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"Thief III - Garrett is truely the Solid Snake of fantasy."

The rain pours down on your battered clothing. You rummage through your possessions and only find a dagger, a blackjack, and a few arrows. You're in the middle of a well guarded castle and you aren't on the invitation list. What's more is that after your little escapade of stealing the family jewel's, the guards aren't about to escort you outside nicely. You're on your own and have to make it out without being detected.

Game Play - 9/10

Having not played the previous two installments, I must say Thief is a very unique game. As Garrett, you have access to a wide variety of thief weaponry. There's your dagger, which you use for backstabbing and fighting, and your blackjack, which is effective for knocking out unsuspecting victims. You also have a wide variety of arrows at your disposal: water arrows put out fires and clean up blood on the floor that may have come from a nasty assassination, moss arrows cover the floor in a soft padding so that your footsteps don't make any noise and alert nearby guards, gas arrows which are effective for knocking out guards, and noisemaker arrows which are good for creating distractions and luring guards away from their posts. Of course, you also have normal arrows that are effective at sniping targets from far away.

You also get access to climbing gloves, which allow you scale walls and other obstacles in either stealth or if your on the run. You also have flash-bombs and many other tools to help distract and evade guards. Garrett is not the greatest fighter, so if you try to take on a guard head on with your dagger, you'll probably lose unless you use flash bombs and your other equipment wisely. Even so, fighting is not recommended. You have tools, so use them.

These tools sound great in theory, right? But you're probably wondering if they're really that effective on the landscape -- they are. Your environments are very interactive. Your movement creates noise that will attract guards attention, so you'll find yourself creeping and sneaking very often. You may bump over a barrel and have it tumble down some stairs by accident which will instantly give away your position. You can also pick up many objects and throw them to create noise for either distracting a target or getting their attention. Torches give off light which is very bad for you, so you'll want to use water arrows to put them out. The more shadows in the room, the less likely you are to get noticed. Even when there's an infinite light source, don't panic. Just creep along the while and you'll be fine. If you knock out of kill a guard, be sure to dispose of their body before anyone sees it, or you'll be in trouble! The environments is very interactive and is my favorite part of this game.

Story - 8/10

You play as Garrett, in a small town only known as The City. Your mission, if you choose to accept, is a simple one. You will take odd jobs from people all around town that involve stealing priceless gems and artifacts and you must do so without being detected. The game is very mission-based and after every mission you return to The City to restock your supplies and/or break into houses to rob them or mug people on the street -- just be sure to watch out for the guards! Along the way you'll uncover some interesting truths about the city and the various noble families who live there.

Graphics - 9/10

The graphics are very nice. The lighting effects are superb and the shadows they create are very flexible and move the way the objects and people move. There is a few graphic glitches, but nothing too major to take away from the game. There is a patch you can download to improve the graphics a bit and I recommend you do so.

Sound - 8/10

The voice-overs are great and add to the game very much. You'll hear guards muttering and talking to themselves that it can be fairly amusing as you sneak around the castle or wherever you are. Citizens on the street will also strike up a conversation and stop to talk to you or each other. The echo effects indoors are really nice and the narration by Garrett adds a nice story-telling element to the game.

Re-Playability - 10/10

This is the type of game you can play over and over. With such an interactive cast and environments, you'll find yourself just fooling around town when your bored and mugging people for their worth while evading guard capture. Or maybe you want to get captured and have some fun breaking out of prison. It's all great fun to you, eh?

Final Recommendation - 9/10

Buy this game if your a fan of fantasy, stealth, or even just a game fan in general. The different elements of this game can appeal to all gamers alike. I myself am going to try to buy the previous two games so I can experience more fun with Garrett and his little hobby. ;)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/24/04

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