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"A Great addition to the legacy of kain series"

First let me start off by saying im a huge fan of the series ive played every game in the series a dozen times and they are all great in there own way.

Graphics-8/10 Great for there time if youv'e played the other games in the series you will know what to expect the way everything blends togther perfectly is amazing and beatifull The downside to this is you well start to see the same textures over and over again and youll actually get lost in the game trying to find your way around because everything starts to look the same. On the other hand the charcter design is flawless kain and raziel are perfect my hat goes off to crystal dynamics for this and it really helps to make the game more belivable because of it.

Gameplay-6/10 The action or fights in this game are rather dull you have three differnet attacks a light attack a hard attack or you can pick up weapons and throw them thats it and it gets really boring doing the same moves over and over to the exact same baddies through the whole game on the other hand there is some very clever puzzles even though most of them are box puzzles they can be confusing at first but youll soon relize that there very well put together. Lots of jumping seens from one platform to the next is very similar to the orginal soul reaver game ,also in concerning the fights the A.I. is so completley stupid that you can just skip 90% of the fights just by running by the badguys, also anyone hoping to find alot of great boss fights like in the orginal soul reaver game will be sorely dissapointed while there are boss fights there no where near as clever as the orginal games.

Story- 10/10 This is where the game really shines as all legacy of kain fans know raziel is trying to kil his maker kain the story is so complicated and well written that it spans Five games its hard to explain the story you just have to play the games to understand it but just me and millions of other fans the story is why these games are so popular.

Sound-9/10 The voice acting is superb the best you'll find in any game out there to date with a great cast simon templman as kain michael bell as raziel and many other fine actors who make this game very belivable. the music as well is very good you'll find yourself hearing it in your head long after you play this game its that good, the sound effects on the other hand while good are not up to par with the music and voice acting.

While i would not recommend this game to everyone anyone wanting a great story over gameplay will find exactly what they are looking for although if you haven't played the orginal games before this one the story will be more like Huh?? but if you have played the orginal games get ready for another great installment in the legacy of kain series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/22/06

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