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    FAQ/Walkthrough by THollebeek

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    Version 1.2: April 16, 2002.
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    Editorial Note: In my opinion, this game is a tremendous disappointment.
    If you are thinking of buying it, play Wizardry 8 instead.
    It is buggy, the plot is poor, the interface is clunky, and the skill
    and spell system is mostly just a simplified version of the old
    system.  Class choices are very limited and unimaginative, and race
    choices are even worse.  Quests and areas are, for the most part,
    If you "have" to have it, wait for the price to drop.  3DO should be
    ashamed of themselves for releasing this game.
    Things not yet included (feel free to contribute):
    The Training Hall quest.
    Deliver the bad news quest.
    Promotion quests other than Mercenary, Scholar, Gladiator, Mage.
    Yorick Wizard's Tower quest.
    Fre's quest.
    The Arslegard bathhouse quest.
    Note: I've played through the game twice, and am unlikely to do so
    again to add things to it, so none of the above will probably ever
    appear without contributions.
    The notation [Foo (foo@bar.com): .... ] means that section was
    submitted or heavily derived from material submitted by Foo.  To avoid
    having too many notations, contributions less than a sentence or two
    are unmarked.
    ---------- Party Creation ----------
    Secondary classes (healers, thieves, misc. spellcasters) are less
    necessary in MM9: a mage can cast all but the best direct damage
    spell, heal (including ressurection, divine intervention), disarm
    traps, and identify everything.  So who needs a cleric or thief?  So
    to get a kickass party at high level, I went with one fighter, three
    initiates (planning for two mages and a lich).  Those on their first
    time through probably want a more traditional two/two split.  Anyway,
    since classes are chosen later, your fighter mage distribution is the
    only choice you have here.  If you like to hack and slash, by all
    means feel free to go with three fighters.  You can turn one into a
    spellcaster (Ranger or Druid) later if you want, though I don't
    personally suggest it.  At least one mage is good to have for
    transportation spells once you get tired of walking.
    So Tank, the fighter (half-orc), is my #1 character.  Never pass up 2
    pts/1 pick in an RPG: I give him 25 Might.  Lower his Magic to 7 since
    he won't nead it, and kick his Endurance to 22.  More hitpoints means
    less death, and death is Bad [tm].
    For skills, I give him merchant (more money = more levels at the end
    of the game; leveling in MM9 is mostly gold limited instead of xp
    limited) and bow.  This gets you a free bow at the start of the game.
    Damage at a distance is key.  He will also be the one to read the
    disarm trap skill scroll you are given at the start.  DO NOT PICK
    DISARM TRAP FOR ANYONE!  Wait for it to be given to you.  Yes, my
    bruiser is also going to be my trap opener.
    For the three initiates (all elves, Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu), I drop
    their might and endurance to 7.  This lowers their hitpoints and
    damage, but the effects aren't that drastic.  They'll be doing damage
    with their bows and spells anyway.  I give them accuracy 25 because of
    the two-fer and to make them lethal with their bows.  Endurance 7
    instead of 10 for elves gives you 6 skill points back because of the
    reverse 2/1.  So for -3 in Endurance you get +12 Accuracy; you'd be
    insane to pass that up.  Magic 25, of course.  The spare point I put
    on speed on some, luck on others.  Skills are learning and bow.
    Learning at level 1 is worth a 10% bonus, and the skill is harder to
    find/buy than most are early in the game so get it if you can.
    ---------- Ravensford -----------
    Stop and equip your bows after the intro.
    If you want to learn the interface, follow the scrolls in the intro
    area.  Return to grampa, get and use his skill scrolls.  The identify
    item I gave to one of my initiates.  When done, exit north towards the
    boat.  The lobber pods there are easy even with my 3 initiates, because
    with 25 accuracy and a bow, you rarely miss and nothing makes it to
    melee range.
    Get on the boat.  Whee!
    ---------- Isle of Ashes ----------
    The Isle of ashes has annoying short skeletons.  Look down if you're
    getting hit and see nothing.  Make your way north through the
    mountains and across the bridge, fighting as you go.  Might want to
    set elemental blast as your quick spell on your initiates.  The skeletoids
    are actually pretty nasty.  MM9 doesn't start out easy.  Remember, you
    can rest and get all those sps and hps back at any time the danger
    light is green.  So rest after each fight if you have to.  25 magic
    means quite a few spell points, so 3x elemental blast knocks em back
    pretty quick.  Grab the little bags they drop if they drop one
    ... they can be hard to see since they are similar in color to the
    On the bridge and across it in the mountains are flying monsters.
    Tough if you have to try to hit them hand to hand, but we were smart,
    we have bows and spells.  Yippee!
    At the next bridge, talk to Mr. Pointless Plot Twist (Forad Darre).
    He will join you soon, has absolutely no personality, and you have no
    reason not to trust him.  But later on the game will try to make you
    feel guilty about having him.  The story is certainly not the strong
    point of MM9, to say the least.  He tells us about Yrsa.  (Hmm, enough
    xp to level everyone ... too bad there's no trainer here ...) Do not
    cross the bridge, instead continue along the trail (to the right of
    Forad, NW).  More of the same until you get to the hut.  The well
    heals you, but who cares, so does resting.  Inside the hut is Yrsa.
