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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Estil

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    ====Mega Man Legends Guide==== 
    by Estil (aka Dittohead Servbot #24) 
    : http://megaman.retrofaction.com 
    : estilrumage@hotmail.com 
    1. Introduction 
    2. Game Mechanics
    3. Mega Buster
    4. Special Weapons
    5. Normal Items
    6. Special Items
    7. Enemies
    8. Intro Stage: Blue Refractor
    9. Citizen's Card
    10. Class B and Class A Licenses
    11. Cardon Forest Ruins: Yellow Refractor
    12. Lake Jynn Ruins: Red Refractor
    13. Clozer Woods Ruins: Open the Main Gate
    14. Main Gate
    15. Sub-Cities and Central Gate
    16. Sub-Ruins
    17. Sub-Quests
    18. MegaMan's Reputation
    19. Secrets and Tips
    20. Legal
    1. Introduction: 
    Welcome to the official Mega Man Network Guide for Mega Man Legends, the 
    first installment in the Mega Man Legends series.  Refer to the index 
    above for an easy reference guide, and go to 
    http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mml/guides to find guides for all of the 
    other games in the Mega Man Legends series.  Happy gaming. 
    If you are playing this game on a PS2, set Texture Smoothing to ON 
    (Smooth), but set Fast Loading Time to OFF (Standard).  Having Texture 
    Smoothing on will give you much better, almost N64-quality, graphics.  
    Having Fast Loading Time on, however, will cause your game to crash or 
    perhaps not even work at all.
    This guide was last revised on February 27, 2004.
    2. Game Mechanics:
    MegaMan 101
    MegaMan Volnutt is the star of the show and has several functions.  He 
    can run, walk slowly, use the Mega Buster (his basic weapon) on his left 
    arm and the Special Weapon on his right arm.  If he does not have a 
    Special Weapon equipped, he can kick with his right foot.  In town and 
    any area outside of the ruins (except for Cardon Forest), you cannot use 
    any weapons, but you can kick with either foot.  
    MegaMan is also given an Life Gauge which starts out with a five unit 
    capacity (which can be increased up to ten by buying extra Life Gauge 
    parts) and also has a Shield.  Most of the time, when MegaMan is hit by 
    an enemy, the Shield will take the hit (and turn red) and if he's not 
    hit again while the Shield is red, the Life Gauge itself won't be 
    reduced.  If MegaMan is hit while the Shield is red, then the Life Gauge 
    will go down.  Most of the time, the Shield will repair itself after a 
    short time, but if MegaMan takes a big enough hit (such as from a huge 
    Green Energy Ball) or takes too many hits too quickly, the Shield will 
    break and leave you much more susceptible to damage.  The Shield then 
    cannot be fixed unless Data recharges you or if you use a spare Shield 
    Roll 101
    Roll Caskett is MegaMan's adopted sister and helps MegaMan in many ways.  
    The most obvious is that she can check out any Items you collect and 
    with the right ones, she can make Special Weapons, Buster Parts, and 
    even some Special Items inside either the Spotter's Car or the Flutter's 
    R&D room.  Later on she will give you a Walkie-Talkie where you can call 
    her and she will pick you up in her Spotter's Car (which is acquired a 
    little later in the game).  The Walkie-Talkie will not work at Yass 
    Plains, Clozer Woods, in ruins of any kind, and it also won't work 
    during battles and Sub-Quests.  You can use the Spotter's Car to go to 
    any of the following locations of Kattelox Island that you have already 
    Cardon Forest
    Cardon Ruins
    City Hall
    Main Gate
    Old City
    Data 101
    Data is MegaMan's best friend and has been at his side since MegaMan was 
    a baby.  His main function is that he can repair your Life Shield, 
    recharge both your Life Gauge and Special Weapon (but only the one you 
    currently have), and most important of all, Data allows you to SAVE.  
    Each file you save takes up one block on a PSX Memory Card, and you can 
    save up to five files.  If you are beaten (your Life Gauge runs 
    completely out), you will have to start over from where you last saved.  
    So it is very important to save often, especially after completing major 
    game objectives.
    Kattelox Island 101
    Kattelox Island is where this story takes place and is divided into 
    several parts:
    Only part of the city that's accessible without the Citizen's Card.  
    Here you will find the all-important Junk Store, but also plenty of 
    other stores.  The other stores aren't really used for anything, but 
    they can be fun to check out every now and then, especially the CD 
    You must have the Citizen's Card to enter.  This is where you'll find 
    the Library and most of the houses of average citizens of Kattelox City.
    You must have the Citizen's Card to enter.  Of course, this area has 
    City Hall itself, but also the Police Station, Bank, and a few houses of 
    more wealthy citizens.
    You must have the Class A License to enter.  This area has Wily's Boat 
    House, the Hospital, the KTOX TV Station, the Museum, and even a 
    Computer Gaming School!  It's too bad you can't go inside the Computer 
    Gaming School, though...
    You must have the Class A License to enter.  This two part area of 
    Kattelox City (the Old City also includes the power plant in the 
    northern part) is mostly uninhabited, except for a few Construction Men 
    and some quite vicious dogs.
    You must have the Class A License to enter the area, but the Main Gate 
    will be sealed until it is opened later in the game.  This area is south 
    of the Old City and inside the Main Gate is where you must activate the 
    Sub-Cities, which hold the Keys to the Central Gate where you fight the 
    Final Boss.
    Contains the Flutter (but you won't be able to enter it until it is 
    fixed using the Red Refractor), as well as Sub-Ruin Portals 1 & 2 and 
    the Cardon Forest Ruins where you must get the Yellow Refractor.
    You must have the Class B License to enter.  Contains the Sub-Ruins 
    Portal 3 as well as the Clozer Woods Ruins (accessible only with the 
    Flutter) where you must open the Main Gate.
    Accessible via Wily's Boat House in Uptown, the Lake Jynn Ruins 
    (accessible with the Boat which must first be fixed with the Yellow 
    Refractor) are also here, where you must find the Red Refractor.
    There are three Main Ruins in this game: Cardon Forest, Lake Jynn, and 
    Clozer Woods.  These Main Ruins hold the Yellow Refractor, Red 
    Refractor, and access to the Main Gate respectively.
    There are three entrances to these Sub-Ruins above ground and parts of 
    them can also be accessed via the Main Ruins.  These Sub-Ruins are 
    optional but still have some great Items hidden inside.  Also, all the 
    ruins in this game (Main Ruins or Sub=Ruins) are connected, but many 
    connections are sealed off by dirt blocks or dirt walls, which require 
    the Grand Grenade and Drill Arm to break, respectively.  The Drill Arm 
    will break down both dirt blocks and walls. 
    Zenny 101
    This is the currency in the MegaMan Legends world and can be earned by 
    either winning Sub-Quests, selling Items, or defeating enemies.  Enemies 
    can also sometimes leave red Energy Cubes; small ones will refill one 
    Unit of Energy, large ones will refill three.  Zenny from defeated 
    enemies comes in four denominations:
    Blue: 500z
    Purple: 250z
    Green: 100z
    Gray: 50z
    3. Mega Buster:
    The Mega Buster is MegaMan's main weapon and is on his left arm.  There 
    are 32 Buster Parts in all.  You are only allowed to equip two different 
    Buster Parts at a time until you acquire the Adapter Plug later in the 
    game that will allow you to equip three Buster Parts at once.  It can 
    fire an infinite number of shots and how effective the shots are in 
    combat depends on the following ratings (Attack, Energy, and Range 
    ratings are on a scale from 0-7 and the Rapid rating is on a scale of 0-
    Attack (A): How powerful the shots are.  In addition, this determines 
    the size and color of the Buster shots:
    0: Small Pink
    1: Medium Pink
    2: Large Pink
    3: Small Green
    4: Medium Green
    5: Large Green
    6: Medium Yellow
    7: Large Yellow
    Energy (E): How many shots can be fired without pausing:
    0: 3
    1: 4
    2: 5
    3: 6
    4: 7
    5: 8
    6: 9
    Range (R): How far the shots can go.
    Rapid (D): How fast the shots fire.
    (after receiving Citizen's Card):
    Power Raiser Alpha (A:+2): 520z
    Turbo Charger Alpha (E:+2): 320z
    Range Booster (R:+1): 160z
    Turbo Charger (E:+1): 120z
    (after receiving Class B License):
    Blast Unit (A:+1/E:+2): 960z
    Sniper Unit (E:+1/R:+2): 860z
    (after getting the Yellow Refractor):
    Laser (A:+4): 9600z
    Sniper Range (R:+4): 7800z 
    Turbo Battery (E:+4): 7200z
    Power Raiser Omega (A:+3): 3400z
    Range Booster Omega (R:+3): 2400z
    Turbo Charger Omega (E:+3): 2200z
    (after opening the Main Gate):
    Blaster Unit Omega (A:+2/E:+3): 22,400z
    Sniper Unit Omega (E:+2/R:+3): 14,800z
    Sniper Scope (A:+1/R:+5): Made from the Target Sensor and Tele-Lens 
    (both parts are found inside the Clozer Woods Ruins).
    Auto Battery (E:MAX): Made from the Autofire Barrel (found inside the 
    Main Gate) and Generator Part (found inside the Sub-Ruins).
    Power Blaster L (A:+2/R:+1): Made from the Plastique (given as a reward 
    for disarming a bomb in Downtown). 
    Power Blaster R (A:+2/D:+1): Made from the Bomb (given as a reward for 
    disarming a bomb in Downtown).
    Gatling Gun (A/R:+1/E:+4): Made from the Gatling Part (found inside the 
    Lake Jynn Ruins) and Flower Pearl (given by Ira as a reward for helping 
    her leg get healed).
    Machine Gun (E:+3/D:+1): Made from the Rapid Fire Barrel (found inside 
    the Sub-Ruins).
    Omni-Unit Omega (A/E/R:+2/D:+1): Made from the Broken Circuits (given by 
    Jim in his clubhouse in exchange for the Stag Beetle), Main Core Shard 
    (found in the Sub-Ruins), and Sun-light (given as a reward for bringing 
    the pregnant woman to the Hospital).
    Range Booster Alpha (R:+2): Talk to Data after defeating the Feldinaut 
    and he'll give you this Buster Part.
    Power Raiser (A:+1): Found inside the Intro Stage.
    Power Stream (A:MAX): Found inside the Central Gate. 
    Blaster Unit R (A/E/D:+2):  Found inside the Sub-Ruins.
    Buster Unit Omega (A/R:+3): Found inside the Main Gate.
    Rapid Striker (D:+2):  Found inside the Sub-Ruins.
    Omni-Unit (A/E/R/D:+1):  Given as the grand prize for winning the Left 
    Course Race Game at Rank A.
    Triple Access (E/R/D:+1):  Found inside the Sub Ruins.
    Buster Unit (A:+1/R:+2): Found inside the Sub-Ruins.
    Rapid Fire (D:+1):  Found inside the Sub-Ruins.
    Buster Max (A/E/R/D:MAX): This Buster Part is included right from the 
    start when playing on Easy Mode.
    4. Special Weapons:
    There are 12 Special Weapons in this game and are made from one, two, or 
    three different parts.  Special Weapons are assembled and equipped by 
    Roll inside the Spotter Car or Flutter.  You are only allowed to have 
    one Special Weapon equipped at a time and you can only switch Special 
    Weapons whenever you talk to Roll.  It is also important to remember 
    that MegaMan cannot move his feet while using a Special Weapon (though 
    he can aim it most of the time).  Each weapon has five ratings:
    Attack (A): How powerful the shots are.
    Energy (E): How much ammo your weapon has.
    Range (R): How far the shots can go.
    Rapid (D): How fast the shots can fire.
    Special (S): Varies with each Special Weapon.
    Each Special Weapon rating is on a scale from 0-11, and some Special 
    Weapons allow you to upgrade to infinite Energy, and is represented by a 
    12 rating.  Here is a list of all the Special Weapons, the parts needed, 
    what they do, how much it costs to upgrade each rating and how much it 
    is upgraded (most Special Weapons will not allow you to upgrade ALL 
    ratings, however).
    Parts: None
    Ammo (based on Energy rating): INFINITE
    Special Rating: None
    Use: You can kick things.  That's basically about it.
    A: 2
    E: 12
    R: 0
    D: 4
    S: 2
    Part: Blumebear Parts
    Ammo (based on Energy rating): 128-->192-->288-->400
    Special Rating: Fire spread
    Use: Fires a stream of laser-like bullets, just like a machine gun!  
    It's pretty weak but has good range and of course, very rapid fire.
    Ratings and Upgrade Costs:
    A: 2-->4(3400z)-->6(10,000z)
    E: 5-->7(3000z)-->9(8000z)-->11(12,000z)
    R: 3-->4(2600z)
    D: 5-->7(5000z)-->9(10,000z)
    S: 4-->6(1200z)-->8(2000z)
    TOTAL COST: 57,200z
    Part: Blunted Drill
    Ammo (based on Energy rating): 1800-->3600-->INFINITE
    Special Rating: None
    Use: Can destroy ANY dirt block or dirt wall inside the Sub-Ruins.  Can 
    also be used to knock away the Gorubesus' shields.
    Ratings and Upgrade Costs:
    A: 4-->6(3000z)-->8(8000z)
    E: 3-->6(5000z)-->12(12,000z)
    R: 0
    D: 4
    S: 2
    TOTAL COST: 28,000z
    Parts: Ancient Book, Old Launcher, Arm Supporter
    Ammo (based on Energy rating): 16-->24-->36
    Special Rating: Rate of fire (actually how many Grenades are shot at one 
    Use: This will shoot three Grenades at once, but the Special rating can 
    be increased so that you can shoot five or even seven Grenades at once.  
