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    Black Tarot Guide by p0tatz

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/25/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           Painkiller Black Tarot Guide v2.0
                               Copyright 2004, 2007 Eric K.
                                e-mail: p0tatz@hotmail.com
     == Table of Contents ==                     Search Key
    1.0 – Introduction & Disclaimer              c10
    2.0 – Black Tarot Cards – A Brief Rundown    c20
    3.0 – General Tips                           c30
    4.0 – Level Guide
       4.01 – (1-1)Cemetery                      c401
       4.02 – (1-2)Atrium Complex                c402
       4.03 – (1-3)Catacombs                     c403
       4.04 – (1-4)Cathedral                     c404
       4.05 – (1-5)Enclave                       c405
       4.06 – (2-1)Prison                        c406
       4.07 – (2-2)Opera House                   c407
       4.08 – (2-3)Asylum                        c408
       4.09 – (2-4)Snowy Bridge                  c409
       4.10 – (2-5)Town                          c410
       4.11 – (2-6)Swamp                         c411
       4.12 – (3-1)Train Station                 c412
       4.13 – (3-2)Abandoned Factory             c413
       4.14 – (3-3)Military Base                 c414
       4.15 – (3-4)Ruins                         c415
       4.16 – (4-1)Castle                        c416
       4.17 – (4-2)The Palace                    c417
       4.18 – (4-3)Babel                         c418
       4.19 – (4-4)Forest                        c419
       4.20 – (4-5)The Tower                     c420
       4.21 – (5-1)City On Water                 c421
       4.22 – (5-2)Docks                         c422
       4.23 – (5-3)Old Monastery                 c423
       4.24 – (5-4)Hell                          c424
    5.0 – Card List                              c50
    6.0 – Card Effects                           c60
    7.0 – Version Changes                        c70
      1.0 – Introduction & Disclaimer                                         c10
    Welcome to my guide on the black tarot system of Painkiller. I try to refrain 
    from giving too many details that aren't relevant to the card requirements, but
    nonetheless, this guide does contain spoilers. I welcome criticism or praise as
    long as it's intelligent and I can make sense of it. You can reach me by e-mail
    at the address above, but before you voice a concern with something the guide 
    is lacking, please check www.gamefaqs.com for the latest version to make sure 
    your concern hasn't already been met. I only update my guide at this website so
    you may be reading an outdated guide if you didn't get it from there; hence, if
    you e-mail me regarding something that was fixed years ago, I may answer you 
    bluntly or just ignore you entirely. When e-mailing me, put 'Black Tarot Guide'
    in the subject line, or it may end up being deleted. Lastly, a thanks goes out
    to all the people who have given me their opinions and tips, and to People Can
    Fly for making such a great game.
    Anyone who wishes to host this document may, as long as these conditions are 
    1. There is no fee or other means of payment needed to view this document.
    2. The hosted document is not modified in any way from its original version.
    If you wish to quote portions of this document, please use common courtesy and 
    cite where you took the information from. As far as personal use goes, feel 
    free to save this to disk or print it off as a reference.
      2.0 – Black Tarot Cards – A Brief Rundown                               c20
    The black tarot cards are power-ups earned by beating levels in certain ways. 
    From the map screen you can enter the tarot card screen by clicking the card at
    the bottom right. From here you can place cards into the slots to use them in 
    battle. The silver cards are constant effect cards, and you can equip 2. The 
    gold cards must be activated during a level, by default with the e key, and you
    can equip 3. You'll need gold to equip cards, which you can earn by picking up 
    coins, jewels and artifacts throughout the levels. Some facts regarding card 
    -Under normal circumstances, gold cards last for 30 seconds when activated.
    -There are a number of cards that are broken. The Double Time card is still 
    broken as of patch 1.64, so it is completely useless and a waste of a slot to 
    equip it. The Greed card also works strangely. In theory it should double gold 
    received, but it seems to only allow higher gold scores. The actual gold you 
    receive would be the same as if you didn't have the card equipped, for example 
    if the gold score is 24 you would end up with 12 added to your current total 
    when you finish or quit the level. Therefore this card is only useful for 
    earning the card on the cathedral level and for boosting your gold scores (see 
    general tips).
    -They are transferable between games. If you have all 24 cards, you can start a
    game on insomnia difficulty and use them. In daydream you can't use cards, but 
    you can still retain all the cards you've earned.
    -Because levels are locked on the lower difficulty settings, you can only 
    obtain 22 cards on insomnia and 23 on nightmare. The last card can only be 
    earned on trauma difficulty.
    -In order to play on the highest difficulty, trauma, you need to unlock 23 
    tarot cards.
    -Card effects don't stack. If you equip two cards that modify the same 
    property, the game will only use one of them. For example, if you equipped all 
    three game speed reducing cards, only one of them would take effect.
    -You can't pick and choose which cards to activate during battle. When you use 
    them, it's all or nothing.
      3.0 - General Tips                                                      c30
    -Attempt to get the cards on your own before resorting to this guide. A large 
    part of the fun is trying to do it yourself rather than reading instructions on
    how to. You should only use the guide when you're pissed off at the game, say 
    when you've been searching for the last secret on a level you've been playing 
    for 2 hours.
