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"I don't even care anymore"

The Half-Life mod Counter Strike has been a phenomenon for multiplayer online gaming. It has bought many people to the wonder of online gaming and kept the pre-existing geeks in their lairs for even more hours. It was only a matter of time before Valve, the creator of Half-Life to release a game that will be playable for the bandwidth challenged. Finally it is here… three years late but hey better late than never... right?

Gameplay: 7/10
Nothing new here people. It is just the usual rescue hostages, disarm the bomb and if you do this enough you get another map. Sure this may be enjoyable if you haven’t played Counter Strike before but the thing is you probably have.

Graphics & Sound: 5/10
The Half-Life engine that this game was made for was created six years ago and even then it was just a heavily modded Quake engine. Needless to say the technology is hideously outdated and it is at the stage where you feel nostalgic when you play Half-Life. Sure the graphics may not be ugly however when you look at recent efforts it isn’t great.
Sound wise the game isn’t bad but nowadays developers don’t really get that wrong.

Features: 8.5/10
Many were clouting this game as Counter-Strike with a few extra weapons and bots so people without broadband or knowledge of bots available for download could play it.
To an extend this is true however you cannot underestimate the effort gone into these ‘bots’. Unlike their counter parts they follow their complex instructions doing as you command them and completing their tasks efficiently. In the time I have played it I haven’t seen them trapped anywhere.
This game has new weapons and maps however it is nothing much to write home about. I found the new weapons and maps for the latest version of Counter Strike to be more interesting.

Although this game is enjoyable it is a case with many games released nowadays, ‘I’ve seen it all before.’ Because of its lack of originality it is obvious that this is just a cash cow for Valve, which leaves me worried about the impending release of Half-Life 2.
Had this game been released three years ago when it was announced it would have been hugely successful however this will not interest current Counter Strike players and it won’t attract any new players because if you haven’t played Counter Strike by now it obviously ain’t your thing.
Let us pray that Half Life 2 is better than this because I was a bit disappointed by this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/25/04

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