    Ratings and Upgrade Costs:
    A: 8-->10(45,000z)-->11(89,000z)
    E: 2-->3(18,000z)-->4(30,000z)
    R: 1-->2(12,000z)
    D: 2
    S: 4-->8(20,000z)-->11(35,000z)
    TOTAL COST: 249,000z
    Part: Guidance Unit
    Ammo (based on Energy rating): 32-->56-->96-->INFINITE
    Special Rating: Homing capacity
    Use: Fires homing missles that look for their target.  This is most 
    useful for the Drache Battle.
    Ratings and Upgrade Costs:
    A: 4-->5(30,000z)-->7(85,000z)-->9(200,000z)
    E: 3-->5(5000z)-->7(35,000z)-->12(990,000z)
    R: 3-->4(20,000z)-->7(60,000z)-->11(100,000z)
    D: 5-->7(8000z)-->9(28,000z)-->11(84,000z)
    S: 4-->6(5000z)-->8(30,000z)-->11(60,000z)
    TOTAL COST: 1,740,000z
    Part: Bomb Schematic
    Ammo (based on Energy rating): 8-->16-->32
    Special Rating: None
    Use: Much more powerful than the Grenade Arm, these Grenades won't 
    bounce, make much bigger explosions, and can destroy dirt blocks inside 
    the Sub-Ruins.  These WILL NOT work on dirt walls, however.
    Ratings and Upgrade Costs:
    A: 5-->11(100,000z)
    E: 1-->2(50,000z)-->4(150,000z)
    R: 2-->3(14,000z)-->4(30,000z)
    D: 2
    S: 2
    TOTAL COST: 344,000z
    Parts: Mystic Orb, Marlwolf Shell
    Ammo (based on Energy rating): 300-->450-->600-->1200
    Special Rating: Size of shield
    Use: This will make a shield in front of you, but you cannot move or 
    fire you Buster while this is active (you can aim the Shield, however)
    Ratings and Upgrade Costs:
    A: 0
    E: 2-->3(12,000z)-->4(24,000z)-->6(36,000z)
    R: 0
    D: 4
    S: 4-->8(20,000z)
    TOTAL COST: 92,000z
    Part: Cannon Kit
    Ammo (based on Energy rating): 16-->32
    Special Rating: None
    Use: Similar in use to the Active Buster, but instead fires a big fiery 
    sphere and only one can be on-screen at a time.
    Ratings and Upgrade Costs:
    A: 4-->6(3500z)-->8(11,000z)
    E: 2-->4(5000z)
    R: 4-->6(1600z)-->8(3200z)-->11(6400z)
    D: 2
    S: 2
    TOTAL COST: 30,700z
    Part: Grenade Arm
    Ammo (based on Energy rating): 24-->32-->40-->48
    Special Rating: None
    Use: Can throw Grenades one at a time, and can bounce off walls.
    Ratings and Upgrade Costs:
    A: 4-->7(6500z)
    E: 4-->5(1200z)-->6(4000z)-->7(8000z)
    R: 4-->5(1400z)-->6(5000z)
    D: 5-->6(2000z)-->7(3000z)
    S: 2
    TOTAL COST: 31,100z
    Parts: Broken Motor, Broken Cleaner, Broken Propeller
    Ammo (based on Energy rating): 1800-->INFINITE
    Special Rating: Suction speed
    Use: Can be used to retrieve nearby zenny or Energy Cubes; works just 
    like a vacuum cleaner!
    Ratings and Upgrade Costs:
    A: 0
    E: 4-->12(1000z)
    R: 3-->5(500z)-->8(1000z)
    D: 4
    S: 4-->6(500z)-->8(2500z)-->11(5000z)
    TOTAL COST: 10,500z
    Parts: Zetsabre, Pen Light
    Ammo (based on Energy rating): 32-->64-->128
    Special Rating: None
    Use: Allows you to use a Z-Sabre style sword.  You'll be just like Zero 
    from the MegaMan X Series!  But why didn't they make it green instead of 
    orange?  Increase the Range rating and you can send out a beam of energy 
    as well.
    Ratings and Upgrade Costs:
    A: 5-->7(4000z)-->9(8000z)
    E: 3-->4(1000z)-->5(2000z)
    R: 0-->1(3000z)-->2(8000z)-->3(12,000z)
    D: 2
    S: 2
    TOTAL COST: 38,000z
    Part: Mine Parts Kit
    Ammo (based on Energy rating): 24-->32-->48
    Special Rating: None
    Use: The very first Special Weapon you get; these allow you to place 
    small land mines on the ground, and will explode if an enemy (or YOU, 
    for that matter) step on them.  Only Special Weapon that can hurt 
    MegaMan himself.
    Ratings and Upgrade Costs:
    A: 3-->6(3000z)
    E: 2-->3(800z)-->4(1600z)
    R: 0
    D: 4
    S: 2
    TOTAL COST: 5,400z
    Parts: Weapons Plans, X-Buster, Prism Crystal
    Ammo (based on Energy rating): 600-->1000-->1800-->INFINITE
    Special Rating: None
    Use: Fires a large laser that can cut through multiple targets and is by 
    far the most powerful weapon in the game.  You can turn and aim the 
    Shining Laser, but you cannot move while using this weapon.  This will 
    destroy most minor enemies in one shot and defeat Bosses (especially the 
    Final Boss) in just a few seconds.
    Ratings and Upgrade Costs:
    A: 4-->6(50,000z)-->8(100,000z)-->11(250,000z)
    E: 2-->4(50,000z)-->6(100,000z)-->12(200,000z)
    R: 3-->4(25,000z)-->5(60,000z)
    D: 4
    S: 2
    TOTAL COST: 835,000z
    Here is a recap of the total costs to fully upgrade each weapon, from 
    most to least expensive:
    Active Buster: 1,740,000z
    Shining Laser: 835,000z
    Grand Grenade: 344,000z
    Spread Buster: 249,000z
    Shield Arm: 92,000z
    Machine Buster: 57,200z
    Blade Arm 38,000z
    Grenade Arm: 31,100z
    Powered Buster: 30,700z
    Drill Arm: 28,000z
    Vacuum Arm: 10,500z
    Splash Mine: 5,400z
    Normal Arm: 0z
    GRAND TOTAL: 3,460,900z
    5. Normal Items:
    REPAIR PARTS (bought at Junk Store):
    (after receiving the Citizen's Card):
    Shield Repair (1000z): Repairs destroyed Life Shield.
    (after getting the Yellow Refractor):
    Hyper Cartridge (3000z): Refills equipped Special Weapon.
    Chameleon Net (5000z): Camouflages MegaMan from enemies temporarily.
    (after opening the Main Gate):
    Defense Shield (10,000z): Makes MegaMan temporarily invincible.
    Bag: Used in the "Lost Money Bag" Sub-Quest.
    Beetle: Used in the "Build Jim's Clubhouse" Sub-Quest.
    Comic Book: Used in the "Build Jim's Clubhouse" Sub-Quest.
    Lipstick: Used in the "Open the Museum" Sub-Quest.
    Pick: Used in the "Build Jim's Clubhouse" Sub-Quest.
    Saw: Used in the "Build Jim's Clubhouse" Sub-Quest.
    Stag Beetle: Used in the "Build Jim's Clubhouse" Sub-Quest.
    Trunk: Used in the "Bank Robber" and "Stripe Burger Restaurant" Sub-
    Blumebear Parts: Needed to make the Machine Buster.  Found inside a 
    Downtown Garbage Can after defeating Bon Bonne.
    Blunted Drill: Needed to make the Drill Arm.  Found inside the Main 
    Ancient Book: One of three parts needed to make the Spread Buster.  
    Found inside the Sub-Ruins.
    Old Launcher: One of three parts needed to make the Spread Buster.  
    Found inside the Sub-Ruins.
    Arm Supporter: One of three parts needed to make the Spread Buster.  
    Given as a reward for finding a man's lost Bag of money.
    Guidance Unit: Needed to make the Active Buster.  Found inside the 
    Clozer Woods Ruins.
    Bomb Schematic: Needed to make the Grand Grenade.  Found inside 
    Barrell's Room in a large gold treasure chest.
    Mystic Orb: One of two parts needed to make the Shield Arm.  Given as 
    the grand prize for winning the Balloon Fantasy Game at Rank A.
    Marlwolf Shell: One of two parts needed to make the Shield Arm.  Given 
    by Jim as a reward for helping get his new clubhouse built.
    Cannon Kit: Needed to make the Powered Buster.  Found inside the Sub-
    Grenade Kit: Needed to make the Grenade Arm.  Found inside the Cardon 
    Forest Ruins.
    Broken Motor: One of three parts needed to make the Vacuum Arm.  Found 
    inside a Downtown Garbage Can.
    Broken Cleaner: One of three parts needed to make the Vacuum Arm.  Found 
    inside a Shopping Arcade Garbage Can.
    Broken Propeller: One of three parts needed to make the Vacuum Arm.  
    Found inside an Uptown Garbage Can.
    Zetsabre: One of two parts needed to make the Blade Arm.  Given as the 
    grand prize for winning the Beast Hunter Game at Rank A.
    Pen Light: One of two parts needed to make the Blade Arm.  Found inside 
    the Sub-Ruins.
    Mine Parts Kit: Needed to make the Splash Mine.  Given as a reward for 
    rescuing the Junk Store Owner.
    Weapons Plans: One of three parts needed to make the Shining Laser.  
    Found inside the Sub-Ruins.
    Prism Crystal: One of three parts needed to make the Shining Laser.  
    Given as a reward for returning all eight Museum Artifacts to the 
    X-Buster: One of three parts needed to make the Shining Laser.  Given by 
    Jim in his clubhouse in exchange for the Comic Book. 
    Old Bone: Will be displayed in the museum as an "Ancient Digging Tool".  
    Found inside the Cardon Forest Ruins.
    Old Heater: Will be displayed in the museum as a "Fire Pot".  Given by 
    Jim in his clubhouse in exchange for the Beetle.
    Old Doll: Will be displayed in the museum as a "Human Doll".  Found 
    inside the Cardon Forest Ruins.
    Antique Bell: Will be displayed in the museum as a "Kattelox Bell".  
    Found inside the Clozer Woods Ruins.
    Giant Horn: Will be displayed in the museum as a "Giant Horn".  Given as 
    the grand prize for winning the Technical Course Race Game at Rank A.
    Shiny Object: Will be displayed in the museum as a "Crystal Fossil", a 
    Grade Three National Treasure.  Found inside the Sub-Ruins.
    Old Shield: Will be displayed in the museum as an "Antique Shield", a 
    Grade Two National Treasure.  Found inside the Sub-Ruins.
    Shiny Red Object: Will be displayed in the museum as a "Reaverbot Eye", 
    a Grade One National Treasure.  Found inside the Main Gate.
    Ring: Found inside the Lake Jynn Ruins.
    Flower: Found in Clozer Woods near Sub-Ruin Portal 3 (it's right in 
    front of a grassy field).
    Music Box: Given as the grand prize for winning the Straight Course Race 
    Game at Rank A.  You can actually hear the Music Box playing inside 
    Roll's Room after you give it to her.
    6. Special Items:
    There are 19 different kinds of Special Items in MegaMan Legends.
    Can be bought at the Junk Store and adds 1 point to your Life Gauge 
    6: 500z
    7: 1000z
    8: 3000z
    9: 5000z
    10: 10,000z
    Can be bought at the Junk Store for 650z and includes 3 extra units of 
    Energy.  Refills cost 500z.  This allows you to refill your Life Gauge 
    at any time.  Extra units can also be purchased at the Junk Store (and 
    include a free refill of the Canteen):
    4: 400z
    5: 800z
    6: 1200z
    7: 1800z
    8: 2400z
    9: 3000z
    10: 4000z
    11: 5000z
    12: 6000z
    13: 7500z
    14: 10,000z
    15: 12,500z
    16: 15,000z
    17: 17,500z
    18-99: 20,000z each
    Made from the Safety Helmet found inside a Plasma Box next to the Junk 
    Store at Yass Plains.  This will help you avoid getting knocked down by 
    enemy attacks.
    Made from the Rollerboard (found inside the Lake Jynn Ruins) and Old 
    Hoverjets (found inside the Sub-Ruins), these will allow you skate 
    really fast, making travel quicker and easier.  Just be careful not to 
    get run over by cars in town...
    There are three kinds of Jackets you can buy at the Junk Store (after 
    getting the Class B License), and these serve as additional armor which 
    will improve your defense.  You must purchase all three one at a time.
    Flak Jacket (reduces damage by 25%): 9500z
    Kevlar Jacket (reduces damage by 50%): 36,000z
    Kevlar Jacket Omega (reduces damage by 75%): 120,000z
    Made from the Spring Set found in the Cardon Forest Ruins, these allow 
    you to jump much higher than before and allow you easy access to high 
    Made from the Joint Plug found in the Lake Jynn Ruins, this will allow 
    you to equip three Buster Parts at a time instead of just two.
    Found in the Intro Stage as soon as you start up the game.  Not really 
    used for anything, though.
    Found in the Cardon Forest Ruins, this will allow you to fix the boat 
    needed to get to the Lake Jynn Ruins.
    Found in the Lake Jynn Ruins, this will allow you to fix the Flutter and 
    will allow you access to the Clozer Woods Ruins.
    Received from a local police officer after you rescue the Junk Store 
    Owner, this allows you access to the Downtown and City Hall parts of the 
    Received from Mayor Amelia after defeating Bon Bonne, this will allow 
    you access to the Yass Plains and its Sub-Ruins.