    -The stats screen, by default the tab key, can be used to check on the 
    requirements. It also shows the card status, which will read FAILED if you have
    lost any chance at getting the card, UNLOCKED if you've already earned it, or 
    LOCKED if you still have a chance at earning it.
    -If you juggle an enemy in the air with the painkiller 4 times, a jewel worth 
    15 gold will drop. If you gib an enemy while they are in the air, a jewel worth
    20 gold will drop. This extra gold will appear in grey beside the normal gold 
    score. In addition, if you equip the greed card, the jewels will add to both 
    the red and grey scores. You can take advantage of this to help get the tarot 
    card on the Cathedral level, or to get over-the-top gold scores on any of the 
    -Once you open the exit for a level, all the barriers will be lowered, allowing
    you to backtrack and get anything you may have missed, the exceptions being the
    two levels where you need to kill all enemies.
    -In Painkiller you can bunnyhop simply by moving forward and repeatedly 
    jumping. You will pick up speed doing this, and can use it to make clear large 
    gaps, avoid enemies, etc.
    -For most boss fights, you'll want to use damage dealing cards to minimize the 
    time taken to kill them. A good combo is Rage, Dexterity and Time Bonus coupled
    with either Forgiveness or Mercy. Note that Double Time Bonus is broken and you
    should never use it. You may want to swap out a card for Iron Will on some of 
    the harder difficulties, for example to avoid Necrogiant's tornado attack or to
    negate the fall damage taken when fighting Alastor.
    -To get gold fast, you can juggle enemies at the start of a level and then 
    exit, retaining the gold you earned. An early level well-suited for this is 
    Cathedral, where there are a lot of monks that are easy to juggle. If you have 
    Castle unlocked, you can get money even faster by jumping over the edge and 
    grabbing the 3 artifacts for 300 gold, then quitting the level.
      4.0 – Level Guide                                                      
    Level 1-1: Cemetery                                                      c401
    Objective: Beat the level
    Card: Endurance [Gold] [Halves damage taken]
    Hardest card in the game to get!
    Level 1-2: Atrium Complex                                                c402
    Objective: Destroy all the objects
    Card: Haste [Gold] [Game speed is 2x slower]
    A nice, easy card to acquire. The way I like to do this is beat the level 
    normally, by killing all the monsters and opening the exit. All the doors in 
    the level will be unlocked, so you can go back and systematically search for 
    anything you forgot to destroy. Most will be out in the open, barrels mainly, 
    but in case you are having trouble I will tell you of the more obscure 
    locations for objects. There is a statue of a man spreading his arms, with a 
    floating health in front of it. This is in the 2nd last room before the exit. 
    Behind the statue there is a chest you need to destroy. There are also many 
    rooms on the ground floor with chests inside, so walk a perimeter around the 
    rooms looking for them. There is a room near the beginning which is connected 
    to a spiral staircase, with burning lamps above it. There is a door in this 
    room that leads up to a secret area, where there is a small chest and a huge 
    one. The huge one needs to be broken too, it will take a bit more damage to 
    smash. The final spot you could have missed is in the 2nd clearing, or room 
    with no ceiling. This room has a staircase leading to the second floor walkway.
    There are also rooms up here with chests and barrels, so go up and 
    make sure you take every route. Basically this level just takes time, as you 
    will need to check every area for every little barrel or chest to destroy.
    Level 1-3: Catacombs                                                     c403
    Objective: Defeat 112/112 monsters
    Card: Soul Keeper [Silver] [Enemy souls last longer before they fade away]
    Note: In order to get the card, there are 6 optional enemies you'll need to 
    kill as you progress through the level. You cannot backtrack to kill them; if 
    you missed them along the way you need to restart the level.
    The first 4 enemies are at the area with the rope bridge leading across the 
    chasm. After clearing the area of the knife-throwing vampires, don't step into 
    the checkpoint yet. Instead, go into the room to the right. 
    The final 2 enemies are at another fork in the road, where you will need to 
    take the right hand path down a corridor to a coffin, where two zombie warriors
    will jump out of the ground.
    Level 1-4: Cathedral                                                     c404
    Objective: Get at least 500 gold
    Card: Time Bonus [Gold] [Gold cards last 10 seconds longer]
    Not a very hard card to get. Keep your eye out for anything you can destroy and
    make sure you collect all the gold you can find. You can use the Greed card to 
    help out if you are having trouble, but note that Greed is broken and doesn't 
    actually give you gold but will only help with earning the card, therefore it's
    somewhat of a waste to equip. You can also use Greed in conjunction with 
    juggling to get ridiculous gold scores; see the general tips section.
    Level 1-5: Enclave                                                       c405
    Objective: Beat Necrogiant in less than 2:00
    Card: Blessing [Silver] [Increases initial health to 150]
    Begin by grabbing the shotgun shells just to the right and head forward, 
    grabbing the armour and charging Necrogiant. You'll want to stay close enough 
    to him that your shotgun shells will hit, and you should be firing on him 
    constantly. There are more shells down at the center by the corner of the 
    rubble that you can grab. As you chase him around the arena you should keep 
    your eye out for shotgun ammo, and collect it when possible. When he gets to 
    about half health, his chains will break and he'll gain access to his tornado 
    attack. This attack can be very hard to avoid and will likely end up killing 
    you if it hits. Your best bet is to activate Iron Will if he uses it, although
    if you keep firing on him he may never get the chance, making things a lot 
    easier. Without using cards he can be beaten with a time of around 1:40.
