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Reviewed: 12/26/03

Thief fans, be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Deus Ex 2 is most probably the greatest disappointment I have ever played. The first Deus Ex was one of my favourites; and DX2 is trash compared to it. Everything everone has said here is absolutely true; this is a dumbed down version of DX1.

The only thing I really liked was the story. There are just too many things I don't like about the game:

1) It doesn't run smoothly on my pc (mine was an xp 2400 with 512 ddr ram and 9600 card) unless I turned off some of the graphics details

2) Universal ammo. This change is something I really, really, really hate; I hate it as much as I hate the totally stupid ''small longsword'' rules of d&d 3.5. Basically, it is truely an attempt to fix something that wasn't broken; with disasterous results. What this change results in is that it encourages you to use the same weapon over and over again. Once you get the sniper rifle you will hardly need to use any other weapon.

3) Speaking of it, the weapons in the game are really screwed up by Ion. Some of them have been weaken absurdly; especially the stun rod was has been weaken to the point of worthlessness.

4) The AI has been one of the weak points of DX. Ion storm has promised us huge improvements to it, but those promises all turned to dust in the end. This is very bad because the lack of AI strength made the game far too easy. For a game like DX it is simply not fun when there is no challenge involved.

5) The game is far too short and far too easy. I could actually count the number of times I died in the game (five times!) and I completed it in 2 days. I am very certain that you could find people that completed the game with more ease than me.

6) No reload. This is another stupid and totally pointless change.

7) The RPG elements of the original has more or less been totally removed. I have always though that the old skill system was too simple and undeveloped; and I would have expected a more complicated skill system resembling that of system shock 2 or NOLF2. But no! Ion storm had to completely remove it. In its place is a more complicated biomod system that in fact gives you less choice than DX1 because you could only hold 5 mods. Than again, you probably could complete the game without using any biomod.

All things are the reason why DX2 is a failure. It is dumbed downed and far less fun than DX1. Ion storm has wiped out whatever good points they have made after the flop that is Daikatana; and today I view them the same way I viewed them when Daikatana first came out. And of course Theif fans should expect Thief 3 to be nothing but a flop; after all Warren Spector himself said that he never liked the gameplay of the series.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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