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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JLebowitz

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    Mega Man Legends
    By Josiah Lebowitz
    Table of contents:
    A: About This Walkthrough
          1: Terms
         2: How to Use the Walkthrough
    B: Controls
    C: Characters
    D: Places of Interest
    E: General Tips
    F: Walkthrough*
        1: The Starting Ruins
        2: Welcome to Kattelox Island
        3: Save the Junk Store Owner
        4: Find Barrel
        5: Pirate Attack!
        6: Save City Hall!
        7: Explore the Ruins
        8: Pirate Attack #2!
        9: Explore the Town
        10: Mini Games
        11: Sub Gate #1
        12: Explore the Ruins #2
        13: Another Pirate Attack
        14: Sub Gate #2
        15: Sub Quests
        16: Sub Gate #3
        17: Yet Another Pirate Attack
        18: More Sub Quests
        19: Main Gate
        20: Yes, Another Pirate Attack
        21: Bank Robbery, The last Sub Quest
        22: Explore the Ruins #3
        23: Sub City #1
        24: Sub City #2
        25: Sub City #3
        26: Main Gate #2
        27: Juno
    G: Items*
         1: Regular Items
         2: Special Weapon Items
         3: Buster Part Items
         4: Special Item Items
         5: Special Items
    H: Buster Parts
    I: Special Weapons
    J: The Big Secrete
    K: A Few More Things
    L: Acknowledgements
    About this Walkthrough
    Zenny: The currency in Legends.
    $: My abbreviation for Zenny.
    (Quantum) Refractors: Crystals that provide energy for machines, power plants,
    etc.  They are found under ground and guarded by Reaver Bots.
    Reaver Bots: Robots that guard refractors.
    Refractor Shards: Called Deflectors in the manual they are pieces of
    Refractors.  They are worth different amounts of Zenny depending on size and
    (Mega) Buster: Mega Man's left arm gun.
    Portals: Entrances to underground ruins.
    Sub Gates: Large ruins.
    Main Gate: A huge ruin with no apparent way in.
    Mother Load: A legendary treasure.  According to legend once found it will
    provide enough power for the entire world.
    Digger: A Person who explores old ruins looking for Quantum Refractors and
    other Treasure.
    Spotter: A person who assists a digger above ground.
    How to Use This Walkthrough
    This is a complete walkthrough for Mega Man Legends.  It includes: item
    descriptions and uses, special weapon uses, sub quests, mini game tips,
    recommended buster parts combos, boss strategies, and just about everything
    else.  I strongly recommend that you beat the game by your self before using
    the walkthrough so you can experience the game without knowing what will happen
    next.  But if you're stuck you should be able to find something in here to help
      Each section in the walkthrough has a list of what you can get (Note: the
    items in the list are ones that you find I do not list items that you can buy).
     You'll also find the recommended buster part combo for that area (Note: You
    might like a different combo better, if so use it!  These are not necessarily
    the best they're just ones that I think work well for that part of the game).
      During a fair amount of the game you'll spend time exploring under ground
    ruins.  I have done my best to provide good instructions to get you where
    you're going and get all the items on the way.  If these instructions are
    confusing just try to follow them anyway (it's not easy do give good
    instructions for big mazes without a map).  Also to some extent they get a
    little less detailed later in the walkthrough compared to the beginning, I
    figured by that time you'd pretty much have the idea (besides it would be even
    harder to describe every twist and turn in the ruins).  Note: When I tell you
    to go through a door I usually also mean to follow the hall on the other side. 
    And when I say to go down a hall I generally mean to follow it to the next
    Note: sections marked with an * give away things about the games story. 
    Unmarked sections give away little or nothing of the story.
    If more people would read the manuals (you know that little book that came with
    your game) I wouldn't have to do this section but here it goes.
      Every ware: These buttons work almost anytime anywhere.  Select: Displays a
    map of either the ruins your in (Note: it only has parts you've already been)
    or a map of Kattelox island.  Start: Brings up the main menu screen and skips
    movies.  Start and Select: Resets the game.  L1 and R1: Rotates your view left
    or right (if you have turn option on L1/R1), or (if option is on Directional
    Buttons) moves left or right.  R2:  Hold down to automatically lock your
    weapons on to the nearest enemy, or (if there are no enemies in range) hold
    down and use up and down buttons to look up and down.  O: Open doors and
    chests, check out items, garbage cans, boxes, push buttons, talk.  Hold down O
    and use directional buttons to walk slowly.  When you get and equip the Dash
    Parts hold down O to use them, when you a using the Dash Parts left and right
    steers, back is slow down, forward is speed up, L1 and R1 and sharp turn to the
    left or right. Square: Shoot Mega Buster (left arm) or kick (in areas where
    there is no fighting).  Triangle: Shoots special weapon (right arm) or kick (in
    no fighting areas).  X: Jump.  Some times you'll hang on the edge of ledge if
    you do use up to pull your self up onto the ledge.  Accept.
      Menu: These are for when you're in the menu screen.  X: Accept.  Triangle:
    Cancel, go back.
    This is a list of the main characters in the game and a brief description of
    each.  This is a little more detailed then the profiles in the manual but gives
    nothing important away.  Note: There are a couple characters I'm leaving out to
    avoid giving away some major parts of the story.
      Mega Man Voulnut: 14 years ago Barrel Casket found a baby in a dig sit.  He
    named him Mega Man Voulnut and raised him with his grand daughter Roll.  Now
    Mega Man is 14 years old and the leading digger for the Casket family.  He has
    many special skills and abilities.  But it is still unknown why he was
    abandoned as a child.
      Roll Casket: Roll is 14 and is Mega Man best friend.  When roll was still a
    baby her parents disappeared while exploring a dig.  Her grand father Barrel
    Casket then raised her.  She has followed in her parent's footsteps hoping to
    find out the truth about their disappearance.   Roll is a mechanical genius and
    can fix or build just about anything.  During a dig she is Mega Man's spotter,
    she offer tips on what to do or how to get a refractor and warn you of danger.
      Barrel Casket: Once a famous digger Barrel is now retired.  He uses his vast
    experience and knowledge to help Mega Man and Roll on their digs.
      Data:  Data is a mechanical monkey who has been with Mega Man ever since he
    was found 14 years ago.  And for some reason Mega Man is the only one who
    understands what he is saying.  Data main job is to give you hints on what to
    do next, Save your game, and Recharge your energy so it is a good idea to talk
    to him often.
      The Bonne Brothers: A group of pirates who steal treasures from diggers. 
    Their group members are... Teasel Bonne: Teasel is the leader of the Bonne
    brothers and is very smart.  He is also very persistent and does not accept
      Tron Bonne: Tron is 14 years.  She is Teasel and Bomb's sister.  She is a
    Mechanical expert and she builds and maintains the Bonne's various machines.
    Bomb Bonne: The youngest member of the Bonne Brothers.  Bomb is very large but
    is really just a big baby.
      Servebots:  You'll see these little robots all over the place.  Tron built
    them and their main job is to pilot the Bonne's various attack machines and do
    whatever else needs to be done.  There are 40 of them each with different
    Places of Interest
    Cardon forest: The forest where the flutter crash lands.
    Yass Plains: The hilly area north of City Hall.
    Clozer Woods: A forest connected to the Yass Plains.
    Lake Jyun: A large lake with several islands.  It is north of Uptown and is
    only accessible by boat.
    Apple Market: A shopping area south of Down Town.
    Down Town: The area of town where most of the people live.  It is in the center
    of the city.
    Uptown: A resort area west of Down Town.
    City Hall: The part of town where city hall is.  It is north of Down Town.
    Old City: A run down abandoned part of the city, it is full of mean dogs. Power
    Plant: A power plant north of the Old City.
    Main Gate: The area where the main gate is.  It is south of the Old City and
    full of cats.
    Junk Store: A store full of great stuff to buy.  It is in the Apple Market.
    Library: A library with some good books to read.  It is in the Down Town area.
    KTOX TV Station: A TV station where you can compete in game shows.  It is in
    the Uptown area.
    Boat Rental Shop: A boat rental place in the Uptown area.
    Museum: An art museum in the uptown area.
    Hospital: The island Hospital, it is in the Uptown area.
    City Hall: The city hall is in the City Hall area.
    Police Station: The Police station in the City Hall area.
    Bank: The bank is the City Hall area.
    Main Gate: A huge ruin in the Main Gate area.
    Sub Gate 1: A large ruin in the Clozer Woods.
    Sub Gate 2: A large ruin on an island in lake Jyun.
    Sub Gate 3: A large ruin in the Cardon Forest.
    Portal 1: A small ruin next to the entrance to the Apple Market.
    Portal 2: A small ruin in the Clozer Woods.
    Portal 3: A small ruin in the Cardon Forest.
    There are also a couple of area I'm not mentioning because it would give some
    thing away.
    General Tips
    This is a section full of useful tips to help you through the game.
    Always upgrade your armor as soon as possible, it comes in very handy.
    Talk to Data whenever you can to save your game and make sure you read whatever
    tips he may have for you.