    Level 2-1: Prison                                                        c406
    Objective: Don't use any explosive weapons
    Card: Replenish [Silver] [All ammo boxes give 2x what they normally do]
    Well this wasn't too hard, just dodge all the bullets coming at you and watch 
    out for those lame sentry turrets which will kill you in a few hits. Every 
    enemy on this level can be killed with one hit if you nail them with the 
    painkiller secondary fire, I can't remember using the shotgun once.
    Level 2-2: Opera House                                                   c407
    Objective: Collect at least 100 souls
    Card: Speed [Gold] [Move Faster]
    Make sure you kill the enemies so that they land close to you so you can easily
    get their souls. When fighting large groups of enemies, you should pause every 
    once in a while to bunnyhop around collecting souls. Obviously, the Soul 
    Catcher card is ideal for this level, but without it it is still very likely 
    that you won't have a hard time getting the card.
    Level 2-3: Asylum                                                        c408
    Objective: Beat the level using only the painkiller
    Card: Fury [Gold] [Deal 2x Damage]
    This level is incredibly easy as long as you don't forget to only use the 
    painkiller. The enemies are all very slow moving, aside from the amputees' 
    leaping attacks, which can easily be avoided.
    Level 2-4: Snowy Bridge                                                  c409
    Objective: Find 6/6 secret areas
    Card: Dark Soul [Silver] [Demon morph occurs with every 50 souls]
    NOTE: The secrets are now in chronological order as of v1.01, and you will want
    to get them as you go through the level. At certain checkpoints, barriers will
    block you from returning to earlier parts of the level, and you'll need to beat
    the level in order for them to open. You'll save yourself time by getting each 
    secret as you progress through the level.
    Secret #1 - When you jump from the stairs onto the large pipe near the 
    beginning of the level, stay on the pipe and follow it through an opening in 
    the fence to find some ammo boxes.
    Secret #2 - This secret is in between the two towers with the spiraling 
    staircases. After climbing the staircase and entering the area with the 
    electrodriver, you'll see a ladder segmented into 3 parts against the wall. 
    Climb the first segment of the ladder, then use the ledge to jump around to the
    back of the tower.
    Secret #3 – After riding the cables down to the main expanse of bridge, kill 
    the waves of ninjas and samurai that come at you. Now go to the checkpoint and 
    take the stairs down to the large pipe that runs along the underside of the 
    bridge. The door to the opposite tower will now be unlocked, and after you 
    climb to the top there will be some artifacts you can jump off and grab.
    Secret #4 – In the area with the huge cranes and shipping crates, you can get 
    in behind the large L-shaped passageway from either end.
    Secret #5 – Before riding the tram across to the other side, climb the ladder 
    part way and then jump off onto the fence. You'll be able to see another ladder
    off to the side, below you, and you can jump onto it for the fifth secret.
    Secret #6 – After riding the cable car, climb the ladder and walk around to the
    back of the building.
    Level 2-5: Town                                                          c410
    Objective: Beat the level using only stakes
    Card: Double Haste [Gold] [Game speed is 4x slower]
    Beat this level using only the stakegun's primary fire. You can bring your 
    other weapons up, but if you fire anything other than the stakegun's primary 
    fire then you will fail. You can also use the stakes to detonate barrels 
    without failing the requirements. Not a very hard level. Move to your left and 
    right dodging chunks of flesh and flaming sticks that zombies throw at you. The
    witches just take a bit of good aiming to bring down. There are also 3 leper 
    monks in this level which use an attack that levitates an electric corpse into 
    the air, then flings it at you. If you get hit with this attack up close it can
    cause massive damage, and if you get close to them they'll knock you backwards,
    so keep your distance while fighting them.
    Level 2-6: Swamp                                                         c411
    Objective: Beat Swamp Thing in under 4 minutes 
    Card: Dexterity [Gold] [Weapons reload 2x faster]
    Start the level by maxing out your shotgun shells and then getting both boxes 
    of mega-ammo from the swamp. Now start blowing up the bubbles at Swamp Thing's 
    feet using the chaingun and reserving your ammo. When he takes enough damage, 
    his shield will go down for a split second and 6 large bubbles will appear in a
    ring around you. Use the chaingun or rockets to blow them up, and they will 
    begin passing bubbles back and forth through the air. When a bubble gets close 
    to Swamp Thing blow it up and his shield will go down. Then switch to the 
    shotgun and keep firing on him as he goes to put out the fires. Once they are 
    all out, his shield will go back up, and you'll have to repeat the strategy 
    again. You should be able to unlock this card easily, without even activating 
    your tarot cards.
