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    Raul Hills Guide by Ornitier

    Version: 1.25 | Updated: 07/30/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   _____                     _ _         _____
                  |  __ \                   | (_)       / __  \
                  | |  \/_ __ __ _ _ __   __| |_  __ _  `' / /'
                  | | __| '__/ _` | '_ \ / _` | |/ _` |   / /
                  | |_\ \ | | (_| | | | | (_| | | (_| | ./ /___
                   \____/_|  \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|_|\__,_| \_____/
                  R A U L   H I L L S   S P E C I A L   S T A G E
                        Platform: Playstation 2
                         Version: 1.25
                              By: Thomas Bras (Ornitier)
                         Created: October 18, 2003
                     Last Update: July 30, 2004
                          E-mail: thomas_bras@hotmail.com
                                 Table of Contents
                            00. FAQ Information
                                 -  About the FAQ
                                 -  E-mail Policy
                                 -  Copyright
                                 -  Version History
                            01. Raul Hills
                                 -  About Raul Hills
                                 -  Items
                                 -  Enemies
                                 -  Get the Items
                            02. Credits
                             -00. FAQ Information-
    =About the FAQ=
    This FAQ covers Raul Hills, second time you get there. I made it because I
    found that there were not enough explanations in FAQs about this one side-quest.
    No offence to anyone.
    =E-mail Policy=
    Am I wrong about something described in the FAQ, or did I miss anything? Please
    mail me. Do you like the FAQ? Or do you dislike the FAQ? Don't mail me, I don't
    need to know. Got any suggestions? Or questions? Please mail me and you'll get
    kudo's if you can help me make the FAQ better.
    This FAQ is (c) Copyright 2003 to Thomas Bras a.k.a. Ornitier. This is
    for personal use only, you may not put this on your site or use it to make
    a profit. Do not distribute this document, or alter it in any way shape or
    form. It can be printed out for personal private use only. You can NOT use
    this document without my permission. Period. Thanks for understanding these
    FAQing rules. Please contact me if you found this FAQ on a site other than
    =Version History=
    Version 1.0
    10/18/03 FAQ is made, finished and contributed.
    Version 1.1
    10/26/03 After the FAQ had been rejected, I updated it a little more.
             The FAQ now contains a map thanks to psycho_k41.
    Version 1.2
    07/25/04 Update thanks to Demooni who discovered Tight Suits I didn't even
             know of. Check the FAQ what it's about.
    Version 1.25
    07/30/04 Again, an update thanks to Demooni. Let's just hope he won't have
             anything to correct for me again, cause I'm getting tired of it. ^^
                               -01. Raul Hills-
    =About Raul Hills=
    Yes, you've been here before. When you went to Cyrum Kingdom from St. Heim
    Papal State, you first had to cross Raul Hills. Now you can go back to Raul
    Hills! But why would you do that? Well, because of the great items you can
    get there. When will I be able to get there you ask? You can get there as
    soon as you have returned from Valmar's Moon after you have gone to Cyrum
    Kingdom. Your party will then exist out of Ryudo, Elena, Roan and Tio.
    There are some great items you can get at Raul Hills... and some useless.
    Raul Hills exists out of two sections. Raul Hills #1 and Raul Hills #2.
    Here are the items you can get:
    Raul Hills #1
         Rusty Hoop: +0 ATK Rusty iron hoop, a child's toy
         Dull Knife: +0 ATK Knife that cannot cut
      Useless Staff: +0 ATK Useless
    Zero Broadsword: +0 ATK Powerless curved sword
    Raul Hills #2
          Sonic Belt: +40 ACT
        Energy Charm: Cuts SP consumption by 25%
      Demon Necklace: Cuts MP consumption by 25%
      Lore of Magic : +1000 Magic Coins (MC) [Special]
    Platinum Feather: Greatly increases IP [All Allies]
      Soul of a Hero: Carrying it doubles EXP earned
      Astral Miracle: Carrying it doubles SC earned
           Fairy Egg: Recovery/Assistance Defensive Mana Egg
    Snow Leopards aren't very dangerous. They can cast Crackle and Cold and do
    their regular attacks. They're easily beaten.
    Nyarmot can be annoying because of their ability Burning Sun. It can hit
    the whole group, but don't worry. It's not that terrible. Because they have
    few HP. You'll easily defeat them. Nyarmot can drop Tight Suits that can be
    equipped by Elena and Tio. The effect of the suits is that they will
    nullify magical damage by any enemy.
    Dragon Knights can cast Lightning Ball, DragonZap and Stram. Lightning Ball
    can cause Paralysis, but they're still easy to beat. One Sky Dragon Slash
    will kill them.
    Chameleons are the easiest enemies here. They come out the toadstools.
    You'll have them defeated in no time.
    Devils are a real pain. They have 5800 HP and they can cast Burnstrike, Boom!
    and Ba-Boom! Ba-Boom! will most certainly kill you at once. Use your Cancel
    Effect moves to avoid this move. You must absolutely not allow them to cast
    Ba-Boom or you're dead! Devils also have a physical attack that always has a
    Cancel effect. Use your best moves.
    So make sure you will not be back-attacked and recover your SP and MP after
    battle if necessary. However, by equipping the Tight Suits all magic will be
    nullified. Which means Burnstrike, Boom! and Ba-Boom! will have no effect on
    you. This way it's actually simple to get through Raul Hills! Pay attention
    though. By equipping the Tight Suits, all magic cast on your characters will be
    reduced to 0. Meaning that even Healing Magic has no effect. Only the women,
    Elena, Millenia and Tio are able to equip the Tight Suits.