    She will help you if you help her.  What a suprise.  Go through the
    tunnel, kill the dragonflies.  There is a chest here too.  Try the new
    dialogue option with Yrsa.  At many times in the game, what people say
    will be inconsistent with what already happened; do not let this trick
    you.  It is just the low quality of the NPC scripts.  Looking for new
    dialogue options is the key to whether you can do anything.  We find
    out we have a destiny, and it isn't cabbage farming.  What a suprise.
    Talk to Forad Darre.  He joins.  What are his stats?  Who knows.
    There isn't any way to see them.  Stupid game.  He's not a bad
    fighter, tho.  Return to Yrsa, ask about the door, get the key.  You
    may also want to hit "F" and put Forad in your front row.  You must
    have three people in your front row.  If you have two fighters, then
    them and Forad will keep your initiates out of harm's way.
    Cross the bridge by where Forad was.  Kill the nasties until they stop
    being summoned.  
    Here is the first good secret: Go up and to the left around the ruins
    to the entrance.  Enter.  This is a very high level dungeon that will
    kill you in seconds.  But go forward and right along the river to the
    chest.  Open it, take the loot which is much better than you'll see
    for a long time.  First time I got a shield which alone was any armor
    I wore for another 10 levels or so; this time I got AC 9 boots, two
    excellent pows, a AC 8/+5 Spirit belt, and a scroll of the best dark
    magic spell in the game (Souldrinker).  Not bad!
    Exit the ruins.  Anything else is suicide even with our new loot.
    Go back left and down the steps to the door, fight the nasties.  If
    you stay right next to the door, the big bone thrasher can't get to
    you and you can pick him off with arrows and spells.  Open the door,
    loot the chest, open the book, watch cutscene as you sail off.  Area
    one done!
    ------------ Stumford -----------
    We need levels, so we need a town.  Leave the dock, the town is on the
    right.  Make your way south to the large building surrounded by a wood
    fence.  Go in by the front door, click on the stone square thing under
    the banner.  That will allow us to Town Portal to here once we learn that
    spell.  Take the west door, talk to Bjarni.  Get quests:
    - Deliver letter to Kira
    - clear Anskram
    - Rescue Ivar from Drangheim Prison
    Exit the building.  In the northeast corner is a clover (1 skill point
    when used).  There are some shops on the west side; pick one and sell
    your loot.  I wouldn't buy anything ... you need the gold for levels
    and there is plenty of loot lying around soon.  Except maybe
    skills... I had enough for Perception and Armsmaster.  Continue south.
    Through the wall/door, continue south to the small square with a well.
    Jump in.  Dive to grab the bags of gold, climb out.  Continue west to
    the training area.  There is a brute here you can hire if you want him
    ... I don't hire NPCs.
    Level 3 for everyone ... here's what I did with skill points.  A good
    guide is keep track of what you can become expert/master in and
    concentrate on those.  Tank's Blade to 4 ... the blade expert gal
    hangs out just east of the well, so I'm saving for it.  I give the
    initiates Elemental 4.
    Before a dungeon, let's travel and do some non-combat quests for quick
    cash.  Go to the tavern by the entrance, buy a drink for the guy and
    the bar and he wants you to find some saboteurs.  While you're here,
    also talk to the guy in the house on the south side, who will give you
    the manuscript quest.  Just northwest is another clover; I'm not going
    to list them all so keep your eyes out.  There are one or two per
    Around the corner to the left is the building with the quill and
    scroll sign; talk to the guy on the first floor and find out he is the
    saboteur.  He runs off.  Return to tavern for reward.  Not much xp,
    but enough gold to make Tank a blade expert.
    Now for a little tour.  (You're going to need about 100 gold in boat
    fares here, so if you've squandered your wealth, skip down and do a
    bit of the Beethoven dungeon.  If you have 100, don't worry about
    spending it though.  You're about to get 3000 without much effort)
    ---------- A Little Tour ----------
    Go out to the docks, take a boat to Drangheim.
    Follow the city walls to the gate, on your left.  Enter the big
    building on the right; in the back left is a door that leads out to a
    +2 Luck barrel.  Exit the building and go up the stone ramp on your
    right.  Continue to the left across the bridge.  Inside the building
    is the second Jarl.  More quests:
    - Disable Anskram defenses
    - Retrieve Crona Kiga
    Also, the Town Portal altar is in here.  Click it.  Return across the
    bridge and go down to the lowest part of the city.  On the left is the
    tavern ... talk to a guy there about Swordbrothers.  Outside by a note
    is King Nicolai.  Talk to him about duty.  Exit the city.  Sail to
    Guberland.  Up to the wood city wall, the gate is around to the left.
    Go straight to the big building, enter on the left.  (The well on the
    other side gives +5 speed)  Talk to Jarl #3.  Still more quests:
    - Get Book of Rules
    - Challenge Ivan the Smart
    - Get rid of Dook
    Go out, straight ahead (east) then take the door on your left.  Second
    building on your left, go inside, click on the Town Portal altar
    (disguised as a table).
    Go to the Jarl's building, west, then north.  Enter the building with
    the stained glass window.  Talk to the man between the bookcases if
    you want the Healer promotion quest.