    Level 3-1: Train Station                                                 c412
    Objective: Beat the level without collecting any souls
    Card: Soul Catcher [Silver] [Sucks souls towards you]
    This level is really crazy. While the level is not terribly difficult, the 
    requirements for getting the card are. You can't collect any souls, in a level
    where whole platoons of skeleton soldiers and sados are coming at you. Your 
    best bet is to use manual saves after each wave, while keeping an eye on the 
    souls caught counter, it's on the top right. This should stay at zero 
    throughout the entire map. If it goes any higher you'll fail, so reload a 
    manual save or die and return at a checkpoint. If you beat this, you'll get a 
    very useful card (at least when not playing on trauma) which will suck nearby 
    souls into you.
    Level 3-2: Abandoned Factory                                             c413
    Objective: Kill at least 30 enemies while in demon morph mode
    Card: Forgiveness [Silver] [You can use golden cards twice per level]
    You need to get 30 kills in one demon morph, your kills won't add up. The best 
    way to get 30 kills is at the end of the level. You should save up 65 souls and
    get to the last area where all the skeleton soldiers keep spawning. Bunnyhop 
    around, letting them chase you. Then when you get a large enough group, kill 
    only one of them, collect the soul and morph. Now gib as many of them as 
    possible. Save the game before trying this just in case you don't make enough 
    kills, that way you can try again. It's also important not to wait too long to 
    transform since the maso commandos will be lobbing grenades at you and probably
    hitting the skeleton soldiers too. After you take out the group that was 
    chasing you, head to where the skeleton soldiers spawn, and take out as many as
    possible before the demon morph wears off. You can also check your stats screen
    just before you start the fight, so that after your demon morph wears off, you 
    can look at it again to see if you killed enough enemies.
    Level 3-3: Military Base                                                 c414
    Objective: Kill all enemies
    Card: Greed [Silver] [Doubles amount of gold gained]
    NOTE: You have to make all the optional kills before opening the exit, or else 
    you won't be able to get the card.
    There are 5 optional kill zones you need to do before you can get all the kills
    in this level. The first is on the large airplane in the first half of the 
    base. Walk inside and 10 skeleton soldiers will spawn in from each end of the 
    plane. The next 3 areas are in the 3 barracks, which are the long buildings 
    with windows running along the sides. You can get in at the back of each one 
    and kill the enemies that appear. The final optional area can be reached after 
    the massive battle on the second half of the base. There is a building in the 
    far back, with tanks enclosed by metal braces which can be seen from outside. 
    Go in the door here, kill everyone inside this area, jump out, and finish the 
    rest of the level to get the card.
    Level 3-4: Ruins                                                         c415
    Objective: Kill Guardian in under 1 minute 20 seconds.
    Card: Iron Will [Gold] [No damage taken while active]
    Begin the level by loading up on chaingun ammo; behind and to your left there 
    is a broken pillar with 5 boxes, and in front on either side there are pillars 
    with additional ammo. You will need to try and keep Guardian in range of your 
    chaingun while keeping him far enough away that he will charge you rather than 
    slam his hammer into the ground. Aim for his hammer and try and bunnyhop 
    backwards, letting him chase you. Aim only for his hammer at this point, and 
    note that when he swings it it becomes invulnerable for a few seconds, so use 
    the time to stop firing and get further away from him. Once his hammer is 
    destroyed, you can hit him anywhere to cause damage. At this point your 
    chaingun ammo will be drying up unless you managed to collect more, so switch 
    to your shotgun and keep on him. When he attacks the ground, there is a short 
    period of time where he again becomes invulnerable, although it's harder to 
    tell because he doesn't flash white to indicate he's taking damage like the 
    hammer does. Without using cards it's possible to beat him with a time a little
    under 1:20.
    Level 4-1: Castle                                                        c416
    Objective: Find 7/7 Holy Items
    Card: Rage [Gold] [Deal 4x Damage]
    Holy Items #1 #2 and #3: On the right side of the bridge at the start, there is
    a ladder which is difficult to see. Go down the ladder, and jump over into the 
    little arch. There is another arch beside this one, jump off the side and then 
    as you start to fall turn back and you will be able to jump into this arch. Now
    do the same thing for the next arch. There are 3 holy items under the bridge, 
    once you have them, jump back to the first arch then jump onto the ladder and 
    climb up the bridge.
    Holy Item #4: There is a shack with a little window opposite the wooden 
    execution stand. The door will be unlocked once you open the level exit, and a 
    holy item will be waiting for you inside.
    Holy Items #5 and #6: There are two ways to get these holy items. For the first
    method, jump up on the roof of the shack where you got holy item #4. Now stand
    in the corner where the shack's roof meets the side of the castle. If you jump 
    up you should be able to see something gold over the edge of the wall. That's 
    where you want to get to. You can hold forward and keep jumping to climb up the
    wall but it may take some luck. The second method of getting these items is to 
    drop off the castle roof and land where they are. Instructions on how to get 
    onto the roof are described for holy item #7.
    Holy Item #7: I got a lot of different methods of getting to this secret
    e-mailed to me, so I will start with the ones I believe are the easiest.
    The first thing you have to do is get onto the tower with the ballista at the 
    top. You need to jump from the tower over to the castle's roof. There are
    four methods of doing this, so here we go...
