6
     Real Damage: 0.66 (100%)
        Category: Area (Anti-Shield)
     Description: Very powerful anti-shield bomb with a massive blast radius.
                  Capable of knocking out shields of all ships near the blast.
    -[ Pulsar Missile ]-
         RP Cost: 6
          Damage: 5
    Rate of Fire: 2
       Precision: 6
     Real Damage: 1.66 (100%)
        Category: Area
     Description: Very high damage, huge blast radius, 100% accuracy.
    -[ Rad Energy Bomb ]-
         RP Cost: 6
          Damage: 5
    Rate of Fire: 1
       Precision: 6
     Real Damage: 0.83 (100%)
        Category: Area (Anti-Shield)
     Description: Very good damage, 100% accuracy. Massive blast radius. Capable of
                  knocking down all ships shields within the blast radius.
    -[ Tornado Autolock Missile ]-
         RP Cost: 3
          Damage: 3
    Rate of Fire: 1
       Precision: 6
     Real Damage: 0.5 (100%)
        Category: Area
     Description: A basic missile with good damage and excellent accuracy. Its
                  extremely low refire is its only downfall. Good missile.
    -[ Tremor Torpedo ]-
         RP Cost: 6
          Damage: 6
    Rate of Fire: 4
       Precision: 4
     Real Damage: 4 (66%)
        Category: Destructive
     Description: Immensely powerful torpedo with good refire and precision.
    -[ Uranium Gatling Gun ]-
         RP Cost: 2
          Damage: 1
    Rate of Fire: 6
       Precision: 4
     Real Damage: 1 (66%)
        Category: Destructive
     Description: The standard Gatling Gun. Not very powerful, but an extremely
                  high refire rate with decent precision make up for that.
    -[ Volcano Plasma Gun ]-
         RP Cost: 4
          Damage: 5
    Rate of Fire: 3
       Precision: 1
     Real Damage: 2.5 (16%)
        Category: Destructive
     Description: Very good damage, decent refire, poor accuracy. Still a very
                  powerful weapon. Better than the Magma Plasma Gun.
    --> IV-c.  Special Weapons                                               SEQ01C
    These are the special weapons. Flak Systems, Energy Skeeters and Disruptors
    make up this category.
    Flak Systems are anti-squadron weapons. They only attack enemy squadrons.
    Bigger is always better. Flak Systems are all automatic, and will fire on enemy
    squadrons, missiles and rescue pods regardless of the behaviour setting (with
    the exception of firing on rescue pods -- the behaviour does determine that).
    The Energy Skeeter is an anti-Mechanoid weapon. There is only one type. Most
    ships can only mount one.
    The Disruptor is an anti-EntityWormhole weapon. There is only one type. Mission
    specific weapon, far as I know.
    -[ Blinder ]-
         RP Cost: 4
          Damage: 0
    Rate of Fire: 1
       Precision: 6
     Description: Sensor-jamming weapon. Blinds enemy sensors. Aids stealth.
    -[ Energy Skeeter ]-
         RP Cost: 3
          Damage: 3
    Rate of Fire: 5
       Precision: 6
     Real Damage: 2.5 (100%)
        Category: Tactical (Anti-Mechanoid)
     Description: The only weapon to use against Mechanoids. Drains their power,
                  essentially destroying them.
    -[ Laser Ring Flak System ]-
         RP Cost: 2
          Damage: 2
    Rate of Fire: 6
       Precision: 3
     Real Damage: 2 (50%)
     Description: Better than the SpaceTech system.
    -[ LaserGlobe Flak System ]-
         RP Cost: 4
          Damage: 2
    Rate of Fire: 6
       Precision: 4
     Real Damage: 2 (66%)
     Description: Decent damage, excellent refire and good precision. Better than
                  Laser Ring.
    -[ LaserNet Flak System ]-
         RP Cost: 6
          Damage: 3
    Rate of Fire: 6
       Precision: 4
     Real Damage: 3 (66%)
     Description: The best Flak system you can get.
    -[ SpaceTech Flak System ]-
         RP Cost: 2
          Damage: 1
    Rate of Fire: 6
       Precision: 3
     Real Damage: 1 (50%)
     Description: Excellent refire rate, coupled with good precision make this a
                  good weapon, despite its low damage.
    --> IV-d.  Shields                                                       SEQ01D
    Shields are quite an important asset when you're traveling the depths of
    space. Everyone has them, and so should you. They come in different sizes and
    types, but for these, the bigger the better holds true.
    When looking at shields, Integrity and Defense are the two main factors.
    Emissions also play a role, but for the most part, you can safely ignore that.
    You want Defense first and foremost, but Integrity is needed, too. So aim for a
    balance of both. But really, just get the newest, biggest one you can ;)
    -[ Hidron Shield, Big ]-
        RP Cost: 4
        Defense: 3
      Integrity: 3
       Emission: 4
    Description: Basic energy shield. Better than nothing.
    -[ Integrity Shield, Small ]-
        RP Cost: 6
        Defense: 2
      Integrity: 4
       Emission: 5
    Description: The best small shield.
    -[ Integrity Shield, Big ]-
        RP Cost: 7
        Defense: 4
      Integrity: 5
       Emission: 5
    Description: The best large shield.
    -[ Jamming Shield, Small ]-
        RP Cost: 5
        Defense: 2
      Integrity: 2
       Emission: 3
    Description: Small energy shield, better than Layer Shields.
    -[ Jamming Shield, Big ]-
        RP Cost: 6
        Defense: 4
      Integrity: 4
       Emission: 3
    Description: Large energy shield, better than Layer Shields.