    [Michael Horton (M.P.Horton@exeter.ac.uk): Go and talk to the
    apothecary about curing the nutty guy (He's in the building with the
    person that sells skills). He asks you to get a lock of hair from the
    hag who lives in a cave on the beach. The cave is just outside the
    city, just a bit west of due south from the entrance. Once in the
    cave, grab the hairbrush from the stool, take it back to the
    apothecary, and he'll make you a potion to give to the nutty guy
    (who's in a small cell outside the Jarl's building).  After that, go
    back to the guy who gave you the quest, and he'll promote the
    Initiates you selected to healers.]
    Exit the town.  To the east is the "Gathering."  Ask the guy in the
    center if he needs help.  How convenient.  Ivan the Smart is also
    nearby.  Challenge him.  To the death.  Resist the urge to shout, "No,
    to the pain!"
    1. Stumford and Drangheim.
    2. Verhoffin.
    3. Hallenhalt.
    4. Hubris.
    5. Making Magic Items.
    6. Murdered by his personal guards.
    7. Ivan the Smart.
    Return to the Jarl.  Our first completed Jarl quest!  The northern
    side of the east section of town has several trainers in the magic
    arts.  I used 1500 of the 3000 gold to get expert Elemental skill for
    my 3 initiates.  The rest went towards levels.  Need more gold, though!  
    The levels I do get get Tank to Armor 4.  My initiates go to Learning
    3.  Learning takes quite a while to break even though and even longer
    for non-mages so you might want to pick something else.
    Back to the docks.  Keep waiting until dawn until you can get a ship
    to Thronheim.  Enter.  To the right, go through the tunnel right of
    the gate.  Continue forward, enter the door at the far side of the
    culdesac.  Go left at the entrance, then right.  Kira is the woman
    behind the curved table.  Get more quests:
    - Get rid of the Honkies
    - Open the Mountain Pass
    Also, give her the letter.  The Town Portal Altar is in a building
    across the way.  Exit the town and talk to the guy at the docks.  Ask
    for a favor, send the people to Guberland.  Reenter Thronheim.  Go
    through the tunnel again but this time turn left after exiting it.
    The road curves left, go through another tunnel.  Follow the road to
    another tunnel.  Just before it, you'll see a guy in white.  Talk to
    him and convince him to meet you at the docks.  After going through
    the tunnel, you'll see two people in white, one in a duck hat.  Talk
    to them too.  Around the corner on the right is the tavern, go in.
    Talk to the guy there about a Mercenary promotion.  Select anyone you
    want to become a Mercenary (all your fighters, in my opinion.
    Assassins and Gladiators are the best fighters.  And I'm not going to
    do the Crusader/Paladin/Ranger quests so they won't be in this
    walkthrough =)
    Return to Kira.  Tell her about the Honkies.  Two Jarl quests down,
    ten to go.  Back to the docks, catch a boat to Thjorgard.  Make your
    way to the large building in the NE part of town with the low wall,
    and enter.  The guy to the left offers you the Scholar promotion.  All
    my initiates took him up on it.  
    There is a training area here, but don't use it, it is one of the most
    expensive.  We'll level up when we're done with the tour.  Enter the
    castle on the hill, go to the top floor.  Click on the altar, talk to
    the Jarl:
    - Retrieve Thjorad
    - Fix all the problems at the Mine
    There's one more Jarl, but we can't get to him yet.  Exit Thjorgard.  
    ---------- Some loose ends -----
    As soon as we can kill bandits, we can do two promotion quests.  So we
    need to train; take a boat to Drangheim.  Talk to Nicolai again.  The
    trainer is in the lower area on the right in back.  Initiates get to
    Elemental 6 and Learning 4.  This kicks their elemental bolt to 5-30.
    Sweet.  Exit Drangheim, go north then east.  Go past the buildings
    with the windmill and then north and a bit west.  Enter the large
    black castle, Drangheim Prison.
    [Michael Horton (M.P.Horton@exeter.ac.uk): An alternate way of getting
    into Drangheim is to take the secret passage from the well by the
    windmill in the small "town" east of Drangheim.]
    Talk to the guard straight ahead, get a visitors pass.  Common sense
    answers will get you it (No, no (a lie), and no.  While hilarious, the
    other answer is suicide =)).  Talk to a guard, he'll move aside.  Go
    through the door into the prison.
    Take the second door on your left.  After going up the stairs, turn
    right.  Through the door, first door on your left.  Talk to the guy in
    there, and be honest about your intentions (rescue Ivar!).  Open the
    cage door, click the wall behind the cow.  Walk straight ahead
    (through what looks like a door) and up the ladders; <space> on the
    ceiling to open it.  
    [Note: <space> is used to activate all objects; from here on out it
    will be refered to as "use" or often just "click on the ...." even
    though there is not mouse clicking involved.  IMHO, you SHOULD be able
    to click on things to use them; I hate how the current interface often
    requires three or four hands.]
    Exit the smithy, up the stairs, go through the door on the left.  The
    guards leave ... pull the levers in that room (right next to the
    door).  Talk to the two prisoners.  Return the way you came, making
    sure the general is following you (sometimes he gets stuck).  Near the
    entrance a few guards will attack you ... I just ran.  Go east, then
    north.  The monsters here should be no problem.  Since we've been
    being so nonviolent, take out your aggression.  Continue west, to
    Stumford.  Continue mostly due north to the town.  In Stumford, stop
    off at the tavern and talk to the general.  Then talk to the Jarl for
    your reward.  Also let him know Kira isn't interested.  More xp, more
    gold!  I trained some more, since there is a dungeon entrance right at
    the trainer here.  We'll do that next since it should be simple by now
    (I was levels 10 and 11 here).
