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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lord Vic

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/02/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Frequently Asked Questions/Walkthrough list v.1.1
    by Vic (lordvic@mindspring.com)
    I - Introductory notes
    II - Basic Game info
    III - Friends, Foes, and Resources
       A. Skills
       B. The Deadly Dozen
       C. Allied Equipment
       D. The Enemy
       E. Axis Equipment
       F. Vehicles
    IV - General Hints/tips/observations
    V - Walkthroughs
       A. Mission 1 - Operation Lafayette
       B. Mission 2 - Operation Lafayette, Part 2
       C. Mission 3 - Operation Lottery
       D. Mission 4 - Operation Wounded Eagle
       E. Mission 5 - Operation Ice Shack
       F. Mission 6 - Operation Overlord
       G. Mission 7 - Operation Overlord, Part 2
       H. Mission 8 - Operation Market-Garden
       I. Mission 9 - Battle of the Bulge
       J. Mission 10 - Operation Longbow
    VI - Alternate Routes
    VII - Cheats
    VIII - Disclaimer/Credits/Miscellaneous
    IX - Version History
    --- I - Introductory Notes ---
    This is my first attempt at a FAQ after being quite impressed with the many
    I've seen here at Gamefaqs.com (and the general idea behind the site as well).
    I've been looking for help on this game while banging away at it, and since
    nobody's done a FAQ for Deadly Dozen I figured I'd step up to the plate and
    create one.  Maybe it will inspire someone else to create a better one, since I
    think this one will be rudimentary at best.
    --- II - Basic Game Info ---
    Deadly Dozen is a squad-based tactical shooter designed by N-Fusion, based on
    infantry combat in WWII's European theater.  It's a single-player-only game (no
    multiplayer) in which the player must work through a series of missions.  The
    player can choose four squad members from a pool of 12 and then go through and
    accomplish his mission, blasting Nazis along the way.  Each character has his
    own strengths/weaknesses and can be equipped with a variety of weapons and
    special equipment.
    You play only one of the four people at any given time, and have keyboard
    commands that control the AI of your other characters, and you can switch
    between characters at any time.  If a character dies you can continue the
    mission with your surviving members, but of course the dead character is out of
    the selection for future missions.  It behooves you to preserve all of your
    character's lives at all costs because one may have the strengths you need to
    complete a future mission.
    --- III - Friends, Foes, and Resources ---
    A. Skills
    Each of the men in your squad has a rating from 1 to 100 in each of seven
    skills.  The higher ratings mean they are better at that particular skill. 
    skill, of course, affects your character's performance in the game at the task
    in question, whether under AI or player control.  And now, the skills:
    Small Arms - affects how well the player uses pistols, rifles, SMGs.  Higher
    skill characters will be able to kill enemy more easily with small arms fire.
    Heavy Weapons - affects how well the player uses heavy weapons.  Bazookas and
    Panzerschreks fall into this category.  I'm not sure whether the heavy MG42
    machine guns fall into this category or small arms.
    Explosives - affects the amount of damage done to targets by explosives
    (dynamite, mines, etc.).  While someone with high Explosives skill may be able
    to blow up a target with just one charge, another player with lower Explosives
    may need two or more.
    Sniper - affects how well the player snipes the enemy - a higher rating is more
    accurate and more likely to kill in one shot.
    Sneaking - affects how quietly the player can move.  This naturally applies
    when a player is moving slowly, sticking to cover, approaching from a blind
    spot, etc. - even someone with a high Sneaking rating won't be able to just
    up to a guard from the front unnoticed.
    Medical - affects how much health is recovered from a first aid kit.  Someone
    with high Medical skill will heal more per first aid kit than someone with a
    lower rating.  It's generally best to bring one person with high Medical on
    mission and let him do ALL of your squad's healing, so as to get the most use
    out of the limited first aid kits on each level
    Toughness - affects how much damage the player takes when wounded by the enemy,
    and how well they recover after being wounded to continue fighting.
    B. The Deadly Dozen
    The twelve men you choose from for each mission are among the meanest, toughest
    men in the US Armed Forces.  Each man has a specialty listed in the squad
    selection screen - some specialties include Small Arms, Demolitions, Covert
    Ops, and more.  Based on the mission briefings, you should choose your men
    wisely based on the skills you'll need to complete the mission.  In a lot of
    cases you'll have to pick men who can wear more than one hat to be able to
    accomplish all of your mission objectives.
    The skills are listed below each person in the following manner:
    SA = Small Arms
    HW = Heavy Weapons
    EX = Explosives
    SP = Sniper
    MD = Medical
    SN = Sneak
    TO = Toughness
     SA  HW  EX  SP  MD  SN  TO
    --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
    - Pvt. Frank Alvisno
    Specialty: Covert Ops
     SA  HW  EX  SP  MD  SN  TO
     90  85  55  95  35 100  60
    Private Alvisno may be listed as "Covert Ops", but he can do it all - excellent
    stealth, sniper, and small arms ratings make him a very strong, well-rounded
    member of a squad to have.  Also note his very good Heavy Weapons rating.
    - Pvt. Abram "Worm" Agnew
    Specialty: Small Arms
     SA  HW  EX  SP  MD  SN  TO
    100  75  90  50  40  50  55
    Private Agnew is a deadly shot with small arms and a good explosives/heavy
    weapons backup man.
    - Pvt. Boris Vian
    Specialty: Medical
     SA  HW  EX  SP  MD  SN  TO
     70  65  40  85 100  70  50
    Private Vian is one of the medics of the crew.  His good sneaking and sniping
    and better-than-average small arms skill make him a valuable backup/support man
    as well.
    - Pvt. Bronson Asbury
    Specialty: Small Arms
     SA  HW  EX  SP  MD  SN  TO
    100  75  50  40  40  85  70
    With good small arms and sneaking skills, Private Asbury is a good man to use
    point or in support.  He also does well enough with heavy weapons to serve as a
    backup man in that area.
    - Pvt. Victor Ramirez
    Specialty: Sniper
     SA  HW  EX  SP  MD  SN  TO
     70 100  50 100  30  70  40
    Private Ramirez is one of the more specialized members of the Deadly Dozen.
    Excellent sniping and heavy weapons skills make him a good man to wear two hats
    when necessary, and his good sneaking and small arms skills help him carry his
    weight in those areas as well.
    - Pvt. Jay "Screech" Gilz
    Specialty: Demolition
     SA  HW  EX  SP  MD  SN  TO
     65  70 100  55  45 100  35
    Private Gilz may seem like one of the 'weaklings' of this bunch, but with
    top-notch sneaking and explosives abilities, the options for infiltration and
    long-delay 'distraction' explosives use are wide open.
    - Pvt. Mike "Iron" Calahan
    Specialty: Heavy Weapons
     SA  HW  EX  SP  MD  SN  TO
     95 100  50  60  35  60  50
    They don't call Private Calahan "Iron" for nothing - with superb skills in
    arms and heavy weapons he's an excellent man to bring along for raw firepower
    strength in your squad.
    - Pvt. Andrew Bollinger
    Specialty: Heavy Weapons
     SA  HW  EX  SP  MD  SN  TO
     80  90  55  55  30  55  85
    Private Bollinger is a very good, well-rounded soldier.  While he may be
    surpassed in this or that area by other members of the squad, nobody has his
    combination of strength in ALL of the areas of small arms, heavy weapons, AND
    toughness, thus making him an excellent support man in addition to an HW
    - Pvt. "Papa" Gino Sizi
    Specialty: Demolitions
     SA  HW  EX  SP  MD  SN  TO
     70  70 100  55  80  55  40
    Private Sizi is a demolitions expert and can serve adequately as a backup
    medic.  He's moderately strong in small arms and heavy weapons as well; a good
    man to use for backup/covering fire.
    - Pvt. Jean-Claude Arno
    Specialty: Sniper
     SA  HW  EX  SP  MD  SN  TO
     85  90  20 100  40  35  80
    Private Arno may be one of the deadliest soldiers in the squad.  While his
    sneaking skill is quite low (which is odd when you consider he's one of the
    snipers in the Deadly Dozen), his skill with all manner of weapons and his
    toughness make him a great choice for almost all missions.
    - Pvt. Joseph Aram
    Specialty: Medical
     SA  HW  EX  SP  MD  SN  TO
     70  70  80  50 100  50  50
    Private Aram is the other expert medic in the Deadly Dozen.  He's also handy
    with explosives and good with both small arms and heavy weapons - an excellent
    'two-hat' person when you need medic and someone who can provide good covering
    - Pvt. Bob Smith
    Specialty: Covert Ops
     SA  HW  EX  SP  MD  SN  TO
     70  80  50  50  80  90  50
    Private Smith is another top choice for infiltration work, and he can serve
    quite capably as either the heavy weapons or medical backup man.  His small
    skill also makes him useful in most firefights.  One of the more well-rounded
    soldiers in the crew.
    C. Allied Equipment
    At the start of each mission, each man can take along two weapons and three
    pieces of equipment in addition to the standard-issue knife.  Characters have
    eight slots for equipment total, so they can pick up enemy weapons and
    for their own use, but may have to drop other equipment to do so.  In some
    missions, one of the objectives is to obtain something important from the enemy
    (a briefcase, an Enigma machine, etc), and this will of course take up one
    equipment slot.  Keep this in mind when choosing what to pick up.
    At the start of each mission, after picking your squad, each man is given a
    suggested list of equipment (based on his skills), but this can be modified
    before you start the mission.  All of the weapons and equipment you can choose
    from are listed below:
    Colt .45 pistol - good, for a pistol, but should really only be used if you're
    out of ammo for anything else.  Has a seven-shot clip, and five extra clips are
    M1 Garand - standard issue semi-automatic rifle.  Fairly accurate to a moderate
    range and fairly powerful.  Fires .30 caliber cartridges from an 8-shot clip,
    and five extra clips are provided
    Springfield '03 Sniper Rifle - this .30 caliber rifle is outfitted with a long
    range scope, making it an ideal sniper rifle.  It only has a five-round clip,
    but for a good sniper that means five kills :) .  Only three extra clips are
    provided with this weapon.  Needless to say, this is deadly in the right hands,
    but should ONLY be used for sniping, as it eats up ammunition in a regular
    firefight and is slow to reload and recover between shots.
    Thompson SMG - A .45 caliber submachine gun.  Loses effectiveness at longer
    ranges, but is deadly up close.  Comes with a 20 round clip, and fortunately
    comes with five extra clips - and if you use this much, you'll need them, as
    this gun's deadliness comes with a ravenous appetite for ammo.
    Bazooka - A shoulder-fired anti-tank rocket launcher.  Comes with five rounds.
    Effective on vehicles, emplacements, and clustered enemies.
    Grenades - standard issue anti-personnel fragmentation grenades - good for
    distraction, clearing a room, scattering the enemy, and anything else a small
    explosion will do you some good.  Not very effective on vehicles and useless on
    armor.  One slot contains three grenades.
    First Aid Kit - First aid kits are used to heal wounded characters.  The amount
    healed is directly proportional to the "Medical" skill of the character who
    it - so it's best to let your team's medic do all the healing for everyone in
    the squad - to heal someone else, take control of your medic and put your
    over them so their name is showing, then use the appropriate function key for
    the slot that the Kit is in.
    Quarter - too cheap for a bribe, and I doubt pay phones in Europe take US
    so what are they for?  :)  Good for distracting the enemy by throwing it to
    attract their attention.
    Binoculars - magnifies objects at a distance, naturally, just like in real
    :)  Can be useful if a non-sniper needs to get a better look at something far
    Dynamite - a timed demolition charge with a devastating amount of dynamite.  In
    the right hands, one of these can do a LOT of damage.  Be sure to allow
    enough time when setting the charge to make your escape.
    Anti-personnel mines - small mines that are designed to kill infantry.  Too
    small to be effective on vehicles or armor.
    Anti-tank mines - larger, more powerful mines that are designed to take out all
    manner of enemy vehicles, from motorcycles and cars up to tanks.
    D. The Enemy
    The enemy range from cowardly conscripts to hardened, brutal, well-trained
    soldiers, so be careful.
    Dogs - the least powerful of the enemy, but still deadly enough to kill you, so
    watch out.  They sit or patrol on guard and will attack when they detect you.
    They can kill by biting in nothing flat, so take them out QUICK when they
    you.  SMGs are recommended for this task as dogs are fast-moving targets.
    Soldiers - regular soldiers are in either gray uniforms or camouflage.  Usually
    armed with a rifle, but occasionally armed more heavily, with either an SMG or
    even a panzerschrek or stationed at an MG42.  Like dogs, they will be either
    stationed at a guard point or on patrol, so stay alert.
    Waffen SS - these elite soldiers are distinguished by their black uniforms with
    the famous red/silver SS logo armband.  They are tougher, better shots, and
    overall far more dangerous than the regular soldiers.  They are usually armed
    with SMGs.
    Officers - these men are trained leaders, easily distinguishable by their
    helmet-less dress uniform.  While often only armed with a pistol, they are
    deadly shots and they can rally their men and direct them to greater
    effectiveness.  Beware of starting trouble with a flock of enemy soldiers if an
    officer is around.
    E. Axis Equipment
    The Germans are basically as well-equipped as the Allies, but the weapons are
    incompatible ammo-wise.  If you find yourself running low on your own ammo, you
    can pick up the discarded weapons of dead Germans, but beware that your ammo
    supply will be limited to what you can find from those you've already taken
    Walther P38 pistol - a.k.a. "The Luger".  An effective 9mm pistol.  Has a
    seven-shot clip.
    KAR-98 rifle - a single-shot bolt-action rifle with a 5-round magazine.  Can be
    outfitted with a scope for sniping, but is often issued bare.  Deadly in most
    German soldier's hands but inferior to the American Springfield and M1 Garand.
    You really don't need to bother with these unless you are desperately low on
    ammo or can find one which has a scope outfitted.
    MP40 SMG - a fine submachine gun.  Fires 9mm rounds from a 32-round clip.
    Slightly less powerful than the American Thompson SMG, but the larger magazine
    makes up for it.  Definitely worth picking up if you can find the extra slots
    among your men.
    Panzerschrek - a german bazooka.  Basically the same as the American bazooka,
    but uses different ammunition.
    MG42 - an immobile heavy machine gun that you will find in certain emplacements
    (sandbags, bunkers, etc.) throughout these missions.  VERY deadly weapons, and
    you're just plain stupid if you try to make any kind of frontal assault on an
    MG42 position.  Snipe from a distance, hopefully from a flanking position so
    that they can't bring it to bear on you should you miss...
    F. Vehicles
    All of the vehicles you encounter will be enemy vehicles.  Some you will be
    to use; others, you will only be able to destroy (or die trying...).
    Motorcycle and Sidecar - just like it says, a motorcycle with an attached
    sidecar.  Can carry two people.  Provides virtually no protection from enemy
    Staff Car - an enclosed car intended to chauffer officers around.  Can carry
    four men.  Better protected than the motorcycle, but not by much.
    Kubel Wagen - a light armored car intended to ferry small squads (4 men)
    A good balance of speed and safety, but still vulnerable to concentrated enemy
    Opel Truck - a cargo truck designed to carry cargo or men.  Tough, durable, and
    with more than enough capacity to carry your four men, should you need to
    commandeer one.
    Tank - there are two or three different types of German Panzer tanks in the
    game, but they are all deadly to infantry.  If you see one, run and hide and
    take it out at first opportunity (either with mines or with a bazooka or
    panzerschrek).  You will not be able to use any tanks you encounter.
    --- IV - General Hints/Tips/Observations ---
    - The realism of this game is quite high, so think like a real soldier: stay
    crouched.  Stay behind cover.  Look for the enemy before darting.  Have people
    in a position to cover you.  TAKE YOUR TIME!
    - Save often.  In any game that offers incremental saves, this is a given, but
    given the difficulty of this game for new players, it bears repeating.  (I
    personally use two save files per level, leapfrogging one save over the other
    that if my most recent save isn't far back enough to circumvent a problem I
    a still earlier one to use rather than having to restart the whole mission.)
    - Wandering around in a big group of four people is just begging to be noticed.
    The best option is to consider your tasks and strengths, then break the squad
    into pairs.  By pairs, you can 'leapfrog' your advances by having one pair in a
    covering position and then moving your other pair forward to provide cover for
    when the first pair advances again...  The pair can be further broken up into
    single men if you fear the enemy are nearby and might detect you easily, thus
    providing a 'chain' of cover (the point man is covered by his mate, who is in
    turn covered by the other pair).
