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"And now, for something totally different"

Let me first say that this game, a sequel from a really great PC game, is originally for the damned Xbox console.
Now we ALL know that games that are ported from consoles are not as good as games originally for PC.

Now why take one of the most anticipated sequels of 2003 and dump it on a console when his predecessor came for the PC? WHY? Well I could say ''Bcose M$ suxorz n tey wan all r mony'' and that does sound tempting, but I'm not like that.

well let's get this over with shall we?

Now if you haven't played the demo yet, I should warn you, this is NOT Deus Ex 1 (well duh) what I mean is that there is some MAJOR changes in the gameplay and interface...changes of terror...

1. No more Lockpicks. It's multitools all the way, baby. Also, you don't punch in security codes in keypads anymore, while that may be fun for simpletons, I prefer the more realistic approach of DX1.

2. No more skill points. Nope, you cannot customize your character as much as you want...wanna be someone who can get through doors in a breeze? FORGET IT, want to keep your multitools as much as you can? NO skill points for that either, and even if people say: ''Dude you always have enough multitools'' they are wrong. Or maybe I'm not looking hard enough cause I missed a couple of ammo clips cause of that, which brings me to another point.

3. Ammo is shared between all your weapons, also you don't reload anymore...
What the hell?
So much for being realistic here...all GREAT FPSs have reloads and different ammo. It's kinda dumb too, cause when you run out of ammo with a weapon that guzzles it like a wino at a frat party, you don't have any ''backup'' weapons, unless you like to be close and personal with a melee weapon, which can cost you some of your HEALTH BAR, yes...a health bar.

4. A HEALTH BAR! I get shot in the leg? Pfff! I can still run smoothly! woops, I got shot 15 times in the arm, I'm dead! Pardon me if I'm wrong, but that's not realistic.

And that's just some of the radical changes you DX1 diehard fans might dislike (and I forgot to mention the stealth)...hell, I know I did.
Now Spencer (DX2's developper) said he wanted to dumb down the game (ok so he didn't use the term ''dumb down'' but it amounts to the same thing), why? I didn't find DX1 difficult to understand, hell it was game of the year and it's unique skill system, damage system, etc was probably a big factor. Why mess with perfection? But that's my two cents.

Now with different endings, like in the first one, you can't go wrong, it's good replayability, and yes there is total freedom, kill everyone and prepare to face the consequences, that is if you can endure the small maps and excessive loading times, other than that it has good gameplay.

Well that's my revie-
Oh yeah I should probably talk about the other aspects as well, heh, my bad.

The sound is pretty good.
Everything sounds as it's supposed to be.
Unlike the other reviewers, I found that the voice acting was superb. Much less monotonic than our friendly neighborhood JC.
Also music is enjoyable, they took some original DX1 songs and kinda remixed them...I also like how the dance clubs really sound like dance clubs with real music and singers...hey that NG Resonance girl ain't a bad singer, and that's coming from me, who doesn't like pop.

Some people have had problems with the graphics even though they have a monster for a PC (I envy you all you bastards :P ), now remember to update your video drivers before starting this game, I know I did.
You may see texture bugs...which are incredibly annoying, but (hopefully) that's not in most of the game. Other than that, the shadows are incredible.

That's the game's strong point.
The story is incredible just like the first's good to see that DX1 did have SOME influence on DX:IW

YES I love this game.
YES I encourage any FPS fans to buy it
NO I don't like the changes
NO I don't like the fact that it's console ported

So in conclusion, I'm not flaming this game to oblivion, I'm just adding my two cents, and my honest review.
And the demo is not like the game, except for the graphics part.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/12/03

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