    -[ Layer Shield, Small ]-
        RP Cost: 5
        Defense: 2
      Integrity: 2
       Emission: 4
    Description: Small energy shield. Better than Hidron shields.
    -[ Layer Shield, Big ]-
        RP Cost: 6
        Defense: 4
      Integrity: 4
       Emission: 4
    Description: Large energy shield. Better than Hidron shields.
    --> IV-e.  Weapon Generators                                             SEQ01E
    The weapon generators provide power to your weapon systems. Without one, you
    would be unable to fire any of your weapons, which is a really bad situation.
    With these, bigger is always better.
    -[ Battle FireCloud Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 5
     Efficiency: 4
           Size: Large
       Emission: 0
    Description: Large weapon generator.
    -[ Battle FireStorm Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 7
     Efficiency: 5
           Size: Large
       Emission: 0
    Description: The best Battleship class FireStorm Generator.
    -[ Combat FireCloud Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 5
     Efficiency: 3
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 0
    Description: Medium weapon generator.
    -[ Combat FireStorm Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 7
     Efficiency: 4
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 0
    Description: The best Medium weapon generator.
    -[ Tactical FireCloud Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 5
     Efficiency: 2
           Size: Small
       Emission: 0
    Description: Small weapon generator.
    -[ Tactical FireStorm Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 7
     Efficiency: 3
           Size: Small
       Emission: 0
    Description: The best Small weapon generator.
    -[ Weapon Energy Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 4
     Efficiency: 2
           Size: Small
       Emission: 0
    Description: Standard Small Weapon Generator.
    -[ Weapon Energy Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 4
     Efficiency: 3
           Size: Large
       Emission: 0
    Description: Standard Large Weapon Generator.
    --> IV-f.  Other Generators                                              SEQ01F
    These are basically secondary generators. They're optional equipment, but
    generally, you should have at least one.
    Support Generators generate extra energy for your ship, and power non-combat
    systems. Bigger (more efficient) generators generate more power and recharge
    Cells more quickly. Mounting more than one doubles the power and recharge.
    Secondary Generators are backup generators. They compliment their bigger
    brother main generators.
    With these, bigger is always better.
    -[ L1 Fusion Support Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 4
     Efficiency: 2
           Size: Small
       Emission: 0
    Description: Small Fusion support generator.
     -[ L2 Fusion Support Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 4
     Efficiency: 3
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 0
    Description: Medium Fusion support generator. Better than the standard one.
    -[ L3 Fusion Support Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 4
     Efficiency: 4
           Size: Large
       Emission: 0
    Description: Large Fusion support generator.
    -[ L1 Quark Support Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 6
     Efficiency: 3
           Size: Small
       Emission: 0
    Description: Best small support generator.
    -[ L2 Quark Support Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 6
     Efficiency: 4
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 0
    Description: Best medium support generator.
    -[ L3 Quark Support Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 6
     Efficiency: 5
           Size: Large
       Emission: 0
    Description: Best large support generator.
    -[ Secondary FireCloud Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 4
     Efficiency: 2
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 0
    Description: Secondary medium weapon generator.
    -[ Secondary Firepower Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 6
     Efficiency: 3
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 0
    Description: The best secondary weapons generator.
    -[ Support Generator ]-
        RP Cost: 3
     Efficiency: 1
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 0
    Description: Standard Support generator.
    --> IV-g.  Energy Cells                                                  SEQ01G
    Energy Cells are the batteries for your ship. Yep, even way in the future we
    still need batteries. These store up power from your Support Generators. The
    more (and larger) cells you have, the longer you can overpower your systems.
    -[ Crystal Cell ]-
        RP Cost: 6
     Efficiency: 6
           Size: Small
       Emission: 0
    Description: Stores huge amounts of energy. Very slow to recharge.
    -[ Electron Cell ]-
        RP Cost: 2
     Efficiency: 2
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 0
    Description: Better than standard Energy Cells.
    -[ Energy Cell ]-
        RP Cost: 1
     Efficiency: 1
           Size: Small
       Emission: 0
    Description: Standard Energy Cell. Better than nothing.
    -[ Plasma Cell ]-
        RP Cost: 4
     Efficiency: 4
           Size: Small
       Emission: 0
    Description: Better than Electron Cells.
    --> IV-h.  Supports                                                      SEQ01H
    Supports are just that, they support your ship in one way or another. These are
    items like Sensors, ECM systems, ECCM systems and so forth.
    For Sensors, you generally want the most powerful one you can find (Efficiency
    = power). Sometimes, however, when you want to remain undetected for longer,
    Emissions are key (get one with low emission). Otherwise, as I said, just get
    yourself one with the most Efficiency.
    ECM systems are Electronic Counter-Measure systems. These systems mess with
    enemy sensors and scanners, basically confusing them about where your ship is
    and what's in it. Once again, Efficiency is the determining factor, when that's
    higher, it's a better ECM. But if you need to be stealthy, pick one with low
    ECCM systems are Electronic Counter-Counter-Measure systems. These systems
    specifically target the ECM systems on enemy ships and render them useless.
    Higher Efficiency means more range and more effectiveness.
    -[ Advanced Sensor Array ]-
        RP Cost: 4
     Efficiency: 4
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 3
       Category: Sensor
    Description: Advanced Sensors. Better than Standard.
    -[ Advanced Targeting System ]-
        RP Cost: 6
     Efficiency: 4
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 0
       Category: Combat
    Description: Advanced ECCM System.
    -[ Cloaking Device Prototype ]-
        RP Cost: N/A
     Efficiency: 5
           Size: Large
       Emission: 0
       Category: Combat
    Description: The Angelwing is mounted with this device when Commander
                 Sweetwater joins up with us. With it, the Angelwing is the only
                 ship in the Human fleet that can cloak. It mimics Ghost technology
                 and only Commander Sweetwater can operate it. As it is a prototype
                 there are some limitations to its abilities and it is not a
                 perfect cloak.
