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    FAQ/Walkthrough by chez_butt23

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    Hello everyone and welcome to my walkthrough for Quake 4 for the xbox360.
    At the time that this guide was written, this is the only guide for the
    360 version of the game.
    Version History
    Squad Listing
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    Welcome to Stroggos marine! You are a voiceless space marine named
    Matthew Kane, a member of the elite Rhino Squad. An alien race called
    the Strogg attacked Earth some time ago, but the human race fought
    them off. Now we are attacking their home planet, called Stroggos.
    At the end of Quake 2, the Strogg leader, the Makron, was assassinated.
    The SMC or Space Marine Corp(I think) believes that without their
    leader, the strogg military will be in dissaray.
    During the intro, we see Rhino Squad Boarding their dropship that
    will take them to Stroggos. Welcome to Hell marine!
    The controls are as follows...
    A- jump
    B-open doors/talk to marines/enter vehicles
    Y- turn on flashlight/switch to machinegun or blaster
    X- Reload weapon
    Left Analog Stick- Move/strafe
    Right Analog Stick- Turn
    L- Use scope(if available)
    R- fire waepon
    RB- Next Weapon
    LB- Previous Weapon
    Strogg Trooper
    These are the most common enemy in the game. They are
    equipped with a Strogg nailgun and will punch you if
    you get too close.
    These guys are equipped with a nailgun that is mounted om
    their shoulders. Although they rarely use it. They will
    try to pounce on you, and beat you into a pulp.
    Thorax the Impaler
    If you get this X-play reference, then this enemy will be
    very self explanetory. Thorax has no ranged weapons, but
    is VERY deadly. On its right arm is a giant impaling
    thing (ask Cpl. Pierce from Air Defence Bunker...ouch)
    On its left arm is a mace with which it beat you into
    These big boys take a few hits beforegoing down. They are
    equipped with a Strogg nailgun and a grenade launcher. If
    a grenade is ever launched next to you, RUN!
    These giant robotic spiders are not a problem, but more of
    an annoyance than a real threat. If you are not in a
    vehicle, you will not be able to kill it, so just run
    past it. If you are in a vehicle, shoot it with missiles,
    and shoot down the rockets it returns with the machinegun. 
    There are several different types of marines in Quake 4. The most
    common of which are the Marine infantry soldiers. These guys will
    be with you for most of the game. Medics will heal you, but do
    NOT let them die. Same goes for Techs, who repair your armor,
    do NOT let them die. Pilots are not very common, even though
    you never actually see one, you do hear them on the radio.
    Now for the biggest section of the guide.
    LEVEL 1
    Air Defense Bunker
    You start out inside of the ruined dropship with a blaster. Leave
    the aircraft through the massive hole. Walk over to SGT. Morris
    and he will tell you that the rest of Rhino Squad thought you were
    dead, so they left you behind. He gives you your first objective,
    to meet up with the rest of the squad.
    Continue past Morris and on to Medic Anderson, who is working on
    Medic Metcalf. He will heal you and tell you to get
    moving. Run along the metal ramp until you meet up with Pvt. Webb.
    He will open the giant metal door. Enter the short hallway and
    examine the dead marines. Enter the next room and turn left.
    (note- if you charge the blaster, you will get a charge shot,
    which is more powerful than a normal shot.)
    Kill the Strogg Trooper and get ready for the other two coming
    out of the door behind it. Once the trio is dead, run up the
    staircase to your right and kill another three Strogg Troopers.
    Turn to your right and go down the staircase. Bear left and make
    a right turn at the intersection. Make another right and go all
    the way down the corridor. If needed, take the medpacks in the
    crate, and then enter through the door on the left.
    As soon as you enter, You will see a Grunt dragging some marine
    into another room. Run up the staircases and follow them, be
    sure to take the poor guy's machine gun.
    With your shiny, new machine gun, enter into the next room.
    A Strogg Trooper will jump right in front of you. Fill it with
    lead and turn left. Beware of the other two Strogg Troopers
    running towards you. Kill them and exit through the door
    on the other side of the room.
    When you make your entrance, you see a Grunt get is brains
    blown out by Pvt. Kovitch and his shotgun. Follow Kovitch
    into the next corridor and ready your weapon. Jog down the
    hall alongside the pipe, but watch out for the Grunt that
    jumps out at you. Kill it and make a u-turn at the end of the
    pipe, and exit out of the door on your right. Climb up the
    staircase and go left until you meet up with Sgt. Miller.
