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    Boss FAQ by Huda

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/04/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    @MMM8      M0  aMMMMM SM      M  M   MB MMMMM  M,     M,     MMMMMM 0MMMW  
    M   MM    MMM    2M   MMMM    M :M MMZ    M    Ma     Ma     M      MM   Mr
    MBBMM    MB M    MM   MM MM   M  MMM      M    MS     MS     MMMMMM MM   MW
    MMB:    MMMMMM   MM   MM  MM  M  MM:      M    MX     MX     M: .:. MMMMM  
    M      MM   WM   MM : MM   SMMM ,M MM2    M7:  M:  2W M:  2W M      MM :MM 
    M      M     M:.M08MB 8M     7M  M   MM MM8BM  MMMMMS MMMMM2 MMMMMM 8W   :M
    S. F. HUDA
    This document is copyrighted (c) 2004 to Syed Faraz-Ul-Huda.
    It may NOT be reproduced anywhere in any form without the expressed written
    consent of the author.
    You can print this document to avoid alt+tabbing during the game. Like I'll
    ever know if I won't allow :) but no other use is legal.
    This document can not be use to generate profits of ANY kind.
    This document cannot be altered.
    Currently only one site has authorization to post this document.
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com
    Version 1.00: Posted July 5th, 2004.
    Includes most things I wanted to add. Tips for Killing Bosses, General Notes,
    Card Effects, Card Selection, Level Surroundings, Environmental Hazards,
    Details for Ammo and Armor, Little Info on Bosses, Boss Attacks, Attack
    Damages, Avoiding/Countering Attacks and of course, a Complete Strategy on 
    each Chapter Boss.
    Version 1.01: Planning to write soon.
    I am planning to add Hit Point Damages in last 2 Boss Fights, Types of Ghosts
    in the Last Level and Secret Area Locations in the Last Level. Will also
    correct any spelling or grammar mistakes. All these updates are very minor so
    there may never be a Version 1.01 until unless some people request it by
    e-mail. I'll also add an Acknowledgment Section for people who mail me any
    useful or important information to add in the FAQS.
    If you need any help, have any suggestion, want to make a correction, wish to
    flame me for any reason, seek my consent to publish this FAQS anywhere or
    want to report a copyright violation, my email address is sf_huda@yahoo.com.
    If you do not want to perform any of the actions I've mention, my email
    address is still sf_huda@yahoo.com :) I usually check my mail on daily basis
    but Hourly Exams or Semester Finals can cause delays.
        1.1 MINI BOSSES
        1.2 GENERALS
        1.3 LUCIFER
    2. NOTES
        2.1 GENERAL NOTES
        3.1 CARD SELECTION
        3.3 BOSS PROFILE
        4.1 CARD SELECTION
        4.3 BOSS PROFILE
        5.1 CARD SELECTION
        5.3 BOSS PROFILE
    6. ALASTOR
        6.1 CARD SELECTION
        6.3 BOSS PROFILE
    7. LUCIFER
        7.1 CARD SELECTION
        7.3 BOSS PROFILE
    8. CREDITS
    This section is for those people who just want to know what to do and think
    they can manage on their own.
    CEMETERY BOSS: Its a straight out shoot fighting. Just remember how the
    shotgun works. Like the light of a torch. It covers more area at distance but
    becomes less effective at the same time.
    CATACOMBS BOSS: Shoot the wooden ceiling above the lava pit. Lure the monster
    to the light. Jump to your left towards the ladder in the lava pit. The
    monster will incenerate as soon as he touches the pillar of light.
    GIANT OGRE: I dont know the reason for this name but I learned it on GamerTV.
    Its the one that shakes pillers to make a rain of debris and throws rocks at
    you. Chances are that you will run low on ammunition or if you have a stock,
    it hurts being near the monster. Use the Alternate Fire of Painkiller (Weapon
    # 1) to electrocute him. Shoot Painkiller blades (normal Alternate fire, not
    the Combo fire), make sure it doesn't hit the monster and sticks to the other
    side of the building. Use the yellow beam to electrocute the Ogre.
