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"Quake 4: Blood, Guts, and all else Gruesome"

A lone marine, staring out into space. His back is towards you. He seems to be floating with no helmet on.. Now he faces you, to reveal the skin and eye on half of his head are gone. He has no lower half, his intestines hanging out. Scrap metal, dead bodies and limbs float past in a bloody mess.

Such is the war with the Strogg.

The genre of this game is horror, blood and gore, death and more blood and gore. Walk into a room, just in time to see a screaming marine being dragged through a door by a large Strogg. Look on the walls to either side of you to see live human bodies with no arms or legs mounted on the walls. Look around and see the mounds of rotting flesh filled with bones. Walk into a room, where your ally examines a dead body on a table, the skin held open to reveal the organs. Glass shuts him off from the rest of the room; A Strogg doctor floats down, slits his throat, and pulls him away.

If that disturbed you, stop reading. This game will leave you shaking. Don't consider looking into the game anymore. This is an intense first person shooter filled with disgusting sights. If you read that and laughed, saying "cool!", try the game. This game is a must for fans of the Quake series.

A nice variety of weapons and enemies getting bigger and harder all the time make for a constantly exciting first person shooter. The disgusting sights just add to it all. The different ways to kill the enemies result in endless satisfaction.

Fight in close range with a shotgun, on a neverending rampage-that is, until you have to reload. A good shot in the chest will send your enemy flying. That is, if he has a chest. If that's too dangerous, fight from farther away with a machine gun, hyperblaster (laser machine gun), nailgun (machine gun that shoots nails), or lightning gun (shoots a constant beam that kills almost instantly). Even safer-use a railgun, the sniper of Quake 4. This gun with shoot straight through your enemies. Aim, fire, watch the body parts fly. Of course there's also the grenade and rocket launcher.

Ah, and who could forget the BFG? (Big ----ing Gun) Now called a Dark Matter Gun, this gun will shoot a slow moving ball of purple stuff, killing all it comes near. Yes, kill. Although it's been given a different look, it's still just like you remember it-a big 'ing gun.

The enemies just get bigger as you go on. So big, to the point a single claw is the size of you. Fortunately, even that guy doesn't take more than six or seven tries. This is NOT the kind of game where you find yourself trying over and over to the point of breaking your controller/moniter. The quicksave feature is also nice for when do you tough spots that are far away from the last checkpoint.

Being able to use the mouse scroller to switch to the shotgun before that big Strogg that just jumped through the wall kills you beats any 360 controller. Also, it's easier to use the keys W, A, S and D for moving, because where the left and right arrows just turn you, the A and D keys let you sidestep.

The final for Gameplay-

"All right, you maggots! Haul ass or die!"

Rhino Squad is boarding its transport ship to get from the U.S.S Patton to the Strogg homeworld. They sit down and pull down the restraints.
"Holy s---! That's one hell of a ride, ain't it, buddy? So who's the new guy?" "Corporal Matthew Kane. One certified badass." "Kane could get us all killed..." "Shut the hell up, Strauss!

Lieutenant Voss walks into the room, and announces that a lone marine battled through the Strogg defenses and killed the Strogg leader, the Makron. He also destroyed the air defense cannons, so it's a groundpounder's war from here on out.

A missile hits the ship. It evades another, but then gets hit again. You go out cold.
You wake up in the wreckage of your ship. In front of you a medic is dragging the body of another medic into cover. A marine comes to help you up-
-and gets shot. You fall back down and get back up yourself.

The Strogg are a barbaric race of aliens. When they first launched a massive attack on Earth, it was originally thought to be an effort to strip the planet of its resources. But it had a much deeper purpose...

Through a horrific process, the Strogg implant machinery into the dead and live bodies of their enemies to make a sort of super soldier. This makes up the whole Strogg army. This is your enemy.

For the story-

Some games today like Call of Duty 4 have exceptional graphics. I don't count those as average. I count this as average.

Quake 4 has just 2 big problems with graphics. The first is flat surfaces with bumps or indents. A lot of the time, bumps or indents (bolts in armor, for example) tend to be just drawn on, flat. And then the faces. Faces in Quake 4 tend to be completely emotionless. The only moving parst are the eyes and mouth. This turns otherwise more dramatic moments a little dull. So for graphics-

Replacing the constant rock of older Quake titles, Quake 4 has a soft, eerie kind of modern music that adds suspense to the game. There are also all-percussion (drums, etc.) songs for big battles that suggest things like "Barbaric", "Brutal", "Dangerous".

The Strogg with shout vicious threats at you when they see you. I find it amazing, the emotion and hatred they put into a non-existant language. It sounds so otherworldly... this is a big part of the game. This alone gives sound-

There are four difficulty levels in Quake 4: Private, Corporal, Lieutenant, and Sergeant. Some people like to challenge themselves and win on the hardest difficulty, so, in this case, they would play through 4 times. Others would just get through the game, see the blood and guts, see the story, and be done with it. The game is only about six, seven hours, so it'd be easy to go through more than once. For replayability-

Final Recommendation
So, buy or rent? Look at the paragraph above. Do you wanna challenge yourself and play it on each difficulty? You should probably buy it. If you just wanna see the blood and guts and the story, rent it-for 360 if you can't for PC. This is a good shooter, if a little strange, and deserves a try.

All right, you maggots! Haul ass to the game store so ID will make Quake 5!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/20/08, Updated 08/22/08

Game Release: Quake 4 (US, 10/18/05)

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