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    Invincible Persons List by oneirotekt

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    Deus Ex 2: Invisible War
    List of Invincible Persons
    by oneirotekt | last updated 2004.01.15 14:13
    Much like the List of Invincible Persons I wrote for the first Deus Ex, this
    document started as a list noting which NPCs in the game can and cannot be
    killed, but has blossomed into a repository of various tidbits about the game's
    goal structure and the many possible sub-paths the story can take.
    The list was compiled with information gained from "100% kill" and "ghost" (no
    takedowns at all, lethal or nonlethal) playthroughs.  Items with a (+) indicate
    a character can be killed, items with a (-) indicate they cannot.  It should go
    without saying that just about everything in this document is a spoiler.
    Tarsus Academy
    + There is no way I've found to prevent the death of the guard who dies in the
      explosion right after you step outside your apartment.
    - The janitor that's nearby cannot be killed (it's not possible to have a
      weapon this early)
    - Leila Nassif (behind bulletproof glass in a room you can't enter)
    + Billie Adams (see the notes at the end of this document)
    - Leo Jankowski (disappears after you first obtain a weapon)
    - Klara Sparks (same)
    Upper Seattle
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    Seattle WTO Terminal
    - Klara Sparks (behind bulletproof glass in a room you can't enter)
    - two nameless NPCs who are in the same room with Klara
    Lower Seattle
    - Everyone in the Greasel Pit Bar, which includes Sid Black and Leo Jankowski.
      - The muscle aug (which normally allows you to inflict damage with thrown
        objects) is disabled in the bar, and I haven't yet discovered a way to
        smuggle anything destructive past the front desk.
      - The NPCs inside do not take damage from fire barrels, nor are they blinded
        by fire extinguisher gas.
    Mako Facility
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    Cairo Arcology
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    + Sid Black can now be killed when he appears by the coffee shop on level 107
      (after you've completed the Nassif objective).
    Cairo Tarsus Academy
    + Everyone here can be killed (you sick bastard).
    Cairo ApostleCorp Facility
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    + Klara Sparks and Leila Nassif can now be killed when you encounter them.
    Arcology Air Terminal
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    + Strangely, the Air Terminal Clerk and WTO Tax Auditor by the front desk will
      magically reappear on later visits if you kill them before you've obtained
      the key for Bay 24 from the clerk.  After resolving the "Investigate Bay 24"
      goal either way, they can both be killed.
    Cairo Medina
    - Everyone in the Order Mosque, which includes Billie Adams and Luminon Saman
      (same weapons lockout that Greasel Pit has).
    + Leo Jankowski can now be killed in North Medina.
    Nassif Greenhouse
    + There are no humans here, but all bots and turrets here can (obviously) be
    Trier Streets
    - Everyone in the Nine Worlds Tavern, which includes Sid Black and Tracer Tong
      (same weapons lockout that Greasel Pit and Mosque have).
    - Chad Dumier and (if you didn't kill her in Black Gate) Nicolette DuClare in
      SSC headquarters (behind bulletproof glass in a room you can't enter)
    - When you return from Black Gate after resolving the "Rescue Her Holiness"
      goal there is also an Illuminati elite trooper behind the glass with Dumier.
    + Lin May Chen appears here after you return from the Templar Church mission.
    Black Gate
    + Everyone here can be killed, including Her Holiness (Nicolette DuClare) and
      Donna Morgan when you find her in the containment section of the lab.
    Trier Templar Compound
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    + Klara Sparks appears near the landing area after you complete the main
      objective here (if she didn't die earlier).
    + Billie Adams can be killed when you encounter her in JC's Sanctuary.
    - JC Denton cannot be killed in his sanctuary as he is sealed in some sort of
      indestructible chamber.
    - Ava Johnson is revealed here to be an AI construct.  As she has no physical
      form, she cannot be killed at any point in the game.
    Cairo Medina (return visit)
    + Sid Black can be killed in South Medina if you didn't kill him earlier.
    + Lin May Chen can be killed in North Medina if you didn't kill her earlier.
    + Leo Jankowski can be killed in North Medina if you didn't kill him earlier.
    Cairo Arcology (return visit)
    + Klara Sparks can be killed on Level 107 if you didn't kill her earlier.
    + Paul Denton can be killed in Terminal Bay 24 by deactivating his life
    + Leila Nassif appears in Terminal Bay 23 if you didn't assassinate her
    + NG Resonance can be killed here when you meet her (in person) in Bay 23.
      - If you do this, the hologram of her at the AI kiosk near Pequod's will
        disappear.  This suggests that, in the game's scripting terms, they are the
        same person - even though the real person and the AI sim are firmly
        established as different entities.  However when you speak to the kiosk,
        the AI sim will reappear and you'll get an amusing conversation.
    Liberty Island
    + Everyone here can be killed, which includes:
      + JC Denton (in the Statue building itself)
      + Paul Denton (with JC, if you haven't already killed him, or in Bunker K on
        the island's east half if you sided with the Templars in Cairo)
      + Luminon Saman (in Bunker K on the island's east half)
      + Tracer Tong (near the docks on the island's east half)
      + Chad Dumier (in the Illuminati encampment)
      + Nicolette DuClare (with Dumier, if you haven't already killed her)
    + The ending cinematic you see will depend upon whom, if anyone, you kill here.
