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"Great game...but not worth 40 Dollars"

Many of you have played, or at least heard of the game Counter -Strike. Those of you that have played it have probaly heard of the long awaited sequal, Condition Zero. The developers promised new weapons, models, maps, etc. What we really got was the game we have been playing for so long with bots. Yes, theres a single player mode where you try to get so many kills with a pistol, or win a round in 60 seconds. Theres also a ''deleted scenes'' game mode where you are placed in various parts of the world, and advance through linear levels.

As stated, this is pretty much the same game with bots. You would think that they are jus stupid, do the same thing everytime bots. They are actually very inteligent. They tell you where they see the enemy, where the bomb is, and so on. The only set back is they dont do there job. Things like defusing the bomb MUST be done by the human(unless they are dead). I cant tell you how often i fail a mission because the bomb was on the other side of the map, and the bots didnt defuse. Another good thing about the bots is that you can play in a server with them. You can do Bots Vs. Humans, or a mix of both. So when a server has three or four players in it, bots can be added to fill it up. I have to admit, its fun to pit 5 guys on 5 expert bots and play it out like a scrim. Although it may not be the same, its fun to do if you only have a few people.

One good thing about this game is new textures. Most maps look much better. You can see big changes in maps like De_Aztec and both De_dusts. The set back is its the SAME maps weve been playing for soo long, plus a few new ones. If you have played CS on the X-Box, youve seen the maps that appear in CZ.

As great a game it is, my advice to those that have the older Counter-Strike is wait for a price drop(25 dollars would be the perfect price) Those of you who do not have the old CS, get this. It is great for those new to the game because you can practice with bots. Also those with a 56K connection, this is they way to go because you can play an all bot game.

Whatever your choice is, you will either enjoy this game, or ask your self ''What did i just wast 40 dollars on?''

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/18/04

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