    FOUR KNIGHTS/CRUSADERS: They are mentioned here because they are not present
    in any other part of the game and they appear in the end of a level. They
    are extra tough but very easy to beat. Just get inside in any of the
    corridors, shoot/electrocute them and side step when they use their distance
    1.2 GENERALS
    NECROGIANT: Sorry. No hint or tip here. If you are having trouble with him
    then please read the full strategy below.
    SWAMP THING: Shoot bubbles near his feet. When it stops hurting him, shoot
    all six bubbles, shoot a flying bubble near ST and go wild on him.
    GUARDIAN: Destroy his hammer to make him vulnerable.
    ALASTOR:  Try to land on pillars to minimize the damage. Jump right before
    the floor breaks and use your mouse and directional keys to try to land on a
    pillar on the lower level. Use Chaingun on top level, Shotgun on next two
    levels and Chaingun/Shotgun on the ground level. When Alastor recharges his
    health, destroy statues using chaingun/rocket. Kill Alastor for the last
    time after all statues are destroyed.
    1.3 LUCIFER
    - Kill ghosts until you transform into demon.
    - Run backwards when meteors fall on you.
    - Click on falling meteors when they are between you and Lucifer.
    - When Lucifer throws his sword towards you, click on the sword so that it
    goes back to Lucifer and kills him.
    2. NOTES
    BOSS LIFE METER: This is a red circle in the upper center of the screen
    around the compass area of the Heads-Up-Display. Keep an eye on it to know
    what to expect next.
    BUNNY HOPPING: Run in any direction and jump continuously. You'll be moving
    at faster rate than normal. It gives you enough acceleration to get out of
    harm's way or succeed in certain jumps.
    SUPER AMMO BOX: Its the ammo box that gives you a little of all types of
    ammunition in the game. Very useful in case you are revisiting a general to
    get his Black Tarot Card.
    YELLOW SOUL: Gives you 25 Health Points. Does not exceed base health.
    RED-GREEN SOUL: Gives you 100 Health Points. Can exceed base health.
    INITIALS: Sometimes in the FAQ, I'll use Short names for bosses, e.g., NG
    for NecroGiant. Don't get confused.
    POOR ENGLISH: Please ignore it:) Mail me if you can not ignore them.
    Endurance         Golden  Halves the damage you take from falls and hits.
    Haste             Golden  Halves the game speed.
    Soul Keeper       Silver  Green souls stay longer.
    Time Bonus        Golden  Prolongs Golden Cards activation period by 10 sec.
    Blessing          Silver  Your Initial Health will be 150.
    Replenish         Silver  Doubles the amount of ammo you get from boxes.
    Speed             Golden  Increases your speed.
    Fury              Golden  Doubles the damage you inflict.
    Dark Soul         Silver  Morph into demon every 50 souls collected.
    Double Haste      Golden  Slows game by 1/4 times the normal speed.
    Dexterity         Golden  Doubles your RoF, i.e., rate of fire.
    Soul Catcher      Silver  You suck, souls.
    Forgiveness       Silver  Enables you to use Golden Cards twice per level.
    Greed             Silver  Doubles the amount of gold you collect.
    Iron Will         Golden  Immunity.
    Rage              Golden  Quadruples the damage you inflict.
    Vitality          Silver  Your Base Health will be 150.
    Double Time Bonus Golden  Prolongs Golden Cards activation period by 20 sec.
    Divine Interv.    Silver  Big Deal!
    Triple Haste      Golden  Slows game by 1/8 times the normal speed.
    Last Breath       Silver  /* Will post after I get it. */
    Confusion         Golden  Makes enemies believe that everyone is thier enemy.
    Soul Redeemer     Silver  Doubles the amount of health you gain from souls.
    Mercy             Silver  Enables you to use Golden Cards twice per level.
    If this is your first date with the giant you wont have any choices in cards.
    You'll have 4 cards max. Endurance and time bonus are useful but Soul Keeper
    is pointless. Monsters do not leave souls behind them on this level. I do not
    recommend haste but its up to you. It doesn't make much difference.
