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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Der Schnitter

    Version: v1.1.0 | Updated: 10/23/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tron 2.0 Walkthrough
    by Thomas "Schnitter" Leichtle
    Version v1.1.0 -- 16th October, 2003
    // A variant of the Hello World program
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
        cout << "Greetings, Programs!" << endl;
        return 0;
    Table of Contents
    01. Introduction
    02. Legalese
    03. Basic Game Mechanics
        a) The Stats
        b) Memory and Utilities
        c) Additional Info
    04. Primitives, Subroutines and Important Objects
        a) Primitives and Combat Subroutines
        b) Defense Subroutines
        c) Utility Subroutines
        d) Objects
    05. Characters
    06. Enemies
    07. Notes for the Walkthrough
    08. Walkthrough
        a) Unauthorized User
           a.a) Program Initalization
           a.b) Program Integration
        b) Vaporware
           b.a) Lightcyclearena and Gridbox
           b.b) Prisonercells
           b.c) Transportstation
           b.d) Primary Digitizer
        c) Legacy Code
           c.a) Alans Desktop PC
        d) System Restart
           d.a) Packet Transport
           d.b) Energy Regulator
           d.c) Power Occular
        e) Antiquated
           e.a) Testgrid
           e.b) Main Processor Core
           e.c) Old Gridarena
           e.d) Main Energy Pipeline
        f) Master User
           f.a) City Hub
           f.b) Progress Bar
           f.c) Outer Gird Getaway
           f.d) fCon Labs / Ma3a gets saved
           f.e) Remote Access node
        g) Alliance
           g.a) Security Server
           g.b) Thornes Outer Partition
           g.c) fCon Labs / Data Wraith Preparation
           g.d) Thornes Inner Partition
           g.e) Thornes Core Chamber
        h) Handshake
           h.a) Function Control Deck
        i) Database
           i.a) Security Socket
           i.b) Firewall
           i.c) fCon Labs / Alan Lost
           i.d) Primary Docking Port
           i.e) fCon Labs / Security Breach
           i.f) Storage Section
        j) Root of all Evil
           j.a) Construction Level
           j.b) Data Wraith Training Grid
           j.c) fCon Labs / The fCon team takes over
           j.d) Command Module
        k) Digitizer Beam
           k.a) Not compatible
    09. Subroutines from Bins by Sublevel and COW locations
    10. Lightcycle Game mode
        a) Power Ups
        b) Additional Information
        c) The Stats of the Lightcycles
        d) List of the Racetracks
        e) What is unlocked when
    11. FAQ
    12. Credits
    13. Changelog
    14. Version History
    01. Introduction
    Greetings Programs, the information contained within this document should help
    you on getting through the game of Tron 2.0, which carries on the tradition 
    started in the Tron movie of some 20 years ago.  For those that have not seen 
    the movie, I recommend that you do this before playing the game. It is not a 
    must, but it will help you get into the mood and design that is carried on in 
    the game. Also it will help you deal with the background info you gain during
    the game, since there are a few references to the original movie or it's char-
    acters which might not be understood easily if you've not seen it. 
    This is also my first ever Walkthrough, so I do hope that you forgive the mis-
    takes I might make here and help me out with it. I will especially need help on 
    some of the terms used in the original, English version of the game, since I 
    live in Germany and did use the German version of the game which has all dialog
    synchronized and all texts translated.
    02. Legalese
    This walkthrough is a work I have poured many hours into and I do hope that 
    anyone that wants to copy or rework this guide will acknowledge this by giving
    credits to all the people that helped me and to me, of course. Also it would 
    not be very nice if you sold this walkthrough since it is intended as a free 
    work to be shared with all people who need it. Sadly I will not be able to stop 
    anyone from misusing it, but know this, you shall be cursed by all people who 
    gave their contribution hereto. 
    03. Basic Game Mechanics
    Tron 2.0 is at it's core a standard FPS game, with a few nice twists concerning
    weapons and character enhancement.  These twist make the game that much more 
    interesting. But it also needs some explanation as to how the system of 
    character evolvment works.
    a) The Stats
      - Build Points
        These work in much the same way as experience points do in RPG. Each time 
        you gain 100 Build points you will be able to update your stats. At each 
        update you will be given 7 points which you can allocate to the stats. You 
        can allocate a maximum of 20 points to any of the five stats and during the
        game you will earn enough Build points for 63 update points (not enough to 
        bring all stats to full). 
      - Health
        This stat should be pretty self explanatory. Each update point will add 
        five health points to your maximum health. If you have allotted 20 update
        points to it you will gain an extra 100 health point bonus.
      - Energy
        This, too, should be self explanatory. The upgrade works just like with the
        health stat (+ 5 energy/point - 100 point bonus at 20 upgrade points).
      - Weapon Efficiency
        This stat will decrease energy useage of your weapons if you spend points 
        on it. This will be useful later in the game when you are able to upgrade 
        weapons with subroutines like 'Corrosion' or 'Megahurtz' as they will ad-
        ditionally increase the energy useage of weapons. 
      - Transferrate
        Increasing this stat will lower the time it takes to download subroutines, 
        e-mails and permissions from bins or core dumps.
      - Processor
        A longer bar here means that it will not take as much time to defragment 
        damaged memory sectors, port subroutines or disinfect them.
      - Upgrade recommendations for the stats
        I would suggest that the main part of the upgrade points should be spent 
        primarily on the first three stats. This is because I never found Processor
        or Transferrate as practical as the others. I do know that opinions may 
        differ here, but I usually had enough time to port, download or disinfect, 
        but sometimes I ran out of energy or health extremely fast. 
    b) Utilities and Memory
      - The memory
        You can see how much memory you have by pressing 'F1' and looking at the 
        empty slots in the outer ring there. Depending on the system you are in the
        configuration and amount of this memory will vary. Memory is used for 
        mounting subroutines and you can change those subroutines at any time, even
        in the midst of a battle since pressing 'F1' will also pause the game. 
      - The porting Icon
        In the upper left you will find a small circle with the same symbol in it 
        as unported subroutines display. To port a subroutine just drag and drop it 
      - The defragmentation Icon
        In the lower middle of the ring you will find the Icon for defragmentation. 
        Your memory can only become fragmented during battle and if you have a few
        empty memory blocks. Should your memory become fragmented just drag and 
        drop the innards of the affected memory block here. 
      - The virus killer icon
        If one of your subroutines got infected just drag and drop it over here and 
        wait for it to become cleansed of the impurities. 
    c) Additional Info
       - Virus infection
        Should one of your subroutines become infected try to disinfect it as soon 
        as possible. Also see if you can seperate it from other subroutines 
        adjacent to it by creating at least one empty memory slot between the 
        infected and the uninfected subroutines. This usually means unmounting a 
        subroutine, but it will also keep the Virus from spreading. 
    04. Primitives, Subroutines and Important Objects
    Primitives are the basic shape weapons and you can activate that form at any 
    time. If you want to use any of the two upgrades however you will have to in-
    stall the according combat subroutine in your memory.
    The memory blocks you need for a Subroutine are determined by it's version.
    Alpha subroutines need 3 blocks, beta need 2 blocks and gold ones need only 
    one block of memory.
    The Objects section will describe the few objects you can pick up with your 
    action key. 
    a) Primitives and the Combat Subroutines
       - Disc Primitive 
         The Disc Primitive is the first weapon you will receive in the game. It 
         will also be the one most used, since it is in it's basic form the only
         weapon that does not use any energy. Also coupled with the right Utilities
         it will be a very formidable and powerful weapon.
       - Disc Sequencer (Subroutine)
         The Sequencer subroutine let's you throw 2 or more Discs in quick 
         sucession for an only miminal energy cost. The only drawback is that you 
         can only block after all the Discs have returned to your hand, which can 
         sometimes get you into grizzly situation, so choose wise when to use it. 
       - Disc Cluster (Subroutine)
         The Cluster Disc is good for groups of enemy since it will work almost 
         like a fragmentation grenade. Sadly there are not that many large groups 
         in the game so it's usefulness might not be exploited to it's fullest.
       - Ball Primitive
         The Ball Primitive (and one of it's subroutines) is the weapon used by the 
         Z-Lots throughout the game.  It's low accuracy coupled with that it uses 
         energy made it a weapon I did not use very often.
       - Ball Launcher (Subroutine)
         The Ball Lauchner can be a very deadly weapon, especially on the higher 
         version levels with it's higher rate of fire.  It is fairly accurate also.
         Since it also does some splash damage it is also effective against groups
         of enemies. 
       - Ball Drunken Dims (Subroutine)
         This is the most powerful incarnation of the Ball Primitive, it's accuracy
         will improve by increasing the version. Does splash damage and can be put
         to good use against groups. 
       - Rod Primitive (aka Prod)
         The Rod, in it's most basic incarnation is a weapon with which you have to
         get close to the enemy, since it can only be used in close combat. This 
         weapon should only be used in rare circumstances, where stealth is 
         possible and enemies are far and between. Energy usage is also very high 
         for this weapon.
       - Rod Suffusion (Subroutine)
         You want a shotgun, here you have a shotgun. Powerful at short ranges, 
         gets more accurate in higher versions and more powerful. If you don't know
         how shotguns are used, well, then this weapon is not for you. :)
       - Rod LOL (Subroutine)
         Did I hear anyone say sniper?  Well, here is your all purpose, kill in one
         headshot sniper rifle. High Energy useage, but also very powerful against
         single enemies.  Kills most opponents in one shot. Also good to take out 
         Finders at long ranges. Be careful if you pair a gold LOL up with a gold
         Corrosion and Megahurtz, because you will be down to only 3 or 4 shots 
         with this weapon, although they will be very powerful.
       - Blaster Primitive 
         Standard Machinegun, high energy useage, low accuracy, low power. Should 
         go to the trash bin. 'Nuff said.
       - Blaster Energy Claw (Subroutine)
         You know you always wanted to be a vampire. This subroutine transforms you 
         into one. Works on single enemies as well as groups (if they are hugging
         each other). It transforms the health it takes from the enemy to energy 
         for you.
         Therefore this weapon will only use energy once the enemy runs out of 
         health. It is a very useful weapon against the shield ICPs and also 
         against most other single enemies as the enemy will not be able to attack 
         as long as the Claw grips him. 
       - Blaster Prankster Bit (Subroutine)
         This is the single most powerful weapon in the whole game, which is why 
         you only get it in the last part of it. Fires a guided missile that will 
         create a black hole at it's impact point. For this weapon to work you will
         have to hold onto the mouse button. Steering is the same as with the Disc.
         If you release the mouse button before it impacts into something it will 
         explode prematurely. The lethality radius will increase in higher versions
         . Only drawback is the high energy useage, so if you want to use it often 
         better have a white energy patch routine nearby. :)
    b) Defense Subroutines
       - Submask
         Your standard helmet. Depending on the version it will give you either 
         10%, 12% or 15% of protection. 
       - Encryption
         Standard Body Armor, offers protection of 15%, 25% or 30%.
       - Peripheral Seal
         Armor for the arms, offers protection of 8%, 9% or 12%.
       - Support Safeguard
         Armor for the legs, offers protection of 8%, 9% or 12%.
       - Base Damping
         Armor for the feer, offers protection of 5%, 6% or 8%.
       - Viral Shield
         Helps protect your subroutines from becoming infected with a virus.
         Protection offered will be either 30%, 50% or 75%.
    c) Utility Subroutines
       - Fuzzy Signature
         This will help you sneak up on enemies. Installing it means your steps
         make 25%, 50% or even 75% less noise than usual.
       - Power Block
         This subroutine is only useful for the Disc Block, but do not write it
         off yet, since it will be very useful.  The Disc might (or even should be,
         IMHO) your primary weapon throughout the game.  This means you will also 
         have to master the art of blocking. And returning an enemy Disc to it's 
         owner and doing damage by this is no bad thing, I would say. In it's gold
         version it is powerful enough to take out most enemies with one Power 
       - Megahurtz
         Increases the damage potential of weapons, but also increases their energy
         useage.  This is helpful with every weapon, but it will be best coupled 
         with the Disc Primitive. Since the Disc Primitive uses no energy you get a
         damage boost on it for free. :)
       - Corrosion
         This will 'poison' the enemy if you hit him with a weapon. The time the 
         enemy will stay posioned will increase with version. Again it will also 
         increase energy useage of a weapon, which makes this another good add-on 
         for the Disc Primitive.
       - Primitive Charge
         This Subroutine will increase the damage your Primitives (!) do slightly.
         Since no energy is needed to employ it, it will be a very useful addition
         indeed if you fancy on using the Primitives only or mostly (the Disc comes
         to mind).
       - Triangulation
         This will give you a sniper scope. Depending on version it will give you
         the option to zoom in further on a target. This will transform some of the
         weapons into sniperweapons. Again a must have I would think.
