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    Biomod Guide by neonjam

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    BIOMODIFICATION GUIDE by NeonJam (Dougie Howser)     Final
    Section A: Guide Intro
    	Part 1: Intro
    	Part 2: Version History
    	Part 3: Overview
    Section B: Biomods
    	Part 1: Mod descriptions and opinions
    	Part 2: Location Guide
    Section C: Character Builds
    Section D: Legal, Contact, and Credits
    	Part 1: Credits
    	Part 2: Legal & Contact
    Section A, Part 1: Intro
    This is my first guide, so don't be too critical if I'm missing anything
    or have anything wrong. If you need to tell me something about the guide,
    e-mail me at the adress in Section D. Anyway, This guide is here to
    guide you in the field of biomodification, one of the largest parts of
    character customization in DX:IW.
    Section A, Part 2: Version History
    Version 1.00 - 12/26/03 Initial release.
    Version 1.25 - 12/30/03 Updated Location Guide, Character Builds,
    Added Version History, Fixed some errors and spelling.
    Final - 6/9/04 Finished and revised biomod location guide, redid some
    organization, spelling and error fixes. Should be totally complete.
    Section A, Part 3: Overview
    Biomods are extremely important. While you could go without using them,
    they end up being your biggest savior in the most important situations.
    Remember that you use normal mod canisters for normal biomods, and you
    use black market biomods for black market biomods. You cannot mix the
    two. Also, you may only have on biomod in one slot at a time, but you
    can change it whenever you want, but any canisters used on the
    previous mod will be lost forever.
    Since biomods are so important, you should always try to get them.
    There are many biomods in the game, most of which are either guarded
    by an objective or a lock. If you can spare the multitools, always try
    to get the biomods that are locked up. Yes, this is all common sense,
    but you need to know this. The faster you max out your biomods, the
    better off you will be. Having extra biomods also helps for when you
    absolutely must switch a mod (although it hasn't happened to me
    Intially, you won't find many biomods, but slowly you do start finding
    them. One important thing to remember is to think out what you want to
    do with yourself. You need to know where to spend you mod canisters as
    soon as you get them, because they will help you immensely if they are
    maxed out, and if you can't get them maxed quickly, you'll be at a
    disadvantage. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that you should
    know what you need to get and get it so you don't have to waste mod
    canisters switching around your abilities.
    Section B, Part 1: Mod Descriptions
    This section details each mod that you can get, and I have added my own
    batch of comments for consideration and suggestions.
    ---------------------- *FREE BIOMODIFICATION* ----------------------	
    -"Light" Biomod This Biomod is completely on it's own. It's
    essentially a flashlight. It cannot be upgraded or changed. You are
    given this as part of your intial biomod suite for free. It's useful
    in a few areas of the game, doesn'take much bio-energy, and best of
    all, it's free. Not much more to say.
    ---------------------- *EYE BIOMODIFICATIONS* ---------------------- 	
    - "Vision Enhancement" Biomod This biomod improves your vision. Level
    1 gives you a nightvision view when activated, 2 gives you nightvision
    and the ability to see organics through walls, and 3 gives you full
    nightvision and ability to see all important objects (NPCs, Objects,
    Machines, Animals, etc) through walls. This is a great upgrade all
    around, especially if you are not going to use the regeneration
    biomod. The more you see, the more you know.
    - "Regeneration" Biomod This biomod regenerates your health when
    activated. Each level consecutively increases regen speed and lowers
    energy drain. This a good mod for characters who rely on fights to get
    through anything. An odd suggestion: Try using it solely at level one.
    Having a smidgen of health taken off and then run into battle with it
    on, and your health will stay pretty constant. Try it!
    - "Spy Drone" (BLACK MARKET) Biomod This biomod launches a remote spy
    camera/EMP bomb. Level 1 launches a drone with a low damage, low
    range, EMP attack and no audio. Level 2 ups the damage and range and
    adds audio, and Level 3 lets the EMP stun organics and increases
    damage/range, with a reduced energy cost. This is obviousley useful
    for the stealthy types, and can be used well with other builds, too.
    ------------------- *CRANIAL BIOMODIFICATIONS* ---------------------
    - "Cloak" Biomod This mod Cloaks you when activated. This makes you
    nearly completely invisible to organic targets. Firing a weapon
    decloaks you. Each  progressive level reduces energy drain. Nearly
    essential for the stealthy characters.