    Tank went to Merchant 4, Disarm Trap 2, and Armsmaster 4, and Bow 2.
    My initiates got to Elemental 7 or 8, and one got Identify Item 4,
    another Perception 2.
    They only have 1 spell, but when it's Elemental Bolt for 8-48, who cares? =)
    Since I finally had some cash, Tank became an Armor expert (NW of the
    Jarl).  I also used my Merchant 4 to get some cheap skills I was
    missing: Light (x2), Dark (x3), Meditation, Repair Item.  This allowed
    me to learn that Turn Undead spell I found on the way here.
    Through the door in the training area, down the spiral stair to Beet Hoven.
    ---------- Beet Hoven ----------
    Look up.  That's a lobber.  They spit out little baby monsters, so
    kill it first.  Whenever you see lobber pods coming after you, look
    for the lobber and take it out.  Imagine if you were down here 7
    levels ago and had no range weapons =)  That's why it's nice to do the
    tour first.
    Continue down the passageway taking out lobbers on the roof as you go.
    Straight at the first intersection.  Right at the second.  There are
    two lobbers in this room, take them out.  Go down the ladder.  Jump up
    out of the water after diving out of the tube that the ladder is in.
    Points of interest on this level:
    If you head south (jumping across the pit in the room where the floor
    is broken), you'll find a maze with some nice stuff in it.  The switch
    just to the right of the door opens it. As you clear this level,
    you'll find miscelaneous stuff you can equip since we haven't bought
    anything.  The well in the center gives +5 speed.
    West is, among other things, the ladder down to the bottom level.
    There is also a vase and the end of a wooden beam here.  Break it to
    get loot.
    Mostly, we're just collecting stuff to sell.  Clearing the dungeon for
    the heck of it.  Down to the bottom level.
    More lobbers down here.  Directions to the manuscript: left, right,
    straight.  Not much else worth getting down here.  Return to the surface.
    Go back to the guy in the house near the Tavern for your reward.
    Jarl quests 4 and 5 both involve Anskram, so we'll do them next.
    After that, we'll have enough xp that Bandits will be a piece of cake.
    First, though, sell all the crap you picked up.  Then exit Stumford.
    ---------- Anskram ----------
    Go back south the way we came here last time.  At the three way
    intersection, head west.  When you get to the castle, head around it
    to the right.  You can bash a hole in the wall in the back right
    corner.  There is also a basilisk and a chest back here.  Basilisks
    have basilisk skin ... keep one (we'll need it later) but sell any
    others you find.  We only need one.
    Attack the wall to get through it; crouch ('x' key) to walk through
    the hole.  Climb the tower stairs to the top.  Head west then north to
    the center keep.  Walk around the keep to the northwest corner, click
    on the trapdoor.  Go down, pull the lever by the north wall to raise
    the portcullis.  Go back to the south side of the keep STILL ON THE
    TOP LEVEL and enter.
    NOTE: if your game is unpatched, you have to do the whole keep WITHOUT
    LEAVING and you must enter the top part FIRST.  Get the patch.
    Kill the nasties, head right.  Jump over the trap (you do have
    perception, don't you?), and enter the door.  Use the skill barrels
    and leave.  Continue north, avoiding traps, and take the door on the
    right.  Kill imps until the little hole stops burning.
    At the south end, take the east door.  South, then west ... kill more
    imps at the south end of the room.  West, across the hall, continue
    west ... kill more imps.  Pull the lever.
    East to the passageway, south, then west.  There is a chest by the
    bed.  Exit, south, west into the central room.  Take the southwest
    door and go to the end of the hall.  Through the door, kill the imps.
    East, north, west, kill the bug.  East, north, west, more imps.  East,
    north, west, skill barrel.  East, east, kill imps, pull lever.
    West, south, east, north, chest.  East to the central room.  A switch
    has been revealed by the big doors.  Use it, then slip between the
    first set of doors before they close.
    Fight the imp elders.  East, south, kill imps.  West, west, south,
    kill imps.  North, east ... out comes the Imp Boss.  Terminate with
    extreme prejudice.  Go north and exit the keep.
    Look up.  Aim at chains.  Shoot chains.  Return to the Jarl in Stumford.
    Get reward, ask him to join the coalition, level up.  Boat to Drangheim.
    Talk to the Jarl here, level up.
    Five down Jarl quests down, seven to go.
    ---------- Promotions ----------
    Warning: leveling costs more after promotions, so always level up
    completely before doing a promotion.
    Sail to Guberland.  Talk to the head of the Gathering for your Nicolai
    reward.  Talk to the couple by the entrance to the gathering, tell
    them you're hear to guard their boat.  Go to dock, wait til 3 am.
    Then wait till 6 am, kill the bandits.  Talk to the couple again, and
    now your fighters are Mercenaries!
    Head north between the city and gathering.  Turn south at the
    intersection, enter the castle.  Go north, take the second left, then
    turn north again.  Talk to the Dook.  Threaten him.  Return to the
    Jarl for a reward.
    Hop a ship to Thjorgard.  Head west through the tunnel south of the
    city.  Then turn north.  When you get to an open area, head east north
    east to a lake; just north of there you should see the Magreeb Spawn,
    which will run from you.  