       - Y-Amp
         You really want to reach that archivebin with the much need subroutine but
         can not jump high enough? Well, install the Y-Amp it will make you jump, 
         jump higher that is. Higher version will increase the jump height.
       - Profiler
         This is a subroutine that displays information about enemies. The higher 
         the version the better the info you get. 
       - Virus Scan
         Will tell you if subroutines you want to download are infected. On beta it
         will tell you which subroutines specifically are infected and on gold it 
         will disinfect them on download. 
    d) Objects
       - Build note
         When you find a Build note it will increase your version by 2 points. 
         There is a total of 100 notes hidden in the whole game. The number that 
         can be found in each level is given in the upper left corner of the HUD.
       - Code Optimization Ware
         You will love these little critters. Upon useing one (with the use key) 
         they will give you the option to increase the version level of one of your
         subroutines (e.g. alpha -> beta).
       - Core Dumps
         Upon defeating an enemy a core dump will appear. Picking it up with the 
         use key will replenish some of your health and/or energy. The core dump 
         will get weaker over time and vanish altogether. Also you may find certain
         permissions or subroutines in the enemies core dump. As they will also 
         fade into nothingness I suggest that you pick them up as soon as possible.
    05. Characters
    Here listed are the characters you will meet throughout the game.
    - Jet Bradley
      He is the son of Alan Bradley, programmer of the original Tron program and
      co-programmer of Ma3a. Jet is a bit of the rebellious kind as you will learn
      from the e-mail you can download throughout the game.
    - Alan Bradley
      The father of the main character. He apparently got kidnapped and one of your 
      objectives will be to locate him.
    - Ma3a
      An AI programmed mainly by Lora Bradley - the late wife of Alan Bradley - and
      Alan Bradley. Ma3a is responsible for digitizing Jet and transporting him 
      into the world inside the computer.
    - Thorne / The Master User
      Thorne is a former Encom employee, who worked in security. He sold the 
      dizitizing technology to Encoms rival fCon. During an experiment to prove 
      that the technology he sold works something goes awry and his form is corrupt-
      ed. Now he is trying to gain power in the computer world. He is also the 
      cause for the spreading corruption.
    - Kernel 
      The commander of the ICP units in Ma3a's systems. He will not tolerate any 
      unauthorized programs in his system. He is also a powerful and formidable 
    - Mercury
      A program programmed by the mysterious user Guest. Sent to help you gain ac-
      cess to Ma3a. Current version is v6.2.1
    - The fCon Trio
      This Trio will trouble you later in the game. They are the ones responsible 
      for Alans disappearance. They also do everything to get the technology 
      working for fCon.
    - Several Programs
      During your quest you will find many helpful civilian programs. Do not derez
      them as it will end your game.
    06. Enemies
    This section lists the enemies that you will meet during the game.
    - ICPs
      ICPs come in three flavors. First there is the basic grunt with a weak 
      armor and only using a standard Disc Primitive. Then there is the upgraded 
      grunt, signified by the forcefield around him. He will use the Disc 
      The last kind of ICP will carry a shield around him. He might use a Disc
      Cluster subroutine. To defeat it use a weapon with splash damage or circle 
      your Disc behind him and then return it to you to hit it from behind.
    - Finder
      Small, floating robots. Not very strong, but due to their size hard to hit.
      The laser they fire is deadly accurate. Can be fatal in large numbers. Take
      them out as fast as possible. Also, if the chance is there sneak up from be-
      hind to destroy them. Upon destruction I recommond that you are not too close
      to them as they will explode in a large radius and might take you with them. 
      I found these to be the single most annoying enemy in the whole game.
    - Z-Lots
      Z-Lots are former civilian programs that have been transformed by the cor-
      ruption. They will use both the Ball Primitive and the Ball Launcher as 
      weapons. They are fairly easy to defeat, but can infect your subroutines with
      a virus.
    - Rector Scripts
      These are powerful entities that are spreading the corruption. As weapon they
      will use the Ball Drunken Dims subroutine.  They also have a high protection 
      and can take a few hits. Upon defeat they will explode, so don't be to close 
      to them when they go down. As with the Z-Lots these enemies will be able to 
      infect your subroutines with a virus.
    - Resource Hogs
      Their armor strenght resembles that of the ICPs, but they use the Rod Suf-
      fusion subroutine as weapons. This should make it clear that they should be
      take out at long range, where their weapons are not as effective. Much less
      deadly than ICPs. (Mircosoft gets their share of Hogs. :) )
    - Seekers
      Welcome to the search engine from hell. These beast are a pain in the you 
      know what to take out. You will only meet two in the whole game. Use 
      Sequencer or any other powerful routine to take it down fast. Also take care 
      of the Resources Hogs helping the first one and the Data Wraiths helping the 
      second one. 
    - Data Wraiths
      These are human users much like Jet, but trained to infiltrate other 
      They have a cloaking ability and they can run with a short burst of speed.
      Their armor though is weak, as is their weapon the Mesh Primitive. Luckily 
      they don't use the Energy Claw or Prankster Bit subroutine. They should not
      pose much of a problem, as they are more apperance than power. 
    07. Notes for the Walkthrough
    - Build notes
        The location of most Build notes in the game is random, therefore I can not
        give exact locations for them. The number of Build notes found in a level
        will also be given beside the sublevel name.  
    - Downloadables (e-mails, subroutines, permissions)
        The location of the downloadables remains the same. The location of each 
        will be listed in the walkthrough.
    - Permissions
        Permissions will be abreviated like this: P7 (= permission 7)
    - Archive bins
        I will list the permissions needed for each archive bin like this:
        bin(npn) = bin needs no permission / bin(3;4) bin needs P3 and P4
        Also archive bins will be called just 'bins' througout the walkthrough.
    - Floating Boxes, crates, cubes (whichever you like to call them)
        These will be called just boxes throughout the walkthrough. 
    - Code Optimization Ware
        Code Optimization Ware will receive this acronym: COW (Mooooooo!) :)
    - Subroutines status
        Subroutines will receive depending on their status the following suffixes:
        (a)  = Alpha level subroutine
        (b)  = Beta level subroutine
        (g)  = Gold level subroutine
        (i)  = Infected subroutine
        (np) = Subroutine has to be ported in the Stats screen
        (##) = A number telling the energy cost to download
        So 'Submask (b)(i)(np)(45)' means that you will download a Beta level Sub-
        mask subroutine, that is infected and has to be ported and with a download 
        cost of 45 Energy. 
    - Memory configuration 
        The memory configuration for each sub-level of the game in will be written
        beside the sublevel name in this manner: (2;5;1;1)
        This means that you have a set of 2 connected blocks, a set of 5 connected 
        blocks and 2 sets of single memory blocks to mount subroutines in. 
    - Sublevel subject line
        A sublevel subject line will look like in this example:
          a.a) Program Initialization (2;3;6) (3 Build notes)
          -> Name of sublevel; Memory blocks available; Build notes hidden
        Sublevels that are only Ligthcycle races or cutscenes will not contain any
        information about memory blocks or Build notes.
    - Version info
        At the end of the walkthrough for a given sublevel I will put the highest
        achieveable version up to that point. Remember that sometimes you are given
        Build points on entering a sublevel exit.
    - Sublevels and Mainlevels
        Each Mainlevel (e.g. Vaporware) is divided into several sublevels. This 
        only for clarification purposes. 
    And now onto the main part, which is why you probably came here in the first
    place. :)
    08. Walkthrough
    So here we are, you have pressed the start button for the single player game 
    and are first treated to the intro. After watching (or skipping) it the game 
    a) Unauthorized User
       a.a) Program Initialization (2;3;6) (3 Build notes) 
            After materializing you are first greeted by Byte (who is quite full of
    	himself I might add).  He will offer you to do a tutorial, which I re-
    	commend you do in any case as you will be rewarded with 105 Build 
    	points for doing the Basic tutorial. This will also give you a head 
    	start in stats. I will not give any hints on the tutorial other than to
    	do what Byte says.
    	If you like you can skip the combat tutorial, since it will hold 
    	no rewards (permission 7 will be gifted onto you magically). But do re-
    	member to heal up before entering the datastream back to the point 
    	where you materialized. Now the fun will start.
    	After exiting the datastrem and walking into the main hall you will be
    	greeted by a few Z-Lots that you should derez quickly. After this 
    	follow Byte to the lift and go down. Now you should first turn left. In
    	this area you will find a few boxes and two bins (npn) with e-mails in 
    	them. Now go back to the lift and down the right way to where Byte will
    	play key again. Talk to the program then follow Byte down the corridor. 
    	After noting that you can not jump high enough follow Byte to the next 
    	force field. On deactivation go in, and right, but do not use the ramp
    	but rather the ledge above it. You will end up on a platform with a bin
    	(npn) containing an e-mail and a P8. 
    	Now go back and use the ramp, either left or right (it does not matter
    	but right is shorter) and go to the blocked bridge. Activate the panel
    	beside it to turn it off for a few seconds and thereby removing the 
    	blockage, which will free ROMie and give you the chance to raid the 
    	bins on the other side, which is what we are going to do now. 
    	The first bin(npn) right behind the bridge will give you the option to
    	download the 'Y-Amp (a)(25)' and the 'Blaster Primitive (25)'. After
    	raiding this bin you will first have to fight back a few Z-Lots that 
    	spawned on the far side of the bridge. Then go to the other side of 
    	the room and get to the other bin by jumping on some of the smaller
    	boxes. The bin(2;3;8) contains P7 and an e-mail. If you want or 
    	need you can heal up at the patch routines. The Y-Amp should be 
    	installed by now. Go back to the room where you couldn't quite jump 
    	high enough and defeat any remaining Z-Lots there. One of them will 
    	hold a 'Profiler(a)(i)' subroutine ready for download in his core dump.
    	Now jump onto the ledge and go down the corridor to the boxes and the
    	next bin(2;3;7) with a 'Profiler (a)(25)' and an e-mail. Now go to the
    	end of the corridor to finish this sublevel and to see a cutscene.
    	Version: v1.3.3
       a.b) Program Integration (2;3;6) (4 Build notes)
            Another short cutscene and you are good to go for this part. Here you 
    	will see your first Code Optimization Ware. Sadly you will be forced to
    	use it here and now, or the game (specifically Byte) will not progress.
    	Since the selection is not great and you will soon enough find a Gold
    	Profiler, I recommend to optimize the Y-Amp. After using the COW Byte, 
    	in his infinite wisdom, will note that you do not yet have the per-
    	mission to open the door.
    	Follow Byte, and while your are at it, you might relieve the two bins
    	(npn) of their e-mails. Be careful in your advance though, since an ICP
    	will wait at the lower end of the ramp. Now Byte will open a door in 
    	the wall. Jump over and traverse the corridor and be prepared to fight 
    	back a few Z-Lots after jumping down on the far end. Now you have to 
    	jump through the corridor with the corroded floor and upon reaching its
    	end you will have to destroy another Z-Lot. Now turn left and go to the 
    	boxes. Duck down, to reach the bin(npn) hidden behind them with P1 and
    	'Fuzzy Signature (a)(25)' in it. Now go to the forcefield and de-
    	activate it with the panel on its right side (P1 needed) and enter the
    	datastream behind it to join up with Byte again. 
    	Go back to the door at the beginning of the sublevel and open it with
    	the newly gained permission. Now follow the only corridor that you have
    	access to now, sneak up on the ICPs and take them out. One of the ICPs 
    	will have the P4 in it's core dump. Now talk to the program outside of 
    	the ICPs room. 
    	Go on a bit to see a corridor to your right with a Sec Rezzer at its 
    	end and follow it down. Turn right again to see a few boxes and a bin
    	(1;2) containing an e-mail. Then enter the small corridor right after
    	the boxes and follow it until you reach a room with a broken bridge. 
    	Here jump over to the right and onto the boxes to reach the bin(1) with
    	P4 and 'Submask (a)(np)(15)' in it. Now go back to where you cloud jump
    	over the bridge, but look down and jump onto the bin(1) floating there
    	to get a P2. Now use the boxes to jump to the other side of the bridge.
    	Here you will have to duck through the small hole to end up below a 
    	room with a broken glass floor. Go to the broken part and jump up to 
    	gain access to the bin(1;4) here. It contains P2, 'Profiler (b)(35)',
    	'Virus Scan (a)(25)' and 'Y-Amp (a)(25)'. Now go back to the bridge and
    	use the corridor with the small upwards slope and derez any ICPs in the
    	If you want you can now deactivate any Sec Rezzers and access the bin 
    	with the e-mail since you now should have the needed permission.  Then
    	go ahead to the room with the patch routines in it and activate the 
    	panel on it's far end to reroute the power stream blocking your way.
    	Be on your guard as a few ICPs will be spawned to keep you from exiting
    	this section. After their deresolution, go back to the room with the 
    	power streams and go down to Byte to enter the datastream that opens 
    	NOTE: This is a one-way datastream only and the Build notes are hidden
    	      only in the first part of this sublevel, so make sure you have
    	      found all four before entering the datastream!!!!!