    After he gives you his orders to find Medic Anderson, backtrack
    until you reach the room where we first found the machinegun.
    Shoot all of the Strogg Troopers and Head back to the room
    where Sgt. Miller is. When Anderson is finished helping
    Pvt. Chase, another marine will open the door. Watch
    Cpl. Cortez own the Strogg Troopers in the face. After
    talking with Rhino Squad's sniper, turn left and go
    up to the door. Face the orange consloe and press the
    use button to finish the level.
    LEVEL 2
    Air Defense Trenches
    You start out in some sort of control room. Run over to the
    crate and take the ammo and the armor. Beware of the Grunt that
    charges out of the door on the right.
    Enter the door that the Grunt just came out of. Follow the
    corridor and bear left at the turn. Climb into the elevator and
    go up. Jump down into the pit, and grab the armor shards at
    the bottom. Use the pipeline as a starcase to climb back up.
    When you enter the trenches, look at the walker blow up.
    Anyway, jog straight and turn right at the turn. Bear left
    soon afterwards. Ready your gun and continue straight until you
    reach an open(ish) area that contains one marine, (around) five
    Strogg Troopers, and one Thorax the Impaler. Kill the Thorax
    first, and then follow up on the Troopers.
    Facing the same direction that we were when we entered, there
    are some clips in a little alcove on the right side. Continue
    to the entryway on the opposite side of the way that we came
    in. In this corridor will be Cpl. Rhodes, another member of
    Rhino Squad. You will be seeing him again VERY soon. continue
    along to find Lcpl. "Sledge" and Sgt. Bidwell. Sgt. Morris
    will pop up right behind you. Bidwell orders you and Morris
    to blow up the Strogg Aircraft Hangers because the Strogg
    flyers are shredding the Marine infantry.
    Anyway, continue past Sledge and Morris and make a left,
    and then a right to get around the obstacle. Kill the Thorax
    that charges you, and kill the three Troopers that are
    supporting it. Turn left and follow the trenches until you
    come across two more Troopers, kill them and follow the
    trenches until the end. Press the orange button to exit
    the level.
    LEVEL 3
    Hanger Perimeter
    Run up to the door across from you. After watching the
    cutscene, kill the grenadier, the Thorax, and the Troopers.
    Enter the room where the Troopers started out close to.
    Take the shotgun and follow the marines outside. Kill
    the grenadier on top of the ledge, and then kill the five
    Troopers. After climbing the staircase, turn left and
    go to where the grenadier was standing. After taking the
    clips and health, rejoin your buddies by the door.
    One of the marines unlocks the door. Enter with your shotgun
    ready as you will soon be assaulted by several Troopers. 
    Kill them and go through the door.
    Go down the staircase with your shotgun ready. A Thorax will
    try to impale you. Kill it, along with the troopers at the
    bottom. Go through the door. 
    Let the marines go first. Whichever door they stop in front
    of is the door that you need to go through. Run up to the
    door, and kill the grunt that pops out. Go through the door.
    You emerge in a giant room with two levels. Kill the
    troopers o the first floor and watch out for the troopers
    that appear on the second level. When the door opposite
    of the giant glass wall unlocks, get ready for the Thorax
    that charges you.
    Go through the door that the Thorax emerged from. Kill the
    trooper on your right side, and kill the grunt and the other
    troopers that come in from the door across the room. Go
    through the door that they came out of and climb up the
    ladder. Press the button on your right to lower the metal
    grating. When the grating is fully lowered, a Thorax will
    charge across. Kill it and the two Troopers behind it.
    Enter through the door. Press the button right in front
    of you, and turn right. Bear left at the turn, and climb
    into the lift. Go down to the first floor and press the
    button on the laser cannon you just lowered.
    Once the glass is melted, kill the grunt that pops out,
    and go into the next room. Kill the Thorax and press the
    button next to the gap. Once the bridge begins to unfold,
    ready your machinegun and unload upon the Thorax and the
    Troopers that try to cross the bridge.
    Once they are dead, cross the bridge and go through the
    door into the next room. Kill the Troopers and the grenadier
    below you. Now enter the elevator, and press the button to
    end the level.
    LEVEL 4
    Interior Hanger
    You start out on the same elevator. Once you reach the top,
    save your game because if you die, you do NOT want to
    have to watch that all over again.
    Anyway, when you reach the top, head out the door to
    your right. You will emerge in a dark room. Turn on your
    machinegun's flashlight, and go through the door on
    your right.