    ---------- More promotions ----------
    Return to Thjorgard, and go to the Scholar promotion guy.  Get
    promoted!  While here, ask about the Mage promotion quest at the front
    desk.  You have to get Verhoffin's diary.
    A few trainers you may want to visit now that you have plenty of cash and
    some promotions:
    Learning, Bodybuilding trainer: near the southwest gate of Thjorgard.
    Identify Item trainer: Along the west wall of Thjorgard.
    Merchant trainer:  Thjorgard, just east of the castle.
    We'll be swinging by these soon, so pick them off then if you need them:
    Armsmaster trainer: Stumford, just south of the tavern area.
    Meditation, Dark, Elemental, Light, Spirit trainers: by Guberland magic shop.
    I went to Stumford next, to level up and hit the Armsmaster trainer.
    Then, in the building where the saboteur was (with the quill and
    scroll sign) at the very top is the Gladiator promotion guy.  He wants
    you to:
    - kill a basilisk (give your skin to him)
    - steal Kira's shield
    - win at the Arena on Lord
    I stopped off at Guberland next for the magic expert trainers.  Then off
    to Thronheim.  Go to Kira's place.  Her shield is in the corner by the door
    to her room.  Leave Thronheim, sail to Thjorgard.
    The Arena is on along the inside of the east wall of Thjorgard ... it
    looks like an exit from the city.  Talk to the desk, ask to fight on
    Lord.  We're going to try this now, but you may get your butt kicked.
    If so, come back later.  My three Scholars with their obscene bolts
    had no problem (they're now 7-42, 10-60, and 10-60).
    Hint: if you go into turned based mode as the doors open, they will
    close again before the monsters can come out, allowing you to fight
    one set first and then the other.
    Before we return to Stumford, we'll sail to the Isle of Ashes.  It
    saves a few boat trips to go there first.  Return to the ruins, and
    enter.  This will be a bit tough in places; we're here early to get a
    Mage promotion, which will allow us to cast decent spells.
    Go left, kill the skeletons as they appear.  Make your way to the door
    past the cells.  Turn north and break the bar across the door.
    Continue north.  The Frights here will be tough.  If you're careful
    you can fight them one at a time.  Go east.  At the four pillar room,
    go south.  Go southeast along the river to the end, then south into it
    and up east back out again (we're bypassing a tough room to the
    north).  Kill the skeletons in the room to the east.  Go south.  Save.
    Open the door, grab the key on the table to the right, run like hell.
    Frights move around a bit erratically so sometimes you can get away
    from them.  Even if one of two party members die, we're almost done.
    If you're agile, spinning and closing the door helps slow them down.
    You can't do this in turn based mode, so be quick! (to be honest,
    doing this with only one guy dead took me 6 or 7 tries each time
    through the game, but it will be a LONG time before you are able to
    kill Terrors, and without this quest you can only get to expert level
    in any spell skill, so it's worth it ...)
    Make your way to the four pillar room and go north.  Go through the
    east door, kill the last Fright.  Take the book, loot the chest.  Exit
    the ruins, take the boat to Stumford.  Ressurect anyone who needs it
    at the temple (east side of town), and get your gladiator promotion.
    Off to Thjorgard to promote your mages.  You have the wrong book.
    Doh!  Back to Drangheim.  Sell your loot and level up.  Tank had 4's
    in all his secondary skills now, so he started on the path towards
    Blade GM.  The scholars are working towards Elemental 10, with 4's in
    Light and Dark, Spirit, Meditation and Learning.  Plenty of choices and
    good cheap picks.
    Exit Drangheim, head for the windmill.  Your key opens the building
    north of it; you can break the floor and take the gold book here.
    Return to Thjorgard for the Mage promotion.
    ---------- Lindisfarne ----------
    The promotion quests allow us to concentrate on GM'ing important
    skills as we advance.  Now that we have them out of the way, we can
    return to the Jarl quests.
    Sail to Lindisfarne.  Head northwest and follow the path up into the
    mountains.  Turn left at the intersection.  Loot the chest and enter
    the building.  Kill the guards in the first room, turn right then
    left.  Kill more guards.  As you enter here, many guards will come
    from the central room on your left.  Kill them.  Cross the room to the
    east.  There is a switch on the east wall that opens a secret door.
    At the end is a fight and some chests.
    Return to the secret door and go south.  Follow the passage west,
    south, then east through a door.  Move through the library, go up the
    stairs to the south.  Behind a panel is another switch.  More treasure.
    Continue back and then out the other door of the library.  You will
    come to a room with 4 books.  Do this part of the quest if you wish.
    Or just go south, and click on the book sticking out of the bookcase.
    Grab the book of rules.  Exit the area.
    Return to the fork, and go north.  Down into the open area, then
    northeast into the next area.  Go north from here to the Monastery.
    Go through two sets of double doors.  In the open area to the right,
    climb the ladder.  Then climb the next ladder.  Talk to the organist,
    climb the next ladder.  Pull the ropes in this sequence: 1 5 2 4 3.
    Climb all the way down.  Go east across the chapel and through the
    door.  Then down the hall, to the end where a hammer is in a niche in
    the wall.  Take it.
    Leave the monastery.  Return to the Jarls in Thjorgard and Guberland.