    Received from Mayor Amelia after defeating the Marlwolf, this will allow 
    you access to anywhere on Kattelox Island.
    Right after receiving the Class A License, Roll will have finally fixed 
    the Spotter's Car and give will give you a Walkie-Talkie when you first 
    visit.  This will allow you to call Roll from any area above ground on 
    Kattelox Island, except for the Yass Plains.  Roll can then take you to 
    any of these places, provided you've previously visited that place at 
    least once:
    Received after defeating the Blumebears and available for use after 
    defeating the Feldinaut, this gives you access to the City Hall part of 
    the island.
    Collect all three in the Cardon Forest Ruins and you can get the Yellow 
    Collect all three in the Lake Jynn Ruins and you can get the Red 
    UNIT ID CARDS (x3):
    Collect all three in the Clozer Woods Ruins and you can open the Main 
    Collect all three in the Sub-Cities and you can open the Central Gate.
    7. Enemies:
    Here is a list of all the enemies in this game, NOT counting Bosses.
    Arukoitan: These are gray walking Reaverbots that walk around on the 
    order of their local Orudakoitan.  They usually come in groups of three 
    or four.
    Orudakoitan: These are like the Arukoitans, but they just sit there and 
    direct the Arukoitans nearby.  Destroy this and the Arukoitans it 
    controlled won't be able to move anymore.
    Green Zakobon: Very first enemy you find in this game, these are slow 
    moving walking cylinder-like Reaverbots. They can sometimes hide in the 
    walls, behind corners, or on a ledge, and will attack when approached.  
    They usually come in groups.  They can shoot bombs from their bottoms.
    Red Zakobon: Same as the Green Zakobon, except they shoot fireballs 
    instead of bombs.  Also take a lot more hits to defeat.
    Shekuten: These come in groups and look like small spiked copper cans 
    with a red eye.  When approached, they will "wake up" and try to walk 
    toward you, ready to explode.  They can only be destroyed when they're 
    Mirumijee: These are small, weak snake-like Reaverbots.  They also come 
    in groups.
    Fake Treasure Box: They look just like real Treasure Boxes, but will 
    spit out bombs upon opening it.  After opening it, destroy it to win 
    some zenny.
    Green Sharukurusu: These come in groups of three or four and will run at 
    you quickly and try to catch you in their crab-like claws and hurt you 
    repeatedly.  Staying on higher ledges will help you avoid them, but they 
    can occasionally reach the higher ledges.
    Red Sharukurusu: Same as the Green Sharukurusus, but they are much 
    bigger and tougher to defeat.  These are found only in the Sub-Cities.
    Invisible Sharukurusu: Same as the Green Sharukurusus, but are invisible 
    until they get you!  You can sometimes see them or their shadow, 
    GuruGuru: These often come in groups and look like flying saucer shaped 
    walking crabs.  They cannot be hurt until you shoot them enough (or kick 
    them) to make them flip on their back.  Try to also kick one GuruGuru at 
    another one to wound them both.
    Jakko's Nest: These are weird box-like Reaverbots that will spit out 
    Jakkos when approached or fired upon.  They will yield a ton of zenny if 
    defeated (along with the Jakkos that are defeated)
    Jakkos: These are mosquito-like Reaverbots that come from the Jakko's 
    Gorubeshu: These are shielded warrior-like Reaverbots that often come in 
    pairs.  Circle and shoot at them or shoot when they let their guard down 
    (and before they can shoot you with their fireballs) or just save 
    yourself all this trouble and use the Drill Arm to knock their shields 
    Firushudot: These are alligator-like Reaverbots that swim around walls 
    of water inside a part of the Lake Jynn Ruins.  Soon they will jump out 
    and can either whap you with their tails
    Miroc: This tiny Reaverbot will wheel around silently and try to run 
    into you for repeated damage.  These are quite easy to defeat however, 
    and will often yield 500z per kill.
    Foo-Roo: Similar to the Shekutens except these fly instead of walk.  
    They too will try to explode after getting close to you.
    Cannam: These are huge spider-like Reaverbots that are very tough to 
    defeat but yield considerable zenny if you do so.
    Red Karubun: These are huge tank-like Reaverbots that can shoot bombs 
    out of its mouth and fire its machine gun-like arms at you as well.  
    Also takes several hits to defeat but yield a ton of zenny if you defeat 
    Gray Karubun: Same as the red ones, but they take even more hits to 
    Leopordo: These Servbot driven tanks can fire their machine guns at you 
    or fire its main turret to shoot cannon balls.
    Gun Batteries: These guns can fire bombs at you, and are much weaker 
    than the Leopordos.
    8. Intro Stage: Blue Refractor:
    This level serves as the tutorial level for this game.  If this is your 
    first time playing this game, listen carefully to Roll's directions so 
    that you can get used to the controls.  First, go south and take out the 
    three Green Zakobon Reaverbots.  Go west until you come across two 
    paths; one north and one south.  First go south and destroy the trio of 
    Green Zakobon Reaverbots for more zenny.  Proceed west and ignore Roll's 
    warnings about going the wrong way.  Now go north until you see a button 
    on the floor.  Press it and you'll be locked inside with several 
    Mirumijee Reaverbots.  Destroy these for even more zenny.  
    Now, go back south and then east until you see your first door.  Enter 
    and take out the Green Zakobon Reaverbots inside.  Continue onward until 
    you come upon a ledge.  Jump to grab it and pull yourself up.  Go east 
    and you'll find an eastern room with a Blue Cube Box.  Blast it and 
    collect more zenny.  Leave and go north, then west and you'll find a 
    doorway blocked by a force field.  Ignore it for now and continue west 
    until Roll warns you to look up.  You'll find a Cannam Reaverbot that'll 
    drop from the ceiling.  Zap it and go to the western room with a force 
    field flanked by two switches.  Blast the left switch to lift the force 
    field in the room and the right switch to lift the force field blocking 
    the door you just passed earlier.  Go to the small room behind where the 
    switches were and you'll find your first Treasure Boxes.  The left one 
    has 560z and the right one has the Power Raiser.  Equip the Power Raiser 
    and proceed to now unobstructed northern door to meet the Boss.
    Reaverbot Boss
    This Reaverbot is just like the boss of Mission 3-1 from The 
    Misadventures of Tron Bonne, and has the same basic attack.
    1. This boss will approach you and if it can get close enough, it will 
    try to smash you with its hammer-like arms.  Because this attack is so 
    slow, it should not be hard to avoid at all.
    Just circle and fire at it with your Mega Buster while avoiding its 
    hammer attack.  Not very hard at all.
    Item Review
    These are all the Items in this part of the game.  Did you find them 
    1. Power Raiser
    1. 560z
    9. Citizen's Card:
    After crash landing at Cardon Forest, walk towards the "To Town" sign 
    until the Inspector shows up.  Talk with Barrell first and then make 
    your way north to the Shopping Arcade.  Once inside, check the southwest 
    Garbage Can for 50z, the northeast Garbage Can for 20z, the northeast 
    Plasma Box for 100z, and the southeast Plasma Box for the Broken 
    Cleaner.  Go inside the Junk Store and talk with the woman inside.  
    She'll say that her husband, the Junk Store Owner, went inside the Sub-
    Ruins Portal 1 (which you recently passed with a man standing in front 
    of the door, right?) and hasn't come back yet.  Leave the Shopping 
    Arcade from the south and enter the Sub-Ruins Portal 1.
    Once inside the Sub-Ruins, take the eastern hallway (ignore the door; 
    you won't get very far there without the Jump Springs) and go north 
    where you'll find a couple of Green Zakobons on the ledge to your left.  
    Zap them and check the Hole in front of you for 2600z.  Continue onward 
    and take out several more Green Zakobons plus several Mirumijees.  Zap 
    them all and then talk to the Junk Store Owner trapped on the ledge (you 
    must get all the "snake things" or else the Owner won't leave).  After 
    he leaves, go through the east door where you'll find several Shekutens.  
    Either fight or run from them and you'll need to proceed north and 
    defeat two more Green Zakobons.  You now be in a room with a pair each 
    of Orudakoitans and Arukoitans.  You'll find a Treasure Box in the 
    southwest part of this room with the Rapid Fire inside.  Now leave and 
    return to the surface (go to the green square on your map).
    Now go back to the Junk Store and you'll find both the Junk Store Owner 
    and his wife reunited.  As a reward, they will give you a Mine Parts Kit 
    as well as the old Spotter's Car that you found just outside of the 
    Shopping Arcade.  Go back to that Spotter's Car and talk with Roll.  
    She'll take you inside and make your first Special Weapon, the Splash 
    Mine.  After leaving the Spotter's Car, an Officer will arrive with your 
    Citizen's Card.  You will now be able to enter the Downtown and City 
    Hall parts of the city.
    Item Review
    These are all the Items in this part of the game.  Did you find them 
    1. Mine Parts Kit
    1. Rapid Fire
    1. 50z
    2. 20z
    3. 100z
    4. 2600z
    TOTAL: 2770z
    10. Class B and Class A Licenses:
    With the Citizen's Card in hand, go back to the Shopping Arcade and 
    you'll find a group of three boys standing in front of the north door.  
    Sneak up on them by walking towards them slowly and they'll go away.  
    Enter and you'll run into Tron giving a mother-to-children talk with 
    three of her Servbots.  After she arrogantly leaves, check out the 
    Downtown area and you'll notice several Garbage Cans.  Check the eastern 
    Garbage Can for the Broken Motor and the southeast one for 10z.  Now go 
    through the north door to enter the City Hall area.
    After entering the City Hall area, talk with one of the two Officers 
    guarding City Hall and he'll escort you to Barrell and the Mayor of 
    Kattelox, Amelia.  After some small talk, leave City Hall and you'll see 
    Tron being chased by an angry dog (how does she run in those heels?).  
    Go back to the Downtown area and you'll find Tron stuck on a pole.  
    First talk with Tron and then talk with the dog (Paprika) and the dog 
    will leave Tron alone.  Tron then leaves in a hurry.  Now, go back 
    through the Shopping Arcade and to Roll waiting outside the Spotter's 
    Car.  Talk with her and soon a fleet of Draches will appear in the sky 
    and start attacking the city!  You've got to go save Gramps!
    Enter the Shopping Arcade and follow Roll who's running towards 
    Downtown.  You'll also find Data who will give you a Shield Repair if 
    you talk with him about the Junk Store (provided you didn't buy one 
    already).  Enter the door and after the cutscene, you'll fight the first 
    of four bosses.
    Bonne Boss
    You will find three Blumebears and a pair of Draches driven and flown by 
    Servbots who insist that they're not gonna let you through and there's 
    no way you're going to get the Bonne Family Key!
    1. The Blumebears have two main attacks; shooting at you with their 
    machine gun arms, and throwing bombs out of the top hatch.  Both can be 
    easily avoided, but the machine guns are much more difficult to avoid if 
    you get too close.
    2. The Draches can also shoot at you with their machine guns, but they 
    rarely do so.
    3. At first, the Blumebears will just stand their ground in front of the 
    door.  But after shooting at them several times, they panic because 
    you're too strong!  So they have to split up, and you'll discover one of 
    them has the Key.  They can pass the Key back and forth between them, so 
    you'll have to keep an eye on which one has it.  The Red Blumebear 
    always has the Key first, but immediately passes it to the Blue 
    Blumebear before they split up.
    4. Each Blumebear is color coded based on its specialty.  The Red 
    Blumebear has the strongest firepower, the Blue Blumebear is the 
    fastest, and the Yellow Blumebear has the most endurance (hence the 
    slightly bigger Life Gauge).
    1. The Draches are easy enough to shoot down by locking on and blasting 
    away.  Just be careful not to get fired upon by a stray Blumebear.
    2. There are two schools of thought for dealing with the Blumebears.  
    You can defeat the one that has the Key, and take the Key to immediately 
    defeat this Boss, or you can leave the Key and defeat all the other 
    Blumebears and the Draches to get much more zenny.
    3. If you need extra energy, you can either go to a Soda Machine and 
    refill your Life Gauge for 100z, or blast one of the Servbots that pop 
    out of a defeated Blumebear or Drache.  After he turns red and smoking, 
    kick him and an Energy Cube will pop out, and you can do this up to 
    three times per Servbot (when he's no longer smoking, you got all his 
    Energy Cubes).
    Bonne Boss
    FELDINAUT (Tron):
    After defeating the Blumebears, Tron drops in with her huge spider-like 
    Feldinaut, and is ready to teach you not to mess with her, or her kids!
    1. Like the Blumebears, the Feldinaut also has a machine gun on its 
    bottom.  It can either fire straight at you (move aside to avoid it), or 
    the Feldinaut can spin and fire the machine gun or bombs.  This can be 
    avoided best by timing your jumps carefully to avoid the spinning 
    barrage of bullets or bombs.
    2. The Feldinaut can also bring its front arms together and activate the 
    flamethrower.  Since it always goes straight toward you, just move aside 
    and you'll be fine.
    3. Bombs can also be fired from the Feldinaut's top gun.
    4. The Feldinaut can also charge at you!  Be sure you're out of the way 
    when it does!
    5. Be sure you defeat the Feldinaut as quickly as you can, because its 
    weapons can destroy buildings, and you'll have to pay for any that get 
    damaged or destroyed!
    The best way to defeat the Feldinaut is to circle it and fire away while 
    avoiding its attacks.  If you want to try to avoid having buildings 
    destroyed or damaged, try to get Tron to aim her attacks towards the 
    outer city wall, since it's indestructible.  Again, if you need extra 
    Energy, grab a soda out of a Vending Machine.  
