Review by MrSherlockHolmes

Reviewed: 07/13/04

After a long time Thief strikes back as king!

Thief and Thief 2 are some of my favorite games of all time. They were the original stealth games, so to say that Thief 3 is a Metal Gear or Splinter Cell knockoff is entirely wrong. Take EGM, they didn't even know what they were talking about when they reviewed Thief 3. So don't listen to those chumps, they don't know of the existence of Thief and Thief 2 probably. Sorry, I just had to let that out.

Gameplay: Stealth gaming is back, in the original fashion (you're not a government guy sent on some boring assignment in third person). You have to use the shadows (like you haven't figured that out yet) and steal. My, I must be filling you with new stuff! But the main thing is the chilling atmosphere of the strange medieval world you're in (more Victorian), even though this was displayed in the first two Thief games better. I don't know what else to say about gameplay, you really have to play the game.2/2

Story: This one has a very suspenseful and chilling story, where you're mixed up in a mess in the Keeper organization. I have to admit, Thief and Thief2 had better stories, but this one is still 'Thief approved'.2/2

Graphics: Okay, forget Xbox. If you want to see the amazing graphics in this get yourself a high-end gaming PC (to see the real effects these graphics have). Not only do they look great, but the lighting and shadows are the best out of any game ever. Your shadow responds to what you do, and guards can find you if you as so much move a hair (literally). Okay, once again, don't listen to EGM. In their review they stated that the guards have weak A.I.. Well, they probably played it on Easy mode, pffft, console gamers..... Anyway, you have to play the game on at least Hard to have any fun. And PC gamers, download the patch for it! You see, the glitch is no matter what mode you're doing that if you save your game the A.I. will switch back to Normal mode, so download the patch to fix that! Another reason why the PC version is better, you can patch up all the glitches.2/2

Sound: Once again, forget Xbox. With a a Sound Blaster Audigy 6.1 or higher, this game's sound slaughters (to use something different from owns). Really, you can hear conversations (WOW! That was sarcastic), and the voices sound real! Get a surround speaker system and immerse yourself in the world!2/2

Replayability: You will want to replay the game again on a harder mode, which I really recommend. If you do Expert, then still play through a second time to be sure to get all the secrets. Still, the first two were very replayable, but this isn't the greatest game to replay.1/2

Final score: 9/10

Note: The first two Thief games were made by Looking Glass Studios, not Ion Storm. And, if you're new to the series, then please, PLEASE play the first two Thief games first! You can get them at EBgames for ten dollars each. Also, just saying the first two were only on the PC, and were only in First Person.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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