    Take the ammo clips lying on the floor and wait for the
    door to unlock. Run into the next room and take cover
    behind one of the crates. When the enemies come out,
    shoot the turrets first, and then the Troopers.
    Once the room is clear, head back to the room next to
    the elevator.
    Cpl. Rhodes will be waiting for you there. The marines
    that were with you before will now leave. Take Rhodes
    into the room you just came from and enter the door on
    the far side. You will emerge in a giant hallway filled
    with locked doors. Go up the staircase on the left, and
    go through the second door on the right. Kill the
    Trooper on the right, and the other two at the bottom
    of the stairs. Look up and kill the grenadier.
    After Rhodes plants the charges, return to the hallway.
    Kill the two grenadiers and the six or so Troopers
    at the top of the stairs. Climb up the stairs, and bear
    right. Go through the second door and kill the three
    After Rhodes plants another charge, follow him into
    the room with a locked door. After he unlocks it,
    walk over to the window to watch the explosion. When
    it is over, use the elevator in the back of the room
    to exit the level.
    LEVEL 5
    MCC Landing Site
    Get off of the lift, go past Tech Strauss,
    and talk to Morris. When he is
    finished, follow him back to the rest of Rhino Squad.
    After listening to Lt. Voss, follow your team into
    the trenches. shoot the troopers that try to jump in
    from the side.
    Continue down the trenches, killing all of the Troopers
    and the Thorax.When you get to a giant tower shooting
    plasma, turn left and use the boxes to jump to the top
    of the door. Kill the Grunt that pops out, and go through
    the hole that it came out of.
    Pick up the armor and health, and then press the button
    next to the door to unlock it. Once Voss and Sledge come
    inside, shoot the Trooper that drops in through a hole
    in the ceiling, and the other two that come in through
    a locked door.
    Use the door that the Troopers came through, and kill
    all of he Troopers inside. (Watch yourself though, stay
    back and snipe or else you will be overwhelmed and cut
    off from your buddies.)
    Go through the door on the far side of the room. Snipe
    the two Troopers on the rampart across the room. Once
    they are dead, kill the grenadier on the rampart and
    the three Troopers on the ground floor. Jump down to
    where Voss and Sledge are, and go through the door.
    Go around the elevator with the grenade launcher ready.
    Lob a bunch of grenades at the Grenadier and the
    Troopers at the top of the ramp. When they are dead,
    and Voss is done talking, climb into the giant chair.
    When the loading screen is gone, aim the air defense
    cannon at the giant metal door with the Strogg Troopers
    shooting at marines. Once the doors are blown open, go
    back to the elevator we just passed. shoot the Trooper
    that jumps out and climb into the lift.
    Once you reach the top, with the shotgun out, go through
    the door to your left. Kill the Thorax, Troopers and the
    Grenadier, and continue on.
    Now that we are back in familiar territory, go through
    the door to your left. Turn right at the corner, and
    go up the ramp to the other marines. Turn around and
    watch the air defense cannon explode. Once this is done,
    follow Pvt. Law into the tunnel that you just blew open.
    Go to the right and through the door on the far right
    sid of the room. Go through the door on the left and
    kill the Troopers. Walk up to the blast door to open
    it. Kill the Grunt and the troopers. Open another
    blast door to continue.
    Run to the marines hiding behind the overturned GEV,
    and watch the USS Hannibal shoot a machinegun nest.
    Once the Hannibal lands, run underneath it to the
    elevator that comes down. Climb in to exit the level.
    LEVEL 6
    Operation Advantage
    You start out in the USS Hannibal's cargo elevator.
    You will soon be in the Walker Hanger. Once you are
    at the top, turn around and go up the staircase that
    leads into the decontamination room. Once you are
    clean, proceed past the group of three marines.
    LEVEL 7
    You start out in the USS Hannibal's cargo elevator.
    Run towards the marine with the flare next to him,
    and he will tell you to which way to go. Run towards
    the GEVs and climb into the one in front. Just ride
    along until you reach a tunnel filled with Strogg
    Troopers. They cannot hurt you, but snipe them
    off and help the marines that are pinned down.
    Once the GEVs start to move again, ride along
    until one of the marines tells you to get off.
    Go throught the door on the left, and go around
    the GEV, and through the door that Sledge is
    guarding. Turn left and go through the other
    door. Turn right and talk to Bidwell. When
    he is finished, climb into the GEV.
    Ride along, shooting everything that tries to
    kill you, until the truck stops because of mines.
    While protecting Rhodes, most of the Grunts and
    the Thoraxes will come from the right, however,
    some will come from the left, so watch out.