    Walkthrough (continued)
    Once the Feldinaut is defeated, you will finally be able to go through 
    the northern door to City Hall.  Data is there as well, so be sure to 
    not only save and recharge, but ask him "What should I do now?" and tell 
    him you don't have a Range Booster Alpha.  If you haven't already bought 
    it from the Junk Store, Data will give you one for free!  Be sure you 
    tell Data that he was a good boy, or he'll take the Range Booster Alpha 
    away from you!  Now equip the Range Booster Alpha and go through the 
    northern door to take on the next two Bonne Bosses.
    Bonne Boss
    Now the Servbots are flying three flying Horunisses that are dropping 
    Red and Yellow Maiberu Haagens that will try to destroy as many 
    buildings as they can, especially the Police Station, Bank, and City 
    Hall!  You must defeat all of them before they too much damage, since 
    the more damage they do, the bigger the bill you'll have to foot later!
    1. The three Horunisses are also color-coded Red, Yellow, and Blue like 
    the Blumebears, but they're basically one in the same in this case.  
    They themselves won't attack, but they are the ones that drop the 
    Horunisses and will continue to do so until all three Horunisses are 
    taken out.
    2. The Maiberu Haagens come in two flavors.  The Red ones go after City 
    Hall, while the Yellow ones go after the nearest building.  If you let 
    them punish a building for too long, it will take more and more damage.  
    The Bank, Police Station, and City Hall can't really be destroyed, but 
    the more they're damaged, the more you'll have to pay for repairs later.
    Try to ignore the reporter because all she'll do is cause you to panic.  
    Again, the City Hall can't be destroyed completely, so don't worry about 
    that.  As a reminder, be sure your Range Booster Alpha is equipped or 
    else you'll have a hard time reaching the Horunisses.  Concentrate on 
    the Horunisses as much as you can since the Maiberu Haagens will keep 
    coming until all three are gone.  If you see a Maiberu Haagen damaging 
    City Hall or other building, take it out if you want, but do it quickly.  
    It's virtually impossible to escape this battle without getting SOME 
    buildings damaged unless you're playing on Easy Mode, but try to finish 
    this battle quickly and keep the damage done to a minimum.
    Bonne Boss
    After defeating the Horunisses and Maiberu Haagens, go to the front door 
    of City Hall, but before you can enter, Bon Bonne will come to try to 
    stop you!
    1. Bon Bonne hovers above the ground and one of his attacks is to fire 
    six heat seeking missles at you.  Just keep running from them and you 
    shouldn't get hit by them.
    2. If you get too close to his face, Bon will try to smash you by 
    clapping his hands!  Just run under him quickly and you'll be fine.
    3. Bon can also use a long party favor to get you!  Avoid this by either 
    running under him or move aside.
    Easy!  All you have to do is run under him, lock on, and fire away!  
    When he faces you again, run under him again and fire!  Repeat until 
    he's defeated.  The secret is to avoid letting Bon see you.
    Walkthrough (continued)
    After defeating Bon and saving City Hall (hopefully), go back inside 
    City Hall (or what's left of it) and talk with Amelia and Barrell.  
    Amelia will give you a Class B License and ask you to deal with the 
    pirates over at Yass Plains!  Leave City Hall and Roll will give you the 
    good news that the Spotter Car is finally ready!  Now you'll be able to 
    do all the things mentioned in the Roll sub-section of the Game 
    Mechanics Section of this Guide!
    Now go through the northern door behind City Hall to enter Yass Plains.  
    You'll have to take out several Servbot-driven Leopordos and Gun 
    Batteries on your way to the Marlwolf.  But before that, though, you'll 
    notice a small red and yellow building on top of a hill.  To reach it, 
    just go to the smaller hill behind the building and you should be able 
    to reach the larger hill and the building.  Enter the building and 
    you'll be able to buy Items from the Junk Store Owner, including the 
    newly available Jackets that'll increase your defense.  Be sure to check 
    the Plasma Box on the right side of the Junk Shop to get the Safety 
    Helmet!  If you'd like, go back to the City Hall Area and have Roll make 
    the Helmet out of the Safety Helmet!  
    Go back to Yass Plains and make your way through the Leopordos and Gun 
    Batteries again.  You'll find Data in front of a cave on your way, so be 
    sure to recharge and save.  Enter and after facing a few more 
    Leoporardos, you'll face Teisel's Marlwolf.
    Bonne Boss
    MARLWOLF (Teisel):
    After the Servbots have been beaten, Teisel is determined to use his 
    ultimate digging machine, the Marlwolf, to get rid of you, his "little 
    blue friend".
    1. The Marlwolf will circle the area while delivering its attacks.  Its 
    most devastating attack is that it will use its hands to fire twin Green 
    Energy Balls at you.  They're fairly difficult to avoid, but do your 
    very best to avoid being hit.  Getting hit by one of these will DESTROY 
    your Shield and make you much more vulnerable to damage.
    2. From the Marlwolf's back door, it sometimes launch four bird-like 
    mini-robots that will try to bomb you.  A few shots from your Buster 
    will take them out.
    3. Other times when the back door is open, a Servbot will come out and 
    throw a bomb at you (if you're on the Marlwolf's deck; just blast the 
    Servbot as soon as you see him and you'll be fine) or the four flying 
    bird robots might come out.
    4. There are also three nearby Leopordos on the nearby ledges, including 
    the highest one which you need to reach.  Blast these for extra zenny 
    and Energy if you need it.
    5. If you can get on the Marlwolf's deck, it will sometimes try to use 
    its hands to knock you off your perch, so try to stay away from the 
    edges of the deck and you should avoid getting knocked off even if you 
    do get hit.
    Despite what Teisel will tell you, shooting at the Marlwolf's treads 
    will help you.  If you can shoot them enough so that they are smoking, 
    the Marlwolf won't be able to move nearly as fast, and this will make it 
    a lot easier to get on its deck.  Now, find a low ledge right across 
    from where you entered and make your way to the top ledge.  Now you can 
    take on the Marlwolf itself one of two ways.  If your Buster has a high 
    enough Range rating, you can shoot at the door from the ledge.  Or, when 
    the Marlwolf gets close enough, try to get on the deck and when the door 
    opens, you can get many more shots in.  It's considerably riskier than 
    the former strategy, though.  Just remember that you can only hurt the 
    Marlwolf by shooting at its back door when its open.  Once the Marlwolf 
    is defeated, leave the area and when Roll asks you to report back to 
    Mayor Amelia, say Yes and you'll receive the Class A License from her.  
    You now can enter any ruin or any part of Kattelox City freely.
    Item Review
    These are all the Items in this part of the game.  Did you find them 
    1. Safety Helmet: Used to make the Helmet.
    1. Broken Motor
    1. 10z
    11. Cardon Forest Ruins: Yellow Refractor:
    Pre-Ruins Walkthrough
    With your Class A License in hand, go back to the Downtown area and pick 
    up the Blumebear parts in the Garbage Can closest to the northwest 
    corner of Downtown.  Go past the Shopping arcade and the Flutter through 
    Cardon Forest.  You'll soon find a cave along with a woman who runs away 
    in fear of "a tank from out of nowhere!"  Well, enter and you'll find 
    yet another fleet of Leopordos and Gun Batteries that'll try to stop you 
    from getting to the Cardon Forest Ruins.  This time, however, Roll will 
    be there to lend a helping hand with the new Spotter's Car.  The Car can 
    be used as a shield (since it's indestructible) and if things get too 
    rough, you can go through the back door of the Car and retreat.  Just be 
    careful not to get in Roll's way, or she might run over you!  Just take 
    out the Servbot artillery (you must clear them out of the way or else 
    Roll won't be able to get through) and once at the Cardon Forest Ruins, 
    you find a wooden fence blocking your way.  However, once Roll arrives, 
    she'll ram the fence with the Car!  Now you can enter the Cardon Forest 
    Cardon Forest Ruins Walkthrough
    After entering the Ruins, you'll find the Yellow Refractor right in 
    front of you, but it's protected by a force field.  After checking the 
    control panel, you'll discover that you must find three Starter Keys to 
    lift the force field.  First, go through the southern door and you'll 
    enter a large room.  Now, after taking out the Jakko's Nest and its 
    Jakkos (firing from a distance works best, since the Jakkos won't come 
    out unless fired upon or if you get too close, and these enemies will 
    net you a lot of zenny) at the southeastern part of this room, go 
    towards the southeastern door just behind the Jakko's Nest you just took 
    out.  DON'T go inside.  Instead, check just to the right of that door 
    for a Zenny Hole worth 2300z.  Now, go around the platform until you 
    find the ramp you need to get back on the platform.  Shoot down the 
    green bridge in front of that ramp and take out the northern Jakko's 
    Nest and its Jakkos.  Jump on the platform it was on and you'll find the 
    First Starter Key to your left.
    With the First Starter Key in hand, go back onto the platform you were 
    on and jump on to the westernmost platform.  Take out the last Jakko's 
    Nest near the southern door.  Shoot down the nearby bridge and use it to 
    reach the southern door.  Upon entering the next room, you'll find 
    several Foo-Roos and a Conveyor Belt.  You'll find the switch for the 
    Conveyor Belt on your left (eastern wall of this room).  After turning 
    the Conveyor Belt on, check the Hole just to the right of that Switch 
    for the Old Doll.  Now, go south and before going up the ramp, check the 
    Hole there for the Grenade Kit.  Go west up the ramp and make your way 
    to a room with raised platforms, fragile purple platforms and a Rusted 
    Treasure Box.  Since it only takes a couple of seconds to break the 
    purple platforms after standing on them (if you fall off, go through the 
    little Conveyor Belt door east and make your way up the ramp and back to 
    the top part of this room), make your way quickly to the Rusted Treasure 
    Box.  Let yourself and the Rusted Treasure Box drop to the ground and 
    follow it down the Conveyor Belt.  After going through two small 
    Conveyor Belt doors, you'll find the Compactor (along with several more 
    Foo-Roos in that room).  Let the Rusted Treasure Box get destroyed by 
    the Compactor and you'll be able to collect the Second Starter Key!  
    Before leaving, don't forget to check the Zenny Hole on the western wall 
    (just to the right of the Conveyor Belt door) for 300z.
    Instead of leaving the room with the Compactor through the northern 
    door, go up the Conveyor Belt back to the center room and up the ramp 
    back to the room where the Rusted Treasure Box was.  Make your way to 
    the northern door and enter.  You'll be back in the huge room you were 
    in earlier, but this time your up on a really high platform!  Check the 
    Treasure Box on your right for the Spring Set, and on your way to the 
    northern door, check the Hole on its left for the Old Bone.  Enter the 
    northern door and you'll find a room with three switches (green, yellow, 
    red) and a force field blocking the northeast walkway.  Stepping on the 
    switch will lift that color's force field for only a few seconds, so 
    QUICKLY run and tap the green, yellow, and red switches (start from the 
    southernmost switch and work your way up) and HURRY through the 
    northeast walkway before a section of the force field reactivates.  
    Succeed and you'll find a southern walkway with the Third Starter Key!  
    Go through the next door and you'll be back in the northern part of the 
    huge room.
    With all three Starter Keys in hand, go back to the Entrance (northeast 
    door of the huge room) and the nearby Yellow Refractor.  Check the 
    Control Panel and with all three Starter Keys, you'll secure the Yellow 
    Refractor!  Now leave the Ruins and get back inside the Spotter Car so 
    that Roll can check your new Items.  With your new Spring Set, go back 
    inside the Cardon Forest Ruins and look to the left of the Entrance for 
    the high left ledge you couldn't reach earlier.  Use your new Spring Set 
    to get up to the ledge and enter the door.  You'll find a room with a 
    grated floor and three Mirocs.  Take them out and first check the 
    northwest corner of the room for two Zenny Holes: 9240z in the left one 
    and 820z in the right one.  Now check the Treasure Box north of this 
    room for the Rollerboard.  Leave this room from the southern door you 
    came in and leave the Ruins.
    Item Review
    These are all the Items in this part of the game.  Did you find them 
    1. Spring Set: Used to make the Spring Set.
    2. Rollerboard: One of two parts needed to make the Jet Skates.
    1. Blumebear Parts
    2. Grenade Kit
    1. Old Doll
    2. Old Bone
    1. 2300z
    2. 300z
    3. 9240z
    4. 820z
    TOTAL: 12,660z
    12. Lake Jynn Ruins: Red Refractor:
    Pre-Ruins Walkthrough
    Okay, now make your way back Downtown and enter the west door to enter 
    Uptown (or have Roll take you there in her Spotter Car if you've visited 
    already).  First, check the two Garbage Cans in front of the Hospital 
    (near the southeast corner of Uptown) for 800z inside the left one and 
    the Broken Propeller inside the right one.  Check the Garbage Can in the 
    very northwest corner of Uptown for 30z.  Now, enter Wily's Boat House 
    and look for 30z inside the right Box in front of the fence.  Now enter 
    the Boat House itself and try to enter the door to the right of Wily.  
    He'll tell you the boat there is not working; after he says that, enter 
    the door anyway (don't forget to check the Garbage Can here for 10z) and 
    talk with the Construction Man nearest the Boat and say "Call Roll".  
    She'll come by and use your new Yellow Refractor to fix the Boat and to 
    show Wily's gratitude for doing so, he offers to let MegaMan and Roll 
    use it to get to the Lake Jynn Ruins.  However, you won't be getting 
    there without some resistance...
    Bonne Boss
    ZUUF GELEIDOS (Servbots):
    This mighty fleet will try to stop you from reaching the Lake Jynn 
    ruins!  This is a LONG battle, but you can prevail.