    Watch out for cars when you're in the town.  You'll take damage if you get hit.
    If you fry a servebot you can kick it several times for energy cubes.
    The Vacuum Arm is a great way to get cash so max it out as soon as possible.
    The Powered Buster will be your best weapon for most of the game, so max it out
    as soon as possible.
    The best ways to get cash are: Run around in the ruins with the vacuum and play
    the mini games at the TV station.  Another good way is to sell buster parts
    that you're not using.
    Don't put a lot of money into short-range weapons, long range are much more
    When shooting bots make sure your far enough away no to get hurt by the
    explosion when they blow up.
    Beware, a few of your weapons can hurt you if you're not careful.
    Always open chests from the side.  That way if their traps you won't get hurt. 
    You can also shoot trapped chests for cash.
    Here is a list of what the different refractor shards are worth: Small Blue =
    50, Small Green = 100, Medium Purple = 250, and Large Blue = 500.
    Walk Through
      When you start the game make sure that you listen to the intro.  I know it
    sounds like part of a computer storybook but is has some important story stuff
    in it.  At the start screen push start then choose New Game.  Mega Man will
    say, "Let's do it!" it a voice completely unlike his voice in the regular and X
    series and the game will start.
    Starting Ruins
      Things to get: Blue Refractor, Power Raiser.   Best Buster: none.
    Well here you go.  Listen to Roll then read the explanation on how to use your
    buster.  Go forward, when the first bot comes out of the wall back up a couple
    of steps and shoot it (make sure you're not close enough to get caught in the
    explosion).  Take out the next to bots in the same manner and continue forward.
     At the intersection Roll tells you to go right.  All there is forward is a
    couple of bots and a dead so take her advice and go right.  At then next
    intersection Roll asks if you can see a door.  Left are more bots and a dead
    end, right is the door, forward is another intersection, left is a dead end,
    and right leads to an easy trap.  Go to the door on the right read about the O
    button then go through the door.  Shoot the bots then go through the door on
    the other side of the room.  Go up the ramp and read how to jump.  Jump on the
    ledge and go down the corridor.  Roll has you stop and wait for some bots to
    pass by.  Left is a dead end so go right.  At the next intersection go right
    and shoot the big box, it explodes into cash and energy, read the explanation
    and get the goodies.  Back at the intersection go forward, look at the energy
    barrier and listen to Roll.  Go forward, listen to Roll and use the R2 button
    to target the spider bot on the ceiling.  Shoot the bot, go in to the room at
    the end of the passage.  Shoot the two flashing things to destroy both the
    first barrier and the one right in front of you.  Go down the passage where the
    barrier in front of you was and get the chests for $ and the Power Raiser. 
    Read about buster parts, equip the Power Raiser, and then go back to the first
    barrier.  Listen to Roll then go through the door.
      Boss: Big Robot with spike arm.  This guy is pretty easy and only has one
    attack.  The attack is: he raises his arm and slams it down where you are
    standing creating an explosion.  Start shooting at him as soon as you enter the
    room, when he raises his arm run around behind him and start shooting.  Repeat
    this until he is destroyed.  Note: make sure you don't touch the bot.  Toughing
    him or any other bot will damage you.  After you beat him watch the movie, Mega
    Man jumps onto the Flutter just in time to escape the return of the boss (all
    man, I wanted to fight him again) and they fly off.   Mega Man and Roll talk
    then you have engine trouble and are forced to crash land on Kattelox Island.
    Welcome to Kattelox
        Things to get: Broken Cleaner.  BB: Power Raiser.
      After Roll Mega Man and Barrel stop talking talk to Data to save your game. 
    Congratulations!  You've been elected to go find a town.  Look around and
    you'll see a trail with a sign next to it, that is the way to town.  Start
    toward town, before you get very far a police car drives past.  Go back over to
    where Roll and Barrel are and talk to Barrel.  Barrel leaves to fill in the
    immigration forms and you decide to check out the shopping arcade out side of
    town.  Follow the path to town and talk to the people right outside the city,
    then enter the Apple Market.  Once inside talk to the people (one tells you how
    to look up and down), and explore the shops.  Check the boxes and garbage cans
    for $ and the Broken Cleaner.  Talk to the lady in the Junk Store.  She says
    her husband is gone exploring in the ruins and she wants you to check on him. 
    Tell her that you'll help, then leave the city.  You'll find Data right
    outside, save, then enter Portal #1 (the dome shaped thing).
    Save the Junk Store Owner
      Things to get: Rapid Fire, Mine Parts Kit, Citizen's Card.  BB: Power Raiser.
      Inside the ruins you'll here a man's voice calling for help.  Go down the
    passage to your right.  At the end of the passage check the hole in the wall
    (it looks like a big black hole in the wall) for $ the go right.  You'll
    eventually reach a room with a man on a ledge; shoot all the bots in the room
    then talk to the man.  He'll thank you and says to come by his store later then
    he leaves.  Go through the door on the left side of the room, and follow the
    passages (watch out for bots in the narrow parts).  At the end is a room, get
    the chest for the Rapid Fire buster part, equip it, then leave the ruins.
      Go back to the Junk store and talk to the owner's wife.  You'll get the Mine
    Parts Kit.  When they ask you your name say what you want but lying gives you a
    bad reputation (see section K: A Few More Things to find out about
    reputations).  Go to the old van outside of town and talk to Roll, she'll use
    the Mine Parts Kit to make you the Splash Mine special weapon.  Talk to Roll
    about all the different things you'll be able to use the van for when she fixes
    it.  Leave the van and talk to the policeman, you'll get the Citizen's Card. 
    He warns you about pirates and says that the city is being evacuated.  Roll
    gets worried about Barrel and asks you to find him.  Save.
    Find Barrel
      Things to get: Broken Motor.  BB: Power Raiser Omega, Range Booster Omega.
      Go in the Apple Market and go in the Junk Shop.  It's tome to buy some
    things.  Make sure you buy the Energy Canteen (it stores energy) and a bunch of
    Life Gauges (the raise your life gauge, max is 10 bars) (buster parts help
    too).  If you need money kick the soda can into the Jetlag Bakery for $1000 (if
    you do it enough it gives you a bad rap though).  When your done shopping try
    to talk to Jim and the gang, read how to sneak up on people (this is the only
    time in the game where you sneak) then sneak up on Jim.  Listen to their plan. 
    After they finish talking go through the door to the Down Town area.  Watch the
    movie with Tron and the Servebots then explore the Down Town.  Talk to
    everyone, read the books in the library, etc.  Watch out for cars, they can hit
    you and do damage.  Check the garbage cans for $ and the Broken Motor.  Then go
    in the North door and explore the City Hall area.  Then talk to the police
    outside city hall and they will take you to Barrel.  After talking to Barrel
    and mayor Amelia leave city hall and watch Tron get chased by Paprika.  Go back
    to Down Town.    Tron is up a lamp post with Paprika guarding her.  Talk to
    Tron then to Paprika.  After they talk go talk to Roll.
    Pirate Attack!
      Things to get: None.  BB: Power Raiser Omega, Range Booster Omega.
      The Bonnes start attacking the city!  Roll gets worried about Barrel and
    takes off to find him.  Go to the Apple Market.  Note: If you don't have any
    cash kick the can once for some money.  Data is by the N door, talk to him and
    ask him about the Junk Shop to get a free Shield Repair.  Save, then go through
    the door.  Watch the movie, Mega Man takes off to try to defeat the Bonnes. 
    Read the Mission.
      Boss: Red, Blue, and Yellow Servebot tanks.  Like the mission said they each
    have a certain strength.  Red does more powerful attacks, blue is much faster,
    and yellow has a bigger life gauge.  Attacks: They shoot lasers, move or roll
    out of the way.  They throw a bomb, just step to the side.  As soon as you can,
    pick a tank and start shooting.  After a few seconds they say that you're to
    strong and split up.  Chase them around and shoot whenever you can.  The best
    time to get them is when they're passing the key from one to another because
    while their doing it they can't attack.  There are also a few airships that fly
    over head and shoot at you.  You can either avoid them or shoot them for cash. 
    If you need energy buy a soft drink (you can also kick the machine for free
    drinks but you get a bad reputation) or kick a Servebot.  When you blow up the
    tank that has the key the key will float in the air.  You can grab it to end
    the mission or shoot the other bots first, its up to you.  Once you have the
    key the Servebots go crying to Tron and after some talking she attacks you.
      Boss: Tron's spider bot.  Attacks: She will shoot a thing of fire along the
    ground, move away from it.  She will shoot bullets at you, get out of the way. 
    If she keeps shooting at you in a spread form jump over the shots and run
    across the street, repeat this until she stops.   She shoots a straight line of
    bombs, side step.  She spins and shoots a circle of bombs, get to the inside or
    out side of the circle to avoid the blasts.  She starts spinning and shoots
    bombs every ware, RUN, get away form this one fast.  Tron's bomb and fire
    attacks can destroy buildings and the more buildings that get destroyed the
    more it will cost you to fix them so make this fast.  Stay on the road in front
    of Tron and keep shooting.  Unless you need to buy a soft drink (save your
    canteen) stay on the road (Tron will destroy less buildings this way), if she
    moves down the street make sure you don't get run over, then follow her.  When
    you beat her watch the bot blow, Tron leaves.  Data is by the N door, Save (get
    a new Shield Repair if you need one), then go through the door.
