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"Great game in most aspects..."

Quake one of the best FPS series around... Does this game compare to its predecessors? Let's see how it stacks up!

Graphics: 10/10
Outstanding if you got a high performance computer, I thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of the game. Everything was detailed, I loved the particle effects and the way the transition was done from one type of environment to the next, great job id!

Sound: 10/10
Another outstanding job, great voice acting and the weapons sounded great, another great aspect of the game done to excellence. I especially liked being able to hear the enemy before he sees me so I can at least be prepared instead of being owned like in other games.

Gameplay: 9/10
Great gameplay but I did want more of the interactive controls in the game, switching a door open or calling a lift wasn't enough. Yes there were other things to be done in the game interactively but I just wanted more, like being able to actually control some useless computers just ot make the environment more realisitic. As far as the enemy horde, well they wern't stupid, they actually hide behind things and don't just blindly attack making it rather difficult, especially when they have rail guns and rocket launchers. I often found myself hiding for a reload or an opportunity to attack back without getting my ass handed to me. Not a bad job at all.

Multiplayer: 6/10
Ugh... I like to play online yes but it just doesn't seem to be what it should. The weapons in the game seem like they were meant more for single player than multiplayer, I would rather play Unreal Tournament over this any day. Another bad aspect is that there is NO bot support unless you go download some that some people made which even those don't work correctly aon all maps or typs of matches. I am wondering how a team can design a game that has had a great multiplayer past like Quake 4? I must be harsh on this one, multiplayer sucks!

Replay: 7/10
I never really had the urge to play this game again after I went through what I did the first time. It was a pain the first time around which was good don't get me wrong but on general... That would be ridiculously hard not to mention take forever. I personally don't like to waste time playing a harder setting if there is nothing to gain from it. That is just my opinion though, try it yourself and see!

Should I buy it?
Well thats what the demo is for. I got the DVD edition with Quake 2 and its 2 expansions so it was worth it for me to be able to play those after I was done with Quake 4. I wouldn't recommend paying 60 dollars for it, thats if it still costs that much. I would say more of a 30 to 35 dollar value.

Well overall I give this game an 8, probably not an average of all the scores but that's what I think it should get. The game has a great single player that you will want to finish but a weak multiplayer. Graphics, Sound, and gameplay is outstanding and I can't wait to see their next Quake!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/17/06

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