    1. The Yellow Zuuf Geleidos will fire missiles at you.  These are mainly 
    aimed at you.
    2. The Red Yuuf Geleidos will fire torpedoes at you and are targeted 
    toward the Boat.
    3. The Draches are also back, and will fire machine guns that can hurt 
    both you and the Boat.
    Unless you're playing on Easy Mode, don't even bother trying to take out 
    the Zuuf Geleidos themselves; they're much too strong defensively.  
    Instead, use your Buster to try to shoot down as many missles and 
    torpedoes as you can.  You should especially concentrate on the 
    torpedoes, since they can hurt the Boat, and if its Energy Gauge runs 
    completely down, it's game over.  Remember, if you run low on Energy, 
    you can refill with your Energy Canteen; the Boat can't.
    Bonne Boss
    BARCON (Tron):
    After defeating the Zuuf Geleidos, Tron's new robot, the Barcon, will 
    represent the last thing standing between you and the Lake Jynn Ruins.   
    First of all, shoot down the Missles that it shoots from its eyes, and 
    when Roll asks whether you want to fight or retreat, SELECT RETREAT (I 
    repeat, select RETREAT).  That way, you'll be able to go back to Wily's 
    Boat House where you can save and recharge with Data, and when you come 
    back, you resume right where you left off with a fresh Energy Gauge for 
    the Boat for your Barcon Battle.  I mean, do you really want to have to 
    go through those Zuuf Geleidos again if you die from the Barcon without 
    1. As stated before, the Barcon will first fire missles two at a time 
    from its eyes, which you should shoot down with your Buster.  After a 
    few moments, the Boat will enter the river with the Barcon following 
    you, this time shooting missles four at a time.  Continue to shoot down 
    the missles and ignore the explosions behind you in the water; they're 
    harmless.  Once your Boat and the Barcon reach the lake, the real fun 
    2. The Barcon uses its arms to shoot missles at you, one right after the 
    other.  Unfortunately, you can't avoid the missles, so you must destroy 
    the arms quickly before you or your Boat get completely worked over.
    3. The Barcon also uses the two cannons on its lower deck (backside) to 
    shoot bombs at you.  Again, you should destroy the cannons quickly 
    before they can do too much damage.
    4. Once all four weapons have been destroyed, Teisel will activate its 
    final weapon where the cannons were.  This will shoot a big Green Energy 
    Ball just like the Marlwolf did.  If you can shoot at the weapon quickly 
    enough, you can stop the weapon from charging and the Energy Ball won't 
    be fired.
    As Roll explains, you should take out both arms and both cannons one by 
    one, since the Barcon is nothing more than a big frog if it can't shoot!  
    Once all four weapons on the Barcon have been destroyed, you will have 
    to take out the Green Energy Ball weapon to finish the Barcon off.  
    Succeed and you'll be able to enter the Lake Jynn Ruins.  Be sure to 
    save with Data near the Ruins first before you enter.
    Lake Jynn Ruins Walkthrough
    Again, you must collect three Starter Keys (this time they're red) to 
    collect the Red Refractor at the end of this level.  Enter the door in 
    front of the entrance to face the first of several Red Sharukurusus.  
    You'll soon come across a path going west, but be sure to first check 
    the north and east Zenny Holes for 220z and 1240z, respectively.  Now go 
    west up the ramp to find some more Red Sharukurusus and two ways you can 
    go; north and south.  First take the southern path (to the right of 
    where you came in) to find a Treasure Box with the Old Hoverjets (you 
    can leave the ruins and have these and the Rollerboard made into the Jet 
    Skates if you'd like).  Now go back north and use your Jump Springs 
    (which you did get made and equipped, right?) to reach and enter the 
    door.  Now you will find a room with two paths west and one path going 
    east along with four GuruGurus.  They have very high endurance and can 
    take many hits to destroy, but go ahead and do so if you really want the 
    extra zenny. First take the leftmost western path where you must take 
    out several Foo-Roos.  You'll see a Treasure Box ahead, but first look 
    just to its east to find a Hole with the Gatling Part.  Now open the 
    Treasure Box and collect the First Starter Key.
    Now go back to the main part of this room using either of the two 
    western paths.  Now take the east path where you'll find a Hole with a 
    Ring right in front of another GuruGuru.  At the end of this path is a 
    door; enter and you'll find a hallway that leads north to the southeast 
    part of yet another large room.  While staying on the platform, go east 
    to find a Treasure Box with the Second Starter Key.
    Now head towards the southern platform and look to your left to find a 
    pathway right next to the southernmost door (it leads back to the room 
    with the GuruGurus).  Take this pathway, leap onto the raised platform 
    ahead, and then leap to the platform on the southwest corner of this 
    room.  You'll find a Treasure Box with the Third Starter Key as well as 
    a Zenny Hole behind it with 5130z.
    Now check the Treasure Box on a high platform near the center of this 
    large room to find the Joint Plug inside.  Try to stay off the lower 
    parts of this room as much as possible or else invisible Sharukurusus 
    are much more likely to get you.  There's also a few Foo-Roos that will 
    try to harass you.  Leave through the northern door to find a very 
    strange room with several Firushudots swimming in the "water".  RUN 
    towards the northern door (if you got the Jet Skates made earlier, then 
    this will be much easier) before the Firushudots can leap out and 
    attack.  They're very powerful and very difficult to destroy, so don't 
    even bother.  There's also a couple of paths going west and east, but 
    ignore those for now.  Go through the northern door and you'll pass a 
    big empty (for now) room.  Go through the door north here to find the 
    Red Refractor!  Check the control panel with all three Starter Keys and 
    you can collect it!  But unlike the Yellow Refractor, you won't be able 
    to make off with the Red Refractor so easily...
    Reaverbot Boss
    After re-entering the "empty" room with the Red Refractor in hand, the 
    weird yellow thing in the middle of the room will pop out and will 
    change Transformers-style into the Garudoriten!  You must defeat this 
    Boss before you can leave with your Red Refractor.
    1. The Garudoriten will try to slide toward you head first just like a 
    baseball player!  Leaping to one side is the best way to avoid it.
    2. Sometimes, the Garudoriten will spin and leap ballerina style and 
    will create a shockwave upon landing.  Just time your jump carefully and 
    this can be easily avoided too.
    This is one of those Bosses where avoiding its attacks is easy, but 
    actually hurting the Boss can be a challenge.  Its weak point is its 
    small head, which is well protected.  If you try to lock-on and fire 
    your Buster from the ground, you'll end up hitting the small red 
    triangle below the Garudoriten's head and won't hurt it.  So it's best 
    instead to jump and shoot at the head manually.  It's a little tricky, 
    but with practice and patience, the Garudoriten will go down and you'll 
    pick up a very nice cash reward for doing so.  Once this Boss is 
    defeated, make your way out of the Ruins. 
    Item Review
    These are all the Items in this part of the game.  Did you find them 
    1. Old Hoverjets: One of two parts needed to make the Jet Skates.
    2. Joint Plug: Used to make the Adapter Plug.
    1. Broken Propeller
    1. Gatling Part
    1. Ring
    1. 30z
    2. 800z
    3. 30z 
    4. 10z
    5. 220z
    6. 1240z
    7. 5130z
    TOTAL: 7460z
    13. Open the Main Gate:
    Pre-Ruins Walkthrough
    With the Red Refractor in hand, talk with Roll in the Spotter's Car and 
    she'll be able to fix the Flutter!  Now you will finally be able to go 
    inside.  After leaving Roll's room, talk with Barrell who is waiting in 
    the Living Room.  After that conversation is finished, go inside 
    Barrell's Room and check the big Gold Treasure Chest for the Bomb 
    Schematic.  Go back to Roll's room and then the R&D (Research & 
    Development) and have her check the Bomb Schematic to make the Grand 
    Grenade!  Now have her take you to the Clozer Woods Ruins using the 
    Flutter.  Before going inside the Ruins, be sure you have the new Grand 
    Grenade Special Weapon ready to go; you'll need it later.
    Clozer Woods Ruins Walkthrough
    Upon entering the first door, you find a big hole in the middle of the 
    room.  Drop down and you'll find two more doors.  Go to the northeast 
    door first and you'll find yet another Control Panel.  Check it and 
    you'll discover (thanks to MegaMan's excellent reading skills...) that 
    you need to find three ID Cards in order to open the Main Gate.  Leave 
    and enter the south door you overlooked before.  You'll now be in a much 
    bigger room with three ways to go: north, west, and east, along with the 
    task of avoiding or taking out the three very tough Sharukurusus.  
    First, enter the east door (and be prepared for the Sharukurusu inside!) 
    to find two Holes with the Tele-lens inside the left one and 450z inside 
    the right one.  Leave and you'll be back inside the bigger room where 
    you should now go to the west door.  Enter the next door and you'll find 
    yourself near a Treasure Box with the Guidance Unit inside (if you want, 
    you can go ahead and leave the Ruins and have Roll make the Active 
    Buster with this).  Drop down from the platform and you'll find a large 
    room with four pillars.  Watch out for the flying Mirocs and shielded 
    Gorubeshus as well.  Each of the four pillars in this room has a Hole: 
    1200z inside the northwest pillar's Hole, 1840z inside the southwest 
    pillar's Hole, 920z inside the southeast pillar's Hole, and the Antique 
    Bell inside the northeast pillar's Hole.  Now that you're on the east 
    side of this room, use the pair of pillars there to get onto the eastern 
    platform with the First ID Card inside the Treasure Box.
    With the First ID Card in hand, drop back down and enter the center door 
    (the one on top of what looks like a bull's head on the map; the door is 
    also guarded by a Gorubeshu).  Now go east and after taking out yet 
    another Gorubeshu, open the Treasure Box and collect the Target Sensor.  
    Now head back west and you'll find two ways you can go; north and south.  
    Go north and you'll find yourself in yet another large room.  Go to the 
    western part of this room and you'll find the Second ID Card inside the 
    Treasure Box.  Don't forget to go to the eastern part of this room and 
    activate the large Generator as well (you need to do so in order to get 
    the elevators working).
    Okay, leave the Generator Room and head back down south and then east to 
    the door that will take you back to the large room with the "bull's 
    head" in the middle of its map.  Quickly take out the Gorubeshu while 
    its back is turned to you and enter the northern door.  You'll be in a 
    room with three Cannams.  After clearing them out (they're worth a lot 
    of zenny if you do), look for the weak spot in the ceiling (right side) 
    and use either your Grand Grenade or Active Buster (which you did 
    remember to bring, right?) to blast it away; your Buster won't be 
    enough.  Now climb up over the hole to find the Elevator (which you did 
    remember to activate by turning on the big Generator, right?) that will 
    take you to the Boss (discussed in detail a little later) guarding the 
    way to the Third ID Card.  Once the Boss is defeated, enter the northern 
    door and you'll be inside the Generator room on a high platform, where 
    on the east side of this room (be careful not to fall off the platform) 
    you'll find a Treasure Box with the Third ID Card.
    With all three ID Cards in hand, you'll need to go back to the Control 
    Room, and the quickest way to do so is to enter the southwest door of 
    the Generator room and back to the "bull's head" room.  Take the south 
    door where you'll find an elevator.  Use it to go up and upon entering 
    the next door, you'll be back in the room with the Sharukurusus.  Take 
    the north door and the next north door after that and you're back in the 
    Control Room!  Use the three ID Cards to check the control panel and 
    open the Main Gate.
    You will find a trio of huge wolf-like Reaverbots called Karumumas that 
    will try to stop you from taking the last ID Card!  Each one (orange, 
    white, purple) has its own Life Gauge.
    1. Most of the time, they will run around the room and try to pounce on 
    you.  Just leap aside and you'll be fine.
    2. But sometimes, they'll unleash a much stronger attack by leaping 
    backward and spitting out fire which can destroy your Shield, so when it 
    leaps backward, be prepared to get out of the fire's way!
    Instead of concentrating too much on one, just run around the room 
    avoiding their attacks and just fire away with your Buster.  It'll take 
    a little while, but if you're patient, you should get through this 
    battle okay.  Don't forget to collect extra zenny and Energy Cubes upon 
    defeating each Karumuma.  Once all three have been dispatched, enter the 
    northern door and get the Third ID Card.
    Item Review
    These are all the Items in this part of the game.  Did you find them 
    1. Bomb Schematic
    2. Guidance Unit
    1. Tele-lens
    2. Target Sensor
    1. Antique Bell
    1. 450z
    2. 1200z
    3. 1840z
    4. 920z
    TOTAL: 4410z
    14. Main Gate:
    Pre-Main Gate Walkthrough
    Now that you're back in the Flutter inside your room, leave and you'll 
    run into Barrell and have another conversation with him.  When that's 
    done, enter Roll's room and you'll accidentally catch her dressing!  
    Whoops!  After Roll reminds you to knock before opening her door, enter 
    and after making sure you save with Data, talk with Roll and have her 
    equip your new Active Buster weapon (you'll need it for what's coming up 
    next) before asking her to go back to Cardon Forest, but not before 
    meeting the Bonnes yet again...
    Bonne Boss
    DRACHES (Servbots):
    This is the first part of a three part battle.  You'll meet a fleet of 
    five Draches who'll try to shoot the Flutter out of the sky!  You must 
    stop them!
    1. After a few seconds, the Draches will try to circle the Flutter and 
    try to use their machine guns to damage it.   
    1. Since the Draches concentrate on damaging the Flutter rather than 
    yourself, it is very important to take the Draches out as quickly as 
    possible.  Using the Active Buster works best.  You'll need to conserve 
    as much of the Flutter's Life Gauge as you can for the last part of this 
    three part battle coming a little later.