    * The following people ALWAYS survive the game: Nobody.  By the end of the game
      it is possible to have killed all real, corporeal (read: not Ava Johnson)
      characters - which means you will get the Renegade ending.  The one exception
      to this being the various no-name NPCs that populate the weapon-free zones
      in the game (Greasel Pit, Mosque, Nine Worlds Tavern) - it's simply not
      possible to harm or kill them.  We can perhaps assume they perished in the
      long period of chaos following the deaths of JC Denton and the Illuminati and
      Templar leadership.
    * The only people you MUST kill or knockout in order to win the game are:
      Nobody.  You can always avoid confrontation somehow.  If you do this you will
      get the JC-Helios ending, the only one that doesn't require you to kill
    * The following characters will die if you do not intervene, directly or
      - Klara Sparks: the Templar in the Cairo ApostleCorp lobby will almost always
        outnumber her unless you help fight them.
      - Little girl in the Cairo Mosque: she will be gone when you return to Cairo
        if you didn't hack the Tarsus enrollment computer.
      - all the students in Cairo Tarsus: they all die, presumably, unless you
        expose Headmaster Archer's plan and report it to the SSC (Eeva's father
        mentions that she was killed when you return to Cairo if you did not do
      - Omar Trader in North Medina: if you lie to Leo Jankowski about the raid the
        trader will die, and the Omar will be annoyed with you.
      - Medina Citizens: many of them will be gone when you return to Cairo if you
        didn't disseminate the cure for Plague-11.
      - Order Seeker in Trier: you can either kill or bribe the Panzerwerks factory
        workers that are threatening him.
      - Klara Sparks: She is being held hostage on Arcology Level 107 (in the
        nanoformer bay) when you return to Cairo.  If you either give blood to the
        Templar scientist or revive Paul Denton, Dumier orders her killed.  If you
        cut Paul Denton's life support, Dumier orders her released and the
        nanoformer bay will be empty when you return to level 107.  If you subdue
        her captors, Dumier will explain that he was bluffing.
    * You are given assignments by various characters to kill the following other
      characters, which means their deaths are necessary to complete certain goals
      in the game:
      - Seattle arms dealer: you cannot collect your reward from the manager at
        Club VOX until the dealer is dead.
      - Sophia Sak: you can either pay off Sid Black's debt to her or kill / tranq
        her and her security force.  Either way resolves the goal but Lin May Chen
        gripes at you a bit if you pay off the debt instead of using force.
      - Gob-zilla: you will only complete this goal if you use lethal force on the
        creature - tranquilizing him then talking to the Greasel Pit patron who
        gave you the mission results in mission failure.
      - Mag Rail Scientist: sparing him and picking up the weapon means you will
        fail the Order mission to assassinate him and complete the WTO mission.
        Once he's stepped into the sealed chamber to unlock the weapon you will be
        unable to harm him.  Likewise, eliminating him before he steps into the
        chamber means you will be unable to pick up the mag rail.
      - Cairo ApostleCorp Security Director: you cannot collect your reward from
        the Harvester until the director is dead.
      - Leila Nassif: sparing Leila and talking to her a second time when you find
        her in the Cairo ApostleCorp lab means you will fail the Order mission and
        complete the WTO mission to interrogate her.  You can kill her after
        interrogating her, but the Order doesn't reward you for it.
      - Paul Denton: reviving him means you will fail the WTO mission and cutting
        his life support means you will fail the ApostleCorp mission.
      - JC Denton: killing him means you will either get the Illuminati, Templar or
        Renegade endings, depending on what else you do.
      - Chad Dumier / Nicolette DuClare: you will need to kill these two (or just
        Chad if you killed Nicolette in Trier) if you want to get the Renegade
      - Luminon Saman: you will need to kill him if you want to get the Renegade
    * The game only distinguishes between a lethal and non-lethal (baton, riot
      prod, boltcaster, gas grenade) takedown in the following cases:
      - Gob-zilla: as mentioned before, using nonlethal force on this creature
        results in mission failure.
      - Billie Adams: incapacitating rather than killing her in JC's Sanctuary
        means she will show up later in the UNATCO ruins on Liberty Island.
    * The following people NEVER survive:
      - The poor guard at the very beginning in Tarsus Apartments.  That's it.
    Killing Billie Adams
    * It is possible to kill Billie Adams at the very beginning of the game, in her
      apartment, before you have any weapons.  Carefully nudge her across the room,
      into the bathroom and turn on the shower when she's standing beneath it.  Do
      this several times and her health will be depleted enough that she dies.  If
      you don't kill her at this time, she will be behind the barrier in the same
      room Nassif was in and you won't be able to harm her.  Killing Billie has
      several interesting repercussions; the designers probably didn't intend for
      you to be able to do this:
      - You will still receive a few "phantom" infolink message from her early in
        the game, as you are escaping from Tarsus, and later in the Emerald Suites
      - The game will crash much later when you enter the Order Mosque in Cairo and
        walk up to Luminon Saman - he begins the conversation he normally has with
        Billie, she then materializes out of nowhere floating above his head, and
        then the game crashes.
        [not sure if this happens in the X-Box version of the game - ed]
      - Still later, in JC Denton's Sanctuary, Billie does not appear when she
        normally does and you don't have to deal with her in the Area 51 replica
        room - so the designers DID anticipate her being dead by this point,
        strangely.  Also, the Grays wandering around JC's Sanctuary will
        acknowledge that you have killed her before you get to the Area 51 room.
      - Finally, Billie does not appear in the UNATCO ruins on Liberty Island, as
        she would have if she'd survived the Area 51 encounter.

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