    - If one person gets hurt, have him stay behind and rotate another to 'point
    man'.  Until you find some healing first aid kits, anyway.
    - Always take a sniper with each group.  Two if you can afford it.  Even if you
    take only one, equip two with sniper rifles.  There are PLENTY of times when
    can avoid a potentially damaging firefight/charge situation by having a sniper
    rifle handy and picking the enemy off from a great distance.
    - ALWAYS see if you can position the rest of your squad in a place where they
    can crouch behind cover and provide covering fire for your advances.
    - You can run out of ammo quite fast, so be sure to pick up the enemy weapons.
    Maybe not all of them - the single-shot KAR-98 rifles are worse than the
    M1 Garand and sniper rifle (bolt-action, five shot clip, no scope), but the
    SMGs are very good weapons.  If you have a sniper with no SMG, give him the SMG
    so he can support in more traditional firefights.
    - On a related note, spread out the ammo you pick up from dead soldiers.  You
    don't need anyone to run dry in the middle of a firefight.
    - Another note about ammunition use - rounds and clips are consumed ONLY when
    you are in direct control of a person - that is, any shots you fire yourself
    empty the current clip, and any clips you replace take away from your clip
    total.  HOWEVER, any shots that your men fire while under AI control do NOT
    count against your ammo total.  You should use this to your advantage if you
    find yourself running low - perhaps (just as one suggestion...) you can set an
    ambush trap, hiding your men behind a corner, running one man forward to
    attention, then luring the enemy into the killzone - not only will the ambush
    tactics spare your men being shot at, the killing fire won't use up any ammo.
    (What's more, the AI maximizes the skills factors, so someone with very high
    small arms skill, for example, will be DEADLY when under AI control - keep this
    in mind when laying ambushes...)
    - Review the objectives of the mission and the intelligence provided in the
    briefing carefully, and select men and equipment appropriately before you
    If some equipment is absolutely necessary to complete a mission it WILL be
    provided on the map somewhere, but you may have to go far out of your way and
    through great risk to search for it.  You can avoid this by reviewing the
    intelligence - if you have to destroy emplacements or equipment, take an
    explosives expert and some dynamite.  If you will be facing a lot of armor,
    a heavy weapons expert and a bazooka.  If you expect squads of infantry,
    those M1s with Thompson SMGs and take a grenade or two as well.  If the enemy
    entrenched, take a sniper to pick off those pesky MG42 men and
    - Finally (though I guess this should have gone first... :)  ), about key
    mapping: the game is roughly designed like most FPSs today, with the mouse
    providing the steering/trigger functions and the keyboard doing the driving.
    However, whereas most other games use "WASD" keys for movement, this game uses
    the actual arrow keys as the default, as the letters W, A, S, D, etc. default
    other functions (mainly different group formations).  I found it most useful to
    re-map to WASD, as I was used to playing MOH:AA and RTCW, and I didn't need all
    those different formations anyway.  If you decide you need "Echelon Right", for
    example, just map it to another key.
    --- V - Mission Walkthroughs ---
    LOCATION: Just north of Outreau, France
    BRIEFING: This is our first mission, all the top brass will be watching us- so
    don't screw up.
    The target is a small summer chateau located about 5 miles northwest of
    It is the headquarters of Hauptmann Emil Strauss, one of the military
    intelligence officers attached to the German HQ in Calais. Strauss keeps a lot
    of classified information in a briefcase in his office.  We want that
    information and we want it soon. Since there isn't enough time for you to get
    the briefcase to us we need you to go to a nearby German communications station
    and transmit the information immediately.
    According to the French Resistance the German units in the area consist of
    regular infantry. There are no known armored vehicles. There have been reports
    of SS elements in the area, but this has not been confirmed. The Germans have
    relocated most of the civilians for security reasons.
    - Get the briefcase from the chateau
    - (secondary) Kill Hauptmann Emil Strauss
    - Transmit the data with the German communication equipment
    - Exit all your men off the east end of the map
    Enemy strength assessment: quite a few infantry, both posted and patrolling.
    There are two MG42 sandbagged positions that can be troublesome, but one can be
    circumvented.  There are no tanks so heavy weapons aren't necessary.  A sniper
    makes things easy, but otherwise just standard small-arms squad armament will
    serve you well.  Make sure at least two men have SMGs, or that you grab an MP40
    or two from the enemies you eliminate.
    SUMMARY: You will start in the middle of the south edge of the map.  The
    is in the northeast corner of the map, the communications bunker is at the west
    edge of the map, and the exit zone is in the middle of the east side of the
    You'll basically be covering this entire map.
    Your men start off in the middle of the southern border of the map.  Take your
    point man solo and move to the fence at your left, crouch, then move forward.
    Over the top of the hill you'll see a farmhouse in the distance.  As you move
    closer you'll see its guards: one dog, one man stationed behind the sandbags
    front, and another man patrolling.  Sniping is an option, but if you can follow
    the fence and move to where the sandbag man can't see you, you can advance
    directly up to the building and take the guards out one-by-one.  Odds are the
    dog will notice you on your approach, but he will charge, so shoot him quickly
    then get ready to kill the guards as they come to investigate.  Once all the
    guards are clear go into the farmhouse.
    There are some first aid kits here to save for later, but almost as soon as you
    move in you will see through the window in the north of the house another
    patrolling guard advancing on the house.  You should be able to take him easily
    from the cover inside the house.  Once he is dead, advance the rest of your
    squad and station them all inside the farmhouse.  Distribute the
    aid kits as you see fit.
    Now that you have a starting base of operations the next part of your mission
    fairly straightforward - you are to follow the road north through all
    to get to the chateau on the north end of the map.  The road immediately north
    of the farmhouse has trees on both sides and two guards patrolling it up and
    down.  Sniping from behind a tree is a good way to take this portion.  North of
    this stretch is the first four-way intersection, with two houses and a guard
    inbetween.  Again, kill the guard from a distance.  (If you're good, you can
    sneak to the right and come up from behind the house, then kill him up close
    with an SMG...)  To the northwest, across the crossing road, is another house
    with an officer out front.  There is also a patrolling guard on each side of
    this intersection on the east-west road, so watch out for them.
    Once you get this area clear, bring up your crew, then advance a sniper again
    take the next four-way intersection - again, with houses and a guard or two
    around.  Just do it like last time, again watching out for patrolling guards on
    the crossroads.
    From the second intersection, the map shows you can turn right to head east,
    then follow a curve to come at the front of the Chateau - DON'T!! There is an
    MG42 gunner behind sandbags on the front porch, so you must take this building
    from the side/rear.  Again, take one point man from the second intersection and
    head NORTH - after you pass a minefield on the left, there will be open fields
    on both sides of the road.  There is a patrolling guard in the field to the
    left, and he may or may not be there, so watch out.  There is another guard
    patrolling north-south on this segment of road, so stick to the cover and watch
    for him, taking him out as soon as possible.  After this, go to the right
    (East), and you'll be in a field to the side of and below the Chateau.  Watch
    for any patrolling guards and move your pointman up to the rear of the house.
    Have him hold, then bring the rest of your team.
    On the East side of the house is an exterior entrance to the cellar, so you can
    take two men through that, then up to the main floor and out the front door to
    take the MG42 guard there from behind.  Another option is to take two men and
    just circle the house outside, taking him from the side.  If you stick to the
    house he won't be able to bring the MG42 to bear on you.  IMMEDIATELY after
    taking him out, have your men both take cover behind the sandbags and have one
    take the MG42 - there are two guards patrolling the north-south road in front
    the chateau, and they will come running when they hear you shoot the gunner.
    Take them out with the MG42, then move all of your men inside to the ground
    floor near the stairs.
    The only enemies upstairs are the captain and one guard in a back room.  Go
    upstairs with your chosen strike team, have them go through the door right
    beside the top of the stairs, through that room into a larger room with a
    and then prepare for the attack on the room to the right, which is where the
    captain and his guard are.  The method of attack is wide open, but remember
    they are ready for you - you can have one man get behind the crate and shoot
    from cover.  You can storm it and take your chances.  You might enjoy throwing
    in a grenade, then rushing the room when it explodes.  The last option is
    probably best, but don't use more than two men to do this, otherwise they will
    get in each other's way.  Kill both men quickly, then grab the briefcase. 
    two objectives completed.
    Gather your men on the ground floor, then move en masse back across that field
    to the road north of the second intersection.  If you didn't kill the guard in
    the field west of this road already you will need to do that here.  There is
    tree cover right beside the road, so this shouldn't be too hard.  Then, head
    west across this field, either sticking to the trees on the south side or to
    ditch on the north.  At the southwest end of this field is where the road
    up from the south then goes up the hill to the west to the radio installation.
    This installation is well-guarded: there are two guards and a dog behind some
    trees right as the road goes through the barbed wire, then farther up the hill
    is a gunner at an MG42 behind some sandbags, and there are at least two more
    guards and an officer in the radio shack or patrolling at the top of the hill.
    Also, there is another patrolling guard on the north-south portion of the road
    just before it curves to the west.
    A two-prong approach is best for taking out the guards going up the hill. 
    into two two-man teams, and position two of them beside the west edge of the
    minefield, in cover and as far away from the guards as possible while keeping
    them in sight - order them to hold fire for the moment.  Take the other team
    send them to the north side of the field, behind cover, and bring them around
    the fence until they are just to the north of the trees on the north side of
    hill guards.  Have one of these men hold position with an SMG, and have the
    other snipe at the guards through the trees.  Once the shooting starts, order
    'fire at will' and the other team will open up on the hill guards as well.  The
    crossfire should take them all out without too much damage.  The only glitch
    might be if you don't time it right to avoid the road-patrol guard.
    Once the hill guards are dead, put one sniper on the right side of the road
    going up the hill and the rest of your team with SMGs on the left.  You should
    be able to move the three forward a bit without getting noticed.  Next, take
    sniper forward and snipe the MG42 gunner there.  Once he shoots, the rest of
    hilltop guards will immediately rush you, so be sure to order the other three
    men to fire at will.  Once they're taken out, just go into the shack and
    transmit the information.  Objective three completed.
    The extraction is made easy by a Kubelwagen that the Germans have conveniently
    left by the radio shack.  Pile your men in and rush the road.  Be sure to run
    over any guards you encounter, but escape is the priority - so if they're not
    directly in your way avoidance is the better option.  Actually, the first time
    ran this, I stuck directly to the roads and had the wagon destroyed within
    of the extraction zone.  It might do well to run off-road, driving across the
    north field and around the chateau, since you have already cleared that area of
    guards.  If the wagon IS destroyed, just travel en masse, all men with SMGs and
    order them to fire at will.  Mission completed.
    LOCATION: near Outreau, France
    BRIEFING:  The news just came over the radio- both good news and bad news.
    the good news: HQ is sending in a small plane to pick us up. We will rendezvous
    with a RAF UC-78 in an open field a few miles south of here.
    The bad news is we have been ordered to take out a communications center on the
    way. The French Resistance has been planning to knock this station out but it's
    too heavily defended. Believe it or not it's located in an abandoned church-
    masking the antenna by wiring the church steeple was a pretty smart move.
    Rumor has it that the Nazis have a good mix of troops stationed here: regular
    army, some SS and apparently some armor. At least the graveyard surrounding the
    church will give us some hard cover.
    - Destroy the communications station
    - Exit all your men off the southeastern end of the map
    Enemy strength assessment: many infantry, both posted in hidden/defended spots
    and patrolling, make a sniper essential.  Two might serve you even better. 
    sure everyone else carries SMGs.  There are a couple of tanks in this mission,
    but both can be circumvented without combat so heavy weapons aren't a
    Since you have to destroy a communication setup, you do need someone competent
    with explosives and one order of dynamite.
    SUMMARY: The bulk of the mission will happen in a large walled area in the
    middle of the map, divided into quadrants.  Because of judicious use of
    roadblocks and barbed wire, you will have to go in order through all four
    quadrants (clockwise starting with the NW quad.) to get to the church in the SW
    quadrant.  After finishing there, you will have to exit to the southeast corner
    of the map, running the gauntlet through heavy enemy forces.
    This mission is a nighttime rainstorm, so visibility is reduced, which works
    both for and against you.  What you basically have is a large walled area in
    middle of the map which you approach from the west.  The interior is formed
    quadrants by walls and gates, and thanks to judicious use of roadblocks the
    you must follow forces you to go through each quadrant in order to get to the
    church - hence this mission is pretty long.  Fortunately, one section is
    wooded and there are graveyards and crypts throughout so there is a lot of
    You start on the west end of an east-west road, with a destroyed house to your
    northeast.  HURRY all of your men to that house as soon as the mission starts,
    as two patrolling guards will come west towards your position.  Get your sniper
    to the top floor, and have the others attack the guards from the windows and
    doorway.  Once those guards are dead, you are ready to send forth your first
    sniper sortie.
    Send the sniper east, along the north side of the road, preferably outside the
    roadway and in the trees.  Edge forward until you see the main wall and the
    sandbag pile near the entrance.  There is one guard here along with a dog, plus
    one guard patrolling the north-south road north of the gate and another south
    the gate.  You'll have to time your attack just right to take these guards
    one-at-a-time.  You might do well to have a second man with you, behind you,
    with an SMG - when you snipe the guard, the dog will charge, but your second
    will take him out when he gets closer to you, and your man won't arouse the
    guard's notice before you snipe.  Once all four of these guards are taken care
    of, move your men to the sandbag area right outside the main entrance.
    The first quadrant to take is the northwest one, which is to the left of the
    road as you first enter the main wall.  At the end of the road here, though, is
    a sniper behind sandbags, so snipe him first, then move a man through the gate
    on the north side of the road into the graveyard.  At the north end of this
    quadrant is a guard at the top of the hill near some cairns, so sneak forward
    from cover and take him out.  At the north end of this section is an opening to
    more mausoleums that fill out the NW Quad.  There are two or three guards
    patrolling around this area, so have one man hold at the top of the hill by the
    cairns, then move the rest of your squad to the dividing wall, crouching and
    ready to fire, then send the man by the cairns to clear out all the men around
    the mausoleums.  South of the mausoleums is an entrance to the road, and again
    there is a patrolling guard - snipe him from behind the wall.
    The north-south road dividing the NW and NE quadrants is open at the north end,
    and outside of it are two guards facing outward.  Send one man with an SMG to
    creep up near the outside wall and take them out.  From cover, he should be
    to kill one, and then simply stay put and let the other come to him to get
    killed.  Once the north-south road is clear, move all four men into the road,
    crouching behind the wall to the NE quadrant.
    The NE quadrant is tough, as there is a large hill with a lot of shrubs with
    guards at the top.  You won't be able to see them from where you are, so
    isn't an option.  However, they apparently patrol, as I took them out by
    accident.  I left three men behind the wall and moved one south, to the opening
    into the NE quad.  I then moved him north, sticking to the wall by the road,
    until he was on the north end of the hill - from this angle you have a better
    approach and can come up the SIDE of the hill, behind the vegetation, and get a
    clear shot at the guards.  However, when I played this way, just as I was
    heading up the hill I heard gunfire - apparently the two guards moved forward
    and my men shot them from their cover.  Nice. :)  Anyway, there are more guards
    on the far side of the hill as it goes down, so go take them out as well, then
    move the rest of the squad to the chapel at the top of the hill.  The NE quad
    Again, take one man and take out the guards outside the main wall exit that is
    to the east just like you did for the guys on the north.  There is also another
    guard patrolling the east-west road, so watch for him as well.  After you take
    him out, move back east, towards the four-way intersection.  There will be a
    guard there on the south road, semi-hidden and not where you can walk to him
    (yet), but it would behoove you to go ahead and snipe him as well.  Then, move
    your squad to the entrance of the SE quad, which is right near the four-way
    Stay to the north side of this quad and move all the way east, towards the
    wall.  From there, advance a man in the bushes on the east slowly and watch for
    a guard patrolling north.  Take him out.  Then, move forward past the bushes
    you will see some more crypts ahead, with a dog outside.  You know what to do.
    The crypt closest to the east wall is open and has two first aid kits and an
    MP40 - and a guard.  Advance a man forward and take him as you see fit, either
    with a grenade or some quick shooting.  At this point you'll be in the SE
    of the SE quad, so move west and again, when you get to the opening in the main
    wall, take out the guard outside there.  He patrols, so you may have to wait.