    Bonne Boss
    GESELLSCHAFT (Teisel):
    You've shot down all the Draches, and now you'll discovered the 
    Gesellschaft's weak spot; right under the ship!
    1. The Flutter will fly both right underneath the belly of the ship and 
    beside its wings.  When the Flutter is next to either side of the 
    Gesellschaft, a trio of cannons will fire bombs that can hurt both you 
    and the Flutter.  If you are in front of the Gesellschaft, several small 
    floating bombs will approach and try to damage both you and the Flutter.  
    In both cases, try to shoot down as many of the bombs as you can so they 
    don't do as much damage.  You can shoot the cannons themselves if you 
    want, but they're very tough and even if you do destroy them, they'll 
    come back the next time you're on that side of the Gesellschaft.
    2. After taking out both wings and the underbelly, the Flutter will fly 
    in front of the Gesellschaft's nose with the Bonne Family logo.  It will 
    fire two huge Green Energy Balls that can not only destroy your Shield 
    and hurt you; they can hurt the Flutter too.
    As Roll says, take out the first three of the Gesellschaft's weak 
    sections one by one.  You'll know you're connecting when that section 
    starts flashing everytime you hit it.  When one of the three is 
    destroyed, it will start flashing red and the Bonnes will react to that 
    section being disabled.  When all three are disabled and you go to take 
    on the Gesellschaft's nose, just keep firing at it as quickly as you can 
    in order to escape with as little damage to yourself and especially the 
    Flutter as possible.  Once the nose is defeated, the Gesellschaft will 
    finally go down, but the Bonnes aren't quite out yet...
    Bonne Boss
    FALCUERUFE (Tron):
    You didn't think you'd be able to take care of the Bonnes that easily, 
    did you?  Well, Tron is now ready in her magnificent Falcurerufe because 
    she's through playing around; she'll show you!  Or so she says...
    1. Most of the time, the Falcurerufe will fly around the Flutter and 
    shoot missles three at a time, which are aimed mainly at you.  These are 
    difficult to avoid, but you should try to anyway.
    2. The Falcurerufe can also fly over the Flutter's deck and shoot its 
    machine gun at you, and this can hurt both you and the Flutter.
    3. But the Falcurerufe's most devastating attack is that she will fly 
    high overhead, and then come down and really rain machine gun bullets on 
    the Flutter and damage it a lot!
    It's next to impossible to reach the Falcurerufe during its missle 
    attacks, so it's best to try to get your shots in while it is flying 
    overhead.  Keep your Buster locked on so that you can continue firing 
    while she flies overhead.  When Tron starts to take off high in the sky, 
    you'd better find and keep and eye on her and blast away as soon as 
    she's close enough.  You'll want to try to take the Falcurerufe out as 
    quickly as possible because Tron can really punish the Flutter, 
    especially on Hard Mode.
    Main Gate Walkthrough
    Okay, now that the Bonnes have been defeated yet again, you're ready to 
    enter the Main Gate.  There's only one way you can go for now, so begin 
    your way down this long spiraling path.  You'll go down four ramps 
    before you reach your destination, and you'll find a pair of Gorubeshus 
    guarding the bottom of the first two ramps.  At the bottom of the third 
    ramp, look for a Zenny Hole on the right wall and collect a whopping 
    10,000z!  After reaching the fourth ramp and taking out another pair of 
    Gorubeshus there, enter the door to the right and take out another pair 
    of Gorubeshus inside.  Then, open the Treasure Box and claim the Buster 
    Unit Omega.  Leave and continue down the main path and after reaching 
    the top of the fifth ramp, you'll find another door to your right.  
    Enter and you'll reach the room containing the OS Control Panel.  Tell 
    it to unlock the Sub-Cities and continue east and south through the now 
    open gate.  
    Yes, the Karumumas are back, but at least you'll only have to take out 
    one at a time.  After taking out the first one, you'll notice two doors 
    and a path going south.  First, enter the western door and you'll find a 
    Treasure Box with the Generator Part.  Come back and after taking out 
    the Karumuma again, take the south path and head west until you find and 
    destroy a Red Zakobon and two more paths to take.  First, take the path 
    to your left (going west) and check the nearby Zenny Hole for 2170z.  
    You'll now be on a square shaped path with another Karumuma.  Destroy it 
    and check the Hole on the north side of the square shaped path for the 
    Shiny Red Stone.  Now go east and after finding and destroying the third 
    Karumuma, continue east and then north to find another Red Zakobon.  
    After taking it out, check the Hole east for the Autofire Barrel and the 
    northern path for a Treasure Box with the Blunted Drill inside.  Now go 
    back to the large room that had the first Karumuma and take the eastern 
    door where you'll go up a short path to a ladder that will lead you to a 
    huge warehouse.  Enter the warehouse and you'll face Bruno.
    Bonne Boss
    This robot is Tron's masterpiece and it's HUGE!!  You're welcome to try 
    and stop it, but do you really stand a chance?
    1. Bruno's shoulders can fire Homing Missles at you two at a time.  Just 
    avoid those by either hiding behind buildings or with great jumping 
    2. The Green Energy Balls are back and are fired in pairs from Bruno's 
    hands.  As a reminder, one hit from one of these and your Shield is 
    3. If you get too close to Bruno, its feet will shoot bombs out to try 
    to stop you.
    As if all these attacks and the huge Life Gauge don't already tell you 
    this, Bruno is one tough customer.  The best place to use as a shield 
    from Bruno's attacks is the black building you used to enter the Old 
    City (and is the ONLY building that's indestructible).  You can also 
    take cover behind other buildings, but remember that they can be 
    destroyed if they take a few too many shots from Bruno.  Bruno's weak 
    spot is its torso, so it's best to try to get BEHIND Bruno and blast 
    away before it turns around to face you and deliver its barrage of 
    attacks.  You can also try to shoot the weapons out of commission, but 
    you're better off concentrating on Bruno itself.  This boss is certainly 
    no joke, but with a little patience and perseverance, you can beat it.
    Item Review
    These are all the Items in this part of the game.  Did you find them 
    1. Blunted Drill
    2. Buster Unit Omega
    3. Autofire Barrel
    4. Generator Part
    1. Shiny Red Stone
    1. 10,000z
    2. 2170z
    TOTAL: 12,170z
    15. Sub-Cities and Central Gate:
    Pre-Sub City Walkthrough
    After defeating Bruno, be sure to first call the Spotter's Car so that 
    you can save with Data, and then begin tackling the Sub-Cities.  There's 
    one each in the Old City (where you fought Bruno), Downtown, and Uptown 
    and are the big black rectangular shaped buildings; you can't miss them.  
    You can use the many buildings inside the Sub-Cities as cover, but 
    remember that just like in the Old City, they too can be destroyed if 
    they take too many hits.  Be sure you're ready before entering a Sub-
    City since once you enter a Sub-City, you cannot leave until all the 
    enemies inside are defeated.
    Watcher Key (Old City)
    This sub-city contains two Gray Karubuns, two Red Karubuns, three 
    Arukoitans on the ground, and three Orudakoitans on the roofs.  Defeat 
    all of them and look for the Watcher Key in the big gray building. 
    Sleeper Key (Downtown)
    This Sub-City contains two Gray Karubuns, two Red Karubuns, and three 
    Red Sharukurusus.  Defeat all of them and look for the Sleeper Key in 
    the big red building.
    Dreamer Key (Uptown)
    This Sub-City contains the Gai-nee Tooren, a huge semi-truck like 
    Reaverbot that will often open the door on its backside to release 
    either a Green Sharukurusu or a Red Zakobon.  The only way you can hurt 
    the Gai-nee Tooren is by shooting at its backside when its open (and 
    showing red).  Each of its three sections will be destroyed for every 
    1/3 of its Energy Meter it loses.  Defeat it as well as any stray 
    Reaverbots and look for the Dreamer Key in the big green building.
    Central Gate
    Once you've collected all three Sub-City Keys, go back to the Old City 
    and re-enter the big black rectangular building that takes you back 
    inside the Main Gate with the OS Control Panel.  You can't unlock the 
    Central Gate from the Control Panel, so you'll have to go back to the 
    long Main Gate hallway and down yet more ramps.  There is a pair of 
    Gorubeshus at the bottom of the fifth ramp (first ramp past the doors 
    leading to the OS Control Panel) and the next two ramps as well.  Soon, 
    you'll come to a door leading to the three big Watcher, Sleeper, and 
    Dreamer doors.  Unlock them with your Sub-City Keys and you'll meet 
    MegaMan Juno.  He says that he is going to execute a "Carbon 
    Reinitialization Program", which means he wants to kill everyone on 
    Kattelox Island!  You'll have to stop him!
    After Teisel and Tron Bonne free you from Juno's prison, enter the north 
    door where you'll find a Gray Karubun right in front of you.  Take it 
    out and follow the path (there's only one way to go).  After finding a 
    Treasure Box with the Power Stream, you'll face two Gold GuruGurus 
    before entering another door.  Upon entering the door, you'll find a 
    gigantic Rainbow Refractor.  Enter the next door to the left of the 
    Rainbow Refractor to enter a maze with lots and lots of Foo-Roos.  While 
    taking those out, go west from the door, then south, west, and south.  
    Continue along the path (there's only one way to go from here on) until 
    you reach another door.  Enter and you'll find the Boss Door with Data 
    standing in front of it.  This is it!  Be sure you recharge and save 
    with Data and enter to take on MegaMan Juno, the Final Boss in the 
    FINAL BOSS (Part 1)
    This is it!  The Final Boss!  You are Kattelox Island's only hope for it 
    being saved from Juno's destruction.  Remember that in Part 1 of this 
    battle, Juno will always disappear and reappear before executing his 
    next attack.  Also, he will USUALLY warn you of each of his attacks by 
    saying the word or phrase in parentheses before each attack description.
    1. (Defend yourself.) Juno will charge at you in a diving fashion just 
    like the Garudoriten.  Just be quick on your feet and prepared and you 
    should be able to leap and avoid this attack just fine.
    2 (Ready?) Juno will hover in place and use his arms to fire a pair of 
    rainbow lasers directly at you.  If you're prepared, you should avoid 
    these without any problems as well.
    3. (Said AFTER attack: How 'bout that!): Juno will appear high above the 
    center of the room and smash the ground to create a shockwave.  Just use 
    careful timing with your jumps and you'll be fine.
    4. (How 'bout this?): Juno will fire his rainbow lasers in such a way in 
    which they'll rotate around the room in random directions.  This is the 
    most difficult attack to avoid, since you can't be certain which way the 
    lasers will go until it's too late.  Just keep leaping and hope for the 
    The secret to winning this battle is avoiding Juno's attacks (none are 
    too overly difficult if you know about them and are prepared) and firing 
    upon him whenever you can, especially when he's visible and standing 
    still.  Or you can just save yourself all this trouble and just use the 
    Shining Laser on him, and it'll defeat Juno in a matter of SECONDS.
    In the spirit of other MegaMan games, this Final Boss battle is multi-
    part.  After defeating Juno Part 1, his head will attach to a strange 
    hole in the wall and then the big double doors will open revealing his 
    huge battle body.  But don't be discouraged!  If you can defeat this 
    form of Juno, you'll win the game!!
    1. Juno's most common attack is simply to leap around the room and try 
    to crush you.  The best way to avoid getting crushed is simply to stay 
    on the move.  Also remember that this time, Juno will always be visible.
    2. Don't get too close to the front of Juno, or he'll swat you away like 
    a bothersome insect!
    3. (Are you ready?): Yes, Juno's charge attack is back.  It's a little 
    slower this time, so you should have a bit more time to avoid him.  Just 
    be aware that he now has a much bigger body.
    4. (AFTER unleashing attack: How 'bout this!?): Juno will raise his arm 
    to charge up a huge red Energy Ball and after shouting his warning, the 
    ball will slowly come after you.  This attack is pathetically easy to 
    avoid and in fact, this is the best time to attack him.
    5. (Take this!): Yes, the shockwave is back, this time caused when he 
    slams his fists into the ground.  Just avoid it like before.
    6. (Uaghhhh!!!): Juno's most devastating attack is added to his arsenal 
    when his Life Gauge is down to less than 1/2.  Juno will be in the 
    center of the room and the whole room will turn red.  Right after he 
    collects energy from the ceiling, he will create a shockwave; jump 
    quickly to avoid it.  Once the room changes back to normal colors, RUN 
    like the wind, because several rainbow lasers will come crashing down 
    and will get you if you're not quick enough!
    Basically the same rules apply as the first part of Juno in terms of how 
    to defeat him.  He's now a bigger target and is always visible, so you 
    at least have that factor in your favor, plus most of his attacks are 
    slower.  Once you can avoid Juno's most vicious attack (the one where 
    the rainbow lasers come down from the ceiling), you should be able to 
    defeat him with skill and a little luck.  Or a healthy dose of the 
    Shining Laser.  Feel free to also use the Defense Shield if you have 
    Item Review
    Just one Item, but did you find it?
    1. Power Stream
    16. Sub-Ruins:
    This is certainly not the ONLY way you can do the Sub-Ruins, but it 
    should help you make sure you get all the Items inside.  Be very careful 
    you don't get lost, especially in Part 1.  This is totally optional, but 
    if you want to get every Item in this game, here you go.