    	On exiting the datastream you will be in an area that has and outer 
    	ring and an inner circle, both of which are interconnected at every 
    	quater of the circle. In the inner circle you will find the port to 
    	exit this sublevel, but as of yet it is still protected by a force-
    	field. To deactivate it you will have to supply energy to the four bits
    	that are in the rooms connected to the outer ring.
    	Going right from the entry point will bring you to the first room (the 
    	one with the number 1 outside, naturally). Go in and supply energy to 
    	the bit. Upon completion of this task a few ICPs will rez in and 
    	quarantine fields will be errected to hamper your movement in the outer
    	To get further right to room 2 you will have to use the inner circle.
    	Going further right from room two and entering the inner circle at the 
    	next opening will enable you to download an e-mail form a bin(1). To 
    	the right of room 4 is another bin(2;4) with 'Submask (a)(15)' and 
    	'Primitive Charge (a)(25)' ready for download.
    	After taking care of all the bits and ICPs enter the port to end this
    	sub- and mainlevel. On to Vaporware.
    	Version: v1.7.1
    b) Vaporware
       b.a) Lightcyclearena and Gridbox (9;7;1) (5 Build notes)
            After the cutscene you will end up in the staging area for Lightcycle
    	warriors. To continue just walk over to the counter in front of you to
    	get a Rod Primitve (which can not yet be used as a weapon, also your 
    	Disc and Blaster have been confiscated), which will activate the Light-
    	cycle in the arena. After getting the Rod climb the stairs and go 
    	around either to the left or right side to the next program that wants
    	to talk	to you. You will also note a bin(2;4;6) with an e-mail that you
    	can download later and a bin(npn) with P2, P6 and an e-mail within.
    	NOTE: Before entering the port to either the training area or any of 
    	      the Lightcycle races, make sure that you scoured every corner of 
    	      the area for Build notes. New ones will appear on finishing a 
    	      race, but the old ones may also disappear, so make sure you catch 
    	      every note!!!!
    	After talking to the program you should enter the port to partake in 
    	the tutorial for Lightcycleraces. The tutorial is again pretty self-
    	On finishing the tutorial (in Version 1.010 of the game you are also 
    	able to skip Lightcycle races) search the area for Build Notes, then
    	talk to the program on the lower floor to start the first real race.
    	When you exit the datastream after your win you will first see two ICPs
    	standing at one of the panels. Go to them and listen to their talk. 
    	When they ask you which one wins, tell them the blue one will win 
    	(Option 2).
    	Then wait and listen a bit and you will gain 5 Build points. Now look 
    	around for Build notes again and then go to where you made the tutorial 
    	and talk to the ICP there to gain P4. With this you can download the 
    	remaining e-mail. Also you should now look for the locker that can be 
    	opened with the P4 to gain the Super-Lightcycle. Now enter your next 
    	You win, you do some Build note searching, you do some talking and then 
    	you will enter your last race. What is different about this race is 
    	that you do not necessarily kill your enemies, but that your rather 
    	have to	get to the other side of the raster and drive onto the fallen 
    	tower on the right side of the arena (marked by an exit point). Do this
    	to finish this sublevel.
    	Version: v2.1.6
       b.b) Prisonercells (9;7;1) (4 Build notes) 
            Talk to Mercury, then walk down the corridor and turn left. Depending 
    	on where the ICP stands either sneak up on him or charging at him. Now 
    	wait for Mercury to catch up. Talk to her until you receive the P1, 
    	then open the door and enter the area with the holding cells. You will
    	have to be especially careful of the Finder in this area, since you do
    	not yet have a weapon you can destroy it with. 
    	On exiting the doorway go straight ahead and walk around the back of 
    	the building that is in front of you. Enter the room you walked around 
    	through the door and derez the ICP. In it's core dump you should find 
    	the 'Suffusion (a)(np)' subroutine, which I suggest you port and equip
    	before going further. With the Suffusion Rod take out the Finder and 
    	any remaining ICPs in the area to be able to move more freely. Some of
    	the ICPs moving around on the outside will carry the P5 with them.
    	Before going on you might want to empty the two bins in the area. The 
    	first bin(npn) in between the floating boxes will hold P2 and P6, the 
    	'Virus Scan (b)(35)' and the 'Fuzzy Signature (a)(25)'. Use the boxes
    	to reach the higher up ledge and through it the second bin(npn) with P3
    	and the 'Peripheral Seal (b)(i)(20)'. With all the permissions you have 
    	gained you are also able to open some of the cells now. In one of them
    	is a COW, put it to good use. Also, take care that you pick up the two 
    	Build notes in this area, as it is a no return area. 
    	After getting all the goodies, enter the control room again and supply 
    	some energy to the bit lying on one of the consoles. Then follow it to
    	ROMie's cell and open it, so that he can open the datastream to the 
    	next area of this sublevel. 
    	In the next area first use the I/O node to have Mercury tell you what 
    	to do next. Then seek out the ICP in the area and after his demise take
    	out the two Encryption units. Then enter the lift to go up. 
    	On emerging from the lift seek and destroy any ICPs in the accessible 
    	area, then return to the lift. From the lift you can see floating boxes
    	on one wall. Go there to find a bin(1;5) with P3 and 'Suffusion(a)(50)'
    	in it. From there go right and go onto the ramp leading to the corridor
    	(where nothing should be alive anymore if you took out all ICPs).  
    	Follow the corridor until the first room, enter it and look for the 
    	bin(npn) with the P4 in it. Then go to the next room with a bin(3) con-
    	taining an e-mail and 'Y-Amp (b)(75)'.
    	Back to the lift. You have now the permissions needed to enter the 
    	building besides the lift. Enter it and the datastream within. Now go
    	around one of the corners and take the two ICPs out. On picking up your
    	Disc a few more ICPs will come in throught the datastream. Take care of
    	them and then go ahead to empty the bin(npn) with the following: P8, 
    	'Power Block(a)(25)', 'LOL(a)(np)(65)' and 'Peripheral Seal(a)(i)(15)'.
    	You should also have all four Build notes by now. 
    	Return to the hall by datastream and go to the white patch routine, 
    	while fighting off the four ICPs that are waiting for you here. Right
    	by it you will find a forcefield on the floor and a panel beside it. 
    	Use the panel to lower the forcefield, go down the ramp and follow the
    	corridor to end this sublevel. 
    	Version: v2.7.4
       b.c) Transportstation (9;7;1) (5 Build notes) 
            Exit the room with the I/O node and suggest to the ICPs that they 
    	should better leave. After their expiration go to the boxes and open 
    	the bin(npn) to find P2 and 'Virus Scan(g)(50)'. Go on and walk through
    	the corridor at the end of the room. Be careful on exiting it. There 
    	will be a Finder floating about to the upper right. Also an ICP will 
    	patrol the ledge in the about the same direction as you can see the 
    	Finder. On a ledge to the left above you will be a few more ICPs (one 
    	with Sequencer as weapon). Take out the Finder and the ICP to the right
    	, then turn in that direction. You will find a ramp to the next higher
    	level. Go there	and fight back the remaining ICPs, then go over the 
    	energy bridge to the left and access the bin(npn). It will hold P2, P3,
    	'Virus Scan (b)(35)' and the 'Viral Shield (a)(i)(20)'.
    	After this go back to the ramp and to it's right, download the e-mail 
    	and activate the bridge. Then return to the ramp and go to the lower 
    	level again, we will do some extra hunting. Position yourself in front
    	of the left of the two squares where the boxes are coming out. Jump 
    	onto one when it comes close enough to allow it. Depending on the 
    	direction it takes when reaching the highest level you will either end 
    	up on a box or on a ledge near a patch routine. Whatever your loacation
    	, make your way to the bin in the corner by using the boxes. The bin
    	(npn) has P5 and 'Sequencer (a)(40)' in it. Now jump back to the patch
    	routine and go to the end of the ledge. Once ther jump over the blocks
    	to the other side and go around. Now wait for the gold box to appear 
    	from the square and jump on it. Jump off it on the ledge with the COW.
    	To get back down you will have to use a few boxes that come up towards 
    	you to reach the ledge with the patch routine again, then go to its end
    	repeat the jumping over to the other side and then jump onto one of the 
    	red boxes instead of the golden one. Then jump onto the platform beside
    	the bridge you activated earlier. Two Build notes should be in your
    	possesion right now. 
    	Go towards the I/O node, but rather than activating it right away you 
    	should first take out the Finder to the right and the two ICPs in the
    	area behind the wall to which the I/O node is fitted. Two more Build 
    	notes are hidden in the area with boxes here also. Now get some updated
    	info from Mercury and continue to the right. Go to the bin(npn) on top 
    	of the boxes close to where the finder was patrolling to get an e-mail 
    	and P5. Get down and advance further into the room, up a ramp and get 
    	to the stack of boxes hiding another bin(5) with P1 and another e-mail.
    	Then go around the stack, enter the next room and take care of the ICPs
    	First go to the right of the room to reach a bin(2;3;5) with these 
    	items: P4, P7, 'Primitive Charge (a)(i)(25)' and 'Profiler (b)(i)(35)'.
    	Now go to the door on the left and out onto the platform where the 
    	civilian program is. Press the button on the left side of the board to
    	release the first Mooring App. Go back the way you came and watch out 
    	for the ICPs that spawned. In the area behind the I/O node you will now
    	also be able to download the e-mail form the bin(1;5) there. 
    	Then go through one of the three tunnels into the large hall and remove
    	the remaining two Mooring Apps there. Then, you can either make it
    	quick and jump on the transport fast, or you can hang around and take 
    	out the last few ICPs that want to stop you. Congratulations on another
    	finished sublevel. 
    	Version: v2.9.1
       b.d) Primary Digitizer (9;7;1) (5 Build notes) 
    	After the cutscenes (with some Pong jokes) go ahead and download the 
    	e-mail form the bin(npn) then exit through the door, take care of the
    	two ICPs in front of it and download the P4 from the core dump. Turn 
    	left and walk towards the boxes now. Use the boxes to climb to the top
    	of the wall and jump over to the other side. Delete the 10 or so Z-Lots
    	in the large open area and the two smaller halls to the left and right.
    	After this enter first the hall on the left to find two bins there. The
    	first bin(npn) holds P3, the other bin(npn) has 'Sequencer (a)(i)(50)',
    	Suffusion (a)(50)' and 'Fuzzy Signature (a)(i)(50)'. Then go to the bin
    	(3) to find 'Sequencer (b)(80)', 'Primitive Charge (a)(i)(25)', 
    	'Profiler (a)(i)(25)' and 'Profiler (b)(np)(35)'.
    	Before getting Byte you may want to go to the bin(npn) hanging beside 
    	the door with the forcefield locking it. To rejoin with Byte just go
    	to the far wall on the left (below the area with the corruption in it).
    	Talk to Byte, then follow him and let him drop the forcefield. Enter
    	the corridor to find a COW and tunnels branching off into three 
    	seperate directions. Go into each and go close to the edge of the door-
    	way there and look down to check for possible Build notes, after that 
    	you may choose one of the to jump down. Then check the bins in the back
    	of the room. The right bin(3) will hold a P5, 'LOL (a)(i)(50)', 'Guard
    	Fortification (a)(15)' and 'Launcher (a)(i)(75)'. The left bin(3) nets 
    	you an e-mail, 'LOL (a)(50)' and 'Fuzzy Signature (b)(np)(75)'.
    	After your raid, go to the other end of the room (while opening all 
    	available doors to check for Build notes) and open the door on your 
    	left to enter Ma3a docking area. Remove the presence of the ICPs here.
    	One of the ICPs holds a 'Profiler (a)', another a 'Fuzzy Signature (a)
    	(np)', and the other hold P3's in their core dumps. Now you should re- 
    	lease Ma3a. Do this by supplying energy to the two bits in the panels 
    	in front of Ma3a's holding tank. Also check if you have found 4 Build 
    	notes up to now, this is vitally important if you want to get all Build
    	notes in this sublevel. 
    	After the releas of Ma3a another few ICPs will spawn to attack you. 
    	On their premature deactivation talk a few times to the civilian 
    	program in the area to get P7, with which you can activate the switch 
    	in the middle section of the room you originally jumped into. Remeber 
    	to not stand below the lift when you call it. :)
    	Board it to go up and enter an area you will find quite familiar. Turn
    	right and use the boxes again to scale the wall another time. Again you
    	will also have to fight off a few Z-Lots, one on the left side will 
    	have a 'Corrosion (a)' subroutine in its core dump, which I suggest you
    	get here. Then make your way to the large force field in the back of 
    	the area and talk to Byte there. 
    	After he takes down the forcefield follow Byte to the exit area, while
    	being harrased by Z-Lots and having to keep a look-out for the last 
    	Build note of this level. After you reached the port area you will have
    	to fend off the Z-Lots until the cutscene starts. 
    	Congratulations on getting through the second main-level.
