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"Good singleplayer and lackluster multiplayer"

Just like Doom 3 and FEAR, I waited to play Quake 4. For a whole year, I waited in agony for my chance to check out one of the coolest first person shooters ever made. I was going to buy the Xbox 360 version, but I read that the Xbox port paled in comparison to the PC version. So I decided to wait, and after more than a year of waiting, I finally got my wish. I must say that Quake 4 was worth that wait. Quake 4 is so action packed and entertaining, that the game can even appeal to people who are unfamiliar with the Quake series altogether. I have never played a Quake game ever, but Quake 4 has me very interested in the rest of the series.

As I said, I have never played Quake 4 but I managed to get a good solid piece of the story down pat. The story starts just after the events of Quake 2, where the lone Marine has killed the Strog's leader, and now the whole race has fallen into chaos. The main character's name is Marcus Kane who is a dishonored soldier, and has recently joined Rhino squad. The humans are now invading the Strog home planet in an attempt to win the galactic war. The whole main point is to take out the remaining lieutenants in order to render the rest of the Strog army helpless and win the war.

Graphics- 9/10
The graphics in Quake 4 are awesome even to this day. Quake 4 is run on the Doom 3 engine which was one of the best if not the best graphics engine when the game was released. The changes and enhancements that have been made for Quake 4 are no exception either. It's still the same Doom 3 engine, but with a lot more detail to everything. For instance, the lighting has been improved by a huge margin, and in some cases actually looks real. The individual detail to the character models has been improved and more noticeable detail on parts like the fabric, and metal are noticeable. The special effects have been improved mainly for the weapons, but also for effects like the lighting and fire. Still, even when the game came out, I didn't think that Quake 4 held the best visuals. That spot was reserved for Oblivion. Quake 4 still looks awesome nonetheless and I'm not trying to bash the game. I'm just saying that the visuals weren't the supreme of the supreme.

Sound- 10/10
There is no doubt that the sound in this game is superb. Much like the visuals, the sound is also a far cry from Doom 3. For instance, it's actually possible to hear the brass shells clinging to the floor when the assault rifle is fired. The same goes for the shotgun and any projectile weapon. The other weapons are no exception either and have very eerie other-worldly sound effects to them. The voice acting is great as well. Every character can be clearly heard and understood, but the diversity of voices are not that all diverse. The soundtrack is also built differently from Doom 3. Doom 3 had a very atmospheric sound quality to it, while the sounds and soundtrack in Quake 4 are built more for action and do a great job presenting themselves. In the end, the sound is very good in Quake 4.

Gameplay- 8/10
The gameplay in Quake 4 is a little mixed but still good nonetheless. The single-player for instance is a lot of fun. Unlike the slow, creepy pace of Doom 3, Quake 4 is a true run and gun game. Nearly every hallway is filled with angry looking enemies ready to rip some human heads off, and they are no pushover's like Doom 3's enemies were. Sure, the enemies can go down easily, but there are a lot of them. They range from the standard soldier, to some high tech spec ops aliens, each tougher than the last. Also, unlike Doom 3 again, there are marines who fight along side players throughout the game. There are some who can die without penalty, but there are others who must stay alive or it's game over. There are also some vehicles sequences where players are allowed to pilot a tank, a mech, and even man a machine gun to defend a convoy against attackers. There are rechargeable shields for every vehicle which makes the game a little too easy during these sequences but still fun. As for the arsenal, eventually the game takes players across marines who can upgrade certain weapons in their arsenal. During the beginning of the game, the weapons that players start out with are good, but have many flaws. The upgrades fix those flaws, and can make some people think during combat situations about which weapon to use. Overall, the single-player is a lot of fun and will keep players going form about 10-15 hours on the normal difficulty.

As for the multiplayer, it's not only lackluster, but old as well. The multiplayer is basically a direct port from Quake III with Quake 4 graphics. Not that this is bad, but there were no adjustments made for the multiplayer like there were for the single-player. Back in 1999, the multiplayer was fresh and new, but nothing stays on top forever.

In the end, Quake 4 is great fun when it comes down to the single-player, but the multiplayer is very lagging. Still, any Quake fan will love this game and even people who are unfamiliar with the Quake series will enjoy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/10/07

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