    Part 1
    (You must have the Jump Springs, and it is very advisable to have a good 
    sized and filled up Energy Canteen with you, along with at least a Flak 
    Starting at the Sub-Ruins Portal 2 (just south of the Flutter and north 
    of the Cardon Forest Ruins), enter and take the southern door where you 
    find yourself in a big room with a couple of Arukoitans; simple enough 
    to take out.  There are five ways you can go in this room: northeast 
    (where you came in), northwest (leads back to the Sub-Ruin Portal 1; 
    where you rescued the Junk Store Owner earlier; also has a pair of Big 
    Blue Boxes with zenny inside), southeast (leads to room where you got 
    the Rollerboard earlier, also blocked by a Big Blue Box with zenny), 
    south (leads to a path with a really scary HanmuruDoll Reaverbot), and 
    southwest (where you should go next).  But before heading southwest, 
    check the three Treasure Boxes inside this room: the northwest one has a 
    Buster Unit, the southeast one has 1180z, and the southwest one is a 
    Fake Treasure Box (but still worth zenny if you destroy it).  
    Now take the southwest door (near the Fake Treasure Box) to enter a 
    hallway with several Shekutens.  Enter the next door (west) to find a 
    big room with even more Shekutens.  First, jump onto the platform in the 
    northern part of this room and check the Treasure Box in the northeast 
    corner for 1620z.  Take the northeast path (from this platform), enter 
    the door, and go west where you'll find a GuruGuru guarding a Hole with 
    a Shiny Object inside.  Leave and go back to the big room you were in, 
    and check the Hole on the eastern wall (behind a pillar) for the Old 
    Shield.  Now take the southern door to find an even longer and larger 
    room with a pair of Moving Crushers near where you entered.  First check 
    the northeast corner of the room for a Zenny Hole with 2280z.  Now 
    continue south in this large room (there's three Arukoitans and a 
    Orudakoitan here as well) until you find a Treasure Box in the western 
    part of this room with 2840z.  Go past another pair of Moving Crushers 
    to find two more Zenny holes with 4520z in the southwest corner and 
    780z.  You've now collected everything you can in this part of the Sub-
    Ruins, so leave this large room by the northern door, then leave via the 
    east door of the next room (where you got the Old Shield).  You'll now 
    be in the room where you found the three Treasure Boxes; take the 
    northeast door which will lead to the exit.
    Item Review:
    These are all the Items in this section of the Sub-Ruins.  Did you find 
    them all?
    1. Buster Unit
    1. Shiny Object
    2. Old Shield
    1. 1180z
    2. 2840z
    3. 1620z
    4. 2280z
    5. 4520z
    6. 780z
    TOTAL: 13,220z
    Part 2
    (you must have the Grand Grenade or Drill Arm Special Weapon)
    Enter this section of the Sub-Ruins by going to the Lake Jynn Ruins 
    (where you got the Red Refractor) and enter the room with the 
    Firushudots (alligator Reaverbots).  Now take the western path and enter 
    the Sub-Ruins.  Go south past a couple of pillars until you find your 
    path blocked by some dirt blocks.  First take the eastern path (actually 
    to your left) and find a Treasure Box with the Rapid Striker.  Now go 
    back to the dirt blocks and use your Grand Grenade (or Drill Arm) to 
    break the two on your right.  This will not only clear the way, but with 
    expose a Hole with the Main Core Shard.  Now you'll find four more dirt 
    blocks against the right wall in a T shape.  Break any one of them 
    first, and then the center one to expose a Zenny Hole with 660z.  After 
    defeating a pair of Gorubeshus, you find another set of dirt blocks in a 
    plus-shape.  Break the block on your left to expose another Zenny Hole 
    with 920z.  Before entering the door ahead, check the northern path (on 
    your left) for a Treasure Box with the Pen Light.  Now enter the door 
    and ignore the door to your right.  Instead, turn north and blast the 
    block out of the way, where you'll find another Gorubeshus.  Defeat it 
    and check the Treasure Box ahead for the Old Launcher.  Now go east to 
    find another Gorubeshu and blast the dirt block blocking the northern 
    path.  After defeating another Gorubeshu, you'll find two ways to go: 
    north or south (or to your left and right, respectively).  First, go 
    south and after defeating yet another Gorubeshu, you find a room with 
    three Treasure Boxes; the front one containing 5600z, the two in the 
    back are Fake Treasure Boxes.  Now leave here going north until you find 
    another dirt block.  Blast it out of the way and enter the door ahead.  
    You'll now be back in the room with the Firushudots (alligator 
    Reaverbots).  Simply leave the Lake Jynn ruins the same way you did when 
    you got the Red Refractor.
    Item Review
    These are all the Items in this section of the Sub-Ruins.  Did you find 
    them all?
    1. Pen Light
    2. Old Launcher
    1. Rapid Striker
    2. Main Core Shard
    1. 5600z
    1. 660z
    2. 920z
    TOTAL: 7180z
    Part 3
    (you must have the Drill Arm Special Weapon)
    Enter this part of the Sub-Ruins through Portal 3 (in Clozer Woods).  
    Leave through the southern door and you'll find yourself in a long, 
    large room.  To your right is a dirt wall, but ignore that for now.  
    First, check the Treasure Box near the door to your left for 1780z.  Now 
    enter this door and you'll find a Fake Treasure Box and a Zenny Hole 
    with 1510z.  Now enter the northern door just ahead to find a room with 
    several Shekutens and three Directional Fireballs.  Check the Treasure 
    Box on the western platform in this room for the Cannon Kit.  Now enter 
    the western door where you'll find another Treasure Box to your left 
    with 1960z.  Continue through the next door to find several Green 
    Zakobons along with three Treasure Boxes.  The ones in the southwest and 
    southeast corners of this room are Fake Treasure Boxes, but the 
    northwest one has the Triple Access.  Now leave this area and go back to 
    the long, large room with the dirt walls.  Use your Drill Arm to blast 
    through the first one, exposing a path going north (to your right) 
    leading to a Treasure Box with the Blaster Unit R and a Hole with the 
    Weapon Plans.  Go back south and drill through the second dirt wall.  
    Ignore the door to your right and check the northern path (again, to 
    your right) near the next dirt wall for a Treasure Box with the Ancient 
    Book.  Now drill through this last dirt wall to find another northern 
    path (once more, to your right) leading to a Treasure Box with the Rapid 
    Fire Barrel.  You've now gotten everything you can so go through the 
    door just to the right of the very first dirt wall you drilled through 
    (the easternmost one) and leave just like you entered.
    Item Review
    These are all the Items in this part of the Sub-Ruins.  Did you find 
    them all?
    1. Ancient Book
    2. Weapons Plans
    3. Cannon Kit
    1. Blaster Unit R
    2. Rapid Fire Barrel
    3. Triple Access
    1. 1780z
    2. 1960z
    3. 1510z
    TOTAL: 5250z
    17. Sub-Quests:
    Rebuilding Kattelox Island:
    Requirement: Must have Class A License
    Prize: The ability to do certain other Sub-Quests
    If any buildings were damaged or destroyed during battles in Downtown or 
    at City Hall, or if you failed to disarm the bombs in the Save Downtown 
    From Two Bombs Sub-Quest, you can talk with Mayor Amelia and offer to 
    make donations to rebuild the buildings.  How much you must donate 
    depends on which buildings were damaged (City Hall, Bank, Library, or 
    Police Station costs more than average houses) and to what extent they 
    were damaged (a totally destroyed building costs more to replace than to 
    fix a slightly damaged building).  You must rebuild the Police Station, 
    Bank, and Library in order to participate in certain other Sub-Quests.  
    When the Mayor says that there's no need for a donation, you'll know 
    everything's been fixed.
    Save Downtown From Two Bombs:
    Requirements: Class A License, Jump Springs, Police Station must not be 
    Prize: Plastique and Bomb
    Talk with the Inspector in his office after previously visiting him for 
    the first time and he'll tell you that a kid with a yellow face (a 
    Servbot) dropped three things at Downtown, and when you get there, you 
    see a Bomb go off!  So you must find the other two before they explode!  
    Although the Bombs can be in different locations, one is always on top 
    of a roof (hence why you need the Jump Springs) and the other is always 
    next to a green House.  When you find a Bomb, pick it up in order to 
    disarm it.  You only have about a couple of minutes, so you must hurry.  
    Disarm both Bombs and you'll win the Plastique and Bomb, which Roll can 
    use to make the Power Blaster L and Power Blaster R Buster Parts, 
    Find the Man's Lost Money Bag:
    Requirement: Finish the Save Downtown From Two Bombs Sub-Quest, plus the 
    Library must not be damaged
    Prize: Arm Supporter
    After the Save Downtown From Two Bombs Sub-Quest (win or lose), talk 
    with the Inspector and he'll tell you that there's a man in the lobby of 
    the Police Station who needs your help.  Talk to the man in green 
    overalls and he'll tell you that he last seen his Bag at the Electronics 
    Shop.  Go there (at the Shopping Arcade) and the owner will tell you 
    that he went to get some food.  So, go to the JetLag Bakery and talk 
    with the owner there.  She'll tell you he went to look something up, 
    which means you should go to the Library.  The librarian will tell you 
    he went to get something to drink.  Go to the nearby Vending Machine and 
    talk with the girl in the green dress.  She'll say to question anybody 
    suspicious, so talk to the boy in the red shirt across the street from 
    the library.  Talk to him three times and he'll tell you he threw the 
    Bag in the Garbage Can closest to him.  Check the Garbage Can to get the 
    Bag, and then go back to the Inspector's Office.  Talk to the Inspector 
    to return the Bag and the man in green overalls will give you the Arm 
    Supporter as a reward.
    Bring the Pregnant Woman to the Hospital:
    Requirement: Open the Main Gate
    Prize: Sun-Light
    Look for a pregnant woman in a green dress at Cardon Forest (check along 
    the path behind the Flutter) and talk with her.  Choose to take her to 
    the Hospital and you'll see her husband running inside the Hospital 
    (neat camera angle, I might add).  Leave the Hospital and come back and 
    talk to the man in black overalls (her husband).  He'll give you the 
    Sun-Light as a reward for getting his wife to the Hospital in time to 
    deliver her baby (it's a shame you don't get to see their new baby, 
    Help Ira's Leg Get Better:
    Requirement: Fix the Flutter using the Red Refractor
    Prize: Flower Pearl
    Go inside the Hospital and talk with Ira who's in a wheelchair with a 
    broken leg inside the waiting room.  After a sad conversation, talk with 
    the receptionist nurse so that you can go inside Ira's room.  The nurse 
    inside the room will tell you that they could help Ira's leg get better 
    if they had new equipment.  Well, go to City Hall and talk with the 
    Mayor about the Hospital's equipment.  She says that it'll cost 15,000z, 
    so tell her that you can pay that.  Go back to the Hospital and re-enter 
    Ira's room.  She'll run to you in joy and tell her that she can walk 
    again!  She gives you the Flower Pearl as a reward.  Be sure to come 
    back and see her again!
    Join Jim's Gang and Help Build Their Clubhouse:
    Requirement: Red Refractor
    Prizes: X-Buster, Old Heater, Broken Circuits
    After receiving the Red Refractor, check the Yass Plains for a small 
    building behind a hill (not the one on top of a hill), and be sure to 
    get the 200z inside the nearby Garbage Can.  Go inside where you'll find 
    Jim and his two buddies, Osh and Bensley.  Talk with Jim and he'll offer 
    you the chance to join his gang.  Say yes and Jim will tell you to go 
    get a Pick.  
    Talk with the Construction Man near the Bank and he'll give you his 
    Pick.  Bring this back to Jim and then leave.  After about ten minutes 
    or so (you can do other Sub-Quests or explore ruins if you want to kill 
    some time) and when the clubhouse is tan with a blue roof, go inside 
    again and Jim will say that now they need a Saw.  Talk with the same 
    Construction Man you got the Pick from, and he'll say he threw his Saw 
    away.  The Saw is inside the Garbage Can next to the green house nearest 
    the Library.  Bring the Saw back to Jim and after ten more minutes or 
    so, the now finished Clubhouse will look much bigger outside and much 
    nicer inside.
    (be sure to claim your prizes from the pile of boxes after giving Jim 
    his items)
    First, look for and grab the Comic Book behind the nearby Junk Shop on 
    top of the hill in Yass Plains.  Give this to Jim and he'll give you the 
    X-Buster.  Now, go to the Cardon Forest and look for a Beetle crawling 
    around on a small hill under a tree.  Pick it up and bring it to Jim; 
    you'll get the Old Heater in exchange.  Now check the small hills at 
    Clozer Woods and look for a Stag Beetle under a tree (nearest the Sub-
    Ruins there).  Bring this to Jim and get the Broken Circuits in return. 
    KTOX TV Game Shows:
    Requirement: Class A License, Jet Skates (for the Race Game)
    Prizes: Zetsabre, Mystic Orb, Music Box, Omni-Unit, Giant Horn
    Talk with the receptionist at the KTOX TV Station to play Beast Hunter 
    and Balloon Fantasy.  Talk with the man in the blue suit near the black 
    couch to play the Race Game (no, not the Pricing Game from The Price Is 
    You must kick the balls at the dog chasing the man.  You get one point 
    for hitting the dog, but you lose one point for hitting the man.  Watch 
    out for the flashing dog that shows up twice during each round; hit it 
    and get two points.  You'll also get two points if you can hit the 
    regular or flashing dog with the toy dog that shows up in place of the 
    ball twice during each round.  
    Don't be fancy with the ball; just kick it straight ahead.  At rank A, 
    you must get a two-pointer at least once or else you won't meet the Par 
    in time.
    RANK D: Par--10  Prize--1000z
    RANK C: Par--12  Prize--2000z
    RANK B: Par--14  Prize--3000z
    RANK A: Par--16  Prize--Zetsabre (first win) and 4000z+ (subsequent 
    You're now in a room with several red balloons and one, two, three, or 
    four blue balloons (for Ranks D, C, B, and A respectively).  You must 
    shoot down all the red balloons within the Time Limit.  Avoid shooting 
    the blue balloons, or you'll lose one second.  
