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Reviewed: 10/25/05

One of the few series left where you can buy the game knowing it won't suck.

Ah, Quake. Another fps series. I’ve bought quake games with the expectation of a good fps that’s got fast paced action, linear but not too linear with a challenge not far behind. It did its job. It provided me fun. I enjoyed the quake series.

So when out of nowhere the game is announced to be in stores so soon, I was intrigued. I was thinking 2006 for this game. But hey it’s out, it’s all good. I wasn’t really expecting anything special after the pcgamer review and what doom 3 came to be (I wanted big battles with tons of enemies, not 3 monsters at most.)

I’m going to talk about the single player first.
Note: I ran this game on high with everything on. Ultra(yes you can run ultra without a 512mb videocard, its just not recommended) caused some stuttering when doors opened and didnt really show any improvement. It ran about the same that doom 3 did.

So I sat down and started playing. Beginning scenes proved interesting, with some sorta excitement. But it grows. You start off with your blaster (like quake 2) all again. I’m looking at the scenery, and I noticed that the skyboxes are so blatantly obvious. Did they scan in concept sketches or something and put them as the skybox? Some ground textures were pretty gritty. Some of the models are showing off the low polygonal look, which reminded me of doom 3(not as bad as the whole pentagonal imp head situation, but approaching that). The lighting was more realistic now, IE not twilight zone looking. Still, they lack the realistic lighting that hl2 has (but hl2 lacks dynamic shadows, nice trade there huh). But the environments were setup in a real smooth fashion. Too bad the models couldn’t follow that. Also, fires look real nice. Something with id and fire looking good. Like RTCW and the flamethrower.

I’d give it an 8.5/10 for graphics. The low polygonal count was a little annoying. It is 2005 you know. We could crank up the poly count (or throw in an option with video settings?)

The sound was well done. Every gun, weapon, action was nice and smooth. Nothing was annoying or clicking. Ambience sounds added to certain levels were done real well. It immersed you a bit better than doom 3, and it also kept my interest. Music was following the excitement or was cautious in certain events. The voice acting is well done too. They got some variety in there and it doesn’t sound emotionless.

I give it a 9.2/10. Nothing really caused any gripe for me.

The game itself was rather enjoyable. Some parts of the game you work with a squad of teammates. They actually know what they are doing. Never had a problem with them being in the way, or pissing me off in some fashion. The enemy AI is nothing special. Each enemy does its own little dance of moves. But they do something. And when you get surrounded by them, they start blocking you in, and then you die.

The single player isn’t very long, but you will waste some time. Different parts of the game will give you a different environment feelings like action, suspense, wait why is that a part of the story? You will get a few moments of that. There’s also going to be fights where the enemies keep on coming for quite some time. So much, that surviving those battles will be harder than the boss battles you will get to later in the game. Go figure.

I give Gameplay an 8.8/10. Some parts were a little too linear, and some of the bosses are too easy.

The Multiplayer. The main replayability factor in games.

id software said that the multiplayer would pretty much be quake 3. People have been saying the multiplayer sucks because its like quake 3. I don’t get this. They said it’s going to be like quake 3, so when people buy the game, why are they expecting anything different? People need to think.

Now the multiplayer itself gameplay wise is the same, pretty much. Menu is much smoother, the server list sorts better, general improvements here and there. What does bother me is that the new levels don’t feel like quake. They got this futuristic space arena feel. Quake 3 had this dark, gritty look in its levels. The player model variety isn’t that much either. Whatever happened to the female player models and stuff? Like major? I know there are freaks out there who would want nude player skins for the female player models, but I just want more variety when I’m playing online. It’s nice NOT to see duplicate player models over and over again.

I give it a 7.2/10 It does play just like quake 3, but it doesn’t have a huge amount of maps, or have a huge amount of player models. I want the nitty-gritty feel.

Now I enjoyed this game. There are nitpicks I have with it. But they aren’t as bad as other games (like RTCW and the germans speaking english. Maybe they could speak german with subtitles in english). It’s a good game though, you should buy it.

Overall: 8.5/10 rounded to 8. I round .5s down, Because I can.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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