    -[ Palantir Sensor System ]-
        RP Cost: 5
     Efficiency: 6
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 3
       Category: Sensor
    Description: The best sensors you can get.
    -[ Sensor Array ]-
        RP Cost: 2
     Efficiency: 2
           Size: Small
       Emission: 3
       Category: Sensor
    Description: Standard Sensor Array. Better than ST Sensor Array.
    -[ SpaceTech ECM System ]-
        RP Cost: 3
     Efficiency: 2
           Size: Small
       Emission: 3
       Category: Combat
    Description: Standard basic ECM system.
    -[ ST Sensor Array ]-
        RP Cost: 1
     Efficiency: 1
           Size: Small
       Emission: 3
       Category: Sensor
    Description: The most basic of Sensor Arrays. Better than nothing.
    -[ Standard ECM System ]-
        RP Cost: 4
     Efficiency: 3
           Size: Small
       Emission: 3
       Category: Combat
    Description: Standard ECM. Better than SpaceTech model.
    -[ Standard ECCM System ]-
        RP Cost: 4
     Efficiency: 2
           Size: Small
       Emission: 0
       Category: Combat
    Description: Standard ECCM System. Doesn't get more basic.
    -[ Torsion ECM System ]-
        RP Cost: 6
     Efficiency: 5
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 3
       Category: Combat
    Description: Best ECM system available. Very good efficiency with decent
    --> IV-i.  Data Scanners                                                 SEQ01I
    I'm not sure why Data Scanners has its own category. They're basically sensors
    like any other, but you actually have to tell your ship to use them. They often
    can reveal more detailed information about a ship.
    There's only one Data Scanner. It can only be mounted on ships with a Data
    Scanner slot. When you use it, your ship has to drop its shields, so be
    They're also handy to use to reveal all the devices on a ship. If a ship has a
    good ECM system (or you don't have an ECCM system) you sometimes cannot get a
    complete list of devices on a ship. Just hit them with the Data Scanner and
    you'll get a complete list. For short scans like this, the shields aren't
    dropped. But you have no way to tell if the shields will be dropped, so be
    careful nonetheless.
    -[ Data Scanner ]-
        RP Cost: 5
      Precision: 5
    Description: The Data Scanner. Used to reveal detailed info on a target.
    --> IV-j.  Main Engines                                                  SEQ01J
    Main Engines are your ships primary source of propulsion. These are the fastest
    engines you can get. If your Main Engines are damaged or destroyed, worry not,
    because all ships are equipped with Secondary Engines. Though slower, they are
    most definitely better than nothing!
    Main Engines come in a variety of types. Speed is obviously the major
    determining factor, however once again, if you need to be stealthy, then you
    need to pay attention to Emissions as well.
    Small engines are only for small class ships, while large engines are for
    larger ships. Destroyers are small. Cruisers, Corvettes, Missile Frigates,
    Support Ships and Battleships are Large. Angelwing is a Cruiser, by the way.
    When choosing engines, remember Speed is paramount, but low Emissions is very
    helpful, too. Generally "bigger is better" holds true, for the most part.
    -[ Antimatter Engine ]-
        RP Cost: 9
          Speed: 6
           Size: Large
       Emission: 1
    Description: The best large engine you can get. Rare, but awesome.
    -[ Chemical Engine ]-
        RP Cost: 5
          Speed: 2
           Size: Small
       Emission: 3
    Description: Standard small engine. Slow.
    -[ Chemical Engine ]-
        RP Cost: 5
          Speed: 2
           Size: Large
       Emission: 3
    Description: Standard large engine. Slow.
    -[ Fusion Engine ]-
        RP Cost: 5
          Speed: 4
           Size: Small
       Emission: 2
    Description: Good speed, low emissions. Better than Ionstream.
    -[ Fusion Engine ]-
        RP Cost: 5
          Speed: 4
           Size: Large
       Emission: 2
    Description: Good speed, low emissions. Better than Ionstream.
    -[ Ionstream Engine ]-
        RP Cost: 4
          Speed: 3
           Size: Small
       Emission: 4
    Description: Decent speed, high emissions. Better than Chemical.
    -[ Ionstream Engine ]-
        RP Cost: 4
          Speed: 3
           Size: Large
       Emission: 4
    Description: Decent speed, high emissions. Better than Chemical.
    -[ LightRider Engine ]-
        RP Cost: 9
          Speed: 6
           Size: Small
       Emission: 3
    Description: The best small engine you can get. Fastest there is.
    -[ Plasmatorch Engine ]-
        RP Cost: 7
          Speed: 5
           Size: Small
       Emission: 5
    Description: High speed but high Emissions.
    -[ Plasmastream Engine ]-
        RP Cost: 7
          Speed: 5
           Size: Large
       Emission: 5
    Description: High speed but high Emissions.
     --> IV-k.  Secondary Engines                                            SEQ01K
    Due to the hazards, risks and inherent dangers of space, all space-faring ships
    are equipped with Secondary Engines in the event the Main Engines go offline
    for any reason. While much slower than Main Engines, you won't get home soon...
    but it's better than not getting home at all, now isn't it?
    Secondary Engines also help in maneuvering. You generally want to match up the
    Secondary Engines with the Main Engines. So if you have Fusion Engines for your
    Main Engines, then you should have a Secondary Fusion Engine.
    When you pick them, look for the same stuff as you would Main Engines. Just
    remember that they're slow and merely backup Engines.
    -[ Sec. Chemical Engine ]-
        RP Cost: 2
          Speed: 1
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 3
    Description: Basic Secondary Engine. Better than Ionstream.