    It's best to have your Buster set up for high Range and high Rapid 
    ratings, and try to shoot the red balloons while they haven't spread 
    apart too much.  You can either just shoot very quickly at the balloons 
    and hope you don't hit too many blue ones, or you can take your time and 
    avoid the blue balloons as best you can.  Whichever strategy you use is 
    up to you.
    RANK D: Time Limit--22 seconds  Prize--1000z
    RANK C: Time Limit--18 seconds  Prize--2000z
    RANK B: Time Limit--16 seconds  Prize--3000z
    RANK A: Time Limit--12 seconds  Prize--Mystic Orb (first win) and 4000z+ 
    (subsequent wins)
    In this game, you must use your Jet Skates (otherwise, you won't be able 
    to finish the courses in time) to race through EVERY pair of red cones 
    in order (if you try to go around a pair or go in the wrong order, 
    you'll be disqualified) within the Time Limit.  You'll know which pair 
    of red cones you should go through next because they'll be flashing.  
    Hit a yellow cone and you'll stop the clock for one second.  You must do 
    this at some of the higher ranks and tougher courses or else you won't 
    be able to finish them in time.
    Basically, practice makes perfect (especially on the super tough 
    Technical Course).  Also, remember that you can speed up (up on the D-
    pad) or slow down (down on the D-pad) your Jet Skates when necesary, but 
    DON'T let your Jet Skates get turned off.
    RANK D: Time Limit--12 seconds  Prize--1000z
    RANK C: Time Limit--10 seconds  Prize--1100z
    RANK B: Time Limit--8 seconds  Prize--1200z
    RANK A: Time Limit--7 seconds  Prize--Music Box (first win) and 1300z+ 
    (subsequent wins)
    RANK D: Time Limit--15 seconds  Prize--2000z
    RANK C: Time Limit--12 seconds  Prize--2100z
    RANK B: Time Limit--9 seconds  Prize--2200z
    RANK A: Time Limit--8 seconds  Prize--Omni-Unit (first win) and 2300z+ 
    (subsequent wins)
    RANK D: Time Limit--25 seconds  Prize--3000z
    RANK C: Time Limit--20 seconds  Prize--3100z
    RANK B: Time Limit--18 seconds  Prize--3200z
    RANK A: Time Limit--16 seconds  Prize--Giant Horn (first win) and 3300z+ 
    (subsequent wins)
    Open the Museum and Bring Artifacts:
    Requirement: Class A License
    Prize: Prism Crystal
    Okay, go to Uptown and look for the painter near Wily's Boat House 
    painting the Hospital.  Talk with her and she'll ask you what you think 
    she should add to her painting.  Tell her that she should add some red 
    and she'll say that she's all out of red.  So go back to the Shopping 
    Arcade and enter the HipBone Store.  Talk with the owner who will give 
    you her Lipstick.  Give the Lipstick to the painter at Uptown and she 
    can finish her painting!  She soon runs off...
    Now enter the Museum (between the Hospital and KTOX TV Station) and go 
    upstairs to find the painter, who is actually the Museum Curator.  Talk 
    with her and she'll ask you to bring her valuables from the ruins and 
    elsewhere.  When you have a Museum Artifact in your possession, talk 
    with the Curator and give her permission to put the Artifact on display 
    (if you refuse, she'll call you a selfish little brat!).  Collect and 
    bring all eight Museum Artifacts listed below (check the walkthroughs to 
    find out where they are), and then talk with a girl in a green dress to 
    get your prize for all this effort, the Prism Crystal!
    Old Bone: Will be displayed as an "Ancient Digging Tool".  Found inside 
    the Cardon Forest Ruins.
    Old Heater: Will be displayed as a "Fire Pot".  Given by Jim in his 
    clubhouse in exchange for the Beetle.
    Old Doll: Will be displayed as a "Human Doll".  Found inside the Cardon 
    Forest Ruins.
    Antique Bell: Will be displayed as a "Kattelox Bell".  Found inside the 
    Clozer Woods Ruins.
    Giant Horn: Will be displayed as a "Giant Horn".  Given as the grand 
    prize for winning the Technical Course Race Game at Rank A.
    Shiny Object: Will be displayed as a "Crystal Fossil", a Grade Three 
    National Treasure.  Found inside the Sub-Ruins.
    Old Shield: Will be displayed as an "Antique Shield", a Grade Two 
    National Treasure.  Found inside the Sub-Ruins.
    Shiny Red Object: Will be displayed as a "Reaverbot Eye", a Grade One 
    National Treasure.  Found inside the Main Gate.
    MegaMan the Bank Robber:
    Requirement: Open the Sub-Cities and defeat Bruno; Police Station, Bank, 
    and Library must not be damaged
    Prize: 200,000z and jet black armor for being a VERY BAD boy
    Go inside the Flutter and turn on the TV.  Instead of the usual weather 
    forecast, the reporter will report a bank robbery.  Go to Downtown and 
    you'll find a red car being chased by a Police Car.  Shoot at the red 
    car several times (don't shoot the Police Car!) to get the car to blow 
    up and the two Servbots and the Trunk full of cash will pop out.  One 
    good way of doing this is to try to jump on the hood of the Police Car 
    and shoot at the red car from there.  Just don't shoot while the Police 
    Car is turning, or you'll hit the Police Car.  After blowing up the red 
    car, pick up the Trunk and you can do one of two things.  One option is 
    to leave through one of the gates with the money and keep it for 
    yourself.  You'll get the 200,000z from the Trunk, and jet black armor 
    for being a VERY BAD boy.  Your reputation around the island will be 
    very poor was well.  Plus you won't get to see the Stripe Burger 
    Stripe Burger Restaurant:
    Requirement: Open the Sub-Cities and defeat Bruno; Police Station, Bank, 
    and Library must not be damaged
    Prize: 20,000z and opening of the Stripe Burger Restaurant in Downtown
    Do the same as the MegaMan the Bank Robber Sub-Quest, but return the 
    Trunk to the Inspector instead of stealing it.  You'll get 10% of the 
    money in the Trunk (20,000z) as a reward, plus you'll get to see the 
    brand new Stripe Burger Restaurant open at Downtown (at what used to be 
    a vacant corner lot).  Check here before and after finishing all the 
    Sub-Cities to get both sets of quotes from the people and Servbots 
    inside.  The Servbots actually didn't rob the bank; they came to borrow 
    some money to open their new Stripe Burger Restaurant and were mistaken 
    by the police as bank robbers (hence why the little guys were whining 
    everytime you shot at their red car).
    18. MegaMan's Reputation:
    You start out this game as Normal MegaMan, but you can become Good 
    MegaMan (with brighter colors) and Bad MegaMan (with darker colors), 
    depending on the good and bad things you do.  To easily check your 
    reputation, check the doors of the houses in Kattelox City.  If you're 
    bad, then they won't respect you; if you're good, they will respect you.
    1. Successfully complete any Sub-Quests as well as portions of the Main 
    2. Adopt the stray cat near the Main Gate's door.
    3. Bring Roll presents: Ring, Flower, Music Box.
    1. Stealing the Trunk of money during the MegaMan the Bank Robber Sub-
    Quest.  This is the only way to INSTANTLY turn your armor into the 
    darkest color possible.  All the other bad deeds will only lower your 
    rep gradually.
    2. Shooting at the KTOX TV blimp during the battle at City Hall.
    3. Shooting at the Police Car during the MegaMan the Bank Robber or 
    Stripe Burger Restaurant Sub-Quests.
    4. Letting one or both bombs go off during the Save Downtown Sub-Quest.
    5. Kicking Garbage Cans or Vending Machines repeatedly.  Destroying a 
    Vending Machine will also lower your rep.
    6. Kicking the tin can into the JetLage Bakery.
    19. Secrets and Tips:
    1. Unlock Hard Mode - Win this game on Normal Mode and you'll unlock 
    Hard Mode.  This will make the game significantly more difficult because 
    the Bosses have higher endurance and the Boat and Flutter take damage 
    much quicker during battle than in Normal Mode.
    2. Unlock Easy Mode - Win the game on Hard Mode OR win the game on 
    Normal Mode in less than 3 hours and you'll unlock Easy Mode.  This will 
    give you the Buster Max (all Mega Buster ratings are maxed out) and Jet 
    Skates right from the very start (be sure you equip both of these Items 
    first), and zenny earned from defeated enemies will be worth four times 
    what they are in Normal Mode.
    3. Best Mega Buster Combos - Have you ever wondered what the best 
    overall combination of Buster Parts is to get the best ratings overall?  
    Well, here's a complete list of every Buster combination that will give 
    you at least an 18 combined rating:
    a. Buster Max (Easy Mode only)
       = A:7 E:7 R:7 D:4 (Total: 25)
    b. Omni-Unit Omega + Buster Unit Omega + Gatling Gun 
       = A:6 E:6 R:6 D:1 (Total: 19)
    b. Power Stream + Auto Battery + Range Booster 
       = A:7 E:7 R:5 D:0 (Total: 19)
    b. Omni-Unit Omega + Blaster Unit R + Buster Unit Omega 
       = A:7 E:4 R:5 D:3 (Total: 19)
    c. Omni-Unit Omega + Buster Unit Omega + Blaster
       = A:7 E:5 R:5 D:1 (Total: 18)
    4. Servbot Scavenger Hunt - Have you noticed that when you go inside 
    some places, you'll find a Servbot or two hanging around?  You don't get 
    anything of value for finding them, but they often have some fun things 
    to say.  Their locations and what they say can be found in the MegaMan 
    Legends Game Script under the "Servbot Scavenger Hunt" section.  See if 
    you can find them all.
    5. Capcom's Self-Advertising - There are three places in this game where 
    Capcom mentions other games that they make:
    a. On your first visit to Downtown, check out the green house on the 
    northeast block and check the door.  You'll hear a boy insist that he 
    can't evacuate without his Street Fighter dolls (shouldn't that be 
    action figures?).
    b. In Uptown, you'll find a girl standing in front of the Computer 
    Gaming School, where she says she wants to make really cool games like 
    Resident Evil.
    c. In the Shopping Arcade, check out the small counter inside the Akbar 
    Toy Store and see what that newest game is that looks pretty 
    6. Adopt a Cat - After opening the Main Gate, you'll find a stray cat 
    near the door of the Main Gate.  Talk to her and say that you do want to 
    take the cat home.  Now check the Flutter and you'll soon have four cats 
    inside the Living Room and two inside MegaMan's Room.
    7. What's Inside That Garbage Can? - An easy way to check Garbage Cans 
    is to kick them!  If the lid does NOT come off, there's something 
    inside, and if the lid does fly off, then the Can is empty.  Just be 
    careful not to do this too many times or you'll turn dark.
    8. MegaMan the Environmentalist  - Kick the small tin can inside the 
    Shopping Arcade and if you can get it inside the Jetlag Bakery, you'll 
    get 1000z!  Again, don't do this too many times or your rep could go 
    9. Free Sodas - Tired of having to buy sodas?  Check the refrigerator 
    inside the Flutter for free sodas.  Of course, why do that when you can 
    see Data inside Roll's room?  You can also kick Vending Machines ONCE 
    for a free soda, but kick the machine again and not only will it be 
    destroyed, but your reputation may diminish as well.
    10. Free Money from Data - This will only work after you have unlocked 
    the Central Gate and you must be inside the Flutter.  Tell Data "I keep 
    losing fights..." and after his usual quote, he'll say "We're all 
    rooting for you!" and give you 100z!  Then Data will ask if you need 
    more; say "No thanks" and Data will tell you not to be so bashful and 
    give you 1000z!  Then Data will ask if you need more money.  If you say 
    "No thanks", then you can just begin the consersation again for another 
    1100z, HOWEVER, if you answer "Please", then Data will give you 1000z, 
    2000z, 3000z, 4000z, 5000z, 6000z, 7000z, 8000z, 9000z, and then 
    10,000z, for a total of 56,100z!!  Once that is done, however, you 
    cannot get any more money from Data.  Remember, money is what makes the 
    world go 'round!
    11. Newspaper Headlines - There are two places in this game where you 
    can read the local Kattelox newspaper.  One is at the Police Station (at 
    the bulletin board) and the other is inside the Flutter's Living Room.  
    Check it for headlines relating to your quest.
    12. Ending Good-byes - After winning the game, you can say good-bye to 
    all the Kattelox Island citizens.  What they say will change depending 
    on which Sub-Quests you have completed.  For example, what Ira says in 
    the ending is different depending on whether or not you helped fix her 
    20. Legal: 
    This guide must always be shown in full form with credit given to the 
    author, and a link and credit must be given to Mega Man Network 
    (http://megaman.retrofaction.com/). All associated characters and games 
    are copyright to Capcom. 
    1. Capcom: For making this wonderful game (and I hope Legends 3 and/or 
    MOTB 2 will soon follow)
    2. Prima's Offical Mega Man Legends Strategy Guide: For providing me the 
    names of the Reaverbots, the names of some of the Bonne vehicles and 
    their enormously helpful maps to help me make sure I found everything in 
    the levels.  Also used their list of events affecting your reputation as 
    guide for making my own section.
    3. Mega Man Home Page (http://www.mmhp.net): For providing me with the 
    names of most of the Bonne Family Bosses as well as a wonderful guide 
    for my own Special Weapons descriptions.
    Although this guide is designed especially for Mega Man Network 
    (http://megaman.retrofaction.com), these sites have permission to host 
    this guide as well:
    1. GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    2. NeoSeeker (http://www.neoseeker.com)
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