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Counterstrike has been a staple of internet gaming for the past several years. It has to be one of the most well known and most played Mods out there today. Counterstrike: Condition Zero is an attempt to add onto their huge user base and bring an even better playing expierence to it's huge fan base. Also, it's an attempt to bring in new users. Does it succeed?

Counter Strike: Condition Zero, or CSCZ is the first major addition to CS since it's creation, I would dare say, and that's not saying much. Counterstrike is a game created from Half Life, a MOD of it. The game centers around rounds where Counter Terrorists and Terrorist battle it out. The two main modes of play are CS_ maps that deal with hostage rescue and DE_ maps that have to do with the Terrorist trying to plant bombs. There are also AS_ maps which one player on the Counter Terrorist team becomes a VIP. He gets a pistol, 200 armor, and if he dies the round end. However if he makes it to a rescue point, his team wins. Online, there is also FY_ maps. These are basically small, deathmatch style maps.

CSCZ brings something new to the table, single player. There are basically 3 modes of single player. Custom Game, CSCZ, and Deleted Scenes. In Custom games you basically host a server on your computer, and you can set up "bots," computer controlled players, to fight against and with. You can set how hard the game will be, the map, what weapons they can or cannot use, and many different features. This mode of play is basically what it will be like online, well without all the cussing and name calling. This is a good mode to get expierence on, and a great way to learn new maps.

CSCZ mode is the big addition. In this version you go through a series of maps, each map has 3 specific goals that you need to complete. You also need to win at least 3 round, and lead by two. When you first start the game you have a choice of three different maps. Completing the objectives on maps and winning will open up new maps, it will also allow you to get smarter and all around better bots. Unfortunatly this mode of play pops of with a large ammount of problem. Most of the problems come with the intellegence of yours and their bots. Level 1-2 bots will usually just look at an enemy for about 3-4 seconds before firing. Also, they will intentionally fire around them at times. Also, your bots will 75% of the time go to the wrong bomb site, sometimes even if they see the guy with the bomb go the other way. Anyone that hates campers will hate this game, since camping is everywhere. Also, in later rounds, your bots of a tendancy to kill eachother every once in a while. They also will never buy defuse kits, and will usually intentionally walk around yours if you die while wearing one. Yet another problem is your can't control them. Also, as dumb as the bots are, their skills are amazing. Anyone familiar with the game and with recoil will know that running around with an AK-47 (a terrorist rifle) is hard to aim with. However, in this game the bots have to problems with that, or jumping and firing, and killing you. Most of the time in higher difficulties it will only take one or two shots to kill you, usually before you can get a shot off. And finally, a good portion of the time they will be ready to shoot at you before they come around the corner, giving you no chance at all.

As for Deleted Scenes, originally another company was suppose to create CSCZ and this is what they came up with. Valve wasn't happy so they tossed this and gave the reins over to a different company. Deleted Scenes however was kept as an additionally thing for CS players to enjoy. Basicially this is their attempt to create a cross breeding of CS and Halo. It puts you in linear situations and has events happen. There are three major issues with this version. One, the graphics are just plain odd. Two, once you are discovered, enemies will know exactly where you are. Third, why would it take 5-7 shots to the upper torso with a Colt rifle to kill a guy in robes with a scimitar?

Counter Strike: Condition Zero does add one more thing, "New" Maps. Unfortuantly they aren't new. There are a couple I haven't played before so they might be new, but almost all the rest are the same old maps with the new CSCZ textures and some minor map changes. The only map with any major changes is cs_militia, but they still haven't fixed the issues with hostages in sewers on that map

CSCZ can be good or bad depending on the type of player you are. There are 4 main categories I would put players in. 2 of these categories the players will enjoy it, the other two they would not. I would say if you have never played CS, and love flashy graphics, then this game is not for you. If you play CS now, and can feel it's age, then this game is not for you. However, if you are a new player that doesn't need flashy graphics, then you'll love this game. You'll also love it if you are a current/former player who would buy anything CounterStrike.

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Originally Posted: 05/12/04

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