    	Version: v3.2.3
    c) Legacy Code
       c.a) Alans Desktop PC (3;3;2;2;1) (3 Build notes)
            On rematerialization follow Ma3a to the bin(npn) and talk to her, then
    	download the video archive, after that do some more talking until Ma3a 
    	gets a signal from Guest. Follow her to the I/O node, where she will 
    	request of you to configure the com-ports. To do this you will have to
    	go to the other side of the hall, where another I/O node is off to your 
    	right and where four programs are waiting for their activation in a 
    	slumped down position. To configure the port (ports 1-4 are numbered 
    	from left to right) look at the ports from the second I/O node and look
    	at the rings on the floors of the ports. These rings are open to one 
    	side. If the opening is showing towards the entry of the port go to the
    	corresponding program and talk to it (e.g. Prog 2 for port 2) and wait
    	until it has entered it's port. Right beside the second I/O node you
    	will also find a panel with which you can change the directions into 
    	which the rings are pointing. To turn them you will have to press the 
    	switch to the lower right in the panel. Configure all ports in this 
    	Use the second I/O node now to gain additional information and also on 
    	how to go on with your mission. You are now sent off to hunt e-mail 
    	fragments. To start with this go into the corridor that is to the right
    	of the one where the I/O node you just used is and follow it until you
    	find a room with a forcefield and a lot of empty and a few filled 
    	archive bins. One bin(npn) holds just an e-mail, another bin(npn) con-
    	tains an e-mail and 'LOL (a)(65)' and the third bin(7) a P3. To 
    	continue on press the button on the panel close to the forcefield to 
    	extend a bridge. Go to the middle of the bridge, turn left and talk to
    	the program there to gain the first e-mail fragment. Then return to the
    	bridge and continue on to a one-way datastream. Be wary of the Finders 
    	that spawn after you retrived the e-mail. 
    	On exiting the datastream you will end up in a room that looks similar 
    	to the first bridge room. In one bin(npn) you will find an e-mail and a
    	P5, in the other bin(5) you will get 'Triangulation (b)(100)' and 
    	'Suffusion (b)(np)(90)'. Now go on to the middle of the bridge and talk
    	to the program. This time you will have to destroy the finders before 
    	the program can retrieve the e-mail fragment. While doing this a few 
    	more finders will come in through exits on the far left and right walls
    	, be very wary of them or they will attack you from behind. The LOL 
    	would be a very good weapon to use. The best way is to hide behind the 
    	triangle shaped block and to lean and take the Finders down. No matter 
    	what the battle will be not an easy one, because of the Finders high 
    	rate of fire. Good Luck.
    	If part three of the e-mail quest you will get the same treatment as in 
    	part two, only with more Finders and the Finders from the walls will 
    	now come in through entrance high up on the wall.  In the room you 
    	start you will see a bin(npn) with an e-mail within. After gaining 
    	access to the last e-mail fragment, go on on the bridge and use the I/O
    	node located there. Then go on and use the lift to end up back in the 
    	com-port area.
    	As of now the security system of the desktop PC will have taken notice 
    	of your presence. Therefore you will have to battle a few ICPs on your 
    	return topside. Also you will have gained P7 by now, which will allow
    	you to raid the bin with the P3 that you could not access earlier. With
    	this permission you can access the bin(3) beside the lift, with P8, an
    	e-mail, 'LOL (a)(50)', 'Virus Scan (b)(np)(35)' and 'Suffusion (b)(90)'
    	within it. Go back to the port with which you entered the sublevel and 
    	activate the bit on one of the pillars to end this rather short level.
    	Version: v3.8.5
    d) System Restart
       d.a) Packet Transport (6;5;3;1;1) (5 Build notes)
            You are now in a transport and have to find a hiding place before they 
    	find and delete you. First talk to the Marcella program, then go to the
    	back of this car (think of the transport as a train, with you being in 
    	the front car of it) to find two bins in between a few boxes one 
    	bin(npn) with an e-mail, the other bin(npn) with P1 and 'Cluster (a)
    	(45)'. Now use the ramp to go down and take care of any ICPs in this
    	car. There is also a ramp on the other side of the car, go up there 
    	now. Two ICPs will have useful things in their core dumps, one carries 
    	a P3 (enabling to open the doors on the upper level of car 1), the 
    	other will hold a 'Profiler (g)'. One the upper level you are now you 
    	will find P6 in a bin(npn). Check the doors on the upper levels of car
    	1 first before exploring its lower level. 
    	On the lower level you will find hidde in a niche, behind some boxes 
    	a bin(1) with P3 and two subroutines, which are 'Guard Fortification
    	(a)(25)' and 'Fuzzy Signature (b)(75)'. Also there is another program
    	you can talk to on the lower level. Do this, then exit the car through
    	one of the doors on the lower level and jump over to the next car. Use
    	the left door to enter, but be wary of the enemies to your right.
    	Now go straight, then right, then another right and then a left to 
    	reach a room below the upper walk way with two bins in it. One bin(1;3)
    	has a P2 in it, the other bin(npn) contains an e-mail. Now exit the 
    	room, go right and then turn right and use the blocks to jump up onto 
    	the walkway. 
    	Go on and take down the ICP (with P4), then walk on and look down the 
    	edge of the walkway until you see a Build note (this one is in a fixed 
    	location) and jump down there. From there go right and right again to 
    	find another well hidden bin(1;2;3) with P4, 'Base Damping (a)(15)' and
    	'Triangulation (b)(100)'. Now make your way to the exit of this car,
    	and jump over to the next. 
    	In the third (and last) car you will find ICPs patrolling the lower 
    	level, so you will have a battle ahead of you. Be especially wary of 
    	the ICPs carrying shield, either use Ball weapons or the Power Block to 
    	defeat them. After the battle search the right side in the back of the 
    	car to find a bin(1;2;3;4) with a P5 in it. Also you should have gotten
    	at least P6, P7 and P8 from ICP core dumps. Now use the ramp on the 
    	left side to go up one level and to reach a bin(1;2;3;4;5) with P7, 
    	'Profiler (g)(i)(50)' and 'Y-Amp (b)(i)(75)' in it. Now use the front 
    	door of the car (the one pointing towards car 2) to find a COW(P6 
    	needed to operate) which you will put to good use. Then go to the right
    	side of the car. There you will find to the front a bin(npn) with an 
    	e-mail and a bin(6) with a 'Suffusion (b)(np)(90)'. Now go to the lower
    	level and exit the car to its back. There you should find a program 
    	that will tell you how to avoid deletion (he might have gone inside 
    	during your battle). Then check if you found all Build notes in this 
    	sublevel before finishing it by using the left side back door on the 
    	upper level of car 3.
    	Version: v4.0.5
       d.b) Energy Regulator (6;5;3;1;1) (4 Build notes)
            Upon start of the level you are hidden between a few boxes in the 
    	middle of a huge hall. Use the LOL or the Disc/Triangulation combo to
    	take out first the ICP on the far platform to your left, then the one 
    	on the right to be able to move about more freely. Then make your way 
    	over to the left side platform first. Use the red and blue boxes to get
    	to the bin(npn) with P5 and P6 inside first, then go on to the next bin
    	(5;6) to download the video archive in there. After this go to the 
    	forcefield on the right side and deactivate it with your newly gained
    	permission and enter the datastream after this. 
    	On exiting follow Byte a few meters and then take out the ICPs and the 
    	Finder. Before you can activate the I/O node where Byte is waiting you
    	must go to the bins at the far end of the room. One bin(5) holds the 
    	needed P2 and a 'Base Damping (a)(15)' and a 'Submask (b)(i)(20)', the
    	other bin(npn) holds three e-mails. Now communicate with Ma3a then go 
    	on down the floor and enter the datastream.
    	Now go straight ahead to the end of the walkway (oh, and while you are
    	at it you could also take out the opposition) to the bin(5;6) with P1,
    	P6 and 'Virus Scan (g)(np)(50)' in it, then go back to the crossroads 
    	and use it. At its end first search the area on the right, then go down
    	the left way. Then just follow the way until you reach the panel with 
    	the patch routines beside it. Charge your energy (important) then turn
    	right and go towards the edge. There you will see a moving floor. It 
    	will always move three sections further. The first part of the way will
    	be solid in the last part of the way a few floor panels will be missing
    	. Here it is moving fairly slow, so it should be no problem getting to 
    	the other side here with a bit of jumping. 
    	Once you reached the other side, take down the ICPs then follow each of 
    	the three branches to its end and energize it. After this you will have 
    	to do some more panel jumping. The pattern is like the first one, only 
    	this time the panels move faster. Upon your safe return to the other 
    	side you will be assaulted by several ICPs. Also, a new branch to the 
    	right will be opened by the civilian program in the area. After going 
    	down the newly opened branch watch your back carefully, because two ICP
    	with Sequencers will come up behind, additionally you will have more 
    	ICPs opposing you in the direction you need to go. Take them out before 
    	going to the area with the boxes and two bins floating among them. One
    	bin(1;6) holds an e-mail, the other bin(1;6) the 'Cluster (a)(45)' and
    	the 'Fuzzy Signature (b)(75)'.
    	Walk on down the way until you reach Ma3a, then enter the datastream 
    	behind her to end this sublevel.
    	Version: v4.3.0
       d.c) Power Occular (6;5;3;1;1) (3 Build notes)
            Ma3a needs you to clean up the area, well, go on, do it. After cleaning 
    	the area of all ICPs and the lone Finder go back to where the patch 
    	routines are near your starting point. Go up the stairs opposite of 
    	them and turn right to find a bin(npn) with an e-mail, P4 (can also be
    	gained through one of the ICPs in the area), 'Triangulation (a)(75)' 
    	and 'Triangulation (b)(np)(100)'. Then use the boxes to reach the bin
    	(4) that is floating shortly after the starting point and access the 
    	video archive in it. 
    	Now go to the bin(4) with four subroutines contained within it, which 
    	are 'Submask (b)(20)', 'Guard Fortification (b)(20)', 'Base Damping (a)
    	(i)(15)' and 'Encryption (a)(i)(15)'. The bin(npn) floating above this 
    	one holds an e-mail. Now talk to Ma3a, then take the lift that just 
    	appeared and ride it to the lower level. To the left you will see a few
    	bins, but we will come back to them later. Rather turn to the right now 
    	and talk to the program there. After talking to the program for a bit 
    	he will lower a bridge with a few boxes on it. Use it to cross to the 
    	other side, then turn left and follow the corridor to its end. There 
    	will be ICPs waiting for you. One of the ICPs will hold a P6. Now use 
    	the other bridge to get to a datastream. To your right you will also 
    	find a COW, but you might want to keep it around for the beta LOL you
    	will find later, so you can upgrade it to gold level. Use the data-
    	stream now. 
    	To your left are a few boxes and a bin(npn) with 'Cluster (a)(i)(45)' 
    	and two e-mails. For solving the mission however you will have to turn
    	right. Jump over, then use the bit to the right, then use the moving
    	platform to get to the other side. Move further right, pass the 
    	junction to the next bit and jump onto the moving platform in front of 
    	you. From there get to the last bit and activate it (No), then use the
    	moving platform that is opposite to the bit. On the other side go right
    	, jump over and activate the bit there (Yes), now go back to the last 
    	bit and use it again (Yes). Now jump back to the bit that is second to
    	front (where you came in through the datastream), and activate it (Yes)
    	also. Get back to the first bit and use it as you used the others. Now 
    	the lenses are configured. Return back topside through the datastream.
    	First take out all ICPs on this level. Now it is time to raid the two 
    	bins that could not be accessed earlier. The first bin(4;6) nets you a
    	'Y-Amp (g)(i)(100)'. The second bin(4;6) holds a 'LOL (a)(65)', 'LOL
    	(b)(110)' and an e-mail. Make sure you get the LOL beta and, if you 
    	have not used it yet, I suggest that you use the COW in this area with
    	it. After getting everything you want go to the control room opposite 
    	of the bins and use the panel there to turn the Occular. Then go back 
    	up topside to Ma3a. The Build notes should all be in your possesion by
    	Talk to Ma3a, then use the datastream to get up into the control tower.
    	From there snipe all ICPs (therefore also my suggestion to get a gold
    	LOL) trying to reach Ma3a until the timer has reached zero. The ICPs 
    	will attack in waves, use the time in between waves to recharge your 
    	energy at the conveniently located patch routine. After your sucessful
    	defence you will have finished this main level.
    	Version: v4.7.6
    e) Antiquated
       e.a) Testgrid (6;3;3) (0 Build notes)
            Now you will have to fight your first Seeker. There is one very 
    	important rule that you will have to follow when fighting a Seeker, 
    	never and I mean never stand too close to it. I can kill you in one 
    	blow if you are too close. If you want to defeat it easily use the Disc
    	or Sequencer from a few meters off and throw it repeatedly at its head 
    	until the energy discharge starts. At that time it will bury itself and
    	three Resource Hogs will spawn. Take them down and if possible use 
    	their core dumps to heal and recharge your energy (or get to the patch
    	routine if that is possible). After the Hogs are defeated watch the 
    	ground closely, so that you can tell where the Seeker will appear. 
