What can I do to maximize my DPS as an Arms Warrior?

  1. I do around 5k DPS in raids, have decent gear, and have a solid rotation. I still don't get why some Arms Warriors hit 8k... Here's my armory, taking all critique you have.

    I gem Armor Pen. My rotation is Charge>heroic throw>mortal strike>overpower(if procced)>execute>slam>repeat

    User Info: NarutoFan777

    NarutoFan777 - 7 years ago
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    Also if you have ideas for changes I should make to my talent tree, feel free to share.

    User Info: NarutoFan777

    NarutoFan777 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. First don't worry about using heroic throw, make sure rend stays on the boss, execute whenever you can, when nothing is available either renew rend or use Mortal Strike-->Slam, Mortal Strike if available otherwise Slam, no need to get antsy with the slam it's good damage. Speccing into arms far enough for 2/2 in the execute will increase your dps slightly also I can't see your gear from your armory because you're in RP gear or something but I've found if you're below 40-45% crit you're dps will be lacking because stacking Bleeding Wounds is a lot of your dps and you really want to make it stay up, also getting every execute to be a crit is a lot of good dps. Now all this info is from a guy who's Arms warrior is currently in the 4k GS and doing 4.5k dps (Unbuffed single target) so you don't have to take this advice but it may help you maximize your potential, also because arms warrior is a proc spec you really shouldn't focus on a rotation and just use whatever hits the hardest when you can.

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    Free_Toast - 7 years ago 0 0

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