    - "Hazard Drone" Biomod This mod protects you from environmental
    hazards. Each level improves protection and lowers energy drain, and
    level 3 actually restores some  energy. Not really a recommended
    biomod for anyone. There just aren't enough hazards for it to be of
    ANY use.
    - "Neural Interface" (BLACK MARKET) Biomod This mod allows you to hack
    security computers. Each level speeds up the hacking and adds more
    things you can do with the computers (such as making a turret turn to
    your side). This mod is practically essential to any character,
    possibly even being better than cloak for a stealth character! This
    should be your first black market ability. It doesn't even take
    energy! GET IT NOW!!
    ------------------- *SKELETAL BIOMODIFICATIONS* --------------------	
    - "Aggresive Defense Drone" Biomod This
    biomod detonates explosives shot or thrown at you before they can hit
    you. Each level causes the explosives to detonate closer to the enemy.
    This mod is a hard one to say weather it's useful or not. It really
    depends on how you play. It's probably best for fighters who don't
    melee, but other characters can find good use for it. While it takes
    no energy, it must beactivated to use.
    -"Thermal Masking" Biomod This biomod is the same as cloak, except it
    works against machines and not organics. Useful for stealthy
    characters, as usual.
    -"Electrostatic Dischrage" (BLACK MARKET) Biomod This biomod causes
    you to discharge electricity in melee attacks, increasing your melee
    damage against bots. Each level adds more damage, and level 3 adds a
    scramble effect that either changes the bot's allegience temporarily
    or disables them. Good for stealth and melee fighters. *Also*
    Discharge can be used to disable security beams!  Strike the diamond
    shaped emitters on the walls with a melee weapon to disable the beam.
    (Thanks for the Reminder, LKoS!)
    ---------------------- *ARM BIOMODIFICATIONS* ----------------------
    - "Strength Enhancement" Biomod This biomod gives you one slot more of
    inventory space per level, allows you to lift and throw heavier
    objects, increases throwing range/damage, and improves melee damage.
    Each level improves all of those things progressively. This mod is
    useful for pretty much any class, but especially melee fighters.
    - "Biotox Attack Drone" Biomod This launches a drone armed with
    non-lethal biotox shots. It hovers near you, attacking anything you
    attack, and only effects organic targets. Each level lowers energy
    usage. This mod is useful for non-lethal fighters, and maybe stealthy
    - "Bot Domination" (BLACK MARKET) Biomod Yhis mod allows you to
    forcefully take control of bots, turrets, and cameras. Each level
    increases the size of bot you can dominate, domination time, and
    reduces energy use. This mod is useful for stealthy types to get a
    nice new look on the world. Useful for other characters to stay out of
    tough conflicts as well. To use, target and use (A on xbox) the bot
    you want to dominate, then you have about 10 seconds to run to a safe
    hiding spot before you become the bot. Takes energy to target and
    establish a link, but none to stay as the bot. You have about 10-15
    seconds of in bot time, and you exit when you run out of time or the
    bot is destroyed. The bot itself is disabled when  you exit it, which
    makes it useful to just take over a camera or turret and exit out to
    disable it for the cost of some energy instead of multitools or
    ---------------------- *LEG BIOMODIFICATIONS* ----------------------
    - "Speed Enhancement" Biomod Superman! This mod allows you to run
    super fast and jump super high. Each level increases jump height,
    lowers jump damage, speeds you up, and lowers energy cost. This mod is
    useful for exploration, and for melee and fighter characters to dodge
    and home in on a target.
    - "Move Silent" Biomod This biomod allows you to walk/run/jump more
    silently. Each level increases the sound dampening. Requires no
    energy. This mod is obviousley useful mostly for stealthy chracters.
    - "Health Leach Drone" (BLACK MARKET) Biomod This biomod launches a
    drone that distintegrates organic corpses and in turn, heals you. Each
    level increases speed and lowers energy cost. This mod is useful as an
    alternative  to regeneration.
    Section B, Part 2: Location Guide
    This section is a guide to the locations of biomod canisters.
    I'd like to give major credit to SOA. Aldaris, for providing most of
    this section of the faq. Thanks again SOA!