    Once Rhodes is done, the GEVs will start to move
    again. Take out all of the turrets outside of
    the building. Once the driver kicks you out of the
    GEV, run inside of the building and go through the
    door to end the level.
    LEVEL 8
    Perimeter Defense Station
    The listing below is going to list the squad name, fate,
    and function(armor, infantry, etc.).
    The boys in Armadillo meet their fate in the very first
    level. They were told to flank left (of something) and
    did not want to be evaced. You never actually see
    Armadillo, but you do hear them on the radio.
    Badger Squad is the second most commonly spotted squad
    in the game. Badger Squad can be seen in MANY levels.
    From what I remember, I think part of the squad makes
    it out of Quake 4 alive.
    Not much is truly known about Beaver Squad. Only one
    member is ever seen or mentioned, and he totally dies.
    Bison Squad is the biggest armor squad in the SMC.It
    consists of both tanks and walkers. Although not
    many tanks are seen in the game, many members of the
    walker crews are killed by Harvesters when the
    Hannibal is attacked.
    You meet up with Cobra a few times throughout the
    course of the game. Most of the squad is killed
    at the Perimeter Defense Station, but the rest
    survive long enough to be killed trying to
    give backup to the marines in the Data Storage
    Cougar Squad
    Not much is known about Cougar Squad as they are
    never seen, but only heard from on the radio.
    Because of their location, the SMC could not evacuate
    them. I'm also pretty sure that the guy who tells you
    get up in the intro was from Cougar.(I checked the
    logo on his armor. I is never seen on any other
    marine and looks like a Cougar.)
    Not much is known about the Eagle Squad. They only
    appear once or twice in the game because most of
    your airborne transportation gets done by the
    Falcon Squad.
    Eagle Squad is only seen a few times, and I think
    two or three members make it out alive. Most of
    Eagle gets eaten by the zombies in the Waste
    Disposal Facility.
    Not much is known about the Falcon Squad other than
    the fact that all of their aircraft you come across
    gets shot out of the sky. I think some dropships
    survive Stroggos though, so the Falcon Squad will
    be listed as fine insted if KIA.
    You hear Fox squad on the radio saying that they
    are a lost cause and do not evac us. You never
    see these guys, you only hear them
    You see Kodiak squad in a few levels, but they get
    wiped out later on in the game.
    (note- just because a marine is listed as "fine",
    does not mean that they survive, it only means that
    the marines was alive when you see them. But if
    I found their body, and I can confirm with
    proof that it was theirs they will be listed as
    Medic Metcalf- Fine
    Pvt. Webb- Fine
    Pvt. Dees- Fine
    PFC. Kovitch- Fine
    Pvt. Marshall- Fine
    Sgt. Miller- Fine
    PFC. Hillstrom- Fine
    Pvt. Chase- Fine
    Cpl. Pierce- KIA (ouch!)
    Sgt. Watson- Fine
    Sgt. Stetson- Fine
    Pvt. Hilsabeck- Fine
    Pvt. Stern- Fine
    1st Sgt. Donaldson- Fine
    Cpl. Spence- Fine
    2nd Sgt. Nomo- Fine
    PFC. Suzuki- Fine
    Tech Karn- Fine
    Sgt. Farnsworth- Fine
    Tech Groves- Fine
    Pvt. Rodriguez- Fine
    Medic Hess- Fine
    Pvt. Berry- Fine
    PFC. Asher- Fine
    Lcpl. Dr. Wells- Fine
    2nd Sgt. Dr. Allyn- Fine
    Pvt. Harkins- Fine
    Pfc. Glovels- Fine
    Lt. Schwartz- Fine