    Equip your best cards if this is your return trip. Following is the
    recomended set.
    S1 Vitality
    S2 Mercy/Forgiveness
    G1 Dexterity
    G2 Fury/Rage
    G3 Time Bonus / Double Time Bonus
    You can replace any of the golden cards with Endurance/Iron Will if he is
    giving you some tough time but this will cost you some valuable seconds.
    The Enclave is sort of circular. There are no hidden places in this level.
    The necrogiant breaks tombstones during his course of destruction making it
    slightly easier for you to move around. There are 4 yellow souls (25 health
    each) in the central area of the graveyard. This very center also has the
    biggest stash of ammo, including the only two Super ammo boxes, in this
    level. Most of the rest of ammo boxes are on a particular type of graves
    scattered in the area.
    There is a 100 points Armor near the starting point of the level. *Note* the
    structure of the grave where you found the armor. All graves of this
    structure have ammo on them except one grave.
    A really tall giant with spikes for feet. NG is the most original of all the
    bosses in this game. He is the biggest of them all. He is also the most
    versatile. Unlike other bosses, he has no special weakness. Can attack you in
    more ways than any other Painkiller boss. A list of his offensive arsenal.
    1. Slap. (you'll know when you see it)
    2. Spikes.
    3. Macemen summoning.
    4. Crushing with feet. (sort of)
    5. Tornado: After his chain breaks.
    6. Meteor: After his chain breaks.
    In addition to this you will be attacked in combos in the later half of the
    There are 2 phases of this fight. Save your cards for the later part. In 
    phase 1, Necrogiant can harm you in 4 ways.
    At the start of the level, run forward and you'll see the only armor in this
    level. When you are at Necrogiant's arm's range, he will try to slap you. Not
    *within* range. *At* the range. Run backwards to avoid this attack or it will
    take upto 50 health points. You can also dodge it if you continue running
    By now you've already started to pump him with shotgun shells. You didn't?
    Well, start it now. Stakes have a slow rate of fire so dont use them on NG
    unless you run out of 12 gauge. Your starting ammo will soon be consumed.
    Move towards the central area. You'll find supplies there. Dont try to aim
    for his head. Shotgun doesn't have the range. Stakes are projectiles good
    only if his head is stationary.
    NG will start summoning upto 8 Macemen. Shoot them or stake them. You can
    make good use of your freezer ammo if you are trying to get the golden card.
    If he is near you after you kill them, he will summon 4 more but this seems
    to be random. He wont summon 4 more if he is busy raising spikes.
    Occasionally he will summon 5 spikes one by one from the ground beneath you.
    They can take 20 HPs per hit. When you see him putting his left hand on the
    ground and stretching his right hand in his front, start strafing left
    right, i.e., keep forward (or backward) movement button pushed while
    switching between left and right movement buttons. Zigzag run. Alternately
    you can run in circles until he stops this attack.
    His 4th way of harming you is stepping on you. Dont go under him. Even
    touching his motionless foot can hurt you.
    NG will keep performing these actions until you deplete half of his life-bar.
    Phase 2 will start here. At this point he will smash the ground with both
    hands and break his chains. Dont get hit by his fists or you will die
    instantly. Now the hard part begins!
    Activate your golden cards and continue blasting him.
    NG will start Tornado and Meteor attacks. He sucks air to cause the black
    tornado. It takes 25 hitpoints for every second you are flying in the air
    plus whatever damage you take by falling on the ground. Falling damage can
    go above 50 HPs. So dont get caught in that thing! Staying very close to his
    feet can keep you safe but avoid contacting his feet.
    He will spit around ten boulders in the air and after few seconds they will
    fall on the ground as burning melting red meteors. You can see them coming
    seconds before they hit the ground. They fall vertically and are easy to
    avoid. They take 20 HP per hit. When NG spits boulders, dont stand at one
    place to see when they are comming back or you'll hear that familiar metallic
    sound along with Denial's groan. Spikes! Yikes!
    Although his attacks seem random at this point but he is concentrating on new
    attacks. You'll be attacked in combos. Tornado + Meteors. Meteors + Spikes.