    -[ Sec. Fusion Engine ]-
        RP Cost: 3
          Speed: 2
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 3
    Description: Good speed, decent emissions. Better than Chemical.
    -[ Sec. Ionstream Engine ]-
        RP Cost: 2
          Speed: 1
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 4
    Description: High emissions. Chemical better in this case.
    -[ Sec. Plasma Engine ]-
        RP Cost: 4
          Speed: 2
           Size: Medium
       Emission: 4
    Description: Good speed, high emissions. Fusion is better.
    --> IV-l.  Special Engines                                               SEQ01L
    Special Engines are special-use engines. As far as I know, there are only two
    Special Engines you can pick, one for large ships and one for small ships.
    Basically, though, they do the same thing.
    You have Combat or Deflection engines, the former for large ships while the
    latter is for smaller ships. These engines allow the ship to rotate on its axis
    (which helps to keep devices out of an enemy's line of sight, thereby getting
    less damage). They also help in speedy maneuvering.
    All ships should have a Combat or Deflection engine!
    -[ Combat Drive ]-
     RP Cost: 4
       Speed: 2
        Size: Medium
    Emission: 4
    -[ Deflection Engine ]-
     RP Cost: 4
       Speed: 3
        Size: Small
    Emission: 4
    -[ Stealth Drive ]-
     RP Cost: N/A
       Speed: 3
        Size: Medium
    Emission: 1
        Info: This is the stealth drive mounted on the Angelwing. You can't add it
              yourself, it's given to you. It cannot be removed. Perfect when
              cloaked. Average speed, but very low emissions.
    --> IV-m.  Squadrons                                                     SEQ01M
    These guys are your fighters, bombers, gunboats and commandos. Each has their
    own purpose, and you shouldn't be without them. In the single player campaign,
    there are missions that you cannot beat without squadrons, so don't neglect
    Fighters are your space-superiority force. They can take down enemy fighters,
    missiles and torpedoes, as well as harass larger ships. They are only effective
    against larger ships if the ships shields are down. Fast and lightly armored.
    Bombers are for attacking large ships. They carry some pretty powerful punch
    for such a little package. Their bombs can penetrate shields. Slow, but heavily
    Gunboats are tactical fighters. They attack a ships devices. Their weapons are
    powerful and can penetrate enemy shields. Slower than Fighters, but more
    heavily armored. You can also use them to harass enemy fighters.
    Commandos (Space Marines, Cyborgs) are your Special Forces. When you need to
    get a force of men on an enemy ship, be it for rescue or sabotage, these are
    the guys you call out. The ship they use is unarmed and lightly armored though,
    so flaks and/or enemy squadrons can take them down easily. Guard them. If you
    can't take out all the flaks or fighters, use your own squadrons as cannon
    fodder (launch them first).
    -[ Commando Squad ]-
          RP Cost: 1
    Docking Slots: 5
           Damage: 4
     Rate of Fire: 0
        Precision: 6
      Description: Commandos. Better than Space Marines.
    -[ Cyborg Squad ]-
          RP Cost: 1
    Docking Slots: 5
           Damage: 5
     Rate of Fire: 0
        Precision: 6
      Description: Cyborg Commandos. Better than regular Commandos.
    -[ Flash Fighter ]-
          RP Cost: 4
    Docking Slots: 4
           Damage: 4
     Rate of Fire: 0
        Precision: 5
      Description: Better than Spark fighters. More powerful and accurate.
    -[ Gemini Fighter ]-
          RP Cost: 2
    Docking Slots: 3
           Damage: 2
     Rate of Fire: 0
        Precision: 4
      Description: Basic fighters. Low damage, good precision.
    -[ Meteor Bomber ]-
          RP Cost: 3
    Docking Slots: 8
           Damage: 3
     Rate of Fire: 0
        Precision: 4
      Description: Bombers. They make ships go boom. As this is the only class of
                   bombers in the game, they are obviously the best!
    -[ Scythe Gunboat ]-
          RP Cost: 6
    Docking Slots: 6
           Damage: 4
     Rate of Fire: 0
        Precision: 5
      Description: The best gunboats.
    -[ Sickle Gunboat ]-
          RP Cost: 3
    Docking Slots: 6
           Damage: 3
     Rate of Fire: 0
        Precision: 4
      Description: Basic gunboats. Decent damage, good precision.
    -[ Space Marines ]-
          RP Cost: 1
    Docking Slots: 4
           Damage: 3
     Rate of Fire: 0
        Precision: 6
      Description: Basic commando squadron.
    -[ Spark Fighter ]-
          RP Cost: 2
    Docking Slots: 4
           Damage: 3
     Rate of Fire: 0
        Precision: 4
      Description: Decent damage, good precision. Better than Gemini Fighters.
    ==> V.  A L T E R N A T E   S T R A T E G I E S                           SAS01
    Here you will find all of the Alternate Strategies for some of the missions.
    These strategies are submitted by lots of different people, and they are not
    Please do not contact me regarding the strategies listed here. They are not
    mine. Contact the person who wrote the strategy (if contact information is
    --> V-a.  Shukenja Beta                                                  SAS01A
    -[ Submitted by Vapor ]-
    Before scanning the base destory the 3 platforms, it still completes the
    objective. Then use the 4 min that the alien ai gives you to datascan the alien
    artifact again after it starts attacking you, it will give you another secret.
    --> V-b.  The Mechanoid                                                  SAS01B
    -[ Submitted by Pearce ]-
    You can get this wrong very very easily. You need to keep your distance (and
    that of the battle) from the Mechanoid or it gets enough energy from the ship
    emissions in combat to activate earlier than desired. Angel returns early as
    well. It then attacks your ship and kills you in a heartbeat. Attack the Gorgs
    early. I found I was being reamed because I was letting the Gorgs come to me,
    which meant they got to the mechanoid body at weapons range and the battle took
    place in close proximity to the mechanoid.