    Save City Hall!
      Things to get: Class B Diggers License, Walkie-Talkie.  BB: Power Raiser
    Omega, Range Booster Omega.
      Watch the movie and read the mission.  The red bots only attack city hall
    while the other colors attack anything nearby.  Once again the more stuff that
    get destroyed the more it costs you later.  Run to the front of city hall, hold
    down R2 and blast away.  The flying bots are the worst and they can bring in
    more ground bots so try to get them first.  When there are no more bots around
    city hall check the rest of the area.  Don't use your canteen (you probably
    won't need it anyway).  Note: If you want to do something mean you can shoot
    down the KTOX ship.  When you destroy all the bots Bomb will come over to get
      Boss: Bomb Bonne.  Attacks: he will shoot homing missiles, either hide behind
    something or run away and the will eventually blow up.  He shoot his party
    blower at you, this is powerful but easy to dodge just step aside.  He will fly
    forward and try to hit you, run.  Bonne can also destroy building so keep him
    busy with you.  After you beat him the Bonnes retreat.  And Teasel hears about
    their defeat on TV and decides to handle this himself.
       After talking to Barrel and Amelia you get the Class B Diggers License. 
    Leave City hall.  Alright Roll fixed up the van!  Go in the van, talk to Roll
    about every thing, you'll get the Walkie-Talkie.  Talk to Data and save
    (remember to get a new Shield Repair).
    Explore the Ruins
      Things to get: Old Shield, Buster Unit.  BB: Power Raiser Omega, Range
    Booster Omega.
      Note: You don't have to do this now (or ever) if you don't want to but you'll
    get a lot of cash and items.
      Go to the Cardon Forest.  When you reach the Flutter, take the path that
    doesn't go to town.  At the end of the path there is a man walking around, look
    around for Portal #3.  Enter.  Go though the door.  At the end of the hall go
    in the passage on the left side of the room.  Go in the door at the end of the
    hall then enter the passage in front of you.  When you get to the top, dodge
    the big metal things and go through the door.  The passage you're in now is a
    square.   There are to boxes to your left.  Watch out for the big bot (its some
    thing like an advanced version of the first boss), when he chases you duck into
    the indents where the doors are and let him pass you then chase him and shoot
    him from behind.  Go through the door to the right of where you entered this
    area.  When you reach the room with the 3 fireball shooting bots, get the chest
    for $ then go through the door.  In the next room there is a hole in the right
    wall, get it for the Old Shield.  Then go through the door on the right wall on
    the other end of the room.  In the next big room, get the chest on the right
    for a trap (you can shoot trapped chests for cash) and the chest on the left
    for the Buster Unit.  Blast the boxes and go through the door.  At the end of
    the hall jump down, go through the doors, and leave the ruins.
    Pirate Attack #2
      Things to get: Safety Helmet, Flower, Cannon Kit, Powered Buster, Helmet,
    Class A Diggers License.  BB: Blast Unit, Buster Unit.
      Stop by the Junk store and shop.  Go to City Hall Area and go through the
    door behind city hall.  Shoot the tanks (if you need energy kick a bot).  Go in
    the building where the police car is and talk to the people.  Watch out for the
    bomb shooting towers on the hills.  Get the garbage can by the other building
    for $.  Go to the top of one of the small mounds near you and try to jump to
    the area where the pirate towers are.  You might need to switch mounds and it
    takes a little practice but it is do able.  Go to the building up there and
    check the box for the Safety Helmet.  Inside the building is the Junk Store's
    2nd location.  Go through the passage at the other end of the area.   At the
    fork go left and the Flower on the right side at the edge of the trees.  Enter
    Portal #2, which is just ahead.  Go through the door.  Get the chest for $,
    then go through the next door.  At the fork, go right.  Get the chest for a
    trap and the hole for $.  Go left and through the door.  In the big room go in
    the passage at the far right end.  Go across the bridge.  Go right, jump to the
    platform with the chest.  Get it for Cannon Kit.  Leave the ruins.
      Go back to City Hall Area and call Roll.  Do Item Development for the Powered
    Buster Special Weapon and the Helmet.  Talk to Roll and give her the flower. 
    Equip and enhance the Powered Buster.  Equip the Helmet, Save, and leave.  Go
    back to the area with the ruins, and go to the tunnel that Data is standing
    next to.  Talk to Data, save, then go through the tunnel.  Shoot the bots,
    watch the move and read the mission.
      Boss: Teasel's Digger Marlwolf.  Attacks: he shoots big green ball, move and
    watch out for the after shock.  A servebot will drop a bomb, move.  A servebot
    will throw several flying bombs in the air, shoot them.  As soon as the fight
    starts run forward and climb up the platforms.  When the Marlwolf passes by
    jump onto the area on it right by the door.  Note: If it moves to fast for you
    shoot the tank treads to slow it down. When the door opens shoot inside it with
    the Powered Buster.  After that it will hit itself in the head and cause even
    more damage.  Then it will try to knock you off with its hands so either try to
    dodge or jump off.  Repeat this until it is destroyed.  Watch the move.  Teasel
    leaves defeated.  Head back to town.  When Roll calls say yes to return to city
    hall.  Watch the Bonnes plan their next move.  Then talk to Barrel and Amelia
    and you'll get the Class A Diggers License.  Talk to Amelia and rebuild all the
    stuff that you can (like I said the more stuff that gets destroyed the more it
    costs you).  Talk to Roll and give her the Flower.  Leave and save.
    Explore the Town
        Things to get: Broken Propeller, Vacuum Arm special weapon, cat.  BB: Blast
    Unit, Buster Unit.
      Go to Down Town and go through the W door to reach the Up Town area.  Check
    the trash cans for the Broken Propeller.  Talk to everyone and explore.  If you
    talk to the lady behind the counter at the TV station you can play the Beast
    Hunter and Balloon Fantasy mini games (see section 10: Mini Games).  You should
    try to beat the games if you have trouble you can come back later, Beast Hunter
    is the same each time but Balloon Fantasy is easier with better buster parts. 
    Go back to the Down Town area.  Go through the E door.  You'll end up in the
    Old City.  There is a bunch of old building and a couple people but nothing
    special.  There are also a lot of dogs.  They run into you and cause damage,
    kick them to make them lay down.  In the Old City, the N door leads to the
    Power Plant (nothing much to do there though).  The S door goes to the Main
    Gate, which is a big ruin with no door.  There are a bunch of cats near the
    Main Gate, talk to them and one will give you the option to take it home, say
      Call Roll and do item development for the Vacuum Arm special weapon.  Equip
    and enhance it, then save.
    Mini Games
      Things to get: Zetsabre, Mystic Orb, Music Box, Omni-Unit, Giant Horn.  BB:
    Some thing with high range and energy.
      Beast Hunter: To play talk to the lady behind the desk and choose Beast
    hunter.  This should be a cool game huh?  I mean, with a name like Beast Hunter
    it sounds pretty cool right?  WRONG!  In this game there is a fake man running
    around in circles being chased by a fake dog.  Your goal is to kick balls and
    occasionally mini dogs at the dog chasing the man with out hitting the man
    himself.  Each time you hit the dog with a ball you get 1 point, and you get 2
    points for hitting it with a mini dog.  But if you hit the man with a ball you
    lose 1 point, and you lose 2 points for hitting him with a mini dog.
      Kick the balls and hit the dog as much as possible.  Don't hit the man!  Some
    times a flashing dog runs across the screen hit it for 1 point (2 with a mini
    dog).  This is pretty easy so you shouldn't have much trouble with it.  At the
    begging it will say how many points you have to have to go to the next rank. 
    You start at rank D and advance to rank A.  When you beat a rank you get $. 
    When you beat rank A you get the Zetsabre.  Tip: if are having trouble getting
    enough points kick excess balls away so you'll get mini dogs faster.
      Balloon Fantasy: Equip buster parts that give you decent range and good
    energy.  Talk to the lady behind the counter and pick Balloon Fantasy.  In this
    game you are in a room with a bunch of big bouncing balloons.  The goal is to
    shoot the all the red balloons with out shooting the blue balloons.  You have
    so much time to get all the red balloons, each time you hit a blue one you lose
    time.  The rank system is the same as all the other mini games.  Although you
    might have trouble beating the high ranks in this early in the game, I beat it
    as soon as I could go to the TV station so it is possible.  If you get stuck
    come back later with better buster parts.  Beat rank A for the Mystic Orb.
      Races:  You can't play the races until you get the skates.  To play talk to
    the man in the TV station.  In the races you race through the Down Town area
    with the skates.   In all the races your goal is to go through all the flashing
    red cones, in order, before the time runs out.  If you knock down the yellow
    cones it will freeze the timer for a second.  The ranks are the same.  This is
    the most fun mini game so enjoy.  Tip: hold down the forward button to move
      Straight Course: This is pretty easy.  Beat rank A for the Music Box.