    Method #1: Look towards the castle roof from the tower. Notice how one of the
    bricks is shorter than the rest? Jump just to the side of this brick into the
    little gap, being careful not to fall off the edge. Now jump over on top of the
    short brick. Face the castle roof and jump straight up. As soon as you land
    jump forward towards the closest part of the roof and you will be able to make 
    Method #2: Bunnyhop in circles around the ballista to pick up speed. Now jump
    between the gap on either side of the short brick. You should be able to clear
    the brick completely and land on the castle roof. Credits go to Oblivion for
    telling me about this method.
    Method #3: Push the end of the ballista so that the front is facing the tower.
    The front end should be up highest. Now run along the ballista from back end
    to front, jumping at the end of the ballista, landing on top of the bricks
    at the edge of the tower and jumping again as soon as you land. You should be
    able to reach the castle roof if you time this properly.
    Method #4: This is just method #3 with the speed card equipped. Activate the
    card, then run up the ballista like in method #3. This time you should jump
    very early, almost as soon as you get onto the end of the ballista. Hit
    the bricks at the edge of the tower and immediately jump again to reach the
    After getting onto the castle roof, if you look over the edge towards where
    the level began, you should see a holy item in the tower. Jump over into the
    tower and get it. You can bunnyhop or use the same type of jump thats above
    in method #1 of getting onto the castle's roof.
    Level 4-2: The Palace                                                    c417
    Objective: Defeat the level without using any armor
    Card: Vitality [Silver] [Increases base health to 150]
    The only real difficulty you'll have here will be remembering not to pick up 
    any armour. Most of the fighting is done in open arenas and there are a few 
    mega healths throughout the level, making it easy to keep your health high.
    Level 4-3: Babel                                                         c418
    Objective: Pick up every ammo box in the level.
    Card: Double Time [Gold] [Gold cards last 20 seconds longer]
    I really hate these scavenger hunt style challenges. Chances are you have
    gotten 94/95 of the ammo boxes, and you're looking for the one that you missed,
    so I'll tell you where this secret one is before I do the rest. At the second
    to last checkpoint, the floor starts collapsing as you run across it. You will
    run up a stone slab through an opening to the next floor. Now turn around and
    go back in the same direction on this floor, past the hole you just came out of
    with the wooden beams jutting out from the sides. There will be one of those
    walls with the insets and doors, and chances are you will spot something shiny
    up near the top of it. Look for a part of this wall that has bricks jutting 
    out. Yeah, you guessed it, it's a ladder. Climb up to get a holy item and the 
    hidden ammo.
    UPDATE: While it's still easier to do on your first time through, I made a 
    mistake in saying that it is not possible to get back up here. I got an e-mail 
    informing me that indeed you can get back up here after you've gone through it 
    once. After the floor has collapsed, you can jump on whats left along the edge
    to get to solid ground. Then take a ladder up the wall to get up to the part 
    where the hole is with the boards of wood jutting out. Now just climb up the 
    ladder as described up above to claim the ammo.
    There is another secret you might have missed, although it is much more 
    obvious. At the checkpoint just before the columns in the roof which try and 
    crush you, you can jump over the wall to the left. Then keep bunnyhopping 
    around until you eventually make your way to the other side of the tower. There
    will be ammo boxes along the sides here, as well as a huge cache at the wall at
    the end. Once you're done grabbing all this ammo, there is a ladder going up 
    the wall so that you don't have to bunnyhop your way back, you can just climb 
    over the wall and fall back to where you were. 
    If you're still missing ammo even after these 2 secret areas, then I made a 
    full list of the ammo locations here. I suggest you print it off, keep track of
    what checkpoint you are on, and check off the ammo that you grab. I divided the
    level into areas to make it easier for me, and for you.
    First area: This area is before the first checkpoint, and includes the first 
    courtyard and the broken building.
    3 stake boxes to the right of the broken building.
    *This will look like two stakes but it counts as 3 on the stats screen. My 
    guess is that the level designer dropped 2 stake boxes directly on top of each 
    other by accident*
    3 shotgun shells by the wall to the left, by the level's starting point.
    2 rocket boxes on the right side, in a corner beside a broken wall.
    3 rocket boxes in another corner on the right side, close to the stairs leading
    to the top of the broken building.
    3 chaingun boxes in a dark alley which is close to the stairs on the left side 
    which leads to the top of the broken building.
    Second area: This area is the room just after the 1st checkpoint. It is a 
    wooden barn on top of the broken building.
    8 shuriken boxes are in the room, but on the left side it will look like theres
    only 3 boxes, when there is 4. This level is messed up...
    Third area: This area is right after the 2nd checkpoint, and includes the 
    staircase leading up and the secret area to the left.
    2 rocket boxes, one on each side at the top of the stairs.
    Along the side of the path leading to the secret cache of goodies, there are:
    2 shotgun shells
    3 stake boxes
    2 chaingun boxes
    2 freezer packs
    2 rocket Boxes
    The secret weapons cache contains:
    3 rocket boxes
    4 shotgun shells
    4 electricity packs
    3 mega-Packs
    Fourth area: This is at the 3rd checkpoint, and includes the large spiral 
    staircase leading up, which you get to right after the crushing columns, and
    the large area it leads up to
    1 freezer ammo at the bottom of the stairs
    3 shotgun shells at the bottom of the stairs
    6 shotgun shells at the center of the room at the top of the spiral staircase
    3 grenades at the center of the room at the top of the spiral staircase
    Fifth area: This area is after climbing the 2 staircases leading up in a curve,
    right at the 4th checkpoint.