    Tech Hart-Fine
    PFC. Ramirez- Fine
    Pvt. Moire- Fine
    Beaver 2- KIA
    Bison 8- KIA
    Sgt. Miller- Fine
    Pvt. Stills- Fine
    Pvt. Strang- Fine
    Sgt. Schumacher- Fine
    PFC. Zick- Fine
    PFC. Pupino- KIA
    Tech Ruck- Fine
    Medic Wong- Fine
    PFC. Livingston- Fine
    Pvt. Johnson- KIA
    Tech Junge- Fine
    Lcpl. Cowling- Fine
    EAGLE SQUAD (Airborne)
    Eagle 9- Fine
    Eagle 2- Fine
    Eagle 8- Fine
    Eagle 5- Fine
    Eagle 12- Fine
    EAGLE SQUAD (Infantry)
    Tech Judd- Fine
    Medic Ming- Fine
    Tech Hordolf- Fine
    Pvt. Dundee- Fine
    Lcpl. Newcamp- Fine
    PFC. Polman- KIA
    Pvt. Wendt- KIA
    Pvt. Lanier- Fine
    PFC. Mills- Fine
    Tech Rutger- Fine
    Falcon 5- KIA
    Falcon 1- KIA
    Falcon 6- KIA
    PFC. Damato- Fine
    PFC. Fasset- Fine
    Tech Dunnigan- Fine
    Tech Cossey- Fine
    Pvt. Short- Fine
    Tech Davis- Fine
    Medic McClane- Fine
    Tech Nash- Fine
    Tech Sasaki- Fine
    (You may think I am joking, but
    I am not)
    Pvt. Sanchez- Fine
    1st Lt. Cork- Fine
    Pvt. Norman- Fine
    Tech Carlson- Fine
    Cpl. Vainio- Fine
    Pvt. Richards- Fine
    Pvt. Dynerman- Fine
    PFC. Gummelt- Fine
    Medic Dye- Fine
    Pvt. Salmon- Fine
    PFC. Singer- Fine
    Pvt. Law- KIA
    PFC. Houchard- Fine
    Pvt. Nicholson- Fine
    Pvt. Hummer- Fine
    Pvt. McKenzie- Fine
    Sgt. Scott- Fine
    Tech Peters- Fine
    1st Sgt. Banks- Fine
    PFC Mills- Fine
    PFC. Williams- Fine
    1st Lt. Hughes- Fine
    Tech Renner- Fine
    Pvt. McNutt- Fine
    Msgt. Weldon- Fine
    PFC. Cordes- Fine
    Tech Dube- Fine
    Msgt. Majernik- Fine
    Pvt. Bettenberg- Fine
    Sgt. Swekel- Fine
    Sgt. Hooper- Fine
    Sgt. Pleva- Fine
    Tech Cakovan- Fine
    PFC. Gulisano- Fine
    Msgt. Maggiore- Fine
    PFC. Quarles- Fine
    Sgt. Egnew- Fine
    Tech Newquist- Fine
    Cpl. Schidler- Fine
    Cpl. Lathrop- Fine
    Tech Hotz- Fine
    Meic Morte- Fine
    Medic Owens- Fine
    Medic Hammond- Fine
    PFC. Showers- Fine
    Tech Trabblo- Fine
    Msgt. Johnson- Fine
    PFC. Kofsky- Fine
    1st Sgt. Gee- Fine
    Pvt. Shepard- Fine
    PFC. Dishler- Fine
    Sgt. Bordwell- Fine
    PFC. Whitaker- Fine
    PFC. Ekberg- Fine
    Tech Long- Fine
    Pvt. Pearson- Fine
    Medic Bahr- Fine
    Col. Biessman- Fine
    Cpl. Kane- Fine
    Cpl. Rhodes- Fine
    Lcpl. "Sledge"- Fine
    Sgt. Morris- Fine
    Medic Anderson- KIA
    Tech Strauss- Fine
    Lt. Voss- KIA
    Sgt. Bidwell- KIA
    Cpl. Cortez- Fine
    Medic Duncanson- Fine
    Tech Ashworth- Fine
    Medic Hayes- Fine
    Cpl. Mahler- Fine
    Tech Li- Fine
    Tech Luck- Fine
    Pvt. Graves- Fine
    PFC. Bennette- Fine
    Cpl. Spencer- Fine
    Cpl. Pitman- Fine
    Cpl. Hawkins- Fine
    Pvt. Leffler- KIA
    PFC. Blascoe- KIA
    Tech Newberry- KIA
    Tech Shockley- Fine
    Lt. Hollenbeck- Fine
    Medic Wings- Fine
    Pvt. Steinberg- Fine
    Sgt. Meier- Fine
    Pvt. Kasanoff- Fine
    Lcpl. Greene- Fine
    PFC. Marlin- Fine
    PFC. Jones- KIA
    Tech Strader- KIA
    2nd Sgt. Yoshida- Fine
    Cpl. Brandt- Fine
    Pvt. Babcock- Fine
    Medic Egan- Fine
    Tech Lee- Fine
    Pvt. De Groff- KIA
    PFC. Ness- KIA
    Medic Giovanni- Fine
    PFC. McKinnon- Fine
    Sgt. Vasker- Fine
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon
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    Coming Soon
    name- Grant Wilson
    gamefaqs name- chez_butt23
    e-mail- chickenbutt_da_4@yahoo.com
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