    By now you've noticed that you circled the middle portion of this quadrant, and
    the reason is evident - there is a small walled graveyard in the middle with
    guards in it.  There is also another guard in the entrance to the SW quadrant
    who can see you if you try to take them from the high ground in the middle of
    the map, so you will have to either circle BACK and get them from the east side
    (hard, since the guards are protected that way by the bulk of the graveyard
    statuary) or just take them by sniping from the south.  Sniping will be tough,
    since there are two, but one of the AI holes can be used.  Use the scope, and
    you will see that you can see farther into the mist than if you don't - but you
    can still get to a point where only one guard is visible - and if you shoot him
    then, the other guard won't react at all.  Any way you want to do it, take
    two men out.  Then, move the sniper up the hill to the west, behind the wall,
    and snipe the guard just inside the SW quad entrance from there.  Then, move
    your entire squad into the entrance of the SW quad.
    Because of fences, you have to spiral around the entire outside of this
    quadrant.  You start at the midpoint of the east end and you have to go north,
    west, then south to get to the fence opening to the church.  There is no
    opposition until you get to the north-south road on the west end - there is a
    guard behind sandbags right at the fence opening.  Snipe him, then bring a man
    up the hill.  There is a guard at the top of the hill with a dog, and another
    guard or two roams the woods to the south of the road up to the church.  Stay
    sharp and take them all out, then move your men to the church steps, beside
    either side of the steps going up.  At this point you can storm the front door
    or circle to a hole in the back of the church and take the two guards on the
    ground floor by surprise.  However, circling either way around will arouse
    guards - on the north side is the church steeple which has a guard inside ready
    to snipe from above, and on the south side is a small hole where one of the
    inside guards can shoot out.  Any way you want to take it, take the men on the
    ground floor and move all your men in.  At the back of the church is the
    to the stairs going up - be careful if you didn't already take out the guard at
    the top.  Once the top is taken send up your demolition man and blow up the
    radio installation.  Objective completed (Finally.....*whew*....  :)
    Gather at the bottom of the church, head out, then head south of the church to
    the opening to the road that runs along the south of the main wall.  Take that
    road back towards the middle of the map, to the entrance that was closed off
    earlier.  There is a motorcycle there, but that does you no good if there are
    four men still alive in your squad.  Head south, then follow the curve east
    (taking out the guard near one of the roads many dog-legs).  Head for the
    ground and cover to the south of this road.  You'll get to a point where you
    a tank stationary as the road turns south.  You can take it out if you have a
    bazooka, but it's not necessary.  Stay high and in cover, though, because just
    past the tank is a Kubelwagen with a guard and a dog nearby.  Take them out,
    then you can short-cut to the mission end.  If you see on the map, the fence
    are near has an opening through which you can pass to cut off the horseshoe of
    the road (which has some HEAVY opposition).  Get all your men in the wagon,
    offroad to go south from your position across the field, then when you get to
    the road again turn left to head west and to the exit zone.  There are some men
    with small arms and even a patrolling tank, but if you drive fast and are a
    little lucky you should be able to completely drive to the exit.
    LOCATION: Wadi Al Fazah, Libya
    BRIEFING: As you know, the United States has made its first big move against
    Germans in North Africa.
    British SAS patrols in Libya spotted German troops and armor near some old
    Egyptian ruins at Wadi Al Fazah. They have confirmed that the Germans are
    looting the ruins under the direction of Dr. Angelino Paguralli, an
    and supporter of the Italian government. The Italians are in dire need of money
    right now. It seems they have resorted to theft to get those funds.
    Your mission is to go in and shut down this operation. Make your way to the
    excavation site, take out Paguralli and grab the stolen artifacts before the
    Germans fly them to Rome. Reports have the Germans loading the artifacts in a
    Opel Blitz truck close to site. Steal the truck and take it to the southeast
    where elements of the SAS and Royal Engineers will meet up with you.
    - Capture the Opel Blitz truck containing the looted artifacts
    - (Secondary) Eliminate Dr. Paguralli
    - Escape to the exit zone at the southeast
    Enemy strength assessment: fairly strong.  Along with a lot of infantry, there
    are a few sandbagged MG42 positions and at least two tanks that you have to
    directly.  A sniper and a heavy weapons expert armed with a bazooka are
    essential to this mission.  I suppose that if you're brave you could try it
    AT mines, but bazookas are so much more satisfying. :)
    SUMMARY: You start at the northeast corner of the map, and your main objectives
    are in the northwest corner.  After this straight run, though, you will have to
    go down to the southeast corner of the map, again through heavy enemy forces.
    Okay, enough of gloomy, rainy France: it's on to the sunny shores of North
    Africa!  In this mission you start at the northeast corner of the map.  Your
    target is at the northwest corner, and the exit is through a long north-south
    valley to the bottom of the map and off to the southeast.  Pretty
    straightforward, but with a few twists.
    At the start, take one sniper forward to the ridge ahead and just to your left,
    then creep rock-by-rock until you can see a guardhouse with a guard out front.
    Snipe him, then move to the shack.  There is a patrolling tank and a two-man
    patrol squad that both have loops taking them to this shack, so you can either
    take it fast and wait them out, taking them from behind, or wait ahead of them
    and take them out on the front end.  In any case, when all of the above are
    eliminated it's time to move on.  As you continue west, there will be another
    patrolling man on the right side of the road, but his patrol arc doesn't go as
    far.  Try to take him from behind a tree.  Proceed to the first north-south
    As you come to this valley, move to the south/left side of the road.  There is
    convenient cover rock at the corner where the road goes south.  From behind
    you can see (and snipe) the guard that's standing guard to the south of this
    intersection.  South of his position is a minefield, so you don't need to go
    farther in that direction.  (My guess is that, if you don't want to 'run the
    gauntlet' at the end of this mission, you can take your chances in the
    minefield....)  After you take this guard, move all the rest of your squad to
    this intersection if you haven't already.
    Move another sniper to the north/right side of the road and proceed from cover
    to cover until you see a guard tent on the left.  There are two guards here, so
    be careful when sniping, or take them with an SMG if you can get close enough
    without being spotted.  There is some health here if you're hurt.  You can move
    your men to this tent if you want.  Then, send another man west from here
    (staying on the south/left side of the road) - there is another guard behind a
    big boulder on this side of the road, and just past his position is a crook in
    the road (south for a few meters, then continuing west) with a sandbagged
    on the other side.  Inch forward and snipe him.
    Just past this crook the road turns and continues south to an intersection with
    two shacks and barbed wire guarding it.  There are two guards here, both
    to be taken out.  The best thing to do is to take them from behind the boulder
    just to the northeast of the intersection, with at least two men using SMGs.
    After securing the intersection move your men into the larger of the two
    and have them wait for a two-man patrol that guards the road that continues
    from this intersection.  If you time it to when the patrol is at the other end
    of their sweep, you can get all your men into the big shack and have them shoot
    from kneeling cover.
    Your objective is west from here, along a road that goes through some Egyptian
    ruins.  Going down this west road you'll pass under two big stone arches, with
    plenty of cover on both sides.  There are no patrols here, but after the second
    arch you'll want to take cover on the north/right side of the road, as you'll
    close to the enemy camp.  There is a large boulder that makes a prime sniping
    starting point.  From there you can take out the sandbagged MG42 gunner
    the entrance to the camp.  After taking him out, advance with two men - the
    sniper and an SMG-toting guard for him.  There is a patrolling officer here and
    at least one guard in the tents to the northwest of the entrance that will come
    to investigate any gunfire.  Once you take these two out, take your SMG-man and
    sneak to beside the first tent, and then creep around to take out the guard(s)
    in the other tents.  There is also another shack to the south of the tents that
    has a guard inside.  Sniping from the tent area is your best bet, as there is
    another patrolling tank that may be near you at this point - but you can take
    the shack when the tank is at the other end of its patrol loop.  Once both
    buildings are empty you can advance your full squad to the tent or shack (or
    Once your entire squad is at the entrance to the camp, take your bazooka man
    north, beside the tents, and have him take out the patrolling tank without
    too far west, north, or south.  If you move him straight west from the
    westernmost tent and wait you can take the armor when it comes into sight.
    Then, move a sniper beside him, and aim south - there is a guard hiding in the
    ruins there who can't see you from sniper range.  Then, just a bit farther west
    there is another tent with a guard in it, just across the road from some more
    ruins north of it.  Beside these ruins is the truck, which is being guarded by
    one man.  You can snipe him from the tent to the south or sneak through the
    ruins.  Take the guard out and then move a man to beside the truck.  Objective
    Once the truck is secure you can, if you choose, ignore the archaeologist, take
    the truck, and escape, but let's have some fun... :)  The rocks bottleneck to
    the west of the truck and just past this is the entrance to a temple.  There
    two guards who patrol from inside the temple to the bottleneck.  You can take
    them however you wish, but the easiest is to sneak two men with SMGs to the
    rocks on the south of the bottleneck and wait for the patrol to come forward to
    their deaths.  Once these two are dead, take one man with an SMG and grenades
    inside.  Go straight until you must go either left or right, then go left.  The
    room is a deathtrap for some reason I can't figure - even if you kill the
    and his guard in this room, if you're standing in a certain line of fire
    something shoots and kills you, and after about ten reloads I gave up trying to
    find it.  You can bounce a grenade into the room to kill him, and just check
    your objective screen to see when it marks him off as dead.  Objective
    Once the doctor is dead, get all your men back to the truck and get in.  Drive
    past all the guards you just killed to the two-shack intersection past the
    arches, then turn south.  This road goes almost the entire north-south length
    the map, guarded heavily by infantry and MG42 gunners and panzerschrek teams
    behind sandbags, and there are even a couple of tanks and a halftrack here. 
    road twists and turns but basically goes south, then goes east towards the exit
    zone.  It seems tough, but if you just stay sharp and drive fast WITHOUT
    STOPPING, turning occasionally to avoid fire, you can run the entire gauntlet
    without taking a single hit.  You'll know you're at the end when the road
    down to go between two barbed-wire sawhorses and there are three infantry and a
    panzerschrek team in the road.  Just run them down and you're free!  Objective
    LOCATION: Tel An Wadis, Libya
    BRIEFING: Looks like one of our B-25s got lost and ended up landing on a German
    airfield just south of Tel An Wadis. It was one of the newer B-25 models- the
    one with six .50 caliber machineguns in the nose that has been shooting up all
    those German supply convoys. From the sounds of it, the Germans are getting
    ready to send it back to Berlin so that the Luftwaffe can have their engineers
    examine it. Who knows, maybe the Nazis will try to copy the plane and use it
    against us.
    The plan is simple, grab the pilots and fly out using the B-25. While in the
    base take out any targets of opportunity. Pay attention to the control tower.
    getting in there and knocking out the controls their ability to scramble
    fighters will be halted for quite a while.
    Expect the usual German welcoming committee of infantry and support vehicles.
    There may be tanks in the area as well. Best to be prepared for anything.
    - Free crew member #1
    - Free crew member #2
    - Free crew member #3
    - (Secondary) Destroy the tower's controls
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone (i.e. the plane)
    Enemy strength assessment: quite strong.  Plenty of patrolling troops, guards
    posted in watchtowers, and two patrolling tanks make this mission the most
    dangerous so far.  What's worse is the controlled access to the airfield -
    are only two fence openings, and both are heavily guarded.  Again, a sniper and
    a heavy weapons expert with a bazooka are essential.  Some of the clustered
    enemies also lend themselves well to SMG use...  Fortunately, there's only one
    sandbagged MG42, but he is strategically located, and while he could be
    it might be best to be a bit more pro-active in your own defense. :)
    SUMMARY: This is a fairly open-ended map.  The airfield in the center of the
    is fenced and has only two entrances, in the south and the east ends of the
    fence.  Inside there are cargo areas and barracks in the east side of the
    with hangars along the south side and more barracks and the control tower along
    the north side.  The airstrip dominates the center/west side of the field.
    There are guard towers all along the perimeter of the airfield.  The airplane
    near the tower towards the west side of the map, while the three crewmen you
    must free are in barracks on the north and east edges of the map.
    The airfield occupies the bulk of the map, and is circled outside with a fence.
    In addition, the road going around the outside of the fence from the south
    entrance (middle of the south border of the airfield) to the east entrance
    (middle of the east border of the airfield) is fenced off with barbed wire,
    limiting your access to the road system of the airfield.  The area outside of
    all of these fences is depressed, but loaded with mines.  And, finally, you
    start on an east-west road that runs south of the airfield, with a north-south
    road intersecting this to go to the south entrance of the airfield.  This
    entrance is guarded by one watchtower, a shack, and one guard in each, plus the
    regular patrols: one tank circling outside the fence and one circling inside,
    along with at least two guards walking patrol on the perimeter and more walking
    smaller beats around the hangars and cargo stockpiles inside the main fence.
    And not only is the east entrance cut off by barbed wire, it's got one guard
    tower overlooking it, a shack with a guard, and a sandbagged MG42 position.
    Sounds tough.  But here's what you can do:
    At the start, forget about staying on the road - that's asking to be killed.
    Head northeast towards a large rock for cover, hide your men there, then start
    leapfrogging up the trench, hiding behind cover and watching out for that tank
    on the outside of the fence.  If you stay on the slope you'll be more visible
    but you will avoid the mines.  Keep your bazooka-man handy and when the tank
    comes around, nail it.  Also, it helps if he's a sniper, but if not have him
    leapfrog with a sniper, and use the sniper to pick off the men in the
    guardtowers as you traverse the perimeter.  While taking out all opposition,
    stick to the north face of the trench and proceed directly east towards the
    road entrance of the airfield.  Right as the trench starts to curve off to the
    south you'll see the guard tower and shack at the entrance.  Using the sniper,
    take out both people.  You can do it from behind the cover rock, but watch for
    mines on the south of it.  Once those two guards are done, get two men (one
    sniper, one SMG) to that shack, guarding the windows, and watch for the patrols
    inside the main fence.  You can then leapfrog the rest of your team to the
    shack, with the goal being to take control of the two hangars just inside and
    the west.
    The two hangars are basically identical - open face on the north, open door on
    the west, and a small inside room in the SE corner - and a couple of guards in
    and around each one.  Use one man with an SMG and good sneaking skills to sneak
    inside the fence and take the first hangar - go to the door in the west, take
    out the guard standing inside, then watch for someone to come in from the
    smaller inside room.  There are also guards walking a beat around these two
    hangars, so watch for them and be sure they don't get behind you.  After taking
    the one closer to the entrance take the other.  And watch for the interior
    If you time it right, the tank could be on the other end of the airfield, and
    this case you could just lay some AT mines right on the road, but the bazooka
    a more satisfying option. :)
    At this point the mission plan is pretty wide open, but a quick review of the
    tasks and the coming opposition points towards a highly-recommended order of
    completion.  The B25 is in the middle of the western area of the airfield,
    guarded outside by two men, not to mention the guards on the surrounding
    buildings.  The three crewmen are in various buildings along the north edge of
    the airfield - one near the plane, one in the middle of the north end, and one
    in a barracks just south of a bunker/guardhouse on the east end.  When freed,
    the pilots just run towards the plane, and I guess that the guards at the plane
    will kill them if they're not being guarded by your own men.  It might be best
    to secure the plane first, then worry about rescuing the pilots, but the heavy
    opposition on the east end may make this tough.  So, rather than plot out your
    moves I'll describe the opposition in general terms:
    - Cargo boxes in the SE corner of the airfield: patrolled by two guards.  The
    boxes are surrounded by a wooden fence with openings in the south and west.
    Take out both guards here without venturing north to alert the barracks-men
    north of here, then snipe the SE-corner guard tower.
    - East-gate guards: there is one guard in a shack just on the north edge of the
    road as it exits the east gate.  South of that road is an MG42 position,
    pointing southwest, thus covering the southern approach.  Best to approach from
    the south and snipe from an angle that puts the barbed wire between you and
    then inch forward and snipe the shack guard.
    - Barracks area in NE Corner: one guard patrols the road just north of the
    southernmost shack.  Two guards and a prisoner are inside the open barracks
    building on the north side of this road.  There is a window in the north side
    this building that is open to the stone bunker north of the barracks, and there
    are two guards in here who will come to investigate noises, so be warned when
    the shooting starts here...  There is an Opel truck outside this bunker, and
    northeast of the truck is an open area with the NE corner guard tower at the
    other end.
    - SW Corner of airfield: a tent with a guard is at the base of the corner guard
    tower here.  Snipe the tower from a distance that you can't see the tent, then
    take the tent guard out.  As a reward, there's a motorcycle here that will help
    you get around fast.