    ***WARNING! This section may contain some spoilers!***
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Seattle ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    --------------------- Tarsus Academy Seattle --------------------- 
    3 Regulation Biomods - Laboratory - The easiest biomods to get in the
    game. All three are in a soon-unlocked cabinet on the wall opposite
    the door. You can't advance w/o them.
    1 Black Market Biomod - Laboratory - In a locked container in the room
    after you (optionally) save the scientists. Go over by the vent and
    you will see the glow. The easiest way to get it is to blow up the
    container with the explosive crate.
    --------------------- Upper Seattle ------------------------------
    1 Regulation Biomod - Emerald Suites, Dr. Nassif's Apartment (2224) -
    In an unlocked footlocker in Dr. Nassif's bedroom.
    1 Black Market Biomod - Club Vox, VIP Area - Received as a gift from
    the Omar Trader for bringing back the Gray tissue scan. Completing
    this also applies a 50% discount to all your purchases, which becomes
    very useful.
    1 Black Market Biomod - Club Vox, VIP Area - Buy from the Omar
    1 Black Market Biomod - WTO Air Terminal Hangar, after you obtain the
    code in Lower Seattle - There are four doors spaced apart that lead to
    a path of tunnels below the helipad platform. Go into any of them, but
    if you don't want to deal with red security beams, go into either of
    the two at the end of the area nearer the elevator you arrived on.
    Inside is a locked door. Inside the room, there is a locked footlocker
    with the biomod inside.
    --------------------- Lower Seattle ----------------------------
    1 Black Market Biomod - Lower Seattle Slums - Find the Omar Trader in
    the alleyway to purchase.
    --------------------- Mako Facility ----------------------------
    1 Regulation Biomod - Mako Biolab - From the elevator when you exit,
    go into the main room. Go up the stairs into the next room. It is in
    a locked cabinet near where the Project Director is standing. Requires
    two multitools.
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Cairo ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    --------------------- Cairo Medinas ----------------------------
    1 Regulation Biomod - Nassif Greenhouse - This is a complicated biomod
    to find. It is not too hard, but it is inconveniently placed. Get to
    the top of the greenhouse, where the security terminal is. From there,
    if you look down, you will see a flat platform lower than you but
    higher than the ground. Jump down to it, and grab the multitools
    around the platform (there are two). After that, go to the corner on
    the other side of the room and to the right, if you were looking from
    the security terminal. Find the vent, and jump in. Crawl along until
    you find a vent opening on your right, halfway through the pipe. Go
    through there, and you will be in a secret room. In a corner is a box
    containing the biomod.
    2 Black Market Biomods - North Medina - Buy from the Omar Trader (you
    buy them together for a slightly reduced price).
    --------------------- Cairo Arcology ---------------------------
    1 Black Market Biomod - Cairo Arcology, SSC Office - Behind a grate
    in the holding cells (the area with laser beams at the door) is a
    biomod canister. The easiest way to get in is to disable the camera
    when the guard's not looking and then use some type of EMP to disable
    the beams when the guard's not looking instead of wasting multitools.
    1 Regulation Biomod - Tarsus Academy - In the lab with greasels that
    you have to kill. It is in a locked cabinet.
    1 Regulation Biomod - Arcology Main (Lv. 107-108)- Speak with the
    Pequod's manager on level 107. He will tell you to bribe NG
    Resonance's manager, who is in the Air Terminal, for a Pequod's
    endorement. Do it, return to him, and he will give you it as
    1 Regulation Biomod - ApostleCorp Facility (Corporate Suites) - If you
    chose to get the Mag Rail at Mako instead of killing the scientist,
    you will get this biomod when you talk to Klara when you first exit
    the elevator.
    1 Regulation Biomod - ApostleCorp Facility, Laboratory Suite - The
    biomod is in a locked cabinet when you first get into the main lab.
    Easy to find, but requires multitools.
    --------------------- Trier ------------------------------------
    1 Black Market Biomod - SSC HQ, Evidence Room - To get this biomod
    canister, go into the evidence room. It is a lot easier if you have 
    the Neural Interface. If you do, use it to turn off the camera in the
    evidence room and optionally switch the turret. Next, and this part is
    a lot easier if you have a Glass Destabilizer, get rid of the
    alarm-rigged window. Climb in and enjoy the spoils of victory, which
    includes the biomod on a high shelf.