    [Ed. Note: While I've never had any problems with this mission on any of the
    difficulties, it seems at least one person wasn't so lucky. According to
    Pearce, this mission went to hell in a handbasket for him rather quickly. He
    gives some sound advice, so if my strategy doesn't work, give this a shot.]
    --> V-c.  The Fight For Earth                                            SAS01D
    -[ Submitted by Michael "Snowman" Keith <snwmnx(at)yahoo(dot)com> ]-
    Just keep in mind, I stuck to YOUR loadout when possible, taking these changes
    as priority:
    Sceptor: Using this as an artillary fighter
    Added a Bing Bang missle
    2 eleminator torpedo's
    1 Rad Energy bomb
    crystal cell
    plasma cell
    That takes up all of the RP I had.  For other people, they may not be able to
    pull the last plasma cell.  Keep all ranged weaponary already on the sceptor
    there, removing only the gatling guns and lasers or that sort of weaponary.
    Avalanche-Using this as an artillary fighter.
    2 Eliminator Torpedo
    Big Bang Missle
    Rad Energy Bomb
    Heavy weapon I added Tremor Torpedo
    Heavy weapon I added Tremor Torpedo
    Crystal-It already has so much on there as torpedo's, I decided to let this one
    deal out as much damage as it could, since RP are limited here.  Loadout for
    weapons looks like:
    Eliminator Torpedo
    Default weapon
    Tremor Torpedo
    All in all, I dont recall what I added, but I know in the end I wanted 3 elim
    torpedo, 2 tremor torpedo, and 3 of them were left as they came.  The weapons
    looked exactly as I listed above, in order, from top to bottom.
    All other ships I left the same, and if I had ANY RP left I went for what out
    of your config I could.  You had played it more than me, figured you knew what
    you were talking about.  :)
    Using this loadout, it is IMPERITIVE that you keep your main force around at
    LEAST 8k from the wormhole, and I kept my missle boats back 10k, so my
    battleships could take the biggest beating.  Don't forget to turn missles /
    torpedo's "on" on the ship options, or you will regret doing it this way.  :)
    After that, set them all to Focus Behavior, and attack the big ones first.
    Your blast radius is just so massive that you eat up the little ones as you go.
    Attacking one noah ship should take them all out.  Also, you may want to
    alternate which missle boat fires, as you do have a limited number of missles /
    torpedo's, and you DON'T wanna run out, lol.
    I did run out myself, and still won.  I had to fall back and meet
    reinforcments half way, while I was running I sent EVERY fighter / bomber /
    gunboat I had to attack the vardrag shields.  I didn't bother with the
    weapons, just the shields.  I was able to take them all down, and still had
    fighters left over to harrass the left over Gorg.  I have yet to play this
    mission without some gorg cruisers surviving and pecking at the collosus.
    Don't forget about it...
    ==> VI.  S H I P S                                                       SSHP01
    Ships are what Nexus is all about, so here we have an entire section devoted to
    all of the ships in the game. This section ONLY covers ships you can control in
    the Single Player Campaign. NPC ships are not included, nor is anything from
    Multiplayer included.
    Each ship has its own listing, which includes information such as the number of
    device slots and what type of devices can be mounted there and some other
    These ships are listed in order of appearance.
    ----[ Stiletto ]---------------------------------------------------------------
    The Stiletto was the first Stiletto class corvette built by SpaceTech
    Industries. Currently, there are over 50 Stiletto class corvettes in service.
    The ship is a medium-sized vessel with a decent assortment of device slots. It
    has 10 Docking Slots, which allow for only two Squadrons, however this is more
    than enough. Not the most powerful ship, but it can certainly hold its own.
     Device Slots: 14
    Docking Slots: 10
    01. Normal Weapons / Data Scanners        08. Other Generators / Supports
    02. Normal Weapons                        09. Supports
    03. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        10. Supports
    04. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        11. Supports
    05. Special Weapons                       12. Energy Cells
    06. Main Engines                          13. Energy Cells
    07. Secondary Engines                     14. Weapons Energy Generators
    ----[ Lightning & Madeline ]---------------------------------------------------
    The Lightning and Madeline are both light corvettes, similar to the Stiletto
    design. They are meant for support and recon roles. Versatile ships that can
    hold a wide assortment of devices.
     Device Slots: 13
    Docking Slots: ?
    01. Normal Weapons / Data Scanners        08. Supports
    02. Normal Weapons / Special Weapons      09. Supports
    03. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        10. Other Generators / Supports
    04. Special Weapons                       11. Energy Cells
    05. Main Engines                          12. Energy Cells
    06. Secondary Engines                     13. Weapons Energy Generators
    07. Supports
    <----[ Angelwing ]------------------------------------------------------------>
    The Angelwing is a cruiser sized ship of unknown origins. Originally discovered
    and/or created by the Kissaki Syndicate, it was stolen by SpaceTech Industries.
    It has many abilities including energy shielding, regenerative hull, and a
    Universe Technology Assimilator. It is upgraded with new technologies
    throughout the course of its journey.
