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"Falls short of expectations...but still is a good facelift for CS"

When Condition Zero came out, many people were disappointed. They were expecting this to be an actual sequel when it was really more of an update. Yes, they did rush and completely ruin single player, but hey online i've never seen a nicer looking CS!!!

Graphics 9/10:
The graphics are no longer "old and crappy". I can now even put the resolution to 800x600 and even then it looks beautiful. Nothing new to the original levels has been added, but things have been smoothed out so they look nicer. A bit cheap that they make you pay $30 just for this, but its still nice.

Gameplay Split:
This section is split into two sections

Single Player 6/10
The single player was horrible. Ill admit that. Deleted Scenes was nothing short of complete crap. The Condition Zero mission mode was okay though. You'd pick your team of AI's and play on certain maps against the computer trying to accomplish different challenges. This is kinda fun, but really only meant for people who cant play online with others. I think they really could've nailed the single player down if they delayed the release for a bit.

Multiplayer 9/10
Where the game shines. Same exact thing as CS 1.6, but with much better graphics. The gameplay consists of you picking a team, Counter-Terrorists or Terrorists. Then there are two "official" types of game modes. In de maps, the terrorists have to try to plant a bomb one of the players holds in a specific area. The CT's try to prevent them from planting it, but if they do plant it, the CT's have 30 seconds before it goes off. During that time they have to try to defuse it. Even if all the T's are dead, but the CT's fail to defuse the bomb in time, the T's will still win. The other type of maps, cs maps, the terrorists have to guard hostages, while the ct's try to rescue them and bring them to a checkpoint. Both modes, while simple, are very addictive and fun.

Counterstrike is played in rounds, that last anywhere from 2-4 minutes. Once you die during that round, your dead until the next round begins. This makes you more careful when playing, and not try to go rogue and be Rambo. Before each round your given a few seconds to purchase weapons. The money to buy the weapons comes in between rounds, you earn more money depending on if your team won the round and how many kills you got that round. You can also buy body armor, High Explosive, Smoke, and Flashbang grenades to add strategy to the game. If you can get a headset, it makes the game a lot more enjoyable as it adds a better level of communication to your team.

The only notable flaw i see in multiplayer is the magnum sniper rifle(aka AWP). 95% of the time it'll kill you in one hit, no matter where the shot is, and it doesn't matter if you wearing body armor or not. They make this gun pretty expensive at $4750, but I still think that is too cheap and the price should either be raised to $6000 or the gun should be nerfed. The score still gets a 9 though, since its the same as CS 1.6

Sounds 8/10:
The sounds are the same as CS 1.6. The guns still sound genuine though, and hearing footsteps is another great addition to the strategy so ill keep this score as it is.

Replay Value 10/10:
I've been playing the game for only about 8 months, but I still play it at least once a week and its still as fun as the first time I played it.

How can some of you guys give this game such a low score? Yes it was a disappointment, but its still Counterstrike and looks better. We can all wait for the real sequel which is coming, Counterstrike Source. Now that is gonna be sweet.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/14/04

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