    1 Regulation Biomod - SSC HQ, Visiting Room - After Dumier tells you
    to speak with him, go to the Visiting Room. He will give you the
    biomod after talking to him.
    1 Regulation Biomod - Nine Worlds Tavern, Dining Room - Speak to
    Tracer Tong. He will give you the biomod after talking.
    1 Black Market Biomod - Nine Worlds Tavern Curio Shop and Black Gate
    Ruins - This biomod is a two-parter. The first part consists of going
    to the QueeQueg's down the alley. Once there, speak with David
    Kurczec. He will give you the code to get into the Curio Shop above
    the Nine Worlds Tavern. Go to the Nine Worlds and go into the Curio
    Shop. Speak with the Omar Trader. You must buy the biomod from him.
    Unfortunately, he does not have the merchandise with him, and you will
    have to get it at a drop point. To get to it, go to the main courtyard
    of the Black Gate Ruins (the part with a Military Bot). Once there,
    climb either of the towers and get to the top floor. Get rid of the
    guard and get to the other side of the top floor. Go in the door. In
    the room is the silver footlocker with the biomod inside.
    3 Regulation Biomods - Black Gate Lab, Tracer Tong's Office - In
    Tong's office, there is a locked cabinet which houses all of the
    biomods. Look for the door labeled "Tong".
    2 Black Market Biomods - Templar Compound - Get to the little boy
    named Billy. Jump up on the dumpster next to him. Jump over the
    railing and onto the raised area. Being midful of the turret, prceed
    down the alley and jump up on the box at the end. Jump up to the next.
    Now before you jump up to the large area, form your plan to take down
    the guards. There are two up top and one down in another near alley.
    In a container on the large, flat area are the biomods.
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Antarctica ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    --------------------- Shackleton Ice Shelf -----------------------
    1 Regulation Biomod - Tent 04 - In a footlocker in the office.
    --------------------- JC's Sanctuary -----------------------------
    1 Regulation Biomod - JC's Sanctuary - When you first enter, go down
    the ladders to the bottom of the cavern. The canister is in a pit
    which has electricity running all over it and has a ladder down. The
    electricity will not hurt you if you stay close enough to the wall.
    1 Regulation Biomod - JC's Sanctuary - Basically the same as the
    previous one except that it is after to you through the first Helios
    Processing Module.
    1 Regulation Biomod - JC's Sanctuary - After you go through the Helios
    Module again, in the bottom of the cavern in the middle of the room
    (where the supplies were the previous area), the canister is laying on
    the ground.
    --------------------- Abandoned VersaLife Base -------------------
    Black Market Biomod - Complex Interior - In the hall behind the
    holding cells, there is a part where the floor opens up to reveal a
    crawlspace. There is one open section right next to a back entrance to
    a holding cell. This is where the biomod canister is. You might be
    able to see the glow from the canister to help you find it.
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Cairo (2nd Visit) ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    --------------------- Cairo Medinas --------------------- 
    1 Black Market Biomod - North Medina - Buy from the Omar Trader at
    the same location they were at before.
    --------------------- Cairo Arcology --------------------- 
    1 Regulation Biomod - Arcology Main (Lv. 107-108) - Nanoformer
    Maintenance Closet - After dispatching the guards, climb down the
    ladder through the broken glass. The biomod is behind some junk in the
    dark area.
    1 Regulation Biomod - Arcology Air Terminal, Bay 23 - Talk to Dr.
    Nassif (if you let her live), and she will give you a biomod.
    2 Regulation Biomods - Arcology Air Terminal, Bay 24 - Climb the
    ladder to get to the overlook. The canisters are with Paul Denton's
    belongings in a locked box.
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Liberty Island ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    --------------------- East and West Docks -----------------------
    1 Black Market Biomod - West Docks - Meet up with Leo in the shed
    near the UNATCO Ruins. It is sitting on a box.
    1 Regulation Biomod - East Docks - The shack you find Tong in houses
    this biomod in a back corner behind a crate.
    --------------------- Illuminati Encampment --------------------- 
    1 Regulation Biomod - In the building with Dumier and DuClare, there
    is a locked footlocker. Open it to get the biomod.