     Device Slots: 24
    Docking Slots: 16
    01. Normal Weapons / Data Scanners        13. Special Engines
    02. Normal Weapons / Special Weapons      14. Special Engines (Stealth Drive)
    03. Normal Weapons                        15. Supports
    04. Normal Weapons                        16. Supports / Other Generators
    05. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        17. Supports / Other Generators
    06. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        18. Supports / Other Generators
    07. Special Weapons                       19. Cloaking Device Prototype
    08. Special Weapons                       20. Energy Cells
    09. Mechanoid Angel                       21. Energy Cells
    10. Shields                               22. Energy Cells
    11. Main Engines                          23. IP Drive           
    12. Secondary Engines                     24. Weapons Energy Generators
    Extra Information:
    - During the "Sneaking" mission: Cloaking Device Prototype is added at slot #18
      (shifting the rest of the slots down). The Stealth Drive is added (slot #13).
      Both cannot be removed.
    - During "The Siege of Avalon" mission: Mechanoid Angel added at slot #09,
      shifting the rest of the slots down.
    Device Limitations:
    - Shields: "Big" size only.
    - Support Generators: L2 only
    - Main Engines: Medium sized only
    - Special Engines: Combat Drive only
    - Weapons Energy Generators: Standard or Combat types only
    <----[ Brutus ]--------------------------------------------------------------->
    The Brutus is a Scout Destroyer, commanded by Rudolf Veltman, the
    psychologist brought on board to analyze Angel. Essentially a larger version of
    the Stiletto in many respects, though somewhat smaller in size. Better engines
    and shields than the SpaceTech equivelents would've had. IP Drives come
     Device Slots: 17
    Docking Slots: 9
    01. Data Scanners                         10. Supports
    02. Normal Weapons / Special Weapons      11. Supports
    03. Normal Weapons                        12. Other Generators / Supports
    04. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        13. Other Generators / Supports
    05. Special Weapons                       14. Energy Cells
    06. Shields                               15. Energy Cells
    07. Main Engines                          16. IP Drive
    08. Secondary Engines                     17. Weapons Energy Generators
    09. Special Engines
    Device Limitations:
    - Shields: "Small" size only
    - Support Generators: L1 only
    - Special Engines: Deflection Engine only
    - Main Engines: Small sized only
    - Weapons Energy Generators: Standard or Tactical types only
    <----[ Sparta ]--------------------------------------------------------------->
    The Sparta is a Tactical Destroyer, commanded by Francis Delorian. The ship
    serves in a supporting role, initially equipped with device-destroying weapons.
    Nearly identical to the Brutus in all respects. Comes equipped with a
    Whitelight Heavy Laser at slot 01 which cannot be removed.
     Device Slots: 17
    Docking Slots: 9
    01. Whitelight Heavy Laser                10. Supports
    02. Normal Weapons / Special Weapons      11. Supports
    03. Normal Weapons                        12. Other Generators / Supports
    04. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        13. Other Generators / Supports
    05. Special Weapons                       14. Energy Cells
    06. Shields                               15. Energy Cells
    07. Main Engines                          16. IP Drive
    08. Secondary Engines                     17. Weapons Energy Generators
    09. Special Engines
    Device Limitations:
    - Shields: "Small" size only
    - Support Generators: L1 only
    - Special Engines: Deflection Engine only
    - Main Engines: Small sized only
    - Weapons Energy Generators: Standard or Tactical types only
    <----[ Avalanche ]------------------------------------------------------------>
    The Avalanche is a Heavy Cruiser. Nearly the same size as the Angelwing and
    with comparable arrament options. Because of the special devices that the
    Angelwing receives, the Avalanche will end up with more available weapon slots.
     Device Slots: 22
    Docking Slots: 14
    01. Normal Weapons                        12. Special Engines
    02. Normal Weapons / Special Weapons      13. Special Engines
    03. Normal Weapons                        14. Supports
    04. Normal Weapons                        15. Other Generators / Supports
    05. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        16. Other Generators / Supports
    06. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        17. Other Generators / Supports
    07. Special Weapons                       18. Energy Cells
    08. Special Weapons                       19. Energy Cells
    09. Shields                               20. Energy Cells
    10. Main Engines                          21. IP Drive
    11. Secondary Engines                     22. Weapons Energy Generators
    Device Limitations:
    - Shields: "Big" size only.
    - Support Generators: L2 only
    - Main Engines: Medium sized only
    - Special Engines: Combat Drive only
    - Weapons Energy Generators: Standard or Combat types only
    <----[ Guardian ]------------------------------------------------------------->
    The Guardian is a Battleship -- the largest combat vessel in the Human fleet.
    It is an absolutely massive ship with eight weapon slots! The Guardian comes
    equipped with a Siege Laser; the most powerful weapon available. It's a slower
    ship, and may require additional defense at times, but it is capable of
    delivering a stunning amount of firepower. It also has a massive fighter bay
    with 24 docking slots, which is capable of housing 3-6 squadrons.
     Device Slots: 29
    Docking Slots: 24
    01. Normal Weapons                        16. Special Engines
    02. Normal Weapons / Special Weapons      17. Supports
    03. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        18. Other Generators / Suppports
    04. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        19. Other Generators / Suppports
    05. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        20. Other Generators / Suppports
    06. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        21. Other Generators / Suppports
    07. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        22. Energy Cells
    08. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        23. Energy Cells
    09. Siege Laser                           24. Energy Cells
    10. Special Weapons                       25. Energy Cells
    11. Special Weapons                       26. Energy Cells
    12. Shields                               27. Energy Cells
    13. Main Engines                          28. IP Drive
    14. Secondary Engines                     29. Weapons Energy Generators
    15. Special Engines
    Device Limitations:
    - Shields: "Big" size only
    - Support Generators: L3 only (slot 21 takes an L2 only)
    - Main Engines: Large size only
    - Special Engines: Combat Drive only
    - Weapons Energy Generators: Standard or Battle types only
    <----[ Colossus ]------------------------------------------------------------->
    The Colossus is a Support Ship and as its name implies -- it's huge. Colossal.
