Review by Fransiska Ike

"Soul Reaver 2 .....or....not?"

When I finished the first Soul Reaver I thought " be continued?" and of course I expected more than just silly ending like that. And this game developer didn't fail my expectation and released Soul Reaver 2!

Soul Reaver 2 continues the storyline of Soul Reaver 1 thus you'll need to play the first one in order to understand the whole plot. Soul Reaver 2 still presents Raziel as our main character, he pursues Kain to the future to get his always.


As I said earlier, Raziel is the main character here, proceeds to the unknown future in order to give Kain his nightmare. But as he proceeds, another event arise and make him more perplexed about his existence and ultimately in the end, he's only a puppet of history.

Yeah, the story writer did a nice job overall. I'm still curious about some events when I finished this game so I bet this storyline is as intriguing as ever xD

Score 8/10


Quite different from the first sequel (Soul Reaver 1) which features rather bad-looking sprites and backgrounds. The graphics now are quite decent, less glitches and more enjoyable lightning sprites. They made Nosgoth's appearance more lively (is that true?), and a better transition effect from Spectral Realm to Material Realm than the first one. Raziel and the other characters were well designed and now you can see their expression (Raziel is still expressionless, though xD ) and hopefully this will be improved in the future. Oh, don't forget that newly-designed Soul Reaver in Raziel's arm, it's pretty cool looking indeed!

Score: 9/10


Dang, not good, not good and NOT GOOD. That's for background music and sound effects though. Hmph, as silly as ever, I expect more than just usual rhythms and arrangements. But I have to give a pat in the back for their hard work on characters' voice, they're well timed and arranged! At least if you want to know Raziel's emotion (which you can't, you can only see his eyes.....:P ) you can hear his frightening sentences xD .

Score 7/10


Huh? You can customize everything here, so don't complain. But the default control is rather 'creepy' so I had to make some adjustment :D

Score 10/10


There are not much remain once you beat the game. However if you want to understand this game's plot you should at least replaying this game once.

Score 4/10


A good game to have especially for Soul Reaver's fans :D

Overall: 8/10

Buy/ Rent: Buy, you won't be disappointed!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/28/06

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