    --------------------- UNATCO Ruins ------------------------------
    1 Black Market Biomod - Storage Rooms - The storage area consists
    of two rooms across from each other guarded by a Templar Power
    Armor. Kill the Templar, and go into the left room with respect to
    the hallway in between. It is in a chest on the ground.
    Section C: Character Builds
    This section gives a list of examples of configurations of characters.
    Use these as guidelines,and make each one your own. All mods are
    assumed as max unless noted.
    Mods: Regeneration, Neural Interface, Strength Enhancement, Speed
    Enhancement, Aggressive Defense Drone 
    Weapons: Shotty, SMG, Rocket Launcher, Flame Thrower, Grenades. 
    Notes: Generic Fighter. Simple and Effective. Watch the ammo, though.
    *Melee Fighter* 
    Mods: Regeneration, Neural Interface, Strength Enhancement, Speed
    Enhancement, Electrostatic Discharge 
    Weapons: Energy Blade, Dragon's Tooth Sword. 
    Notes: Generic Melee. Use Speed to get in quick and slice and dice.
    *Bot Master* 
    Mods: Spy Drone, Neural Interface, Bot Domination, Health Leach Drone,
    Agressive Defense Drone 
    Weapons: Your choice 
    Notes: Rely on bots to do your dirty work. Keep plenty of energy packs
    Mods: Regeneration, Cloak, Biotox Attack Drone, Move Silent, Thermal
    Weapons: Non-lethals (Stun Prod, Riot Baton, Boltcaster and non-lethal
    Notes: Avoid killing anyone! Use stealth to get by and use action only
    when needed.
    Mods: Vision Enhancement, Cloak, Strength Enhancement, Speed Enhancement,
    Electrostatic Discharge 
    Weapons: Any Bladed weapons, and Flash/Gas nades.
    Notes: Quick, Hidden, and Dangerous. Strike fast and
    hard and retreat to the shadows.
    Mods: As few as possible. (When you have to, try strength or something
    that seems more normal..) 
    Weapons: Anything 
    Notes: Follow the Templar honor and don't mod yourself.
    This should be hard.
    Mods: Vision Enhancement, Cloak, Bot Domination, Move Silent, Thermal
    Weapons: Distractions, Anything else (Silenced)
    Notes: Avoid all contact. Use stealth and don't bother
    fighting unless needed. Kill if you must. Use bots to get a look
    around and take care of situations where stealth does not work.
    Mods: Vision Enhancement, Cloak, Strength or Bot Dom, Move Silent,
    Thermal Masking 
    Weapons: Scoped Weapons 
    Notes: Take out your target from afar.
    Mods: Vision Enhancement, Cloak, Biotox Attack Drone, Move Silent,
    Themal Masking. 
    Weapons: Biotoxin treated weapons. 
    Notes: Pick your poison, kill your target.
    Mods: Regeneration, Neural Interface, Strength Enhancement, Speed
    Enhancement, Aggressive Defense Drone 
    Shotguns. (Mod them for different situations, say, having an EMP
    Notes: Use speed to get in close and personal. Aim for the
    head, and watch them flip!
    *Demolitions Expert* 
    Mods: Spy Drone, Neural Interface, Strength Enhancement, Health 
    Leach Drone, Agressive Defense Drone 
    Weapons: Explosives
    Notes: Make everything go boom. Use the Health Leach to heal off
    your blown up friends.
    Mods: Vision Enhancement, Cloak, Bot Domination, Move Silent,
    Thermal Masking 
    Weapons: Mines. Lots of mines. 
    Notes: Use stealth and vision to see your target's patterns,
    then set up a trap. Very difficult build.
    *SCC Riot Guard* 
    Mods: Regeneration, Neural Interface, Stength Enhancement, Speed
    Enhancement, Electrostatic Discharge 
    Weapons: Riot Baton, Stun Baton 
    Notes: Another zany build, use non-lethal blunt weapons to take out
    your foes. Remember to respect and protect your SCC siblings!
    Mods: Vision Enhancement, Cloak, Bot Domination, Move Silent,
    Thermal Masking 
    Weapons: Absolutely nothing but distraction
    Notes: The hidden controller. Don't interact with anyone but those
    absolutely required to. Use stealth and distraction to get by.