    =Get the Items=
    From Cyrum Kingdom, go to Raul Hills. You'll see the introduction of this
    side-dungeon. Move on and get on the boat. You're now at Raull Hills 2. Go
    left and follow the path. You'll arrive at Raul Hills 1. You see the bridge
    is broken. Go right and walk along the wall until you find a whole bunch of
    The Rusty Hoop, Dull Knife, Useless Staff and Zero Broadsword. Wow, so many
    equipment and what use do they have? ...none. Now then, return to Raul
    Hills 2. Follow the path and go straight on. Cross the bridge and you'll
    find a savepoint on your left.
    Now, just follow the path. You'll soon see that the road splits. Go to the right
    and follow the path. You'll arrive at Raul Hills 1 again. But this place is MUCH
    harder. This is the place where you'll encounter Devils! Think of equipping the
    Tight Suits if you have them. White Apocalypse, Sky Dragon Slash, Howlnado, Zap
    All and Crackling are all very effective attacks. It is also good to have the
    initiative. Sneaking past a majority of Devils can easily be done with the right
    timing. But make sure you don't get scared, run away and accidentally get a Back
    Attack anyway.
    Now, I'll try to tell you what path to follow in order to get all items. I will
    tell you exactly how you must walk. When I say: first go left and then right.
    Then go left, turn the camera before you so you can see Ryudo's back and then go
    right. Understood? Good! Before I give directions, I will also give you a map I
    was allowed to use by psycho_k41
    Some path are blocked now in the maze, so to get the Fairy Egg you must go all
    the way around. Just refer to this map for the item locations:
               |                                                               |
               |                                    ___________     _______    |
               |   *   *       *    *     *    *   |           ++++|       |   |
               |           @    _______________    |               |       |   |
               |   *   *                     B ++++|   |                   |   |
               |    _______#####_______________++++|   |     @      _______|   |
               |   | C                         |   | A |             + +       |
              _|___|___________________     ___|   |___|+++ ___#####_+_+___    |
     exit! <-                  |           |   |           |   |           |   |
           <- _____________    |___________|   |    ___    |   |____       |   |
               |^^^|               |           |     G |   |               |   |
               |   |___________    |    ___    |_______|___|_______    ____|   |
               |               |       | E |                       |       #   |
               |               |    ___|   |___     ____________   |   ____#   |
               |+++|   @       |   |           |   |   |^^^|               |+++|
               |+++|___        |   |    _______|   |   |   |_______________|+++|
               |       |   @   |   |   |               |                       |
           S   |       |       |___|   |_______________|    _______     ___    |
     e    /    |   | D |   |       #####                   |           | X |   |
       ( + )   |   |___|   |_______     _______________    |___________|___|   |
        /    w |                       + F                 +           +       |
       N       |_______________________+___________________+___     ___+_______|
                                                               |   |
               ### : Stairs            +++ : Road block
               ^^^ : Path that goes      * : Pillar
                     under the bridge    @ : Large pillar
     Items:    A: Lore Of Magic    : Sp, +1000 MC
               B: Platinum Feather : Rg, Greatly increases IP, AA
               C: Energy Charm     : Ac, Cuts SP consumption by 25%
               D: Sonic Belt       : Ac, +40 ACT
               E: Demon Necklace   : Ac, Cuts MP consumption by 25%
               F: Astral Miracle   : Sp, Doubles SC earned after battle
               G: Soul Of A Hero   : Sp, Doubles EXP earned after battle
               X: Fairy Egg        : A mana egg
    Cross the stairs that go over the water. Go right. Left, right, left, left,
    right, right, left, go straight on. You'll now pass over stairs. Go right,
    left, left. Go left here and get the Lore of Magic. Got the Lore of Magic?
    Good. Turn around. Go right, right, left, over the stairs to the right. Go
    left, right, left, left. Now, the second left. Walk straight on.
    Here you see a lot of pillars. Walk a little more to the left and you'll
    find small stairs. But don't walk over them yet. First go left and get
    the Platinum Feather. Now go past the stairs. And go right. Get the Energy
    Charm, turn around and walk straight on until you can go right. Go right
    again and open the treasure chest with 1500 GP. Now go back past the stairs
    to the place with the pillars. Off the stairs? Good, now go left, past the
    pillars and go left again. You'll now walk on stairs again and go under the
    bridge. Move on and go left. Here you'll find a fork. Go right. Now go
    right again. Get the Sonic Belt after going right a couple of times. Go
    back to the fork.
    Now go left. And left again. You'll pass a little stairs. Get the Demon Necklace
    here. Turn around. Go off the stairs and left! Go right twice and get the Astral
    Miracle. Turn around and go left. Now go to the right. Can you see the big tower
    already? Move on. Go the second right. And right again. Go up the big stairs and
    you will get on the tower. You'll find the Fairy Egg!! Get off the tower and go
    left twice. Now, walk on and go right. You will go down some stairs under a
    bridge. Go left and left again to get Soul of a Hero. Okay folks, that's all.
                                  -03. Credits-
             Jeff(CjayC)Veasey                         psycho_k41
           For having my FAQ posted              For letting me use his
                on Gamefaqs                         Raul Hills map
               Demooni                                GameArts
          For his great ASCII Art, info     Thank you for this great game!
        about the Tight Suits and Devils
                                             (c) Copyright 2003 Ornitier

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