    2 stake boxes in behind of the 4th checkpoint
    3 chaingun boxes in behind of the 4th checkpoint
    2 shotgun shells in behind of the 4th checkpoint
    Sixth area: This area is after the 5th checkpoint and is the falling floor 
    part. You should also be able to get the secret ammo here, which is 1 
    Seventh area: This area is right after getting past the falling floor. It is
    the 6th checkpoint, when you enter the top of the tower. It includes the top
    level of the tower, the middle level, and the floor on the bottom where the
    exit appears.
    Ammo on top floor:
    2 shotgun shells
    2 freezer ammo
    Ammo on bottom floor (all of these are hidden under the staircase):
    2 chaingun boxes
    3 shuriken boxes
    6 shotgun shells
    Ammo on the middle floor (you can get here by falling from the top level, or,
    after opening the exit there is a staircase that will lead here):
    3 rocket boxes
    4 chaingun boxes
    3 shotgun shells
    Level 4-4: Forest                                                        c419
    Objective: Finish the level without using black tarot cards
    Card: Divine Intervention [Silver] [All cards can be placed for free]
    Before starting the level you will have to unequip your silver cards, and you 
    might also want to unequip the golds in case you're tempted to use them. Begin 
    the level by moving forward, which will start the enemies spawning in. Now back
    up to the sparse corner at the side and camp there. The bones seem to move 
    slower than normal and you'll have a much easier time killing them. Use the 
    shotgun and kill the bones as they approach. Eventually vampires will start 
    coming too; you can use the freezer-shotgun combo or painkiller secondary fire 
    to kill them. The bones will keep pouring in, and will now come in swarms. Herd
    them together and take out as many as you can with well placed rocket blasts, 
    finishing the rest with the shotgun. When you've killed 43 enemies they'll have
    stopped spawning and you'll be safe from ground troops for a while. Switch to 
    the chaingun and take down the two witches. When you approach the armour in the
    center of the arena, vampires will spawn in along with a witch that moves 
    lightning fast. Once they spawn in, move back to where you started the level 
    and kill the vamps from afar with the painkiller's secondary fire while dodging
    the flesh they throw at you. Once you reach 63 kills, you only have to deal 
    with the 2 remaining witches. Take one of the side paths to the gate at the 
    other side of the map and stand close to it. Use the chaingun or stakes to kill
    both witches and the gate will open. Scour the area for ammunition and then hit
    the checkpoint.
    Kill the two forming bones with a rocket blast, then stand close to the gate 
    and kill the witches passing overhead with the chaingun. Once the gate opens,
    grab the weapon modifier and run into the next arena. Immediately turn to your
    left and kill the vampires guarding the freezer ammo. Pick it up, then turn 
    around and work your way around the center of the arena, freezing and shooting
    the vampires. Ignore the bones until they are in a large herd and then kill 
    them with the rocket launcher. When they've all been taken care of, use the 
    chaingun and finish off the two witches zig-zagging overhead. The walls will 
    then blow out and two heavily armoured bald guys will attack along with two 
    more witches. The bald guys aren't that hard to take down but they can shoot 
    fireballs so be cautious. Once they're down, kill the last 2 witches and head 
    into the back to get the final card in the game.
    Level 4-5: The Tower                                                     c420
    Objective: Kill Alastor in under 5 minutes
    Card: Triple Haste [Gold] [The world moves 8x slower]
    You should bring the Iron Will card into this fight, as the only difficulty 
    Alastor poses is the damage he causes from smashing the floors. At the start of
    the level, grab the armour behind you and work your way in a circle grabbing 
    all the chaingun ammo on the outskirts of the ring. Now shoot away all of 
    Alastor's health and a short while later he will come flying down, smashing the
    floor apart. This is where you will want to activate Iron Will, as the damage 
    taken from falling is massive. The only alternative is to jump before he hits 
    the floor and guide yourself to a pillar on the floor below. If you're really 
    lucky you can get away with this, taking a hit of only 20 hp or so, but it's 
    difficult. On the second floor you will have to fight Alastor again, preferably
    using your shotgun or chaingun. Be sure to grab the health and armour power-ups
    on this floor before you deplete his life. When his life is gone, he runs to 
    the center of the arena, winds up, and smashes the floor yet again. This next 
    floor has no health or armour power-ups, and you'll be forced to again take 
    down his life. This time when he smashes the floor there will be a long drop 
    and you'll be on solid ground. Keep firing on him until his life is gone. He'll
    then run to the center of the arena and the statues will begin to charge him 
    back up; don't let them! Destroy as many as you can with the chaingun when they
    are vulnerable, and take down Alastor's life when they are not. When all the 
    statues are destroyed, you can finally kill Alastor, although he doesn't stay 
    dead for long.