    - NW Corner of airfield: a corner guard tower has one guard.  A bit east is an
    electrical shack that has one guard patrolling outside it.  Farther east from
    this shack is the tower complex: the tower is at the west of this complex, with
    one guard patrolling around its base.  Two guards are in the top of the tower,
    guarding some valuable equipment that's just begging to be destroyed (i.e. your
    secondary objective).  South of the tower is the B25 with a guard and officer
    standing outside it.  There are some boxes and jerry cans to use for cover once
    this area is secure.  East of the tower is a large, closed building with a
    Kubelwagen outside.  East of this building is a small shack with two guards
    on the door, one inside) and one of the pilots.  You can take them easily from
    behind the Kubelwagen - snipe the door guard then wait for the other to come
    to get sniped.
    - North side of airfield:  In the middle of the north side of the airfield is a
    small house with the last pilot, again guarded with two guards, one outside and
    one inside.  Snipe as before.  East of this is the stone bunker and barracks
    area of the NE corner.
    A suggested course of action - two two-man teams, each with one sniper, start
    the hangars.  Send one west, clockwise around the airfield, exterminating the
    opposition until they have cleared the tower area, secured the B25, and rescued
    the one pilot there.  Send the other to secure the cargo boxes, then the east
    gate then circle back to the inside.  They can take out the patrolling guards
    near the barracks on the east end, but then just wait for one of the other team
    to circle the long way with the Kubelwagen, pick them all up, then circle back
    and hold the plane position.  Then, send a team east along the northside to
    all opposition and free the pilots.
    Another thing if you want to have some fun is to remember this: running over a
    guard with the Kubelwagen will kill him, and a rumbling engine is just the sort
    of noise that guards will rush outside to check. ;)
    LOCATION: Ugenmagen, Norway
    BRIEFING: British Intelligence has picked up radio transmissions coming out of
    fjord near the Norwegian village of Ugenmagen. Looks like the Germans have a
    U-Boat hung up on the rocks due to severe weather conditions. Usually this
    wouldn't be of concern to us, but they have determined that the sub is carrying
    an Enigma machine.  The Germans use Enigma to send and receive top-secret coded
    The Nazis have sent in some infantry and armor in order to guard the submarine
    until support teams can arrive to clean up the mess.
    You will be dropped north of the shore via parachute. Once on the ground head
    the beach and grab the Enigma machine. Of secondary importance is the
    lighthouse, knocking that out would disrupt German naval movement for a time.
    We have arranged to have the British pick you up 10 miles north of Ugenmagen.
    You will have to commandeer one of the German troop transports in order to get
    - Get the enigma machine
    - (Secondary) Shoot out the lighthouse light
    - Steal a troop transport
    - Get all your men to the exit zone
    Enemy strength assessment: Very strong, probably some of the toughest
    yet.  Plenty of stationary guards and patrolling guards, and at least three
    tanks you have to face directly.  More than a few guard dogs, which are a pain
    to deal with as well.  Also several stragegically-placed MG42 positions make
    getting around difficult.  In addition, the placement of the enemy in the level
    is pretty good, so you really have to watch out when you take one out that the
    one covering him doesn't get you in retaliation.  Your only advantages are the
    limited visibility and the wealth of cover in the town.  Two snipers wouldn't
    out of place, and be sure you have at least one heavy weapons man with a
    (or some AT mines at least - there are some panzerschreks in town - but good
    luck getting to town to get them :)  ).
    SUMMARY: You will travel south from your starting position in the northwest
    corner of the map to approach the west end of the town.  Proceed east through
    town past the lighthouse to the fjord where the U-Boat is located to retrieve
    the Enigma.  After that, proceed a bit farther east then north to secure your
    escape out the northeast corner of the map.
    The game's map is basically a horseshoe, open to the north: you start at the
    north end of the west side of the shoe, and you have to go south to the town
    (which bridges across to the other arm), through town, then north up the east
    arm to make your escape.  Right at the start you are at the north end of a
    north/south road.  Run your entire squad IMMEDIATELY to your right/west and
    behind the house just southwest of your starting position.  You should get
    in time to hide from a two-man patrol walking a north-south beat.  You can
    ambush them at your leisure.
    It's a long trip down this road to the town, and one roaming tank and a
    sandbagged guard position along with a couple more stationary guards, but there
    is fairly decent cover with the boulders around.  It's best to take one man
    good sneaking and an SMG and sniper rifle and crawl south along the westernmost
    border, right up against the rock wall there.  As you head south you'll come
    across a big boulder with a guard on the other side, so be careful.  Just
    this rock you should see a small crook in the road where there is the first
    sandbagged position.  The roaming tank's patrol also comes up to about this
    boulder, so stay hidden well.  Once you take this first boulder, snipe the
    when the tank isn't around, sneak up your bazooka man, and then ambush the tank
    at first opportunity.  There is a panzerschrek at the sandbags if you forgot to
    bring a bazooka of your own.
    As you continue south from this position you get to an area where the rock wall
    on the west opens up near a shack which is at the northwest corner of the town.
    Another roaming tank patrol circles this shack, so watch out for it and take it
    out - but stick to the west, because just southeast of this shack there is a
    split in the road guarded by a sandbagged MG42.  If you stay north to where you
    can't see the shack, you can listen for the tank, back up when it comes, then
    chase it as it passes (it comes up near the gunner, heads west, then back
    so chasing it takes you away from the gunner).  Bring up a sniper and take out
    the MG42 guard, then gather your squad at the north side of this shack.
    From here you have a couple of options.  To stay directly on task you can
    the road's fork and continue on the road south, through town.  If you want more
    weapons from dead Nazis and a lot of first aid kits, though, you can take the
    road that forks west - it goes down hill and towards an area of waterfront
    barracks.  There are quite a few guards stationed and patrolling down here, but
    you can get a couple of MP40s and Kar98s and at least six first aid kits.  If
    you choose to claim this area, take one man all the way west and south towards
    the westernmost barrack.  You'll effectively circle around a guard near some
    boxes at a curve in the road and be able to snipe him from behind.  East of
    position at the waterfront are three more disconnected barracks with semi-wide
    spaces between them, then three more close-packed barracks east of that.  The
    road curves and goes east in front of all of these barracks, and on the north
    side of the road there are a couple of houses backing up to the big
    of the main town.  Bring the rest of your team down and 'leapfrog' from barrack
    to barrack, watching for and taking out the guards as they come.  It helps even
    more if you can get one man to the north side of that road and have him cover
    your men leapfrogging the barracks from there.  You've reached the end of this
    particular area when you pass the close-packed barracks and come to a plain
    a big boulder and a couple of stationed guards.  Take the necessary supplies
    gather your men back at the first house on the north side of this road.
    Just behind this house is a big hill which goes up to the plateau of the main
    town.  Coming at the town from this angle is advantageous as it puts you right
    in the middle of town but behind a big house, so you can gather your entire
    here.  However, there is a wandering dog who might get alerted, so take one man
    with an SMG up first.  If he alerts the dog, take it out, then watch for the
    guard that's in front of the house right next to the big one - he will come
    running when he hears you fire.  Between these two houses you can see across
    road to the houses there and see another stationed guard.  You know what to
    Once your team is behind this house, you will notice that this main road into
    town comes south then curves east in front of this big house.  On the south of
    this road, to your east, are two more houses with a wandering guard around
    Proceed carefully, take him out, and move up.  Past these two houses the road
    empty with boulders on the south side - leapfrog up these boulders until you
    see the lighthouse to the east and south of you.  The last boulder before it is
    fairly large and can hide your entire team.  A guard patrols the east-west road
    just north of you, so you might want to set an ambush for him, preferably close
    to town so you don't alert the lighthouse guards.
    The lighthouse has a shack next to it.  The buildings are guarded by one guard
    stationed at the lighthouse door on the west side, a sandbagged MG42 gunner on
    the east side, a dog, and a patrolling officer.  In addition, the east-west
    intersects with a north-south road north of the lighthouse, and there is a
    at that intersection, so you can't stray too far north without alerting him.
    Also, because of the angle from the boulder, you are northwest of the
    lighthouse, so the MG42 CAN get you if you don't watch it.  If you stick to the
    barbed wire to the right/south side, you can get to a spot where the lighthouse
    is between the MG42 and you, and you can take the door guard with impunity.
    Snipe him from a safe distance, and have an SMG man right beside your sniper so
    he can cover you quickly while the sniper switches to an SMG - that way, if the
    dog and/or officer come right away you can get them quickly.  Once they're
    circle the lighthouse to the south and attack the MG42 gunner from the side
    where he can't bring his gun on you.  Again, the germans have conveniently left
    you a Panzerschrek, so if your bazooka man is out of ammo pick it up and then
    shoot the top of the lighthouse with it - Objective Completed.
    At this point there is barbed wire and a cliff to your east, so you must follow
    the road north and around to get down the hill to the U-boat area (which is
    east of where you are now).  As noted before, there is a guard at the
    intersection with the east/west road going into the town, and north of this
    intersection there is another guard where the road curves to the east.  East of
    this guard is a guard patrolling east-west, a roaming dog, and another
    stationary guard at the east end of this road (the top of the cliff going down
    to the U-boat) so use cover and proceed carefully.
    At the end of this road is a cliff with a plain below it to the southeast.  One
    portion of the cliff is too steep to go down, so you must either go down to the
    left or the right of it.  The left channel is deeper, providing cover, but
    it opens onto the plain is right within shooting distance of a stationed guard.
    The right channel is more isolated, but farther away from the boulders on the
    plain which can provide cover.  There is one guard patrolling directly south of
    your access point here, and the U-boat is directly to the east of your access
    point and heavily guarded: one guard covering the left channel, two guards on
    boulders just to the east of him, near the U-boat, and to the north of those
    guards near the tail of the U-boat is a sandbagged MG42 position, an officer,
    and another damn dog.  Take your squad en masse down the left channel, away
    the U-boat, stick to the west side of the plain, and proceed south, killing all
    patrolling guards on the west side.  This will leave your back clear as you
    proceed east/northeast and snipe each of the guards in turn.  As you come from
    the west, the boulders in the plain will provide good cover, and if you go
    slowly enough and are a good shot you can take out all of the sub guards and
    MG42-area guards with little trouble.  The Enigma machine is on top of a box
    behind the MG42 position.  Objective Completed.
    Again, the Germans are nice enough to give you a lot of first aid kits and a
    panzerschrek, so load up, because you'll be facing another tank shortly.  The
    land you are on narrows at the MG42 area and curves to the northeast, then
    There are plenty of boulders, but watch out for a patrolling guard coming down
    this path, and another one stationed at the end of it, where this path opens up
    to a plain and a north-south road going up the hill to your left/north.  Also
    this road, patrolling north and south, is a tank just begging to be destroyed.
    Do it, of course, but be careful.
    The hill is steep, and at the top is a fenced compound with a truck you must
    steal.   The opening of the fence is on the east side of the perimeter, and
    you'll be approaching it from the south.  There is a guard in a tower in the
    southeast corner, an officer and a wandering guard inside.  Snipe the guard,
    watch for the dog (ALWAYS have your sniper covered with an SMG man for
    and then either snipe or storm in and kill the officer, then pile in the truck.
    Objective Completed.
    From here, it's simple, head out of the gate, turn north, and follow the road -
    the exit zone is a very short distance north, and all that stands between you
    and freedom is two guards who are quite easy to run over.  Objective Completed.
    LOCATION: Utah Beach, Normandy, France
    BRIEFING: General Eisenhower has just given the go-ahead for the invasion of
    Europe. It's officially D-Day.
    Our friends over in the Ranger battalions will be taking out the gun
    emplacements on Point du Hoc.
    Your mission is to take out 4 heavy artillery bunkers that protect the beach
    where our troops will be landing. Knocking them out is essential.
    After the guns are destroyed head in-land to support our 101st Airborne
    division. They will be dropping behind the enemy's shore defenses.
    German forces are strong in this sector. You can expect to encounter Infantry,
    Waffen-SS, and plenty of German Armor.
    - Destroy gun emplacement #1
    - Destroy gun emplacement #2
    - Destroy gun emplacement #3
    - Destroy gun emplacement #4
    - Get all your men to the exit zone
    Enemy strength assessment: Strong.  Remember, this was designed to repel mass
    invasion: sandbagged guards, sandbagged MG42 gunners, MG42s in pillboxes and
    concrete bunkers, plenty of barbed wire directing you into kill zones... even a
    few patrolling tanks.  At least you're in a small group, it's night time, and
    the guards are not at full-strength, so you do have some advantages on your
    side.  You will NEED a good sniper - preferably two.  Arm EVERYONE with sniper
    rifles, though, to make sure you have enough ammo (when a sniper runs out, have
    a non-sniper drop his rifle so the sniper can grab his ammo).  Arm everyone
    with SMGs.  There are demolition explosives scattered around the level, but you
    should probably bring your own as well.
    SUMMARY: It's the night before D-Day, and all on the beach... hehehe. Just
    kidding.  You start at the east end of the beach.  You will have to proceed
    almost all the way west past the beach-front machinegun bunkers (clearing them
    along the way, of course) to find one of two ramps up to the cliffs overlooking
    the beach to find the four artillery emplacements.  The four guns are close to
    the front of the cliffs, numbered 1-4 from east to west.  The exit zone is in
    the southeast corner of the map.
    NOTE: Something I've noticed about this game that a lot of people get confused
    about: the objectives you have to destroy are large artillery gun bunkers - NOT
    the machine-gun bunkers right near the beach.  This confused me at first too -
    it is probably because the MG bunkers are the ones labeled "Bunker 1", "Bunker
    2", etc. on the game map.  This only happens with versions 1.0 and 1.01 - the
    latest patch for the game, available for download from nFusion's website, fixes
    this problem in the briefing map.
    If you've played through mission 3 of Medal of Honor: Allied Assaut, this
    look familiar, but much more calm. :)  You start at the east-most end of the
    beach, just where the ground dips into the water.  Ahead of you and to your
    west/right you should see the cliffs tiered up above you and the beach
    on the flat lands in front.  The beach has two tiers above it, the first tier
    running even with the foot of the machine gun bunkers and the second tier above
    that, even with the top level/entrance of the bunkers.  Your objectives are up
    on the top plateau, above the cliffs that are behind this second tier.  You
    have to work your way west to find a ramp up from the second tier to the top
    Barbed wire is at the top of each of the first two tiers, so you must go west
    find an access opening - right beside a concrete bunker.  Hm. Sounds like a job
    for a sniper....  Order all men to hold, then take your sniper straight west,
    right beside the water, until you are just out of sight of your squad.  Then
    turn south and creep towards the nearest obstacle.  You should be able to
    see a large concrete bunker to your southwest, but directly in front of you on
    the first tier is a sandbagged guard.  Snipe him from behind the obstacle, then
    move straight towards the barbed wire tier, then when you are at the tier creep
    west towards the bunker, slowly.  Watch through your sniper scope and take out
    the MG42 gunner you can see when you get there.  Gather the rest of your squad,
    catch up to your sniper, then creep them all until they are right at the foot
    the bunker but ON THE SIDE - there is a second gunner up there facing
    so if you stay on the east side of the bunker there's no chance he'll see you.
    But CREEP, because there is a guard at the back of this bunker who may be
    alerted by your noise.
    Take a man with good sneaking skill up the hill towards the top of the bunker,
    and peer around the corner - there is a guard at the door in the middle of the
    back of the bunker, so take him out as you see fit, then sneak inside the
    and kill the other MG42 gunner there.  If you look out the west side of the
    bunker you can see another sandbagged guard up on the second tier, on the same
    level as the top/entrance of the bunker.  He may be alerted by the noise of you
    taking the bunker, so beware and prepare to take him out after you kill the
    gunner.  Or, if you're lucky, you can snipe him quickly before he can get
    At this point the immediate area around the bunker is safe, so you can move the
    rest of your squad in and claim the dynamite and first aid kits as prizes.
    The next part of the mission is pretty straightforward: Since you have just
    claimed the easternmost bunker, simply head west, clearing all opposition.