    Tornado + Macemen. He cant use tornado and spikes against you at the same
    time because these moves require his full attention. I didn't see him using
    melee attacks in the second phase.
    Stay away from tornado, avoid meteors, run from spikes and keep shooting at
    the Necrogiant all that time. He will go down eventually.
    I first defeated him with only few seconds to spare from given 2 minutes but
    if you come back after getting dexterity, fury, 2xtime bonus and mercy cards,
    you can beat him in a minute.
    You dont need any of the cards to get his golden card. However blessing can
    prove to be a lifesaver. I suggest these cards if this is your first meeting
    with him.
    S1 Blessing
    S2 Replenish
    G1 Time Bonus
    G2 Fury
    For 3rd golden slot, go for Speed or Double Haste but it realy doesn't
    A huge slimy monster who is invulnerable in his normal form. Vulnerable when
    solid. Solid when a swamp bubble blows near him. His arsenal,
    1. Giant bubble.
    2. Swamp Tentacle.
    3. Two Swamp Tentacles: After he looses 1/3 Health. 
    4. Pixie Shot: After he looses 1/3 Health.
    You start this level on an island. The whole place is surrounded by a burnt
    forest on high elevation ground. The black water around the island is harmful
    for your health. It costs you 2 hitpoints when you step on it. If you insist
    on staying on the water, it will damage you thrice every 2 second. On average
    it takes 3 HPs per second.
    There are no health ups or armors on this level!
    There are many shotgun ammo boxes in front of you on left side of the island.
    Ignore the red ammo stock on the right. You wont need it if you do it right.
    In the water behind you, there are two super ammo boxes. You should collect
    them if you have the chaingun. Jump on the box then quickly jump back to the
    ground. You will loose 2 hitpoints each for both boxes but this action will
    save you a lot of trouble.
    There are two phases of this fight. Dont waste your golden cards in the first
    part, you have to shoot bubbles appearing near the swamp monster's feet. The
    damage he takes depends on the distance between the exploding bubble and him.
    He makes a distinctive noise when he gets hit. If you have chaingun and you
    have collected 2 super ammo boxes then equip it, stand in the middle of the
    island and start shooting at the bubbles near the monster's feet. If you dont
    have the chaingun or you dont want to jump in the harmfull water, switch to
    the shotgun. Stay close to the ST and blast any bubbles appearing near him.
    During the first part he will attack you in two ways. He will bend forward
    and hurl a bubble from the water/mud.  No matter what you do it comes
    straight at you. Shoot the bubble when its still at distance. If you want to
    be sure it does not touch you, switch to lightning gun when he bends forward
    and keep fire pressed. It seems to be the only use of shurekans on this
    His second attack is a tentacle. He puts his hand in the mud/water and a
    watery tentacle that looks like a hand (sort of) emerges form the water close
    to the nearest edge to you. It means if you are far away from the monster you
    will have to turn around to see the tentacle. When he puts his right hand in
    water, look for his tentacle, let it emerge fully from the water then move
    away from it as fast as possible. Bunny hopping definitely helps but its
    Keep shooting bubbles until he looses 1/3 of his life circle. Now the second
    phase starts.
    As soon as the ST is down to 2/3 health, he will bow and roar and his color
    will change from dark gray to light gray for 2/3 seconds. He is vulnerable
    when in this solid form. Make the most of this time.
    He will upgrade his tentacle attack. This is his main weapon. Now you have to
    avoid two of them! They can take 50 HP each. One stumble and you are dead if
    you don't have Blessing or Vitality card. Sometimes they have different
    timings and this is when you are most likely to get hit by one of them.
    You'll see glowing objects flying around in the air. He can collect them and
    send towards you. This is the most powerful attack of the game for any boss
    or monster. It can take away 100 HP! Amazingly it wont hurt you if you stand
    still facing it and let it hit you. Just face it and dont move.
    Alternatively, you can side-step left or right.
    What you need to do is this.
    1. Run along the water and shoot all 6 bubbles. 4 or 5 will do the job but
    just to be sure shoot 'em all.