    You don't exist.
    *Black Market Biomodder* 
    Mods: All Black Market 
    Weapons: Anything
    Notes: Stupid build, but hey, it's a build. Use nothing but black
    market mods. Possibly not possible...?
    *Anti-Black Market Zealot*
    Mods: Anything but black market mods.
    Weapons: Anything
    Notes: Don't use anything black market biomods. Kill the Omar
    and anyone associated with them ASAP.
    Mods: Regeneration, Hazard Drone, Strength Enhancement, Speed
    Enhancement, Aggressive Defense Drone 
    Weapons: Grenades! 
    Notes: An odd build- Use nothing but grenades to attack. Use your
    own gas grenades to regain energy with hazard drone, then regen
    your health back. Tough build.
    Mods: Vision Enhancement, Cloak, Strength Enhancement, Move
    Silent, Thermal Masking 
    Weapons: Mag-Rails, Modded for various uses. 
    Notes: Another odd build. Rely on stealth to set up a sniping
    spot, then use your mag-rail to take out targets. Use the Mag-Rail's
    alternate shoot-through-walls EMP attack to take out bots, turrets and
    cameras without even coming close to them.
    *Dark Menace* (!!Try this one your second time through the game!!)
    Mods: Regeneration, Neural Interface, Strength Enhancement, Speed
    Enhancement, Aggressive Defense Drone 
    Weapons: The strongest thing you can get your evil hands on.
    Notes: This is a fighter, although different. This fighter is evil.
    Your only job is to destroy EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Kill anyone you
    can on site, don't even bother talking. This is either a completely
    demented way to play or a completely new view on the game: Play through
    like this and see how well the game copes with important characters dying.
    Should be fun!
    *Assassin* (Curtesy of Noah Forsgren) 
    Mods: Vision Enhancement, Neural Interface, Bot Domination, Health Leach,
    Thermal Masking 
    Weapons: Bolt Caster, Flash bombs, Blades, Scoped weapons 
    Notes: Take out your targets in the shadows with a scoped weapon, or use
    your boltcaster and finish the job with your trusty blade. Use bots as
    your tools to take out your targets with ease, and use Neural Interface
    to put security systems on your side. When your targets are out, use
    Health leach to regain your health. When trouble pops up, pull out a
    flash bang to stun your enemies and retreat to the shadows.
    *Peacekeeper* (Curtesy of Marcus Mattern) 
    Mods: Regeneration, Cloak, Strength Enhancement, Move Silent, Electrostatic
    Weapons: Baton, Boltcaster, Magrail, and a Gun (SMG, etc.) with an EMP
    converter for bot blasting. 
    Notes: Kill no one, but knock people out and decimate bots with extreme
    prejudice. Level 3 Discharge converts bots, so be sure to punch them
    dead before they kill. Cloak is the only way past Paladins and Elites
    who cannot be knocked out without dying. This is a difficult "violently
    non-lethal build"
    Section D, Part 1: Credits
    Not much of anyone to thank, just anyone who has read this FAQ, Our
    armed forces stationed all over, Microsoft for making the Xbox, Ion
    Storm for making Deus Ex, Eidos for Publishing it, SOA. Aldaris for
    the biomod location guide, Noah Forsgren for the Assasin Character,
    LKoS for the electrostatic reminder, Marcus Mattern for the
    Peacekeeper, and CjayC and gamefaqs.com for hosting this.
    Section D, Part 2: Legal Info & Contact
    (C) 2003-2004 NeonJam (Dougie Howser). All rights reserved.
    		Date originally created: 12/26/03
    Deus Ex: Invisible War is a registered trademark of Ion Storm and
    Eidos Interactive. Microsoft Xbox and the Microsoft Xbox logos are
    Registered trademarks of Microsoft.
    This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except
    for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use
    of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Deus Ex, the Deus Ex logo, the Microsoft Xbox logo and all related
    Characters are copyright and property of Ion Storm and Eidos
    Interactive and their respective owners. The author of this document
    is in no way affiliated with Microsoft, Ion Storm, or Eidos
    * To contact me, e-mail me at neonjam2k1 (at) yahoo (dot) com. *
    					*End of FAQ*

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