    Level 5-1: City On Water                                                 c421
    Objective: Find 6/6 Hidden Areas
    Card: Last Breath [Silver] [Health regeneration when you're dying]
    The first three secrets can all be gotten after killing the first wave of 
    Secret #1 – Go to the roofed bridge near the beginning. At the middle of the 
    bridge you'll find a white barrel amongst the others; roll it towards where you
    started the level. Push it up against the large metal crate and then blow it 
    up. Bunnyhop to pick up speed, then use the boost pad to get to the top of the 
    Secret #2 – After obtaining the first secret, cross the roofed bridge and then 
    the bridge closest to you. The secret area is a dark recess in the wall, 
    holding an ammo box.
    Secret #3 – After obtaining the second secret, go back across the small bridge 
    and keep going forward until you reach the edge of the water. Now turn to your 
    right and walk towards the building. The secret is an unseen, recessed spot in 
    the wall that is facing the water. You'll need to jump out over the water and 
    steer yourself mid-air into it, much like with the Castle's first, second and 
    third holy items under the bridge.
    Secret #4 – Clear the second wave of enemies from the area with the display 
    cases. There will be two closed off doors here; the one you want has two arched
    windows set in the wall just right of it. Jump out the windows and use the 
    ledge to get to the balcony on the other side. Stick your face right into the 
    corner where the balcony and the covered bridge meet, and then hold forward and
    keep tapping jump until you manage to get on top of the covered bridge. It may 
    help to jerk the mouse to the left and right as you do this. Once on top of the
    bridge, you'll need to get onto the roof with the red shingles. To do this, 
    stand on the higher part of the bridge's roof at either edge, and then bunnyhop
    forward until you make it on top of the building. Now walk to the opposite side
    of the building, where you can see the cathedral and, on a balcony of the 
    building to the left of the cathedral, a golden artifact. You'll need to 
    bunnyhop along the edge of the building, and then jump from the end towards the
    wall that runs perpendicular to the balcony containing the artifact. Once you 
    hit this wall you'll need to quickly jump and turn towards the balcony. Then 
    grab the artifact and jump off the balcony down towards the cathedral.
    Secret #4 Alternate Route – After clearing the cathedral area, climb the 
    scaffolding to get onto the roof of the cathedral. From the large triangle on 
    the face of the building, jump from each of the 3 steeples to get onto the 
    balcony. I list this as an alternate route simply because it seems far harder 
    than the other method, which I can usually pull off most of the time. Some 
    people have found this method easier, so you're welcome to try.
    Secret #5 – A hidden passage in the side of the water fountain.
    Secret #6 – Along the outside of the final building there is a small ammo 
    cache. You can jump along the ledge poised above the water, and take it around
    to the back of the building.
    Level 5-2: Docks                                                         c422
    Objective: Morph into demon hunter mode 3 times
    Card: Confusion [Gold] [Confuse Enemies]
    You can probably get this card on your first time through if you have Soul
    Catcher equipped, just collect as many souls as possible. Each demon hunter
    morph takes 66, so in total you need 198 souls to get the card. To make this 
    level even easier you could equip the dark soul card, allowing you to morph 
    with every 50 souls, but it's not really needed.
    Level 5-3: Old Monastery                                                 c423
    Objective: Stay above 50 health throughout the level
    Card: Soul Redeemer [Silver] [Souls give more health]
    Before starting this level you should equip the Soul Catcher silver card so
    you can regain health easier. This level isn't terribly difficult, but there
    are some hard to avoid projectiles. The monks will throw little explosive balls
    at you, which explode a little while after they latch onto the ground, making
    them easily avoidable. The banshees don't matter much, all they do is make the 
    screen darker so that its harder to see, but they can't hurt you. The toughest
    monsters on this level are the demon monks with scythes. Not that they're that
    tough, but they use a lightning projectile attack that is basically unavoidable
    unless you hide behind something. They will use this almost always upon first
    spotting you, and will raise their left hand into the air before they fire.
    This is your cue to go hide behind something. There are also a few
    power-up locations that can be used to help out. There is an armour in
    the middle of the building with the columns, just up the hill near the start.
    Also, in the well at the one corner of this building there is another armor. To
    the one side of the path leading to the large tree/graveyard there is a health
    power-up which can help out greatly. In the back end of the monastery there is
    another armor, and with that, you should be able to stay above 50 health quite
    Level 5-4: Hell                                                          c424
    Objective: Kill Lucifer
    Card: Mercy [Silver] [You can use golden cards three times per level]
    Simply stand around killing ethereal monsters until your count is 65. Now do a 
    quicksave and kill one more to face Lucifer. Keep attacking him until he brings
    meteors down from the sky; you'll want to shoot them back at him. If you manage
    to do this, he'll throw his sword at you and you can reflect it back at him to 
    finish him off. If you didn't manage to kill him during the demon morph, reload
    the savegame and try again.