      Left Curve Course: This is medium.  Use sharp turns (L1, R1).  Hit all the
    yellow cones you can.  Beat rank A for the Omni-Unit.
      Technical Course: This one is pretty hard.  It is tough to memorize the
    course.  Use sharp turns and hit the yellow cones whenever you can.  Don't give
    up.  Beat rank A for the Giant Horn.
    Sub Gate #1
      Things to get: Key found in Clozer Woods Sub Gate x3, Old Doll, Grenade Kit,
    Spring Set, Old Bone, Yellow Refractor, Grenade Arm special weapon, Jump
    Springs.  BB: Blast Unit, Buster Unit.
      Equip the Vacuum Arm and enhance it.  Go to the Flutter.  Take the path to
    the ruins but instead of going in them go through the tunnel.  Continue
    forward, Roll will drive up in the van to help.  Shoot all the robots so Roll
    can continue forward.  Note: If you don't clear a path for Roll you won't be
    able to enter the Sub Gate.  If you get hurt go in the van and refill your
    energy.  Note: Just like regular cars you can get hit by the van and take
    damage (at least Roll apologizes).  When you reach the fence Roll will ram it
    so you can get to the Sub Gate.  Enhance the Vacuum more if you can then save
    and enter.
      Go down the hall and look at the yellow refractor.  You need 3 keys to lower
    the force field surrounding the refractor.  Go through the door.  Tip: Shoot
    the big balls of robot bugs from a safe distance.  On the ground get the hole
    for $.  Shoot the bridge on the platform with the ramp and cross.  Shoot the
    next ball deal and it will leave you the 1st Key.  Get the key then go from
    platform to platform until you reach a door, enter.  Get the hole for the Old
    Doll.  Go down the hall and go left, get the chest for the Grenade Kit.  Turn
    on the conveyor belt and follow it to the next room.  Get the hole for $.  Go
    through the door.  Go back to the first conveyor belt room.  Go in the hall
    with the chest and go right.  Cross the ice before it breaks and don't bother
    trying to open the chest.  Break the ice under the chest and follow it along
    the conveyor belt.  At the end the chest will break.  Pick up the 2nd Key.  Go
    back to the ice room.  Go through the door on the other side and get the chest
    for the Spring Set and the hole for the Old Bone.  Go through the door.  Push
    all the buttons and try to go through the hall before the barrier comes back
    (this may take a few tries).  Get the 3rd Key and go through the door.  Go to
    the refractor and use the Keys on the control panel to lower the force field. 
    Get the refractor.  Leave the Sub Gate.  Do item development for the Grenade
    Arm special weapon and the Jump Springs.  Equip the jump springs.  Cool, now
    you can jump about three times higher!  Save.
    Explore the Ruins #2
      Things to get: Rollerboard, Shiny Object, Pen Light, Rapidfire Barrel, Blade
    Arm weapon, and Machine Gun.  BB: Blast Unit, Buster Unit.
      Go back in the Sub Gate and jump on the ledge to the left.  Go through the
    door.  In the room, go down the hall and get the chest for the Rollerboard.  Go
    up the ramp, get the holes for $ then go down the hall.  Go left and get the
    chest for $.  Jump down the up on other ledge.  Get the trap chest and boxes
    then go in the door near the trap chest.  In the big room jump on the ledge
    with the chest, get it for $.  Go down the hall.  Get the hole for the Shiny
    Object then go down the hall to the right.  Watch out for the spider bots.  Go
    through the door at the end.   Go through the door to the left and go down the
    hall in the next room.  Get the chest for the Pen Light.  Go to the room with
    all the self-destructing bots and go through the far door.  Jump on the ledge
    across the room and get the chest for $.  Go through the passage and jump on
    the ledge across the room.  Get the holes for cash.  Go down the hall, shoot
    the boxes, go down the hall.  Go through the door at the end and jump into the
    passage on the left.  Get the chest for the Rapidfire Barrel and leave the
    ruins.  Call Roll and do item development for, Blade Arm special weapon (if you
    beat Beast Hunter) and Machine Gun buster part.  Go to the Junk Shop and buy
    some of the new stuff.  Save.
    Another Pirate Attack
      Things to get: None.  BB: Laser, Sniper Range.
      Go to the boat rental shop in the Up Town area.  Go inside, check the boxes
    for $, enter the shop.  Go through the door next to the counter (don't worry
    about what the owner says).  Check the garbage can for cash.  Talk to the
    construction people, when you get the option call Roll.  Watch the move. 
    Alright!  Now you can use the boat to get to the 2nd Sub Gate.  Talk to Data to
      Get in the boat and watch the movie.  Read the mission.  Yikes!  The Bonnes
    sent a bunch of subs and stuff to attack you!  Ok, this is pretty easy.  Roll
    will steer the boat in circles around the lake.  Your job is to shoot all the
    subs and a few ships up in the air.  Use your buster and listen to what Roll
    says, when she says "Their behind you!" she doesn't mean for you to stand
    around facing forward while the ship is being blasted.  You can also shoot the
    torpedoes and stuff that they shoot at the ship.  Note: You can't get hurt but
    the ship can.  It has a life gauge and if it goes down you'll get game over. 
    When all the subs and ships are destroyed the Bonnes will come out it their big
    new bot to finish you off themselves.  When you get the option retreat.  Yes I
    said retreat.  The reason is unless you're an incredible player the ship took
    some damage while fighting the subs.  If you retreat you'll get a chance to
    save and be able to fight with full energy.
        Back at the dock, equip the Powered Buster then save.  Go back in the boat.
     The Bonnes will attack.
      Boss: The Bonnes big water robot.  You'll start out rather close to their
    ship.  Don't attack it.  Concentrate on keeping your boat from taking any
    damage by shooting their missiles.  Roll will drive into a river.  Keep a look
    out behind you.  The Bonnes are still following you down the stream.  Soon
    you'll reach a small pond and the Bonnes will surface and begin the real fight.
     Attacks: They shoot homing missiles, shoot them.  They hit the water with
    their arms shooting water at you, there's nothing you can do about it.
      Roll will drive the boat in circles around them.  As soon as you enter the
    pond, start blasting their arms and the cannons on the back with your buster. 
    When you destroy all of their weapons a cylinder will appear on the back where
    the cannons were.  It will shoot more of those big green balls at you.  When
    you get in range blast the cylinder with the Powered Buster.  You can't avoid
    the balls so destroy the thing as soon as possible.  When you beat them watch
    the movie.  You'll end up on the island where the 2nd Sub Gate is.  Go back to
    shore and equip the Vacuum.  Go back to the 2nd Sub Gate and talk to Data to
    Sub Gate #2
      Things to get: Old Hover Jets, Gattling Part, Key found in Lake Jyun Sub Gate
    x3, Ring, Joint Plug, Rapid Striker, Red Refractor, Bomb Schematic, Grand
    Grenade weapon, Jet Skates, Adapter Plug.  BB: Laser, Machine Gun.
      Go in the Sub Gate.  Go through the doors and follow the hall.  At the first
    room get the two holes for $.  Continue down the hall.  At the next room take
    the path to the right and get the chest for the Old Hover Jets.  Go back to the
    last room and go down the path to the left.  Take the first hall on the left
    (the 2nd hall on the left goes to the same place) Take the 2nd right and get
    the hole for the Gattling Part.  Get out of the indent and go forward.  Get the
    Chest for the first Key (you need two more).  Go back to the main hall and take
    the path on the right.  Get the hole on the right wall for the Ring.  Continue
    down the hall and go through the door.  Enter the weird room and watch out for
    the teleporting bots.  Tip: If you stay off the ground the bots usually leave
    you alone.  Tip: You can destroy all the bots if you try.  Go in the room with
    the chest and get it for the 2nd Key.  Leave the chest room and take the 2nd
    path to the left.  The door in front of you goes back to the big hall.  Take
    the small hall in this room and reenter the big room.  Jump forward to the
    platform then left to the next chest room.  Get the chest for the 3rd Key and
    the hole for $.  Get the chest in the center of the big room for the Joint
    Plug.  Go through the last door (the one on the wall on the big room).  In the
    hall with the weird walls watch out for the gator bots (just run past them). 
    Take the path on the left and go through the door.  Keep going.  At then end
    get the chest for the Rapid Striker.  Go back to the hall with the gators.  The
    path on the right dead ends so don't bother going there.  Leave the Sub Gate
    and save.  Then go back to the gator hall and go through the door and the end. 
    Ignore the big yellow thing and go through the door.  Lower the shield and get
    the refractor.  Refill your energy then leave the room.  Watch the movie.
      Boss: Big Yellow Bot.  Attacks: he will slid toward you, jump out of the way.