    Seven down, five to go.  (I bought Town Portal around here after
    getting tired of walking)
    ---------- More Quests! ----------
    Off to Thjorgard.  Head towards where the Magreeb Spawn was, but go
    south.  Enter the mines.  Turn right.  Talk to the dwarf.  Follow his
    instructions; beyond this is a LONG loop with side passages.  Search
    the mine carts for ore.  Go around the loop to the right and clear it.
    When you get to the rock wall, break it.  After the loop, talk to the
    dwarf again.
    Go west, north, west.  Talk to the dwarf.  Leave the mines and head to
    Thorjard.  A block east of the castle is the weapon and armor shop.
    Talk to the armor merchant.  Sell him your Thjorad ore.  In southeast
    Thjorad, west of the temple, is Hjarrand the Fixer's house.  Tell him
    about the broken machine.  Pay him 1000.
    Return to the mines.  North, then west.  Go up the circular stairs.
    Go west.  Talk to and follow the fixer.  Open the machine, take the
    broken part.  Go east, then down, then east.  Talk to the dwarf.
    Follow him.
    Walk forward, fall through the floor.  Fight your way up the ramp.
    Clear the rest of the mines for treasure if you wish.  Return to where
    the cave in was, talk to the dwarf.  Return to town.
    Go to the armor merchant, get a new slag extractor.  Return to the mine.
    Return to the machine, replace the slag extractor.  Talk to the dwarf
    at the bottom of the stairs, then talk to the Jarl.  
    ---------- Frosgard ----------
    Go to the Magreeb Spawn lake near Thjorgard, head down the northwest
    path out of the area.  Take the right path at the intersection (NE),
    continue NW, then due north leaning slightly east.  Walk into Frosgard
    City.  The jarl is in the quill and scroll building east of town.  On
    the west side is the trainer; the Town Portal altar is in the magic
    shop near there.
    The last two Jarl quests:
    - Kill the Frost Giant
    - Free the harbor of ice
    Skulkil the Dark is by the tavern entrance; talk to him about becoming
    a Lich.  Talk to the man by the barrel west of town.  Ask him to make
    a delivery.  Go to the dock.  Shoot the barrel on the ice, return to
    the Jarl.
    ---------- Mountain Pass ----------
    Go to Thronheim.  Walk north of the city, up the path, then east, then
    south to the Mountain Pass area.  This is pretty linear, with just one
    side area, clear it.  Return to Kira.
    ---------- Crona Kiga ----------
    Two more Jarl quests to go.  This is also part of the Lich promotion
    quest.  In Drangheim, head north out of town up the path, take the
    right fork.  Enter the Chasm of the Dead.  Head down through the first
    area, killing skeletons and avoiding traps.  This part should be
    ridiculously easy at your level.
    Now things get significantly harder.  As you walk down the cliff path
    outdoors, apparitions will appear behind you.  When your danger
    indicator turns yellow, turn around and kill them.  Enter the door on
    the left.  (Actually, you can skip these side areas if you want, but
    this one is part of the Lich quest ...)
    Lots of traps here.  In the side rooms, attack the mummies one at a
    time FIRST in their coffins to avoid fighting them all at once.  The
    Lich scroll is down the sloping passageway at the end of the side
    area, at the top of the pyramid in the large room with four side
    passageways and lots of mummies.
    Like many of the dungeons in this game, this one is mostly linear
    ... in the large room in the raised center, proceed slowly to fight as
    few mummies at once as possible.  Go back up the stairs and rest when
    you need to.
    At the bottom of the slope, between two statues, is another side area.
    It's pretty boring, clear it if you want.
    Head to the other end of the valley.  Go straight down the main
    passageway, avoiding traps.  Loot the side rooms if you wish.  You'll
    end up in another big mummy room.  Proceed as above.  The Crona Kiga
    is the crown on the pedestal.  Loot the chests too.
    Return to Sigmund in Drangheim for your reward.  
    ---------- Lich Promotion ----------
    We're going to try the Lich promotion now.  You may have to come back
    to this if it is too hard.  Head to Thronheim.  Follow the path north
    and up.  Turn west at the intersection and head towards the lake.
    You'll fight several groups of vampires on your way to the west side
    of the lake.  Enter the Connecting Tunnel (due west of the north shore
    of the lake).
    The well lit path is the easy way through; there are also several dark
    alternate paths that have more treasure.  They're easy to see on the
    map ... the "larger" areas have the treasure.  The second is by far
    the hardest, but you will be rewarded with an artifact if you succeed.
    After killing the creeps, climb up on the ramp thingy to find the
    black chest.
    Continue to the other end of the tunnel.  Just outside are some tough
    apparitions.  Head back into the tunnel to rest if you need to.
    (While I'm thinking of it, at this point in the game you can just cast
    Lloyd's and then town portal when you're ready to gain levels, then
    cast Lloyd's again to get back to where you were)
    Head south to within sight of the Wizards tower, then head southwest,
    then west.  Drop down into the valley, then head north.  The next
    valley has two exits.  Northeast leads to the town of Yorwick which
    just has a bunch of GM trainers.  You might want to stop by and set a
    Lloyd's there since it has no Town Portal altar.
    Northwest is the path to the lich lab.
    ---------- Lich Lab ----------
    Take the door to your right.  Continue north and then one room west
    then one room north.  Grab a set of ingredients and a jar for each
    lich you want to make.  Return to the first room.