    Just plain massive. It's not designed for combat, but it does have room for
    some weapons, definitely to be used in a defensive manner, or as a long range
    missile boat. It is the only ship capable of mounting the Fort Shield. As the
    ship is just plain large, it moves incredibly slow and is extremely vulnerable
    to attack because of this. This is also the first ship to get the experiemental
    Anti-Mechanoid Fortress Shield. Along with everything else, it has the largest
    docking bay in the fleet with a total of 30 slots. Enough for 6+ squadrons to
    easily fit.
     Device Slots: 27
    Docking Slots: 30
    01. Normal Weapons                        15. Supports
    02. Normal Weapons / Special Weapons      16. Other Generators / Supports
    03. Normal Weapons                        17. Other Generators / Supports
    04. Normal Weapons                        18. Energy Cells
    05. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        19. Energy Cells
    06. Normal Weapons / Heavy Weapons        20. Energy Cells
    07. Special Weapons                       21. Energy Cells
    08. Special Weapons                       22. Energy Cells
    09. Special Weapons                       23. Energy Cells
    10. Special Weapons                       24. Energy Cells
    11. Shields / Fort Shields                25. Energy Cells
    12. Main Engines                          26. IP Drive
    13. Secondary Engines                     27. Weapons Energy Generators
    14. Supports
    Device Limitations:
    - Support Generators: L3 only
    - Main Engines: Large size only
    - Weapons Energy Generators: Standard or Battle types only
    ==> VII.  G L O S S A R Y   O F   T E R M S                              SGLS01
    There are a lot of acronyms, abbreviations and perhaps simply words you don't
    recognize used throughout the game and this guide. I've written up a small
    glossary section that lists these items and their definitions. These
    definitions are meant to be as simplistic as possible. I know some of the terms
    could be explained better, more fully and with total accuracy, however, for the
    casual gamer this information is irrelevant and generally unwanted. If you
    really know the quantum physics to wormholes, great. I don't mean to be rude,
    but I don't care. It doesn't apply to this guide.
    Electronic Countermeasure. This is a device that jams or otherwise hampers the
    usability of electronic sensing and tracking devices. Basically this means it
    makes stuff harder to detect and can jam targetting systems, like those on
    Electronic Counter-Countermeasure. This is a device thats sole purpose is to
    disable or reduce the functionality of ECM systems.
    IP Drive
    Interplanetary Drive. This is a sub-lightspeed drive system used within solar
    systems (known as Sectors in the game). With this drive technology, trips that
    would take months or even years can be reduced to days or weeks.
    Plasma is the fourth state of matter. Matter can be gaseous (like air), liquid
    (like water), solid (like wood) or Plasma. Plasma is a high energy state of
    matter and is only found in space or controlled environments. In the game,
    plasma is used as a engine technology and a destructive force.
    Without getting into quantum physics, I'll try to explain wormholes simply. A
    wormhole is a passage in subspace between two points in normal space. Wormholes
    allow nearly instantaneous, faster-than-light travel. The only real downside to
    this is that you need a wormhole at your departure and destination points.
    ==> VIII.  E - M A I L   A N D   S U B M I S S I O N S                   SSUB01
    Alright, in an effort to keep myself from getting a clogged inbox, here's a
    quick E-Mail policy and a guideline to submitting stuff to me. PLEASE read this
    before E-Mailing me.
    Be SURE to include "Nexus: The Jupiter Incident FAQ" in the subject of your e-
    mail. I'll instantly delete any e-mails without that!
    What You Can E-Mail
    -> Additions (new information) for anything not included in the FAQ.
    -> Corrections (spelling errors, incorrect information, etc.)
    -> Questions regarding Nexus and this FAQ. (Please read through the FAQ to see
       if your question has already be answered before E-Mailing me. If something
       is already covered in the FAQ, I will NOT reply!)
    -> Constructive criticism. Don't flame me. I'll delete the mail and block your
       address. However, if you wish to tell me how I could improve the guide, or
       how you think something should be done, go right ahead. But again, DON'T
       FLAME ME, you'll get NO RESPONSE.
    What You CANNOT E-Mail
    -> Flames. Personal insults and the likes. Don't bother. These type of E-Mails
       will immediately be deleted and your E-Mail address blocked. Continued
       attempts at harassment of any form will be forwarded to your ISP.
    -> Questions on stuff already in the FAQ. READ THE FAQ. Don't mail me questions
       that I've already covered. These E-Mails will be deleted on sight! Repeated
       attempts will get your E-Mail blocked.
    -> Anything not related to this FAQ. I don't care, no exceptions. These E-Mails
       will be deleted. Repeated attempts will get your address blocked.
    -> Files. Attachments. I don't want any of your viruses, pictures, haikus or
       any of that stuff, sorry. Any E-Mails with attachments or files of ANY kind
       will immediately be deleted regardless of the content!
    -> Plagerism. Don't steal someone elses work and submit it as your own. First
       of all, that's stealing and it's wrong. Second of all, I don't want any
       grief because you stole someone elses work and now they're bitching at me
       because I gave you credit. So don't do it. I'll be more than happy to give
       up your e-mail address to the person you stole from.
    How and What to Submit
    If you have some information I don't have, or any corrections or whatever,
    please do submit them. If I include anything you've submitted, you will be
    given credit in the FAQ. If you do not wish to be listed in the document,
    please let me know. I will not be including E-Mail addresses with submissions
    unless you SPECIFICALLY ASK ME TO.
    A quick note on strategies. Since this game is a tactical game, and there are
    several ways of going about completing a mission, there are going to be lots of
    different strategies. I simply ask that you be as detailed as possible and that
    your strategy is UNIQUE. As in, DIFFERENT from mine (or any others)!