    2. Wait for a bubble to fly near the monster and then shoot the bubble. He
    will turn solid and thus become vulnerable.
    3. Activate your golden cards and empty your shotgun on him.
    SM will remain vulnerable as long as there is fire in the area. He will try
    to put out burning spots so you have to be quick. Do it right and you will
    kill him within seconds. Dont worry about flying bubbles. They wont hit you.
    If he manages to get back in his former form, bubbles will reappear in 5
    seconds but you should be able to beat him in first round.
    Following is a rough map explaining the battle field.
              A          B
             _      2|_|
     C     /          \
           |          |
           |     ^    |      B
           |     |    |
           |         /
          A             C
    The arrow shows your starting position and direction of the level.
    1 is the shotgun shell stock.
    2 is where you found Red ammo boxes.
    A, B and C are bubbles you have to shoot to start fire in second phase. A
    throws bubble to A, B to B and C to C. This means if you only shoot one of A,
    B and C, you wont see any flying bubbles. You have to shoot both of a couple.
    For first timers.
    S1 Blessing
    S2 Forgiveness
    G1 Endurance / Time Bonus
    G2 Fury
    G3 Dexterity
    For return trips.
    S1 Blessing/Vitality
    S2 Forgiveness/Mercy
    G1 Endurance / Double Time Bonus
    G2 Fury/Rage
    G3 Dexterity
    Endurance is like an insurance policy. You will suffer less but at the cost
    of 5-15 seconds depending on your own dexterity and the presence/absense of
    Forgiveness/Mercy. I suggest Time Bonus Cards because you can cover for
    Endurance by beeing the quick and the deadly.
    First I thought ruins were located in some canyon but the place has no exits.
    A crater perhaps. There are many ready-to-fall-apart pillars and walls in
    this level. Give the Guardian enough time and you'll be fighting in a plain
    Plenty of Ammunition (102 boxes). Most of the Ammo is at the base of many
    pillars in the ruins. No health ups on this level. Once you are hit, the
    damage is irreparable.
    There are 2 Armor Upgrades and both give you 150 Armor. One is in the left
    part of the ruins with some other supplies. The other is in the center of a
    higher platform in the right part of the Ruins. Left and right from your
    starting point of course. It is important that you grab at least one armor.
    Don't waste your time in looking for the other one. You have only 80 Seconds
    to get his *very* useful card. I suggest you go for the one on the left.
    A big bad boss carrying a giant hammer guarding himself. Hence the name
    Guardian. Has a tail and his face is covered most of the time with two extra
    hands!? The Guardian is a living bulldozer. Its a very dull character after
    fighting Necrogiant and Swamp Monster. There is nothing special about this
    guy. Just another boss. Only tricky thing about him is that you have to break
    his hammer to make him vulnerable.
    Pillars will fall by his mere touch. He can cause earth to shake with his
    hammer. Usually attacks when you are very close to him. His attacks are,
    1. Hammer strike causing an earthquake.
    2. Axe handle slam ( Bash on the ground :) )
    I couldn't figure out what the lightning does. Mail me if you find out and
    I'll give you full credit.
    If you are not after his card, take your time in bunny hopping around and
    grabbing anything useful. I *strongly* suggest that you get his card. Life
    will be easier with it in your deck.
    Yet another 2 phase fight. Here are the things you need to do.
    - When the level starts, turn around and collect the goodies.
    - Activate cards as soon as the guardian is in firing range. Wait a little
    longer if you have Endurance equipped.
    - Shoot at his hammer until it breaks/incinerates. The hammer changes color
    when damaged. Shotgun and Chaingun are best for this purpose. Point at the
    hammer and keep fire pressed. You'll need some dexterity to do this.
    - Cease fire when he is striking or calling the lightning bolt. You can't
    damage the hammer during this time. Save the valuable ammo. Use this short
    time to grab some more Ammo boxes.
    - Avoid direct hit by the hammer or its game over.
    - Stay away from him. If you stay close, he'll strike frequently thus
    rendering your weapons useless for few seconds. 
