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Reviewed: 12/24/03

It's good, but not exciting


Computer games....

Two entirely different worlds as far as gameplay. While computer games require you to put time and effort into your gameplay, the console world tends to favor stoners and those who play rarely so no effort is needed.

What do you do when you are faced with the situation of making a for the PC, then having someone steal your children and put a gun to your head, to turn it into a console (idiot) friendly crowd? Well I sure as hell hope thats what happened to the team at Ion Storm.

Introduction to deus ex... Deus Ex was a BEAUTIFUL game that brought real world politics into a game, and featured damn near 25 hours of gameplay, plus time to explore. It was about human biomodification and unfolded a plot so wonderful that if I even said anything more than you work for an anti-terrorist group, I'd be telling spoilers.

But, here is the the new one... here is...

The wonderful thing about the previous game, and this one, is that you can explore into wonderful little quests that reward you for being crafty and finding them. Deus Ex 2 is way less rewarding as they removed the skill system. That was the fun part! You had to have an idea of how you wanted your character to advance! No reloading of weapons either! You can do optional quests for characters, but don't expect anything. I can't say the experience was mediocre though since I'm going to go through as the different factions, but I tell you, I'm not doing any side requests since you don't gain experience. You also max out your mods within the first 30 minutes of gameplay. The enemies are easy to kill until the end of the game when you need to use firefights. Also there are load scenes everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE! The annoying part was when you complete a task you have to GO BACK TO THAT PERSON TO COLLECT A REWARD! That means you have to go throuhg five loading screens to get a concussion bomb or some such nonsense. Not worth it in anyones opinion I assume. The game engine and lighting are absolutely fantastic though...

but you better hope your computer can handle it...

Here is what I have, and what I suggest other reviewers list so we all will know that it's the game and not our pc's (well, not mine but that guy with the 2.3 ghz processor should've had more than the same success with framerates than I did)

(excuse my miscalculations but I'm lazy and it's been a while)

528 or so RAM (133 I believe)
10 meg transfer rate (harddrive speed)
GeForce 4 4100

That met the MINIMUM requirements on the box. Oh shnikeys! What do those monsters want from us?

... Well the back of the box suggests I grab 200 more hertz but eh, if I could find the box I believe I remember it asking for a 4ghz processor. If they didn't thats what you'll need cause I ran the whole game at the bare minimum requirements just to stay at a lofty 10-30 frames a second.

I really liked the sound even though it was not as prominent as in the first one... NG Resonance kicked ass though...

Sorry to parrot all the other reviewers, but so far everyone has hit the game dead on. The story is the high point of the game. The choices you make DO make some impact, but I'm sure not much.

Welllllll other than finding out the other endings and etc, there isn't any. No rewards, no REASON to find the secrets more importantly. Honestly, if Ion Storm simply didn't change a damn thing in anyway, other than simply remaking the game for a new story... I'd be quite happy. They had a winning formula and decimated it for the console customers. Very bad move. As dissappointed as I am, I will go throuhg to beat it...

Own or forget
I say buy it because of the engine and it's Deus ex, however most gamers won't care about either of the two. If you think your machine rocks, buy this game to humble it and let you know that this engine is YEARS ahead of what your puny computer can do. I also say buy it so that Ion Storm will be prompted to make another one... I want a Deus Ex 3, I just want them to make a carbon copy of the first. I can't get enough of the first and I don't want much more of the second.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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