    	Position yourself right and repeat what you did before and you should
    	have no trouble defeating it, although this method will take a little
    	time. After defeating it you will have mastered another sublevel. What 
    	is more at the end of this sublevel you will also regain the Blaster 
    	Primitive, that got taken away from you during the 'Program 
    	Integration' sublevel.
    	Version: v4.8.6
       e.b) Main Processor Core (6;3;3) (4 Build notes)
            Upon entering this sublevel you will first meet I-No, talk to him for a
    	little while to gain a bit information about this old system. Then use 
    	the I/O node and then go on to the forcefield to your right. I-NO will
    	lower it for you and then the fun starts. Both on the left and right 
    	tanks will move into firing position. They will start to fire at you as
    	soon as you show yourself. Luckily you are a bit faster and can evade 
    	the shells of the tanks. What makes the next part hard is that you have
    	to cross over to the other side of the hall first. You will have to
    	do this by interconnected platforms that can be destroyed by the tanks
    	and although the platforms will reform after a while it is still
    	frustrating standing on a platform in the exact same moment that a 
    	cannon shell hits it. The only thing I can say is Good Luck.
    	If you made it to the other side go to the bin(npn) in between the 
    	boxes to get a P3 and an e-mail. Also on the back wall a COW will be 
    	moving around. He will travel in a circle, just wait until it gets 
    	down. After using it and getting the Build note (this one seems fixed)
    	on top of the boxes return to the huge pillar in the middle of the room
    	and activate one of the panels that are located to its left and right 
    	sides to go up.
    	On reaching the topside you will have to deafeat 4 Resource Hogs with 
    	one holding a 'Peripheral Seal (a)' in ist core dump. After their 
    	defeat activate each of the four panels located on the edge of the 
    	middle platform. Use the I/O node on the upper ring and talk to I-NO,
    	after this a one-way datastream will open on the middle platform, use 
    	it to go on.
    	You will end up in a room connected to a circular walkway. The walkway 
    	has a room after each quater of the circle. Also there is only one way
    	to go around and after appearing in a new room you will have to fight 
    	off several Resource Hogs, so be prepared. On the opposite side of the 
    	first room you will find two bins, one bin(npn) with an e-mail and an-
    	other bin(7) with P8 in it. Since you can not do very much here now, I 
    	suggest that you go on to the next room. On trying to exit the first
    	room a few Hogs want to keep you from doing exactly this, one will gain
    	you a P5 and another a 'Peripheral Seal (b)', though.
    	As it is you can not do very much in the second room either, just now, 
    	since you are still missing a few permissions, so go on to the third.
    	Don't stay in the third either, where you want to go is the fourth 
    	room. On the raised platfrom in the back left of the room are a few 
    	boxes, and a bin(npn) with P6 and 'Sequencer (a)(25)'. With the P6 you 
    	will now be able to access the bin(6) in the third room with a P7, and 
    	with this you can get the contents of the bin(7) in the first room. One
    	of the Hogs might carry the P8 around also in its core dump. Now we 
    	will empty the bins in room 2. Go there to the raised platform on the
    	left side and you will find 3 bins among the boxes there. Two bins(7) 
    	will hold one and two e-mail respectively, the other bin(8) holds a P5,
    	P7, 'Cluster (b)(i)(90)' and a 'Fuzzy Signature (b)(15)'. After we have
    	raided all the bins we can set out to do what we came here for. First 
    	go to room 2 and activate the panel on the raised platform there, then
    	do the same to another panel in room 4. Now return to the I/O node in 
    	room 1 and talk to I-NO there. After this you have finished this sub-
    	level and will be automatically transported to the next.
    	Version: v5.1.7
       e.c) Old Gridarena 
       	Now you will be treated to three consecutive Lightcyclematches. After 
    	defeating the opposition in each room try to get a Shield power-up
    	before exiting the current area. You will have to find an exit in each
    	arena which will be on a wall. It is a section that was protected by a 
    	forcefield during the race. While going to the next section you will 
    	have to evade a few Tank programs. On winning the third you will get an
    	exit point, just drive over it. Good Luck programs. 
    	Version: v5.2.7
       e.d) Main Energy Pipline (6;3;3) (4 Build notes)
       	After you get your mission update, walk around the boxes and take care 
    	of the Resource Hogs, then go to the empty bit socket and turn right
    	there. Down by the boxes there you will find the bit for the socket.
    	Supply it with energy and activate it to go on. After crossing the 
    	energy bridge look for a bin(npn) behind the boxes to find a P2, 
    	'Peripheral Seal (a)(np)(15)', 'Triangulation (b)(100)', 'Submask (a)
    	(15)' and 'Base Damping (b)(20)'. Then go on up the ramp to the left.
    	On reaching the top of the ramp you will be in a room with two huge
    	pillars in its middle. First derez the Resource Hogs hanging around. 
    	Then turn left to find a bin(2) on top of a few boxes with an e-mail in
    	it. Then go around and exit the hall on the other side. 
    	Now you will end up in a room with a lot of moving platforms and a 
    	countdown running. On the left, right and front wall are platforms with
    	a button to push. You will activate all three switches to solve this 
    	part. The left one should be the easiest to reach, then go on to the 
    	middle one and activate the right one last. You will get a bonus on 
    	your countdown after activating one of the switches. After the last 
    	switch has been activated the platform you are standing on will auto-
    	matically rise to the top, so stay on it. Also be wary of the two 
    	Finders floating around above you. On reaching the top first take care
    	of the Hogs coming in through the door then turn your attention to the
    	bins in the middle section. The lower bin(npn) of the two holds P5, an
    	e-mail, 'Corrosion(a)(i)(100)' and 'Corrosion(b)(225)'.  The other 
    	bin(5) contains just an e-mail. 
    	Enter the large hall through the door that was defended by the Resource
    	Hogs. Now jump over the obstacles to the right of the door to reach a 
    	COW. To the left of the door you may find a Build note so check there,
    	too. Then go to the floating boxes and bins on the left side of the 
    	room. In the lower bin(npn) is a P3, in the upper bin(3) is an e-mail. 
    	After the retrieval talk to the program on the far side of the room.
    	Jet has proven his persuasive skills and a datastream will now be open 
    	for you to enter, do so. You will end up in the sphere you just saw 
    	from the outside. Talk to I-NO and wait for him to extend the ramp to 
    	the Legacy Code. Walk up the ramp and retrieve the code disc to end 
    	this mainlevel.
    	Version: v5.6.5
    f) Master User
       f.a) City Hub (6;2;2;2;1) (5 Build notes)
       	Welcome to the City program. First turn around and go around the right
    	corner to find a program that will give you a 'Viral Shield (b)', an 
    	offer you can not turn down (unless you used COWs on the Viral Shield).
    	Now you should check the immediate area for Build notes, as you will 
    	not be able to return here. After your check activate the panel to call
    	a transport to the other side. Leave the transport and walk to the 
    	right where you will find a bin(npn) with P5, 'Viral Shield (a)(20)',
    	'Launcher (b)(i)(115)' and 'Virusscan (b)(np)(35)'. Then look for any 
    	Build notes in the area, this is also a no return area ynd you should 
    	have three before talking to the program in this area. Look for the low
    	level compiler and talk to it. You will find it when you enter the door 
    	further down on the right side wall. In there you will also find a
    	bin(5) with an e-mail. 
    	After the talk an new challenge will spawn. You will have to defend the 
    	three towers in the middle from the corruption forces for 2:00 minutes
    	when a few ICPs appear to help (yes, help) you. It would be best to 
    	install the Viral Shield in your memory, so that your subroutines do 
    	not get infected so easily. Be especially on the lookout for Z-Lots 
    	that are on the walkways that connect the towers, as they are the ones
    	that will be responsible for taking them down. They should be your 
    	first priority to destroy, then attack the other Z-Lots. You may also 
    	have to battle against your first Rector Scripts here, be careful 
    	around them as they can pack a punch and also do not go down easily. 
    	When the cutscene with the ICPs and Mercury is finished check the area 
    	around the Progress Bar for Build notes first, also a COW will be in 
    	front of the bar. Go to the patch routines and walk through the arcway
    	to the left. Right after passing under it you will find a few boxes and
    	a bin(npn) with 'Viral Shield (a)(20)' and 'Launcher (a)(75)' in it.
    	Go up the ramp to the back alley. Here you will find a few Z-Lots and a
    	Rector Script harrasing a civilian program. Help it by eliminating the 
    	corruptive forces. Several of the Z-Lots will carry 'Corrosion (a)' and 
    	one will carry a 'Launcher (a)'. After the demise of the enemy talk to 
    	the program you just saved to get a P3. Go to the I/O node at the 
    	entrance to the alley and talk to Guest there. Check if you have gotten
    	all Build notes and then go to the entrance of the Progress Bar and 
    	meet back up with Ma3a and end this sublevel.
       f.b) Progress Bar (6;2;2;2;1) (4 Build notes)
       	The first part of this level is fairly easy. First you should set out 
    	to find all four Build notes and while you are at it, disinfect any 
    	subroutines from the preceding battles if you have not yet done so. 
    	Also look for the COW on the back wall of the lower level. If you enter
    	the datastream to the upper level you will find to your right one bin
    	(npn) with an e-mail and P8 and another bin with P6, 'Profiler(g)(50)',
    	'Virus Scan(g)(50)' and 'Y-Amp(g)(75)'. After your gathering operation
    	talk to all programs in the area, until you have to talk to the DJ, who
    	wants to know what the other programs would like to listen to. Ask the 
    	programs then tell the DJ the answer (usually Track 6). There are 3 
    	programs on the lower and two on the upper floor to ask. 
    	Now you are able to talk to the High Level Compiler, who will agree to 
    	compile the TRON Legacy Code. Then talk to Guest through the I/O node
    	on the upper level. Interesting turn of events, wouldn't you say? And 
    	this is not the end of it, because now, Thorne, the Master User will 
    	make it's presence known. You will have to defend Ma3a for 3:00 minutes
    	during the compilation of the code. When Thorne charges up a sickly 
    	green energy ball fire your weapon at it until it disappears, then take
    	care of the hordes of Z-Lots pestering you until Thorne charges up his 
    	next ball. The best way to finish this fight is to go to the upper 
    	level, as there is only one Z-Lot up there (with a 'Drunken Dims (a)' 
    	subroutine), and you can hide in the back where the I/O node is to 
    	protect you from the attacks of the Z-Lots on the lower level. You will
    	also be able to access the white energy patch routine, which will en-
    	able you to use energy based weapons on a more free basis. Stop all of 
    	Thornes energy balls until the timer runs out and you will have 
    	finished this sublevel. 
    	Version: v6.0.7
       f.c) Outer Raster Getaway 
       	Another Lightcycle level, this one works just like the one in the 
    	EN12-82 system minus the tanks. Oh, and did I mention, Run, User
    	Run. :) :P
    	Version: v6.2.7
       f.d) fCon Labs / Ma3a gets saved
       	Not really a level, rather a cutscene with its own description
       f.e) Remote Access Node (6;2;2;2;1) (5 Build notes)
       	In this sublevel you will find only Resource Hogs as your enemies, so 
    	be prepared to fight a few long range battles. After the talkage heal 
    	up if you need to do so and start to disinfect any subroutines that got 
    	infected during your battle with Thorne. Turn around and take the right 
    	turn at the junction. Go on and take another right and at the next 
    	junction go down to the left to find a bin(npn) on the left wall with 
    	P1 in it (which can be also gleaned from one of the Hogs on this upper 
    	level). Right opposite of the junction you just walked down, close to 
    	the edge is a formation of three cube like objects where the last one 
    	is a bit higher than the first two. On there you will find a bit that 
    	needs some energy, supply it. Then follow the bit to a datastream. 
    	Go up to the area with the many boxes and the five bins. The first bin
    	you should (and can) access is the bin(npn) with a P4 and an e-mail in 
    	it. Then there are two more bins(4) with an e-mail each in it. The bins
    	with the subroutines can not be accessed just yet, so you will have to
    	wait a bit. Check if you have gained the two Build notes from the upper
    	level before entering the data stream you opened with the bit. 
    	Enter the data stream and take care of the Hogs on the next level. Then
    	walk left form the datastream and enter the space between the large two 
    	blocks towards the edge of the open space of this level. Look down to 
    	see a few blocks and a bin further down. Jump down to the bin(npn) for 
    	P5, then jump back up again. Go further left to find another bin(5) and
    	get P1 and P8 from it. On the oppsite side of the block this bin is 
    	hanging in front of you will find another bin(npn) with an e-mail in 
    	it. Now go further left to find a dead end with another bit needing 
    	energy. Supply it and then go to the right of the datastream to find 
    	another datastream that will take you down to the floor level. Also, 
    	see if you have gained another two Build notes on the middle level 
    	before entering the stream. 