    There are sandbagged guards in between each bunker, on both the first and
    tiers.  There are guards posted outside the rear entrance of each bunker. 
    are two MG42 gunners inside each bunker.  There are occasional officers who
    patrol east-to-west between various guard positions on both tiers.  Finally, on
    the second tier between the third and fourth bunker (the two westernmost
    bunkers) is a patrolling tank on an area where the tier spreads out to a wider
    area.  This is also where the first ramp which goes up from the second tier to
    the cliff top is located.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet...
    split into two two-man teams, each with a sniper, and proceed forward slowly,
    one on the first tier and one on the second.  Snipe each guard and bunker as
    get to it, and watch for the officers who patrol between positions.  Typically,
    going from east to west, you will encounter a second-tier guard within sight
    distance of the bunker, and the first tier guard is farther away, so leapfrog
    make sure you have nobody flanking you as you go.  Also, just past the third
    bunker, watch out for the tank I mentioned earlier.  If you didn't bring along
    any AT mines or bazooka, the Germans were nice enough to leave you a
    Panzerschrek at the third bunker.  Also, as a quick note, the first of the two
    ramps up to the top plateau is between the third and fourth bunkers, so after
    the third bunker you can head straight up.  Alternately, you can continue west,
    clear the fourth and fifth bunkers (and the sandbagged guards in between, of
    course) then go up the westernmost ramp to approach artillery gun #4 from the
    front.  I recommend clearing bunker #4, but then taking the easternmost ramp as
    it is less-directly guarded, and the continuation of this level's walkthrough
    will reflect this.
    After the first two tiers and all bunkers are cleared of all opposition, it's
    time to head up.  There are no guards right over the slope, so feel free to
    your entire squad up the road until you're about 2/3 of the way to the top.
    Hold and bring one sniper forward, creeping, on the right/east side of the
    Just as you get near the top, right before the barbed wire curves away and
    up onto the plateau, you should see a guard bunker, with a guard on the roof,
    the distance to your south/southeast.  Snipe him, then watch out for a guard
    with a panzerschrek(!) behind the bunker from your position - if the sniping
    doesn't alert him, he will hear your men sneak up to the bunker.  It's best to
    make a wide circle in the plain to your east/right just as you top the hill -
    from the road, head backwards hugging the barbed wire overlooking the north
    cliff you just climbed, head east, then approach the bunker from the side.
    There is a road on the east side of this bunker that has another guard just out
    of earshot of the bunker guard, but again, sniping is the key.  Also, from this
    angle, you can use the slope of the road's edge to hide yourself from the
    guard's panzerschrek and snipe at your leisure.  Once he is dead, you can move
    all your men to this bunker as a base of operations for your work in taking out
    the artillery up here.
    The entire top plateau is protected at the front/north edge by a wide sandy
    stretch full of mines and barricades, with barbed wire closing off the north
    south sides, thus serving as a deathtrap.  South of this sandy kill zone are
    rolling grassy hills with sparse vegetation and roads - and your objective
    bunkers.  Behind these hills is an east-west road running the entire map width
    this road is guarded by patrolling tanks, guard shacks, and sandbagged MG42s.
    They are too far back to hear/help when you are going for the big guns, so long
    as you don't stray too far south.
    Directly south of your bunker, just out of sight, an east-west section of road
    is part of a patrolling tank's loop.  Also south of your starting bunker,
    this road, is another hill with a sandbagged guard and an artillery piece in
    open.  It's best to snipe him out at least so that nobody comes to investigate
    when you kill the tank.  Also, it's best to kill the tank before proceeding
    to take out the closest artillery bunker, because the road/patrol route goes
    right to the rear entrance of that bunker and you don't need a tank shooting at
    you when you're trying to sneak up on some guards.
    Once the tank is dead, creep a man west, halfway between the killzone front and
    the road, and come at the closest gun bunker from behind.  There is a
    guard in front of this bunker, so you are on the opposite side from him - there
    is a patrolling guard who circles this bunker, though, so watch out.  Time your
    attack to kill the two guards one at a time, then have your Explosives expert
    blow up the gun with some dynamite. Objective 3 Completed.
    The next gun (Objective 2) is a short ways east.  The road that the tank was on
    wanders in that direction, and then intersects with a north-south road.  At
    point take cover, because the next gun is just east of this intersection, atop
    small hill.  There are three guards in front of this one - two talking (one
    a panzerschrek) closer to the west and a sandbagged guard farther away, to the
    east.  The barbed wire along this north-south road forces either a frontal
    assault (not good) or a sideways snipe-and-sneak by going to the south and
    coming at the bunker from behind.  You can snipe the two talking guards from
    far side of the road, then creep behind the bunker and surprise/kill the
    guard.  Again, once all the local guards are dead, blow up the gun.  Objective
    Completed.  You'll also notice an Opel truck just southwest of the bunker
    from the road intersection), so keep that in mind for later when you'll need to
    make your big escape - but watch out for the officer who is guarding it.
    As you proceed east towards the first gun, you will encounter two separate
    bunkers.  The first is just a short way east from gun 2, across a small
    Be careful, as there is a guard officer's tent just southeast of this bunker,
    you might want to creep there and kill him quietly before going forward east.
    From the small hill you are on you should see the concrete bunker with a guard
    stationed in front and a patrolling guard near the door in back.  There is also
    a guard inside the bunker, stationed to fire out the portal in the front of it.
    This bunker is also LOADED with goodies you may need to finish your mission -
    two or three first aid kits, another panzerschrek, three charges of dynamite...
    Snipe the guard patrolling the rear first, then kill the front guard as he
    to investigate, then sneak towards the front of the bunker and snipe the guard
    inside from an angle where he can't see you.  Move all of your men to this
    bunker and claim the necessary supplies.
    A second guard bunker is again to the east of this one - it's another closed
    bunker with a watchout position on top and a guard stationed there.  There is a
    rise between these two bunkers, so creep just over the top and snipe the guard.
    Then, move your men into position east of this second guard bunker to prepare
    attack gun #1.  There are three guards posted in front of the bunker, so plan
    your attack accordingly - because of the slope of the hill, and the angle of
    guards from the bunker, coming from the rear of the bunker and setting an
    is probably your best bet - you'll see a good ridge and tree that can hide your
    squad while you send a decoy to attract them with some ranged fire or a
    (Or a panzerschrek, which, if you're good, will save you from having a
    firefight. :)  )  Again, once the guards are dead, have your demo expert blow
    the gun.  Objective #1 completed.
    Now, if you've followed me so far you're one gun away from being done and all
    the way across the map from where you need to go.  So, let's return.
    Fortunately, you've cleared almost all opposition along the way and secured a
    truck to make travelling easier and quicker.  Walk back the way you came until
    you get to that Opel truck just south of gun #2, then follow the road west
    you get to the first guard bunker you encountered, at the head of the
    easternmost ramp.  Stop there and exit your men, as there is some light
    opposition between this point and the fourth gun, which is basically straight
    west from this bunker.
    Take two men west from this bunker, slowly, and slightly to the south of dead
    west you'll see a small rise above an east-west road that has another
    free-standing artillery piece and two guards - one behind sandbags.  Take them
    out as you choose, then start proceeding slowly down this east-west road, which
    will take you to the rear of the fourth artillery bunker.  Creep SLOWLY, and
    stay to the south of this road, because on the crest of the rise to the north
    this road is a sandbagged guard, right near the bunker.  Also in front of the
    bunker is one stationed guard, and on the far side from this approach is a
    sandbagged MG42.  (Now you see why I recommended going up the eastern ramp -
    western ramp would put you coming at this HEAD-ON...)  Your best bet is to
    over the hill, snipe the sandbag guard on the hill, and have the rest of your
    squad positioned to kill the stationed guard when he comes to investigate, then
    circle the bunker and take out the MG42 gunner from behind.  Then, of course,
    put your demo expert on the task... Objective 4 completed.
    The rest is straight escape, and if you have the Opel truck intact then you can
    simply 'run the gauntlet' like I've done for the past few missions. :)  Just
    follow the roads at high speed, heading south and east, until you get to a
    shack with a roadblock arm and a couple of guards - just run them down and
    you're home free.  Just stay fast to avoid the gunners and be ready to dodge a
    tank that patrols that southernmost east-west road.  Mission accomplished.
    LOCATION: St. Peter de Marquis, France
    BRIEFING: Our next mission is to head north into the town of St. Peter de
    Marquis and capture the 2 bridges on the north side of town. Air reconnaissance
    has spotted 2 tigers guarding the bridges. They must be destroyed to enable our
    mechanized infantry to roll through the Normandy countryside.
    Looks like the B-17s and B-26s really gave the town a working over. You can
    still be sure to encounter heavy German resistance. Be careful of snipers using
    the ruins as cover.
    - Capture Bridge #1
    - Capture Bridge #2
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy strength assessment: The enemy are about as in-force as in the previous
    mission, but the bombed-out town and entrenched position makes this easily the
    most dangerous mission yet.  Snipers, patrolling guards, a few tanks, and even
    hidden MG42 crews are all over the place, with wide-open courtyards and small,
    hidden minefields everywhere creating several small deathtraps all over the
    Still, the enemy's greatest asset can be your greatest asset as well - cover.
    When a building or area is cleared, entrench your men to protect against the
    numerous patrolling guards, and if you are observant (and a risk-taker), most
    places have one or two good, well-covered approaches for assaut - but sometimes
    even those good approaches are only through running the gauntlet of a german
    ambush.  Be VERY vigilant... and bring at least two snipers and one heavy
    weapons expert with a bazooka - and pull as many double-hats as you can who are
    also good with small arms.  Pairing your men is a MUST in this mission...
    SUMMARY: You start near the southeast corner of the map, and your objectives
    straight north through the heart of town.  It's best to move fully towards the
    east edge of map so that only one flank is exposed during your advance, and by
    pairing and leapfrogging/pincer movements you can move from building/cluster to
    building/cluster with a minimum of risk-taking.
    Your men start at the south end of town, near the southeast corner of the map.
    A road proceeds a short way north from your position with bombed-out buildings
    on both sides and a destroyed tank in the road just north of you.  Past the
    the road ends at a T junction and a garden wall which sets off the first
    'square' you will take in your move north.  Split your squad into two pairs and
    send one pair to cover behind each of the closest buildings on both sides of
    road.  For ease of description I will refer to the westernmost group as #1 and
    the easternmost group as #2.  Make sure you have a sniper in each group.
    From the first building (really a wall), move group 1 up to cover in the ruins
    of the next building north.  From that position you should be able to look over
    the tank and see an MG42 gunner waiting to strike from the second floor of the
    second building north on the other side of the road.  Snipe him out, then move
    group 2 past their first building into the depression at the foot of this
    building.  A patrolling tank will be making a patrol that covers the east-west
    road just north of this building, so wait for it and then take it out with a
    bazooka patrol, then move group 2 into this building.  Be careful, though,
    because there is a hole in the north side of the building and a sniper in a
    building on the square north of the road can see and hit you from here - take
    cover and snipe him out, then entrench your position.  A couple of patrolling
    guards in the square north of here may hear the commotion and come to
    investigate, so station yourself and wait to take them out.
    Meanwhile, move group 1 north from the sniping position to the next northern
    building, which also borders the east-west road, then move them to the garden
    wall and the base of the buildings just inside this square.  There are three
    identical buildings side-by-side that each have stairs up to a second-story
    with windows to the north and south.  There is a sniper in a building across
    square from this middle building, so creep into one of the rooms carefully and
    snipe him out.  Then station group 1 inside the middle building here and have
    them wait for the moment.
    Group 2 should move out slowly east/southeast from their current position.  An
    MG42 gunner is in a building east of your position, open to attack from the
    - however, there are also two patrolling guards who are on the north/south road
    on the east edge of the map who will see you if you try to take this building
    directly - get into the depression in this open area behind these buildings and
    ambush the patrol, then take out the MG gunner from behind.  From here, take
    group 2 north across the first east/west road.  This will put them even with
    group 1's buildings, on the south edge of this first square.
    This first square is bouned on the south by the three identical buildings (like
    the one that group 1 is in), on the west by two bombed-out buildings (one
    an MG42 gunner), on the north by one more tenement like the ones on the south,
    and by more closed-up buildings on the east.  Moreover, there are two
    guards on the west edge, and across the road bordering the west side of this
    square are several buildings each hiding stationed snipers, as well as a
    patrolling guard or two on the east side.  Using a pincer movement, you should
    move both groups up their respective sides, slowly and carefully, taking out
    opposition - snipe ahead every guard you see, use grenades/surprise tactics on
    the emplaced MG42 position, and move EVERYONE in pairs.  Support is essential
    this area as it's literally crawling with nazi patrols.  End up with both
    together behind the north building of the square.
    Directly in front of the northernmost building of this square is another
    north-south road with a large walled graveyard to the west and a bombed-out
    building to the east.  Just north of this road's southern end is a destroyed
    halftrack with a guard near it.  Straight east from this is a two-story
    with a sniper in the second floor.  Immediately northeast of this building is a
    burning house atop a large hill, with a depression running diagonally towards
    the northeast.  Across this depression is another bombed-out building with a
    sniper inside, and another bombed-out 'half-house' east of it, near the eastern
    edge of the map.  This makes up the next 'square' you have to take.  If you
    never go any farther west than the north-south road the halftrack is on you
    shouldn't attract any attention from that side.  The best method of progress is
    this: From the cover of the first square you conquered, snipe out the building
    with the guard on the second floor.  Move group 2 to the eastern edge of the
    map, and then move them north, slowly, along the north-south road that runs
    along the canal.  Stay to the west side of the road and move slowly.  Just past
    the big hill with the burning building you may encounter the guard who patrols
    this section of the road.  Take him out, then approach the half-house from the
    south, careful not to attract the attention of the sniper in the building atop
    the hill to your west.  Once you're at the half-house, take a sniper to the
    side of the half-house and snipe out the guard in the building just north of
    half-house across the road.  Then, staying under the cover of the hill you
    should be able to creep down the depression towards the guard in the top of the
    hill, and then you can ambush him, snipe him, or pitch a grenade at him.  Once
    you kill him, though, the guard near the halftrack (which is just on the other
    side of this hill) will come to investigate, so be prepared to take him out. 
    this point you can claim the second square taken, and use the hilltop sniper's
    next as your next base for sorties.  Move group 1 straight up from their
    position to join group 2 at the hilltop building.
    From this angle you should be able to see the second guard who is in the house
    north of the half-house.  Snipe him.  You can then take your men all the way
    east, around the half-house, and across the road into that little building.
    Just west of this building is a field of grass and small trees, and beyond that
    is a large bombed-out cathedral.  You don't need to go any farther west than
    field, though.  North of this field is another east-west road with a house on
    the corner - this house is on the southeastern corner of the northernmost block
    you will have to take to get to the bridges.  Inside this little house is one
    officer and guard, and guard patrols bring at least two more guards to this
    corner (one from the north, one from the west).  Furthermore, guards in some of
    the other buildings near here are within earshot, so always have your men
    covered and be prepared for surprises.
    Put group 1 crouching in the grassy field, just south of the house.  Take group
    2 to the north-south road on the east edge of the map - as you approach north,
    just before the intersection with the east-west road, there is a big bomb
    in the road, the perfect size to lay an ambush.  Put an SMG man here to guard
    your sniper, then snipe through the window to kill the officer.  When the guard
    runs out of the house your men should be positioned perfectly to kill him
    immediately - and then the grassy men can cover the east-west road for patrols
    as the men in the crater watch for men coming down the north-south road.
    Leapfrog and watch out, killing all opposition, until your men have claimed
    house.  If you haven't encountered any of the patrolling men mentioned earlier,
    it might be best to actually venture a short way from the house to hunt them
    down, clearing the way for your final move towards the first bridge.
    The bombed-out building just west of the house has ramps up to the second
    which makes it an ideal sniper-cover position - from it, you can snipe out the
    guard (who has his back to you) in the building across the square to the north.
    Take group 1 this way, putting the sniper in the second story of this building
    and the other man on the ground behind the destroyed car on the northwest
    of this building.  Then take group 2 north along the eastern border until the
    road corners to the west.  From this point, start proceeding west along the
    SOUTH edges of the buildings... once your men are behind the building that had
    the guard in the second story, you should be within sniping distance of the
    first bridge.  This bridge has two MG 42 positions (one facing directly south
    the middle, one facing southeast), an officer and guard behind more sandbags in
    the middle, and a tank in the middle of the bridge.  (Fortunately, this tank is
    inactive and immobile)  Simply creep around the corner as little as possible
    snipe each emplaced man as you see him - and have your other man behind the
    corner to surprise any men who rush your position.  Group 1 (Sniper in the
    building, man behind the car) can provide cover if the germans try to come
    around the other side of the building to flank Group 2.  Once all of the guards
    are dead gather both groups together at the bridge and just have your HW man
    a few bazooka rounds into the tank.  Objective 1 Completed.
