Review by Bronx88

"New yet still old"

when I first saw the screen shots & the movie trailers I was really freaked out, I thought this would be the best FPS game that I could ever find for the PC, I was obviously WRONG!!! big time!!

Graphics 9/10
This might be the only 9 you would see on this review because this game has great graphics, the faces look so real and the main character is really HOT!!! The graphic engine is real good it seems almost an alternative world. I have no doubt that all of you who saw the screen shots will firstly say ''WOW'' but there's more to know about this game...

Sound 4/10
It's hard to explain why said this but it seems like the background music is way too dull for me, it has the 60' music spirit but it's been used too much in the last game, And I must say this is not a new stuff the creators of this game used the same background music over & over again until you actually mute it.
Not to mention there's a few sound problems on the XP & I had to search & download the fix for it (which is why I'm so pissed off about it).

Gameplay 6/10
The control is good but not good enough because when you first play on this game you don't know how to strafe, walk, jump etc.
You have to spend at least 10 minutes to customize the control the way you like it. And after you've done it & start shooting at your enemy (I tried the legs & arms)
He/She keep running toward you without even grabbing his/her legs nor arms too. If your character collect things to increase her AI then why the enemies are so stupid!!! But even though your enemies has no AI at all, there's still a few good laughs (there's a lot of jokes in this game) & after you'll finish this ''Very long game'', you could play on the net with your friends but if you don't like these ''net games'' like I do you would probably leave this game deep deep in your library.

Reply 4/10
If you like this game so much you can play it for hours without even looking at the time, not to mention there's the net options, But when i tried the multi player options, I had a lot of slow downs(my comp is 2.4 Ghz and i have a cable Internet!!!)this game is real sad when it connects to the net if you don't believe try it yourselves & post your own REVIEWS.

For those of you who loved the first game rent it for a couple of days & try to have a good look on it and you'll see my point of view.
The first players (like my brother) would love this game (it's not that violent) even though they didn't saw the first game.

========= In conclusion game rate: 5.75=6. ==========

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/23/02, Updated 10/23/02

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