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"The best FPS shooter seen in a long time for the computer."

I have been waiting for a long time for a really good First Person Shooter. Then, this game comes along, and blows me away. The graphics are amazing. The voiceover's are the best voiceover's I have ever seen, EVER! It actually looks like they are mouthing the exact words. The voices match the mouse movements perfectly. Okay, well, here we go on the rest of the stuff.

Game Play 10/10
The game play is just perfect for this game. The stealth action feel just gets better and better. You walk around the environment in stealth mode to be quiet so that the Artificial Intelligence doesn't hear you. You get up close to him/her, stun him/her, and then search him/her for any useful items. Then you either hide that enemy somewhere where the other enemy can't find her/him, or get out your body remover, and dispose of that body. Oh, did I mention that the Artificial Intelligence in this game is absolutely AMAZING. They can actually hear you, and if you stand right beside them, they will actually see you. You can throw a coin, and they will follow that sound, leave their post, so that you can go further into the environment. The Artificial Intelligence is amazing, and that's how they are! The weapons have unique uses, like for instance you have the lock pick which you can pick locks. This game shows that stealth moves and actions do actually help you through the game. Almost every where you go, you can use something there to hide with. One of the fun things I like to do is throw a banana, then slip on it. This is fun mainly because it actually looks like you are looking from Cate Archers (the main character who you control) face. If you ever wanted to know what it is like to slip on a banana, get this game. *Laughs*. Well, I am giving the game play a ten out of ten.

Story 9/10
The story is great. The cut scenes really help you understand the story better and better. The story goes as follows. Cate Archer is sent into undercover work to discover some stuff about stuff and stuff like that. I forget how the story goes, but I remember that when I played it through the game, the story was really good. The more you progress through the story, the more you understand about what it really is. Overall, the story is excellent. I am giving it a nine out of ten.

Graphics/Sound 10/10
The graphics in this game couldn't get any better, except one thing which I can explain later on in this paragraph. The environments look real. Also the reflections of the water are almost exact, except for a few minor things, which you don't even notice. The faces look real, except that they shine too much sort of like a plastic face. The enemies look real. The cut scenes are just amazing in graphics and story department. The sky and clouds move around as if you were in a real city/village. The graphics of the weapons are great. The shine on some of the weapons like the Shuriken and Katana are perfect. Okay, now onto the sound. The sound is amazing. The sounds of the water sound real. The sound of moving around in either stealth mode, normal walk, crouching, or anything sound real. The thing that I like to do is just taking out the lipstick camera, and taking pictures just to hear the sound, and how crisp and clear it sounds. The voices are perfectly matched with the mouthing of the words.(Yahoo finally) The sound of all the weapons sound real. The music fits the outer environments. Overall, I give the sound and graphics a ten out of ten.

Replay Value 4/10
Um, this is tough to say, because I forget what there is to, okay, you beat the game on easy mode. Then you might want to beat it on normal. Then on hard. Then on super spy. That's basically it. Although you could try to do extra stuff like trying yo go through out the whole game with using just one weapon. Or trying to get through all or just a few of the missions all unseen, so that nobody sees you. Well, I am giving the replay value a four out of ten.

Buy or to Rent BUY!!
You should definitely buy this game if you are into the First Person Shooter genre. You will automatically be attached to this game. Already start being stealthy because, it is just so fun to walk around unseen, shooting everyone who you see, so that they can't see you. Man, this game is just so addicting. I love this game and you should too, so I think you should definitely BUY this game!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/18/03, Updated 02/18/03

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