     He will jump to the center of the room creating an energy wave along the
    floor, jump over it.  He'll also kick you if you get to close.  Replace the
    Machine Gun with the Sniper Range.  Jump and shoot his face (this is his only
    vunerable point).  Keep your eye on him as much as possible.  When he blows use
    the Vacuum to get all the $ then leave the ruins.  Go to shore and watch the
    Bonnes plan their next move.  Call Roll.  Alright the Flutter is fixed!  Talk
    to Roll.  Leave Roll's room and explore the Flutter (if you got the Cat at the
    Main Gate it makes its self at home).  Check the chest in Barrel's room for the
    Bomb Schematic.  Talk to Roll, talk to Barrel, talk to Roll again and go to the
    R&D Room.  Talk to Roll and give her the Ring.  Do Item Development for the
    Grand Grenade special weapon (it can only bust one particular wall), Jet
    Skates, and Adapter Plug.  Equip the Skates and another buster part then save.
    Sub Quests
      Things to get: Lipstick, Plastique, Bomb, Power Blaster L, Power Blaster R,
    Pick, Bag, Arm Supporter, Saw, Blumbear Parts, Marlwolf Shell, Comic Book, Stag
    Beetle, Beetle, Broken Circuits, Old Heater, X Buster, Machine Buster weapon,
    Shield Arm weapon.  BB: Laser, Turbo Battery, Buster Unit.
      You don't have to do this stuff now.  You don't have to do it period.  But
    you get a lot of good stuff.
      You can now talk to the man in the TV station lobby to play the racing mini
    game, I recommend that you try to beat those now.
      Go to the hill by the boat shop and talk to the painter.  Say her painting
    needs red.  Now to find red paint...  Go to the women's clothing store in the
    Apple Market, talk to the lady behind the counter and say yes to get Lipstick. 
    Give it to the painter.  She finishes then runs off.  Now the museum is open. 
    Go to the building that looks kind of like a church and go inside.  Look at the
    paintings then go upstairs.  Talk to the lady behind the counter.  Talk to her
    again and say yes.  Talk, yes, talk, yes, talk, yes.  To give her the Old Bone,
    Shiny Object, Giant Horn (if you beat racing technical A), and Old Shield.  If
    you go down stairs and then go back up you can see your stuff on display.
      Save.  Go to the Police Station and talk to the inspector a couple of times. 
    He'll ask you to investigate some thing Down Town.  Go to the Down Town Area. 
    A bomb will explode on the street!  You have to find the other two before they
    explode.  If you talk to the people the lady says she saw one by a green house
    and the man says you should check one the rooftops.  Quickly run over to the
    green house on your right and check around it.  IF you don't see the bomb check
    around the other green houses (use the skates).  When you find the bomb pick it
    up to get Plastique.  Then hop on top of a street lamp and then on top of the
    houses.  The bomb will be on a flat roofed house.  Get it for Bomb.  Call Roll
    and talk to her to give her the Music Box (if you beat the Straight Course A
    race).  Do item development for the Power Blaster L and Power Blaster R buster
      Save.  Go to the Yass Plains.  Go in the building on the far right.  Jim and
    the gang are inside.  Talk to Jim and say yes.  You need a pick.  Go to the
    City Hall area and talk to the construction man (sometimes he thanks you for
    paying for the repairs) to get the Pick.  Go give it to Jim.  You need to come
    back later.
       Go to the Police Station and talk to the Inspector.  Talk to the Flustered
    Man in the lobby then talk to the inspector then talk to the man again.  You
    need to find his lost moneybag.  Note: You have to do this next part in the
    exact order I say or it won't work.  Go to the Electronics Shop and talk to the
    man behind the counter.  Go to the Jetlag Bakery and talk to the lady behind
    the counter.  Go to the Library and talk to the lady behind the counter.  Go to
    the soda machine near the N door and talk to the girl near it.  Then talk to
    the boy in the red vest that's running around near the library.  Talk to him a
    couple more time and he says to check the trash can near him.  Check the can
    for the Bag.  Go to the inspector's office and talk to the Inspector, you'll
    get the Arm Supporter.
      Talk to Jim.  You need a saw.  Talk to the construction guy.  He threw his
    away.  Check the Down Town garbage cans for the Saw and the Blumbear Parts. 
    Give Jim the Saw.
      Go to the hospital and talk to the girl in the wheel chair.
      Kill time for a while then go talk to Jim when the building where he is looks
    like a house.  Check the pile of stuff for the Marlwolf Shell.  Go to the 2nd
    junk Shop on the hill and pick up the red thing behind it to get the Comic
    Book.  Go to the are of the Clozer Woods near Portal #2.  There is a small hill
    here.  Get the bug on top of it for the Stag Beetle.  Go to the Cardon Forest. 
    Head toward the 1st Sub Gate.  On the hill where the girl is get the Beetle. 
    Go talk to Jim and say yes, check the pile for the Broken Circuits.  Talk to
    Jim and say yes, check the pile for the Old Heater.  Talk to Jim and say yes,
    check the pile for the X Buster.
      Go to the museum and give the lady the Old Heater.  Call roll and do item
    development for the Machine Buster special weapon and the Shield Arm special
    weapon (if you beat Balloon Fantasy class A).
    Sub Gate #3
      Things to get: Tele-lens, Guidance Unit, Antique Bell, ID Card found in
    Clozer Woods Sun Gate x3, Target Sensor, Ancient Book, Active Buster weapon,
    Sniper Scope.  BB: Laser, Turbo Battery, Buster Unit.
      Go to the Flutter and equip the Grand Grenade.  Talk to Roll and tell her to
    go to the Cardon Forest Sub Gate.  You'll fly over.  Leave the Flutter (Note:
    You have to use the Grand Grenade for one part in here, if you want you could
    equip it a little later when you come back to save though).
      Go through the door and fall down the hole (now would be a good time to
    notice that the elevators don't work).  Go through the door on the right and
    check out the control panel.  You need 3 ID Cards.  Leave the room and go
    through the other door.  Go through the door to the left and get the holes for
    $ and the Tele-lens.  Leave the room.  Go through the door to the right and get
    the chest for the Guidance Unit.  Jump down, each of the four pillars has a
    hole in it.  Get them for $ and the Antique Bell.  Jump on the ledge on the
    other side of the room.  Get the chest for the ID Card (one down two to go). 
    From your starting point the door on the right side goes back to the last room.
     Go through the door on the left wall.  Stand where the little purple dots on
    the map are, look up, and use the Grand Grenade to destroy the rocks.  Leave
    the room, go in the other door right around where you are.  Go left, get the
    chest for the Target Sensor.  Go the other direction.  Go down the passage on
    the right.  Go through the passage on the left side of the room and get the
    chest for the ID Card (one more).  Walk up to the big deal in the center of the
    room and check the control panel to turn it on (now the elevators work).  Leave
    the room, follow the hall to the other door and go inside.  Jump into the
    passage on the right wall and get the chest for the Ancient Book.  Return to
    the 3rd Sub Gate.
      Leave the Sub Gate and do item development for the Active Buster special
    weapon, and Sniper Scope.  Change the Buster Unit with the Snipe Scope.  Save,
    go back in the Sub Gate (Note: keep the Grand Grenade).
      Go to the room where you busted the hole in the ceiling.  Jump up, go through
    the door, and go down.
      Boss: 3 Big Dogs.  Attacks: they will charge and try to run into you, RUN! 
    They stand still and shoot fire at you, get out of range and shoot.  As soon as
    the fight starts leave the elevator shaft.  This is a tough fight because you
    have to fight all 3 at the same time.  Dodge and use the Grand Grenade when you
    can (if you have a Hyper Cartridge save it for later).  The best time to get
    them is when they're doing the fire attack.  Just don't get to close it's
      When you beat them, go through the door and follow the walkway.  Go down the
    hall and get the chest for the last ID Card.  Go back to the computer room and
    use the ID Cards.  The Main Gate will open!!!
      Leave the Sub Gate and save.
    Yet Another Pirate Attack
      Things to get: None.  BB: Laser, Turbo Battery, Sniper Scope.
      Equip a weapon with got energy, range, and speed.  The Machine Buster and
    Active Buster are good choices (Note: Don't use the Powered Buster, it's to
    slow).  Enhance your weapon as much as you can afford.  Save.  Tell Roll to go
    back to the Cardon Forest.  Watch the movie.  The Bonnes attack!  Read the
      Defend the Flutter.  You can get hurt too so watch it.  Use your buster to
    take out the easy little ships.  If you need to, move around the ship for a
    better shot.  Watch the next movie.
      Boss: Gesellsgraft.  The places to hit are the engines and the square part on
    the bottom.  Use you buster and blast the three weak spots.  When you are near
    the cannons blast them and their bombs too.  After you destroy all three spots
    you'll fly in front of the Bonne emblem and it will shoot big green balls at
    you.  Blast is as quick as you can with your special weapon.  Watch the Bonnes
    escape in their other ship.
      Boss: Big Red Thing.  Attacks: it will fly around the ship and shoot.  It
    will fly over the ship and shoot.  It will hover above the ship and rain down
    bullets.  This is a tough fight.  You can easily get hurt so protect your self
    and the ship.  Blast it with your special weapon, especially when it is
    hovering.    Watch the movie.  Are the Bonnes dead?  Wait and see.  Leave your
    room and talk to Barrel.  Go in Roll's room.  She's dressing (or something like
    that) and yells at you and you leave her room.  Go back in her room and save.
