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Reviewed: 08/17/04

A step back from the original Deus Ex

I was a huge fan of the original Deus Ex game. I thought it was one of the most innovative games I've ever played. There was plenty to do and a lot of places to go. The game was truly robust and mostly non linear and had excellent game play and replayability. When I heard a sequel was coming out, I immediately plunked down money for a reserved copy. I saw the screen shots and read the publication reviews and thought it would be incredible.
And it incredible disappointment. What one was a good game has been completely stripped naked and left in the gutter. Compared to the original, Deus Ex Invisible War isn't even half baked, it's more like one tenth baked. It's so horribly simplified, which is what happens when they make these type of games on a console first rather than the PC. Take my advise, save your money, DO NOT buy DE-IW. Instead, go spend your money on the original Deus Ex, you'll get a helluva lot more enjoyment for your money and the original is very cheap now. First off, let me say that unless you patch the game, you won't be playing it right out of the box. Unpatched, the game is so crappy and choppy. Even with the patch it still stinks, but at least it's somewhat playable.

The graphics and textures are fair. The character models are only fair.
The cut scenes are fair bordering on poor. It's like some poor old Kung Fu movie. You hear voices, but the models lips don't even sync up with the speech.
Everything is oversized, the textures are dull and boring and simplified, the anti aliasing isn't so good. I'm running the game at 1027 x 768 with everything turned up and it still looks only average.

Bad for both. The music is boring and the sound effects stink. There isn't much of a variety of anything. Again, complete reekdom of a console ported game. There isn't much as far as environmental effects and sounds go, and the weapons sounds could be better there's nothing catching about them.

Poor. Everything is just overly simplified and all the
objects are over sized; plants, chairs, benches, etc. All the rooms are so small if you suffer from Closter phobia you're in trouble. Environmental effects and objects are just so lacking. All the rooms practically look the same and are so plain. Most rooms have a table, a chair and some bookshelves, maybe a few plants. Some may actually contain a stupid coffee maker or a box. The original DE had loads of things to mess around with. In DEIW you can't even interact with all the objects only a few it's so stupid. They try to market DEIW as non linear but it's one of the most linear games I've played. You hardly have any choices, your character automatically accepts just about every task or mission that an NPC gives you. In DE, at least you have the option to pick your response for most conversations. Also, in DEIW you can't force open any locks or doors, but you can blow most of them open if you have a rocket launcher or grenades. In DE you could smash some of them open instead of always having to pick the locks. There isn't any reason to explore or search any of the rooms in DEIW. The desks and cabinets are just solid objects, as where in DE you could actually open the draws and such looking for items. DEIW if you knock someone out, you can kill them by throwing a chair at them, but if you pick the body up and start tossing it around they will never die. I tossed an unconscious body into the air and it plummeted several stories and they didn't die. Throwing it against a wall or other objects didn't do anything. The NPCs seem to always know when you do something wrong. I
shot someone with a weapon called a Boltcaster, which drugs someone instead of killing them, eventually knocking them out, nobody saw me do it, yet everyone turned hostile. The inventory system stinks, you only have a very limited number of items you can carry, as where in DE you had a greater inventory capacity. The HUD in DEIW is stupid, it takes up too much of the screen and the layout just is horrible, it's arched on both sides of the screen. In DE you earned skill points for doing tasks, completing missions, or just exploring, and then you would use them to upgrade your characters skills. Not so in DEIW they completely removed that. The weapons in DEIW are completely boring. The sound effects are bad, they just don't fit. Probably one of the only decent aspects was the rag doll effects, at least they got that right. The endings are stupid and short,it's a true let down. Again, you must install the patch or the game won't run well if at all, and you'll need to modify the default.ini file to remove the mouse lag. Also to note that the game always loads it's default video and sound settings when you start it. But if you change them and save your game while playing, when you load that game it will also load any changes you made.

You can remap the keys to your liking.

Anytime, anywhere.

Rag doll effects.

Sound and environmental effects.
Small rooms.
No exploration value.
Linear game play.

Horrible console port.
Completely stripped down from the original Deus Ex.


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