    There is a guard in the building just southwest of the bridge area, so take him
    out from the cover of the sandbags.  On the diagonally opposite corner of this
    building is a depression with a halftrack and two guards near it.  Sneak a man
    around the west side of the building to surprise them, or flank them from the
    east side of the building.  In either case, once those men are dead you should
    start moving west, sticking to the buildings bordering the northern road to
    avoid attracting attention of guards in buildings south from here.  As you
    proceed west across this block towards the next intersection there is a tank
    patrolling that you need to watch out for.  It's probably best to have a
    man on the north road waiting at the next intersection west from the bridge,
    where he can hide behind the hill as cover and hit the tank from the side as it
    gets to the northern road on its patrol loop.
    The second block west of the first bridge is a plateau with short grass and a
    tree on top, just north of a bombed-out building.  From behind this tree you
    should be able to see a sniper in the building across the next road just west
    you, but position a guard on the north side of the building, facing east, to
    watch for a stationed guard (with a panzerschrek) who will hear the sniper
    rifle.  Once you snipe, move him quickly to the side of the other guard beside
    the house and then take out the panzerschrek guard when he comes to
    Once he is dead, you can move both groups to the bombed-out building where you
    sniped out the guard.  This will put you on the northeast corner of the last
    block before the second bridge.
    Again, the bridge is fairly heavily guarded - just one sandbagged MG42
    but still two guards and a tank on the bridge.   Your best bet is to set one or
    two men in the rear of the bombed-out building on the northwest corner of this
    block, set to guard against men coming around this side of the building to
    your sniper... while having your sniper on the east side of the building and
    peering around the edge, sniping to take out all the guards.  Start with the
    MG42 man, and then when the other guards come you can either snipe them quickly
    or retreat and let your other men ambush them when they come around either side
    of the building.  Once they're all dead put a few more bazooka rounds into the
    tank on the bridge - Objective 2 completed.
    Your exit zone is the same place you started, and so since you cleared all
    opposition in your path on the way here, if you backtrack you can make a quick,
    clear run for the exit zone with no opposition.  Mission completed.
    LOCATION: Grave, Holland
    BRIEFING: According to Intel we have the Germans on the run!
    To take advantage of this the British have devised a plan called "Operation
    Market-Garden". The allies are dropping airborne units behind enemy lines. From
    there our troops can advance over the Rhine River and into Germany.
    According to the Dutch Resistance, there is a German general occupying an
    on the northern outskirts of the town Grave. A German panzer division has been
    seen patrolling the area.
    The goal is to eliminate him and as many of his troops as possible. We need to
    disrupt the chain of command by preventing him from issuing orders during the
    - Eliminate the general
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy Strength Assessment: The briefing said it all: estate, panzer division,
    and general - you can expect tanks, an entrenched position, and heavy infantry
    guarding a very important person.  Heavy Weapons, Snipers, and Stealth are all
    necessary, and they all better be handy with small arms as well.  Pick your
    VERY wisely.  Also, note that those bushes and shrubs that look so pretty and
    provide such good cover also provide cover to many German guards and snipers -
    look thrice before you leap, and even then be covered and be quick, or be dead.
    SUMMARY: You start in the middle of the western edge of the map - you will
    proceed east, across the river, then southeast to the estate.  Kill the
    and then go to the northeast to the exit zone.
    Your men start at the western edge of the map on an east-west road which cuts
    through some pretty rolling hills full of pretty bushes and flowers - and
    Move your men to cover on the north side of the road, then bring a sniper
    forward and to the rise just north of the road.  There is a hill east of you
    covered with low shrubs, and there are two nazis fairly well-hidden there as
    well.  One is on the top of the hill, at the peak, and one is just east of him,
    below the crest and on the southern slope, overlooking the road.  If you step
    near the fence just north of you then creep slowly east, you should be able to
    see the guard on the crest and snipe him.  Then, creep carefully up the hill,
    sticking near the bushes but not moving in them, and then you can surprise the
    other guard once you crest the hill.  Don't move too far over the crest,
    for reasons that will shortly become apparent.
    Once both hill guards are dead, move back to the northern side of the hill and
    creep forward.  Just past the east end of the hill are some larger shrubs which
    will make for good cover.  Post one man here, then bring the rest of your team
    around the north side of this hill to this shrub position.  You should be able
    to see a cluster of small houses near the bridge over the river just southeast
    of you.  Two houses are north of the road, one is south of the road, and there
    is a guard in the western north house, a wandering dog, and a well-hidden MG42
    on the south side of the road.  Coming at the angle described above, the house
    is between you and the MG42 and you're in a good position to snipe the guard.
    When you do, the dog will come to investigate, but with plenty of ground
    the houses and you your men should have plenty of time to kill him.  Then,
    a man to the closest house and snipe around the corner to take out the MG42
    Also, be on the lookout for a patrolling tank, whose patrol circuit brings it
    west across the bridge, then south past the MG42 man.  Once all of the guards
    around are dead, delivering a few shells courtest of Bazooka express should be
    child's play...
    Getting across the bridge is tougher, though.  Another tank will follow just a
    minute or two after the first one, and there are two sandbag positions on the
    far side: one with an MG42, another posted man with a K98.  Once you snipe the
    MG42 man, the other man will cross the bridge to investigate, and there's that
    other tank to deal with as well... your best bet is to set some kind of ambush
    with men waiting in the house on the south side of the road on your side of the
    bridge with SMGs, and a man behind the building with a bazooka ready.  Then,
    from the southern part of this destroyed house, you can snipe the MG42 man then
    run him around and behind the building, facing south.  The other man from
    the bridge will come when he hears the shots, so take him out, or if the other
    tank arrives first take it out (or, if you're lucky, both will come at once and
    the bazooka blast will kill both).  Watch out, though, as the north-south road
    beside this building on your side of the river is patrolled by an SS guard with
    an MP40.  Straying south to seek him out is troublesome as well because there
    a small garrison and some hidden snipers south on this road.
    In any case, once the bridge opposition is dealt with you can proceed with your
    men east across the bridge.  Just off in the distance, by the second building
    forward on the north side of the road is another posted guard - he can't hear
    the commotion on the bridge but will come to investigate once you cross - so
    snipe him out, or get men in position quickly behind the sandbags.  Another SS
    guard is behind these buildings on the northside and will also come to
    investigate.  In the little courtyard behind the buildings on the north is a
    panzerschrek and a couple of first aid kits.  Farther east, at the end of this
    little cluster of buildings is a staff car guarded by another soldier.  Snipe
    sneak to kill him, and then you can use the car for the next little portion of
    the mission.
    As you proceed east on this east-west road you will encounter a few more guards
    on both sides of the road before the intersection with the main Estate
    Just east of the bridge area is a pair of guards on the north side of the road,
    not well hidden, and a bit farther on up on some higher, shrub-covered hills
    occasional snipers.  Then, right at the intersection with the road going south
    to the Estate is a small shack on the north side of the road with a sandbagged
    MG42 gunner and an SS guard, and on the hill just south of your approach is
    another hidden sniper.  Your car won't survive a direct charge at the MG42
    position, so it's probably best to stop early and attack it from the side by
    circling to the north (near the river - there is less ground and thus less
    opposition on the north side of the road from the bridge to here).
    Once you've claimed this shack and MG42 position, it's time to head down the
    road to the south towards the estate.  There is a walled gate on both sides of
    the road going south, with snipers on the hills to the east and west.  The road
    south proceeds past these hills to a courtyard in the middle of the U-shaped
    chateau.  In that courtyard are three SS guards with SMGs, the general (also
    toting an SMG), and an initially-immobile tank.  At the first sign of trouble,
    the guards and general will ALL charge out, guns blazing, and the tank will
    alive, remaining stationary, but firing from its position on any Americans it
    can see.  One of your best bets is to stealthily make wide circles to the north
    to clear the snipers off both hills without alerting anyone at the Chateau,
    lay an ambush using all four men and triangulated fire from cover.  There are a
    couple of openings in the low wall bounding the north-south road, so hiding a
    couple of SMG-men there to wait for the ambush is an option, and those openings
    are fortunately just out of the tank's range.  There's also plenty of low
    on the hills, and while that's not hard cover, it's a good place to take the
    first sniper shot from, then run back to lead the men into your ambush.  With
    openings in both sides of the courtyard, it shouldn't be too hard to lay
    whatever kind of ambush you think will work best.  When it's done, you should
    have your four men standing and four Germans, including the general, laying
    on the ground beside a destroyed tank.  Objective completed.
    There are a couple of First Aid kits and a Staff Car in the courtyard as your
    prize for completing the objective.  The escape, however, still lays ahead.  If
    you stick to the roads, you would proceed up the north-south road back to the
    main east-west road, turn right/east, proceed to another north-south road
    (guarded by two infantry men plus a sandbagged MG42 gunner), turn left/north,
    cross a bridge (guarded by a stationed MG42 gunner and infantry) and proceed
    north to the exit zone.  There's no way the staff car will be able to handle
    even ONE of those MG42 positions, though, much less two.  You can take your
    chances, driving as far as you can then hoofing it the rest of the way.  You
    forget the car and make a normal, attacking infantry advance following the
    Or, if you don't mind a little swim, you can simply gather at the shack that
    at the head of the north-south road to the chateau, then head north.  There is
    the river just a short way north from this shack which you can swim across to
    put you on the north side of the river, past all that opposition at the
    intersection.  This leaves you only the two men at the bridge to face - one
    infantryman and an MG42 gunner you will be approaching from a blind flank.  So,
    swim across the river, creep east, and either snipe or charge the two men
    guarding the bridge, concentrating first on the infantryman as the MG42 gunner
    won't be able to shoot you.  Once they're taken out just get on the road and
    head north until the level ends.  Mission completed.
    LOCATION: Le-Mont-Savoy, Belgium
    BRIEFING: Yes, the rumors are true; the Germans have mounted a massive attack
    against our front lines in the Ardennes forest. They have captured a fuel depot
    at Le-Mont-Savoy and have encircled the 101st airborne in Bastone.
    By knocking out this fuel depot we can deprive the enemy of essential fuel
    stalling their advance. We will also take some heat off the trapped airborne
    We aren't sure what to expect in the way of resistance. The weather is
    and our reconnaissance flights are grounded. Be prepared for anything.
    - Destroy fuel depot #1
    - Destroy fuel depot #2
    - Destroy fuel depot #3
    - Destroy fuel depot #4
    - Destroy fuel depot #5
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy Strength Assessment: Very strong.  Not too many SS men on this level, but
    it is literally CRAWLING with regular infantry, snipers, and tanks.  Quite a
    MG42 positions make things hairy at quite a number of important locations.  You
    REALLY have your work cut out for you in this level.  Two snipers is a must,
    while SMGs are going to be useful you really also need some M1 Garands, as
    they're more useful at the slightly longer ranges that you will need to fight
    from to pull this mission off.  More than in any other level so far, it is
    ESSENTIAL that your men all work together as far as covering fire and ambushes
    go.  Also, with the number of tanks you will be facing, you'll need a heavy
    weapons expert with a bazooka as well.  While I typically stay away from
    specific squad recommendations, either Pvt. Arno or Pvt. Ramirez would be
    excellent 'two-hat' choices because both are experts in both sniping and heavy
    SUMMARY: From your start position you will proceed basically west-southwest to
    the middle of Le-Mont-Savoy, then from there you will need to go to two small
    encampments (one north of town, one south of town) to destroy the fuel reserves
    there.  Once all fuel reserves are destroyed, proceed east-southeast from town
    to the exit zone (which is south of your starting position).
    Your men start off in the Northeast corner of the map, on a road that proceeds
    west towards the bridge which crosses the river into Le-Mont-Savoy.  At the
    start, move your men into cover behind the destroyed Sherman tank that is in
    sight just to your southwest.  Just past this tank you should come into sight
    range of a guard shack which protects the close side of the bridge across the
    river.  An officer and two guards near a sandbag emplacement comprise your
    opposition.  The trees and tank provide pretty good cover, so set an ambush,
    then set it off by sniping the officer then running back to lead the germans
    into your kill zone.  Once they're all dead you can move all of your men to the
    shack, then cross the bridge.  There is one stationed guard just out of sight
    behind the girders on the right side of the bridge, so you can either snipe him
    or sneak a man into SMG range by sticking to the right side and creeping
    to ambush him.  Once this guard is dead you can move all of your men across the
    bridge, then move into cover behind the trees and rise just north/to your
    Take cover quickly because there is armor coming - the first tank of many.
    The tank which approaches has a patrol loop which proceeds east towards you on
    the road, then just within sight range of the bridge turns south and loops back
    towards the first cluster of town buildings just to your west (and out of sight
    at the moment).  If you are quick and lucky you should take it out now, because
    it will cause you some trouble if you encounter it close to town.  Move your HW
    man to point, take out the tank, then move your whole squad to the south side
    the road and proceed behind trees, leapfrogging west until you see some
    buildings ahead of you.  There is a sniper on the south side of this road in
    trees, so watch for him as well.
    The road you are on ultimately moves southwest, but it does so by moving
    straight west then making short jogs straight south.  Right after the first jog
    south you will see two houses on opposite sides of the road.  The north house
    has a damaged upper story with a sniper hidden there, the south house has a
    guard stationed in front of it, and there is a sandbagged MG42 just west of the
    southern house - and it can swing just far enough to hit your men if they are
    anywhere past the front of that house.  Snipe out the sniper and guard, then
    can either snipe the MG42 man or circle the back of the house and kill him from
    behind - but watch out if you do that, because the road makes another southern
    jog just past the MG42, and across that road, up the hill, is a sniper hidden
    the trees.  You'll ultimately have to take him out as well, so the order you
    face them is up to you.
    Once this first little cluster of buildings and the aforementioned sniper are
    both cleared, you can proceed to the top of the hill where the sniper was. 
    hilltop overlooks another jog west and south of the road, but straight west the
    ground slopes off to a small valley which expands both to the southwest and
    straight west.  This valley makes a good position to approach the eastern edge
    of the main part of town from.  Creep your men down the hillside west from the
    top of the hill, then proceed via tree cover to the southwest.  When you see
    ground rise to your south, start proceeding straight west until some guard
    shacks and the edge of town starts to come into view.
    The eastern edge of town is marked by a road proceeding south from the
    section of road at a T-junction, and right at this junction is a small house, a
    guard shack, and a cargo truck - as well as three stationed infantrymen and a
    dog.  The dog will most likely charge you first, followed closely by the other
    guards, so be sure your men are covered well and set to put the germans in a
    crossfire.  Once all of these guards are dead, it's time to pair off your men -
    send two men to the south side of the east-west road, to take cover behind the
    truck there, then move the other two men to the small shack on the north side
    the road.  From here, you will basically move straight west, each time
    leapfrogging your men so that your forward team on one side can cover the
    advance of the other team, then in turn provide cover for the others.
    A short way west of the road running south you will come up against two
    buildings at the base of the hill up to the main part of town.  There is a
    sniper in front of the one to the south.  Once your men are at this last set of
    buildings you can prepare to climb the hill and take the town, which will be
    site of some fierce german resistance.  If you follow the main curving road
    you have been on this whole time, you will curve north a bit then head west up
    the hill right into the face of a sandbagged MG42 and the site of at least two
    patrolling guards and a dog.  If you proceed straight up the hill from between
    the two buildings at the base of the hill, though, you will come at the town
    from the side and be able to flank the MG42.  However, a tank's patrol route
    circles the road just on the other side of the first row of buildings at the
    of the hill, and just across this road is a sandbagged sniper.  Also, two of
    aforementioned patrol guards and the dog will be able to hear and will attack
    once the commotion starts.  Plan your attack accordingly.  The best bet is to
    come up against the second building from the MG42 intersection, with two men
    facing each way to guard against patrolling guards.  From here you can wait for
    the tank, set up a flanking action on the sandbagged sniper, and even set up an
    ambush for the patrols.  In any case, once the patrolling men and tank are dead
    and the MG42 is taken out, this immediate area of town will be relatively safe.
    Some stationed and patrolling guards are at positions two and three blocks to
    your west, in the middle of town, but your next section of the mission, the
    approach to the southern fuel depot, should be relatively pain-free.
