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I'm a die-hard PC Gamer and dislike consoles. I've recently bought a new PC, and this was one of the first new FPSs that I played on it. Even though I have only played the demo of the original Quake 2, I know the game and plot well enough to need no introduction. Quake 2 is a classic FPS and has made the Quake universe is one of the best known to PC gamers, and for good reasons. But has the long awaited sequel impressed or disappointed?

Story: 7.5/10

The story, to me, is one of the most important aspects of the game. There's a slight confusion in the fact that Quake 2 was not a direct sequel to the original Quake and only kept the name for legal purposes. In the same way, Quake 3 is not the correct sequel to Quake 2... but leaves that to Quake 4.

The general story is typical to that of any science-fiction universe, that of an intergalactic war between Earth and an alien race called the Strogg. The way the story unfolds throughout the game is quite enjoyable, though due to the fact that time during the game doesn't progress realistically, it makes the game seem short. The NPCs (especially individual soldiers) give a lot of background information about the previous game and the overall story. The voice acting(especially for the major characters) is also good and done professionally.
The ending is slightly disappointing.

Graphics: 8/10

The Graphics are good. The indoor environments are realistic and breathtaking; but the same can't be said for the outdoor ones which are plain and boring. The lighting effects are good and the game's physics engine is decent, creating realistic death sequences (with a few exceptions). The cut-scenes and character models are also detailed and made well. I also liked the makeover the original enemies from Quake 2 got.

Sound: 6/10

Not bad. The sounds are good, and all the weapons sound like you'd expect them to. They can get a bit repetitive, but this is normal for FPSs.

Gameplay: 5.5/10

The gameplay is sadly, disappointing. Don't get me wrong, the game starts out well and is exciting... but it all gets stale after a while. The levels are sadly linear, and the puzzles are really easy. Some people would say "This is a FPS and you're supposed to be running about shooting things and not solving puzzles"; I disagree, I think some puzzles would add to the diversity of the gameplay. Most modern FPSs do.

The AI is average, which for more hardcore gamers can make the game incredibly easy. The AIs are seem only to be able to see (and not hear), as you can easily sneak up behind them when they're not looking. This can even be done without walking or crawling.

The fact that you can enter vehicles is a nice touch, but... the outdoor areas are boring and repetitive. The vehicles also recharge health and shields if you're idle for a while... this makes it even more boring and easy.

The boss fights are amazingly disappointing. They are all the same: Destroy the boss' shield, then blast away at the boss himself.

The firefights are great. The weapons are good (almost the same ones as Q2), and you have so many... that sometimes you don't even know which one to use. There's a decent number of enemies for the game's size which doesn't make it boring.

The new squad-teamwork aspect is a good idea but it would be more realistic if the Tech and Medic supplies of Health and armour ran out. It could even be utilised better if there were larger scale firefights with 5+ marines fighting beside you.

On the plus side, Quake 4's gameplay is almost identical to Quake 2's... but today's games need more originality.

The Multiplayer is great if you like that of the previous games. The other games had no real faults apart from the fact that maybe it was bit too fast for my taste. However, Quake 4 maintains traditions with even better graphics.

Tilt: 7/10

I know I've been a bit harsh about the gameplay but I've chosen a higher tilt score because well.... it's Quake. The gameplay is almost identical to Quake 2, which was a great game. I also gave a higher tilt on behalf of the good action and wide selection of weapons.

Overall 6/10

Quake 4 does little to raise the standards of Quake 2. It has improved graphics than its predecessor and a few tweaks here and there but that's it really. Quake 2 was a great game, but it's gameplay is a bit outdated and cannot compete with today's modern FPSs. I found the new Quake 4 lacking and disappointing. It's simple minded and the gameplay mostly involves just blowing things to bits. This game had potential, but it's the gameplay that ruined it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/17/06

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