    - Jump right before the Guardian strikes the ground with his hammer. Failure
    will result in take off damage and landing damage. The damage is variable.
    - Avoid getting crushed in the debris. The damage is again variable.
    - You can safely run under the Guardian if you are trapped between him and
    some wall or stones.
    - Wonder what the lightning strike does.
    - After the hammer is gone, the guardian is vulnerable. Shower him with lead
    and powder until he goes down.
    Using the above strategy I got him in under 65 seconds, multiple times. Never
    made it in a minute though. However it took 4 minutes the first time I beat
    him and I had 001 HP left with 000 Armor. So dont be disappointed if you fail
    a few times. He is tough.
    6. ALASTOR
    If you killed the Guardian under 80 seconds in the last chapter, you'll be
    glade again you did it. This is where you need his Black Tarot Card most.
    S1 Blessing/Vitality
    S2 Forgiveness/Mercy
    G1 Endurance/Iron Will
    G2 Fury/Rage
    G3 Dexterity
    You wont have Mercy until you beat the game. If you have both suggested cards
    for a slot, choose the second one.
    Alastor is driven from the Greek word Alastos. An avenging deity or spirit,
    the masculine personification of Nemesis, the Greek goddess of retribution.
    Its a big red winged demon. You have to kill him over and over again and will
    keep coming back. His offences are,
    1. Aerial Strikes : Level 3.
    2. Melee Attack   : Level 2, Level 1.
    3. Breath of Fire : Level 2, Level 1, Ground Floor.
    4. Fire Ball      : Ground Floor.
    This Tower has four layers. Top, Second floor, First floor and Ground floor.
    I know in some parts of the world Ground floor is the First floor. Where I
    live they are not the same so please bear with me.
    You start on top of a tower. No immediate threat but Alastor will come flying
    soon and the sky will start showering meteors around you. There is a 100
    point Armor nearby on your right. You'll see chaingun ammo along the
    circumference of this level. There is a total of 7 of these boxes.
    Second floor has only one thing worth mentioning. A green-red health-up that
    adds 100 to your current Health regardless of the base health. Do not forget
    to collect it. Alastor will break pillars in his attacks. Watch out.
    First floor. More pillers. More fighting. More falling. Nothing interesting.
    Ground floor is the main floor. The inner hall has statues with super ammo
    boxes at their feet. The outer ring has many super ammo boxes and 4 yellow
    life ups, 25 HP each.
    As soon as you assume control, turn to your right and collect the 100 points
    Armor. Start bunny hopping (read notes for how to do it) along the wall/edge
    of the tower and collect all 7 ammo boxes. Your weapon of choice on the top
    level should be the chaingun. Watch out for the meteors falling around you.
    Alastor will start flying in straight lines throwing fire balls at you. His
    attacks have a 5-10 seconds delay. Make sure you grab the Armor and 7 ammo
    boxes before you deplete his life bar. If fail to kill him quickly, he will
    change his style. He will appear from below, give you some heat and go down
    After you *kill* him the first time, wait for him to fall from the sky to the
    very center of the roof. You'll fall with him to the lower level. Make sure
    you have full health before you fall. Its not compulsory but will greatly
    help in last part of the fight.
    Now is the movement of decision. If you have "Forgiveness", "Iron Will" and
    "Double Time Bonus" cards then I suggest you activate your golden cards right
    before you touch the floor. If you have "Rage", "Iron Will" and "Double Time
    Bonus" cards then you can still use them but you'll have to be very precise
    for next few seconds.
    Here is what you need to do.
    - After Alastor breaks through the floor for the first time, activate your
    golden cards a moment before you hit the lower floor.
    - Switch to the shotgun while you are still in the air.
    - Grab the Red-Green soul on this level for additional 100 HP while blasting
    - When his health meter is empty again, he will go to the center and break
    the floor again. Stay close to him and start shooting as soon as his life
    meter is full, again.
    - There is nothing interesting on the next level so keep the shotgun trigger
    pressed until Alastor goes through his Ground Breaking Routine.
