Review by Mr Duck

Reviewed: 02/22/04

Short, pretty, but a bit shallow.

Deus Ex 1 won many awards for Game of the Year. It truly left its mark on the gaming world as one of the great conspiracy games. If you're reading this review, you've likely played the first game a fair amount yourself, and you're looking to play something like it, but using more advanced technology.


Unfortunately, this game didn't pick up that story too well. It's just too short to really impact you well. You go around and do stuff. You don't feel any real objective, except sneaking past bots and shooting people. Just feels like a lot of freeform, you don't go anywhere else unless there are no quests to do in your current location.

Diverse outcomes

The game claims that your actions can greatly influence what happens in your little world. It doesn't really do that too well. For example, in the beginning, you get the chance to protect some scientists from some fanatics. Well maybe you didn't like them spying on you, maybe you decide to kill the fanatics and shoot up the scientists right afterwards. Dr. Nassif will get angry at you, but not much besides that. And you never get arrested, ever notice that? Nobody tries to arrest you, so you can waste as many people as you want, so long as the guards don't see you.


Beautiful, just beautiful. Has a nice soundtrack that effectively puts you in the game. Really sets the mood. It'd get a 10, but some things seemed completely wrong, like the pistol gunshots.


Graphics were pretty good, at least on the settings. But there's this ''bloom'' thing that makes stuff blurry, and everybody has these strange expressions. There's no relaxation of the eyelids, their eyes are WIDE OPEN! Alex doesn't look too good, either, she/he's a bit blocky, and the male one has this wrinkle thing going on.


The combat didn't strike me as particularly revolutionary. It's like a lot of other games, except you can choose to sneak by, rather than shoot the place up.


The gameplay was divided up because most situations can be solved by shooting the place up or by sneaking through.

The stealth system is nice, there's plenty of ways to get around combat, but it doesn't force you to use those ways. It's a bit more realistic that way. You're a person genetically built for extreme combat situations, you're packing 6 grenades, a shotgun, 3 pistols, a submachine gun, and all of this other equipment, you shouldn't be forced to run from anything.

All in all, this game is very deserving of a 9, in my opinion. Don't go in expecting the first game, but don't expect Daikatana, either.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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