    Now here are some quick guidelines:
    -> ENGLISH ONLY PLEASE. I can't read any other languages (unfortunately) so
       please submit only in English. I'm pretty good at figuring out bad English,
       but try to be clear.
    -> BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE. Don't make me guess. I hate guessing. Please be
       as detailed as you can be. For equipment submissions and corrections, please
       include everything that I list (type, RPs, etc.). If you don't know some
       information, let me know. Again, I hate guessing, so don't make me do it!
    -> MAKE SURE IT'S NOT ALREADY IN THE FAQ. You should always check the FAQ
       thoroughly before submitting something, to make sure it's not already in
       there. Please, save both of us time, and check!
    -> I will include your name (or nickname) in the FAQ. I strongly believe credit
       should be given. I WILL NOT include your E-Mail address unless you
       SPECIFICALLY ASK ME TO. If you don't want to be mentioned at all, YOU MUST
       LET ME KNOW.
    Okay, well, that's about all there is. Follow these FEW simple rules and we'll
    both be happy! Please understand, I get lots of e-mail regarding the FAQs I
    write, so it may take a few days for me to respond. I promise I will respond
    (may take up to a week, though). So please be patient and don't spam me!
    Oh and in case you're too lazy to scroll back to the top (CTRL+HOME is easy) my
    e-mail address is: onevertigo1(at)gmail(dot)com
    ==> IX.  V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y                                    SVH01
    --> v1.3 - March 17, 2005 <---
    - Added "Ships" section, outlining the capabilities and configuration of all
      the ships you can control. Information is limited to the single player
      campaign and only the ships you gain direct control of.
    - Added this section and moved the Version History section near the end of the
    - Added "Game Controls" section to "The Interface" section. Lots of shortcuts
      and hotkeys I was missing out on. All mouse/keyboard shortcuts listed.
    - Updated "Saving the Scout" mission strategy to include more details.
    - Updated "The Siege of Avalon" mission strategy to include more details.
    - Updated "Alpha Gate" mission strategy; totally revised to include all of the
      information submitted by MouseNo4, NightStalker and Pierce.
    - Updated "Mechanoid Invasion" mission strategy to include more details.
    - Moved ALL Alternate Strategies to their own, new section. This was done to
      keep the guide as clean as possible. If you're having trouble with a mission,
      see the Alternate Strategies section!
    - Removed the "Alpha Gate" Alternate Strategies. These have been incorporated
      into the main strategy in the walkthrough. I found it to be more helpful and
      accurate to include all of their thoughts/ideas into the main strategy, as it
      makes the "Mechanoid Invasion" mission much easier and more tolerable. The
      strategy has, of course, been tested and verified by me, so it really does
    - Lots of corrections throughout the entire guide. Lots.
    --> v1.2 - January 23, 2005 <---
    - My E-Mail address has been changed! I've had issues with Walla sending to AOL
      servers (among other problems), so I had to change my address!
      The new address is: onevertigo1(at)yahoo(dot)com
    - Added a couple strategies for the Alpha Gate mission
      (thanks NightStalker and Pearce)
    - Added another strategy for the Shukenja Beta mission (thanks Vapor)
    - Added another strategy for the Fight For Earth mission
      (thanks to Michael "Snowman" Keith <snwmnx(at)yahoo(dot)com>)
    - Added some more info and a strategy for The Mechanoid mission (thanks Pearce)
    - Fixed up the preface to the Walkthrough section and added some new info to it
    - Cleaned up the Version History section
    --> v1.1 - December 5, 2004 <---
    - Added Search Codes to the Interface section (forgot them last time, oops)
    - Added an additional strategy for the "Alpha Gate" mission (thanks MouseNo4)
    - Updated the Submissions section
    - Updated the preface to the Walkthrough section (read it!!)
    --> v1.0 - November 25, 2004 <---
    - FAQ completed and released to the public.
    ==> X.  C R E D I T S  A N D   S P E C I A L   T H A N K S               SCST01
    This guide was written by and is Copyright (c) 2004-2006 Darrin Ackerman.
    Nexus: The Jupiter Incident is Copyright (c) 2004 Mithis Entertainment.
    First and foremost, a big THANK YOU to all the people on the GameFAQs message
    boards. They helped me immensely. They (probably unknowingly!) donated to the
    strategies I've come up with for this FAQ! You guys are great!
    -> Mech049, Martin Pagan, and the rest of you!
    The following people submitted information for this guide, so a big thanks to
    -> MouseNo4 - hepled to develop the "Alpha Gate" mission strategy
    -> NightStalker - hepled to develop the "Alpha Gate" mission strategy
    -> Pearce - hepled to develop the "Alpha Gate" mission strategy
    -> Vapor - Alternate strategy for the Shukenja Beta mission
    -> Michael "Snowman" Keith <snwmnx(at)yahoo(dot)com> - altnerate strategy for
       the Fight for Earth mission
    Next, much thanks to Mithis, cause.. well they made Nexus. Awesome game, good
    job guys.
    Let's not forget HD Interactive, for publishing Nexus! They saw the good that
    Nexus was, and brought it to us!
    Thanks to me! I wrote this! I painstakingly played the game (evil as it was at
    times) through several times. And because my computer (or maybe Nexus?) hates
    me so much, I couldn't ALT-TAB out while I was gathering information. So I had
    to write everything down in a notebook first and pen&paper sucks and it's like
    outdated and I shouldn't have to think that much and and... ARRRGHHH!! It
    sucked. No, I don't want a medal or a cookie or even a pat on the back. I had
    to rant. :)
    ------------------------------[ END OF DOCUMENT ]------------------------------

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