    Staying at the rim of town right at the edge of the hill, circle the west side
    of town south, then follow the top of the hill west along the south side, south
    of the big building on that side of town.  If you stay near the rim none of the
    town guards should be alerted.  Keep proceeding west along the south edge of
    town until you see a road heading south from town, down the hill.  Do NOT
    proceed down the hill's face, as it is heavily mined.  A tank patrols this
    north and south, so wait near the buildings and have your HW man on point to
    take it out while it is somewhere on the hill.  Try to take it out while it is
    at least halfway down the hill towards the bottom, as it will provide important
    cover for your troops as you approach the southern fuel depot.
    Once that tank is dead, creep straight west staying out of the minefield until
    you reach the north-south road, then follow the road down the hill just until
    the encampment comes into sight.  The road proceeds south past the side of the
    barbed-wire perimeter, then curves around the south edge to the opening in the
    southern side of the barbed wire.  There is a big destroyed house inside the
    perimeter, on the near side.  On the opposite side of the building from your
    approach are three stationed guards, one with a panzerschrek, inside the
    perimeter, one MG42 man and another stationed guard on the south, near a
    bombed-out building just south of the perimeter, and two guard dogs just south
    of the perimeter near the road's curve.  The minefield starts to thin out as
    near the bottom of the hill, so you can move to the plain on the opposite side
    of the road from the encampment and station some men behind trees there to
    provide a crossfire with the men on the hill.  Your best bet is to put two men
    on those trees with M1s and then put your other men with SMGs near the tank on
    the hill.  Then, take either your sniper or heavy weapons man (whichever you
    feel most lucky with) down the side of the hill towards the north edge of the
    perimeter.  Snipe or bazooka whatever target you can, trying to maximize the
    damage you do to the enemy, then run him back to cover.  The enemy will react
    FAST, so be quick.  Hopefully the crossfire between the tree-men and the
    hill-men will take the dogs out and then the rest of the guards without too
    damage.  This may or may not also draw out the guard near the MG42, so be aware
    of this, and when the commotion dies down send your sniper out to clear out the
    rest of the competition.
    Once all of these men are dead you are home-free to destroy the three piles of
    jerry cans which are inside the perimeter on the western edge, which comprise
    your first three objectives.  One block of TNT per pile should do nicely.
    However, you are about to be ambushed.  Once the last of these fuel depots is
    destroyed four men will attack the camp - two from the plain east of here
    you laid your own ambush just a minute ago) and two down the hill from town.
    While one man is having fun with his TNT, put two men into the destroyed house,
    facing out the windows and crevices on the north edge to cover the road down
    hill, then put your last man near the MG42.  Once the last depot charge is set,
    get your demo man to cover behind the house, have your house-men set, and
    to the man on the MG42.  The men in the house should take out their opposition
    without any problems, and the MG42 will make very short work of the guards
    coming from the east.  Objectives 1-3 completed.
    Next you have to pass back through town and go down the road north from there
    the second encampment to destroy the fourth and fifth fuel depots.  Gather your
    men and head up the hill, but get to the sides and behind tree cover as you
    the crest, just past the minefields.  The road you are on proceeds north to a
    T-junction with an east-west road.  There is a large building on the west side
    of this road with a guard stationed in front of it, and a small graveyard on
    east side of the road hides a guard near the mausoleum.  When you take out
    two guards the remaining patrolling guards (one or two, depending on how many
    you killed earlier) may come to investigate, so it's a good idea to get your
    to cover as quickly as possible.  As you near the buildings you will come into
    view of some posted guards near buildings to the north of this east-west road,
    so be aware of that as well.  Get your men to the mausoleum and graveyard for
    the best cover, and keep a watch to your north and northeast, as that's the
    section of town you haven't cleared yet.
    Once that opposition is cleared, proceed building by building north, then east,
    to come to the northeast of town.  That is near the first MG42 emplacement you
    encountered as you came to town, and is also the site where the road runs north
    and down the hill to the northern fuel encampment.  Only one or two more
    stationed guards are left near buildings on the north side of town, so just
    creep carefully and take them out as they come.  Once all of your men are at
    northeast corner of town, it's time to head down the hill.
    You're pretty much in the clear coming down the hill, but once you hit the
    bottom you are on a pretty empty plain with a bare road stretching north.  Two
    patrolling guards walk their beat north and south on this road, and their
    turning point is just out of range of the last cover near the hill's bottom, so
    you're facing a pretty dangerous little fight.  You can set an ambush closer to
    the hill and draw them into it with a sniper hitting them as they turn, but
    sniper is pretty much going to get hit if you do this.  You could also charge
    with all your men, guns blazing, and take your chances.  You might also want to
    clear far off the east or west side of the road, as there is some sparse cover
    there, but not too much and then you come dangerously close to more minefields.
    A bazooka man and a lucky shot is yet another possibility...
    After these two guards are dead, move your men to the east side of the road and
    creep forward.  You will know you are near the encampment when you see a big
    bombed-out house on the right/east side of the road and a rubbled-foundation
    lone chimney on the left/west.  Proceed directly towards the house's face with
    heavy weapons man and a sniper, creeping.  Once you are at the house circle
    around the back, away from the road, and as you get to the northeast corner of
    the house you will see why - you will be BEHIND an MG42 gunner stationed in the
    ruins on top of the house's foundation and you will see a tank ready to start
    its patrol on the road to the north, right in front of the camp.  If you're
    quick your bazooka man can take out the tank before it even starts (or at least
    before it gets too far), but once he fires get him back to cover quickly, as
    panzerschrek guard just inside the encampment will attack you once he hears the
    fire.  That's why you also brought along the sniper... :)   Once he is dead,
    take out the MG42 man from behind and then you're all clear to blow up the last
    of the fuel.
    Before you blow up the fuel, you might want to secure transportation.  There is
    still that truck you left near the east edge of town, but if you don't want to
    hoof it that far you should move the truck in the encampment out before blowing
    the fuel up.  Parking it between the two houses there is a good spot for it.
    Move the truck, then send your demo man in to finish the job.  Again, once both
    depots are destroyed you will trigger an ambush.  Prepare by getting two of
    men into the house, behind cover, firing out the windows.  Put the third man on
    the MG42.  Then have your demo man blow up both fuel depots.  Once both are
    destroyed leave him here, on the north side of the building inside the
    encampment, so that he will be out of the line of fire when the ambush starts.
    Switch back to your MG42 man and let the AI run your men shooting from cover.
    Two men will come from across the ruined house to the west, and two more will
    come around from the field to your east and circle the front of the house. 
    men should make short work of them.  Objectives 4 and 5 completed.
    Once you're in the truck, you can simply run the gauntlet yet again and charge
    your way out of the level.  Head back through town, down the hill on the east
    side, pass that first truck, then follow the road south and follow it's curve
    east-southeast.  There are stationed snipers all along the road, but the truck
    is tough and so if you drive a lot OFF the road and run over a few of the
    snipers you should make it to the end without much damage.  The opposition gets
    heavier as you near the bridge, and just as you cross it you will see a small
    cluster of men and a tank coming right at you.  Dodge it quickly, but once
    you're past it you're home free - just follow the road until you get the magic
    words "Press esc to end mission".  Mission completed.
    LOCATION: Rhine River, Germany.
    BRIEFING: The Germans have fallen back to the Rhine River and taken up
    positions. A massive railway gun is keeping our troops pinned down on this side
    of the river.
    In order to advance into Germany we need to eliminate this gun, however getting
    to it may be a problem.
    The Nazis have destroyed most of the bridges over the Rhine; luckily we have
    found one we can cross.
    Our job is simple. Get across the bridge and destroy that gun so our troops can
    advance into Germany.  Once its blown make your way back across the bridge
    our boys will pick you up.
    I think we can assume that the Germans will have an assortment of infantry and
    armor defending the bridge. This may be the toughest mission we have ever faced
    but it can also be the one that ends the Third Reich.
    - Destroy the railway gun
    - Get all of your men to the exit zone
    Enemy Strength Assessment: Needless to say the opposition will be THE toughest
    you've ever faced.  Not only is the level literally CRAWLING with troops, many
    of them are SMG armed.  The snipers are well hidden in the numerous trees and
    brush clumps scattered around the level.  There are quite a few field officers
    and SS guards.  And, of course, more than your fair share of Panzers.  But
    that's not all - there are also artillery emplacements that are saturating one
    of your only access points with tons of heavy shellfire, and other chokepoints
    are mined to hell and back.  Expect to either lose a lot of men or reload a LOT
    before finishing this level.  You must have men who can do it all - heavy
    weapons, snipers, good small arms men, and a medic for sure.  Stealth makes
    quite a few sections much easier.  Also, don't forget that your mission is to
    blow up something, so one of your men better be good with explosives.  You will
    most likely run out of sniper ammunition before the end of this level if you
    only your snipers with Springfields, so it might not hurt to give everyone a
    sniper rifle, at least as secondary weapons - you'll be able to pick up SMGs
    from dead germans soon enough anyway...
    SUMMARY:  You start at the southeast corner of the map.  You must make your way
    west through heavy opposition to the north-south rail lines on the western edge
    of the map.  From there, head north to the bridge across the Rhine and then
    across the bridge, following the tracks (or taking the side roads around the
    mountains) to the railgun near the northeast corner of the map.  Once that
    railgun is destroyed you must get back across the bridge to the westernmost
    of the map to exit the level.
    At the start you will be surrounded by tanks - don't shoot them! They are US
    Sherman tanks.  They really only serve the game story's purpose, it seems, as
    they provide no support for your men as they proceed through the level.  Still,
    don't waste any of your precious bazooka rounds on them - you'll need to
    conserve ammo at every opportunity.  Get your men to cover to your left, on the
    south side of the road, then creep forward.  You will see a destroyed house on
    the south side of the road just ahead, and there is a stationed guard inside.
    Once he's taken out, station your men here guarding towards the west, then move
    one man forward on the north side of the road behind cover.  There is another
    house a short way farther down the road with a guard on the far side of it.  He
    is laying in wait to ambush you, but you can draw him out and into your own
    ambush.  Just a bit farther west of this second house is a destroyed halftrack
    with yet another german waiting in ambush.  Once these guards are dead you can
    move to the halftrack for cover.  You will see another house a bit farther
    on the south side of the road, and as the road continues west you will see a
    roadblock with two germans stationed near a halftrack there.  You can snipe
    or set an ambush at your leisure.  Once these last two are dead the first area
    of the mission is complete.
    Your next task is to get past this roadblock.  Destroying the halftrack won't
    work, and you can't blow up the barricades.  Head north, staying somewhat near
    the fence and barbed wire, and you will come to an opening where you can
    continue west through a field.  However, some artillery farther to the west is
    shelling this area heavily, so running this gauntlet means taking your life
    your own hands.  What's more, the only way out is through one of two potential
    killzones - the first area is closer to you and zigzags through a HEAVY
    minefield.  The second one is farther away and zigzags through more german
    shelling.  I recommend the minefield, as the shelled area carries you within
    shooting distance of the opposition you have yet to face along the main road,
    and the minefield, while dangerous, isn't being shelled so you can take your
    time getting through it.  Most of the shelling seems to happen at the same
    locations, so if you watch for where shells are exploding you can avoid the
    worst of it.  Proceed west through the opening and run break-neck towards the
    first opening to your south you can find.  When you see a minefield sign turn
    and STOP.  You'll be out of the line of fire, and will only have to step
    gingerly through what feels like 10 miles of zigzagging mined barbed wire.
    Still, keep your eyes on the ground and you'll make it through alive, and will
    be dumped back onto the road just past that roadblock.
    Get your men to cover on the southern side of the road and then start
    leapfrogging west.  Watch for a sniper in cover on the top of the hill at the
    south edge of the map.  He will be just before you get to the first house past
    the roadblock.  Take him out, then start creeping your men gingerly towards
    house.  There are two germans with SMGs stationed on the far end of the house,
    but they will hear if your men get close.  Another ambush seems like a good
    idea.  You can put a sniper on the north side of the road to try to get a
    crossfire going, or perhaps put a sniper on the top of the hill along the south
    edge of the map, and then sneak some men close to the house's near side and
    for the Germans to come to you.  Once they are dead you can gather at the
    but then put your HW man on point, as a patrolling tank loops just near the
    western side of this house.  Wait and take it out before proceeding.
    Stay on the south side of the road again and move forward, scanning the trees
    ahead for a sniper.  Once he's dead you should be fairly close to the next
    building you encounter - a bombed-out house on the north side of the road with
    guard inside.  Rush or snipe him, then take station at this house for the next
    little advance towards a small cluster of buildings just west from here.  There
    will be a large house on the south side of the road with a sandbagged MG42
    gunner outside it facing you, and a posted guard near a staff car in front of a
    smaller house on the north side of the road.  What's more, this northern house
    backs up to a large hill which has three Pak-40 artillery pieces shelling the
    area east of you (that you just waded through earlier), and guarding them is a
    sniper on the hilltop, in trees, facing south and thus covering that house.
    Sniping is going to be your best bet - start by taking out the posted guard,
    then flanking the MG42 from the southern hillside, then you can take the
    sniper at your leisure.  It's not necessary to the mission, but it's immensely
    satisfying to take out the Pak-40s as well.  One bazooka round each from your
    specialist should do the trick - and fortunately there's a panzerschrek (along
    with a couple of first aid kits) near the MG42 position.  Load up, heal up,
    prepare for your next move.
    If you stick to the roads, you will encounter yet another sniper on that
    southern ridge just west of these buildings, then you will finally meet the
    intersection with the north-south road and rail line - which is guarded by a
    sandbagged sniper, a halftrack, and another posted guard, as well as two more
    soldiers and a tank farther north whose patrol loop carries them near this
    intersection, not to mention another sniper just north of the road, in some
    trees near the bottom of the big hill that the Pak-40s were on.  The staff car
    won't make it that far unless you're pretty lucky, but fortunately you don't
    have to stick to the roads.  You can cut off a big portion of the mission by
    heading straight up the hill just west of the Pak-40s and then proceeding north
    across open country heading towards the bank of the Rhine right where it curves
    north.  As you get near the top of the hill you'll see a sniper on another
    hillotp just north of you, but you can run him over without too much trouble.
    Then, head north and angle a bit towards the east until you see the river edge,
    then staying near the river edge (but NOT in the sand, which is mined) head
    north until you encounter a fence and barricade which stops your forward
    progress.  This will put you fairly close to the Rhine Bridge and past the
    intersection's opposition.
    Pile all your men out and then take cover facing west.  You need to get past
    railroad tracks and road ahead of you to some buildings on the far side of the
    road to proceed north towards the bridge.  Those two patrolling guards and tank
    mentioned earlier also come this far north, so they must be dealt with - not to
    mention a stationed guard in the field straight west across the road from your
    position and two more stationed guards in between the two houses just north of
    that field.  Did I forget to mention another patrolling guard whose loop goes
    from this fence area north along the railroad tracks?  Needless to say,
    is a MUST.  Get your sniper in cover somewhere near the fence and just in sight
    of the rail cars on the railroad tracks, and have your other riflemen/SMG men
    beside him covering the areas just north and south of here, watching for those
    patrols.  This far away from the road the tank and guards on the far side are
    not a concern just yet.  Wait and snipe or hunt down these patrolling men, and
    then you can start advancing your men west towards the railcars.
    As you near the railcars proceed slowly and watch ahead for the sniper in the
    field.  The ground the rails are on is slightly elevated, which is advantageous
    cover-wise.  Get the riflemen guarding your sniper just behind this rise so
    they are minimaly exposed to fire from the other side of the road, then snipe
    out one of the two guards near the house - these two men have MP40s and are
    more dangerous.  Once one is dead the other will charge, as will the sniper if
    he hears the shot (depending on how close you are when you snipe), but if your
    guards are positioned well they should be able to take out the germans with no
    problem.  Be aware of that tank, though - you can either wait for it to pass
    then take out the men, leaving the tank for later, or you can let the attack on
    the tank be the trigger that draws the infantry men into the ambush.  In any
    case, the net result should be three dead germans and one dead tank, and the
    reward is two more first aid kits on the steps of one of the two houses on the
    west side of the road.
    Proceeding north you will encounter still more resistance before the bridge.
