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"I Thought Masters of Orion 3 was a Dissapointment.."

Ok where to begin, First I was a HUGE fan of the first game.. I have in fact completed it more than 20 times. Many elements made Deus Ex a great game, some of those did make the gameplay 'tedious' but they also contributed to making it a GREAT game.

Ammo? Yes you did have to find ammo for each weapon, yes this was limiting, but it was also challenging. Now you have universal ammo, not only is it so easy it is boring, but once you run out of ammo, you are OUT OF AMMO. No more switching to a different weapon, no more falling back on the riot prod as a last resort, you just better have a melee weapon handy.

Role Play, This was a major part of the first game. You really felt like your choices mattered in the first game, your skills mattered, points in rifles made the difference between having a steady hand on the sniper rifle or having the sight twitch like JC was an epileptic. In Deus Ex 2 there are no such stats to worry about. Hacking is limited to installing a hacking Biomod, and there are no 'skills' at all per se.

Gameplay, What can I say but good god.. It took me 3 hours just to get the game playable, and I work on computers for a living. Most of the advice to even make the game playable came from other players on the Deus Ex boards, as there was very little being said by the actual Devs, and a good amount of the posting from the moderators on the Eidos/Deus Ex site seemed to just be blasting players for being 'stupid'. Were some of the questions stupid? Yeah, but I don't think it is too much to ask to want to buy a game, put the CD in your computer, and have it work. And I don't really think it's appropriate to go insulting your paying customers, no matter how dumb a question or suggestion, or demand they may make.

Overall this game had so much potential, but as above this is about as disappointed as I was when I finally played Masters of Orion 3.. It is like the people making the game went into it without any understanding what people really enjoyed about the previous game, and eliminated or ruined most of it.

The story was good, but the story alone is not worth $50 wait until this game comes down in price.. Take my word for it, it'll come down soon. Buy it when it is more affordable if you played the first one, but if you never played the first one then don't waste your money.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 12/26/03

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