    If you do it right, your cards will be flashing when you fall to the ground
    level and your health should be 100 points more then the initial health.
    Remember, the Double Time Bonus Black Tarot card gives you just enough time
    to endure 3 falls. Be vevy vevy kwick.
    ALTERNATE STRATEGY: In case you dont have Iron Will. Jump right before
    Alastor breaks through floors and use your mouse & Directional Keys to try
    and land on one of the pillars on the lower levels. This will cushion your
    Now you are on the ground floor. If you have Forgiveness/Mercy, activate your
    cards again and use shotgun/chaingun to attack Alastor. Collect at least 1 of
    the many super ammo boxes available here. This will give you very useful
    rockets. When his health meter is empty, he will go to the center of the
    level and draw energy from the statues to recharge his health. Quickly rocket
    2 statues and use chaingun on others. You can take out 3 statues normally.
    4 if you are quick and precise. You cant hurt Alastor during this time,
    Note that Alastor's health recovery depends on how many statues you destroy.
    1 statue gone means he'll have 7/8 of his full health.
    No statue destroyed: Full health
    1 statue  destroyed: 7/8 health
    2 statues destroyed: 3/4 health
    3 statues destroyed: 5/8 health
    4 statues destroyed: 1/2 health
    5 statues destroyed: 3/8 health
    6 statues destroyed: 1/4 health
    7 statues destroyed: 1/8 health
    (NOTE: Actual divisor can be 9 instead of 8.)
    When you destroy the 8th statue, he will still have a little health left.
    Kill him for the last time to finish the level.
    If at any point things get heated, head for the outer ring. There are 8 super
    ammo boxes, 4 yellow souls and a 200 points Armor in this area.
    His fire breath can get past thick pillars and hurt you. Fire balls can be
    avoided easily by side stepping. If Alastor is at a fair distance then you
    can stand behind a statue and keep firing at him because the statue will stop
    the fireball. Just place yourself at a good angle.
    He is really easy with the cards I've suggested but if you dont have Iron
    Will, he can give you some hard time. Actually Alastor himself is a Pitiful
    Excuse for the Second Last Boss of the game but those falls make him very
    7. LUCIFER
    You dont need any cards to beat this boss. However following cards will make
    your job even easier.
    S1 Dark Soul
    S2 Vitality
    G1 Iron Will
    G2 Double Time Bonus
    G3 Confusion
    We all know the character. Now we get to see a CG version. Its a fiery being
    with a fiery sword. I called the last boss a pitiful excuse (without those
    huge falls). Actually this last boss is the lamest of all the final bosses
    I've beaten in over a hundred PC games. Some people say they accidentally
    killed him. Some say they didn't know why he died all of a sudden. You'll
    know in a minute what I am talking about.
    His attacks include,
    1. Meteor shower.
    2. Sword swing.
    3. Sword throw.
    4. Crushing you with his feet. (Don't know if he does it on purpose.)
    You know the phrase "hell freezes over". Now see it frozen on your monitor. A
    unique level indeed but I am sure the programmers will wish the real place
    were this much comfortable. This is the only boss fight with secret places,
    actually five of them.
    There is a safe place in some destroyed walls near the submarine. Just dont
    kill anything when you are inside else they'll spawn inside your sanctuary.
    Lots of Ammo and Armor. You wont even need most of it. Or may be any of it if
    you play it right. Just grab an Armor and few ammo boxes and that's enough.
    - Kill ghosts until you morph into demon.
    - Make sure you are in an open area when you morph into demon.
    * Now you can see the final boss.
    - Stay away from him.
    - When meteors fall to the ground, run backwards and press fire to divert
    them to the boss.
    - When Lucifer throws his sword towards you, press fire targeting the sword.
    That's it. You are done. Congrats on beating the game.
    8. CREDITS
    My thanks to people at gamefaqs Painkiller Board. I learned there how kill
    Lucifer and some other stuff not related to Bosses.
    Thanks to Gamefaqs for hosting this Painkiller Boss FAQS.
    Thanks to ASCII GENERATOR for the Ascii art,
    // This section will grow if people like you contribute to this FAQS.
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