    Up the stairs in a room around to the left is a chest you can loot.
    Directly ahead of you after climbing the stairs is door, go through
    it.  The upper area here is a loop ... if you want, make your way
    around and loot it.  Otherwise just enter the room to your right, then
    the one on your left.  Read the instructions on the wall.
    Basically: Select your soon to be lich as the active character.  Give
    him ingredients and a jar.  Click on the pot.  Go over to the shelf
    and find the flask and candle.  Click on it.  You should now have the
    Elixir of Defedation.  Head down the stairs back to the start.
    Continue back to the room before where the ingredients were, and this
    time go west then north.  View the machine from the glass here ... one
    of the prettier scenes in the game.  Go around the glass east then
    north to the door on the right at the end.  Go through it, then north,
    then east, then all the way south.  Head east and then down the stairs.
    Head north, then take the first door on your left.  Cross the room
    into the machine room.  Clear upper level and get to the lever on the
    south side of the machine and pull it.  Clear the rest of the room and
    head down stairs.
    Get in the unbroken (SE) chamber, drink your potions, and pull the lever.
    Your scholars are now liches!
    ---------- Last Jarl Quest ----------
    From Frosjard, head south and take the first left.  On your left will
    be a tunnel; enter it.  Stay to the left to get the chests, then
    return and continue up the ice passageway.  After the tunnel, walk
    through the portal to Yanmir's fort.
    Take the first left.  Continue on to an intersection, turn right.
    Loot the room on the left (including the black chest).  Continue on
    through the big door, quickly turn left, loot that room, the exit,
    turn left, and quickly move through the other big door.
    Move through the next room, then south to another intersection.  West
    and then south is a room you can loot.  When you're done, go east.
    Follow the curving passageway south to the low niche in the west wall.
    Go through the nearest set of doors.  On the right is a room to loot.
    After continuing on to the second curving passageway, turn right.  On
    the left is a door recessed in a low open area which leads to an area
    to loot.  Continuing down the curved passageway to the end, enter the
    room, and take the door on the left.  Follow the passageway and loot
    all the chests in the next room.  Return to the curved passageway.
    Take your first left, and then left again.  Click on the bookcase and
    enter the secret passageway.  After descending the stairs (look up for
    lobbers!), shoot the wood beams.  The first 3 of 4 sets can be destroyed.
    Careful to stay on the planks ... it's a long ways down.
    Go back up, out of the secret passageway, and make a left after
    exiting the room.  Make another left into the first curved passageway,
    then a right.  Go straight to the large throne room, and get Yanmir to
    follow you.  Quickly run south.  He'll drop through the newly weakened
    floor.  Return to the Jarl in Frosgard for your reward.
    ---------- War Council ----------
    Go to Thronheim.  A messenger will let you know Stumford and Drangheim
    have gone to war.  Talk to both Jarls and get them to agree to a peace
    treaty.  Return to Kira.  Talk to her, wait a day, and talk to her
    again and you'll get the treaty.  Talk to the two jarls again, then
    return to Kira again.  Easy with town portal, but completely
    pointless.  I feel sorry for anyone who has to do this part on foot!
    After watching the cutscene, talk to Yrsa.  Go to Thjorgard, outside
    the city on the west side head north then west.  Keep right and buy a
    batch of tickets from the guy between the two tents.
    Game #1: ring the bell.  Just pick your strongest character, it's easy.
    Game #2: click the ducks.  After pulling the lever, mouse-look to the
    ducks and press spacebar.  You have to be quick but it isn't too hard.
    Game #3: "use" squares, creating a "line" of your stones that
    restricts the blue stones to less than half the board.  Continue
    playing until blue runs out of moves.
    Game #4: half-orc: "use" him with your strongest character.
    Game #5: click the rest stone, then click all the grey stones.  Push
    the button.  Click the blue stone, then click the formerly grey stones
    that are *not* burning, and push the button.  Do the same with yellow
    and orange.  This will win unless one of the stones was green.  This
    has about a 40% chance of winning so just play until you win.
    Game #6: boat race: shoot your boat to propel it across the lake.
    Winning all six games gets you the dragon prize.  Go to Thronheim and
    give it to Bikki, just north of the city.  Head back to Kira's.  Talk
    to the guy with the sword and shield just inside the door.  Head out
    of the city to the connecting tunnels (north, then west, by the lake.
    Remember?  See above).
    At the T at the west end of the connecting tunnels, bash through the
    north wall.  This will shorten the walk to Yorwick.  Follow this north
    passage to Yorwick.  Watch the cutscene.  Break the bar across the gate.
    Now get yourself killed.  My favorite method is to portal to Frostgard
    and walk into the ocean.  Takes less time to die than it took to write
    this.  Watch the cutscene.
    ---------- Dark Passageway ----------
    Take the ladder down to the wood bridge.  Use the Skeleton.  The
    segment you are on drops into the water.  Go to the end, swim, go to
    another bridge section under water and click the Banshee.  Up you go!
    Go back to the previous section, now under water, and click the Lich.
    Continue and click the Zombie.
    Turn around, go back to the Banshee, click it.  Turn around, click the
    Lich.  Continue, click the Zombie.  Continue, click the Skeleton.