    	On the floor level, first take out the Hogs, then access the bin(npn) 
    	to the left of the datastream for a P2 and a P8. After this walk to the 
    	boxes to the right of the datastream and scale them to reach a COW. 
    	Then search the area for the last Build note. After you have done this 
    	activate the bit on the panel right opposite to the datastream. Now get 
    	back to the toplevel, we will now take care of the two bins we could 
    	not access earlier. Oh, and we will also take care of the blue ICPs 
    	that want to stop you. The first bin(1;2) with three subroutines holds 
    	'Power Block (b)(np)(75)', 'Cluster (b)(90)' and 'Sequencer (b)(80)', 
    	the second bin(1;2;8) has a 'Triangulation (g)(125)' and a 'Profiler(b)
    	(35)'. Now return to the junction where you found the bin with the lone
    	P1 in it. Talk to Mercury, who is waiting for you there, a few times 
    	and you will end this main level. 
    	Version: v6.6.6 (The version of the beast)
    g) Alliance
       g.a) Security Server
       	Another cutscene with its own designation
       g.b) Thornes Outer Partition (10;4;1;1) (5 Build notes)
       	What you never thought possible has happened, you are now allied with 
    	the forces of the Kernel that was out to eradicate you during the first
    	part of the game. The first thing you have to do is make your way down
    	to the lower level, do this by turning around and going to the left 
    	hand side, there you will find a possibility to go down. Now go up to 
    	the ICPs that you could already see from the ledge. Then go on to the 
    	bin(npn) on the left side with a P6, an e-mail and 'Corrosion (a)(i)
    	(15)' in it. Now use the twisted bridge to assault the Z-Lots on the 
    	other side, this time you will have help from the ICPs of the Kernel. 
    	Before doing anything else fight your way through to the end and 
    	eradicate and corruption forces you find in the area. The end of the 
    	'assault area' is where there are a lot of defeated ICPs lying around.
    	Also there is a white patch routine to the right. Now go back towards 
    	the bridge first to start retriving data from the bins you could not 
    	access because of the raging battle. 
    	Opposite of where the health ball was (about the middle of the 
    	battlefield) are two bins(npn) of which one holds 'Launcher (a)(25)' 
    	and the other the P8 get it. Now go back to the area where the 
    	deafeated ICPs are lying around. To the left of the street you will see
    	a few pieces of floating debris, use it to jump over to the pillar like 
    	remains on the other side. There you will find a bin(npn) with the 
    	'Drunken Dims (a)(50)' Subroutine. Jump back and get to the bin(npn) 
    	near the white patch routine with an e-mail and 'Encryption (b)(20)' in
    	Now go on until you reach and I/O node and use it. After the talking go
    	over to the other side of the room and use the datastream there. Go 
    	ahead, use the ramp on the right side, take out the Z-Lots, then go
    	to the area with the moving rings. Once there you will have to destroy
    	the Rector Scripts that are spawned in the middle of the rings while 
    	simultaneously having to defend yourself from Z-Lots. After this battle
    	the sublevel will be finished.
    	Version: v7.0.0
       g.c) fCon Labs / Data Wraith Preparation
       	Another Cutscene.
       g.d) Thornes Inner Partition (10;4;1;1) (5 Build notes)
       	After talking with the defeated program get out of the room and walk 
    	down the slope. Be careful in this level, as there will be quite a few
    	Rector Scripts lurking around. At the base of the slope first turn left
    	to find a bin(npn) with a P1 and e-mail in it and another two bins(1) 
    	also containing an e-mail each. Then go to the right where you will 
    	find a few patch routines. Then go on and defeat the Z-Lots and the 
    	Rector Script that are blocking you way, until you find another 
    	defeated ICP lying by the wayside. From there take a right turn. You 
    	should find a energy patch routine to the right and a bin to the left 
    	above you on a ledge. Go up the slope a bit and jump over to the bin(1)
    	containing P4, P6 and an e-mail. Now jump down and go back to the 
    	junction and follow the lower path around until you find a bin(npn) 
    	(close to a health routine) with P8, an e-mail and 'Viral Shield (g)
    	(30)' in it. Then go back to the junction again and walk to its end to 
    	find a bin(4;6;8) with 'Corrosion (b)(i)(150)', 'Corrosion (b)(150)' 
    	and 'Drunken Dims (b)(i) (120)' in it. Also in this area you will find
    	a COW to use. 
    	Retrace your steps to the junction again and go down the way and this 
    	time follow it to its end. You will see a bin(npn) with an e-mail in 
    	it. From there go right, down the path that is guarded by Z-Lots. At 
    	its end a bit hidden you will find a downwards slope that is the exit 
    	to this sublevel. 
    	Version: v7.2.2
       g.e) Thornes Core Chamber (10;4;1;1) (0 Build notes)
       	Here you will meet Thorne, Alan and the Kernel. After some talking the 
    	battle against the Kernel starts. The first thing you should take note 
    	of is, the pillars and some floor panels are destructible, so take care
    	around them. The second thing you should be careful of, is that you do 
    	not hit Alan. During the first part of the battle the Kernel will stand
    	up on the ledge with the beaten Thorne. From there he will attack you 
    	with the Sequencer Disc. Either run from them (bad idea) or deflect 
    	them with Power Block (good idea). If need be try to heal up at the 
    	health routine. After you have done some damage to the Kernel he will 
    	deactivate his shield and come down to fight you one on one in a Disc 
    	battle. If you are like me, then you will honor his request and fight
    	Disc Primitive against Disc Primitive, if you do not want to honor his 
    	request use any weapon available to you. Either way Good Luck to you! 
    	After the battle you will have finished this main level.
    	Version: v7.3.9
    h) Handshake
       h.a) Function Control Deck (3;1;1) (4 Build notes)
       	Now you ended up in Thornes PDA. Configure yourself for a battle 
    	against Finders, which will be the only enemies here. Then set out to 
    	find all permissions and Build notes first before persuading the PDA OS
    	to help you. You should first exit the room through one of the doors 
    	and get to the panel that activates the bridge. Then return to the 
    	starting room and go on the lift there. Activate it by using the switch
    	beside it. Once down exit the room through the only exit. To the right
    	of the exit you will find a bin(npn) with an e-mail and P2 and P6 in 
    	Then continue your way. In the large hall use the two big, moving 
    	platforms to get to the other side, then go through the door on the 
    	right. Call down the lift in the room you will reach and go up. On the 
    	upper level you will find a bin(npn) with P2, P3 and an e-mail within. 
    	Then use the left or right door to exit and make your way to the panel 
    	that activates the bridge. Go back to the first room now and access the
    	bin(2;3;6) there. A 'Base Damping (g)(25)' and an e-mail will wait 
    	Then use the lift to go down again and move to the room with the moving 
    	platforms. Wait until one platform advances towards you. While it is 
    	coming closer press the switch on the panel on the large contraption in 
    	this room. Now use the two platforms to go to the other side and push 
    	the button there, too.
    	Now go trough the corridor on the right and use the lift to the upper 
    	level. Once there go to the back of the room and activate the switch 
    	located there. Then use one of the exits of the room and the bridges 
    	you activated earlier and go back to the first room. Flip the switch 
    	there also to finish this, rather small, mainlevel. 
    	Version: v7.6.2
    i) Database
       i.a) Security Socket (5;2;2;1;1;1;1;1) (5 Build notes)
       	Finally you have reached fCon's server. Your first objective here will 
    	be to find an access to the firewall. First turn right and talk to the
    	programs there, then continue your way to the right and follow the half
    	circle around to its end. There you should take out the Finder and the 
    	ICPs. One of them carries a P5. Now you download the e-mail from the 
    	bin(npn) you see. Now go to where there is a deactivated datastream in 
    	a niche shortly before the end of half-circle and go down the ramp 
    	opposite of it. Once you've reached the bottom there is only one way to 
    	follow. Remove all opposition and go on until you reach a dead end, do 
    	not energize the bit you saw just yet. In the dead end you will find a 
    	COW and a bin(npn) with a P2, 'Energy Claw (a)(100)', 'Cluster (a)(45)'
    	and 'Fuzzy Signature (b)(10)' in it. Now go back and energize the bit 
    	and follow it to its socket. 
    	Be prepared now, as you will meet your first Data Wraiths in just a 
    	moment. Activate the bit. Enter the room and find a black-blue pillar 
    	in its middle. Use it to deactivate the forcefields to your left and 
    	right. In the right room is a bin(npn) with P5 and P7. Go back up to 
    	where the deactivated datastream pad was and enter the now active 
    	stream. Go to the next datastream to reach the lower level and make it 
    	your first priority to take out the Hogs. Now go ahead and destroy the 
    	four yellow power tabs on the wall. Now go back topside and go back to 
    	the starting section of the level. Once there you will see how a few 
    	ICPs over to your left will activate an energy bridge and start to 
    	attack you. Kill their processes. 
    	Go on until you reach a Sec Rezzer from there go down to your left, 
    	pass the boxes with the bin and the closed off port to the firewall an 
    	go into the next section. First go to the back of the area where the 
    	boxes are to find a bin(2;5;7) with 'Power Block (b)(75)', 'Fuzzy 
    	Signature(b)(15)' and 'Peripheral Seal(a)(15)' in it, then go down the 
    	stairs opposite of the Sec Rezzer. Go right from the stairs and follow
    	the way until you find a ramp. At the top of the ramp you will see the 
    	datastream that will transport you to the second modulator socket. This 
    	socket is configured just like the first one, so repeat what you did 
    	there. Also hidden in one of the niches here is a bin(2;5) with P8,
    	'Primitive Charge (b)(15)' and 'Y-Amp (g)(100)'. Now return to the exit
    	and fight back a few more ICPs. 
    	Then go towards the firewall port, but do not enter it yet, because you
    	might first want to access the bin beside it, as you now have 
    	sufficient permission to do so. This bin(2;5;7;8) holds the 'Base 
    	Damping(b)(20)' and the very nice 'Megahurtz (a)(85)'. Now enter the 
    	port and finish this sublevel. 
    	Version: v8.0.1
       i.b) Firewall  (5;2;2;1;1;1;1;1) (5 Build notes)
    	Watch the cutscene, then take care of the ICPs in the room. The bin 
    	that is in this room can not be accessed yet, so will come back to it 
    	later. This level is pretty straight forward. Look for the one niche 
    	where a datastream is active and enter it. You will end up in a plat-
    	form with two tubes and a walkway in its middle that is perpendicular 
    	to it. To get through the tubes safely wait for the moving force field
    	to disapper then run through the tube. At the far end of the platform 
    	you will find a bit which you activate, then turn around and return to
    	the starting room by means of the datastream.  Once there go on to the
    	next niche with an active datastream. 
    	In the middle of the second platform you enter now you will find a lone
    	ICP and off to your right two bins(npn) one with P2 and P3, the other 
    	with an e-mail within. You will also have to be a bit more careful with
    	the forcefields now, as they move towards you, then back to where they
    	started. This time you will have to follow them on their 'retreat'.
    	Activate the bit, return to the main room and enter the next data-
    	In the tubes of the third platform you will have two moving forcefields
    	per tube. In the middle of the tube you will find a marked section. 
    	Follow the first field until it dissipates close to the middle, then 
    	wait on the marking for the second field to move away form you and 
    	follow it. In the middle section to the left you will find a few boxes
    	and a bin(npn) with P5, an e-mail, 'Guard Fortification (b)(20)', 
    	'Encryption (b)(20)', 'Submask (b)(np)(20)' and 'Profiler (g)(50)'.
    	Activate the bit, then return to the main room. You will be greeted by
    	ICPs, but they will quickly leave if you find the right persuasive 
    	means. :)
    	In one of the niches of the main room a COW will have appeared. We can 
    	now also take care of the bin(2;3;5) here, that holds a 'Energy Claw(a)
    	(50)' and a 'Megahurtz (a)(np)(100)'. Go on to the last active data-
    	stream to enter the configuration platform. Ring 1 is the inner ring, 
    	Ring 2 the middle one and number 3 is the outer ring. The panel on the
    	left will activate Ring 1 and 3, the panel in the middle will move 
    	Rings 2 and 3 and the right one moves 1 and 2. The rings activated will
    	all move one sixth of a circle further. Use the panels to align the 
    	breaks in the rings with the energy couplings on the left and right 
    	wall to solve this mission. Enter the datastream and you will end this
    	Version: v8.3.1
       i.c) fCon Labs / Alan Lost
            Another cutscene.
       i.d) Primary Docking Port (5;2;2;1;1;1;1;1) (5 Build notes)
       	Your first objective will be the removal of any enemy presence in the 
    	area. Do this now. Some of the ICPs will carry a P5. After the demise 
    	of the enemies return to the bin close to where you started. This bin
    	(npn) holds P2 and P3. Then go ahead to the junction and turn left. 