    More Sub Quests
      Things to get: Sun-Light, Flower Pearl, Gattling Gun.  BB: Laser, Turbo
    Battery, Sniper Scope.
      Note: You don't have to do this now or ever.  Go to the Apple Market.  Talk
    to the grocer.  He says his wife is missing.  Go to the Flutter.  Take the path
    to Portal #3.  At the clearing near the portal look for the woman who is
    leaning on the mountain (she is kind of hard to see so just walk around the
    boarder of the mountains).  Talk to her and take her to the hospital.  Leave
    the hospital and then go back inside.  Talk to the grocer and you'll get the
      Go shop at the Junk Store but be shore to save some money.  Go back to the
    hospital and talk to the lady behind the counter.  Go through the door to the
    right and talk to the nurse inside.  The hospital needs new equipment.  Go to
    city hall and talk to the mayor.  Make sure you have around $15,000 handy.  Ask
    about the hospital and give the mayor the money.  Go back to the hospital and
    visit Ira, you'll get the Flower Pearl.  Call Roll and do item development for
    the Gattling Gun buster part.
    Main Gate
      Things to get: Buster Unit Omega, Shiny Red Stone, Auto Fire Barrel, Blunted
    Drill, Generator Part, Prism Crystal, Drill Arm weapon, Auto Battery.  BB:
    Laser, Gattling Gun, Sniper Scope.
      Go to the Main Gate.  Equip the Vacuum and save.  Enter the Main Gate. 
    Follow the long hall.  Get the hole on the right wall for $.  Go in the first
    door on the right.  Get the chest for the Buster Unit Omega.  Go back in the
    hall and continue down.  Go in the next door on the right and take the first
    left.  Tell the machine to unlock the Sub-Cities.  Ignore the warnings and
    unlock them.  Continue down the hallway and watch out for the return of the
    first dog from Sub Gate 3.  The best way to get him is to hide behind the
    panels at the room entrance and shoot him from there.  Go down the hall, go
    right, and get the hole for $.  Go right at the next fork and get the hole for
    the Shiny Red Stone.  Watch out for the 2nd dog.  Go take the other passage and
    watch out for the 3rd dog.  Go left, get the hole for the Auto Fire Barrel. 
    Continue down the hall and get the chest for the Blunted Drill.  Go back to the
    big room.  Go through the door on the right (from where you first entered).  Go
    right and get the chest for the Generator Part.  Leave the Main Gate.
      Go to the museum.  Give the lady the Antique Bell and Red Stone.  Leave the
    museum and the go back in.  Talk to the little girl on the top floor and say
    yes to get the Prism Crystal.  Call Roll and do item development for the Drill
    Arm special weapon and the Auto Battery buster part.  Equip a good long range
    weapon and go back to the Main Gate.  Save.
      Go in the Main Gate.  Go back to the big room with the dog.  Go in the door
    on the on the left.  Take the ladder then go in the ware house.
    Yes, Another Pirate Attack
      Things to get: None.  BB: Laser, Auto Battery, Sniper Scope.
      Watch the move.  The Bonnes are alive!  And ready to attack you with their
    new very big robot.
      Boss: Bruno.  Attacks: he shoots one big green ball and then another (what is
    it with the green balls?) that can destroy buildings at close range, hide
    behind a building or RUN!  If you get close to him he'll start shooting bombs
    so keep your distance.  He shoots homing missiles, shoot them of dodge.  This
    is a tough fight and Bruno is heavily armed.  The only buildings he can't
    destroy are the small black ones where the ware house used to be.  When he
    breaks the fence run out and hide behind the buildings and blast him with your
    special weapon.  When you beat him watch the Bonnes walk off defeated (Teasel
    sounds like he flipped his lid).  When they get farther away from you they plan
    to let you get the treasure then get it from you.  Save.
    Bank Robbery, the Last Sub Quest
      Things to get: Trunk.  BB: Laser, Auto Battery, Sniper Scope.
      Go to the Flutter and watch the TV.  There's a bank robbery down town!  Go to
    the Down Town area.  The police are chasing a red car.  Shoot the red car until
    it breaks but don't shoot the police car.  Pick up the Trunk.  If you want to
    do the good thing give it to the inspector to get a $20,000 reward.  If you
    want more $ leave the Down Town area.  It will ask if you want to steal the
    money.  If you say yes you get $200,000 but you turn completely black.
    Explore the Ruins #3
      Things to get: Weapon Plans, Blaster Unit R, Triple Access, Old Launcher,
    Main Core Shard, Spread Buster weapon, Omni-Unit Omega, Shining Laser weapon. 
    BB: Laser, Auto Battery, Sniper Scope.
      Equip the Drill Arm and go in Portal #2.  Go through the door and jump on the
    ledge across the room.  Shoot the boxes and then go down the hall.  Jump off
    the ledge and go through the door.  Use the Drill Arm to destroy the wall then
    go back to the room with the three pillars.  Go down the hall and at then end
    of the room follow the passage.  Jump on the ledge and go through the door.  Go
    in the door on the right and follow the hall.  In the next room jump on the
    ledge and follow the passage.  Go through the door at then end.  Use the Drill
    on the two walls then jump in the passage on the left.  Get the hole for the
    Weapon Plans and the chest for the Blaster Unit R.  Return to the hall.  Bust
    the wall then go through the door at then end of the hall.  Follow the hall and
    when you reach the big room go in the door.  Jump on the ledge and get the
    chest for $.  Go down the hall.  Both the chests on this ledge are traps.  Jump
    on the other ledge and get the left chest for a trap and the right chest for
    the Triple Access.  Return to the hall that had all the walls and go to the
    room with the ramp.  Go in the door on top of the ramp and go in the door on
    the far ledge.  Follow the hall and at the inter section go right.  Bust the
    wall and go forward.  Get the chest for the Old Launcher.  Go back to the last
    room and go left.  Break the wall down and follow the hall.  Go right and get
    the chests for $ and traps.  Go down the left path and break the wall.  Go
    through the door at the end of the passage and go in the door at the end of
    this passage.  Follow the hall and destroy all the walls.  Get the holes for
    the Main Core Shard and $.  Leave the ruins.
      Do item development for the Spread Buster special weapon, Omni Unit Omega,
    and Shining Laser special weapon (if you beat technical class A).  Save
    Sub City #1
      Things to get: Watcher Key.  BB: Laser, Auto Battery, Sniper Scope.
      Equip the Vacuum and go to the Old City.  Go in the black box (where the
    warehouse used to be) on the left.  This is a pretty cool place.  Your goal is
    to destroy all the bots.  Note: Some of the bots are on the roofs.  After you
    destroy all the bots Mega Man will say he heard a door opening.  Go to the
    large tower and go inside.  Get the chest for the Watcher Key.  Leave the Sub
    City.  Save
    Sub City #2
      Things to get: Sleeper Key.  BB: Laser, Auto Battery, Sniper Scope.
      Go Down Town and go in the black box.  This is pretty much the same as #1. 
    When you get all the bots go in the tower and get the chest for the Sleeper
    Key.  Leave the Sub City.  Save.
    Sub City #3
      Things to get: Dreamer Key.  BB: Laser, Auto Battery, Sniper Scope.
      Go to Up Town and go in the Sub City.
      Boss: Giant Caterpillar.  The Caterpillar makes regular bots.  When it opens
    its hatch shoot inside it.  Eventually part of it will blow up.  Repeat this
    with the other parts until it is totally destroyed.  Tip: If the caterpillar
    makes to many bots for you to handle hop on a roof and take some out.  When it
    is gone blast the rest of the bots then go in the tower and get the Dreamer
    Key.  Leave the Sub City.  Save.
    Main Gate #2
      Things to get: Power Stream.  BB: Laser, Auto Battery, Sniper Scope.
      Sell all the buster parts you are not going to use, get your canteen to at
    least 20, get a Defense Shield and Hyper Cartridge, and equip a good long range
    weapon.  Save and enter the Main Gate.
      Go in the door all the way at the bottom.  Use the keys to open the next
    three doors.  Go in the room and watch the movie.  A strange robot called Mega
    Man Juno says he is going to destroy all the people on the island the traps
    Mega Man in some sort of energy deal!  Then Tron and Teasel rescue Mega Man and
    send him off to get Juno!  Follow the hall and get the chest for the Power
    Stream.  Equip it in place of the Laser.  Continue down the hall and go in the
    door.  Look at the cool refractor and go through the other door.  Follow the
    hall and go right, then go left.  Go in the door and talk to Data about
    everything then save.  Note: Right now if you want you can leave the Main Gate
    and do what ever but when you enter the door you can't leave until you beat the
      Things to get: None.  BB: Power Stream, Auto Battery, Sniper Scope.
        There are two ways to beat Juno, both of which will be covered here.  1:
    The Wimpy Cheater Way.  Or 2: The Cool Challenging Way.
      1: The Wimpy Cheater Way.