    Just barely out of sight from the northernmost of these two houses you should
    see two german guards talking to each other on the west side of the road,
    half-hidden by the telephone poles.  You can set an ambush at the house and
    snipe, then lead the survivor into the killzone near the house.  You could also
    set up a crossfire with one or two men on the east side, either behind covering
    trees there or all the way behind the rail cars there.  Just north of these two
    guards is another small shack which has one posted guard outside and an SS
    officer inside.  Just behind this the ground rises up to the bridge level and
    the ground rise continues to the south and west from this building.  A patrol
    guard walks a beat on that ridge.  One sniper is posted on the bridge just over
    the railroad tracks, and another guard farther down the bridge can hear if the
    commotion gets too close.  A series of ambushes seems to be the order of the
    day.  You can snipe the door guard outside the shack and draw the officer out
    an ambush - or if you snipe the guard from far enough away he won't be alerted
    and then you can snipe him from the railroad tracks.  Sniping the guard on the
    bridge is essential as he covers the entire advance, even up the ridge to the
    southwest.  Finally, someone needs to be details to take out that patrolling
    guard on that ridge, preferably farther south so that no attention is
    Once all of these guards are dead and the house is plundered (dynamite, a
    panzerschrek, and a first aid kit) you are ready to take the bridge.  There is
    an MG42 man on the bridge, on the north edge right near the building where the
    bridge starts out across the river.  You should be able to snipe him from
    level without him being able to hit you.  From here you should also see steps
    which go up the south tower of this side of the bridge and put you on a small
    platform.  There may be a guard here, or his attention might have been
    earlier when you took out the sniper on the middle of the bridge over the
    railway.  If you didn't take him out earlier, take him out now, then get the
    rest of your men to these stairs and this platform.
    The rail bridge crosses the river and dumps you off right into heavy
    but fortunately they also built in a pedestrian walkway that is suspended UNDER
    the bridge's main level.  These stairs on the south tower lead around the tower
    and down and put you on this walkway.  There is no opposition here, so just
    across until you have crossed the rhine and get to more stairs which lead up
    around the south tower on this side of the bridge.  This is also a well-covered
    area to begin your assault on the last of the German defenses guarding the rail
    As you creep up and spy around the wall tops of the landing at the top of the
    stairs you will see a panzer and two guards stationed near the mouth of a
    opening guarding the plain that opens up just beyond the bridge.  This landing
    provides perfect cover for an ambush.  Get an SMG man by the stairs leading
    to the walkway, then peering out just right you can have your HW man put a
    bazooka round into the tank.  Then, when the guards come to investigate, you
    either snipe them out or let them get chewed up by your SMG men.  Then you will
    have a decision to make: left, right, or straight through?
    Just across the plain from the bridge is a big mountain which has a road
    around it to the north, a road heading around it to the south overlooking the
    Rhine, and the opening of the rail tunnel which goes straight through the
    mountain.  Opposition will be heavy whichever way you go.  Around the mountain
    to either side is only recommended if you have enough sniper ammo left, because
    each way around is guarded by several sandbagged MG42 emplacements and guards
    concrete bunkers.  If you are very low on sniper ammo, then through the tunnel
    might be the best bet because, while difficult, the advance that way can be
    somewhat easily without sniper support.  The rest of this walkthrough will
    reflect the Tunnel option.
    As you get onto the plain near the tunnel's mouth, you will encounter
    guards who guard the first segment of the roads going around each side of the
    mountain.  Be sure to take them out so that you aren't flanked.  Then, start by
    getting most of your men to the side of the tunnel mouth to ambush anyone
    out, then start drawing out the guards.  Just inside you will see some boxes in
    the distance on both sides of the tunnel, each hiding a stationed guard.  You
    can fire or simply walk to make noise and attract attention, then draw them
    but don't go in too far.  There is a small doorway on the right side of the
    tunnel that has a sandbagged MG42 gunner guarding the tunnel entrance.  If you
    are fond of using the enemy's weaponry against them, you can bounce a grenade
    to kill the MG42 man, then run in and man the MG42 to cut the guards down as
    they come to investigate.
    Proceed down the tunnel slowly, sticking to the boxes for cover.  You will
    usually see a guard stationed just on the far side of a pile of boxes, just out
    of firing range from the last set, so a series of ambushes, drawing the men
    kill zones, is probably your best bet.  A side-door in the middle of the tunnel
    leads out left towards the north road around the mountain.  A couple of guards
    are in this tunnel, but you don't have to deal with them if you don't want to
    (except for the one nearest the tunnel, who will probably already be alerted by
    you killing the tunnel guards).  Watch closely as you near the end of the
    on this side, as there will be another MG42 emplaced in a room on the right
    of the tunnel near the end.  Stick to the right side as well as a sandbagged
    MG42 is to the right just outside the tunnel (beside another tank).  Shoot the
    tank from long range on the right, then snipe the outside MG42 man, then use
    grenade trick to kill the tunnel-MG42 guard.
    As you exit the tunnel, stay behind the cover of the destroyed tank.  Beyond
    tank is a set of railcars with two more guards just west of them, partially out
    of sight.  Also, the road which runs along the Rhine meets up with this section
    of railway between the tunnels, and there is a patrolling guard on this section
    who will be alerted by the fighting, so be aware that he could flank you if
    you're not careful.  It's possible to draw the guards by the railcar all the
    inside to get killed by the MG42 gun in the tunnel, if you're patient, or you
    can set a more prosaic ambush from the tunnel mouth, near the tank, provided
    can deal with the guard on that south road around the mountain at the same
    Once all of these guards are dead you can move up near the rail car and watch
    for the guard on the road that proceeds around this second mountain.  He will
    flank your advance into this final tunnel segment if you're not careful.
    The guards in this tunnel again are all hiding just beyond piles of boxes, so
    again sniping, surprise, and ambushes are the best way to go.  There are no
    emplacements inside this segment of tunnel, but there are two side tunnels, one
    on each side, which lead to bunkers that guard the north and south roads around
    the mountain.  Only the guard closest to the tunnel can cause any real trouble,
    so the simple grenade trick or some fancy, quick shooting can take care of
    You will know you are near the end of the tunnel when you see a doorway on the
    left side heading to the north bunker.  A box is just past this doorway on the
    left side, right near the tunnel exit.  If you get close to this left-side
    doorway you should be able to see the opposition and the railway gun - a
    sandbagged MG42 is directly in the middle of the tunnel opening, just in front
    of the railway gun.  A sniper is on the front edge of the railway gun, just
    above and behind the MG42.  Farther down, near the middle of the railway gun on
    the left side are two more stationed guards who will run to investigate.  A
    Kubelwagen is nearby as well.  If the tunnel is secure (and you can grenade out
    the left-side tunnel guard from behind the box without the MG42 being able to
    get you), start by sniping the MG42 gunner from cover, then creeping forward to
    take out the man on the rail gun, then ambushing the two men farther back. 
    these guards are dead you will only have the man patrolling the south mountain
    road who may interrupt your fun with the railgun.  Hunt or ambush him, then
    your best explosives man to put a stick of dynamite right in the middle of the
    rail gun.  Once it blows up your objective is complete.
    If you followed the tunnel route, your return route is totally clear - just
    the men into the Kubelwagen and follow the tracks back west, cross the bridge,
    and you're done - GAME COMPLETED!  And Congratulations, because you earned it.
    --- VI - Alternate Routes ---
    My personal belief is that one of the greatest features of the game is its
    open-ended design.  Rather than a linear, scripted adventure, you are presented
    an open-ended puzzle and allowed to come up with your own solutions.  The
    walkthroughs above were written with this in mind, and were intended more to
    provide you with a 'what to expect' than a 'THIS is the way to do it'.  This
    open-endedness enhances the replayability greatly, and allows you to try new
    tactics and new routes the next time through.  Some suggestions (by level) are
    given below:
    MISSION 1 - Instead of driving straight up the middle of the map, it is
    to circle either to the east or west edge and then proceed north and clear the
    opposition as you go.  A frontal assault on the MG42 at the front door of the
    Chateau doesn't sound too enticing to me, but heading up the road from the
    towards that comm station on the west end would clear a lot of opposition and
    make the exit that much easier.
    MISSION 2 - There are a couple of 'shortcuts' you can take to get past some
    opposition and skip certain parts of the mission.  From the house right at the
    beginning you can head north and look for where the barricades meet the
    mission's barbed wire edge - there is an opening which allows you to circle
    OUTSIDE the NW quadrant to get to the north opening in the wall.  From there
    can enter from the north and only clear the part of the NW quad that can hear
    you from this road.  Also, once you get through the NE quad and onto the road
    which exits the east wall, you can again circle outside the SE quadrant, past
    the motorcycle and barricaded southern wall exit, and directly into the church
    quadrant.  This will put you behind most of the opposition in this quadrant,
    the trick is that the arc around the SE quadrant is HEAVILY mined.
    MISSION 3 - The walkthrough reflects running the gauntlet through the middle of
    three passages which go north-south from the main mission road to the exit. 
    can choose one of the other two for variety.  The western one proceeds straight
    south from the ruins in the camp, and is fairly heavily guarded.  It's more
    open, in most places less-well guarded than the middle passage, but it has a
    VERY narrow chokepoints that are guarded by MANY guards (and one by a tank).
    This passage will lengthen the amount of southern-road opposition you will have
    to face as well.  Or, you can proceed east along the northern road to the
    eastern north-south passage, which is not very heavily guarded but is heavily
    mined.  It's not so heavily mined that your men would have a problem getting to
    it, but you need the truck to exit and you better be VERY lucky if you hope to
    get the truck all the way through and still have enough left to run the last
    of gauntlet on the southern road to the exit.
    MISSION 4 - This mission is very open-ended by nature because it's a straight
    base-assault.  You could circle clockwise around the western then northern
    sides, but you will have to basically circle the entire base if you do this as
    the only openings are in the south and east side, and you will have to take out
    the guards in every tower along the way.  The advantage of this route, though,
    is that you will be flanking the guards on the east gate which makes your
    to the interior of the airbase that much easier.
    MISSION 5 - The linear nature of the map layout doesn't leave much to
    If you don't mind skipping the lighthouse, though (and it IS only a secondary
    objective, and thus not necessary), you can head to the waterside barracks area
    and clear it of opposition, heading all the way to the plain at the end of it.
    Then, if you don't mind a cold swim, you can swim into the water and head just
    around the rocky point that blocks you from just walking around to the area
    where the sub is grounded.  The advantage of this is that you will come up
    behind some of the guards on this plain, but will still have to face the guards
    near the engima directly (unless you keep swimming - but if you do this you
    should still get out of the water to clear the guards on the rocks because the
    guards CAN see you in the water and will kill you).
    MISSION 6 - This mission is one of the most open-ended in the game.  You can
    skip most of the machine gun bunkers by simply staying at the water's edge and
    proceeding west as far as you choose.  This will make your approach to the
    and second tiers that much more difficult, however, as the only barbed wire
    openings which allow you to climb up are at the base of each bunker.  Also, you
    have your choice of two ramps up from the second tier to the plateau, and of
    course the order in which you destroy the guns is wide open.  There is also
    plenty of opposition as well as a ton of goodies in the houses and guard
    stations along the east-west road at the south edge of the map.
    MISSION 7 - The entire town is wide-open as far as routes to the bridges at the
    north is concerned.  Just be careful and leapfrog building to building,
    for snipers along the way.  Too bad you can't cross the first bridge to take
    second one from behind... :(
    MISSION 8 - The route you choose to get to the chateau is totally up to you. 
    you head south on the road instead of crossing the first bridge you can pass
    some heavy opposition near some windmills, circle around to the south edge of
    the map, and then either continue the circle to come up towards the chateau
    the southeast or simply swim across the lake to end up directly behind the
    chateau, then circle it to take out your target.  This may be tough because of
    the hilltop snipers which guard the routes around each side from the back to
    MISSION 9 - Depending on how badly you want to traipse through minefields, you
    can almost completely skip town and attack the two fuel depots directly.  The
    northern fuel encampment is almost straight west from the latitude of your
    position, so you can head a bit north then go west through woods.  Since the
    first three objectives are to the south your compass will be of no use, but the
    map will still show your position.  As you get near the encampment you will see
    minefield signs, and so start scanning the ground and move slowly.  You can
    approach the camp from any angle you can circle to.  Once the northern camp is
    taken you can continue the circle all the way around the edge of the map to get
    to the southern camp.  This will bypass most of town and the heavy opposition
    there.  However, you will still need to get to the exit zone and there's no way
    a truck can navigate the heavy minefields and all those trees, so you'll either
    have to hoof it back around to your start position then head straight south
    there to exit, or run the gauntlet all the way through town.  Or, alternately,
    you can simply use the wide circle to attack the town from another angle than
    the east side, and thus make facing the opposition there quite a bit easier by
    coming at the bulk of the guards from the flank or from behind (they generally
    guard toward the east).
    MISSION 10 - This level is probably the most open-ended one in the game because
    of the wide areas that can be circumvented if you don't mind running the
    gauntlet or swimming and navigating minefields.  If you head north after
    clearing the first area, you can get through the mines on the river bank then
    swim downstream past the shelled area and beach near the base of the hill the
    Pak-40s are on.  You can swim past that all the way to the barbed-wire fence
    near the railway (but be careful not to go too far, because inside that barbed
    wire there is no exit to the bridge base except back through the water).
    Or, for the very brave, once you cross the bridge and deal with all opposition
    right near the tunnel opening, you can head down to the river and swim down the
    Rhine all the way to the rail gun, thus bypassing all opposition in and around
    the mountain.  You can beach at the base of the hills up to the rail gun, but
    with the other side of the river the beaches are mined right near the water.
    Also, the guards can overlook the beach and shoot you, but with a sniper and
    riflemen you can return fire fairly easily, and the bonus is that the MG42s
    there will not be able to hit you.  Barbed wire at the crest of the hill
    controls access to the top of the hill, but again with your men freshly
    the level the fighting to get to the openings shouldn't be that tough.  Once
    railgun is destroyed, however, you are faced with three possible escape routes
    each with almost all guards intact.  With some fancy driving and some luck the
    kubelwagen might make it along any of the routes, though, because almost all of
    the opposition on the tunnel and the south road around the mountain is set to
    face men coming from the west, not from the east.  You can run over patrollers
    and hit or stop and get out to kill the MG42 gunners that are facing the wrong
    way.  The north way around the mountain has guards that are placed to withstand
    attacks from any direction, but there are far fewer troops there.  Even if you
    stop and exit the vehicle to handle the hard parts you should be able to finish
    those routes with little trouble.
    (And I know what you're thinking now with all this talk about swimming, but
    the latest patch of the game, version 1.03, they blocked the river from being
    crossed.  You can swim DOWN it, but you can't swim ACROSS it.  Good luck with
    that shelled field :)  )
    --- VII - Cheats ---
    To enable cheat mode, hit the "PAUSE" key (just to the right of "Scroll Lock"
    most keyboards) and then type 'cheatcheat', then enter the desired code:
    God mode: godmode
    Unlimited ammunition: ammo
    Flight mode: fly
    God mod, unlimited ammunition, and flight mode:  ac919
    Invisibility: invis
    Win current mission: winmission
    Lose current mission: losemission
    Display debug information: stats
    Invincible enemies: hitlermode
    --- VIII - Disclaimer/Credits/Miscellaneous ---
    All of the walkthroughs above were done by me personally, so if they don't suit
    your style of play or if you find other ways that work better please write them
    up.  All copyrights/trademarks are held by the respective owners/developers of
    the game, and any use of them here is not intended as infringement.  I also
    mention the name of a couple of other games, and those are trademarks of the
    respective designers.  No infringement is intended.
    For graphically-enhanced versions of this walkthrough complete with game maps
    and screenshots, visit CorporalGeo's "12 Angry Soldiers" Deadly Dozen Fan Site:
    http://whypie.no-ip.org/hosted/fox/ddhome.php (12 Angry Soldiers main page)
    http://whypie.no-ip.org/hosted/fox/walkthroughs_home.htm (Walkthroughs)
    Thanks to N-Fusion for creating a great game, to Gamefaqs for serving as a
    great resource to gamers online, and to Corporal Geo for graphically enhancing
    this walkthrough and publicizing it at his website.
    --- IX - Version History ---
    v0.1 - FAQ first created (11/4-18/02 all sections, walkthroughs for Missions
    v0.2 - added walkthroughs for Mission 5, beginning of Mission 6 (2/11/03)
    v0.3 - continued walkthrough, added section about friends and foes, equipment,
    skills, etc. (2/12-4/22/03)
    v1.0 - finished all walkthroughs, added section for suggested alternate routes.
    v1.1 - revised a few walkthroughs and notes to account for differences between
    the last retail version of the game, v1.01, and the latest patch, version 1.03.
    Copyright 2002-2003 Mark Vignati (aka 'Vic' or 'Lord Vic')

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