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"No Regrets - Get This Game."

No One Lives Forever 2 is an action/spy first person shooter that combines a somewhat serious and focused storyline along with subtle humor that makes the game that much more enjoyable. From the beginning of the game to the end players will enjoy the multitude and variety in quests. There is a plethora of weapons, and they all help with the game’s environments. The environments are detailed and diverse, helping to keep the game interesting and the player more involved. The sound effects are great, and the AI is intelligent, keen, and perceptive. (They don’t stand there so you can shoot them). Put all of these qualities together and you have one of the best PC shooters around.

The stages really differ and the game changes drastically as it progresses. The game is made better this way because there is no redundancy as the player gets further into the game. Each situation is different and requires different strategies. Besides the parts where the game is intended to be silly, the game is realistic. Everything about the game is memorable as well. These are just some of NOLF2’s wonderful aspects.

The most noteworthy quality about NOLF2 is its unique style. Straying around from hackneyed first person shooter concepts, NOLF2 takes place in the 60’s and includes various absurdities that allow the gamer to laugh at times. (Sometimes, first person shooters are monotonously one-dimensional) For example, the banana weapon always cracks me up, and the sound effects add a nice touch as well. There are a great number of weapons and gadgets for our agent, Archer, to utilize. The gamer will never become bored as he or she discovers new weapons, different types of ammunition, or different ways to get through a certain situation. The game doesn’t lack substance either; NOLF2 is a challenging game at its core. What do we get in a game when we combine style with substance? We get a great game.

There are so many great things about this game that the only way to get a true grasp of them is to play the game. The gaming industry hasn’t been very changeable with regards to first person shooters. NOLF2 deviates from the norm and creates a gaming experience that is extremely fun to play, and it’s not even a short game either! As NOLF2 probably doesn’t cost as much as other games that probably aren’t as good as this one, my honest opinion is for you, the valued consumer, to get this game. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/27/03

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