    Equip the Shinning Laser and max it out.  You'll be able to nail him with it in
    several seconds with it in both of his forms.  For attack info and other stuff
    see way #2.
      2: The Cool Challenging Way.
    Make sure you have at least 20 in you canteen and have a Hyper Cartridge and a
    Defense Shield.  Also get a good long-range weapon (the Active Buster and
    Machine Buster work well) and the Kevlar Jacket Omega armor.
      Enter the door and watch the movie.
      Boss: Mega Man Juno.  Note: Although Juno says you have to beat him before
    Eden gets into position (or some thing like that) you have no time limit. 
    Note: Juno has some thing he says before doing most of his attacks so by
    hearing what he says you can tell what he is going to do.  Although, he doesn't
    always say it before the attack so don't really on his voice cues alone. 
    Attacks: He flies at you, (voice cue) "defend yourself", move or jump out of
    the way.  He jumps at you, (sound effect) "boing", move of jump out of the way
    and watch out for the after shock.  He shoots lasers out of his arms and shoots
    him arms at you, "are you ready", move or jump away from the 1st then the 2nd. 
    He shoots lasers and spins around, "how appropriate" (?), jump over the lasers.
     He goes under the floor and makes a bunch of explosions followed by a shock
    wave, none, stay away from the explosions and jump over the shock wave.  This
    will take some practice but after a little while you should be able to beat him
    without take more the five or six bars of damage.  Use you regular buster to
    beat him. He disappears a lot so try to keep your eyes on him at all times. 
    Watch the movie as Juno  (or what's left of him) gets into a giant robot with
    better attacks and a bigger power gauge.
      Boss: Mega Man Juno 2nd Form.  Note: He does not have many voice cues. 
    Attacks: He charges at you, jump out of the way.  He smacks the ground causing
    lots of explosions, jump over them.  He throws a huge fireball, "how's it",
    step to the side.  He jumps at you (this is very powerful), move.  When his
    energy gets low he makes a shock wave then rains lasers on you, jump over the
    wave then keep moving to avoid the lasers (note: stay away from Juno while you
    dodging the lasers or he will hit you).  This is a tough fight.  Shoot him with
    your special weapon whenever you can (when he shoots the fire ball is a good
    time) and try to dodge his attacks.  When you beat him watch the movies.
      You'll end up at the Flutter.  Go to the Apple Market, the Junk Store, and
    Down Town and say good bye to every one.  When you're done go back to the
    Flutter.  Talk to Data and say yes and he'll give you a hint about the Big
    Secrete (see The Big Secrete).  Then talk to Roll and say you're ready to
    leave.  Watch the movie, watch the credits, and watch the last movie.  Note: DO
    NOT TURN OFF YOUR PLAYSTATION!!!  First read about the Big Secrete.
      Here are the item lists.  I've divided them into several categories.  Regular
    Items (stuff like a Shield repair), Special Weapon Items (Items that are made
    into special weapons), Buster Part Items (items that are made into buster
    parts), Special Item Items (items that are made into special items), and
    Special Items (special items).  For each item I'll have it's name, what it does
    or what it is made into, and where to get it.
    Regular Items
      Camouflage Shield, makes you invisible from regular robots for a short time,
    Junk Shop.  Defense Shield, makes you invincible for a short time, Junk Shop. 
    Hyper Cartridge, Refills your current special weapon energy.  Shield Repair,
    fixes your life shield, Junk Shop.  Extra Pack, adds one unit to your energy
    canteen (max 99).  Life Gauge, adds one bar to your life gauge (max 10). 
    Flower, a gift for Roll, Clozer Woods.  Music Box, a gift for Roll, straight
    race class A prize.  Ring, Sub Gate #2, a gift for Roll.  Antique Bell, give it
    to the museum, Sub Gate #3.  Giant Horn, give it to the museum, technical race
    class A prize.  Old Bone, give it to the museum, Sub Gate #1.  Old Doll, give
    it to the museum, Sub Gate #1.  Old Heater, give it to the museum, get it at
    the club house in exchange for the Beetle.  Old Shield, some where in the
    regular ruins, give it to the museum.  Shiny Object, give it to the museum, Sub
    Gate #3.  Shiny Red Stone, give it to the museum, Main Gate.  Bag, down town
    garbage can, give it to the inspector.  Beetle, give it to Jim, Cardon Forest. 
    Comic Book, give it to Jim, behind 2nd Junk Shop.  Lip Stick, give it to the
    painter up town, women's clothing shop.   Pick, give it to Jim, from the
    construction man near city hall.  Saw, give to Jim, construction man then down
    town garbage can.  Stage Beetle, give to Jim, Yass Plains.  Trunk, give it to
    the inspector, from bank robbers down town.
    Special Weapon Items
      Splash Mine = Mine Parts Kit (reward from junk store owner for saving him in
    the ruins).  Powered Buster = Cannon Kit (in the ruins under Portal #3). 
    Grenade Arm = Grenade Kit (Sub Gate #1).  Vacuum Arm = Broken Motor (Downtown
    garbage can), Broken Cleaner (Apple Market garbage can), Broken Propeller
    (Uptown garbage can).  Blade Arm = Zetsabre (Rank A prize in Beast Hunter), Pen
    Light (regular ruins).  Machine Buster = Blumbear Parts (Down Town garbage can
    after you defuse the two bombs in the bomb sub quest).  Grand Grenade = Bomb
    Schematic (chest in Barrel's room in the Flutter).  Shield Arm = Mystic Orb
    (class A prize in Balloon Fantasy), Marlwolf Shell (reward for helping Jim
    finish the clubhouse).  Spread Buster = Old Launcher (Sub Gate #3), Arm
    Supporter (reward for helping man at police station get his bag back), Ancient
    Book (Sub gate #3).  Active Buster = Guidance Unit (Sub Gate #3).  Drill Arm =
    Blunted Drill (Main Gate).  Shining Laser = Prism Crystal (talk to the little
    girl on the top floor of the museum after you have given the museum
    everything), X Buster (reward for giving Jim the Comic Book), Weapon Plans
    (regular ruins).
    Buster Part Items
      Here are all the items that are made into buster parts.
      Auto Battery = Autofire Barrel (Main Gate), Generator Part (regular under
    ground ruins).  Gattling Gun = Gattling Part (Sub Gate #2), Flower Pearl
    (Hospital, reward for helping Ira).  Machine Gun = Rapid Fire Barrel (Sub Gate
    #3).  Omni-Unit Omega = Main Core Shard (Sub Gate #3), Sun Light (Hospital,
    reward for helping the grocer's wife), Broken Circuit (Club House, for giving
    Jim the Stag Beetle).  Power Blaster L = Plastique (Down Town, for defusing the
    first bomb).  Power Blaster R = Bomb (Down Town, for defusing 2nd bomb). 
    Sniper Scope = Target Sensor (Sub Gate #3), Tele-Lens (Sub Gate #3).
    Special Item Items
      These are items that are made into special items.
      Helmet = Safety Helmet (box in Yass Plains).  Jet Skates = Roller Board
    (regular under ground ruins), Old Hover Jets (Sub Gate #2).  Jump Springs =
    Spring Set (Sub Gate #1).  Adapter Plug = Joint Plug (Sub Gate #2).
    Special Items
      Remember you must equip certain special items before the will work.
      Energy Canteen (refills some of your life gauge, the more extra packs you buy
    the more it refills (max 99)).  Buy it at the Junk Shop.  Helmet (helps keep
    you from taking damage when you fall on your head).  Made from Safety Helmet. 
    Jet Skates (when you turn them on you can move much faster).  Made from Roller
    Board and Old Hover Jets.  Jump Springs (lets you jump much, much higher). 
    Made from the Spring Set.  Armor (Flack Jacket, Kevlar Jacket, Kevlar Jacket
    Omega) (they reduce damage by 1/4,1/2, and 3/4 respectively).  Buy them at the
    Junk Shop.  Adapter Plug (lets you equip three buster parts at once).  Made
    from the Joint Plug.  Blue Refractor (doesn't really do anything).  You get it
    in the opening movie. Red Refractor (used to fix the Flutter).  In Sub Gate #3.
     Yellow Refractor (used to power the boat).  In Sub Gate #1.  Class A Diggers
    License (lets you into the three sub gates).  Gift from the mayor after you
    beat Teasel's Digger Marlwolf.  Class B Diggers License (lets you into Portals
    #2 and #3).  Citizen's Card (let's you enter the city).  Given to you by a
    policeman after Roll gives you the Splash Mine.  Walkie-Talkie (used to call
    Roll in the van).  Roll gives it to you when she fixes the van (after you beat
    Bomb Bonne).  Bonne Family Key (allows access to city hall area).  Gotten from
    the three servebot tanks.  Key found in Clozer Woods Sub Gate x3 (they lower
    the shield around the Yellow Refractor).  Sub Gate #1.  Key found in Lake Jyun
    Sub Gate x3 (used to lower the shield around the Red Refractor).  Sub Gate #2. 
