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"Cate Archer's Back and Back in Style!"

Introduction: Back in the year 2000 the orginal NOLF was released and it won numerous awards including; Game of the year, PC game of the year, Most unique game of the year and several others. Now Cate's back in her newest adventure she trys to save the world once again!

Gameplay: If you have played the orginal NOLF than you will be very familiar with NOLF 2 the controls are the same with a few new buttons. Like the first you will have a number of gadgets with over 20, whether you like to play stealthy or a run and gun type of game it's all up to you. Like the original NOLF ther is a skill system that allows you to put your skills towards things such as stealth, accuracy, health, recovery, aiming and more. You get points for completing various objectives some manditory some not, the more objectives you wanna do in a level the more skill points you get. The most fun part of the game is that it is set in the 60's. There is so much variety in the game it's off the hook, really. 9.5/10

Graphics: Graphically this game is one of the best if not the best looking game this year. NOLF 2 uses the jupiter engine previously not seen in the NOLF series. Everything in this game is incredibly beatiful from the environments to the body's of the characters. The best thing about the graphics is the the movements of the characters faces, no other game can match this game in that department. The only downside is the this game is beefy on the system requirements so if you don't have a good graphics card you won't be able to see the beauty of this game, which is a shame.9/10

Sound: In terms of sound NOLF 2 isn't exceptional but it gets the job done. The sound is really unique but a little repetitive. The one thing that is really well done in the sound department is the voice acting, everything is intact and looks great. 8.5/10

Story: I won't get too detailed about the story but I will tell you a little bit. You are Cate Archer and you work for UNITY an organization that fights crime and your newest enemy is H.A.R.M. a top secret oraganization that is planning to take over the world...once again.8.5/10

Length/Replayability: Lenth wise this game is about 20 hours depending on what difficulty you play one and how many objectives you wann to complete. You will want to play this game again just for the fun of it and to play some of your favourite levels. Thankfully there is a new patch coming out with TONS of new features. 9/10

Overall: Overall this game is a rising success in every department with great graphics, sound and fun gameplay its no wonder it won PC game of the year from many sites and although I only gave this game a 9 it is because no game is perfect. So go out and buy this game if you don't already own it. 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/28/03, Updated 04/28/03

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