    	Here you will find several bins. The one closest to the junction, is a
    	bin(5) that holds 'LOL (b)(i)(110)'. To get to the next bin(2;3;5) you
    	will have to jump on a few boxes. It holds 'Power Block (g)(np)(100)'. 
    	Further down you will find a COW, after this return to the junction and
    	go down the right path now. There you will find a bin(2;3) with P5 and
    	two e-mails. Then follow the path until you find Alan and a program 
    	looking at the server. Follow the program to the room with the plans.
    	On the far side of the table you will find a bit that needs energizing.
    	When you have done this just follow the bit to its socket, go through 
    	the door and activate the shuttle and don't mind the Data Wraiths that 
    	are trying futily to stop you. Both of the Wraiths will hold an 'Energy
    	Claw (a)'. Once you've docked with the shuttle go up to the I/O node to 
    	communicate with Alan, then go on to the panel in front of the first 
    	security bit socket. Press it to open the socket, then hit the middle
    	of it with your Disc. You will know you succeeded when the clamps open.
    	Before going on to the next bit socket you will have to fend of the 
    	Data Wraiths that will spawn on the ledge high above you. Just LOL at 
    	them. :)  Then repeat this with the next bit. 
    	Now you will have to enter the shuttle again and use it to reach the 
    	other side where you will do the same to the bits there. Also there is
    	a bin(npn) with an e-mail here. After you have taken care of the bits 
    	board the shuttle again. On your next dock you should first take care 
    	of all the ICPs here, then go on towards the I/O node. First you might 
    	want to access the bin(npn) that is floating above the boxes, it holds
    	a P2 and P7. Then use the I/O node. Go to the bridge, activate it, 
    	cross it and finish this sublevel.
    	Version: v8.6.5
       i.e) fCon Labs / Security Breach
       	Another cutscene
       i.f) Storage Section (5;2;2;1;1;1;1;1) (0 Build notes)
       	Welcome to your second Seeker to battle in this game. This one is much
    	harder to defeat than the one in the old Encom system. For one thing he
    	will not have to reatreat for a while when a discharge hits him, as 
    	there are no discharges here. Then he will be aided by Data Wraiths 
    	which try to attack you from all angles while you try to destroy the
    	seeker. A good combination of subroutines might be the LOL (gold), 
    	paired with Megahurtz and Corrosion (also gold), as well as the Energy
    	Claw (beta or gold). Attack the Seeker itself with the LOL and any Data
    	Wraiths that you can not reach on the far left ledge. Destroy all 
    	remaining Data Wraiths with the Claw, which will also aid you in re-
    	charging your energy for the LOL. Other than that, Good Luck. :)
    	After this ordeal board the shuttle that has appeared on the right side
    	of the battlefield. This will end this mainlevel.
    	Version: v8.8.0
    j) Root of all Evil
       j.a) Construction Level (5;3;2;1;1;1;1;1) (5 Build notes)
            We are getting closer and closer to finishing this game, are we not? 
    	Well, to continue, first remove the ICPs, then go, from your starting
    	point, straight ahead and turn left first. There you can see a bin(npn)
    	with P2; 'Primitive Charge (b)(15)', 'Megahurtz (a)(150)', 'Peripheral
    	Seal (g)(np)(25)' and 'Y-Amp (g)(10)'. Then turn around and jump up to
    	the other bin(2) with an e-mail and 'Prankster Bit (a)(100)' in it. 
    	Now pass by the Sec Rezzers and move onto the lift (a few boxes are on
    	it) and activate it through the panel. 
    	After reaching the top take out any ICPs in the next hall, then look 
    	for Build notes, after this go to the back of the hall. There you will
    	find on the floor level a doorway that is protected (lol!) by a rather 
    	erratic forcefield. This will enable you to slip through. Follow the
    	corridor until you reach the one door that you are able to open with 
    	your permission and do so. You will end up in a room vital to the 
    	security of the system. In there you will have to activate 6 panels 3 
    	to each side, 2 on the upper and one on the lower level each. After 
    	activating a panel you will also have to fight Data Wraith that tele-
    	port in. After your activation of all 6 panels look for the lift in 
    	this room (right, upper walkway) and use it. 
    	Go down the corridor and open the door, then turn left as it is the 
    	only thing you can do here and follow the path to the open door. You 
    	will end up in the large hall again. Go to the walkways on the other 
    	side and enter the doorway that has now opened there. Follow the path 
    	until you enter a room where a COW is. Go through this room to its 
    	other end and exit the room here. Again follow the path until you reach
    	another door. Inside you will find a few ICPs and Alan. Defeat the ICPs
    	then talk to Alan, which will end this sublevel.
    	Version: v9.0.8
       j.b) Data Wraith Training Grid
       	This is another Lightcyclerace sublevel. Do or skip, there is no try,  
    	or something like that. 
    	Version: v9.2.8
       j.c) fCon Labs / The fCon team takes over
       	Another cutscene.
       j.d) Command Module (5;3;2;1;1;1;1;1) (3 Build notes)
       	Now you ended up in the command module. Right opposite to your starting
    	position you will find a bin(npn) with two e-mails, 'Megahurtz (b)
    	(130)' and 'Viral Shield (g)(30)' in it. Then retrieve the Build note 
    	from the escape pod, after this go through the door and enter the 
    	command	section. There you will have to take out the ICPs first. After
    	this look for a second Build note in the area. Now you will have to 
    	release the stabilization bits. Go to the 3-D Wireframe model of the 
    	Data Wraith carrier and use each bit (four total) in it once. Then go 
    	the front left side to the huge disc that is hanging there and use it. 
    	Then get back to the Escape Pod and move through the red force field. 
    	You will now end up in a section close to Alans last location. Be care-
    	ful here as some of the level will deconstruct rather violently, and we
    	don't want to get burried under the rubble now, would we? In this part
    	you will also find the very last Build note for the game. The path you
    	should follow is very obvious. If you made it through the room with the
    	dropping ceiling go to the door that is 'guarded' by the patch routines 
    	and move through it to finish this sublevel. 
    	Version: v9.5.6
    k) Digitizer Beam
       k.a) Not compatibel (4;4;4) (0 Build Notes)
       	This is it, the final battle of the game. And not only are you limited
    	in the choice of your weapons, no, this battle will also consist of 
    	three seperate stages. 
    	The first thing you should take care of, try not to fall down. It is 
    	sometimes very hard to move around the platforms without being able to
    	discern if there is a hole in the floor or not. The next thing is, try
    	to have an obstacle between you and the fCon team at all times when it
    	is possible. Third, heal up if the possibilty is there. 	
    	The weapons used by the first form will be Blaster, Prankster Bit and 
    	some kind of infection attack. The second form will miss the Prankster
    	Bit and the third incarnation will have the Blaster and the Prankster
    	Bit missing.
    	I found that the boss is best defeated with the Disc Primitive (or
    	it's subroutine Sequencer if energy allows). Keep your distance from it
    	and hit it from afar and the boss should not pose much of a problem. If
    	you have gold level defensive subroutines he will deal you a lot less 
    	damage. If possible couple the Disc with Primitive Charge, Corrosion 
    	and Megahurtz for additional damage to the boss. 
    	Other than that I can only wish you Good Luck and I hope you had fun 
    	with the game. :)
    	Final Version: v9.7.6
    09. Subroutines and COWs per level
    Here I will list for a fast reference what subroutines and COWs you can gain in
    which sublevel. I will only list the Version and Energy need of the subroutines
    here. The COWs will be put at a place at which they can still be used with any
    of the subroutines found up to that point. That means, if I put the COW as a 
    break in between the subroutines of a sublevel, you can only use it on the sub-
    routines above that COW, those that follow below can not be improved by that 
    COW as it will not be accessible for them anymore. I will also list subroutines 
    gained from core dumps if they are not accessible through bins for a while. 
    These will be the ones that do not have an energy rating behind them. 
    a) Unauthorized User
           a.a) Program Initalization
                Y-Amp                       alpha            25 Energy
                Blaster Primitive           n/a              25 Energy
                Profiler                    alpha            25 Energy
           a.b) Program Integration
           	    COW (has to be used here as part of the plot)
    	    Fuzzy Signature             alpha            25 Energy
    	    Submask                     alpha            15 Energy
    	    Profiler                    beta             35 Energy
    	    Virus Scan                  alpha            25 Energy
    	    Y-Amp                       alpha            25 Energy
    	    Submask                     alpha            15 Energy
    	    Primitive Charge            alpha            20 Energy
        b) Vaporware
           b.a) Lightcyclearena and Gridbox
    	    none found / Lightcyclerace	
           b.b) Prisonercells
                Virus Scan                  beta             35 Energy
    	    Fuzzy Signature             alpha            25 Energy
    	    Peripheral Seal             beta             20 Energy
    	    Suffusion                   alpha               n/a
    	    Suffusion                   alpha            50 Energy
    	    Y-Amp                       beta             75 Energy
    	    Power Block                 alpha            25 Energy
    	    LOL                         alpha            65 Energy
    	    Peripheral Seal             alpha            15 Energy
           b.c) Transportstation
                Virus Scan                  gold             50 Energy
    	    Virus Scan                  beta             35 Energy
    	    Viral Shield                alpha            20 Energy
    	    Sequencer                   alpha            40 Energy
    	    Primitive Charge            alpha            25 Energy
    	    Profiler                    beta             35 Energy
           b.d) Primary Digitizer
                Sequencer                   alpha            50 Energy
    	    Suffusion                   alpha            50 Energy
    	    Fuzzy Signature             alpha            50 Energy
    	    Sequencer                   beta             80 Energy
    	    Primitive Charge            alpha            25 Energy
    	    Profiler                    alpha            25 Energy
    	    Profiler                    beta             35 Energy
    	    LOL                         alpha            50 Energy
    	    Guard Fortification         alpha            15 Energy
    	    Launcher                    alpha            75 Energy
    	    LOL                         alpha            50 Energy
    	    Fuzzy Signature             beta             75 Energy
    	    Corrosion                   alpha               n/a
        c) Legacy Code
           c.a) Alans Desktop PC
                LOL                         alpha            65 Energy
    	    Triangulation               beta            100 Energy
    	    Suffusion                   beta             90 Energy
    	    LOL                         alpha            50 Energy
    	    Virus Scan                  beta             35 Energy
    	    Suffusion                   beta             90 Energy
        d) System Restart
           d.a) Packet Transport
                Cluster                     alpha            45 Energy
    	    Profiler                    gold                n/a
    	    Guard Fortification         alpha            25 Energy
    	    Fuzzy Signature             beta             75 Energy
    	    Base Damping                alpha            15 Energy
    	    Triangulation               beta            100 Energy
    	    Profiler                    gold             50 Energy
    	    Y-Amp                       beta             75 Energy
    	    Suffusion                   beta             90 Energy
    	    COW (Permission 6 is needed to operate this one)
           d.b) Energy Regulator
           	    Base Damping                alpha            15 Energy
    	    Submask                     beta             20 Energy
    	    Virus Scan                  gold             50 Energy
    	    Cluster                     alpha            45 Energy
    	    Fuzzy Signature             beta             75 Energy
           d.c) Power Occular
                Triangulation               alpha            75 Energy
    	    Triangulation               beta            100 Energy
    	    Submask                     beta             20 Energy
    	    Guard Fortification         beta             20 Energy
    	    Base Damping                alpha            15 Energy
    	    Encryption                  alpha            15 Energy
    	    Cluster                     alpha            45 Energy
    	    Y-Amp                       gold            100 Energy
    	    LOL                         alpha            65 Energy
    	    LOL                         beta            110 Energy
        e) Antiquated
           e.a) Testgrid
                none / Boss Battle
           e.b) Main Processor Core
    	    Peripheral Seal             beta                n/a
    	    Sequencer                   alpha            25 Energy
    	    Cluster                     beta             45 Energy
    	    Fuzzy Signature             beta             15 Energy
           e.c) Old Gridarena
                none / Lightcyclerace
           e.d) Main Energy Pipeline
                Peripheral Seal             alpha            15 Energy
    	    Triangulation               beta            100 Energy
    	    Submask                     alpha            15 Energy
    	    Base Damping                beta             20 Energy
    	    Corrosion                   alpha           100 Energy
    	    Corrosion                   beta            225 Energy
        f) Master User
           f.a) City Hub
                Viral Shield                beta            n/a (talk to a program)
    	    Viral Shield                alpha            20 Energy
    	    Launcher                    beta            115 Energy
    	    Virus Scan                  beta             35 Energy
    	    Virus Scan                  alpha            20 Energy
    	    Launcher                    beta             75 Energy
           f.b) Progress Bar
                Profiler                    gold             50 Energy
    	    Virus Scan                  gold             50 Energy
    	    Y-Amp                       gold             75 Energy
    	    Drunken Dims                alpha               n/a
           f.c) Outer Gird Getaway
                none / Lightcyclerace
           f.d) fCon Labs / Ma3a gets saved
                none / Cutscene
           f.e) Remote Access node
                Cluster                     beta             75 Energy
    	    Sequencer                   beta             80 Energy
    	    Triangulation               gold            125 Energy
    	    Profiler                    beta             35 Energy
        g) Alliance
           g.a) Security Server
                none / Cutscene
           g.b) Thornes Outer Partition
                Corrosion                   alpha            15 Energy
    	    Launcher                    alpha            25 Energy
    	    Drunken Dims                alpha            50 Energy
    	    Encryption                  beta             20 Energy
           g.c) fCon Labs / Data Wraith Preparation
                none / Cutscene
           g.d) Thornes Inner Partition
                Virus Scan                  gold             30 Energy
    	    Corrosion                   beta            150 Energy
    	    Corrosion                   beta            150 Energy
    	    Drunken Dims                beta            120 Energy
           g.e) Thornes Core Chamber
                none / Boss Battle
        h) Handshake
           h.a) Function Control Deck
                Base Damping                gold             25 Energy
        i) Database
           i.a) Security Socket
                Energy Claw                 alpha           100 Energy
    	    Cluster                     alpha            45 Energy
    	    Fuzzy Signature             beta             10 Energy
    	    Power Block                 beta             75 Energy
    	    Fuzzy Signature             beta             15 Energy
    	    Peripheral Seal             alpha            15 Energy
    	    Primitive Charge            beta             15 Energy
    	    Y-Amp                       gold            100 Energy
    	    Base Damping                beta             20 Energy
    	    Megahurtz                   alpha            85 Energy
           i.b) Firewall
                Guard Fortification         beta             20 Energy
    	    Encryption                  beta             20 Energy
    	    Submask                     beta             20 Energy
    	    Profiler                    gold             50 Energy
    	    Energy Claw                 alpha            50 Energy
    	    Megahurtz                   alpha           100 Energy
           i.c) fCon Labs / Alan Lost
                none / Cutscene
           i.d) Primary Docking Port
                LOL                         beta            110 Energy
    	    Power Block                 gold            100 Energy
           i.e) fCon Labs / Security Breach
                none / Cutscene
           i.f) Storage Section
                none / Boss Battle
        j) Root of all Evil
           j.a) Construction Level
                Primitive Charge            beta             15 Energy
    	    Megahurtz                   alpha           150 Energy
    	    Peripheral Seal             gold             25 Energy
    	    Y-Amp                       gold             10 Energy
    	    Prankster Bit               alpha           100 Energy
           j.b) Data Wraith Training Grid
                none / Lightcyclerace
           j.c) fCon Labs / The fCon team takes over
                none / Cutscene
           j.d) Command Module
                Megahurtz                   beta            130 Energy
    	    Viral Shield                gold             30 Energy
        k) Digitizer Beam
           k.a) Not compatible
                none / Final Boss Battle
    10. Lightcycle Game 
    In this section I will list all power-ups, other things to know, the stats of 
    the Lightcycles, the list of the levels, what is unlocked after winning a race
    and what those cryptic abbreviations mean listed under the 'Own Game' tab.