    ID Card found in Cardon Forest Sub Gate x3 (they open the Main gate).  Sub Gate
    #3.  Key found in Sub City x3 (Sleeper, Watcher, Dreamer) (open the doors at
    the bottom of the Main Gate).  Found in the three Sub Cities.
    Buster Parts
      Here is a list of all the buster parts, where to find them, and what they do.
     ENG = energy, RPD = rapid, ATK = attack, RNG = range.
    Name                            Power                              Location
    (made from)
    Auto Battery               ENG, MAX                      Autofire Barrel +
    generator part
    Blast Unit                    ATK, 1 ENG, 2                Junk Shop
    Blaster Unit Omega   ATK, 2 ENG, 3                Junk Shop
    Blaster Unit R            ATK, 2 RNG, 2 RPD, 2   Sub Gate #3
    Buster Max                every thing MAX              got at start of easy
    Buster Unit                ATK, 1 RNG, 2                 regular ruins
    Buster Unit Omega   ATK, 3 RNG, 3                  Junk Shop
    Gattling Gun              ATK, 1 RNG, 1 ENG, 4     Flower Pearl + Gattling Part
    Laser                          ATK, 4                                Junk Shop
    Machine Gun            ENG, 3 RPD, 1                    Rapidfire Barrel
    Omni Unit                 every thing, 1                       Left Curve race
    class A prize
    Omni Unit Omega   ATK, 2 RNG, 2 ENG, 2 RPD, 1 Main Core Shard + Sun Light +
    Broken Circuit
    Power Blaster L       ATK, 2 RNG, 1                    Plastique
    Power Blaster R      ATK, 2 RPD, 1                      Bomb
    Power Raiser                ATK, 1                                     starting
    Power Raiser Alpha    ATK, 2                                      Junk Shop
    Power Raiser Omega  ATK, 3                                      Junk Shop
    Power Stream              ATK, MAX                              Main Gate
    Range Booster             RNG, 1                                     Junk Shop
    Range Booster Alpha  RNG, 2                                    Junk Shop
    Range Booster Omega RNG, 3                                    Junk Shop
    Rapid Fire                    RPD, 1                                    
    Regular ruins
    Rapid Striker               RPD, 2                                     Sub Gate
    Sniper Range               RNG, 4                                      Junk
    Sniper Scope               ATK, 1 RNG, 5                         Target Sensor
    + Tele-Lens
    Sniper Unit                ENG, 1  RNG, 2                          Junk Shop
    Sniper Unit Omega   ENG, 2 RNG, 3                           Junk Shop
    Triple Access             ENG, 1 RNG, 1 RPD, 1               Regular Ruins
    Turbo Battery            ENG, 4                                       Junk Shop
    Turbo Charger          ENG, 1                                       Junk Shop
    Turbo Charger Alpha  ENG, 2                                     Junk Shop
    Turbo Charger Omega  ENG, 3                                  Junk Shop
    Special Weapons
      Here is a list of the games special weapons, what items are needed to get
    them, a brief description of what each one does, and a rating.  The rating is
    how useful I think that particular weapon is.  It goes from 1(maybe I should
    sell the item's instead of getting the weapon) to 5(you can't beat the game
    without it).
      Splash Mine.  Needs: Mine Parts Kit.  It drops a land mine if front of you
    that explodes on contact.  Unfortunately it is easier to hit your self with it
    then a robot and naturally it not all that easy to get a robot to walk over it.
     Rating: 1
      Powered Buster.  Needs: Cannon Kit.  It shots a big fireball that goes very
    far.  This weapon packs a punch and has great range and although it shoots
    pretty slowly it is one of the best weapons in the game.  Also since you'll be
    using this weapon most of the game you should max it out as soon as possible. 
    Rating: 5
      Grenade Arm.  Needs: Grenade Kit.  It throws grenades that explode on
    contact.  This is another weapon where it's easy to cream yourself, especially
    considering that the grenades bounce off walls.  Rating: 2
      Vacuum Arm.  Needs: Broken Motor, Broken Cleaner, Broken Propeller.  This one
    doesn't attack, instead it sucks refractor shards toward you.  This one can be
    upgraded to infinity energy and is a great way to get cash.  Max it out as soon
    as possible.  Rating: 5
      Blade Arm.  Needs: Zetsabre, Pen Light.  This is kind of like a laser sword. 
    It does a good amount of damage but has a lousy range and to be honest short
    range weapons aren't very useful in this game.  Rating: 2
      Machine Buster.  Needs: Blumbear Parts.  This weapon is cheap to max out,
    shoots very fast, and has around 400 shots when you max out the energy. 
    Although it is not very powerful it can still do tons of damage and is pretty
    useful.  Rating: 4
      Grand Grenade.  Needs: Bomb Schematic.  The Grand Grenade is very powerful
    but it has very few shots and the things you shoot are rather slow.  It says in
    its description that it can bust walls but actually there is only on wall it
    can break.  Rating: 5 (it got a five because you literally can't beat the game
    without it!)
      Shield Arm.  Needs: Mystic Orb, Marlwolf Shell.  This creates a energy shield
    in front of you.  I'm not sure exactly how well it works but you can not move
    while you have the shield up so it's not all that great.  Rating 2
      Spread Buster.  Needs: Old Launcher, Arm Supporter, Ancient Book.  This
    weapon shoots 3 bombs at a time in different directions.  The disadvantage is
    that it shoots bombs not bullets of lasers or something like that.  Rating: 3
      Active Buster.  Needs: Guidance Unit.  This is a cool weapon that shoots
    homing missiles. If you max out it is the best weapon in the game.  Although
    that takes quite a lot of money and unless you have it put a lot of money into
    it it's not all that great.  Rating: 4
      Drill Arm.  Needs: Blunted Drill.  This is a very short-range weapon.  It
    does a decent amount of damage but considering how close you have to be to hit
    any thing with it using it on bots is pretty stupid.  This is also the only
    weapon that can destroy the walls in the ruins allowing you to get some items
    needed for some other weapons.  Rating: 4
      Shining Laser.  Needs: Prism Crystal, X Buster, Weapon Plans.  This is the
    most powerful weapon in the game.  Capable of taking out any bot (including the
    final boss) in a matter of seconds.  But the range is not all that good. 
    Rating: 4
    The Big Secrete
      Most games have at least one or two really cool secretes in them and Legends
    is no exception so now for the moment you've all been waiting for...
    The Big Secrete
      When you beat the game sit through the credits.  When you get back to the
    title screen start a regular new game.  Depending on how much stuff you got and
    how fast you went in your last game your new game will be easier (you'll start
    out with the skates or other stuff like that).
    The Bigger Secrete
      When you beat the game watch the credits.  When you reach the title screen
    you should see the word Normal (in purple) under New Game, Load Game, and
    Options.  Go down to it and use the D-Pad to change it to Hard (green).  Now
    start a new game.  You are now in hard mode.  The changes from normal are
    faster robots that have larger power gauges, and refractor shards that
    disappear faster.
    The Biggest Secrete
      Beat hard mode (the official guide says you have to do it in under 8 hours)
    and go back to the title screen.  Go down to where it says hard and change it
    to Easy (I think it's yellow).  Start a new game.  Congratulations!  You are
    now in easy mode!  Here you start out with a buster part that maxes out your
    power, range, energy, and rapidity!  Also all refractor shards are worth 4x as
    much as the are in Normal!
    A Few More Things
    Here's where I toss in anything else that might be useful.
      Your reputation is an indicator of how good you are.  If you have a bad
    reputation you color gets darker.  Color goes from light blue (you're perfect)
    to almost totally black (your incredibly bad).  This doesn't make much
    difference in the game beside the color.  The other differences are: 1, when
    you listen to what people are saying about you inside their houses it goes from
    "That blue boy is a good influence on our boy" to "I'm worried about Jim, I
    mean with that blue hoodlum going around..."; 2, the headlines in the news
    papers range from "Blue hero saves town" to "blue thug suspected in bank
      To give yourself a bad reputation: lie (such as "my name is Hippopotamus"); 
    kick the can into the Jetlag Bakery a bunch; let Tron's bots destroy the town
    and don't pay to rebuild it; shoot down the KTOX ship when you're defending
    City Hall; kick soda machines for a free drink; destroy soda machines (kick
    them enough); shoot the police car when chasing the bandits; steal the banks
    money; and kick the dogs in the Old City.
       To get a good reputation: avoid all the stuff above; complete all the sub
    quests; bring the cat to the Flutter.
      Mega Man Legends, Capcom, etc, etc, etc are all Trademarks of Capcom.
      Thank to Capcom for making such a cool game (although they could bring more
    Mega man games to the U.S. and maybe redo some of their old classics, hint,
      Thanks to my mom for letting me do this as one of my school turn papers.
      Thanks to Anthony Hartley (Antookis@columbus.rr.com). For providing me with a
    reference when compiling my item and buster parts lists.
    And Thanks to everyone who actually takes the time to write walk throughs to 60
    hour games.
    Contact Info
      I can be e-mailed at JTL9000@aol.com.  Also please check out my web site at
    http://JosiahL.homestead.com/ Josiahs.html

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