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"Single player is fun, while it lasts..."

Graphics - 8: Well its the Doom 3 engine so of course it looks great. The interior designs are really great looking. Way better then Doom 3. For the outdoor parts well, its not as great as the indoors! Not even the talented folks at Raven can pull off a outdoor environment on this engine. Its very low detailed for my taste and don't match the great interior level design. It looks like a big room with sky and rock textures all over :P. The skyboxes (thats a cool way to say sky in FPS's) look very old school as well. It doesn't have the depth as say Half-Life 2's nice 3D skyboxes. The enemy/gun models are so-so. Some look good and others don't at all. Textures are excellent and are put to good use. Nothing else much to say about the graphics.

Sound - 8: Very top notch. The voice acting is well done. The enemy grunts and noises are also great. Weapon fire is great as well. The music is sub par but quaint. If you have a nice dolby speaker setup this game will use it greatly.

Controls - 10: Nothing much to say about this other then it does the job. Everything is customizable but hey its a FPS so thats standard! No complaints here.

Gameplay - 7: Quake 4 is standard FPS and nothing more. You kill everything on screen and solve a few puzzles along the way. The co-op with the CPU soldiers are pretty cool. You can use them to eliminate the enemies and save some ammo. Not only that but some soldiers can refill your armor and health infinitely as long as you keep them alive. Its best to kill the Stroggs yourself so you can keep these dudes alive! Another cool feature is that you can hop on-board some interesting structures like a Strogg cannon or a mech machine and take out some Stroggs in your way. The only downfall to this is that its pretty basic and isn't used greatly. My only gripe is that there are no 'secret' areas like in Quake 2. I thought that it would of been cool if they added this for Quake 4 for nostalgia sake. When you progress through the game the Stroggs will capture you and turn you into one of there own kind (hey it's in the trailer i'm not spoiling anything!). This spices things up a bit with new enhanced moves you can use.

Difficulty - 9: I was quite surprised that even on Normal the game is quite challenging. Even veteran FPS players like myself will have to adjust to the smart AI Quake 4 has. You just cant run into a room rambo style and waste them. You will probably end up dead. I did have to restart quite a few times before I got the hang of it at the beginning. You have to be careful not to take any unnecessary damage especially when your on your own without your fellow soldiers alongside. Watch your ammo too because I did ran out of ammo at certain points. Sometimes its best to hide and let your soldiers take care of the enemies to save health and ammo. Pretty wimpy but hey this is survival here! :) The bad part of restarting is that you know what will happen and it ruins the element of surprise of the enemies appearing. But I guess every FPS is like this. If Normal is a piece of cake for you then you can increase it to even harder modes.

Multiplayer - 5: What a letdown. They pretty much aim to copy Quake 3 multiplayer over to Quake 4. The translation is not so good. Maps are bear and not even that fun in my opinion. Out of the box the multiplayer is quite basic. You have your obligatory capture the flag, deathmatch and team deathmatch modes available. Hopefully mods will alleviate this. We just have to wait and see what will on the multiplayer.

Closing thoughts: A fun little single player romp that will keep you entertained for about roughly 10-12 hours. If your looking for some great single player FPS fun I would recommend Quake 4 only after you played F.E.A.R. Quake 4 is a excellent showpiece of the Doom 3 engine. The only curse of this engine is the not so great multiplayer it comes with, or lack there of. Hopefully in the future Quake 4 can break that curse with some excellent mods.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/24/05

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