    Abbreviations I will use in this section:
    LC = Standard Lightcycle (of movie fame)
    SLC = Super Lightcycle
    Turbo = Turbospeed of LC/SLC
    Max Spd. = Maximum Speed
    Min Spd. = Minimum Speed
    Acc. = Acceleration
    Loss = Speedloss in Curves
    Well, now let's get down to business, shall we?
    a) Power Ups
       On almost every racemap you can pickup and use extras. Here I am going to 
       introduce them:
       - Shield
         Your standard, basic energy shield. Can withstand one hit. With it you can
         break safely through any single wall, just be careful that there is not a
         second one behind. Sometimes you can also drive through enemy with it 
       - Nitro
         Gives you a burst of speed for a short time, helpful to stay ahead of an
         oppenent and then use a quick 'jab' to run him into your wall. 
       - Turbo Charger
         Similar to the Nitro, only that you will go even faster and that every LC 
         on the grid will benefit from the activation of this. Can also be used for
         surprise attacks. 
       - Wall Extender
         Works just like the food in the snakes game, extends the length of your 
         wall permanently. 
       - Power-Up Steal
         An enemy has a power up that you would like, well, just borrow it from him
         with this item.
       - Wall Spike
         Let the enemy get close and alongside you then activate this item to send 
         out short walls to the left and right, which will make short work of him. 
       - Rocket
         Powerful ordinance for your little LC. If it does not hit an enemy LC (and
         thereby destroying it) it will coutinue on until it hits a map wall. Will
         go through all layers of energy walls along its path. Good for use in 
         thight spots. 
       - Automatic Power-Up
         On activation of this device all power-ups that your opponents currently 
         hold will be activated. Use this if you want to stop them from using a 
         Wall-Spike or Rocket on you. Might also backfire if you hit a Turbo 
         Charger and are not prepared for it. 
       - Wall Reset
         This will destroy all walls that were created until the point you 
         activated this item. If you mean to use it to get through an enemy wall
         though, be careful, as it takes some time until the walls disapper.
    b) Additional Information
       - Speedup fields 
         On some maps you will find green fields that will accelerate your LC and 
         every other LC on the map (no matter what kind) to a predetermined and 
         high speed. 
       - Slowdown fields
         These glow red and are the exact opposite of the above, meaning they will
         slow down every LC on grid to a predetermined speed.
       - Energy Blocks
         These are blocks that appear and vanish. If they are to appear the ground 
         will shortly glow in a red square marking the location of the block. You
         should not run into them, and you should steer clear if you are on a 
         location where a block will appear. 
       - Turbospeed
         This statistic affects the speed at which a LC/SLC can move when it 
         activates a Nitro or Turbocharger power-up.
       - Maximum Speed
         This is the highest attainable speed when moving over normal gird. This 
         speed will be reached when you hold the forward key pressed. It varys 
         from LC to LC, and also sometimes from map to map, depending on which 
         speed the game is set. 
       - Minimum Speed
         This is the slowest your LC will go. Braking will be activated when you 
         hold the backwards key.
       - Acceleration
         The meaning of this should be clear, I hope. 
       - Speedloss in curves
         Each time you turn you will loose a certain amount of speed. So turning 
         often will slow you down considerably and make you an easy target for 
         opposing Lightcyclists. 
       - Colors
         The colors determine the level of the AI as well as the quality of the LC.
         Blue are the weakest bikes, then followed by yellow, red, green and 
         finally purple. The numbers behind the color of the bike in the selection
         screen only denote different shades of that color to choose from and do 
         not have any impact on LC performance. 
    c) The Stats of the Lightcycles
       Note: These values are only for comparision of the different capabilities of
             the LCs. They were gained by measuring the length of the bars with a 
    	 ruler off the monitor. I would say that this is just a rather crude
    	 approximization, but this was to give at least some kind of numerical 
    	 comparision for the LCs, I hope it helps. (Okay, I know I should have
    	 gotten all the top and low speeds, but I was too lazy. There, are you
    	 now satisfied. :) ).
    	 All but the number for Speedloss go by the maxime 'The higher, the 
    	 better'. For Speedloss a lower value is better.
    Type/Color of LC        Turbo     Max Spd.    Min Spd.     Acc.      Loss
    LC Blue                  1.5        1.5         1.5        1.5        1.5
    LC Yellow                2.5        2.5         2.5        2.0        1.5
    LC Red                   3.5        3.0         3.5        2.5        1.5
    LC Green                 4.5        4.0         4.5        3.0        1.5
    LC Purple                6.5        5.5         6.0        3.5        1.5
    SLC Blue                 5.0        5.5         5.0        6.0       10.0
    SLC Yellow               6.0        6.5         6.0        7.0       10.0
    SLC Red                  7.0        7.5         7.0        8.0       10.0
    SLC Green                8.0        8.5         8.0        9.0       10.0
    SLC Purple              10.0       10.0        10.0       10.0       10.0
    d) List of Racetracks
       Note: LC/SLC colums here will list which kind of colors are allowed. The
             Code column list the Levelcode display in the 'Own Game' tab. The 
    	 Turtorial track can not be selected for an own game. The other four
    	 tracks that are listed with 'n/a' have no level code, because they 
    	 feature a track each of their specific set (e.g. track 13, features
    	 tracks from 2, 7 and 17 in the following table).
         Name                        LC      SLC     Lives  Waves  Code
    1)  Tutorial                     All     All      10      1     n/a
    2)  Newbie Authentification      Blue    None      8      3   LC02S01
    3)  Binary Zone                  All     None      6      3     n/a
    4)  Format:/C                    Blue    Blue      4      2   LC03S01
    5)  Conscripts Revenge           All     None      6      3   LC01S01
    6)  fCon Zone                    All     All       6      3     n/a
    7)  Batchfile Graveyard          All     None      8      3   LC02S02
    8)  Curse of the Bitrate         All     None      10     5   LC01S02
    9)  Avatar Alley                 All     All       2      3   LC03S02
    10) Dead Man's Cache             None    Yellow    4      2   LC03S03
    11) Green Hornets                Green   Green     6      3   LC04S01
    12) Super Cycle Open             None    All       8      4   LC01S03
    13) Old Zone                     All     All       6      3     n/a
    14) Purple Warez                 Purple  None      4      2   LC04S03
    15) Urban Area                   All     All       6      3     n/a
    16) Sourcecode Revelation        None    All       8      4   LC04S02
    17) 01100101                     None    All       8      4   LC02S03
    e) What is unlocked when
       Note: The numbers here corresspond to those found in the list above.
    1)  SLC Blue
    2)  Yellow LC
    3)  Shield / LC01 tracks
    4)  Nitro
    5)  Red LC / Turbocharger
    6)  LC 04 tracks
    7)  Yellow SLC / Wall Extender
    8)  Power-up Steal
    9)  Green LC / Wall Spike
    10) Rocket
    11) Red SLC / Automatic Power-up
    12) None
    13) Purple LC / LC02 tracks
    14) None
    15) Green SLC / LC03 tracks
    16) None
    17) Purple SLC / Wall Reset
    Q:	The game does not run on my system! The game does not run well on my 
            System! Why?
    A:	Sorry, but I am not a technician, either ask your way around on message
            boards or ask Monoliths Tech Support to aid you.
    Q:      The Lightcycleraces are so hard, isn't there any way to skip them?
    A:      You can skip them if you have the right version of the game. For the US
            version you will have to get the first patch from the official Tron 2.0
    	website. If you have the german version this patch is already 
    	implemented in the final release.
    Q:	I can not supply energy to the bits in the EN12-82 system mainlevel. 
    A:	This is a bug in the game. To avoid it you have to make sure that you 
            did not skip the lightcyclerace in this mainlevel. Monolith may release
    	a patch that will solve this problem.
    Q:      The game is so hard, isn't there any way to make it easier?
    A:	Well, first you should look in the options what difficulty level you 
            use. Tron 2.0 allows you to change the difficulty level at any time 
    	during the game. If you are already playing on easy, well, then look 
    	for cheats in the net, although you should try to get through the game 
    	at least once without using cheats. Makes the feeling of having 
    	something accomplished that much nicer.
    12. Credits
    Steve Lisberger - for creating the Tron universe
    Syd Mead - for designing the look and feel of Tron
    The Monolith team - for creating an outstanding game
    The GVim team - for creating a superb text editor (http://www.vim.org)
    The 'Alt + Tab' shortcut - for making writing this thing much easier
    and last but (hopefully) not least me - for writing up this Walkthrough
    13. Changelog
    - Version v0.3.0 -- October 6th, 2003
        Well, this version apparently was not meant to be. Due to a stupid mistake 
        I made I saved an empty textfile over some of the text I've had already 
        written. Life can sometimes be frustrating, can it not? Still, I had a good
        laugh on it afterwards. Also it kept me from formatting what I had written 
        up to that point (it was chaotic to say the least) and I could with a new 
        one where I also concentrated on the formatting right away. All in all it 
        was not that bad. :)
    - Version v1.0.0 -- October 14th, 2003
      Release Candidate Version
        This is the first version I released. No changes have been made to the 
        Walkthrough as of yet.
    - Version v1.1.0 -- October 16th, 2003
      First Patch (everyone loves a patch, at least if it fixes problems) :)
      - New section (10) for the single player Lightcycleraces was added
      - Reworked Section 3 'Basic Game Mechanics'
      - Reworked Section 7 'Notes for the Walkthrough'
      - Reworked document width to 79 characters per line
      - Corrected minor mistakes found during reworking
      - Minor formatting adjustments in Section 9
    14. Contact Information
    If you want to contact me, you can do this by one of the following methods:
    E-Mail:  DeathbrngNOSPAMHERE@NOSPAMHEREaol.com (remove the NOSPAMHERE)
             and please refer to the Tron 2.0 Walkthrough in the subject line
    AIM:     SN Deathbrng
    ICQ:	 150971635 (mostly invisible / Authorization required)
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