    Turn around, and cross the now raised bridge.  The crystal will
    teleport you; cast Torchlight.  Continue south.  Once back in the
    open, walk right up the path.  Walk all the way up to the skeleton and
    click it.  Walk back to the newly open passageway, timing the beams so
    you don't get hit.
    Walk on the crystal.  Walk east, click on the north wall.  Continue
    north.  Kill the nasties, open the gate, walk on the crystal.
    Follow the passage to the end.  Crouch, and move to the edge of the
    water.  Shoot and kill the sea creature.  Dive and swim through the
    underwater passageway.  Find and kill the sea creature, rest and heal,
    then walk on the crystal on the island.
    Kill the nasties, and head north.  Walk to the crystal on the
    pedestal, and click it.  Watch which mirror it hits.  Go to that
    mirror (#1).  Stand behind it, and aim it at the mirror next to the
    thin hill.
    (Note: if you know any physics, forget it.  Just aim the mirror
    directly at the next target.)
    Go to the crystal and verify your aim.  Go to mirror #2.  Aim at
    mirror #3, which is just visible on the left side of the hill.  Verify
    your aim, go to mirror #3.  Point it at mirror #4, just left of the
    thin hill.  Aim mirror #4 at the other crystal.
    All the doors open and the nasties come out when you hit it.  Kill
    them all and loot the chests.  Then head out the door by the second
    crystal.  In the next room, open the RIGHT door, step on the crystal.
    You will come to a room with four pads on the floor.  The correct
    order is on the wall.  3 1 2 4.  When you step on the last, stay on
    it.  It will lift you up to a bridge.  If you mess up, use the switch
    to reset it.  Jump to the bridge.  Open the door, walk to the end.
    Talk to the lady.  Clicking on the blue thingy teleports you to
    Walk to the circus.  Talk to Thorir Mouth in the center.  Go over to
    the strength test.  Win it 6 times to get all the prizes.  Return to
    Now sail to the Isle of Ashes and enter Verhoffin's ruins.  Take the
    left door.  Head all the way west then north to the pentagram on the
    floor.  Open the west door, head up to the west end of the room.
    Click on the white pedestal to place the capstone.  Turn around and
    take the Writ of Fate from the table.  Loot the black chest.  Now get
    yourself killed again.  The trap in the center of the room works as
    well as anything.
    ---------- Arslegard ----------
    Head to the Temple in the Southeast corner of the city.  Enter the
    portal to go to the Hall of the Gods.  At the far end, talk to
    Skraelos, the skeleton on your right.  Agree to do the penance.
    Walk around the edge of the grassy area and talk to all the Jarls.
    Return to Skraelos.
    Answers to the Questioner:
    You, my lord.
    To serve you.
    Encouraged others to trust our misjudgement.
    Those we betrayed.
    Pay the price of our failure.
    The ultimate price.
    Talk to Skraelos again.  Go out and kill all the soldiers. Return to
    Skraelos.  Now go get the swords.  There are 5 and they all look the
    same; dark hilts standing up stuck halfway into the ground.  Talk to
    Skraelos, then step into the fire on the hill to the northwest.
    Now go back to Skraelos in the Hall of the Gods.  Exit the hall of the
    Gods; just down the ramp you will find Sven Forkbeard.  Head to
    Frosgard and defeat the invaders.
    Head to the Jarl's building and kill Forad Darre.  When you're done,
    talk to Tamur Leng, where the Jarl used to be.  He will join you.
    Die again.  Head to Krohn in the Hall of the Gods and talk to him.
    ---------- Njam the Meddler's House ----------
    Head west from the Hall of the Gods ... the house is on the north side
    of the path, near the large grassy area.  Read the scroll on the table
    ... Njam will come out of a side room and start chasing you.  Run!
    The Tomb of A Thousand Terrors is hiding behind a hill in the large
    grassy area.  Go there.  Head North, then take the small southern
    passage after the northeast slant.  Head east to the water room.  Hop
    from platform to platform to the southern exit.  Loot all the two
    rooms on the east side of the passageway.  The key to the doors here
    Press the squares marked 'X'.
    After looting, head south, then east, watching for traps.  In the
    large room, try to leave one monster alive ... this keeps Njam from
    spawning.  Quickly loot the three black chests.  Return to the water
    room.  Loot the east rooms if you want.  Return to the water room,
    head west then north.  Open the door and head down the stairs.  Follow
    the passage past the traps to the bridge.  Drop off the west side,
    cross the chessboard, and open both black chests.  Return to the
    bridge room.
    Walk through the water west then north through the arched tunnel.
    After the passage widens, take the stairs on the right.  Head up the
    next stairs to the maze.  Across the rope bridge is the maze.
    Following the right wall will take you through the entire thing.
    Not that there is much in the maze ... the main reason to go through
    it is to get to the other side.  After crossing the bridge on the far
    side, follow the path around the edge and into a narrow passageway.
    Open the door at the end.
    Follow the passage, ignoring the side area to the end, and pull the
    Continue following the passage.  Prepare for a serious fight after the
    cutscene.  Concentrate your fire on the Greater Demon, and let the
    others die from the collateral damage (you are using Chain Lightning
    and Souldrinker as your quick spells, aren't you?  Also, Divine
    Intervention can be cast more than once per day.  This was the only
    fight where I needed it)  After the fight, click on the north wall.
    That's it!

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