      5.0 – Card List                                                         c50
    |Level | Requirements                  | Card Name     | Type   | Cost        |
    |1-1   | Beat the level                | Endurance     | Gold   | 100         |
    |1-2   | Destroy all objects           | Haste         | Gold   | 100         |
    |1-3   | Defeat all enemies            | Soul Keeper   | Silver | 500         |
    |1-4   | Collect 500 gold              | Time Bonus    | Gold   | 100         |
    |1-5   | Kill Necrogiant in under 2:00 | Blessing      | Silver | 200         |
    |2-1   | Don't use explosive weapons   | Replenish     | Silver | 500         |
    |2-2   | Collect 100 souls             | Speed         | Gold   | 100         |
    |2-3   | Only use the Painkiller       | Fury          | Gold   | 200         |
    |2-4   | Find all secret areas         | Dark Soul     | Silver | 400         |
    |2-5   | Only use stakes (no grenades) | Double Haste  | Gold   | 300         |
    |2-6   | Kill SwampThing in under 4:00 | Dexterity     | Gold   | 300         |
    |3-1   | Don't collect any souls       | Soul Catcher  | Silver | 500         |
    |3-2   | Kill 30 enemies in demon mode | Forgiveness   | Silver | 1000        |
    |3-3   | Defeat all enemies            | Greed         | Silver | 2000        |
    |3-4   | Kill Guardian in under 1:20   | Iron Will     | Gold   | 666         |
    |4-1   | Collect all Holy Items        | Rage          | Gold   | 500         |
    |4-2   | Don't collect any armor       | Vitality      | Silver | 100         |
    |4-3   | Pick up every ammo box        | 2x Time Bonus | Gold   | 300         |
    |4-4   | Don't use any tarot cards     | Divine Int.   | Silver | 0           |
    |4-5   | Kill Alastor in under 5:00    | Triple Haste  | Gold   | 500         |
    |5-1   | Find all secret areas         | Last Breath   | Silver | 500         |
    |5-2   | Morph into demon 3 times      | Confusion     | Gold   | 200         |
    |5-3   | Keep health above 50          | Soul Redeemer | Silver | 1000        |
    |5-4   | Kill Lucifer                  | Mercy         | Silver | 2000        |
      6.0 – Card Effects                                                      c60  
    [G] = Gold Card  [S] = Silver Card
    1-1 : [G]Endurance           - Halves damage taken
    1-2 : [G]Haste               - Slows game speed by 2 when activated
    1-3 : [S]Soul Keeper         - Souls will last longer
    1-4 : [G]Time Bonus          - 10 more seconds on each gold card activation
    1-5 : [S]Blessing            - Start the level with 150 health
    2-1 : [S]Replenish           - Get twice as much ammo from ammo boxes
    2-2 : [G]Speed               - Move faster
    2-3 : [G]Fury                - Double damage
    2-4 : [S]Dark Soul           - Morphing to demon form takes 50 souls
    2-5 : [G]Double Haste        - Slows game speed by 4 when activated
    2-6 : [G]Dexterity           - Weapons fire twice as fast
    3-1 : [S]Soul Catcher        - Nearby souls are pulled into you
    3-2 : [S]Forgiveness         - Cards can be activated 2 times per level
    3-3 : [S]Greed               - Gold is worth twice as much**
    3-4 : [G]Iron Will           - Take no damage
    4-1 : [G]Rage                - Quad damage
    4-2 : [S]Vitality            - Base health is 150
    4-3 : [G]Double Time Bonus   - 20 more seconds on each gold card activation*
    4-4 : [S]Divine Intervention – Cards don't cost any gold to place
    4-5 : [G]Triple Haste        - Slows game speed by 8 when activated
    5-1 : [S]Last Breath         - When you die, you'll revive with 33 health
    5-2 : [G]Confusion           - Enemies ignore you and attack each other
    5-3 : [S]Soul Redeemer       - Gain twice as much health from souls
    5-4 : [S]Mercy               - Cards can be activated 3 times per level
    * The Double Time Bonus card is broken and doesn't do anything. The Time Bonus 
    card, however, does work as intended.
    ** The Greed card is also broken, as it doesn't actually give you gold, it only
    doubles the gold score.
      7.0 – Version Changes                                                   c70
    v.50 - Guide is only partially complete right now, but most of the card list is
    finished. More details on tips and the rest of the card list will be coming in
    the next version. -Uploaded on April 16, 2004
    v.90 - Full card list is up, next version I'll go into more detail on some of 
    the other cards. -Uploaded April 19, 2004
    v1.00 - Updates for level 4-3 Babel. There's now a full ammo list and I was 
    also informed that you can get the secret ammo even after opening the exit. 
    Added Iron Will tip for killing Alastor. 4-4 Forest updated. 3-3 Military Base 
    updated. Various grammar and spelling mistakes fixed. More tips added. 4-1 
    Castle updated, now with a much easier method for getting the 7th holy item. 
    Level 1-3 Catacombs updated. Level 1-5 Enclave updated. Added juggling trick 
    for getting extra gold. -Uploaded April 23, 2004
    v1.01 - Updated level 5-1 City on Water. I got an e-mail informing me the real 
    way to get secret #1. Updated level 4-1 Castle - Rewrote holy items 
    descriptions for #'s 5,6 and 7. Juggling trick/level 1-4 updated. Rewrote 2-5 
    Town. Rewrote 5-4 Hell. Updated level 2-4 Snowy Bridge - Secrets are now in
    chronological order so that you shouldn't have to backtrack. 5-3 Old Monastery
    now has actual tips. -Uploaded August 27, 2004
    V2.0 – New intro & disclaimer, improved boss strategies, rewrote many of the
    levels to make the guide more terse, added info on broken cards. 
    -Uploaded January 25th, 2007

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