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"Worthy to the Thief Series"

Introduction. After Looking Glass closed its doors, I shed a tear and sadly put Thief I and II on my small shelf of PC games. I gave up on a sequel, or at least a good one at that. But years later I saw a new copy of Thief III on a store shelf and decided to give it a try. I'm pretty glad I did.
Thief III takes place just after Thief II. Garret lives in a small apartment in "The City" and everything seems nice and peaceful. All he wants is to be left alone to steal more stuff for himself. However, that's never the case. Eventually he gets wrapped up in a conspiracy that threatens the very world, and the only one who can return peace is Garret himself.

Graphics: Awesome. Graphics may not be the most important aspect of a game, especially a game in the Thief series, but it sure can help. And Thief: DS has very good graphics. Most notable was the impressive lighting system which is incredibly important in a stealth game. Flames flicker and shadows move. Your own shadow moves along with the light, and it looks incredibly real. There was one part in the game where a light was behind a fan, and it was simply amazing to see all of the shadows in the room move along with this fan. A couple of times I just stared in awe at the screen. There is also a cool physics system in which objects move, bounce, and roll realistically and corpses lean up against the wall, their arms flopping to their sides. The humans and guards looked a little blocky and moved sort of clumsily. I thought that Ion Storm could have done better. Still, the graphics were awesome. 8.5/10

Story: I liked the story in this game more then the other Thief games. It moved well, and while slow to start, you saw hints of what was being led up to since Mission 1. If you bother to read every document you see during missions, you can piece together all of the evidence and figure out the story yourself, which is cool and fun to do. The story really pushes you to keep playing more and to figure out what is going on, which is a nice incentitve to play and makes it more fun for the gamer. All in all, I thought it was great. 9/10

Sound: Sound was amazing. The voice acting was great, and I always got a chuckle when you make a noise and the guard says "What the taff was that!?" Everything sounded realistic, from the drip of water into a pond, to thunder crashing outside the window, to the eerie moan of a zombie. It was all superb. 9/10

Gameplay: Now for the most important aspect of a game! Thief: DS started off with a tutorial to help people who have never played before to get a feeling for the game. After learning the controls and finishing up the tutorial, you're plunged into the missions. The gameplay is definitely Thief. Sneaking through the shadows, pickpocketing the purses off of non-combatants, grabbing any loot that you can find, then slowly creeping towards that patrolling guard and knocking him out with one swipe of you're blackjack...It's all very suspenseful and really gets you're blood pumping. There have been some new additions to this game now also. The sword has been replaced with a dagger, which I guess can be considered more "Theif-like" but purists may have a problem with that. Also, instead of the rope arrow, there are now new "climbing-gloves" which let you climb stones and bricks. Purists may have a problem, but I thought the new additions were fine. I wish there was still a sword, but the dagger is just as good, (except you can't block.) The only major problem I have with the gameplay is how easy the A.I. is. However, before I complain about the A.I., I recently found out that the "Hard" and "Expert" difficulty setting, while having more guards and harder objectives, has a bug which changes the A.I. to Normal every time which may be why it was so easy for me. There is currently a patch for this at the Thief: DS main site. Regardless of the bug, the A.I. of the game doesn't really have anything new to add. I can still put out a torch without the guard relighting it. Guards still won't jump over the balcony after me, and they won't climb up ladders trying to get me. I've opened doors, and a guard will walk by and say "What the taff is that door open for?" but instead of investigating, will just keep on walking. I feel like Ion Storm could have added much more to the A.I. which was sort of lacking, even without the bug. Altogether, gameplay still felt very Thief-like, and was true to the series, but the game was far too easy for it to get a 9 or 10. 8/10

Conclusion. 8.5/10 (Not an average score) Thief: Deadly Shadows was a great game. The graphics, sound, and story were almost perfect. The gameplay was great and held true to the series, although it needed something new and original to really make it awesome. The gameplay just seemed too similar to the other two games, and in order for the game to be stellar and amazing, it needed something new. Still, its a worthy addition to the series which I recommend completely. If you are a thief fan, Buy it. You're gonna like it. If you haven't played thief before, rent it or burrow it from a friend and see if you like it first before buying.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/09/04

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